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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  March 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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>>reporter: he has a long, long to-do list but said metro has already started on a bunch of it. they need to fix it now. for riders and the new leader. safety is priority number one. especially after a woman died in a trapped smoke-filled railcar. >> ever since the incident last year, when the woman lost her life, i felt less comfortable riding the metro. >>reporter: the new gm launched a webpage to keep track of the system's response to the federal transit administration's safety demands. the rail operations center will be fully staffed and that is a yellow work in process. >> much worse than expected and maybe even we've been talking about. >>reporter: the new ceo said
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way. installing new radio systems and cell phone cables in the tunnels, he has also ordered more visible police patrols in response to some well-publicized assaults on trains. >> on the trains, you have people being attacked day after day. we need some type of security on those trains. >>reporter: with site and security, a lot of people say they just cannot count on metro anymore to get them to work on time. >> these trains are constantly getting delayed, always waiting 20 minutes. >>reporter: we also talked to people who love metro. >> i'm actually pleased with it. it's air-conditioned and spacious and for the most part, on time. >>reporter: the new gm said that this is no five-year plan. he said he is committed to making metro friendlier, safer, more reliable and more financially stable, starting right now.
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live at farragut west, bruce leshan, wusa9. >> thank you. despite the beating that it has taken, paul wiedefeld said it should be the best system in the country and by one recent analysis of commute times the number of commuters from the tag company, it already is. breaking news from the white house. a would-be fence jumper was arrested late this afternoon shortly before 5:00. he went over the bike racks on the north side of the white house and secret service arrested him before he got to the main white house fence. the person posted this video to twitter showing people running from the scene. the white house was put on lockdown for a short time but is back to normal now. funeral arrangements have been announced for former first lady, nancy reagan. she will lie in repose at the ronald reagan presidential library and simi valley on wednesday and thursday and the public may pay respects. on friday, a private
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will be held at the library and she will be laid to rest next to her husband. former secretary of state general colin powell served in the administration and said nancy reagan was a major force in the white house. >> she was an indomitable presence. she completed the man. >> mrs. reagan died sunday at her home in california at the age of 94. super saturday result made the race for the nomination look more like a two men field right now. ted cruz and donald trump are within 100 delegates of each other, leaving marco rubio and john kasich far behind. hillary clinton and bernie sanders faced off in a heated debate in michigan. mark albert reports from the white house. >>reporter: michigan took center stage in the presidential race one day before tuesday's primary. hillary clinton hoped to gain the upper hand against bernie sanders
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america's auto makers. >> when the chips were down, i voted for the auto bailout and he voted against it because it also help some other groups like the banks. >>reporter: sanders, trailing in michigan calls -- polls, struck back. >> the problem with her assertion is it's untrue. there was one vote, the only vote in the senate. i voted yes. >>reporter: both parties vote tuesday in michigan and mississippi. the repuanblicsts ca ballots and hawaii and idaho and donald trump and ted cruz hope it will be the start of a knockout blow to marco rubio. >> little marco rubio couldn't be elected dogcatcher in florida. >>reporter: rubio, feeling confident from his dominant win in puerto rico about his not going anywhere. >> we don't have to be more moderate to win these elections. we have to be authentically conservative. >>reporter: ted cruz one the most delegates this weekend and trails trump by just 81. mark albert for cbs news, the
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clinton has an 11-point lead in michigan and while donald trump has a big lead over ted cruz, late today, michael bloomberg did announce he has decided against mounting a third-party bid for the white house. the washington post endorses chrisdyann holland and the senate race. the congressman is running for a seat vacated by barbara mikulski. the post said van hollen and his opponent are both qualified but then holland is better suited to break washington's legislative logjam. the marilyn primary is on april 26. the virginia senate approved a bill that would let the state execute death row inmates by electric chair when it can't find lethal injection drugs. the bill goes before the e
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in recent years, several states have had a tough time finding lethal injection drugs because drug companies have post tested the used -- the post tested the use. the nate -- the mayor of ferguson, missouri said they will meet to give tentative approval to demand to revamp fergusons police and court systems. the city council rejected the plan last month and the justice department sued in the department reviewed fergusons justice system after the deadly police shooting of 18-year-old michael brown. that review cited routine civil rights violations against black residents. flint, michigan residents have a class-action lawsuit that claims governor rick snyder and others failed to take action on an the dangerous levels of lead in the drinking water. the suit charges authorities downplayed the severity of the contamination. the crisis started nearly two years ago when the water source from lake huron to the flint river was used in an effort to save money. a new proposal is offered for merger. exelon gives
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it can use for customer discounts or low income customers or to modernize the grid. that is in addition to the $25.6 million exelon agreed to pay for customer discounts in an earlier proposal rejected by the pfc. exelon is asking the public service commission to make a decision by april 7. robert griffin iii is no longer washington redskins. the burgundy and gold release the quarterback today, four years after being drafted in one day before $60 million salary for 2016 would have kicked in. he tweeted it was a blessing. he just wants to say thank you and redskin fans are posting their comments. >> you will miss -- i will miss you dearly and never forget
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and i will wish you the best in your endeavors. >> michael wrote, god bless you. thanks for ushering in a new hope for our team and town. even with all the good, you're best is in front of you. be blessed, my brother. >> class act, after all you went through with the redskins and nothing negative. you, sir, are a great role model. never once did i hear you bad mouth them. they probably deserved it but you kept your head to the grindstone. god bless you and your family and good luck. >> where will he go? a lot of folks think dallas or texas -- cleveland, now that johnny manziel is kicked out. what do you think? >> it's a big question. some possible answers ahead in sports. tensions on the korean peninsula. the annual wargames get under way. very nice right now and it will get warmer tomorrow. check out the high temps for tuesday. 72 in gaithersburg
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switch to better. switch to fios north korea threatens nuclear strikes against the u.s. and south korea. the warning comes as u.s. and south korea begin the annual defense of springtime wargames. the drills are the largest
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the states involving some 300,000 south korean and 17,000 u.s. troops. north korea sees the drills as a mere provocation. a drone strike on a terrorist camp in somalia killed some al-shabaab fighters. the pentagon said the u.s. had been watching the camp for weeks and that the group was about to launch a large-scale attack. laptop bomb exploded at an airport checkpoint in somalia north of mogadishu. authorities said the bomb is similar to one that ripped a hole in the passenger plane shortly after takeoff last month. al-shabaab terrorist claimed responsibility for that attack. and lana fire investigators are trying to figure out what sparked a deadly early morning fire at a boarding house. six people were killed when the home caught fire and a collapsed. they said the fire does not appear to be suspicious but it
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county police said the stabbings of two women at a landover apartment was not a random attack. 23-year-old santa lizama died of injuries and the other victim is expected to live. police believe they're looking for one attacker and investigators are pursuing strong leads. we learn that a church van was used in a deadly shooting in southeast dc yesterday. police said the van is registered to mount e from baptist church in largo, maryland. the pastor did not realize it had been stolen and set it along to the adult day care center. it was found not far from the crime scene. detectives are looking for clues and surveillance video. in the meantime, frustrated residents are asking for a bigger police resident
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presence to stop the growing crime wave. >> constant presence and being vigilant. the only time you see them as when you need them or have to call on them and they don't respond immediately. expect to see police are looking for suspects in the honda odyssey van. if you know anything, please call dc police. two volunteer firefighters put on leave after using a fire truck to take a baby to the hospital are back on tonight. >> the stafford county fire chief refused to answer many questions about the incident. >> [siren] >>reporter: career firefighters gave a thumbs up to the temporarily closed falmouth volunteers station close because two volunteer firefighters were put on leave nine days ago. >> it has been a blow. it hurts. >>reporter: captain jimmy kelly made the call to transport a baby having a possible seizure to the hospital in their firetruck. >> it was almost instantaneously that when i got out he was handing me the child. we made the decision. >>reporter
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the fire chief, mark lockhart, reinstated the two men but made it clear they broke policy. >> the reason it came under review by the department was because of the way the patient was transported to the hospital, the fire engine. >>reporter: the chief would not answer questions about the medic who would not tell captain kelly or the dispatcher his exact location, keeping kelly uninformed about the decision he had to make. >> that is all the time we have four questions. >> the medic never told the location. is that not against policy? >>reporter: the toddler is doing fine and the parents call those firefighters heroes. did they do the right thing even though it was against policy? the fire chief said
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>> captain jim kelly is a paid firefighter in dc but has been a volunteer firefighter in stafford county for some 20 years. he's happy to be back on the job but worries about the future of the volunteer firefighters in stafford. the prince george's officer shot and killed on her first day on the job is in her final resting place tonight. ashley guindon was buried next to her father and officers traveled to her hometown to pay the final respects. she was killed while responding to a domestic dispute and would bridge, virginia. the two other officers are recovering. hulk hogan sex take long -- sex tape lawsuit got under way in florida. walker published a portion of a video that showed hogan having sex with a woman named heather quinn. she was married to a friend of hogan. twin pandas are the talk of twitter. justin trudeau helped unveil the name for the panda cubs at the toronto zoo.
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the male his name means canadian hope and the female his name means canadian joy. prime minister trudeau will arrive in washington on an official state visit later this week. social media showed spectacular pictures of the northern lights. this treat was visible over much of great britain and ireland last night. the green, purple and sky appears when a magnetic wind slams into the earth's magnetic field. that is a bucket list thing i'd love to see. >> i have to put that on the bucket list. that is pretty darned spectacular. >> maybe with a trip to alaska and kill two birds with one stone. >> when is the best time to go? >>
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speaking of cold, winter is out of here. we talk about the 3-degree guarantee. we went 63 for the high and i will let you know how we did tonight at 11:00. you can also download our app. amazing that we made it into the 60s today. 29 was the low at dulles, so quick turn around in temps. a live look outside, 63 now and looking at southwest winds at 13 with southwest winds bringing milder and warmer air. a udcool start tomorrow and a warm finish. bus stop temperature 42-56 and then the 70s the rest of the week. for the most part, drive- through friday afternoon or friday night. the average high tuesday through thursday is 54. temperatures 20 degrees above average, you get record territory. 79 on thursday and if we had 79, that is a record. it is a record in 2006. >> a huge deal an
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to walk the dog after dinner, no big deal. 50 in vail city and toward woodbridge. temps in the 40s and 46 in cumberland and 49 downtown. by afternoon, nurse 70 in sterling and leesburg and 72 in fredericksburg. day planner, 40s, 65 by 11:00 and 70 by 1:00 p.m. gorgeous on wednesday, upper 70s on thursday and near record warmth on thursday. the next seven days, temperatures will be 70s on friday and some rain over the weekend. 60s by next monday. you were talking about maryland. these teams -- are they giving what they promise? >> i hope so. were talking about the wizards in the playoff
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day and we knew it was coming. it's now official. that grip
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now, wusa9 game on sports brought to you by xfinity. peyton manning made national headlines, the legendary quarterback said good by. in dc, we are planning what could have
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rgiii. the redskins cut loose the quarterback robert griffin third. he used to be the face of the franchise and now he is looking for a franchise him have another chance. a year ago, rgiii was a starter. this preseason game came, his last ever in a game against detroit. he was clobbered with sack after a sack, fumbled and got a concussion and never played again for the skins, relegated to third string. what is next? >> 2012 happened and that was real stuff. he had a significant quarterback season by any stretch of the imagination, not just by redken standards. a lot's happened since then but the kid humbled himself and there were no issues last year. he left the redskins and didn't brush back or push back, didn't have any social media faux pas or divide the locker room.
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that resonated with a lot of front offices. how good of a pocket passer can he be? how much do you have to cater your system to him? is he a long-term starter and the fact that he is not a strapping big guy? will that limit his career earning potential? >> it's been 10 years since george mason had his magical run to the final four. the head coaches now at miami and his current team is practicing at george mason, as the hurricanes get ready for the tournament at verizon center. it starts tomorrow. a great success in miami have been to turn run the program and making them legit contenders in the acc year in and year out
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>> pelley: breaking news, michael bloomberg says he will not run for president. while elsewhere in the campaign, there's cursing -- >> they're ripping the [bleeped] out of me. >> pelley: and swearing. >> i swear i'm going to vote for donald trump next week. i swear. >> pelley: and scolding, too. >> you know... >> excuse me. i'm talking. >> pelley: also tonight, a laptop bomb blows up at somali airport. how terrorists are changing their tactics. a jury awards erin andrews $55 million in her stalker lawsuit. an historic uterus transplant gives women new hope. and remembering nancy reagan. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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