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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  March 14, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EDT

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right now at 7:00, the father of an alexandria man accused of defecting from isis becomes enraged when questioned about him, and terrifying moments when a townhouse collapses on firefighters. good evening. i'm jan jeffcoat. but we begin with the latest from prince george's county and the shooting of officer jacai colson who was shot and killed in a shootout between three brothers and police. >> reporter: the police chief sait
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fellow officer that killed colson who had driven into the middle of a chaotic gun fight that was being videotaped by the shooter's two brothers. >> they had every opportunity to call 911. they had every opportunity to seek help. they did nothing. >> reporter: michael ford on a twisted and failed suicide by cop mission, shouting loudly and shooting at police and people nearby. police say that colson drove up in an undercover car and after the shooting started, he fired back at michael ford. >> detective colson arrived in a firefighter fight, and that lasted in a matter of a few minutes. we believe the emotion of the interaction the e
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strikes mr. colson. >> reporter: ford's two brothers who were shooting the video, were also arrested. >> this was unprovoked. >> reporter: the chief did not release information on which officer might have shot the shot that killed jacai colson. >> colson was a 28-year-old from pennsylvania, from a small town outside wilmington, delaware. he grew up the grandson of a police officer. his neighbors say he was quick to help out anyone in need and he will be missed. >> i was moving a lot of things in my calf. -- car. he would help me bring it up. he always said hey. he wareally nice. >> it was good morning, miss or good night,
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be safe. he was always polite. >> and police say he was a cop's cop. officer colson was just just days away from his 29th birthday. and we are learning more about the men whose actions led to the shootout. >> reporter: relatives say michael ford has a history of mental illness and his pastor said he was struggling but he had no idea it would come to this or his brothers would be videotaping it. outside the home of the mother of the alleged shooter -- >> he told me he was dealing with stuff and trying to get out of the lifestyle he was in and struggling without a job. >> reporter: he said that michael ford's mother, sa
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police told her several of her sons were arrested at a shootout. police say that michael ford was injured in the shootout, but doctors expect him to survive. police are looking into the possibility that ford was distraught after a fight with his girlfriend. >> praying for his family and mostly for the police officer and his family. >> reporter: police arrested malik ford at a nearby popeye's and picked up elijah ford at his mother's house. wusa9 news. >> and you can count on wusa 9 to keep you up on date on the latest from the troubling story. and we are always on, whether or tv or the wusa 9 mobile app. a virginia man believed to be a
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himself into kurdish forces today. whenwusa9 went to the man's last-known address in fairfax county, here is what happened. >> he is not my son. this is wrong information. i am not talking to nobody. leave the area. leave the area. leave the area. >> don't push. this is public property. >> you have to leave the area. >> this public property. >> this is not a public barrier. >> get out of here. >> this is public property. >> no it's not. >> yes, it is. >> the father said he had a son who was 26 years old but did not know who it was. fairfax county schools cop firmed that a man with the same name did graduate from
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high school in 2007. a firefighter is recovering after the front wall of a burning townhome fell in germantown. and this shows the moment when the wall collapsed. eight firefighters were injured. 16 people have to find a new place to live for now. we should learn soon who caused the problem. police need your help to bring 14-year-old jamella crutchfield home who was last seen on coral streert street northeast. she was last seen in a light blue shirt and sneakers. crews plan to spend the night repairing tunnel damage and suspend service at foggy bottom, but your morning commute should not
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interrupted. that is the good news. you can turn to the wurks sa 9 mobile app as the way to avoid the latest. and you can avoid traffic ruring the morning and evening sh hours. counting down the hours in campaign 2016, tomorrow is primary day in florida and ohio, and it seems that the talk was focused on the disruptions at rallies for frontrunner donald
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whole molot re.
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today, gop and democratic presidential candidates are campaigning ahead of the winner take all primaries in florida
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>> reporter: security escorted a small group of protesters out of hickory, north carolina. that demonstration was low key compared to heated confrontations over the weekend with trump supporters. >> we are not angry people. we're good people. >> reporter: trump is hoping to sweep tuesday a primaries to make him virtually untouchable. but john kasich is neck and neck with trump. >> i am not going to take a low road to the highest office in the land. >>reporter: marco rubio is beaten by trump in the polls in his home state but tomorrow, he said, he is optimistic about it. >> we are going to do what needs to be done. >> if, for example, he were to go out on 5th avenue and shoot somebody, i would not be willing to support donald trump. >> reporter: on the campaign
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trump, too, using similar language to separate themselves from the republican leader. >> the end of the day, love always trumps hatred. >> reporter: hillary clinton is leading bernie sanders in several states but the polls also had her leading in michigan which she lost. >> and the polls show clinton leading in florida and ohio and sanders in illinois. and a gainesville, virginia woman who is a trump supporter said that someone vandalized her home with spray paint. judy beaty said that donald speaks his mind and that's why supporters love him. >> i didn't mean to do anything under put signs on my lawn which i'm entitled to do, and live happily after and vote for whatever i want to vote for and not ve
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it's ridiculous. >> both virginia's democratic and republican party chairs condemn the violent theme this cycle. you can keep up with the campaign any time on the wusa 9 app and get the latest on candidates and primary resorts 24/7 on your mobile twice. >>a south carolina state trooper pleads guilty to shooting an unarmed man, and 25% of americans drink wine on a regular basis. but you might be surprised to find out what's in it. top? we'll come back and talk about why we
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we're following a developing story from south carolina where a state trooper has pleaded guilty to assault and battery after shooting an unarmed man in 2014 that was captured on dashcam video from deputy sean g roubert's squad car. he was asking for levar jones' drivers license and when he reached in the back, the officer shot him. he was shot in the hip
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arm. kellogg's is responding to video that surfaced showing a man urinating on food on the production line where rice krispies and other items were manufactured. clearly, we won't show that here but they said they were outraged and disgusted and will prosecute to the furthest extent of the law. the incident happened two years ago. we have heard that a moderate amount of wine is good for your health but many add preservatives and food coloring. there could be potentially 200 additives in wine including one that kills living organisms. >> when you drink a glass
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wine and relatively inexpensive wine, you are drinking a huge array of com pounds and chemicals that vu no idea are present. >> the amount of additives used are legal and save for consumption but if you need a pure natural wine, you need to look for labels that say organic or natural and they still have a lot of preservatives. you could score a lot of pie if you can crack pi. if you answer the questions correctly on pizza hut's website. and today is also national napping day. naps are sloan to lower stress levels, and this holiday is celebrated every day after the
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how appropriate. >> it is appropriate. >> i felt it this weekend and this morning, too, when i woke up. >> you get out of whack and the dogs. >> and it's like 6:30 even with the change. >> and when you have kids and you fall back in the fall, you are still messed up. >> yeah, you really do. the 3-degree guarantee, 56 today which is average for this time of year and we'll let you know how we did tonight at 11:00. and you can download the app. you can track it that way, and right now, on the cool side. attaches have not moved much since 5:00 because of the cloud cover and winds out of the east at 14. so it's a typical march day, on the raw side. here are the showers and in this case thunderstorms, and this activity here will roll through overnight and we issued a yellow at
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tomorrow morning. more clouds and showers tonight and everything will roll in before daybreak. the bus stop temperatures, 44 to 55 and showers will be a nuisance, walking the kids with the umbrella again. warmer and turning nice on wednesday. wednesday will be the best day of the week, no doubt about that. 10:00 tonight, the temperatures are uniform, clouds and northeast winds, a level playing field. 50 downtown and 49 in bowie, and 49 in fairfax. by morning, 6:00, a pretty good area of showers and light rain rolling in. that's why we issued the yellow weather alert, nothing crazy heavy but enough to slow you down i-270 southbound or 95 northbound. you'll run into wet roads. temps, upper 40s, not crazy cold. 9:00, most of the activity is working across 95 and north of
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dale city and at 1:00, a lot of clouds and back in the 50s. 57 in sterling and 57 in cumberland and 60 in romney. it will be a mix of sun and clouds by evening, and then tomorrow night, nice, clearing out and temperatures in the 50s by 10:00. that's nice. for tonight, mostly cloudy and cool and showers mainly after midmight and before dawn and a low of 44. by morning, a yellow weather alert, 40s and 50s and winds light and afternoon, skies will become partly sunny and mild and keep a chance of a shower in, highs between 60 and 65. winds will be westerly at 10. the day planner, showers in the morning, upper 40s, and 55 at 11:00 and a left over shower at 1:00 and temperatures in
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low 60s. now, wednesday, there's the day. a shower in the morning but a nice day and 75 and more showers on thursday and cooler and temperatures in the 50s. and then the temps go down. a rollercoaster, march, and low 50s on friday and maybe a shower; low 50s on saturday and kind of cold next monday with sunshine, jan, and 48. >> as long as it's dry on saturday, a big day. >> a big day. we'll keep it try. >> thank you, topper. recognize this guy? look closely. actually, he hasn't changed that much. he looks similar. look at that. he looks and talks the same. tomorrow is a big day on uws 9. bruce johnson celebrates 40, the big 4-0 on the air with the station. you can believe that? you probably can because you have been with him fo
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>> a long time. >> he will be honored by the mayor and take a look back at his illustrious career. join us to say happy anniversary. impressive. >> when you first come, you need a hall pass to go places. >> he's tough. don't forget, 40 years, tomorrow. and we are just days away from the start of the big games. vu done your brackets? >> i'm working on it. don't stress me out. >> many are wondering how far the men
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but some of basketball's best minds think the terps have just as good a shot as anybody to get out of it. >> a bunch of teams vandergriff entity included as a team with high expectations if they don't get to the tournament. providence, cal was expected to be great and are starting to play better, and there are 10 teams like maryland that have not in the expectations, and that's how how much parity there is and maryland has as good a group in terms of talent and ability as any team in the country. i don't know how they will play in any of these tournaments but i would not be surprised to see them win tower in -- four in a row in houston. >> they will be good. >> and here is a gentle reminder to sign up for the bracket challenge at win hold, hard cash and win over res
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it's the bracket challenge at i have a secret. i have virginia winning it all. what say you, >> and by the way, it's
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tonight reclusive richard simmons breaks his silence. >> sometimes we get lost in our sadness. >> not seen in public for over two years, fans fearing the worst. >> rumors that he's been held hostage and gained 50 pounds. now richard simmons comes out of hiding to tell "e.t" nhwh really going on. >> and b affleck speaks out about jennifer garner's "vanity fai fai fair" interview. plus blake shelton's instafamil and beyonce's former band mate, why did she leave the band just before destiny's child blew up? >> they became just huge, i remember crying at night. >> hear how she


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