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tv   wusa 9 News at 430am  CBS  March 9, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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the weather and traffic was t-gree one his sons say the bullets stopped millimeters from his brain. >> the boy ricocheted in his skull right above his temple. >> amazingly, none of those bullets that hit the pastor went into a vital organ but the pastor is heavily sedated. police in ohio are trying to figure out how he boarded a évo÷ plane and flew to d.c. monday çñfnw warrant for him. >> c=173[ñçw3mçç 8gça
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you takean innocent ille police believe her 5-year-old saw what happencase of domestic violence is being investigated say a boy shot and killed his mother's boyfriend after the boyfriend attacked the woman. the dead man is john conroy junior. he was 37 years old. investigators say conroy and the boy's mother were arguing when conroy attacked her. he later died. so far no charges
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filed in the case. april 13th elementary school in kzlandover the trial +.k(is set for 9:00 a indianapolis colts player accused of assaulting a pizza delivery man in d.c. goes on trial. he pled not ñ!
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parking over. another debate between the two candidates tonight. craig boswell has épmore. reporter: bernie sanders regained momentum )lpicking éeç big win in michigan's primary contest over rival hillary clinton. >> i want to take ó opportunity to thank the people of michigan who repudiated the phrase that had husband 20, 25 points out a few days ago. >> reporter: he is look go ahead -- he is looking ahead to the general elon
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i don't hpsee that
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information lawmakers debate a bill opto ta about what "mñyou can ú+÷find a what 3oyin shouldn't find vending >> a local scammer may erbe trying @ to mh2tfor your real cash. >> a pleasantly cool wednesday. i am s]÷giving today rgea bl9 o another tremendous afternoon. i will tell p'you how warm whe we return.
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we need jackets to start the day. another beautiful afternoon to be out there in shorts and short sleeves and soak in the warmth. here is futurecast. a chill this morning. toward 9:00 we are going to be flirting with 60 in m1ha few s by then. lunchtime a patio,
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alleged victims and alleged perpetrarsto be wi discussed in annapolis. it would make healththe =áopti or staround the efvending machi a group tecall
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see after this the other side of the globe.
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a check on your money. bad news from asia this hump day. most markets closed lower. >> investors are worried about what will come out of the meeting at the european central pank. the dow dropped 110
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yesterday to finish at 6964. s&p 500 f because of listeria concerns. breakfast sandwiches at air not division is eliminating a thousand divisions. a layoff package is being offered to seven locations including maryland and west virginia. lockheed martin lost to northrop grumman. spring is just about here and you are
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see instagram pictures of the rearrange the orders of the filters. tape it boerang that give you f special effects. this is women's history month. there is a fight over women can be laid to rest. >> it centers on arlington national cemetery. elaine harlem was a member of the air force service pilot. she and a thousand other women went through training but the women's were restricted. she died last year at age 95 and she asked to be inturned at arlington. a former military combat pilot joined the fight to have her
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the military announced they are the pentagon says it would increase first responders prepared at the merge operation center. they have four new rescue vehicles and in austin the fire department is standing by. >> you hope to never get the boats out in the water because it's dangerous for us. but if the need arises we are more than willing and able to get out there and do what we can to help save lives. >> in more than a few places in texas, northern texas,
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standed inhomes ripping a chance to watch an eclipse. >> a total solar eclipse. other countries from australia to china and parts of hawaii saw a partial eclipse. the next total solar eclipse visible from the u.s. mainland will be in august 2017. there will be a lunar eclipse for us coming up on march 23rd. >> spectacular video. really sharp. >> don't look directly at that because you can burn your eyes. you don't have any nerves in the back
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up. maybe if you 6rgo later 68 tha today we are be close. see thav54. right now 37 in frederick and manassas and culpeper. 55 win chester. the air
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once the atmosphere mixes of us as we get into thursday night and 25 degrees above average. 68 with an early shower friday. temps in the 60s saturday. 70s sunday. a couple of showers earlier next week. clocks forward this weekend. hello, larry. happy wednesday, not thursday. >> a little
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howard. >> i can't hi it. if you yo shortly. around the beltway, we are doing ard rking
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the g startsoffice in fairfax. before he won an oscar for the kings speech, look at this, the famous white shirt for his jump in the lake is coming to d.c. the shirt will be part of an exhibit called will and jane. the exhibit is set to run from early august to early november. >> hopefully we wi
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andrea after she out. >> stabbed of blood. they are guessing george r.r. martin's book game of thrones premieres april 24th on hbo. speaking of dedicated game of thrones fans, simon beck may win the prize for that. he trudged through 20 miles of snow in
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it in a day. nice job. there are zero ieopportunit to see e from 37,000 feet above the earth. >> a new museum in los angeles is dedicated to what people throw ay
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helped one of the biggest bands >> sunscreen, sunglasses and a bottle owater and you are set today. i'm mike hydeck. >> a check of traffic. >> larry miller is watching the roads but we begin with first alert meteorologist howard bernstein calling this a wonderful wednesday. it will be fantastic. after hitting 79 yesterday, back in that this afternoon. mostly clear. a couple of high clouds early but
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couple of spots, 80, 81. it a hazardous situat that point. if you are on the beltway, no issues this morning. southbound on i-270 free and clear of problems as well. for our friends in prince george county good morning to you. south of the beltway in brandywine, good on 4


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