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tv   wusa 9 News at 6am  CBS  March 10, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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sky 9 showing us how it's shaping up in college park on 95. still doing well with no accidents or incidents. you can tell from the volume that it's going to be a busy morning. weather and traffic returns on the 9s. the news starts now. >> 80 and sunny, not a bad start for your thursday. good morning, i'm mike hydeck. >> i'm andrea roane. the trudeaus touchdown in washington for the first canadian state visit in nearly two decades. from partying through the weekend to the state dinner with the bams, a business -- obamas, a busy couple of days. >> violent night in south d.c. three shootings in the span of an hour. >> what took place is not consistent with our training, rules and regulations and policies that we have in place.
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assaulted by school security. wake up washington starts now with breaking news. police in pennsylvania are right now searching for two gunmen after an ambush at backyard party near pittsburgh. >> the cops say the gunmen shot and killed four women and one man. two of the shooting victims, both men are in critical condition. an additional female is in stable condition. a neighbor says she heard at least 20 shots. >> breaking in the district, a violent night in southeast. three people have been shot in two separate cases about an hour apart. the first shooting happened on benny road near c street before 1:00 a.m. the second shooting happened about an hour later near fourth and atlantic streets. all victims are expected to survive. no arrests have been made. and we are following breaking news out of northeast d.c. where police are looking for two suspects in a stabbing there. it happened a little before 4:00 this morning at the intersection of benny road and central avenue which is
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the benning road metro station. a man stabbed is on his way to the hospital right now. mayor buster's new -- bowser's new plan for homeless is being shot down. >> reporter: we are here not intent city because that's where people sleep. that's where people call home. when we drove by there were about 15 tents with people sleeping inside. we are trying to be sensitive to that. many of those will be forced to leave about 10:00. workers with the department of health and human services have been going through tent city asking if they need assistance. many turned down the help. advocates say they need more than a place to stay. they need services
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and physical health. mayor bowser's plan is causing controversy. this is one of the sites in ward 5, a commercial area. according to the plan, the shelter will house 50 families and be open in two years. >> it's boarded by a metro bus facility, train tracks, a cement mixing facility, next tonight clubs and strip clubs. no grocery stores, no transportation options. >> reporter: a community association offered up some suggestions instead of where mayor bowser proposes the shelter but a spokesperson told us that the deadline to submit ideas has already passed. tent city will shut down at 10:00 this morning. live at union station, nikki burdine, wusa 9. >> thank you. happening today, a driver in a north potomac car crash that left two of his friends dead is expected in court today. sam ellis will be in court
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he was allegedly drunk when he crashed his car killing two people. the trial will get underway on april 11th. an american university student that allegedly assaulted a police officer will be in court this morning. 21-year-old jamison timon was arrested after a frat house part in january. he is accused of slugging a police officer in the chest and eye. canadian prime minister justin trudeau is here in washington this morning. >> they arrived at andrews air force base wednesday. it has been a busy time in the nation capitol. ' nick giovanni is live with more on the visit. good morning, nick. >> reporter: good morning. it's a special day and a packed i continue near nary -- itinerary. we expect him to sit down with president obama inside the oval office, the first of ra
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stops on the historic visit today. justin trudeau touched down wednesday with his wife and three children. his first stop thursday will be the white house where he and president obama are expected to discuss climate change and beyond the border, the 2011 agreement between the u.s. and canada to work together to keep the border safe and secure by promoting trade and travel. part of the plan includes a preclearance where travelers will be screened by custom agents far way from the border. i mentioned a packed itinerary. the first stop is to the oval office. then a luncheon hosted by john kerry then the state dinner, the first in 19 years. history is about to be made in d.c. live
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embassy, nick giovanni, wusa 9. we are hearing from the resource officers that rushed into a burning building saving four people and a dog. they were helping youngsters get home from school safely when the fire broke out. residents began flagging them down asking for help. on the scene, they ran in to help. >> we got an elderly lady out. at that point, we escorted her down then tried to work our way up to the fourth floor level. >> are you okay, ma'am? let's go. the smoke was getting thicker and thicker. one of the people rescued has critical injuries and one firefighter suffered serious but nonlife-threatening injuries. >> a florida mayor's dangerous trip.
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welcome back to wake-up washington. warm weather fans, another day to enjoy record territory. in the upper 70s, dulles, reagan national. 76 martinsburg. we will forecast higher than that. we are going with a high of 80 degrees. so, we are starting off comfortable. warmer than yesterday morning. it will be pleasant for those warm weather fans. if you are still holding on to the cooler temperatures, you want to check out the weekend forecast in a bit. martinsburg 79. we will get to the weekend changes in a bit. let's send it over to larry. moderate conditions on the beltway on
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loop. heaviest near college park. slow on 95 on the virginia side as you work up to the springfield interchange. the buck of the volume is south of the take pay han knock overpass to the maps, how it's looking now on route 4, route 5 moderate volume traveling northbound and southbound seeing volume as well. we will give you a live look at how it's shaping up on the beltway from sky 9. that's the next time we see you on the s. still to come, new details on the knife found at o.j. simpson's former estate. >> why does this penguin swim to see a brazilian bricklayer. >> what is the most interesting man in the world have
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good morning. the sky is beautiful. it's on fire this morning. 57 degrees. this time next week we will have begun daylight savings time. it will be lighter, too. beautiful, beautiful sky this morning. >> we spring forward on sunday
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don't forget. thousands are starting to say good-byes to former first lady nancy reagan. >> a public mourning continues today in simi valley, california. on thursday, house speaker paul ryan joined people from across america paying their last respects. >> i wanted to pay respects to a great lady that did a lot for our community and the united states. >> reagan died of congestive heart failure sunday at 94. a private funeral is set for tomorrow morning. two baltimore city police officers seen on video assaulting a student are facing charges. this is the video that lead to child abuse and assault charges. officers anthony expense and another are seen slapping and kicking the student. school officials have condemned the attack. >> i was appalled, disappointed. it cut to who i am as a person. i am charged to take care of our children and here we have
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things inappropriate. >> lawyers for officer spence said he thought the teen was trespassing. both are released on bond. a florida woman that runs a pro gun facebook page is recovering after being shot by her 4-year-old son. 31-year-old jamie gil told investigators the boy accidentally shot her in the back while he was in the back seat of their pick up. she is in stable condition. she might be facing criminal charges. in florida, it's a misdemeanor to store or leave a loaded gun where a child can have access to it. the knife at the o.j. simpson estate is likely not connected to the killing of nicole brown simpson and ronald goldman. that knife is too small to have made the wounds. officials results will take three weeks to complete. time to look at what is trending this morning. we
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friendship. >> a penguin named dim dim swims 5,000 mills to be reunited with a 71-year-old man. the friendship was forged in 2011 when the man cleaned and nursed the penguin back to health after finding it covered in oil and close to death. >> how sweet. >> the penguin remembers him and comes back. >> 4,000 miles to see him. >> penguins are loyal. >> super cute. here we go again. bette midler is hitting back at kim kardashian by posting a naked selfie and asking fans to donate to charity. midler lashed out over this selfie and in return has struck back by up loading her own comedy version of a
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to work for a good cause. she will donate two dollars to kardashian's $1. >> mrs. o took a selfie saying it's liberating. can't you be liberated with your clothes on. >> a man whose mugshot is out of prison and ready to start the modeling career. jeremy meeks was arrested on weapons charges but looks to start a modeling career. he has an agent. there are a multitude of offers coming in. >> model's pout. >> i am working with on it. >> he is a father of three and he is married as well. >> and he is in a transitional housing for a couple of weeks. you won't see him yet. >> the money will start coming in. >> fashion week, 2017,
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be on the runway. >> hopefully not in a yellow suit. >> i was thinking the same thing. larry has the flip-flops in multiple colors because we are heading to the 80s. >> it will be good. get in the warm weather spirit then head to the store. >> people were nice on the streets. folks were so nice. >> because everybody is happy. >> finally when you get a taste of spring. you know what, we won't see the 80-degree temperatures stick around forever but temperatures will be above average the next seven days. >> we will take it. >> good mood will stick around. >> if you are not at your tv screen, stop brushing your teeth and look. it's beautiful. i will snap photos and tweet it out. it's gorgeous today. gorgeous morning. mild out there. 58 degrees. we will see a nice breezy wind today out of the
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yesterday. a few more clouds today but record territory and nice. a mild start. record warmth. a front is heading our way. that will drop the temperatures a bit and bring showers for first thing friday morning. it will be cooler but we are talking 60s, average highs are in the 50s. a better chance, more significant chance of rain arrives monday. tomorrow is spotty and not great of a chance. spotty showers. tomorrow morning any time after midnight tonight through daybreak tomorrow, we will have a few showers come through. you need your windshield wipers a few times for the morning commute but the showers and clouds are gone by lunchtime. enjoy the rest of the friday, it will be great. saturday a few more clouds. maybe one or two stray showers. a generally dry day into the 60s. by sunday, into the 60s and showers arriving late in the day until first thing monday. better cha
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showers. back to near 70 degrees by wednesday. all right, larry, over to you. >> drive times are doing well but the volume is going to start working against you, particularly traveling on the inner loop of the beltway from landover to indian head highway, 15-minute commute. northbound 95 on the virginia side you have volume on the northbound side as you work into newington. dale boulevard to the capital beltway a 19 minute commute. eastbound on i-66 the bulk of the volume inside the beltway for those of you that may not know, that's when we lose a lane. it can get slow from fairfax county parkway, constitution avenue, 31 minute commute. southbound on i-270 from middlebrook working down to bethesda, 15-minute commute this morning. a live look shows you how it is shaping up over the wilson bridge traveling between alexandria and oxon hill, good to go. a little bit of volume on the inner loop of the beltway
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will be able to get to your destination on time. let's give you a look at 301, route 50. you can see how it's shaping up there. quiet on areas like crofton but it starts to pick up as you make your way into buoy and mitchellville. back to you. thank you, larry. we are learning more about the idaho shooting suspect caught at the white house and his manifesto. >> why this florida mayor is
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what another beautiful morning. a live look at reagan national airport. officials say one person is response i believe for 6500 of last year's 8,670 noise complaints. "the washington post" reports the unidentified resident was responsible for about three quarters of all complaints, the equivalent of one person making about 18 calls everyday of the year but no complaints about today's forecast. >> on a mission. >> goodness. a florida mayor is making news after vowing to return home from a visit to cuba alone in a makeshift ranch. >> wtsp reports that clint johnson will make the trip next month. he is the mayor of debary, a small community north of orlando. it will help him understand the cuban migrants better
6:26 am
experience as they cross the florida straits. >> every ten minutes there will be updates. i can give the size of the shark that swims by. >> despite coast guard warnings he will fly to havana next month with his raft then make the trip home alone. topping the news at 6:30, a d.c. shelter debate as the city looks for a new homeless camp. another one is shut down this morning. >> things got heated in miami as the democratic presidential
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good morning. beautiful start. the sky is red and orange. if you snap a photo, send it to us. gorgeous today. mild. 58 degrees. winds are out of the southwest. breezy from time to time. a few clouds. record territory once again. 52 for frederick. leesburg 54. down through prince george in the lower 60s. by noon 75. a
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near 80. picture perfect afternoon. we will talk about chances for rain in the forecast coming up. it's time for traffic. good morning to larry. >> good morning, allyson. we have an accident on the northbound side of the g.w. parkway close to powder mill road. where you are seeing delays associated with that accident, a 5 minute delay. give yourself extra time if you are traveling northbound. consider route 1 as an alternate working north to areas like baltimore. sky 9 a live look at i-270 at the spur. you can see the volume making your way to the capital beltway in bethesda. traffic is moving. you will see a five minute delay as well associated with the additional volume. weather and traffic returns on the 9's. as for the news, it starts
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will we make it into the 80s? allyson rae will be back at 6:39. good morning, i'm mike hydeck. >> i'm andrea roane. coming up, canada's first family heading for the white house today. a live report on the trudeau state visit. we start with the race for the pf and last night's democratic debate. >> the republican presidential candidates will square off in the 12th debate, 12th, in florida. >> the g.o.p. candidates have provided all the fireworks up until now but last night things got heated in miami between hillary clinton and bernie sanders. the democratic presidential candidates were taking part in a spanish channel debate. >> i would not deport children. i do not want to deport family members either. >> i don't think the secretary fully answered your question. i will not deport children from
6:32 am
the united states. >> clinton and sanders took turns during the debate blasting republican front- runner donald trump. the latest polls show trump leading ted cruz, marco rubio and john kasich in florida and ohio. we are learning more about the manifesto that an idaho fugitive through over a fence before his arrest. his writings contend that martians control the earth. he was wanted for shooting a church pastor flew to washington before his arrest. a man that tried to jump the white house fence monday might have a troubled mind. jose if you even theses made homicidal and suicidal statements since he was arrested. he pushed through a barricade that keeps people away from the white house fence. he faces unlawful entry charges. canada's first family is waking up in washington. the
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comes when they attend a star- studded dinner at the white house. nick giovanni has more. good morning, nick. >> reporter: mike, good morning. unity over division is the over arching message on this, the first official visit since being sworn in. the stage is set and so are the tables for tonight's state dinner, the first for a canadian leader in nearly two decades. the theme, the anticipation of spring. >> for the main course we are serving baby lamb chops from a small farm in colorado. >> reporter: canadian prime minister's much anticipated visit put the spotlight on his son when the family of 5 arrived at andrews. trudeau turns his attention to the white house. tweeted last night he looks forward to
6:34 am
president obama and strengthening ties between the two countries. >> strengthening ties by addressing the border for one. the president and prime minister will revisit an agreement in place in 2011 trying to make traveling across the border more efficient. expect an announcement on that later today. live at the canadian embassy, nick giovanni. two teenagers linked to a shooting are due in court this morning. the suspects are when 16 and 19. both are being tried as adults. police say they shot a man aboard a train in anacostia last month. the man had just been robbed and was trying to get his money back when he was shot. many homeless advocates say they are not happy with how the city is handling those with nowhere to go. >> mayor bowser's new plan is causing controversy. tent ci
6:35 am
today. nikki burdine is live not far from tent city at union station. >> reporter: good morning. the reason we are at union station and not down attend city, just a couple of blocks away is because that is where people are living, at least until 10:00 this morning when they will be moved out. tent city is located under the bridge at first and 8th street northeast. the city made the plans to shut down the camp known for some time. workers will be here to move people out and clean up. many that live here declined help from the city saying this is their home and they don't want to leave. >> i don't think that is the type of environment that you want to expose young children to. >> reporter: the mayor's plan calls for a short term shelter. the proposed site is in a commercial area. critics say there are no homes for a ten bloc
6:36 am
opposes the housing location. mayor bows -- offered up their own solutions but a representative says it's too late to offer up suggestions. when we drove by this morning, there were about 15 tents set up with people sleeping inside. live at union station. nikki burdine, wusa 99. still to come -- wusa 99. the latest singing show could hit the road. >> five minutes from a few inches to knee deep. >> video you need to see. underwater and under evacuation. thousands in louisiana being forced out of their homes.
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welcome back. we are off to a good start. it's beautiful outside. we are in the upper 50s, lower 60s. past the normal highs for this time of year. we are heading to near 80 degrees, once again. take a look at futurecast, a few clouds from time to time. they are fair-weather clouds. a little breast year than yesterday. 12:30, lunchtime temperatures into the 70s. for this evening, the clouds increased. we stay dry until tomorrow. this is 4:30, 5:00 in the morning, light showers. spotty showers will come through. heading out the door after 7:00, we are done with the showers already and we will
6:41 am
friday. today, lots of sun mixed with a few high clouds near 80. enjoy the springtime temperatures. larry? what is going on? >> not too much. not too much. we are off to a great start and doing well on many areas but it is getting slow depending on where you are coming from. moderate conditions on the beltway. slow on 95 on the virginia side. parts of i-66 closer to fairfax. moderate on 50. slow on 295 really in both directions at this point. two the maps, police activity has c street between third and fourth streets northeast closed. kevin king i go on the scene. a live look from the traffic land cam shows the beltway. you can see the volume on the inner and outer loop. next time we see you on the 9s an update on the northbound side of the bw parkway. the possible health concern
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let's check in with "the late show." >> i was not aware, first of all, that a pact of dust was -- packet of dust was technically recipe. here is the deal. craft claims you can't taste the difference. they can prove you can't because they changed the recipe three months ago and they have now sold over 50 million boxes of the new recipe without people noticing, all right. but we are americans. you throw enough butter and salt in there, we will eat the box without noticing. >> i love it. >> we love the late late show music segments. >> a carpool karaoke tv show may be around the bent. they are selling a tv series based on the viral hit. carpool karaoke features top d
6:46 am
and other places. we have seen adele, elton john, justin bieber and stevie wonder driving and singing in the passenger seat. he isn't expected to host the show -- cordon. >> hard to beat the adele one. that was spectacular. >> the harmonizing was the best. time to check in with our friends at cbs this morning. >> charlie rose has the video and report from cuba, loved it. >> fun to be there. mike, good morning. we will have the biggest moments from last night's democratic debate and the other major news of the day plus this. interruptions, taunting and violence. what makes donald trump rallies different. your deliveries could come from a ground drone. we look at the state of the art technology. and this, stephen colbert is in studio 57
6:47 am
that and more. the news is back in the morning. >> that is marrying sally fields after last night. >> taking up two wives where helen mirren. >> moving back to south carolina. >> we will watch, charlie, have a good morning. it is time for your money this morning. many clothing retailers are struggling. that is not the case for zara. the biggest retailer is getting bigger. they reported the highest sales growth in years. sales climbed more than 15% to $22.9 billion. mcdonald's is hoping that the customers are going to love the next move. the chain will expand the all day breakfast menu in some locations. the main issue for most people was that the all day breakfast menu, when it started, was too limited. stores in south carolina and
6:48 am
breakfast menu, mcgriddle and all. bad news for trader joe's. they are warning of a possible salmonella contamination in roasted pistachios. they have best used by date codes of october 27 to november 4, 2016. return them to trader joes for a full refund. as we enjoy the spring-like temperatures around here, parts of louisiana are underwater. >> more rain fell on the northwest portion of the state wednesday and 12 hours than the past two months. 100 roads are closed and one of the state's busiest highways is underwater. more than 100 homes have water up to the roof line. residents needed to be rescued. paul pickerring and his family grabbed what they could as the floodwaters rose. >> in five minutes it was knee deep. >> five minutes a few inches to knee deep. >> we got french doors and the
6:49 am
water was up to the doorknobs. >> the family is among the 3500 people under a mandatory evacuation. at home, much different story as we peek outside. you see the traffic moving past the tidal basin. today will be gorgeous. >> i came back from vacation and have 80-degree temperatures to talk about, i couldn't be happier. >> like you are still on vacation. >> like it is. temperatures never changed. gorgeous today. we will cool off a bit but nothing too cold. march can be a little unexpected. >> snow even. >> that always can be the case but not the case the next seven days. looking good. the we have gorgeous pictures from the sunrise a few moments ago. i just tweed them out. it's nice. 58 degrees. i saw a runner go by as well. breezy today and a few more clouds but other than that, we are heading back to near
6:50 am
couple of days. mild start. warmer this morning. record today is 78. that will be easily broken. we will have showers heading our way for first thing tomorrow morning with the front. that front will bring cooler weather. we are not talking a lot of rain. spotty and light tomorrow. the better chance of rain arrives monday. that one could be a yellow alert worthy. tomorrow we are tracking light stuff. 7:30 tonight, we are dry. drive tomorrow, no problems. sun glare, watch out for that. showers hold off to the north and west. tomorrow, between midnight and 7:00 in the morning, showers will make their way through. if you head out the door after 7:00, we will see increasing sunshine throughout the rest of the day. saturday will be cloudy with a few stray showers. better chance, like i mentioned, late sunday night and into the day on monday. the weekend looks good. a few extra clouds and
6:51 am
so, 80 today. 60s for the weekend. staying in the 60s to start next week and back to the 70s by wednesday. and we lose an hour of sleep. yes, we do. >> i have been thinking about it all week crying myself to sleep. doing better now thankfully. i want to let you know, update on the police activity on c street, checked in with kevin king. the situation is cleared. all lanes of traffic are open. so, you will be able to travel through c street between third and forth streets. ment use caution if you are traveling in that area. certainly don't want anything to occur or for you to get involved in any issues this morning. for those of you traveling northbound on the bw parkway, you will see residual delays past the nsa. if you can add a few extra minutes to your morning commute, do. ment five
6:52 am
fine. inner loop from annapolis to national harbor boulevard, 23 minute commute. still heavy volume on the northbound side of 95. typical for the workday. dumfries up to the springfield interchange, 22 minute commute. eastbound on i-66 volume inside the beltway and parts of fairfax and centerville from sumly to 27th street northwest, 35 minute commute. slow going on parts of i-270 working out of urbana from gather man town road to the capital beltway in bethesda, 23 minute commute. a live look at how it's shaping up on the beltway at the american legion bridge, flowing freely on this side of the beltway. weather and traffic return with an update shortly. back to you. the state of maryland wants montgomery county to pay another $14 million for the purple line, the cost to cover the building of the elevators there. the state said since they first proposed the ligh
6:53 am
the cost of the elevators connected to it doubled. newly released video shows the first time that google self driving car crashed. the lexus s.u.v. collided with a public bus on valentine's day in california. the video shows the lexus edging into the path of the bus and hitting the right side. no one was injured. it was a slow speed crash. he spent nearly a decade selling one particular beer. >> now the most interesting man in the world is getting quite the send off. tommy mcfly is in the studios with details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a decade of enjoying dos equis responsibly. now the mack tear, the most interesting man in the world is blasting off for real. the final add comes out and it shows him going to mars. his only regret is not knowing what regret feels like. kind of awesome. no
6:54 am
market dos equis. they should go with mike hydeck, the most interesting man in montgomery county. >> montgomery county. >> build up. >> i have to work up to the state next. thank you, tommy. >> thanks, tommy. now a look at the top stories. five people were killed, three others wounded late wednesday when gunman ambushed a backyard party. they are searching for two gunmen in this. a popular homeless camp known as tent city at th street and first street northeast will be shutting down at 10:00. there are about 15 people who call that place home. they will go through and clean the place up and move people out. nick? >> i'm nick giovanni outside of the canadian
6:55 am
trudeau to make his way around washington as prime minister. he will go to the white house and sit down with president obama and discuss a wide range of issues from the border to climate change. we just received word from the white house that they will discuss implementing the paris agreement. that is new information just in this morning. it will be followed by a luncheon hosted by john kerry and capped off by the state dinner, the first for a canadian leader in 19 years. a historic day nothing up a warm welcome received by the first family yesterday. want reporting live outside the embassy, nick giovanni, wusa 9. on the eve of the republican show down, hillary clinton and bernie sanders took part in a debate in miami. they traded jabs over immigration, wall street and u.s.-cuban relations. enjoy today. 80 degrees. record 78. lots of sunshine. we will see a few more clouds than yesterday. a little breezy
6:56 am
time. a few showers first thing in the morning tomorrow. back to sunshine. 60s for the weekend. mainlily dry saturday and sunday. better chance for rain monday. temperatures don't get much below 55 for the next seven days. back to the 70s by wednesday. good news for metro commuters. everything is on schedule, on the trains and buses. sky 9 is over the bw parkway northbound, north of the nsa. you can see that four vehicle accident causing residual delays for folks northbound heading to baltimore. if you can add a few extra minutes to the morning commute, five minutes will do fine as you make your way north. southbound is free and clear. volume closer to town. cbs this morning is next looking to whether donald trump can deliver the final blow to marco rubio in tonight's presidential debate. >> a lot of us eat ultra processed food. are they safe? >>
6:57 am
>> all right. we will be back in 25 minutes with a check on your local news, traffic and weather. >> download the new wusa 9 mobile app to get news and traffic day or night. >> does eber get invited to the white house or ted cruz. >> two seats. >> i love canada. have a great morning. see you later.
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i'll see you at home. the egg mcmuffin. made with a fresh cracked egg and real butter.
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i'm lovin it. captioning funded by cbs good morning. it is thursday, march 10th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." a heated debate in miami exposes new tensions between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. marco rubio he struggles to draw a crowd in his home state. devastating floods force thousands that hair home in the south. stephen colbert joins studio 57 to talk about politics and he shares a big announcement shares a big announcement we ok in this morning witloh a at todayey's "e opener." your world in 90 seconds. >> he voted for indefinite detention for undocumented immigrants. >> the democrats csh


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