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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  March 18, 2016 12:00am-12:36am EDT

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one seed. the other teams wouldn't surprise you. bill: nope, not at all. this shot clock sets up their defensive scheme. you can be a gambler inside. but they're solid. they don't just turn you into the big guys. groin they're going to -- grant: they're going to have to guard the inside line and not get seduced by yogi ferrell. interesting what he does to slow down that attack. jim: the u.s.c. score is 69-68. that's over on tbs and the final 11 seconds. that's over on tbs. thrower launches up top for the key. and goes back to kentucky for final seven seconds. bill: will run it out here. steve pikiell, terrific
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three by high schooly against -- by huley against a ban in. jim: going to be an 85-57 final. nope, that's it. coach cal and kentucky have an opponent with indiana on saturday. let's bring back the rivalry. and it looks like providence just hit a shot with a second to go against u.s.c. to win it. kentucky rolls on here. providence did just win at the buzzer. i'm told. bill: ben ben till -- ben bentil with that three.
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-- by the way that's kentucky's 22nd all-time win in school history. 2200 for the cats. and let's send it over to you with trace y with the victorious wildcats. tracy: thanks a lot. first let me ask you, jamal, 1-9 but you came without 19 points. what did this guy say to you over in the locker room? >> he said just play. don't think too much that's what i did. i missed in the first half. but i got going in the second. tracy: i think you cleaned that up a little bit. how about his performance and the way he came out after the break? >> can we talk about the first step? his first ncaa tournament game and he was a little shaky. he's a
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he does crazy stuff. it used to be seven times a half. yeah, it was. but he's starting to do the right things. you know, the first half he didn't play the way he's been playing. he's been efficient. he's been making the right plays. but we'll chalked it up to the first ncaa tournament game. tracy: let's talk about the second game and that's a matchup with indiana. now, it's here. your thoughts? >> tom crean should be coach of the year nationally. he loses his best player and they win their league like they did? they won on the road. they were unbeatable at home. thank goodness we're not playing them in their building. they pass the ball. they shoot the ball. , you know, we know how hard the game. is we're just happy we're playing another game. tracy: thanks a lot. good luck. >> thank you. jim: it's going to be some guy, isn't it guys?
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bill: yes, indeed. they're both defensive-minded. gotten better, indiana. jim: the tournament continues live now on tbs and trutv. coverage begins at noon eastern. for raf and grant, i'm jim. we'll send you to the studios after these messages and we'll see you saturday.
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greg: hello, everyone. welcome back to our studios here in new york. greg gumbel along with clark, kenny and charles. kentucky rolls on 85-57. the wildcats a force to be reckonned with. kenny: without question. you look at tyler ulis and jamal murray, those are two guys regardless if they're shooting well or not, they're steady. they won't turn the basketball over. they can pressure the basketball as well. you add in the blend of everything else. perfect blend. charles: i'm not sure if they can win the tournament. but the next game against indiana, must-see tv. probably two of the best in all of college basketball. cannot wait for saturday. greg: as you say, kentucky moves on to play indiana. meanwhile in east regional play, this one just ended and providenceno
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clark: a terrific game all day long and providence has the ballast and scores the game-winning shot. u.s.c. played great up until that last -- really last minute and half, they had a chance to close it out and couldn't. greg: they move on to play north carolina. and over on trutv, gonzaga is leading at halftime by a score of 35-25. a reminder, coming up after your late news, don't miss "the late show with stephen colbert" as he welcomes william h. macy and melissa rauch. followed by "the late late show"." four games in the early block tomorrow. 16 games in all. that will do it for now. are you tired? are you ready --
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kenny: they're ready to go. charles: let's find out what we can do in new york city. kenny: you ever heard "fake it until you make it"? i'm tired. i'm not faking it. [laughter] greg: for all of us, incngludi ernie johnson, thanks for join us, everybody. ♪ kevin durant: this is for the doubters, the naysayers... -the ones who said i can't. -(grunts) that no matter how hard i try... it's not in my destiny.
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breaking news tonight. allegations of a rape at a prestigious d. c. private school. >> i'm leslie foster. >> and i'm adam wongo. >> quite a shock to parents. the daughters including president obama and the first lady. what are we hearing from school? >> veriling.
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ellis turner total me it is the longstanding policy to cooperate fully with any law enforcement investigation and also our policy not to comments on such investigation. leslie and adam, this is a very prestigious school and according to a police report it may be the site of a rape. >> reporter: yesterday evening police say a female student told them that she was forced to have sexual intercourse with a male student. the assault allegedly happened sometime after 2:30 in the afternoon. police heard about it around 11:00 that night. according to the incident report the students know each other and had a sexual relationship. a spokesperson for d. c. police told wusa9 this is under investigation and right now it's being investigated as an allegation of sexual abuse. and it has not reached a level of a crime. the secret service declined to comment but sources with the agency tell
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aware of the report. >> the school officially began a spring break today and once they are back there will be questions from parents. i'm allison barber, wusa9. be sure to stay with us for the latest as the story develops. stay informed and get new details on breaking news by downloading the free wusa9 app. one day after a 29 hour shut down of rails, jittery passengers tweeted about smoke it was a brake problem on a train that was offloaded and taken out of service. no one hurt. otherwise metro ran fairly smoothly today. >> it is a necessary evil take the train or complain about it. >> i take it every day, twice a day and sometimes on the weekend and i feel safe. i understand that there were definite problems and
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that they shut it down and they do do emergency work. >> we sat down one-on-one with metro's general manager paul wittafell and said some of the crews found problems that were severe that they would have closed the track if they known about them but the emergency shut down and the inspection ought to be a confidence builder and he will do it again if he is not sure the system is safe. after the death by friendly fire of police officer ja ky colson. his colleagues have adopted a door, a suicidal gunman attacked the station last sunday. the door and the two bullet holes will be preserved with a sign as a permanent reminder of what has been lost. >> the scar of these doors are silent testimony to the bravery of the prince george's county police officers who went into e
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one and all on march 13th 2016. and that motto december edim means never the same. >> a viewing will be held tuesday from two until 9 in beltsville. a service is set for friday morning at 9 a.m. at the first baptist church of van ardem officer colson will be brought to pennsylvania. the man accused of shooting at the police station, 22-year- old michael ford is being held without bail, his two bothers, malik and elija face attempted murder and conspiracy to commit murder accused of recording the entire incident and doing nothing to stop it. >> a lot of you making plans for the weekend and
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about a change in the weather. >> let's get to chief meteorologist topper shutt. could we see snow? >> march is a real battle between winter and spring but winter will win for the week. futurecast. the soccer games will be played. 32 down in the morning and 38 in fairfax. by 8:30 seeing rain in fredericksburg and 44 in stafford and dale city. rain closer to molasses and still to the west of the beltway but by four or 5:00 rain will roll in with temperatures in the 40s. a raw day on saturday. we will come back and show you how the rain may turn to snow on saturday night. download our app, it's free
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things, radar and the three day guarantee. topper thank you. the owner of iconic bar is taking d c to court and accusing regulators of targeting his bar for harassment and hurting his business. >> the madam's bar filed that lawsuit yesterday and the owner spoke to wusa9 garret haake. >> reporter: the owner of the morgan staple thought he was finished about fighting the bar about his capacity 8 years ago had the dc courts of appeals settled the case but it escalated last summer. for more than two decades drinkers have been passing the madison bar on 18th street and the owner took the district to court to determine how many people could pack the four story establishment and the court
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behind the bar. >> it ended the argument. >> i thought it was put to bed. >> but inspectors from the alcoholic regulation administration returned accusing the bar of being overcapacity multi times. >> we brought out the court of appeals decision and we would show it to them and in their words the direct quote we don't take our orders from the court of appeals. >> things came to an head when the inspectors blew in the bar and they say the doorman tried to keep them out and filed a police report. duggan says the inspectors weren't wearing badges or showing it on the way in and provided security camera footage. >> dug gan's lawsuit accuses the inspectors of targeting his establishment and hurting his business in retaliation for
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>> they are violating not just my rights and not just harassing me, these people are bullies and not held accountable and it is time for them to be held actable. >> they said they could not comment on pending litigation. now to another kind of bar battle, this one between the bar owners and some of the people that live by. we are in one of the loudest districts. >> reporter: the noise is coming out of this dupont bar. it can be too loud for the folks that live nearby but for the business owners, they say noise is a part of living in the city. why most people choose to live in the city. it comes with convenience and assessability and you are in the heart of
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makes noise. >> there is boom boom. >> boom boom is the amplified music from some dupont patio bars and some find it annoying. and ga gail says it is annoying. >> i have been concerned now that weather is getting nice. it is a very low bass note. >> you hear traffic and everything but it is part of living in the city. >> reporter: so is being a good neighbor with some bar and club owners try to be and one didn't want to be on camera said he sank $30,000 into soundproofing his patio but still gets complaints. mark lee with the hospitality association says virtually all businesses comply with noise ordinances. >> when the city did random inspections hundreds of inspections across the city, they found that there was a 97% compliance rate. >> reporter: not complying could mean fines and loss of liquor license and getting shut down. the
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industry is the biggest tax revenue and with bars and clubs part of that. >> if we were to start shutting down night life or outdoor spaces it would have a severe impact on the revenue. >> they don't want to see anybody go out of business but to keep it down a bit. >> it would be nice if it was quieter but as long it is within reason. >> others say which they moved here they heard it coming. >> it comes with the territory. >> one solution is to have businesses cut off this kind of noise by midnight. the owners tell me that would completely kill their business. in dupont circle. wusa9. and the district's noise ordinance runs from 11:00 p.m. to 7:00 a.m. and doesn't allow anything louder than 65-decibels. to maryland, and montgomery county learning about an overnight police chase. it started when the officers tried to pull over a toyota on layhill road ne
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avenue and the driver wouldn't stop. officers gave chase but lost site of the car and moments later they spotted it. it crashed off of emery lane and caught fire. the police pulled the driver and two passengers out of the burning car. the driver suffered serious injuries. the passengers are expected to recover. north korea is again defying un resolutions. officials in solanin washington say there was a missile fired into the sea today. the launch happened days after the leader there kim jung unlaunched missiles cap able of reaching the main lands. conservatives meeting here and to try to stop trump. >> hail punching holes in car windows, a storm so powerful it killed animals in its wa
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coming from th
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a heroin epidemic is grg.owin find out where you can get answers to tough questions that can save a loved one's life. so the stop trump movement is picking up steam. >> conservative leaders met privately in washington to develop a plan to stop the republican presidential front- runner. marco rubio was on capitol hill saying he plans to get out of the spotlight for a while. former presidential candidate marco rubio says he is done with politics. >> i am not running to re- election to the senate. i will finish my term and i will be a private citizen. >> dropped out of the presidential race tuesday evening after donald trump won the primary in florida marco rubio's home state. trump has nearly half of the 1237 delegates he needs to en
12:28 am
>> we have to bring our party together. >> trump warns any plans to derail his candidacy could lead to voter riots but on thursday lawmakers met behind closed doors to discuss alternatives to the gop front-runner. lindsey graham threw his support behind his adversary ted cruz. >> the best alternative to donald trump to stop him from getting more votes is ted cruz and i will help him. >> another group has donald trump in its cross hairs and has posted the billionaire's personal information online. >> trump's campaign said law enforcement authorities are trying to track down the people responsible for trying to illegally hack his accounts. bernie sanders is conceding defeat to hillary clinton and foregoing his right to a recount of the votes in missouri's democratic es
12:29 am
one-half of one percent. sanders says it is unlikely a recount would affect the awarding of delegates and would preserve to save the taxpayer of money. merit garland has had his first meeting with the senator since being nominated. he met with patrick layhe of vermont. he did not meet with republican leaders that may it clear they will continue their fight against any obama nominee. angry residents over the water problem in flint, michigan brought their frustration here. governor snyder talked about
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the corrosive pipes. democrats called for snyder's resignation and also gina mccarthy. the fire department is working with the zoo to look into a hazmet incident that created a loud boom near the american trail exhibit. the zoo says that boom happened inside a small building that houses machinery and it used chlorine in a filtration system. that area was cleared and no animals injured and no smoke or fire. one of the two eagle eggs at the national arboretum is starting to hatch and a nest can showing the little eggs started to crack as an eaglet pecked his way out. the second egg could hatch this week and how about a live look at the perch in dc at the arboretum and it looks like the mom might go snoozing. we have a link
12:31 am
app. there we go. >> from eagles to cherry blossoms. time for the update. >> we saw some of the pretty pink buds around the trees but the blossoms have yet to come out but be patient, the national park service says the trees will be at their most beautiful when the peak bloom arrives next week. >> and so will the traffic. yes. so there is an app to help you enjoy cherry blossoms across the district and called cherry picker and covers more than 6500 cherry trees throughout dc and not on the title basin. >> folks in dallas are cleaning up after a hailstorm that cause the all kinds of damage. it was the size of tennis balls and it went through car windshields during the morning commute and knocked out power to thousands of customers.
12:32 am
killed and others were injured. >> that's incredible video. >> that's serious. >> yes. >> our hail force here does not get that big. >> around here we are tracking the 3-degree guarantee, how did you do? >> pretty well. thanks for asking. we went for a high of 69 and we thought that was okay. we kept it under 70 and by golly the high temperature was 69. so that is a good thing. a bull's-eye if you will. we will go 65 tomorrow. right now 56. the dew point in the 20s, a much dryer airmass and that's important for the weekend and start talking about the world rain and snow and winds out of the south at five. breezy and mild tomorrow, perhaps a stray shower and much like today well north of town and probably few and far between, bus stop temperatures, 38 to 52 so probably a light jacket or sweat shirt. chilly to start and saturday morning is dry. you have soccer games
12:33 am
by about four or 5:00 and a tough call as rain moves in. rain is saturday night to sunday. we have snow showers to monday. so it is kind of drib and drab, not intense system that will be with us for a while. 6:00 tomorrow morning, clear in the 40s, 47 downtown and 41 in manassas and 44 in silver spring. 9:00, still in the 40s. 47 now in sterling and 47 also in dumpfrey and by 1:00 in the low 60s. you can probably take lunch out. a little bit breezy. the air, the direction of the wind out of the west, 59 in martinsville and 57 in winchester. couple of showers north of town tomorrow night and it is a very nice night or tonight. temperatures in the 50s, 55 downtown and 52 in leesburg and 52 in manassas and going to saturday. here cups the rain
12:34 am
into the 12:30 time frame. temperatures above freezing, a cold rain as we get to saturday night and sunday. and again, you know march is a battle between winter and spring and spring has been winning, winter will win over the weekend. 40s to start in the day and 62 by one p.m. next seven-day forecast we have the rain developing on saturday. a little bit of snow at night, 47 and then rain and snow on sunday at 43 and maybe only in the 40s in the burbs. not looking at accumulation because temperatures are above freezing and consequently conversational if you will, crowds increase saturday. a light rain develops to the west saturday afternoon and wet snow saturday night and light rain and snow possible on sunday. how about that. but we don't stay cold
12:35 am
back in the 50s on tuesday and back in the 50s on wednesday. >> great day today for a parade. it was a great st. patrick's day. >> irish eyes were smiling on this st. patrick's day. >> check out this parade in new york city and irish hounddogs and marching bands, the march down 5th avenue is the largest celebration of irish heritage. the ncaa tournament in full swing with, yes, some upsets today. the brackets are looking interesting. some upsets that people picked like this guy. so it is maryland's turn to dominate. the beginning of the last ride to the current group of terps? no but we will have a live report


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