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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  March 9, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EST

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esearch and education. this is the "cbs morning news." strong showing for bernie sanders and donald trump in the latest turn of the road to the white house. the vermont senator upsets hillary clinton in michigan while the billionaire businessman moves closer to the republican nomination. he was the man behind the music. we will remember george martin who produced virtually all of the beatles legendary records. get ready to take a space kayion. a private company reveals when the first tours might be able to finally visit
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a win over hillarynt the michigan primary. his win virtually negates clinton earlier landslide victory in the mississippi primary. on the republican side, donald trump stayed on a roll securing wins in michigan, mississippi and hawaii. and while he finished a distant second to ted cruz in idaho, the billionaire front-runner still picked up ten delegates there. but there might be an even bigger shake-up coming to the gop. craig boswell has more from washington. senator did not add a
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delegate in tonight's contest and cbs news lepan before next week's winner take all florida primary.michigan. >> kind of repudiated the polls that had us out a few days and repudiated the pundits who said bernie sanders is not going anywhere. >> reporter: bernie sanders has won four of the last six contests. sanders capitalized with michigan voters, many of whom expressed concerns over trade and the economy. he says his campaign is only going to get stronger. >> political revolution that we are talking about is strong in every part of the country. and we believe our strongest areas are yet to happen. >> reporter: hillary clinton enjoyed strong support among
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she spoke. >> running for president shouldn't be about delivering insults. it should be about delivering results for the american people! >> reporter: it was another strong night for trump. his victories came in the face of a fierce effort from republican leaders who don't want to see the brash businessman get the party's nomination. >> every single one who has attacked me is gone and i'm very proud of that, because that is what we should have for our country. >> reporter: trump signaled he wants to unify the gop. >> we have millions and millions of people coming up and voting. largely for me. >> with a projected win in idaho, ted cruz maintains he is the only republican who can beat trump. >> yet, at this point only two candidates who have
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>> just wait one week from tonight. we new ball game! >> reporter: despite the rumbling from inside marco rubio's campaign, the florida senator told supporters he is ready to fight in his home state's primary. >> i need your help. i believe with all my heart that the winner of the florida primary next tuesday will be the nominee of the republican party. >> reporter: interesting to see how tuesday's primary results wrap up the pressure for wednesday's debate between hillary clinton and bernie sanders, as well as the gop debate on thursday. craig boswell, cbs news, washington. >> despite sanders upset in michigan he remains far beyond hillary clinton in the delegate count. clinton holds more than 1,200 delegates and more than half of
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nomination. although trump 1,237 ner wti t a wenhega tuesday. cbs news senior political editor steve chaggaris is there with a look at where the race is headed next. >> reporter: any talk of a trump slump has gone away for the time being and see if he can take that momentum in the winner take all states of florida and ohio next week and see if cruz and kasich take their momentum in those states. rubio, on the other hand, had a disappointing night. he needs to win in florida next week in order to keep his campaign alive. speaking of momentum. sanders' big win in michigan and see what he can do in another state ohio next week. hillary clinton has a little bit of work to do after losing to him in michigan. i'm steve chaggaris, cbs news, in miami. coming up on
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morning," cbs news political director a allegedly threw seves over the white houseed o shooting pastor tim remington outside of his idaho church. police say they are reviewing a manifesto from odom that mentions president obama and members of congress and the israeli government. the threat of severe weather continues this morning in the southern plains and central gulf coast where rainfall totals could exceed 10 inches. flash flood warnings and watches are posted in texas, oklahoma, mississippi, arkansas, ouri illinois, and louisiana. last night in northwest louisiana, flash floods forced the evacuation of up to 40 homes. randy simmons did
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to help his sister but there was four feeuff f refrigerators and all up high. her whole house nord. texas, at three tornadoes touched down, injuring four people. an american graduate student was stabbed to death in israeli. 28-year-old taylor force studied at vanderbilt university. the army combat veteran was attacked in a popular tourist spot yesterday in jaffa. a palestinian killed a terrorist. an illegal immigrant of mexico is under arrest. it ended early this morning in eastern missouri. police believe he killed a man in central missouri after shooting four others to death at his neighbor's home monday in kansas. it's unclear if he knew the victims or what the motive
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never disclosed they fired two shots that missed. the public will be able to file past the casket of former first lady nancy reagan today and tomorrow. she will lie in repose at the reagan presidential library in simi valley, california. attorney general loretta lynch said she would not want to be a nomination for the supreme court. she says urgent issues need to be resolved at the justice department. the man behind nearly
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allergy season. claritin provides powerful, ♪ ♪ hey jude don't make it bad ♪ take a sad song and make it better ♪ the music world is remembering the man known as the fifth beatle. george martin signed the fab four to a record deal when no one else would and produced virtually all of their songs. he won six grammys, a knighthood and a spot in the rock 'n' roll hall of fame. beatles drummer ring owe star tweeted thank you for your love and kindness, george. peace and love. george martin was 90 years old. hulk hogan separates his
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hulk hogan trial.a gets a he is suing for $100d video showing him having sex with his friend's wife. he says the incident was separate from the character he play in the ring and invaded his personal life. >> well, the person is sitting here today under oath and i don't lie under oath. it's terry baloa. >> reporter: gawker says the posting was justified because hogan talked publicly about his sex life. "the washington post" reports that president obama is in excellent health. his latest physical shows he is building muscle in the gym and controlling his cholesterol. the 54-year-old president lost five pounds since 2014 and weighing in at 175 pounds. "variere
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codirector of the matrix movies that c an announcement but was plottedo go public by her journalist sister. her sister came out as a transgender woman years ago. "the new york times" reports that a former football -- college football player whose life went awry had a degenerative brain disease. boston university researchers confirmed that ryan hoffman's brain showed evidence of cte. it's thought to be caused by repeated hits to the head. hoffman was homeless when he died in november at the age of 41. a television reporter doing a live report becomes the news. ahead, his quick reaction as a car comes careening his way, all caught on camera. so fluffy and airy it's her new 80 calorie obsession.
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ask your dermatologist about cosentyx. allergy spray can say that. complete allergy relief or incomplete. here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. confusing situation for -- oh, my god. are you all right? >> unbelievable. one tv reporter has his photographer to thank for potentially saving his life. an accident sent one car careening toward them during a live shot tuesday morning in northern
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the photographer shouted to the reporter to get out of the way! chipotle restaurr: gd morning. chipotle restaurant in a boston suburb is temporarily closed after an employee was diagnosed with noro virus. two other employees with similar symptoms. no customers appear to be infected and health inspectors at the restaurant today. a boston restaurant closed several weeks last year when 150 people became sick after a noro virus outbreak. home depot paying up to 19.5 million dollars to settle a lawsuit.
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across the board yesterday. s&p shlower, nasdaq dropped 59. a growing shortage of hotel rooms in cuba. event this month have taken up most of the rooms in havana and it includes president obama's visit, a tampa bay rays exhibition game and rolling stones concert. some tourists were forced to stay about two hours from the city. travel agents are up in arms. it pays to be real for american eagles lingerie brand ares. their real marketing campaign for 26% sales growth in the fourth quarter. the ads used untouched photos featuriing model of all sizes. the
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suborb f b an eompanies. adopter. i want them to work out all of the kinks. jill wagner at the new york stock exchange, thanks a lot, jill. this is how i prefer to take in the heavens. maybe on plane or something along those lines. flight 870 from ankchorage o honolulu was pushed back so they could get a look at this eclipse. a big signing for the yankees.
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sponsorsonsors. drug was added to the banis wit she did not read. the new york yankees are making news with the signing of a young player with a lot of potential. the yanks signed 10-year-old landis sims. he was born without hands or legs but that didn't stop him from paing batting practice and participating in the other
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pe÷& white house.
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interesting. >> you have kdvy5jx:dá5zqña very, larry miller, good morning. >> good morning to our friends at home.
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died. he oversaw over for the vacancy. she believes the nomination process would make her less effective in her current job. president obama is looking to fill the vacancy since justice d scalia died last month at 79. a new
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fw]=w3wço7kç?7k5 ea she grew up in bethesda and ent states to join the tech hire initiative connecting private employers with cities and states. the goal is to help them get jobs in the high-tech committee. if your dream was to become an airline pilot, jetblue wants to train you to become one. >> the airline is taking applications for a new program to train novice pilots to fly passenger jets i. will cost participants about
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their own money and take four w >> just adjust your tray tables is accused of doing ide the whi days before boarding a plane and flying to d.c. good wednesday morning. i'm andrea roane. >> hs t?çççóççsavin trqv[rc. çhoward. >> a augood morning to you. a couple degree (mark.
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