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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  March 11, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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right now at 7:00, a murder history shakes autopsy quiet mystery in northern virginia. hear why residents say this crime makes no sense. a dramatic rescue caught on camera the man who almost died got a chance to say thank you. how an app led police right to a front door and first, going tonight, we are getting an exclusive look at the proposed future home of the revved skins. happy friday to you. this is the vision from the danish architect. wusa 9 was the first to tweet the stadium plans today, even before the redskins. this model has a moat around the stadium where fans can kayak. the stadium will be a destination even if the redskins are not playing, the architect says. >> this stadium is designed
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the pregame. tailgating becomes a picnic in the park, literally. you make the stadium a more lively destination throughout the year. >> the redskins starting playing in landover 19 years ago. even though we are seeing a first draft of what the stadium might look like, we don't know where it will be. you can see the full story about the stadium and the man behind the plan on 60 minutes this sunday night at 7:30 right here on wusa 9. right now, fairfax county police are searching for the killer who shot a world economist in his home in mason neck. it was johan leede. his wife heard the shots and called police. police say she is not a
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neighbors are shocked. >> we have been here for 45 years. it's just calm and peaceful and just wonderful. i can't even believe this. >> he worked foremany for many years as an economist. the d.c. firefight horse took off his own oxygen mask so he could save a great grandmother trapped in an apartment fire is resting at home. danny lovato left the hospital after a courageous rescue. he says he knew that phillies term was about to jump on the third floor from the burning building but he told her to hold on and shared his oxygen with her. >> lovato insisted he is not a hero. >> it was not extraordinary. that's what we have been trained to do. it was extraordinary but it's not. my instinct was to help phillies. >> and doctors say he can return to work in
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once his breeding becomes normal. the woman he saved is still in the hospital in fair condition. >> a montgomery county man today got a chance to thank two police officers who pulled him out of his car. it was a dramatic rescue caught on the police dash cam cruiser. of the officers were honored with the medal of valor, the highest award given by the department. watch closely as montgomery county police officer cody fields races to the burning car without hesitation. >> when i rolled up on that, it was just like, okay, it's go time. >> he quickly discovered someone was still inside. >> the windows were up. the doors were locked. the drive side was pinned up against the jersey wall. >> secs later, office are brian nesbitt runs up to assist. >> it was exciting and it was intense, whatever that situation is, we overcome it and make sure that we all go home safe and help out whoever we can. >> together, the
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pulled rashard israel to safety well aware that the car can explode any moment. >> i can see it was hot. it was hot. i see what they had to go through. >> we showed rashard video of the rescue for the first time. >> wow. >> the officer who is saved his life insist they are not heroes rashard strongly disagrees. >> they are the heroes because, without them, you know, i don't know where they would be at. they are. >> rashard says thanks to those montgomery county police officers, he only suffered minor burns. and if you would like to see thank credible video in its entirety, weast -- we have posted it on our news app. they say that he used hashtags and notes to give the teller
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the notes were hashtag, no police or hashtag be careful or hashtag, after work. daly was arrested yesterday after an alert sergeant spotted his car. >> after finishing run much, i walked out to my cruiser and parked next to the cruiser was the suspect vehicle. there is no way it's going to be this easy to close this big bank robbery with you it was. >> vigilance paid off for him. along with five bank robberies from 2015, police believe that he targeted four banks. a pair of subjected burglars in any land were locked up thanks to an iphone app. the find my iphone feature led police directly to a home where inside they found an ipad stolen in a recent burglary. they developed evidence implicating another teen and recovered all kind of electronics stoln
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of robbery from laurel to wild lake. >> kind of funny. >> a dumb criminal story? >> yes. >> that's best. >> i'm sure i would not have been that dumb. >> howard county police expect the teens may be responsible for even more burglaries many. and new tonight at 7:00, an alexandria man is charged with hiding in a woman's car and attacking her while she was driving with her child also inside. it all began when 29-year-old mark richt i salted -- assaulted the woman who she knew. police investigated a crash where the woman told police he was hiding in the back seat and assaulted her. he ran but police caught up with him. keep your umbrellas ready but topper says that won't be a washout. >> yes, won't be
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friday night, if you are heading out tonight, 68 downtown, low 60s in the suburb, 63 in manassas. so, we are headed for the 40s tonight. if you are out super late, you might want to bring a light jacket. early in the morning, we'll take you to 7:00. temperatures in the 40s. clouds will be moving in from the west. it's going to be dry. we'll have fading sunshine in the morning, 47 downtown, maybe 45 in silver spring and 46 in fairfax. clouds near frederick and winchester. nothing crazy heavy, no lightning. 1:00, temperatures in the 60s, break in the action and by 4:00, more showers appearing out toward romney and haggerstown. we'll come back and take you all the way through sunday and tell you which day will be the wettest next week. hundreds of dignitaries and celebrities honored the life and legacy of nancy reagan at a private funeral service. the former first lady planned much of
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outside of the ronald reagan presidential library. >> a prayer was read for nancy reagan as her casket was carried outside for her funeral. the the first christmas in the white house was read. >> there could be no life for me without you. >> nancy reagan was very involved if planning her memorial service here. officials here tell us she chose everything from the flowers and pallbearers to the guess lift. >> the children, reflected on her devotion. >> when my mother was shot, they at first would not let her see him. i have to, she said. you don't understand how it is with us. >> first lady michelle obama paid her last respect as did former president george w. bush and three former first ladies. chris martinez, cps news,
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valley, california -- cbs news, simi valley, california. and the reagan tomb in simi valley faces west towards the pacific ocean. relatives of every president dating back to john f. kennedy attended that ceremony along with hundreds of journalists and dignitaries. another former gop candidate endorses a gop presidential candidate while marco rubio urges others not to pick him we'll have an
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louisiana where first responders have been working around the clock to rescue neighbors trapped in their homes. six states are under flood watches and warnings. turning to campaign 2016, republican donald trump has picked up an endorsement from a former rival, dr. ben carson. marco rubio is urging people in ohio to vote for their governor john kasich in next tuesday's primary. rubio says the only way to stop trump is to vote for kasich in ohio and rubio in his own state of florida. republicans head to the polls tomorrow. the d.c. republican party is holding a convention this year as opposed to a june 19th primary because of a shift. voters can cast a ballot from 10:00 to 4:00 at the madison hotel on 15th street and northwest. organizers are expecting a big turnout. we have all the information and a complete d.c. voters guide on our wusa 9 app. a new poll for the baltimore sun ow
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clinton holding a big lead over bernie sanders in maryland. clip ton has 61%, sanders 28%. maryland holds its primary april 26th. and fresh off a fancy star- studded white house. prime minister trudueau delighted students. he took questions from the crowd and encouraged students to think big and build for the future. >> mcdonald's takes a cue from starbucks. how your next big mac could come with more than just fries and drink. toper. >> a reminder, jan, maybe not a pleasant one but this weekend is 48 hour long. before you go to bed, move your clock an hour forward. and replace the batteries in your smoke detectors and co2 detectors as well. we'll talk
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right now, charles county sheriff detectives are searching for a man charged with several sex crimes, including sexual assault of a minor. he is 30-year-old dellandre bernard rosier. police believe that family and relatives have been helping him avoid arrest. soon, u
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spot a metro transit officer a mile away because they will be wearing these neon yellow and navy uniforms. the current uniform is dark blue making it hard to spot them in the crowd. the new duds will roll out in the summer. and it will soon pay to be a regular at mcdonald's. the fast food chain is working on a loyalty rewards program and work within the mcdonald's app and is expected to be released later this year or early in 2017. the top execs are not saying much about what type of perks you could get but that could be based on the number of visits you make to the golden arches. >> 25,000 runners are gearing up for d.c.'s rock and roll marathon. they will hit the streets bright and early tomorrow morning. cover all kind of grounds. that means a lot of road closures for all of us. there are nearly 660 closures tied to that marathon. you can find that full list and see where traffic is backing up wiiv
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wusa 9 app. >> topper joins us now with a look at the weather. how is it going to look tomorrow. >> perfect. perfect. i'm not a big runner but temperatures in the 50s, that seems pretty good and dry. >> that's very important. >> very important. showers hold off until the afternoon and then the wettest day will be sunday. let's start with the 30-degree guarantee. i'm a bit concerned about this. i thought that would be a no- brainer but i read higher than i wanted to read in my car. we shall see. live look outside, 68 right now. i like that number. dewpoints keep falling. upper 30s now. buyer air mass, winds out of the northwest at 9. they gusted to 30 miles per hour this morning when the front rolled through about 5:00 a.m. more showers sunday. and then saturday. but nothing heavy all weekend. cooler over the weekend with 50s and 60s. and then we'll need our umbrellas on monday. a li
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and maybe even a thunderstorm on monday. tonight, though, no worries if you have plans. upper 50-n fredericksburg at ten, 60 downtown, 55 in silver spring and 56 in fairfax. now, by morning, there will be some clouds to the west. and will will be some showers west of i-81, romney, cumberland. temperatures in the 40s. 44 in bowie and about 54 in manassas. 46 in la plata. we are looking at showers here and there i would not get too hung up on the exact location. be advised. light showers are possible with temperatures by 10:00 in the low 50s kind of cool tomorrow. 1:00, temperatures still upper 50s. maybe 56 in sterling, 58 in culpeper. we are looking at six, temperatures still in the 50s, not too much in tips of showers. you don't see too many green blobs anywhere. not a lot going on. taking you into sunday, better chance
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leftover showers between d.c. and fredericksburg. clouds come in quickly. maybe a shower by 11:00. by 1:00, temperature by 1:00 about 57 degrees. all right. showers and drizzle, maybe light rain on sunday. warmer, milder on sunday, 70. perhaps shower or thunderstorm. next seven days. this looks worse than it is. just a few here and there. near 70 on tuesday, mid-60s on wednesday, right around 60 on thursday. a little cooler late next week. >> thank you, topper. >> can you believe marmd is just around the corner -- march madness is just around the corner? i mean so soon. more than 50 million americans could participate in this year's pool. that's about 20% of all employed workers
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country. the battle is building for maryland where kristen is live. big battle for maryland. >> big game tonight. a big pep rally
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welcome back. we are live in indianapolis. we are at the team hotel where you see all the terps fans behind me. they are having a nice sendoff for the maryland terrapins today. and i've got a big terp fan here with me. this is jacob from bethe at that. you are here in indy. what do you think about the terps in action. >> we're going to win. future big 10 champion. >> what do you think about coming up against nebraska who just came off a big upset of wisconsin. >> we're going to win. see them in about an hour and a half. >> seems to be the mentality here. >>e team seems to be focused.
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team that you have made you so confident. >> rebounding is better. defense is getting better. >> we'll see what we could do in the matchup. the other home team, virginia back in d.c. frank hanrahan has more on them. >> about two hours away from virginia tip willing off against miami in one smile fin of the a.c.c. tournament. south of the chute first, north carolina facing notre dame. championship game back here at verizon tomorrow night. right now, all eyes on virginia atn they cut down the net here the a.c.c. tournament? back to you, chris. >> frank, thanks so much. a big sunday coming up on wusa 9. join us for special game on at 11:30 and the big 10 championship at 3:00 and then selection sunday begins at 5:30. but the game tonight, the terps taking on nebraska here in indianapolis. fans
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cheerleaders are ready. a nice sendoff for the team here. we'll have a recap coming up later tonight. live in indianapolis, kristen burr bursett, back to you. >> i love the crowd. >> and join the wusa 9 bracket. there is a huge cash prize if you win. >> yes, let's do it >> i think i was a big loser last year. you did well. i don't know if i can do that this year. >> you have to turn your clock up and lose an hour of sleep. >> tomorrow morning is going to be okay. and then we are looking at showers tomorrow afternoon, showers, rain. milder on monday, 70. monday is probably the wettest day and then a couple of showers tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, not a huge deal. 39 for a low. we have not seen that for a while. >> holy cow. >> that's the downtown temp. >> that's really cold. >> what we are
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>> that's all for the news at 7:00. have a great weekend, everybody.
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♪ amazing grace nancy reagan's funeral. my conversation with hillary clinton as she fondly remembers the former first lady. >> her steady support really incredibly inspiring. which first lady and famous faces united to honor nancc. >> lay down beside e thman she loved until the nd of hhr days. >> john stamos turning heads with his younger datt. is she the same age as the olsen twins? madonna's custody battle her ex and son in court. why she's making a public plea dressed as a clown. the dog wwisperer under investigation for alleged animal cruelty. could this bloody attack get cesar millan in trouble with the law. jennifer garner's new movie and the family's incredible story that caught hollywood's attention. >> i sat on jesus' lap.


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