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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  March 9, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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we have the 800 block of -- 400 block of power lines. sky 9 a live look on the beltway in college park. you can see traffic owin freely on 95 as well as the beltway with no issues on the inner or outer loop. traffic cams with a look at the wilson bridge. weather and traffic return on the 9s. as for the news, it starts
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binwith the developing story in the district. you are looking ven days this )clmsntime a man wanted in for allegedly shooting a pastor six times. >> nikki burdine is in front of the white house with details on how he was able to get here to d.c. even though there was a warrant for his arrest. nikki? >>
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year-old idaho man shot a nationwide manhunt. >>reerodom the weekend. he flew to d.c. police caught up with him at the white house about 8:30 as he through an unidentified but nonhazardous material over th he sent a letter and flash drive to his parents that contained his plan to attack the pastor. >> given the nature of what we knew about mr. odom and the ul(ç the other things we pieced together the last 48 hours or so, cause us concern. >> reporter: the question of motive remains. the question is how was he able to board a flight when there is a warrant out for his arrest. the
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condition but essay dated. it could be a while before sanders claimed a hvçççsurp victory over clinton in michigan. bernie sanders regained some momentum to pick up a big win in the primary contest. op i want to take this
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in hed e rned more of anthe del clinch the party nomination. derailing t.'s campaign but he extends his lead. the defeated his rivals in michigan, mississippi and hawaii. ted cruz carried idaho. maryland governor larry hogan has no current plans to endorse any candidate running for president. the governor says he is completely disgusted with national politics in both parties, both the democrats and republicans. governor hogan had endorsed new jersey governor chris christie who is endorsing donald trump after he dropped out. governor hogan says
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stay focused on work -- on working for station. a man was shot ere and i . you arlooking at video of the scene shot by kevin king. it's not clear what lead up to the shooting. but the violent crimes branch was called to the scene tond what happened. we know the victim was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. we did learn within the last hour the injuries are nonlife- threatening. that's the latest from the live desk. a prince george county man accused of killing develop sisters in cheverly has killed themselves. reynolds was wanted for shooting the mother of three f tarek kay jones and her sister jalisa walls harris monday night. >> you take an innocent
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people don't value livni more. pleaded not guilty to way, jack who blue the is when skell on the deflate -- -- blew the whistle on the deflategate scandal. just out here checking out the potomac river this morning. it's flat for the most part. great day for rowing. letter birds are enjoying it. what a day we have coming up. maybe even another record. >> if ar
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head out the door, you are in y door, enjoy. we are checking a
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talk about the potential records for today. let's see them. we are making a run toward them this afternoon. 79 in dulles and baltimore. 81 martinsburg. they are all going to be
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it's calm, pretty, y. eae howa with the nice weather, we know will treated everybody to lunch. beltway moderate volume. slow on 95. moderate conditions on 66. we are moving along here and for those of you on i-270, the shoulder is blocked as you work your way from frederick into town. you will encounter a slow down into clarksburg and points south. it eases up when you get to
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over to you.
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finally. that's what people are jççw3 about this beautiful stretch ofc mikea turner is ?xçat the tida basin talking 42çabout the .w weather efand what beit means d talking wxabout something that love, cherry blossoms and warm weather. the warm weather will cause them to bloom earlier than expected. peak dates of march 18 to march 23rd. from snow to slush to this. sunny, warm, beautiful weather. the kind we haven't seen in a while. tuesday afternoon people on
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top out at the 80-degree mark teatan e chthater were suppose from march 31st to april 3rd. now march 18th to the 23rd, sev that's right. marks the calendars as far as the national cherry blossom festival starts march 20th and ends april 17th. mikea turner, wusa 9. >> tough assignment. you can get the forecast in the palm of your hand. download. wusa 9 app. we have breaking news in from seattle. a massive explosion just leveled a building and sent nine firefighters to the hospital. this is according to the seattle fire department. these are
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of the scene tweeted out earthquake when this happened. afbeing described ne cause. they are looking into a possible gas leak in the area. that's the latest from the live desk. making news across america, a new york city police officer is recovering after being shot in the shoulder by his partner. it happened tuesday night when the two were trying to make an arrest during a drug investigation. the two were taken into custody and police are looking for a third person in this. tuesday night, one of the most violent in philadelphia's most recent memory. police are investigating six killings in six neighborhoods. one suspect has been arrested. we have a lot more gray hairs than eight years ago, otherwise president obama is in good help. the president lost five pounds and grown 1/2 inch
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two years according to inches, weighs a healthy 175 pounds. >> like football players, they say they are taller than they are. a u.s. tourist was stabbed to death a mile from where vice president joe biden was visiting an israeli peace center. palestinians killed the american and injured 13 more. the american has been identified as vanderbilt university graduate student taylor force. initial reports say the attackers were shot and killed by police. let's check on what is trending this morning. some of the biggest videos on youtube. >> talk about graduating in style, these navy grads took their graduation as an opportunity to showcase the epic dance formation skills. take a
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the result was a perfect liquor rio grheunmars wanely reason to l faster, here is one. we don't know what got this oscar fired up. this ostrich is chasing a cyclist in south africa. you can see it run. >> it can fly literally. >> i'm not sure if you would see that in the states. >> i hope not. check out this little girl. her response to the jaw playing music is princeless. mom and dad captured it during a road
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the #wake up wash. >> temperatures are above 20, 25 degrees. tomorrow we will likely set a record before slightly cooler air moves in for the end of the week. day planner shows a nice flat potomac river with light if any winds at the moment. it's chilly in spots, a few 30s, we will warm quickly. 64 by 10:00. 75 at 1:00. on the
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some spots in the the high category. we have cold temps, frederick 3 and martinsburg. about the same for manassas and culpeper. well in the 50s pax river naval air station. even the cold air -- it will mix out quickly. 48. a few minutes until sunrise. no winds to speak of. 79 one shy of the record. 80 degrees tomorrow if not thrmer than that.
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the record is 78. 68 frid sunday home as well. accident 295 northbound p. between lavatory road and south capital causing delays for the commuters on that stretch. you need a few extra minutes. a live look from our traffic cam and how it's shaping up on i-66 at route 50. you can see the traffic working :l which is consistent for what we would normally see during the workday. back to the maps, inner loop of the beltwa
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to richmond highway, you are te beltway a 14 minute commute. taking into account thyou saw o fairfax county parkway to 20th northwest on the eastbound side of i-66 a 30-minute commute. you can see the bulk of the volume at this point inside the beltway as well. slow going this morning as you make your way from virginia into town. weather and traffic returns shortly. we will send it back to you. coming up -- >> i have to boil water to clean my baby girl. >> frustration is growing in flint as health officials struggle to tackle the water crisis. >> homes hit by gunfire. why local parents are fearing for the velis of their children. >> next, a warning from
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the spread of the zika virus
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the world health organization is reporting that the sexual transmission of the zika virus us more common. >> they are citing reports from several countries. the organization advices traveling to s
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outbreaks to practipossible listeria. the contaminated sausage and cheddar cheese was sold ator co teache r cuabusing a student goes on t today. >> live to the white house as a man wanted in idaho for shooting a pastor ends up here in d.c.
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looking good out e. it cture in a moment. temps from the mid-30s in the cold spots to the mid-50s in warmer areas. if you are in the 30s or 40s you will warm up quickly with the cold air at the surface. it's gorgeous. it will be great. we will be in the low to mid- 70s by lunchtime with highs between 77 and 81. a comfortable evening if you have plans after dark. here is larry to get you starred on this beautiful wednesday morning -- started on this beautiful wednesday morning. we are
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bay --laboratory road. you a slow so, this interchange traffic is picking up. you are doing well over to aqua con. the news starts now. take a deep breath and ke this in. if you are not looking at your tv screen please û absolutely gorgeous sunrise. good morning. thank you for waking up with us. i'm mike hydeck. >>at
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morning. i'm ea ended near the white house. the secret service flight from boise to d.c. none f the bullets that hit him went in a vital ore or gone. >> -- organ. >> reporter: the pa
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police have a piece of evidence. odser but past did lead a prayer at a ted cruz rally the y befoa wa soon as we get them. live outside the white house, nikki burdine, wusa 9. in prince george county a teacher is accused of sexually abusing a student goes on trial today. he is accused of abusing a 9- year-old. the child claims he was kissed and inappropriately touched. the trial will start at 9:00 this morning. a 12-year-old girl is being called a hero this morning. diana hernandez got her brother and sister out ofan
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morning. their parent9 mobile app. the first officers to go on trial in the death his colleagu the major ruling by maryland's highest costay on meaning l can forward. >> we found a bullet lodged in a toy that came from the side of the house. >> on edge after stray bullets hit several homes in prince william county. the bullet came within feet of where the young child was sleeping. police don't have any leads but they are investigating. >
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out the door. turnerlive with the ternoon reason why. good mikea. >> reporter: good mniand peopl we have seen it all this winter. brutal, blizzards pounded the area in january dumping up h'3 to 3 feet of snow in places but it didn't end there. we saw more, episodes th
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others not so much because out run in this temperature. it's walk waweat for a little while. >> indeed. a near crew. we will tell you what happened next. >> plus, an airtight alibi. that's what the lawyer for making a murder stephen aver
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it's about taking a stand. fotake their money because shes stands up for us.won't as a single mom, she knows the challengures oil famies face. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator. 30s and 40s. they won't last long at all. th mid-morning we should be in
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average this afternoon. e with manassas rest. ck to that. we arettlive picture of the accident that has the 500 block of fourth street in northeast d.c. closed as a result of a vehicle that went in to a building. you can see that black vehicle on its side. no word from police in terms of injuries or what lead to the crash. thatil
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if you blk route. we are keeping close eye on volume on view of a rare celeste tree yale -- celestial occurrence
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if you are just waking up, thank you for joining us. 48 degrees. we could tack on 25 degrees to that
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day. amg.old saying love means never having to say you after a near miss omfr out- of-control car. take a look. the reporter was out covering the train derailment when a vehicle crashed and near him. alex savidge credits his photographer for saving him by yelling get out of the way in the nick of time. time is running out to get all
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done. we need for families to realize e importance of we are happy to good morning to gayle king in new york with a preview. long time no see, gail. >> i know. i am back. i was off last week getting a tan, working on the tan. you always need to do that. good morning, mike and andrea. good to see you guys. we will talk to john dickerson about bernie er
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and whether marco rubio thedap also it was supposed to to tha producer george martin. everybody has a favorite beatles song. >> i love that one. i saw her anding there is mine. back at the live desk breaking news from overnight out of fairfax county. a house fire in the fairfax station area. firefighters were called to this scene after midnight on the 10,000 block of pain church drive. four people were home but they made it out okay. no injuries were reported. as for the
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that is under ve deported when comeent. velypost ed schools. >> my parents are first generation. hearing things like that sicken me. i think of their situation and what it was like. >> i don't think he meant that. >> a fairfax school spokesman said the teacher in the third grade classroom spoke to the student that allegedly made the trump taunt. a group of lucky passengers traveling from anchorag
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passenger alerted the airline if they delayed the flight prim territory. >> good for the passenger and the airline to do that. fantastic. >> we have seen so many eclipse pictures over the years. >> not like that. >> this is new. that is great. >> gorgeous. >> alaska air. hats off to them. weather-wise, great day. >> nobody will be upset because they are 25 minutes late. >> hopefully not. 25 minutes in the big scheme of things. >> there is always one that will complain. >> they are miserable. what can you say. enjoy yourself. make the best of it. we will have a great day to enjoy folks already taking advantage of this mayweather in march. maybe al
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with the temps we rninlikely wi by the way side. do
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building. again, that
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schedule for you. trains and sereturns shortly. back the aubrey's laer is claiming an airtight alibi. >> kathleen zell der filed an appeal sending several tweets detailing the evidence. cell phone records prove avery can not kill -- did not kill. zellner is known for proving the innocence of 17
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remembering a legend. the man known 5th beatle died. producer george martin oversaw most of their records. he served as the beatles arranger. he suggested strings be added to yesterday which would be one of the most covered songs of all time. he was 90 years old. another day, another pop star has something to say about embattled record producer dr. luke the man tesh say claimed [ indiscernible ] >> people are still
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>> good morning. kelly clarkson is tha lot and his character kind of -- musically it hait makes the art bad and. >> she joined taylor swift and demi low vote take and adele speaking out against dr. luck and in favor of kesha. now the doctor, not a real doctor says after idol she was used to performing on stage not in a record studio and it was hard for her and she didn't like that so much. i say we have not heard the last. >> with somebody with as much juice as kelly
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attention. >> that's why we are ngkyle odo- old man from idaho not be rdou the motive is not clear. the pastor is recovering. back to you. >> thank you. a man was shot t d. near mc square metro station at the rswith serious injuries. pollsterd punds didn't see this come will go. bernie sanders claimed a surprise victory over hillary clinton in
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clinton won mississippi. trump took xt wepink around thbasin. cherry blossoms are expectedfol because of the warmer temperatures, something people have been waiting for. reporting live from the district, wusa 9. unseasonally warm temperatures continue today and tomorrow with near record warmth. thursday 80ish. upper 60s friday with an early shower then cooler but above average on the weekend. >> haven't figured out what lead to the crash in northeast d.c. with the 400 block of fourth street closed. but the w
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they will remove that work your in. it @]é3zççwry the accidents are few and far between. >> what weighing in on what happened to maria sharapova. >> we will be back in 25 minutes with more local news and weather. >> download the app for news, weather any time you need it. >>
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his re seattle injuring several firefighters. we are on the scene. and saying good-bye to the fifth beatle, legendary producer george martin. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. a huge voter turnout and i'm talking about a huge voter turnout. >> bernie sanders pulls off a major upset in michigan. >> wve


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