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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  March 10, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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the only home they have. it's the latest push to end homelessness in the district. >> it won't feel like may tomorrow. we are tracking a cold front that will drop temperatures overnight. >> and a couple of adorable other animals about to debut. first, three banks robbed in sanders 15 minutes. now the thief is in custody. thank you for joining me. all the banks are in montgomery county. police are investigate figure the suspect robbed a fourth one. we are in chevy chase where police believe the robber started his spree. >> reporter: police say they have arrested the robber who came to the suntrust bank here this morn around 11:20. they say nine minutes later he was already off down the block
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robbing another bank. >> i just flabbergasted. i'm worrying about my security. >> reporter: the fast moving robber they are looking for started at this suntrust bank on connecticut avenue in chevy chase. nine minutes later he was down the block robbing another. >> i was concerned about using the atm. it's -- it really is trouble some. >> unbelievable. >> reporter: just six minutes later someone called the police to say that the robber was hitting bbnt bank in wheaton. >> that's horrible. >> i don't know. the world is getting crazy. >> reporter: the first two robberies are connected, the third one is probably too. >> especially around here. robberies? not normal. >> reporter: it's yet to be determined how many of these banks and in montgomery
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robber has robbed. in chevy chase. and tonight police wyattd that one of their own helped track down the suspect a robbery sergeant of all people walked out of a restaurant and spotted a car that matched the suspect's drippings and minutes later had him in handcuffs. police are searching for a man accused of stabbing his girlfriend. police say the 34-year-old richard butler stabbed the woman monday. she is expected to survive. butler is wanted for trying to assault a young girl he knew at a apartment last friday and then trying to set that apartment on fire. police believe the death of a man at a construction site today was just a terrible accident. officials got to the scene just outside the beltway in temple hills around three. they found a worker dead with obvious head wounds. they believe that a tree the man was working on fell and then hit him on the head. the man's name hasn't been released. new, dc police work
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stop a rash of robberies they arrested a 23-year-old in connection to 14 crimes. they happened over the past six week as long the dc county line. district police chief pointed out the thieves had a pattern. >> they targeted women alone. they would use violence against women who resisted and in one case attacked and injured an 81- year-old. >> police is stressed one man didn't act alone. he is part of a small group believed to be responsible for the crimes. they are working to figure out who else is involved. part of the district's plan to house the homeless means kicking them out of the only homes they knew. we are near union station to tell us what happened to the growing tent city. >> reporter: this is just one of the signs that the city posted warning people that today was moving day. now the tents are gone. >>
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homeless. >> reporter: l elands nelson has been homeless for ten years. >> keep your area clean. probably -- they probably let us stay if we kept it clean. >> reporter: staffers worked to pack folks up as they prepare to shut down the growing community of 14 tents and 12 adults. district leaders say the tent city is illegal and not san tary. >> we will do whatever it takes to support people who are homeless so they have the resources they need, the housing that is important for them to get off the streets. >> reporter: and we are told the folks who used to stay here at first and h streets northeast will head to adams day shelter for a safe place to sleep at night. that's where their belongings will be stored for the next month. there are seven thousand homeless people living in the dc streets and
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help them all in five-years. new information on the 13bald eagles found dead in maryland the police confirmed they did not die of natural causes and they didn't have any diseases. police said they are focusing on finding how someone caused their deaths and who did it. there is up to a 15,000-dollar reward to help police solve this case. killing a bald eagle is a 11 5,000 dollar fine and a year in prison movement a grandmother and a firefighter are both recovering in the hospital. firefighters gave up his own breathing appatarus to she had enough air to get out. >> danny did above and beyond what the call is at times, not to say he wouldn't do it again or anyone would do. that's what we do. >> it was to risky
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down the ladder so using the mask he took her through the apartment and down the stairs. he went down the ladder. he to get a breathing tube but tonight colleagues say he is talking in good spirits. a 61-year-old is recovering from burns tonight after he rescued his 67-year-old brother and family dog from a house fire the brother is a blind war veteran. the fire broke out yesterday. relatives say the rescuer was burned when he went back inside to get his cell phone to call the fire department. mother nature has been kind to us this week. people taking advantage of another spring like day. you can see they packed the playground, on the move at the waterfront park taking a walk, exercising, paddle boating. others took a slower approach to enjoying the sights and having a
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>> you can get outside more. you also -- it's good weather for playing soccer. >> this is such a great park. it is. the day is beautiful and look at all the kids. i love the energy. >> nice and the weather is like -- i wish it could be like this forever. >> unfortunately this beautiful weather won't last much longer. we are tracking a cooldown but first did we break any records today? >> we did. pretty much across the board. we broke them here and as far north as new york city. here are the record highs. they are lower today. we had a lower bar really. 76 record high in martin burg. 78dc. and also 77 baltimore. baltimore -- the second day in a row. temperatures right now, still in
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72gaithersbu are, g72 fairfax. even up to the north it's 70 in hagerstown. that's crazy. that's 20 degrees above average and six, seven at night. six in the morning a few showers, a cold drops through overnight a few showers off to the night. we will come back and tell if you that will impact the morning drive and if the showers last through the weekend. >> all right. thank you. we have a happy update continuity on a top story on the website. last night we introduced you to a 144-pound bull mastiff with cancer and a few months left to live. her owners landlord said the dog had to go or she will get thrown out. she needed help finding the girl a new home and the response has been huge. her owner is working rothugh all the e-mails to pick the perfect family. a new bill coming to virginia gives drivers a reason to think before opening their car door. the fine they could face. >> and a blazing fire ge
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what caused this explosion caught on camera is next on wusa9 and your only local news at seven.
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a big boom at a construction sight in cleveland. take a look at this video on twitter. there is the big boom you can see firefighters dealing big flames and suddenly that propane tank exploded. nobody was hurt in that fire or that explosion. st orm across the south have killed four including a 6-year- old girl. the rain started coming down yesterday dumping up to 15 inches in some parts. louisiana was one of the hardest hit areas, thousands of resident was ordered out of their homes over fears of more severe flooding. it appearance's identified 70 former isis member
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bring down the terrorist organization. they received 22,000 pages of isis secrets. expects say it's the wikileaks of isis. they include names and locations of operatives in 51 countries including the united states. if it's true it would one of the biggest triumphs in the war against them. ride age bike may get safe nice easy ride virginia because governor is expected to sign the doring bill a dash camera caught this crash last year when a man in a white van opened his car door in to the path of a biker in dc. you can see it here. that man was left disabled. there are laws in the district and maryland make that illegal and now virginia may do the same. >> i was driving down the street on my bike and a man in a car just opened his car door and i went flying in to the car in front of him. $50 wouldn't have helped
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she got doored. she went up over the door, flipped and landed on her back on asphalt. >> $50 there because the new law would give a 50-dollar fine when someone hits the open door and if a bicyclist is hurt the car's driver or the insurance company would have to pay all the medical bills. millions of meals recalled. the big names involved and why they are getting pulled from store shelves. and keeping eagle eye on this camera. how soon we could see baby bald eveningls hatch. >> high temperatures in this case equals high pollen tree pollen is very high for this time of year. elm and cypr uss are the problem. we will talk about if
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g. hey, mr. hamilton. vo: know that together you can establish a meaningful legacy. with the guidance and support of your dedicated pnc wealth management team. a few recalls to check. your fridge and pantry for. three million boxes of frozen djiron pizza and lean cuisinr all involved. all of them have spinach. pieces of glass were found. nobody was hurt. the food maker believes it may have come from spinach used in the frozen food. and another big recall. pistachios could have salmonella. nine states including virginia have reported cases. they were sold
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names wonderful, trader joe's and paramount farms. there are a lot of different bags and expiration dates so we put a full lincoln this recall on the free wusa9app. guests arrive agent the white house where the president will host a state dinner for the prime minister of canada. at a welcoming ceremony today he spoke about the importance of exports to the united states. he singled out a few hockey champions as well. >> there's a high demand for canada goods down here a few that come to mind that the president just rightly recognized as being extraordinary contributor to the american success story is john than taves, duncan keith and patrick sharp of the blackhawks. >> the president and the prime minister have pledged to work closely on international trade, the environment and fight on terror. to
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the trending topics was best school day. all part of an initiative to help fund teachers special project across the country. stars asked people to give what they could and the stars themselves gave more than $14 million. locals funded every project in the district. several other schools still need your help. if you would like to donate we have links with instructions on our free wusa9app. any day now we could see two fuzzy little eaglets hatch. this is a live look at the dc eagle nest camera. they have been carefully watching over their two eggs. the first could hatch as soon as next tuesday. everybody is encouraged to guess on the day and time using the hash tag dc eagle camera on twitter, facebook. you can
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app. what do you think? >> how about a weak from tomorrow? >> there you go. i will say two weeks tomorrow. >> okay. one thing that's crazy is that we spotted some snow. if you go on twitter you can see that patch of now. that was here at our station. >> just across the street. i had a lot of people say there are piles in shopping centers where it was piled up to 20 feet high. >> and then where it's not hitting as much. let's take a live look. it's 71. it's just really quite nice. winds have calmed down. turned northwesterly as the cold front rolls through. morgantown. pittsburgh n to ohio. entering west virginia. we are okay. if you have plans on this thursday night no showers until
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then they will be few and far between. you will and then that -- it looses its punch. mostly cloudy. mid50s to mid60s. there could be a shower early on in the bus stop. especially south and east of town. especially between about six and seven in the morning. then returning partly cloudy tomorrow. very nice day. then cooler on saturday. still nice. we will keep showers out for now. then showers on sunday but not a wash out day. ten tonight. still 69. downtown. 70 in fredricksburg. still 68 in h ash gerstown and? sterling. showers entering garret county they roll through quickly overnight. not a lot of activity. nothing certainly heavy. by six in the morning again you may see a couple showers in northern -- and into southern maryland with temperatures in the upper 50s and low 60s. by nine, sk
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partly cloudy. temperatures are still 60. they will be cooler tomorrow but still ahead of the game tomorrow with the temperatures. 62 downtown. by lunchtime sunshine. mid60s. 66 downtown. 67 in monassos. 17 fairfax and 61 in bowie. by 6:00, 23 hours now. temperatures upper 50s and low 60s. the air, we have north northwest winds but not crazy cold. by late tomorrow night looking at temperatures cooler. it'll be about in the 40s tomorrow night if you have plans on friday night. 12 at nine. clouds beginning to thin out by one. sunshine and 66. saturday some clouds come in late. 63. with rehabilitative keep it dry for now. couple showers on sunday and temperatures back in the low 70s. monday the day you need to get the umbrella. showers and storms, 70, leftover shower on tuesday. not bad. probably golfable. low 70's on wednesday. low 70s on thursday with showers and a reminder move your clocks forward an hour
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hoops has touched down in indianapolis. the site of the big ten tournament. terps need to get their act together. >> reporter: all is quiet here in the lobby right now of the team hotel. just a short while ago the terps arrived here in downtown indianapolis. focused getting off the bus but still a lot of smiles. excited to be here. they were greeted by fans and a hotel staff for a pep rally. they were excited about that. kids getting autographs. hugs and smile going around. the terps ready to get started. >> we are excited. we have had the week off. get prefreshed. it'll help us mentally more than anything heading in to this weekend we have had a great week of practice dumping and feeling the warm reception that we
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to the hotel. it means the world. you know we have a lot of people that are rooting for us and we have to play and make them proud a lot -- everybody has a lot of pride. we will try to make them proud. >> reporter: now it's time to get back to work for them. they kick things off tomorrow night at bangers life field house. capper contribution actionerrer cap lubes inning to -- cavaliers in town. could be a number one seed when all is said and done. mike thinks the team needs two more wins. they have win number one today over st. louis.
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also a good one. game on sunday morning. 11:30 a.m. big ten conference final at three. selection show is at 5:30. >> i can't believe it's brackett time. already that time. >> i'm drinking to loose. that's all for
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tonight an "e.t." exclusive. o.j.'s alleged confident tells all. >> i'm sorry for betraying your trust. >> the former prison guard knows o.j.'s deepest secr >> what o.j. thinks about the new knife discovery, the fx show. and the bombshell we didn't see. >> oprah takes "e.t." on her weight loss journey. how she's inspiring these reality moms to get the bodies they want. >> nancy reagan's daughter on their fractured relationship. patty davis' time with "e.t." the drug addiction, the playboy poses. did she make peace with her mmther before she passed?


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