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tv   wusa 9 News at 430am  CBS  March 10, 2016 4:30am-5:01am EST

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traffic. we begin with allyson rae back from vacation. >> good morning. good to be back. especially with this type of weather. we are heading back to near 80 degrees. that is forecasted to be right over the record high. take a look at the record highs across the region. we are inlookg at highs today in the 80-degree mark give or take a few degrees. we will slowly stay in the 60s and 70s for much of the morning. 78 in d.c. 78 for dulles. 76 for martinsburg and it looks like another day for the record books. cooler weather on the way. we will talk about that coming up. larry, over to you. >> allyson, thanks. no issues around town. we are doing well if you are getting ready to head out the door. inner and outer loop free of any issues. 295 off to a great start as well. for some of the towns south of the beltway, brandywine, upper marlboro, you are good to go in in
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weather and traffic return back on the 9s. back to the desk. breaking overnight, police spent hours investigating shootings in southeast washington. >> three people shot in two separate cases about an hour apart. the first shooting happened on benning road near c street before 1:00 this morning. both men shot are expected to survive. the second shooting happened about an hour later near 4th and atlantic. the victim is expected to survive. no arrests have been made. we are following breaking news out of northeast washington where police are looking for at least two suspects in a stabbing. it happened a little bit before 4:00 this morning near the intersection of benny road and central avenue next to the benny road metro station. the man stabbed is on the way to the hospital. at last check the suspects remain at large.
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d.c. mayor bowser's plans for the homeless. they say the mayor picked a location that doesn't meet her standards. >> it called for a shelter on 25th place. the proposed site is in a commercial area. critics say there are no homes for a ten block radius. >> it's bordered by a metro bus facility, train tracks, a cement mixing facility, next tonight clubs and strip clubs. there is no grocery stores, no transportation options. >> i don't think that is the type of environment that you want to expose young children to. >> a community association identified 15 other possible sites last night and sent them in a letter to mayor bowser. however, a spokesperson for the mayor's office said the time to look for other sites has passed. happening today, the teenagers accused in a metro shooting go before a judge for a pr
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that shooting happened near the anacostia station on the green line train. the victim did not have life threatening injuries. andre brody and a 16-year-old are charged in the case. a court has ruled graves is to be tried as an adult. an american university student accused of assaulting a police officer is due in court this morning. jamison tyman allegedly hit a montgomery officer in the chest and eye after attending an underage drinking party in bethesda. police say he became angry after being told to leave the party. that happened in january. a 22-year-old who leases the house has been charged with 110 counts of providing alcohol to minors. also this morning, the case of a d.c. police ceoffir charged with assault goes to trial. officer ulysses delaney is accused of attacking a worker
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the dispute filled on the street. charges against the worker were later dropped. the officer's trial starts at 9:30 this morning. a spotsylvania teenager is charged in the murder of his mother's boyfriend. deputies found john conroy junior deed of several gunshot wounds. they say conroy was attacking his girlfriend when the 15-year- old grabbed the gun and shot him. prosecutors will decide whether the charges should be upgraded lowered or dismissed altogether. a man whose child was found dead in aseptic tank has been sentenced to a year and three months in jail. pol thomas entered the alfred plea before his trial was set to begin. noah thomas disappeared before being left home with his infant sister. his body was found
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septic tank. his mother was convicted last month. she will be sentenced in may. [no audio] cited concerns about constitutionality and patient safety. lawmakers in favor of the bill say a fetus in the second trimester is a living being. lawmakers can override this veto with the majority in both chambers. lines of people are paying respects to former first lady nancy reagan. they are passing by the casket in simi valley, california. each person that passes by the former first lady's casket leaves with a card. a private funeral will be held tomorrow. michelle obama, laura push, hillary clinton and rosslyn carter will be there. tonight president and mrs. obama will host a state dinner
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in honor of justin trudeau here for a visit. the white house is giving all of us who aren't invited a sneek peek at what they will see. food choices reflect influences from both countries. the menu and decorations are focused on spring. >> pretty morning what we want to connotate is the anticipation of spring. for the salad, april pry cats in white house honey. >> the white house says the yellow flowers and the delk core rations -- decorations are to celebrate spring and yellow is the color of friendship. florida is one of the winner take all stakes. >> with the primary next tuesday, miami has become presidential debate central. more on that coming up. here is allyson. >> thanks. weather wake-up call time. nine out of nine type of day. spring-like, feeling like may, early june. record warmth but it will cool off for the weekend.
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welcome back to weather and traffic on the 9s. today a few high clouds out there. temperatures soaring to near 80 degrees. record high 78. it's very mild out there. you are not going to need the jacket this morning. that's for sure. by lunchtime, temperatures in the 70s. mostly sunny to partly cloudy. i think we will see a few more clouds later on this evening as a cold front approaches. here we are first thing tomorrow morning. we see showers arrive. that will interrupt your friday morning commute. no problems today. enjoy another day of feeling like spring. upper 70s and lower 80s. hey, larry, good morning, over to you. el
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4:39 is your time. we continue to do well around town. quiet on the beltway, 95, 66, 50, as well as 295. getting to the maps, if you are traveling on the northbound side of 95 on the virginia side, coming up from fredricksburg, stafford up to the springfield interchange, all lanes of traffic are open northbound and southbound. here is a live look to show you how it's shaping up -- looks like we lost that picture. we will get it to you shortly. now over to the anchors. >> thank you, larry. we reached a dozen republican debates in campaign 2016. they are squaring off tonight in miami, a night after the democrats debated in the same city. >> this event comes less than a week before crucial primaries in five states including florida and ohio. marley hall reports from miami. >> reporter: hillary clinton court florida voters moments after taking on rival bernie sanders in a debate in miami. >> i
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florida next tuesday and florida in november. >> reporter: the show down in the winter take all state centered on immigration. >> i do not want to deport chdren or family members either. >> i don't think the secretary fully answered your question. i will not deport children from the united states of america. >> reporter: clinton fielded tough questions from e th moderators over benghazi and her e-mail controversy. >> it wasn't the best choice. >> if you get indicted -- >> oh, for goodness. that won't happen. i'm not answering the question. >> reporter: clinton and sanders blasted republican front-runner donald trump. >> his trafficking in prejudice and paranoia has no place in our political system. >> the american people are never going to elect a president who insults mexicans, who insults muslims. >> reporter: the latest polls show trump leading
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marco rubio and john kasich in ohio and florida. cruz continues to sell himself as the only trump alattern ive. >> there is only one campaign that has repeatedly beaten donald trump and that can and will beat donald trump. >> trump and his rivals take to the debate stage tonight in miami. today former presidential contender jeb bush meets with ted cruz and john kasich. get all the campaign 2016 developments by downloading our free wuas 9 app. the latest information is on your phone 24-7. should 17 yearolds be allowed to vote in tuesday's ohio presidential primary? that's the question at the center of a court hearing this afternoon. ohio law allows 17 year olds who turn 18 before the fall election to vote in the primary. but ohio secretary of state
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interpretation of the law. he says it does not apply to the presidential election. bernie sanders is suing on behalf of the 17 year olds registered to vote. >> and make up the millennial for bernie sanders. warm spring-like weather isn't good for certain wine labels. >> despite a successful run, a beer
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the cleveland clinic says the first uterus transplant has failed. the patient appeared at a news conference monday. but according to a hospital statement she experienced a sudden complication tuesday and doctors removed the organ. the clinical trial that aims to complete ten uterus
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will continue -- [no audio]. schools will be biting into an apple in unison. they are on a mission to raise awareness about the importance of school breakfast and the fight against childhood hunger. time for your money. asian shares rose as investors are hopeful that the europe central bank is about to cut interest rates. >> we get a report on jobless rates, federal budget data and average
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dow got back to 17,036 with a 36 point gain. sue palka s&p gained 2 points. the scammer posing as your boss demands a long list of w-2 files via pdf format. the return address is not usually associated with the company. amazon is going into the air freight business. they have signed a long-term lease for 20 cargo planes. they have seen growth in the prime business but has relied on flying shipments from outside delivery companies like ups and
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if you are looking for a new job, consider a new list. glass door came out with the report on highest paying jobs of 2016. taking home the biggest paycheck are physicians. rounding out the top five are lawyers, research and development managers, software development managers and pharmacy managers. the national guard is making its way to louisiana after a state of emergency was declared. >> two people died when the car was swept off a flooded road. sheriff's department are rescuing people by boat. paul pickerring and his family had to be saved. they grabbed what they could as the floodwaters rose. >> i looked out the backdoor. we have french doors. the water was up to the doorknobs. families near bossier city are under mandatory evacuation right now. farmers in
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worried about their crops. ice helps insulate the crops. there is no ice meaning it could be vulnerable to a cold snap. >> the objective is to produce abundant and high quality crop as possible. so, you are at the mercy of the weather. >> it doesn't look like the temperatures will return to the optimal levels for the farmers. [no audio]. >> they are fast
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times. you are afraid the legs will get hurt. >> beautiful. >> i'm glad to be outside, mommy. >> i think humans do that, too. they get excited. finally warm weather and it's sticking around for a while. we will see a bit of a cool down over the weekend. above average temperatures. >> 80 and 70, we are okay with that. >> absolutely. >> low humidity, too. >> yeah, it's nice. >> our lowest temperatures will be in the 60s. so, as far as our lowest high temperatures during the afternoon. so, not bad at all at how we are starting off is 61, above the average highs for this time of year. we are talking may, june-like conditions today. record temperatures possible once again. however, we will see a cool down come tomorrow and into the weekend due to a cold front. 61 not bad. dew point at 50 degrees. we will be near record highs again today. we are forecasting a high of 80. high of 78 for the record books. front arrives tonight. that will
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overnight hours. showers the first thing tomorrow morning. cool air friday and into the weekend. we are staying in the 60s. no complaints here. we have a better chance of some actual substantial rain and a thunderstorm possible on monday. tomorrow is kind of a hit or miss for the morning hours. here is the front we are talking about. it will stay north to -- south to north forthcoming hours. it doesn't arrive really from west to east until tomorrow morning. take a look at futurecast. we will see a lot of sunshine. we might see a few high clouds. that is about it. later on tonight, the clouds arrive. this is 5:00 in the morning tomorrow. showers, light showers, we will monitor it for a possible yellow alert. it looks spotty. 60s are here for friday, saturday and into sunday but we stay dry for the weekend until monday. 67 degrees for tomorrow. 66 saturday. it will be a little cool and cloudy saturday but not bad at all. a shower possible late in the
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evening sunday. showers stick around for monday and back to the 70s by wednesday. not bad at all, right, larry. >> not bad at all. the tanning weather is in full effect. if you are on the inner loop from new hampshire to st. barnabas, 25 minute commute u. doing well on 95 on the virginia side from gordon boulevard making your way up to the springfield interchange, 11 minute commute. eastbound on i-66 the volume is fairly light. you might see a few cars on the road in areas like front royal, gainesville as they try to work into town. cambridge to north lee highway a 60-minute commute. traveling southbound on i-270 down to the capitol beltway, a 21 minute commute there. the state of maryland wants montgomery county to pony up another $14 million for the purple line because the estimated cost for the elevators needed to connect with the bethesda
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passengers would have to walk outdoors for several blocks to connect between the purple line and the red line. let's see who stephen colbert made out with last night. >> >> if helen did it, why can't i. >> you won't get an argument from me. >> this job is getting better and better every day. >> that's a trend you want to continue. >> a little more interest it,
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>> the new international trailer for ghostbusters is apparently a lot different than the one released in the united states last week. >> after getting one brief shot in the american version, thor actor chris hemsworth gets more screen time. this year's ghostbusters features a female team lead by melissa mccarthy and christine kristin wig. >> he is ridiculously handsome. >> he is. >> even though we know these women well you wonder about the worldwide audience, how well do they know all four of them. >> the chemistry is what will pay off whether it works or doesn't. she was the prized
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legend. >> the blues guitar was blessed before it was escorted through the french quarter. lucille resides in b.b. king's blue's club. i rarely drink beer but when i do, dos equis is looking for someone younger. they are sending off the most interesting man in the world for almost a decade now, the little known mexican brand of beer has tripled its business. it worked. they said after goldsmith departs there will be a new actor to become the most interesting man in the world. >> maybe they will have a beer together. the fight between bette midler and kim kardashian over naked selfies is far from finished. >> who cares. >> what bette midler did to one up the reality star. >> please, no more.
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>> this morning justin trudeau is preparing to make a historic trip to the white house, a few blocks away. what you need to know about the state visit. >> i'm nikki burdine live at union station. a new plan for
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violent night. we are following several shootings and a stabbing in the district. >> push back against a plan to help d.c.'s homeless. one community says a new shelter is not the solution. >> it's a historic day for two neighboring countries. we will have a preview of the worldwide trip to washington. >> good thursday morning. i'm andrea roane. >> if you have a sick day, make it today. i'm mike hydeck. let's start with a check of weather and traffic. another convertible day if you have it. larry miller will tell you more about traffic. allyson rae is back and has warm, really warm temperatures. absolutely. this is probably the best forecast you can come back to after vacation. we will envy convertible owners today. temperatures are heading to record levels. record highs forecasted. right now a mild start. you don't need the jacket
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morning. it's comfortable and warm. 63 for waters. 65 annapolis. 63 winchester. we will have changes. this will be the warmest day before the weekend. we have a cold front heading our way. that will bring showers, not until tomorrow. we will time those out for you coming up. in the meantime, southeasterly winds which will be breezy today. a few high clouds. temperatures are heading to near 80 degrees. much of the day will be spent in the 70s. larry miller, good morning, over to you. >> good morning, allyson rae. speaking of convertible, i don't think i have been in one. i need to get my life together. all right. around the beltway, doing well. southbound on i-270 from areas like frederick, working into bethesda, you are good to go. 95 both on the maryland as well as virginia side off to a great start. traveling south of the beltway in the maryland towns, brandywine, camp springs, upper marlboro you are good to go. no


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