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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  March 9, 2016 1:37am-2:08am EST

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inside erin andrews' $55 million verdict. but will she ever see that money? reaction today to the "dancing" cohost's win. >> i hats off to the jury. >> plus, "dancing's" new cast on competing against trump's exe.-wif >>
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maples must be like. >> and the new naked selfie controvvrsy. >> you're a 35-year-old mother of two very young children. >> who's telling her to stop posting. and how she's fighting ba tonight. plus, what's going on with gooding jr.? the o.j. star gone wild, dancing shirtless, swallowing a cell phone. new eyewitness video. bindi irwin's candid interview without her boyfriend. could he the one? >> i don't know who loves him more, or my family. >> "e.t." exclusive, flashing back to this touching moment with father. >> i haven't seen that before. >> and new dolly pardon. hear her take on blake and hooking up and why is she stressing over her legendary vecurs. >> oh, my belly looks big. everybody's looking at my belly. >> now, this is "entertainm tonight." >> yesterday, late in the afternoon the news broke that erin andrews won a staggering $55
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lawsuit. >> it's a victory for sure. >> many questionstoday. they're thinking erin's celebrity status inflate the amount she was awa and will she only ever see a jury said she's due.ions the & tonight, top story, making sense of the verdict. >> erin andrews, she is a true american hero. >> the amount of damages awarded to you of erin andrews,$55 million, correct? >> this isn't just a big verdict, this is an enormous verdict. >> erin andrews wiped back tears after the verdict. it came after seven days of testimony and seve of deliberations. but how much of that $55 million will andrews actually receive? >> she gets a $55 million verdict, more than half of that is attributed to the guy who did this, who's got nomoney. she's got over $26 million left that's attributed to the
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take away the possibility it gets reduced, attorney'sfees, taxes, and erin andrews is taking home a fraction of that total verdict. >> by one estimate, it's as little as $6 million of the $55 million. >> i can't believe he asked me. >> the verdict is vindication for erin, who testified that michael barrett's peephole video humiliated her. after the verdict was re the sports caster reportedly signed autographs forjurors. so was there a celebrity factor in all of this? abc news' chief legal anchor says it was more about being a victim famous. >> everyone knew that the jurors were to sympathize with erin andrews. even the defense. >> here's thetakeaway. it's not about the money, but the message to the hotel, which allowed erin's stalker to get a room next to her. >> the big question always, how much damages will the hotel have to pay? this verdict is much higher than most medical malpractice, car accidents, w
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>> we have learned erin will return to co-host "dancing with the stars" on march 21st. the show's dance pros express their support. >> i think it's amazing. congratulations. >> we're rooting for her and we can't wait to see herback. >> that was a difficult time her to go through, i've talked to the jury for awarding her damage probably couldn't even be matched by that. >> so true, right? >> well said. tom bergeron missed today's announcement because of the death of his beloved mother, kate, this weekend and his father just passed away four months ago. >> our thoughts are with you, tom. as the re "dancing with the stars" alum, we've zeroed on five cast membersat th we've got our eye on, st with the donald's ex-wife. >> marla maples. >> has it hit you
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>> it's totally real now and there's no backing out. there is no going home. we are in it to win it. >> the x factor and questio about trump are off-limits. married from 1993 to '99, their daughter, tiffany, has been on the campaign trail and marla is rebooting her life. >> now's my time to step up for what i believe in. >> while geraldo rivera has marla's back. >> i can't imagine why marla maples' life must be like. i salute hercarriage. we're hoping the old gang cheers her on. >> we might have a couple of surprises from a couch of my the "living single" family. >> last jodi sweeten was aboard. she's scared about dancinglive, because on her sitcom, she gets do-overs. >> it's fun, because you get t
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energy of a live audience, but if you scree up, you're like, we'll do itagain. -p>> the oc star was busted for dui, spent time in a psych ward in rehab. looking healthy, making a frstart. >> this is a perfect time to sign up for >> it didn't really fit into my schedule or everything else that was going on in my life. >> and she doesn't even know what a busy schedule is yet until she starts dancing. "dancing with the stars" is insane! >> it is crazy. >> when she was on"dancing," kim kardashian was the first star out in 20 well, now kim is fighting back after she was attacked for posting a nude selfie. and she even doubled down b posting another one today. well, we talked to one of kim's critics. >> i woke up this morning to find all hell breaking lose on my twitter feed. >> piers in london with us on the defensive. it started yesterday with kim lik with the caption, when you're like, i have nothing to wear, lol. >> i suggested to kim will happily step in and buy you some
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clothes. kim had responded saying i should stay ashley madison, the cheating website, because it's the kind of activity they do on there in offering to buy married women clothes. kim then has a nude and hash li. i don't think this is very liberating. you're a 35-year-old mother of two very young children. a little desperate. >> some stars seem to be team kim, anti-piers, includeing ariel winter. her body, her career. >> really? why can't men comment abbut thii? >> two female stars seem to be anti-kim. bette midler and chloe marin. chloe messaged kim saying in part, quote, we have so much to offer than just our bodies. >> selfie loving
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let's welcome chloe to twitter since no one knows who se is piers has this message for her. >> be dignified, be graceful, and put some clothes on. international women's day. let's get to some more headlines now. cuba gooding jr. has made a big comeback in people versus o.j. simpson." and a new video that shows him celebrating, maybe a little too hard. cuba was reportedly more than a little tipsy. stripped to the waist with his shirt stuck on top of his head. eyewitnesss say he was the flirty and having a good time. his antics cau on camera by clubgoers. he's even seen eating his cell phone. meanwhile, "american crime story" co-star sarah paulson revealed to ellen today, she was doing some partying herself with the woman she'sportraying, marcia clark.
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her. >> that must have been fun? >> it was a lot of fun. it was like the mole kept moving all over her like, is that you??o cf1 o oh, now it's on your forehead. it was a lot of tequila. >> reporter: next up, j stands by her man. >> yeah, that's what we do,man. >> miss j. walked the red carpet with casper of his new movie "the perfect match," even stepping aside at one point to let him take the spotlight. >> j.lo's here! >> noway! that's amazing! >> reporter: jennifer's ex, diddy, was also there, supporting his girlfriend, cassie, who was also in the movie, kind of weird. and finally, the big secret. bahati launching the new victoria secret's swim collection. and you can her tomorrow night on cbs. but there's a new mermaid in husband adam levine life, so we have to ask. >> it's an old school kind of vibe. i approve. >> i
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with all the ot women in america. up next, behind the scenes of the new divergent movie, sh woodley's breathtaking alegan stunt. she's been put through at lo and put herself through a lot. >> that is coming up. but first -- >> i have to come out. >> yeah. >> now! >> 16-year-old kenny is conflicted. >> come out, kenny! >> yeah, kenny, why ddn't you come out? >> what are you doing in my mirror, shirtless cologne model. "the real o'neil" is about a nice irish catholic dysfunctional family. >> everfamily, you know, has its flaws. >> we're getting a divorce. >> i have an eating disorder. >> okay, religious groups have protested he show, but the cast thinks th nailed it. it's all being handled very delicately and very smartly. >> i'm gay. >> h?!
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shape the best sleep of your life. t. the bed that moves you. only at a sleep number store. tomorrow, our captain civil war exclu.sive we're first the set with chris evans and robert downey jr.. >> are you the bad guy? >> i'm not the bad guy. >> that's tomorrow on "e.t.." >> superheros in the divergent franchise, but you are going to see a lot of action. it is larger than life.
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and that means that the has to pull off some crazy wild stunts in the new installment of allegiant. >> how many of your oon stuns are you doing here? >> i'm doing some work. went to the ssooting range to get ready for this movie, s it was good. >> cool. >> je, there are explosions, careening down cl >> action! >> entanglements. but today, it's awall, a giant wall that would make donald trump jealous. >> 70 feet. >> it's really high. >> it's so high. >> reporter: actually, it's 80 feet high. tough enough. >> we did this where shea had to be kind of facing down. ho lding on to theo's shoulder like it the last thing. >> three, two, one, go! >> my whole costume got torn up yesterday. this is a new one. so by t of the day, i will get totally torn up. >> you had to run those? >> yeah, these are my action shoes. >> oh, my god. >> they spent six months shooting outside of atlanta. for maggie that meant travel
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timm for fiancee dylan mcdermott. >> he's like,honey, i've got to go. it's too hot heee. >> speaking of hot, tha describe the careers of this cast, pretty much unknown only three years ago. >> i feel it more if people say, hey, you're --like, dude, did we go to high school together? >> hey, miles, it's only the beginning for you. and still ahead tonight, irwin takes a look back at our "e.t." vault this special moment with her father. plus, is she thinking of getting married? and dolly pardon candid on her weight struggle. >> i used to be a lotheavier. >> also, hear she thinks aaout blake shelton's new song. is it about gwen. >> you're getting over her and i'm getting over her. > thnext. >> closed captioning provided by -- >> hey, t-mobile, at&t and verizon customers. everyone has a natio
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♪ ♪ than the ram promaster city. ♪ hurry in to your ram dealer for details on all current incentives. ♪ ♪ you're gettinggover him ♪ and i'm getting over ♪ the eyes have it made >> that is blake shelton's candid new song "came heee to forget." it's already doing very well, number one on the itunes country music chart. >> and blake shelton told me his new music was going to be very personal.
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e talking about gwen stefani ann both of their divorces. ♪ looks like it's just me and you ♪ ♪ falling in love just enough to get us through what we're getting through ♪ >> country lege dolly pa yy par is all about sharing her life and her lyrics. so nischelle turner got her thoughts on blake's new love. >> i think they look great. they've both been through similar things. i met her when i was out theree doing "the voice" and she seems very sweet. but i love miranda so it's like, i just think you never know what happens in people's lives. but they're all great people and i wwsh them all the best. >> aside from blake and gwen, dolly has got degree of separation from another hollywood couple we love. dolly is godmother to miley. >> now she's back with liam and it seems like they're back engaged again. >> yeah. shgreat. she's a talent. she's deep.
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she's smart. she's sensitive. she's been put through a lot. and she's put herself through a lot. >> do you like them togereth? >> yes, ido. i was really happy to hear that they had gotten back together. ♪ and i did it all in the name of love ♪ >> reporter: dolly knows about relationships. in may, she will celebrate her 50th anniversary with husband. and then in she'll start her first major tour in 25 years and the best part, she's 70 years old and lloks amazing. ♪ working 9:00 to 5:00 ♪ what to make a living >> go back on tour. wh staple in dolly's dressing room? >> well, cough drops. wat i have to drink water. chips and dip. >> first of all, do come in here looking like you look and tell me that you're eating chips and dip. >> well, i used to be a lot heavier. i used to -- >> really? >> oh, yes! back in my early days in country music when i was eating everything they put in my dressing
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yeah, i gained weight. any entertainer will tell you there's nothing worse in the world when you're going out trying to entertain and your clothes are too tight and you think, everybody's looking at my belly. >> dolly has a new greatest hits album with some new material called "pure and simple." it's too discs and you've got to love this, she called it "double d." >> bindi and derek! >> that is the moment bindi irwin conquered america as the "dancing with the stars" champion, how much has her life changed sincc then? she was back home in australia, where she new love of her life. i'm talking about this adorable pug puppy stella. don't worry, the guy we saw dating during "dancing," they are still going strong. >> we had a quick stopover to visit him and t was really >> ah. >> i'm kidding. >> he's so funny.
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he's part of the family now. n' it's great. it's fantastic. he's such a kind and genuine person that i'm really, really blessed. >> so with a pretty grown-up statement and these adorable makeup photos on the beach, we ha ask bindi, could chandler be the one? >> he's a huge part of my journey in life. at this point in my life, i am looking forward to a lot of things. i'm going to be18. there's so much on the horizon. >>now, that is one very well-worded answer f someone who doesn't even turn 18 until july. that is so bindi. i mean, kind of puts us all to shame how mature she is. >> certainly, 18 ill be really fun. i think that i'm going to be celebrating in a very wild way with cups of tea maybe some takeout chinese food, if i'm lucky. i might ask if we can go rent a movie.
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it will be a really good night. i might even have twoup tea. be wild. >> right now inbdi's returned to working at the australia zoo. she still talks to her dancing partner derek haguough often. but what does she have to say with the new contest >> they were spray tanning me and i felt like a car being painted a different color and sticking things to my eye las i now know are false eye lashes, which is interesting. >> the reason bindi's so down to earth because of the close ties with her family an the legacy left by her father. we saw her video from our "e.t." vault and nearly ten years after his tragic death, he's still teaching his little girl and us all. >> you've got to have fun. you can't waste one minute being sad or angry. you've got to try and have fun. >> i haven't seen that befo that's really >> i want to be just like my
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daddy. >> yeah, i reckon you are. >> you're a littl oh, how wonder that's amazing. because i still say that. when i growup, i want to be just like my dad. after losing him, it was quite a journey to try to find that happiness again. because life is short. you have to do what you love now. and you have to do what j brings you the most joy and dad was the best at that. >> bindi, you are doing fantastic things and your father would be so proud. >> nodoubt. now in our "entertainment tonight"birthdays, is it james van deiar bk, katie holmes, or
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find new roads at your local chevy dealer. ag >> he kept me from utter depression so mandays. >> it's all on e.t. hello, my love. >> the flame is out. >> today the flame is out,
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tomorrow, my attitude. >> still, not working. time now for the answer to tonight's e.t. birthdays. which dawson's creek start first onscreen kiss for melis heart, that was james van der biak. led with the most nominations. >> kevin hart are making are very clear, you're not going to see them. >> because why would you want put a tuxedo over this? >> or over this. >> or this. >> or this. >> we're going to be watching. >> how can you not watch? the 2016 movie awards airs april the 10th.
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bye, everybody. >> bye. coming north. and next week we are going to win the state of ohio. i want to thank so many of you, who have been to new hampshire, who have been living in michigan. going up there, the strength of our team. intensity of the people. and you know why? because it is a positive campaign lays out a vision for america, based on accomplishments of the past. we are now moving into position where the people of america are beginning to hear this message. there is some interesting statistics for the late voters in michigan. 35% went for our campaign. another thing you should know. with the contest going forward, the three of us competing for the delegates that remain, we


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