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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  March 16, 2016 4:00am-4:31am EDT

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. it will be busy. if you can get on the road earlier to get to your destination, we suggest you do. let's talk about the issues right now. we have road construction going on on the outer loop of the beltway between richie marb on rof road. because of the metro being shut down today, hov restrictions along i-270 are being waived today which means commuters travelling southbound will be able to hop on hov to work your way into town. that is going to be for the morning as well as for the afternoon rush. a lot going on on marcus lyle where they'll add additional train cars to deal with all of this increased volume they'll see on the trains this morning. they'll be operating extra trains on train l 870 and 977 for the brunswick line. brunswick line train
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will see additional train cars as well. note, that will help friends from prince county working their way into the station. bre is running on schedule and we will check in with them to see if they have any additional train cars as well. let's check the weather right now with allison. >> thanks, larry, the good news is that your drive in should be okay. one thing to watch out for is that we'll be watching for dense fog to develop. that could be an issue and later on today, we'll track a few, stray showers, even a thunderstorm possible. as of now, we're okay. 51 degrees. it cool. we might need the light jacket this morning. 43 for martins burg, 45 for leesburg. we'll head to the 70s today. our only day into the 70s. starting off with sunshine or clear skies, rather. that is going to allow the development for a little bit of fog. temperatures today, headed to the 70s, coming up later, we'll go through the rest
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futurecast and track the stray showers and a thunderstorm later on today. over to you. >> thanks. we're tracking metro all morning long and we have reporters all over the dmv as you start your commutes today. >> to keep you posted. nikki berdine is at the silver spring transit. sglj, guys, this is an unprecedented and historical move to shut down the metro for 24 hours at least. at noupsment was made yesterday by metro gm paul wedefelt. they will spread cables over concerned of a fire that like what happened in mcpherson plaza 125 cables have been replaced but concerns linger. in the middle of the work metra will not run. they will continue to wait until this weekend. it could continue to wait until this -- it couldn't wait until this weekend because of the
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we talked to commuters yesterday who got home using the metro. >> what else will you do? they don't want another disaster like this and they've got to get in here and fix this, those jumper cables. >> i do think it is a blessing as well. because we wouldn't want something bad to gee down while we have thousands of -- go down while we have thousands of people on the trains. we saw a lot of people flaber gasked. frustrated, some slugged their shoulders sand said what are you going to do. uber pool rides are 50% off. surge prices will not ply. lyft offering $20 off. capitol bike share is offering a free 24-hour membership and dc leader will offer additional service. we have this on the wusa nine
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we'll keep you alert on what is happening here at this center. it is expected to be a mess because of the metrorail shut down, get out the door as early as you possibly can this morning. >> if you don't want to drive, there are other options including metro bus like we saw at the silver spring transit center. the bus system will be on regular schedule today, good morning! >>reporter: good morning, mike, andrea. that is one thing folks won't have to worry about today. the metro bus station will have to operate on normal schedule. more will be put on the road especially to help out with dc public school students who do rely on the metrorail transportation. since the metrorail system will be closed through tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m., parking will be free at all metro owned lots and garages for anyone taking a bus or for those who decide to car pool. metro bus takes more 4,400,000 trips each week day serving thousands of people ro
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there are -- across the area on a regular basis. there are 500 stops making it the 6th busiest bus agency in the u.s.. live here off the new york avenue in the district here. we do expect a lot of traffic to pick up for the morning rush. jausz cross the road here, you can see a pret metro bus stop. no one is there now. we them to have more than usual. we'll be out here all morning long and a bus stop to help you navigate your morning commutes. reporting live this morning from prince george's from the strict, excu. the transit service probably didn't want to celebrate the history this way. they opened 40 years ago this month. >> metro operates the second larges
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system in the country. serving a population of 4 million people. the rail service makes about 204 million trips per year and about 700,000 actually ride this now. rider ship is hig april 10th, 2014, when more than 800,000 people rode metrorail. that is the day of the cherry blossom festival. metrorail started operation in 19 l 86 and today there are 91 metrorail stations in service within the 118-mile network. i spoke with metro board chair and jack evans last night. >> we wanted to know if there are safety concerns, why not shut down the metrorail system immediately? >> the reason we didn't shut it down right now, bruce, is because literally hundreds of thousands of people rode metro into the city today and to their jobs. and we want to give them the opportunity
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there is low risk of something happening. . he went on to say rather than try to inspect all of the cables over the next six days it makes more sense to just get it done. if you normally take metro trains to work, here are other ways to commute today. >> you can always take uber. they will cap surge pricing. it is extending uber pool service. . >> it allows them to share a ride and the cost of the ride. it relies on 50% off. 50% off of the normal uber x fares. uber pool is not usually offered in maryland but it will be today. lyft, the other car service to passengers, you can get $20 off your first ride using metro help. don't forget the county bus networks many of them are adding buses. bre and mark are adding full commuterl
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if you would rather bike. you can get a free 24-hour membership with capitol bike share. usage fees apply to trips over 30 minutes. they plan to have extra staff on hand to remove bikes >> just a reminder, dc suspended street sweeping today to keep parking stations open in residential spaces. >> you can make a right turn to the wusa nine mobile app to stay on top of the latest conditions on metro. be sure to download it and be ready for your commute today. >> the driver is on the way for a driver who -- the search is on for a driver who struck two cars and later stole a police cruiser. police made a traffic stop. the driver sped from the scene, hit officers with the mirror of the car, they should be okay. the ch
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street bridge. the cruiser was eventually found. driver disappeared. police say they found a gun inside of the car that the suspect was initially driving. 4:10 now, coming up, what we expect to happen the first hearing for the brothers accused of filming that shoot out that killed a prince george county police officer. >> the next step now that noah's law has been approved by the maryland state house. we'll be back.
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we are issue and problem free on the northbound and southbound side but normally when we receive the bulk of the volume it will speed up a lot faster today. we expect a lot more folks on the roads. h.o.v. restrictions on 95 are not lifted. it's a regular day d. on 270 it's different. those have been lifted for today in anticipation of metro shutting down. so, for folks traveling from frederick to bette bette you will be able to get on h.o.v. over to
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we have a dense fog advisory. fog will develop ahead of a front heading our way this afternoon bringing a few showers for the 81 corridor. along the 95 corridor between 4:00 and 7:00 a shower, isolated, even a thunderstorm possible. sometimes we are headed to the low 70s this afternoon and it will be breezy and mild and comfortable. we will talk about a big cool down heading this way for the weekend in a few minutes. good morning, andrea, over to you. >> good morning. thank you. in annapolis, maryland, house of delegates approved the noah law. he was killed by a suspected drunk driver. it requires drivers to use an interlock device that keeps them from starting the
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they have been drinking. it was nicknamed "titanic" tuesday. one candidacy did take the plunge in the 2016 presidential race. >> a virginia student hauled off to prison after a one hour trial in north
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welcome back to wake up washington. the first hearing in the murder of a prince george police officer. >> a couple of the suspects charged in the death of jacai colson will be facing a judge this afternoon. >> reporter: the two ford brothers accused of recording sunday's shooting with police are due in court this afternoon, malik and elijah ford have a bond hearing this afternoon. police sought to file second- degree murder charges against both. yesterday a prince george
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there was no probable cause to support the charges. nevertheless, the state's attorney intends to pursue murder charges against the two under maryland's felony murder statute. >> having the brothers present, interacting with the police, the fact that they came there with the suspect in this case. they pointed out certain things to him. we believe these are significant. >> michael ford, the man accused of sparking the gun battle faces second-degree murder charges. he is in the hospital so no arraignment just yet. another drop out in campaign 2016. donald trump and hillary clinton are inching closer to their party's presidential nomination after scoring big wins in the super 2 primary. >> more and more of a collision course. trump won three states including florida while clinton defeated bernie sanders in four contests. races in missouri
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to call. don champion has more. >> reporter: donald trump tipped his winning streak in north carolina, illinois and florida. >> we will win, win. >> reporter: trump's win in florida earned him 99 delegates. >> we are on the right side this year. we will not be on the winning side. >> reporter: in ohio, trump failed to the state's popular governor, john kasich. that gives him momentum. >> i want you to know the campaign goes on and i want you to know that it has been my intention to make you proud. >> >> reporter: in missouri, the race between trump and ted cruz is too close to call. >> only two campaigns have applausable path to the nomination, ours and donald trump's. >> on the democratic side, hillary clinton trounced bernie sanders picking up big wins including here in florida.
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eyeing a fight with the g.o.p. front-runner, our commander in chief has to be able to defend our country, not embarrass it. >> reporter: even though he is trailing in the delegate count, sanders believes he is he can win the nomination. >> you do not have to accept the status quo. we can do better. >> the candidates turn their attention to states like arizona and utah which hold primaries next week. don champion, cbs news, miami. >> now, john kasich is the only candidate campaigning today. he will have a town hall in pennsylvania. sources tell cbs news president obama could announce his supreme court nominee as soon as today. a handful of names have been thrown around as possible replacements for associated justice antonin scalia who died last month. a few potential nominees like loretta lynch have taken their names out of the running. republicans in
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vowing to block any confirmation hearings until the next president takes office in 2017. it is going to be a very interesting day today to put it mildly. you were out of breath. you have a lot of things to talk b. how many cars will be on the road with teleworkers an openings for federal employees. >> when you have more than 700,000 people that depend on metro every day to get to and from work that are now displaced. there are going to be a lot more people on the roads. it will have the biggest impact for those traveling the farthest. people from gainesville, fredricksburg and parts of 50, that's where we will see the biggest issues. >> is vre and option. >> it is but we haven't heard from vre yet whether they will run additional trains. so, that is an
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on the beltway. we have road construction that is an issue. let's pull up the graphic. we can show you what we have been talking about. we have three lanes here closed. this road construction should last until 5:00 this morning. because of metro shutting down today, hov restrictions on i- 270 were waived for the morning and afternoon rush. we are expecting to see additional traffic on i-66 inbound from as far west as areas like gainesville and front royal working into fairfax. we are doing well. it will be a different story later. impact on folks out in prince george trying to make your way into town as well. know that marc will be servicing the metro -- greenbelt
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camden lines. that's an option. back over to the anchors. peyton manning at the line of scrimmage. they have done it again. for the second time the national park service redefined its prediction of when the cherry blossoms will be in peak bloom. >> march 23rd or the 24th and that's a bit later than the previous date. the park service says blame it on the recent cooler temperatures and allyson has been talking about that roller coaster forecast, right? >> reporter: yeah, absolutely. i'm kind of glad that it has been pushed back because this weekend was supposed to be the original weekend and the weather doesn't look too great to enjoy it. it will be dry on saturday but chilly. >> a couple of windy days. >> friday will be the windy yeast. we will pick up the winds a little bit. today will be the warmest that we see in the next seven. heading to the 70s today.
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here or there. all in all today will be the best day, if you like 70-degree temperatures of the next seven. dense fog advisory down through luray and frederick as well. here it is. your visibility tracker quarter mile for frederick and winchester and manassas. we will track that as we head out the door and where the visibility is lowest. that will impact your travels as well. hard to see. 43 forest stone. it's chilly. not going to tampa bay chilly all day. some sunshine mixed in with clouds this afternoon heading to the 70s. only stray shower today. not everyone will see it. what does develop has the potential to turn into a thunderstorm with the temperatures heading to the 70s today. tomorrow 68 for st. patrick's day and a few showers hanging around. they will be spotty. for friday, windy and cooler. temperatures in the 50s. 50s saturday. dry. we are checking a system on sunday that d
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but it's still -- it could push to the east and leave us dry. we will keep you up to date on the forecast for sunday. over to you guys. >> thanks, allyson. breaking news overnight. a university of virginia student arrested in north korea has been sentenced. a harsh sentence. >> it took one hour this morning and then north korea's highest court sentenced him to 15 years hard labor. the 21-year-old was charged with sub version for trying to steal a propaganda area from a restricted area in his hotel. he tried to leave the country with a new year's tour group. this could wind up being one of the most challenging rush hours in memory and not related to weather. >> unprecedented. stay with us on wake-up washington for extended coverage of the metro shut down. >> today could be
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painful for commuters. i'm nikki burdine in the silver spring transit center to help you get through it. >> i'm mikea turner keeping an eye on the roads before the morning rush hour gets underway. i have information about an alternative option you can use as you try to make your way into work.
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worst wednesday commutes on the road. metro rail is shut down completely today. >> when it shut down at midnight, crews put down signs trying to warn passengers no service. the earliest it could reopen is 5 a.m. thursday. >> it stems from monday's fire near the mcpherson square station and similar to last year's deadly smoke incident. good morning, i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. we have more of a traffic and weather situation on the 9s. allyson will give us the forecast in a moment. temperatures are in the 70s. larry is the man of the day. we are off to a good start right now. we know it won't remain that way as well. i want to let you know, no issues on the beltway, 395 or 295, doing well there. we want to talk about the impact that no metro service will have on folks. we can tell you the h.o.v. ri
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lifted. on the virginia side of town, they remain intact. that will affect 95 on the virginia side, i-395. make sure you have the appropriate number of people in your car. if you get caught traveling on h.o.v. lanes without the appropriate number of folks in the car, you will get a ticket from police. a live look at i-270 this morning at montrose road. traffic is light on the southbound and northbound side with no issues there. again, we are expecting the bulk of the volume to creep its way down much earlier than what we would normally see. to the maps, traveling inbound on i-66, we are expecting the volume to come from areas like gainesville and fronted royal. we are doing well with no issues on the eastbound or westbound side. let's check in with allyson and how it's shaping up outside. one thing that commuters could deal with is fog. take a look at the visibility tracker. low visibility and dense


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