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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  March 10, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EST

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later on tonight. for now live in chevy chase, deborah alfarone. it was moving day for a dozen homeless people living in a tent city. the city gave them notice and had a relocation plan, change is not easy. delia, tell us what happens next? >> reporter: it was a tough day here. this is the notice that the city posted warning everyone of this he fix notice. finally, for the first time in a long time, the sidewalk is clear. >> you get tired of being homeless. >> reporter: leyland nelson has been homeless 10 years. he has been in this tent city about a month. >> it's all i got. >> reporter: but all he got is getting bagged up, stored for 30 days, the rest tossed out. >> just a couple of blocks, a few steps away from the capitol
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building. we have politicians fighting about issues happening across the country. so, we have issues that are impacting our city right here, right now. i have been coming down this way two or three years. you see the same faces. >> reporter: advocates and staffers from several agencies worked to help pack things up as they shut down the growing tent city. they say it's illegal and unsanitary. >> if you are going to be out here, keep the area clean. they probably could have stayed if they kept it clean. >> reporter: nelson is ready for a fresh start but not everyone is happy to go. the mayor is working to straighten up shelters once seen as dangerous by many. >> it's painful to watch someone experience homelessness and be on the street. when you have seen people engage in services and recovery and get back into housing and their
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nothing more magical than that. >> reporter: the advocates we talked to are committed. they will work with these people for the long haul. as far as what happens next, the folks that lived here will now in a couple of hours go to adams day shelter and they will find a safe place to sleep tonight. that shelter is on new york avenue, not too far away. this is part of the mayor's plan to house the 7,000 chronically homeless here in d.c. we are live, delia goncalves. >> delia, thank you. as part of that plan, d.c. general will close its doors and they will open eight family shelters throughout the city. residents are fighting some of the proposed sites. >> yes, they are. hope you had a chance to get outside and enjoy the great weather. >> first alert chief meteorologist topper shutt is out on the terrace. >> across the board records fell, bruce, because they
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here are the records. 76 martinsburg. a pair of 78 at dulles and national and 77 baltimore. these are all broken. they are not final numbers but 79 baltimore. 79 d.c. 80 dulles. two days in a row 80 or higher. 79 good enough for a record high in martinsburg. record highs went up into new york. laguardia was 78. newark was 80. another warm day up and down the eastern seaboard. it's 79 in manassas. 75 waldorf. 76 in silver spring. 76 buoy and 76 in fairfax. crazy warm. cold front rolls through tonight. this is futurecast at 6:00 in the morning. a few showers, not worthy of a yellow alert. most of the showers are south of town by 6:00 in the morning. nothing in terms of arctic air but we will have a temperature adjustment the next few days. by 6:00 in the morning, 57 in
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we will take you through the weekend and track temperatures and more showers. arlington police are looking for a suspect in a road rage incident. it happened at about 1:30 this afternoon on west glee road near 4-mile run. investigators tell us it happened after 2 drivers started yelling at each other. one pulled out a baseball bat and hit the other man as well as his car. the suspect, we don't have a lot of information, but the suspect is described as a black male in his 50s, 5'11", 125 pounds wearing a shortsleeve cream colored button up shirt and green pants. crews were put to the test by a violent night in the capitol. >> three men were shot, one stabbed, all of this overnight. two were wounded before 1:00 a.m. on benning road southeast. another man was stabbed a half mile away. >> i am trying to get way from it. i am trying to get out of d.c. satually but i love it at the
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another shooting at the intersection of fourth and atlantic streets southeast. all of those victims are expected to survive. a montgomery county judge rejected a motion to suppress evidence connected to a deadly teenage car crash. prosecutors say sam ellis was drunk when he crashed a car that killed two of the passengers. his lawyer argued it was unconstitutional to draw a teen's blood after the accident because ellis was unable to give his consent. maryland law allows police to collect blood samples when there is a fatal crash. he is charged with negligent homicide. trial next month. how do you thank a man you don't know for saving your life. a firefighter gave up his own
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life. bruce leshan is live. how are they doing? >> reporter: they are still alive. that is thanks to the quick thinking and self sacrifice of the d.c. firefighter danny lavota. >> he said, ma'am, let's go. >> reporter: when fire truck 7 pulled up to the apartments on minnesota avenue southeast, a handful of police officers evacuated the residents from the lower floors. 65-year-old phyllis durel was hanging out of her window trapped on the third floor with heavy smoke rolling in. >> she said it was filled with smoke. she couldn't see. >> reporter: firefighter danny lavoto through a ladder against the side of the building. you can see him climbing into the smoke trying to convince the great grandma to hold on. >> she was about to jump off. she would have died. >> reporter: two
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>> we fought through evening. >> reporter: but durel could not breathe the toxic super heated air. it was too risky to take her down the ladder. lavoto did an extraordinary thing. in the middle of the smoke, he pulled off his oxygen mask and handed it to durel. >> danny took his tank and handed it to the interior crews. >> they took her down the stairs and lavoto made his way down the ladder. he was filled with soot and burned by the heat. >> do you think she would be alive without him. >> no. keep him in my prayers and my grandma. >> lavoto's wife is at his side at the hospital. doctors have taken out the breathing tube that they had put in. he is talking now. they hope to get him out of th
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as for phyllis durel, she is in serious condition but ed smith and the firefighters union said she is sitting up and singing the praises of the firefighter who saved her life. live at washington hospital center, bruce leshan, wusa 9. >> we are pulling for both of them tonight. thanks for that report. firefighters say they don't teach you that kind of thing at the academy but lavoto knew there was no way she could survive without air and was willing to risk his life to save hers. >> can't say enough about him. police are looking for the gunman behind a masked shooting near pittsburgh. five people were killed, three others wounded when shooters opened fire on backyard party last night. three victims were-related. police believe there were two gunmen and the victims were targeted. somebody is to blame for the deaths of some 13 bald eagles in maryland. this is after investigators determined that none of the big birds found on the
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shore died from natural causes. the u.s. fish and wildlife spokesperson declined to say whether they were poisoned. investigators are focusing on a human cause for the death of the birds. preparations are under way for a state dinner tonight at the white house. >> yeah. canada's prime minister justin trudeau and his wife will be toasted during the formal affair. the white house rolled out the red carpet for the first official visit by a canadian prime minister in nearly two decades. president obama and trudeau pledged to work closely on a number of issues including global warming. campaign 2016, the republican presidential candidates will have another debate tonight. that stage is set in miami five days before the crucial primary contest in florida. the pressure is on senator marco rubio to win his home state. rubio says he will change his tone tonight and drop those personal attacks on donald trump. >> i will do
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would. my kids were embarrassed about it, my wife didn't like it. that's not who i am. >> on the democratic side, hillary clinton greeted supporters in miami beach. senator bernie sanders appeared to younger voters at the university of florida. new video surfaced of donald trump supporter punching a protestor in the face. it happened yesterday at a rally in north carolina. the video shows a man in a cowboy hat walking down an aisle, sucker punch a man being lead away from the rally. before the attack, he april -- the protestor appeared to be waving his middle finger at the crowd. the 78-year-old man that pulled president punch [ indiscernible ] we are just getting started on 9 news at 5:00. what lawmakers are doing to keep bike riders safe in virginia. >> we are talking to people enjoying a record setting day outside. topper is back with big changes on the way this weekend. >> and
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a fight at bwi. this was a mess. we will tell you about how it started. >> all women.
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breaking news out of prince george county. a tree has fallen and killed a worker in temple hill. >> let's get to garrett hill. >> reporter: a bizarre scene. sounds like a terrible accident. to let you know where we are, we are outside the beltway in temple hill off branch avenue in a residential neighborhood. construction workers were working on an environmental project. we were told by emergency medical services that a man working to clear trees was hit by a tree that fell as he was working on it. he sustained a devastating head injury and was pronounced dead
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police are telling me they believe this is nothing more than a tragic accident. they will take a close look at what happened here in part because this is some kind of county construction project. now, that man has not been identified. we have seen additional people from the environmental company he works for arriving on scene. if we get information about him or exactly what happened here, we will bring it to you live. reporting live, garrett haake. wusa 9. tracking metro, the agency is making it easier for customers to change their minds when they enter a station. >> today the ramada finance committee approves a measure that allows riders to leave the same station they entered without being charged. they have about 15 minutes to do that. if it's approved by the full board of directors, the new policy would take effect july 1st. things got a little too spirited aboard a recent spirit
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airport. cell phone video captured several women brawling after the plane touched down in los angeles. the fight broke out because a few passengers were playing music too loudly on a boom box. the women could be seen pulling hair and one punch was thrown. airporpolice and the fbi were called in but nobody was arrested. >> looks like what do we do? >> what do the men do when women start fighting. no excuses for not getting outside today, streets, sidewalks, parks, outdoor cafes. >> people on bikes. >> absolutely. >> she got lucky. she is on the georgetown waterfront park with a few of the beautiful day. >> what did i do to deserve this assignment two days in a row, right? i am not the only one enjoying the beautiful weather. look at the folks behind me. they are either sitting enjoying the sites, they are bikiwa
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all the fox on the potomac river, too. we saw a bunch of rowers going through. it seems like people are happier when the weather is this nice and we saw that everywhere we went. >> special because we can be out moving and energizes everybody. >> i was excited to get out and play. >> it's gorgeous outside. so nice. >> reporter: children and adults on the move at playgrounds. there were no problems with the dress code, certainly not from 3-year-old sloan in her princess dress. >> i love your princess dress. that your favorite color? >> he didn't have school today so it's nice we can get out and have something to do in the morning, burn off energy, better than a blizzard. >> reporter: people were moving at
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mountains. this is my spring break. happy to come back to this. >> it's nice so we decided to take a walk. >> reporter: the weather had people energized and relaxed. quiet moments on land and on water. many took the opportunity to eat outside. >> glorious, nice to be outside and on the playground this early in the year. i kind of wish it were like this all year long. >> the water, all the people. >> not too hot. not too cold. >> just one more time. they went through the slide maybe ten times or so. one person said this is odd but beautiful. this isn't even the middle of march and the weather is so nice. yeah. if you are heading outside, you may need a light sweater if you are heading out at this hour but it's comfortable,
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live at the georgetown waterfront park, surae chinn, wusa 9. >> go back out and enjoy the day. >> she is in a grove. it can't last forever. we will have a temperature correction but not from 80 to 40 which is good. >> sounds like you are talking about the stock market, a correction. >> an adjustment. all right. three-degree guarantee, feeling good. we went 80 today for a high. we know it's 79. so i don't think it will pop to 84. that is a good thing. live look outside, live weather cam, back to 76. winds are gusting to 25 miles per hour. they will be south then southwest then a cold front drops south of us and they turn northwesterlily by dawn. here is where the showers are, pittsburgh, morgantown and north of 77. yoar
5:19 pm
no showers until after midnight. so, mostly cloudy tonight, mild. bus stop temperatures, not bad. 55 to 65. but could be a couple of showers. i think the showers will be out of here by 6:00 in the morning. if you are south of town, st. mary's county, charles county, maybe until 7:00. then returning partly cloudy on friday. a nice end to the week. if we didn't have the 70s and 80s we would be jumping for joy. cooler saturday but slight chance of a shower, better chance for showers on sunday. neither day is the washout, okay. if you have soccer tournaments, they will be played. 10:00 tonight 60. look at this. like june. 68 downtown. clouds begin to roll in. 67 sterling. 67 manassas and showers are beginning to peak over to garrett county across the divide then really by morning, most of the showers south of i- 95 -- look at the temps, upper 50s to lo
5:20 pm
st. mary's county, nothing heavy. temperatures are mild for this time of year. by 9:00 clearing in leesburg north. temperatures are in the low 60s. 61 in silver spring. 62 buoy. by lunchtime, everybody is pretty much cleared out. the exception northern neck, southern maryland, temperatures in the upper 60s. cooler tomorrow. 10 degrees -- more than ten above average. by this time tomorrow night, temperatures upper 50s, low 60s, generally clear. the front is to the south. the front will come back and play cat and mouse with us, generate showers but neither day will be a wash out. a late shower after midnight before dawn. 54 to 60. average high is 54. clouds to start then they thin out. 11:00, nice, sunshine, 64. mostly sunny by 1:00 and
5:21 pm
saturday cooler but nice. clouds come in. i held off putting a drop on there, 63. then back up to 71 sunday. a few showers. not a wash out. the next seven days, there is the best chance for showers, maybe a thunderstorm monday. 70. leftover shower tuesday. showers wednesday night into thursday but temperature-wise no complaints. highs in the lower 70s. >> we are going into a stretch. thank you, topper. anticipation is growing in the district where two eagle eggs could soon hatch. >> they were laid in february. the president and first lady are incubating the eggs. tens of thousands of viewers have enjoyed a bird's eye view from a live webcam above the nest. it takes about 35 days for the eggs to hatch. we could see baby eagles as early as next week. what will they name them, sasha and malia. >> more presidents. more
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after pieces of glass are found in popular dishes. >> a battle for breakfast supremacy between two fast food giants. >> workers are trying to save stranded animals from rising floodwaters in texas.
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workers are trying to save animals from high water. texas is one of a handful of states in the south recovering from a ton of rain the last few days. workers are trying to load horses into a trailer and bring the animals to higher ground. let's talk about consumer news. nestle is recalling a limited number of digorno pizza, lean cuisine and stouffer's food. people were finding small pieces of glass in some of the entrees. so, they are asking people to call the customer service line 1-800-681-1676 for more information. lawmakers have proposed the new fare fees act. that rule will give a transportation department the ability to ban airlines from
5:26 pm
unreasonable or just disproportionate to the costs that are incurred by the air carrier. it will be a tight fit if you are taking a flight any time soon on united airlines. the airline is adding an extra seat, ten instead of nine to the aircraft. you know what that means. not going to have a lot of room. this fast food story, mcdonald's is serving the full breakfast menu at certain locations after customers complained that high tide all day menu was too limited. no word on whether this will expand but they are getting competition. taco bell is launching its only morning value menu nationwide. after seeing the success of the golden arches, they will offer ten breakfast options priced at $1. celebrities like stephen colbert and ashton kutcher are asking people to help fund teachers
5:27 pm
>> actors, athletes and philanthropists surprised teachers with $14 million for more than 12,000 projects. go to donors and pick the school you want to help. montgomery, frederick, arlington county schools still need funding. fantastic. you will get a letter from the teacher. so great. >> you pick the project. >> that's right. still ahead, what kind of questions do parents answer on a job application.
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a 61-year-old man, people are calling him a hero after he rescued his 67-year-old brother from a house fire. >> the rescued man is also a blind veteran. >> reporter: these smoldering ruins were the scene of a dramatic rescue. this is what firefighters from prince frederick found tuesday. hard to believe anyone could survive it. it was a close call. according to firefighters, a 61- year-old man was hospitalized after rescuing his own brother and a dog out of the house while it was bug.
5:31 pm
a blind veteran. according to a family person, the 61-year-old brother, the hero, was burned badly when he went back in the fire to recover a cell phone to call for help. when that didn't work, despite his injuries he ran a half mile to get help. he was then flown to a burn center for treatment. the home is at the end of a long isolated lane. the house is a complete ruin by 67-year-old blind veteran orlando brooks has his 61-year- old brother to thank for his life. in prince frederick, maryland, scott broom, wusa 9. district ward 8 has seen its share of violence. >> commissioner paul anthem says people in the community are feed up with it. among those
5:32 pm
father of reporter charlene milton who was killed in the same neighborhood last year. >> we have been promised community policing and there are no community tips that lead to the resolution of the crime. what is my wife to do but to weep because another one dies. another young woman dies sitting at a bus stop waiting to go home. >> leaders are hoping police will be able to make arrests soon in many of these unsolved cases. right now in fairfax county, police are on the look out for a man in a car that approached the same teen three times in the last seven months. the most recent incident was yesterday after 4:00 near the dulles access road in mclean. in all three incidents the man wanted directions. at no point did the driver try to get the teen in his vehicle. he is described as dark- skinned, between 30, 40 years of age, glasses, not much hair. if you know anything about this,
5:33 pm
police with information. maryland senate is set to consider noah's law requiring ignition location for drunk drivers. >> that is named after police officer that was killed by a drunken driver last december. supporters are concerned about what they call a watered down version of the legislation reaching lawmakers. a loophole would those that refuse breathalyzer tests to get behind the wheel without the devices. >> a much overdo law. the leadership of this leg lattif body needs to address. they need to stop thinking about the criminal drunk drivers and start thinking about public safety and all of the victims of drunk drivers. >> supporters of noah's law are calling on lawmakers to reject amendments that they say weaken that drunk driving bill. riding abi
5:34 pm
little safer in virginia. the governor is expected to sign what is known as the doering bill. northern virginia bureau chief peggy fox joins us on union street in show us what this is all about. >> hey, lesli. if you have ever ridden a bicycle on a street like this, next to parked cars, you know the danger to keep both hands on the wheel. you are always looking out for someone opening their car door. the dooring bill would bring awareness to the problem and fine the violators when someone gets hit. >> i watch for brake lights, people stopping and parking and i avoid it. >> a danger bicyclists know too well. >> i was driving down the street on my bike and man in a car just opened his car door and i went flying into the car in front of him. >> reporter: andrea was seriously injured when she was cord. >> the driver never even got out to help me.
5:35 pm
happened. >> she got cord, over the door, flipped and landed on her back on asphalt. >> reporter: a wusa 9 dash cam a caught this cyclist getting door by a driver in d.c. the cyclist was left disabled. >> the door hit me and i got pushed over to the side and fell. >> reporter: many cyclists had close calls. >> a woman opened here door. i swerved out and barely missed her. >> reporter: soon in virginia, opening a car door into the path of an oncoming cyclist or car that hits the door will call for a $50 fine against the motorist. >> not enough. >> reporter: it would assign liability to a person that could be injured. >> reporter: people opposed say cyclists don't follow the rules themselves. >> they have to mind the rules
5:36 pm
>> reporter: in a five minute period, not one cyclist stopped at this stop sign. >> reporter: we are trying to obey the laws. there are about 250 type collisions in the past year according to senator chat peterson that sponsored the bill. he said if it goes into effect it establishes liability and fault so that if somebody is injured, the insurance company would pay the medical bills or the person at fault. peggy fox, wusa 9. >> we are marveling at your stamina and the fact that you didn't get door. good job. similar laws are already in effect in d.c. and in maryland to address car dooring. you got to wonder how this happens. one car on top of another at a toll plaza in chesterfield, virginia. three toll lanes were closed while rescue crews helped people out of the cars. wish we could tell you how it happened. we are waiting to hear more and
5:37 pm
the conditions of the people involved. if you can, imagine what an application would look like for a job with isis. registration forms are part of the 22,000 islamic state documents leaked to the british media by a former member of isis. that form asks recruits 23 questions including whether they want to be a fighter, commando or martyrdom seeker. others include personal aspirations about jihadist and people that recruited them. >> this is wikileaks of the islamic state. devastatingly disastrous for them. >> people in 51 countries including the u.s. applied. the disgruntled former fighter thatleaked the doc says the information should be with the people that fight against isis. a stick up but somebody picked the wrong cab driver to rob. >> memories are strong for veterans of one of the country's most controversial
5:38 pm
dog bunk head to the vietnam wall after the break. top? >> the only downside to temperatures in the upper 70s and low 80s is the pollen. trees are in the low range.
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breaking news right now. cbs news reports the ceo and coo of the wounded warrior project charity have been fired. they came under fire after a cbs news investigation raised questions about how that charity spends the millions of dollars it raises ever year. the firings came after 40 employees complained about how the charity spends the donations that includes lavish parties. there will be more at 6:30 on the evening news. tonight we introduce you to a special
5:42 pm
the vietnam mall with our service dog in training for a wounded warrior. >> andrea mccarran has the absolute to service report. >> reporter: this navy veteran stands beneath the sun filled sky to talk to strangers. >> some days like today, trying to talk to third graders and hold it together because we were once that age together. we called him chip. >> reporter: chip was don's best friend. they grew up and joined the military out of high school. chip died in vietnam on october 2, 1969. he was just 20 years old. don came home but to angry demonstrators. >> when we got off the jetway, they were there in our face with the insults and the rotten fruit and veggies. some were assaulted. >> reporter: 47
5:43 pm
best friend's death, don strolls along the wall a few times a week. he wants to make sure visitors know there is a story behind every name etched in in granite. he wants to ensure that no one forgets. >> we can't forget. at the vietnam wall, andrea mccarran, wusa 9. >> if you have an idea for a weekly service report, send us an e-mail. what cops found inside a reality star's home that has him in trouble tonight. >> and right after the break, is d.c.'s new taxi cab app enough to compete with
5:44 pm
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check out this gas fueled explosion in cleveland. investigators say propane tanks caught fire at a construction site. the flames were out before noon but the crews were hosing down the area. everyone is believed to be safe and accounted for tonight. it was called a better way to connect with riders. the success of the d.c. taxi app is mixed since
5:47 pm
launch last year, there is a 350-degree increase in high tide number of customers using the app. several cabbies say they have had a handful of customers from that. >> not many people know about it. >> did you download it? >> initially i did. i realized it wasn't helping me because i have a dispatch system in my car. it was hard to concentrate on the cell phone and my come dome screen at the same time. >> sounds like they are way behind trying to catch up. the d.c. taxi cab commission says a major launch is scheduled for coming weeks. users can pay online or at the end of the ride. >> it's about how easy it is to use. thousands are out of their homes because of severe storms in the south. around 15 inches of rain have fallen in louisiana. another foot could be on the way. that weather stretches from texas to tennessee
5:48 pm
drenched. drone video taken over shreveport shows entire neighborhoods underwater r. topper, it's astounding. >> the front won't move eastward. look at that. that is not good. the front won't move eastward. the northern part will go through late tonight and tomorrow. it doesn't have much moisture up here but will continue in east texas, louisiana, mississippi, flooding further east tomorrow. a live look outside. it's 76 still. pretty darn nice. winds southerly at 20. they are gusting to 25. it will be breezy to windy tonight. eventually northwesterly as this front drops south. right now you think a lot of showers. looks impressive. showers in pittsburgh, north of morgantown and the maryland pennsylvania border. mostly cloudy tonight and mild. if you have plans on this thursday night, no showers until well after midnight. bus stop temperatures, mild. 55 to 65. there could be a shower
5:49 pm
especially south of town, st. marys, calvert and charles county. then returning partly cloudy on friday. darn nice day, actually. then cooler on saturday but still nice and showers on sunday. then an even better chance for showers on monday. 10:00 tonight clouds roll in. look at the temperatures, upper 60s. 68 downtown. 69 frederickburg. 67 in silver spring and buoy. 67 in fairfax. by morning you see the showers roll through. no shortage of clouds. showers essentially light in terms of the precipitation and not organized. by 6:00 everything is essentially east of i-95. temperatures are still upper 50s and low 60s. by 9:00 showers are gone, already clerk occurring north of i-66 and temperatures are still upper 50s in frederick. 57. 55 in hagerstown and 57 in martinsburg. we will have a temperature correction but not like arctic
5:50 pm
by 1:00 temperatures go back to the mid- to upper-60s with sunshine. so, day planner, clouds to start. lots of sun by 1:00. and 66. saturday we will have clouds come in. i almost put a drop here. i won't for now. 63, cooler, nice. a couple of showers on sunday, 71. your soccer games will be played. monday grab the umbrella, showers and storms. leftover shower on tuesday. more showers wednesday into thursday. temperatures in the low 70s and a reminder, move your clocks forward one hour as we return to daylight savings time. let's get to what is trending. caught on camera, goes would be robber picked the wrong place to commit his crime. >> oops. video from inside a pennsylvania cab shows the suspect pull a gun on the taxi driver. the driver hands over a wad of cash. the vehicle behind the taxi was driven by a sheriff's deputy. when the taxi didn't move the deputy got out to
5:51 pm
wrong. he yanked the gunman out of the cab and slapped the cuffs on him. he won't do that again. a lot clicks on facebook, reality tv star arrested on drug and weapons charges. >> he is known as chumly on pawn stars. cops in las vegas searched his home as part of a sex assault investigation. officers found pot, meth and one gun. we pay contribute to women's history month. a student from loyola university is taking a novel approach to combating harassment. when she receives an inappropriate date request or nasty comment about her bodies, she rights a wikipedia entry about a many woman scientist. the mission continues a project she started in 2012 giving women equal time on
5:52 pm
he will try a three. he got it. he wins it on the road for maryland. >> melo drives the maryland team as the all american guard goes, so go the terps. in october, national title hopes for trimbull and maryland. they are they are trying to get momentum as the terps head to indianapolis for the big ten tournament. terps packing up their bags hopefully for a long weekend stay boarding the bus earlier today in college park. opportunity awaits for maryland. a chance to make a run at the big 10. >> whether we are an underdog or favorite, this time of year it doesn't matter. a number in front of your name now. >> you lose you go home.
5:53 pm
last preparation of the ncaa tournament. >> we play on mutual floor, everything is different with the fans. no one is used to the court. neutral sight. i don't know, i guess it's better. >> we hope so for melo and the maryland terps. big show sunday. sunday morning game on at 11:30. selection show at 5:30. right here on wusa 9. another great thing about this time of year is the true underdog story. the holy cross crusaders basically have to win out to make the ncaa tournament. >> to the corner. missed it. one more chance. it won't go. holy cross does it. four straight road wins to get to the big dance. >> yes,
5:54 pm
advances to the ncaa tournament with an 11 and 19 record. it's safe to say we know one team, they will be a 16 seed, crusaders with a huge upset at hey lie. holy cross moving on to the big dance. that is why they play the game. >> holy cross won't do much but some of those teams will go well. >> it will be a toss-up this year. i don't think we will bet on holy cross but they are going. >> georgetown. >> they lost today. >> coming up with jan and bruce at 6:00, a civil rights group calls for donald trump to apologize for his latest remark about islam. >> an american university student charged with assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest in an off campus frat party goes to court. amid all of this talk of flying drones some day delivering packag
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
a lot of news about a future with flying drones that deliver goods. self driving robots are being seen around the uk but they travel on the grounds. they are created by star ship technology. a company launched by the cofounders of skype. >> reporter: this is like a cooler on wheels than high-tech robot
5:58 pm
revolutionize the industry. >> easily billions of people today are customers of delivery companies. >> reporter: the battery powered robot is designed to deliver on demapped in less than 30 minutes. it scoots at 4 miles per hour and big enough to carry most home deliveries. while aerial drones have been getting the attention, that greed idea just isn't ready to get off the ground. >> it's safer. a lot friendlier to people. people don't like drones flying over the yard with other people's groceries. >> reporter: nine on board cameras and sensors detect pedestrians slow down, stop and change direction. it uses gps and on board maps to reach the destination. it is monitored by humans, the robot does 99% of the work. it knows where i am and
5:59 pm
the recipients can open the lid and get the goods. >> reporter: there is one problem, it doesn't have a name yet. >> itching it deserves a brilliant name. we are searching for it. >> cool. if somebody tries to interfere with the robot, a human operator can use a speaker to warn the person they are being filmed and authorities are on the way. the robots could be tested in this country next month. at 6:00 the attorney for an american university student arrested for assaulting a cop in an off campus party is telling a different story. >> republican presidential candidate ted cruz picks up his first endorsement from a fellow u.s. senator hours before the next g.o.p. debate. >> the white house is decked out for the state dinner in honor of canada's prime minister. good evening, i'm bruce johnson. >> i'm jan jeffcoat. the american urs
6:00 pm
police officer and resisting an arrest at an off campus fraternity party was in a courtroom this morning. only on 9, his lawyers offer a different version of events. >> reporter: employers argued that students are on spring break so key witnesses to the incident would not be available to testify. jamison timon holding a coffee cup arrived at district court accompanied by a friend. the american university student and fraternity president is facing charges of assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest. >> he was arrested and ended up with stitches as a result of his arrest. >> reporter: the charges against timon follow a massive party in january at this off campus frat house in bethesda. charging documents reveal he became agitated after a police officer repeatedly asked him to leave. he allegedly slugged the officer


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