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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  March 19, 2016 8:00am-8:51am EDT

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good morning. it is march 19th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning: saturday." breaking news overnight. a passenger flight crashes in russia killing everyone on board. a camera captures the moment of impact. plus, a key suspect in the paris terror attacks was taken aalive in aalive in a violent rage. >> spring break rules. finances in florida's hot spots and animated movie only for adults to a first-person action thriller. we will show
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killing all seve storms and rai continue to pound the south. >> a brutal snowstorm may hit on the first day of spring. >> coming in from d.c. and then up across much of new england. >> europe's most wanted man captured friday in brussels. he is the first suspected participant in the november terror attacks in london to be taken alive. ro>> ptesters try to steal the spotlight from a
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jeff williamshe >> pluto's aim here. all that matters. >> half court heave for the win. got it! put-back is good. the bluede raiavrs he won it. >> this is why you call it march madness. >> on "cbs this morning: saturday." >> my job to give you important news. i usually try to stay with the positive stuff but this is important. the epa announced the other day that the flint water thing not just in flint. 20% of this country has lead in the water. that's the bad news. on the bright side, it does kind of help explain the trump thing.
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>> the plane bel flydub flydubai, a low cost carrier. kris van cleave is in washington with more on this story. >> reporter: this was a violent crash, leaving little of the airliner intact. 55 passengers and seven crew members were on board when it went down. we are learning this morning investig dubai was scheduled to arrive. based on flight path data, it appears the 5-year-old boeing
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the plane 8nd included strong wind gusts and rain ay o 3the passengers were womenr were chi and 18 men. the vast majority of those on board were russia dubai is a popular vacation spot. flydubai began service in 2009. it's only other safety incident occurred when a flight took small arms fire when landing in baghdad last year. among the potential causes being looked at are pilot error, a technical failure, and the bad weather conditions. >> so many thoughts with those victims. kris van cleave in our washington bureau this morning, thank you. france may request extradition as early as this weekend.
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windows but still broken glass on the wind sills and on the sidewalk. even blood stains. abdeslam was treated for a leg injury at the hospital overnight and we understand he since has been transported from the hospital to a secret location. this is thought to be the convoy carrying abdeslam and suspects away this morning. explosions rang out even after yesterday's raid to capture the fugitive as belgian anti-terror squad cleared suspect locations. this is believed to be abdeslam the moment he was hauled away and pushed into a police
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explosions. after ten minutes we saw a man throughowahethe driver of the c carried terrorists to locations in paris last november where 130 people were killed in the massacre. most of the other attackers were shot dead or blew themselves up. in the chaos, abdeslam was able to slip away, calling on friend to pick him up and drive him back to belgium and crossing the border undetected. he disappeared and became the key target of an international manhunt, until yesterday. police got an unexpected break when they discovered abdeslam's fingerprints in another raid earlier this
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federal prosecutor dna samples. tt tured of europe's mostbe abdeslam will face interrogation today. at some point he'll stand in front of a judge today or tomorrow and extradited to france to face charges there. >> charlie d'agata in brussels, thanks. protesters clashed with donald trump supporters on the streets last night in salt lake city after republican president front-runner gave a speech. you hear protesters also chatted mr. hate out of our state. police and riot gear blocked the entrance to the venue. no arrests. this was trump's first appearance in utah ahead of the
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>> the battle for the republica senior repca says that the path to in as many of the remaining contests as possible. in a singing rebuke of donald trump, but not really an endorsement of ted cruz, 2012. nominee mitt romney called the current race a contest between trumpism and republicanism. trumpism has become associated with racism, is a south kneend a big on totry and vulgarity. >> mitt let us down. he just let us down. are
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are we sure? he jokedstops. >> reporter: a message he reiterated yesterday in arizona. alternative to trump,om support could be the canary in the coal mine. a signal that more established republicans will follow. perhaps more of a blow to john
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with this week in his facebook o in utah yesterday, shrugged it strategistharible saying in a quote it' advice they said yesterday they would still be using romney running in ads in utah featuring footage when he campaigned with kasich
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good morning to ingith east.maybe rain in the south, southeast. we have lots ofai
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toward florida and futurert what is headed that way aseoada sundayht into monday. lll snow. winter storm watch for parts of massachusetts and rhode island. >> i don't know. all snow right now feels a little disruptive. thank you, ed curran. kurdish forces are gaining ground and forcing isis to pull back in north iraq. this week the kurd captured an american who joined the islamic state and said now, quote, he made a bad decision. khweis is one of 200 who tried to join isis and fight with them over the past year. jeff p
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ideology. >> reporter: h being interviewe by the fbi a world away from the washington, d.c. suburb where he grew up in this townhouse. he said his parents immigrated from the palestinian territories. his father a limo driver, he says he has spoken to the state department and the fbi about his son. >> i have nothing to say! >> reporter: he graduate in 2007 where friends describe him as a norm guy. >> he wasn't an outcast or anything like that. >> reporter: aaron says growing up, mohammed was known as mo or mike. >> there wasn't anything to lead me to believe that this was on
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to join isis. know why and how. >> our daily life was basically prayer, eating, and learning about the religion for about eight hours. >> reporter: khweis told kurdish tv he did not see other amerifo fighters. they will take their time debriefing him. a new poll suggests that americans are divided over
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encrypted iphon dide of the interest at stake here. iphones.lly getting ofncur fbi and the department of justice still have a slight edge in public opinion and surprising because as our poll shows, apple is a very beloved company and people view it very favorably and had the means and the will to wage a pretty significant pr
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"time" magazine saying we i message out better at this point? >> as you mentioof"tim magazineo argument. the d o what they can talk about in a case that is currently being litigated so why it's so surprising in this poll the fbi and the department of justice still most people side with them in this case. >> you've spoken to sources in both camps. any room for a compromise at some point? >> it does not appear any chance of compromise. this case is likely going all the way to the supreme court. when i talk to sources on both sides even they say we are willing to compromise what about this or do that? i think to myself that not going to be acceptable to the other side. so even what they put forth is compromised, it's not realistically going to
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this case. >> let's talk about what it can also empower folks whove t o is heferencing?arnd c not a very receptive audience. i know that the department of justice were pleased that ne for them in this case but they also wish he had done that earlier the past two and a half to two years as head of the fbi and others have been out there trying to get legislation, trying to start a national conversation on this issue. >> i think the "time" magazine article will start the conversation. tray walker, baltimore ravens cornerback, is dead following a dirt bike crash in miami. waer
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with no lighnd time in tournament history, a two seeded lumberjacks win their 21st straight game but the most dramatic finish of the day certainly belongs to northern iowa and texas. >> taylor attacks.
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sixth seeded longhorns tied the
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double-header. emeraleeo voh for his late arrival at school the next day. is fake! pringsteen didn't write you a note. >> what a cool father to
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coming up, concerns over lead in school water fountains. the contaminated drinking water in flint, michigan, is not an isolated incidence. details on testing of dozens of schools in the northeast. later, one florida city puts the brakes on routing spring break antics but the breakdown comes with a price. you're watching "cbs this morning: saturday." stay with us.
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nlwe need women in congress. huif we want to be heard,ast. it was the women who forced republicans to include women's health and contraceptive coverage in the affordable care act. in congress, i'll fight for pay equity, family leave and tougher gun safety laws. and, as an environmentalist, i'll work combat climate change. i know as a najourlist and as a senior executive in business that when women are at the table,
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>> i think the school is the first place where they should be safe. that shows they are not on top of their game. >> reporter: parents were
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levels found in 30 newark schools this year. the district has n children. blamld wilson lead problems in school's water since 2004, including adding water filters. but the teachers union released these pictures of what it says are outdated filters. some dated 2012. union president john abegone. >> i believe they pushed it to the back burner because it was not on their to do list. >> reporter: are you comfortable that children have not been hurt by these higher lead levels? >> i n
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i cannot provide that. i dowa in state environmental officials to work on the pbl tu already drinking bottlter.
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time f- >> elizabeth water had advanced. and i thinkar that all getting older. let's face it, you know? this
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education would calersalit, bot society from here? >> hopefully, it widens. the dying conversation is a small sliver of the bigger issue of the end of life. as a country, we are not very good for a lot of reasons at embracing that. there are areas there has been a lot of improvement, hospice, for example. the people who i've met who work in hospice, they are amazing! there have been tremendous advances in that field. but we still have a ways to go. >> i also i think just on an individual level, i know i'm trying to do better in my own practice talking to patients about end of life issues.
8:38 am
proxy? do they have a living feelings out it when omes stt the conve. we think of death, unfortunately, as a failure too many times rather than a normal part of living and we have to get better at starting that conversation with our patient. >> sure. there's a great focus on, you know, as physicians, taking care of patients and keeping them healthy' taking care of them toward the end of their life. but rarely do we sort of cross over and say, once we are approaching the end of life, then let us help our patients do that as well. >> the time to have the conversation is not when you're staring death right in the face. it's earlier w
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well and you can have kind of a more relaxed overprescribie i open opi. the recommendation are focused on primary care doctors who give about half of the opioid prescriptions out there now. the big picture. first and foremost that doctors consider nonmedication therapy first before nonhabit forming medication. finally before considering the more serious painkillers. other things they want to make
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sure doctors have conversations with their patients right up front aboutt he is a month wort of pills. it should be here numberfor opi been overprescribing. we are overestimating the
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benefits. we have to do going back to school and learninowhese limita the effectiveness of these drugs. if you take many forms of lter painkillers that we are prescribing en't habit forming. >> speaking ofdiction
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question for anybody trying to s t other therapies.. >> yes. if only figuring outpeople. >> drawing from nicotine, some experts say is as hard as withdrawing from heroin. in my experience, that is actually t
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is a b businesses struggling to survive. mark strassmann has that story. >> reporter: panama city beach used to have his own version of march madness -- spring break. the final four once meant last call for 20,000 college kid a week. but a year later, beaches here look plenty quiet. grown-ups stepped in and took control of the beach party. >> we are seeing a decrease in
8:48 am
have here on springgaind p the to drink booze on the beach for
8:49 am
plummeted. >> between 80% and300 approximately staff members. we have less than half of that now. >> even so the last week at this daze inn a 23-year-old from ohio died after an apparent drug overdose. and a 20-year-old from indiana, after a da fell to his death fra-froom a parking g. this year the address to spring break has changed and places like miami beach. how many here? a couple of hundred thousands are frequent guests but drinking that ninth beer, the number no longs matters except to miami beach cops. fewer than 400 trying to keep the o
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bobby jenkins askthtime they go airplane to thim
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david bowie
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morning: saturday."
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hiteng without the mess? think outside the box.
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♪ parts of the grammy winning suburbs. ♪ >> the late david bowie used the
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the latest victim of a changing lou reed. ♪ >> kurt vile. ♪ >> reporter: even some saturday sessions veterans like real estate. ♪ >> reporter: they recorded their 2014 "atlas" there. with rent rising and a music industry changing, the magic shop was forced to close its doors. >> here what it looked like when it was opened.
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cotable that worked ed tll coop cord said no. >> one thing about neighborhoods, they change over the years and new yorkers who know so ho and say shops everywhere. >> we need those. one side of the political spectrum to the other. huge number of american voters can be characterized in word. angry. we go in search of the angt all you're watching "cbs this morning: saturday." ♪
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we need women in congress. if we want to be heard, it was the women who forced republicans to include women's health and contraceptive coverage in the affordable care act. in congress, i'll fight for pay equity,
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morning: saturday." i'm vinita nair. >> i'm demarco morgan. this half hour, taking shots under fire. hear the incredible untold stories from soldiers photographed in the vietnam war armed only with a camera. they are not the most popular but the most unique. we will show you the country's quirky, kept captivating, museums. >> and what is happening at the south-by-southwest faelve. a dubai plane crashed in southern russia overnight and killing all 62 people on board. the fiery crash was captured on surveillance video as
9:01 am
tried to land 600 miles south of gersnd seven crew members and most of them russian. >> the saris 130 people could soon be sent to france. salah abdeslam is in police custody in belgium. on tuesday, belgian police tracked him through a brussels neighborhood and he was arrested on friday in a raid in a neighborhood where he grew up. four suspects were arrested during the raid for allegedly helping to hide salah. charlie d'agata has more in brussels. >> reporter: that is the house where the dramatic raids took place yesterday. it's all boarded up and a police guard in front. there is still broken glass and blood on t
9:02 am
abdeslam was shot by policepolil judge either today or tomorrow. will be edi t process. prosecutors believe he wne the targeting cafes and stadium and a bumusic concert and been on t run since november. now investigators believe he may have been lying low inside these neighborhoods in brussels all along. >> charlie d'agata, thank you. parts of the south and southwest are recovering from severe weather. powerful storms battered texas with heavy rain, thunder, and lightning. it was quite a light show in southeast houston last night as lightning bolts lit up the sky. in austin,
9:03 am
halt to the show at the unr a >> heavy rain and hail to texas ed vehicles. it was very heavy rain il ofpri winter weather returns to part of the mid-atlantic and the northeast. we check in with meteorologist ed curran from wbbm-tv in chicago. >> we continue to see rain down to the southeast here. our future cast shows us as we go through the day, a marginal chance for severe storms here in florida. then we turn our attention up to the northeast where this nor'easter is moving off the coast but well enough off the coast and most people see a very little bait of snow. the most will be seen in parts of massachusetts, near boston and parts of rhode island and it's in that area we have a winter storm watch until monday at 8:00 a.m. from tomorrow during the evening time. so we are looking at temperatures that are staying up too. yo
9:04 am
portland. even tomorrow, 39 in republican presidential front-runner donald trump got an icecke c last night. supporters clash with protesters who chanted mr. hate out of our state. there were no arrests. it was trump's first appearance in utah which holds its caucuses on tuesday. former presidential candidate mitt romney said he will vote for texas senator at the cruz in the utah caucuses even though he campaigned with john kasich in ohio this week. bernie sanders visits arizona today and former president clinton will campaign in phoenix on behalf of his wife. a presidential campaign season unlike any other, one word used time and time again to describe how many voters are feeling. v
9:05 am
across the board. angriest votes in the united states and how does that play in the enears a income. the point is identify where people feel like they are falling behind and which states are relatively prosperous. that does correlate with the so-called angry vote we are seeing for donald trump. >> which states were they angriest and least angriest? >> here is the most angry list. new mexico, alabama, rhode island, nevada, delaware, new jersey, mississippi, florind
9:06 am
states prospering both the of the most prosperous states he won 36% of those states where there have been primaries. so, clearly, he is doing better in states where the economy is struggling. >> he is talking about the economy more than the other candidates? >> sure. the big thing he talks about is trade. these terrible trade deals that
9:07 am
economists have always sort of the overall economy, you kdeove? and they are staying seconomy improves. we are not seeing those. there is legitimacy to this claim. there are angry voters a angry reasons. >> looking at the angry voters in so many key states, do you think that led to the downfall of marco rubio? >> rubio tried to run a positive campaign for the most part. we know he went negative on the trump at the end and he himself acknowledged that didn't work. yeah. so he was probably a little too optimistic. another test. john kasich is trying to run a positive campaign. talking about the things we can do, things going right and things we can do better rather than everything is
9:08 am
works. angry voters overall,ause things ar e nele does not -- he is not getting mantle -- majority of voters in these states and that correlates to the portion being left behind in this economy. >> i can't imagine the angry comments you got after that poll. >> you're right about donald trump. you got to take it when with you write about donald trump. a jury in florida awarded hulk hogan 115 million. he sued gawker media for use a sex tape video for him. hogan's attorney says it protects the privacy
9:09 am
celebrities. >> it's on decision. for the first time since becoming a member of elizabeth' birthday. in watching her interactions with her great grandchildren. >> i think as soon as we came back here to kensington she is one of our first visitors. i think she is very fond of charlotte and watching what she is up to. [ inaudible ] she always leaves a little gift or something and that shows her love for
9:10 am
family. >> the duchess que ippy. >>other-in-lawan
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♪ vietnam has been called the first televised war. combat scenes broadcast every night and still photos credited in america's newspapers every morning to shape the perception of the conflict. many of those images were capture by soldiers who received little credit for the risk they took, until now. here is dean reynolds. >> reporter: this is a wounded
9:15 am
took the shot. >> reporter: he was an enlisted member of a little k>>ttlefield their assignments were classified. >> we shot every conceivable subject in vietnam, everything. >> reporter: bill san hamel was their commander. was your criteria for
9:16 am
9:17 am
up on myrestan tryingoteo pictures and what he was thinking, what he constantly ga themselves on. should i get involved or stay out of it? >> it's tough. it hits home to let you know and send a reminder to folks fighting a war is dangerous but covering a war is just as dangerous so it's nice to see that they are getting their due after all this time. >> amazing images. >> museums of the unusual up next. thousands of museums in this country and many of them
9:18 am
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>> reporter: let's talk about the first one. when you think o museum a couple of years aftere. they offered a e ward of $6.50! >> $6.50? >> it didn't come back. they increased the award to 36.73 and didn't come back and a few years later, somebody said i got the
9:22 am
pay mebad. >> aw trucks they have townd tow dating back >> this is in chattanooga, tennessee, where they built the first
9:23 am
real history we don't know about or pay mucttention.e trks are b restored. >> evolution of these trucks as we look at the images. >> what were they using before tow trucks? call your buddy and said help me? >> i was surprised to see there was a whole museum to this. a national mustard museum? >> there is in middleton, wisconsin, outside of madison, wisconsin. they have mustard there from 50 different states a 70 and different kind of mustard pots, tins, jars. everything. it's free. it's free to get in. >> can you sample anything? >> no! you're not going to do th
9:24 am
>> the history alone is pretty
9:26 am
for us.
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you want movie theaters in your li, comedian. about new york city improv group and loyalties are testified when one snags a dream job on "saturday night live" show. they call it "weekend live."
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kids. biernd longean and favorite food hanky-panky coming to theaters this august is awesome. >> sounds kinky there! tell us about "everybody wants some." >> i watched this film in college and i'll leave it at that. it takes place in the 1980s and hang out for these guy
9:32 am
college and they hang out and u movie does a goodob if you're g, see it with a bunch of friends late night and it's cool. >> sci-fi fans talk about midnight special. >> comes out this weekend. it's pretty good.
9:33 am
of a boy who has special pow sc.
9:34 am
up next, the ha troubmp
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♪ this morning, "the seemed like a magician. >> he has a top ten restaurants in the entire world and dining there is called a life changing experience. we welcome chef patrick o'connell to "the dish." you're a fine chef but also a fine dresser. i've been talking about this blazer the past couple of minutes. tell us what we have here today. >> we have a little taste of the virginia countryside in the springtime. so we have some wild
9:38 am
special occasions we make these
9:39 am
back door and knocked on the back door and said i'd
9:40 am
simple. you simply have to be the guest. it's andiction. >> you were interested in developing a regional cuisine. can you tell us about that? >> nothing was delivered there because no one knew where it was. the village has 133 people and it's called sh
9:41 am
virginia, but no one in sostart. we had a little farm. right there. but it worked. >> not only it worked, i feel like you have impacted really the entire nation in terms of that sense. >> well, we have really foraged and looked for what is right there. the idea is to give people something at any given moment they couldn't get anywhere else in the world at that time. >> as i hand this dish to you to get your signature on it, we want to ask if you could have this meal with anybody past or present, who would that be? >> i think i'd like to invite my grandmother back to she can see what seed she planted
9:42 am
comments, i'm a "saturday
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this is thl- (laughter) this is i didn't even know that technology existed. i'm not in the market for a car but now i may be.
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medicare part d prescriptions, my mac, i'm jealous of that. (laughs) you put a big bug in a kids hands paint a different picture. r about oic and prescription treatment options.
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"saturdase he set up to become a lawyer but his fans can thank his brothers who talked him into pursuing music full-time. >> he received widespread critical acclaim with his debut album back in 2001. this month he released his seventh album. it is getting great reviews. here is pete yorn performing "lost weekend." ♪
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you can tel the truth
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you can tell lie wonder what anybodyay ♪ ♪ need another vacation straight out straight out ♪ had a long weekend need another vacation ♪ straight out
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