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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  March 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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wheeling baggage carts. two men on the left were suicide bombers. they're dead. the man in the white coat, on the right is suspected of leaving a suitcase bomb, before fleeing the scene. >> we did not deserve that kind of treacherous attack. >> reporter: meanwhile, cities throughout europe tonight are stepping up security at public places, while advising citizens to avoid nonessential travel to belgium. >> police in belgium are now conducting raids on suspected terrorist apartments in brussels. thus far, they've suspected a nail bomb and isis attack. >> the president has just ordered all flags to fly at half staff. we're learning more about the americans hurt in the attack. the defense department said one air force officer and his family, quote, got caught up in the tragedy. but officials aren't commenting on their injuries. three utah missionaries were also hurt. richard
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wells. empee's parents say the 21-year- old is doing well. he's being treated for burns and shrapnel. and wells is in surgery and doing fine. they say wells was also at the boston marathon when it was attacked. dikembe mutombo was at the place where there was the attack. he posted a post on facebook saying he wasn't hurt. donald trump said he would close our borders until we figure out what is going on. trump saying we need to be careful who we let into the country. trump called for a temporary ban on all muslims entering the u.s. per capita, bulgeium produces more fighting terrorists than
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become a grave concern. mola lenghi has more. >> reporter: authorities suspect more than 830 muslim jihadists near the country of belgium. more than half of them are in the city of brussels. and it's that one neighborhood you mentioned, mollen beck. it seems to be a hotbed of radicalism. >> reporter: by the numbers, it appears that the mollenbeck neighborhood has been terrorist breeding ground. 80 are considered to have terrorist ties. this is a predominantly muslim neighborhood. suspects from this attack are all from that neighborhood. in fact, this is the same district where six people from last year's paris attack are from. including the known lone survivor, sallah abdeslam.
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that is not the only in europe. you could find the same in london, same in france. >> the concern is that there are even more terrorists and terrorist cells flying under the radar. >> let's get to what this means for d.c.'s response. police chief kathy lanier says the metropolitan police remain at high alert at all times. the police department is actively coordinating resources with federal law enforcement and homeland security agencies to maintain your safety. the public safety, right here in the district. well, tonight and during tomorrow morning rush. metro says we could see more k- 9s on the rails. >> metro police saying this is purely precaution. there are no known threats. have you noticed anything there so far, stephanie?
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heavier security presence throughout the metro system today, talking with riders. some people told me they obviously didn't want to ride the trains because of the attacks. no threat here. but we did see an incident at lafont. >> this turned out to be nothing. just awe disorderly -- just a disorderly person, at long font. this following the deadly belgian attacks at an airport and on their train. >> i was personally, a little nervous about taking the train today. i don't normally take the train. but i had to come from skubush an -- suburban maryland to d.c. for a meeting. and it did give me pause. >> horton station, multiple stood guard. some were on the train, some with rieferls. but daniel thompson doesn't find it necessary. and he wasn't the only one. >> i think we're all right. we got the
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in the world and best intelligence. >> you need to be vigilant anywhere. i don't see a relationship between brussels and here in d.c. >> others said it couldn't be more opposite. >> the fact that that bombing considered the way -- occurred the way it did in that attack, it is utmost importance for us to have heightened security. >> they can be anywhere. and they can be your nice, kind, friendly, family person next door. it heightens our awareness. i want to be careful it doesn't heighten my prejudice. >> i think people need to take responsibility, be careful and hope for the best. >> what you don't see, metro tells us they are doing things behind the scenes they cannot disclose. but they're telling the public, if you see something, say something. at lo
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ramirez, wusa 9. >> reporter: they might even see random disclosures. customers of brussels airlines at dulles airport are being allowed to rebook or oat a refund. >> authorities say there is heighten the security at the airport. officers could be seen with assault rifle, others on k-9 patrol. >> we have to trust the security. >> i'd probably have to think about it a second time before i made a trip there. >> i am very comfortable traveling in and out. because i believe. [ indiscernible ] put in place to prevent such occurrences. >> we're told one plane landed in brussels this morning without any issues. the second was rerouted around the airport. officials say they are increasing police and k-9 explosive patrols, throughout the maryland transportation system. a spokesman at bwi marshall says there ha
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officers and the joint terrorism task force. security there is reportedly a layered approach. >> definitely felt safe. felt like security went through my wags and obviously other people's bags, thoroughly. and that made me feel comfortable, seeing that happen. >> well, i feel it's a great tragedy this morning. however, i'm comfortable in airports. and not fearful. >> officials say there are measures in place. the travelers can easily recognize. and others that are not as obvious. another show of force today at one of the most critical transportation hubs in the district. >> police, officers with homeland security and k-9 units could be seen performing at union station. it is amtrak's headquarters and the railroad's second busiest station in the system. additional counter terrorism teams are being deployed. and that includes central station. governor cuomo says extra national guard iewnds
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the nypd said there is no known connection between the attack in brussels and the country's largest city, but it is deploying units out of abund asbestos of precaution -- abundance of precaution. for the latest, down load the wusa 9 app. it is free for apple and android. officer reportedly opened fire following a traffic stop and a chase that followed. a man is in serious condition currently at mary washington hospital. that suspect, and we are also told the police officer was also taken to the hospital. we are just getting started here on wusa 9news at 5:00. a former prince george's county police captain and his wife, indicted on some pretty serious charges. topper? >> all right. the breezes are kicking up again. but you know what? southwest wind. it's a warmer breeze. really nice. here's your evening planner. temperatures in the 60s. holding today at 50. we'll come ck
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it's not going to be as cold tonight. how long the 70s will be around. looking ahead to the easter weekend. and former president bill clinton clarifies comments some people took as a shot at president obama. and president obama, wrapping up his
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a suspended prince george's county police officer and her husband, who has just been fired by the department, have just been indicted for theft. police chief hank dewinski is calling it a breach of trust. scott has more to tell us about those allegations. >> if it's all true, this appears to be a colossal case of time card fraud, by officer jennifer sims, to the tune of $200,000. and her
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respected, retired homicide captain, appears to be involved. >> reporter: prince george's county officer jennifer sims and her husband. jennifer a corn ral on -- corporal on the force is accused of submitting fraudulent time sheets, claiming she was working for the city of college park, when in fact, she was not, over a period of 2012 to 2014. in addition to allegedly falsifying documents for her regular shift, she is also accused of claiming comp time when she didn't work. husband jimmy sims, is accused of knowing about the scheme and benefiting from it. the 18-year veteran was a prominent face in the department, here speaking to reporters about an active case in 2014. >> this isn't going to be strictly a prince george's county investigation. this is going to be a regional ef
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organized group of criminals to justice. >> reporter: this afternoon, prince george's county police chief, hank dewinski said, if the allegations are true, the couple not only betrayed our community but also this badge. >> reporter: he also said this appears to be an isolated case of greed. he credits his internal affairs division for putting 3,000 man hours into this long investigation. proof, he says, of the department's commitment to transparency and accountability, when things allegedly go wrong inside. reporting live from the courthouse and upper marlboro, scott broom, wusa 9. >> and the sims are due in court next month to formally face the charges. we're following a breaking story that is unfolding on the howard university northwest. more than 100 gathered to protest the handling of an alleged raping investigation. some of the students are accusing the university of just responding very slowly
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complaint. tonight, students are pushing for a safer campus and new protocols during rape investigations. the university did release a statement to wusa 9 this afternoon. officials there on campus at howard, acknowledging that there was a report filed. but they say they cant talk about it. because it's still under investigation. now, an mpd police report said the alleged assault did happen on campus. our crew is there at the scene. they were able to gather this video for us. as soon as we have more we'll bring it to you here on air and online at w wusa a man shot and wounded in the arm in the 4300 block of e- street. he reportedly said he had been shot before, asking for water. again, that gunman is still at large. a shooting happened just a block from where a woman was stabbed to death earlier
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virginia, showing it's drill residents received messages, simulating what residents would see or hear. officials say tornadoes have caused five deaths and destroyed hundreds of homes in virginia already this year. to one of the beautiful perks of living in our city. the cherry blossoms are in the tidal basin. nearly ready for their closeup. national park service predicteds they will begin peak bloom tomorrow. washington gave it to 1912. blossoms are expected to last anywhere from 4 to 10 days. more like 4 if it is extremely windy. more like 10 if it's nice and calm outside. >> right now, we have breezes. back to the tornado drill, though. just remember one thing. tidal watcan
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happening. warning means action. watch means take precaution. let's talk about our three- degree guarantee. pretty close to average in terms of temps today. i thought about tinkering with this last night, but i didn't. went for highs of 61. i think that's going to hold up. it was reading a little low when i came in today. but we shall see. tonight at 11:00. you can also download our app for free and track us that way. live look outside. 61 now. that's nice. let's hope it stays at 61 dew point, not in the teens anymore. but still upper 20s. pretty dry air mass. humidity only 30%. winds are gusting to 25. good news is, they're out of the south. that's a warm wind, over the next several days, that's going to pump up warmer air for us through thursday. a chilly start but a warm finish to wednesday. in fact, we're looking at temperatures. high temperatures, a little above average. about 10 degrees above average. we're thinking 71 degrees
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even hagerstown. 70, martinsburg about 72. 71 in sterling. 72 in fairfax. and 71 in silver spring. and also in bowie. pretty nice. then we're looking at showers, primarily thursday night. it still looks like it's going to be confined mainly to thursday night. then bleed over to friday morning. but not a big deal. and easter sunday still looks great. the only change to easter sunday, we're going to bring clouds in the afternoon. keep it dry. we'll bring clouds in the afternoon, though. sunrise, 7:01. temperatures about 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. upper 30s to low 50s. so a chilly start. but high temperature, 67 to 72. that's a pretty good -- pretty good easter sunday really. okay. future cast tonight. 10:00. we're still mild. in the 50s. much milder tonight than it was last night. 54 downtown at 10:00. 54 in gaithersburg. maybe 50 in frederick. and 53 in fredericksburg. still relatively nice. we had 20s
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no 20s -- i don't think i have any 30s tomorrow morning. just mainly 40s. 47 in leesburg. 46 in sterling. 47 dum frees and woodbridge. and by 9:00 a.m., a few clouds future cast did do a pretty good job on the clouds today. painting a few clouds to the north. leesburg up to the north, frederick. down to ty much more sun. in the low to mid-50s. and into the northern neck. and then by lunchtime, everybody is upper 60s. even folks with the clouds are still 65. and winchester, 62. and hagerstown, 62. and cumberland. just gorgeous. 69 in fredericksburg. we're talking about a spectacular day tomorrow. by 6:00, essentially, 24 hours from now. 70. 70 downtown. 70 in manassas. 68 in frederick. and 70 also in silver spring and also bowie as well. so day planner looks like this. 40s to start. then we're back to 60 at 11:00. and 67 with full sun by 1:00 p.m. next seven days.
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thursday. showers again primarily thursday night. maybe into friday just a little bit. we lose 10 degrees. but that's okay. still 64. low 60s on saturday. near 70 on sunday. mostly showers sunday night. easter sunday into early monday. we clear out, though, early on monday. then sunshine next tuesday, with highs still in the low 60s. turning now to president obama's historic visit to cuba. after condemning the brussels terrorist attack. the president told the cuban people, he came to the country to bury the remnants of the cold war. obama also met with descendants. some of them were arrested during a protest sunday. >> my hope is that by listening and hearing from them, that we can continue to refine our policy in such a way that ultimately the cuban people are able to live freely and prosperously. >> the first family also attended an exhibition baseball game today. they were joined by the widow and daughter of
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of-famer, jackie robinson. president obama visits argentina next. voters in three states will cast their ballot tonight. arizona will hold its primary election. while utah and idaho will hold their caucuses. now, arizona is a winner-take- all event. all 58 republican delegates will go to the winner. endorses from governor jan brewer, donald trump is expected to come out on top. an aide to bill clinton is explaining what exactly the former president meant when he referred to his speech to, quote quote, the awful legacy of the last eight years. it came during his wife's stump speech. and a lot of people took that as a shot against president obama. but that aide now says mr. clinton was referring instead to republican obstructionism. still ahead. lawmakers with a
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even the easter bunny needs a little help. today, alexander posting these pictures on facebook, officers, springing to action to protect hundreds of colorful eggs. kicks off at 10:00 a.m. at the charles houston rec center. in just a few minutes, d.c. mayor muriel bowser. bowser has been in office for nearly a year now. the mayor expected to reflect on the last year in d.c., as well as her vision for the future. scheduled to begin at 5:30. in tonight's consumer alert. amazon has a new cable store and is joining forces with comcast to sell the service. it will sell its cable, internet on amazon. prices will include cable and internet and will include customer service. enhancemen
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braking, detection and lane departure alerts will be in a standard feature in nearly every new toyota and lexus models. they will be built into the vehicles by the year 2017. and google is opening a new online technology center in cuba. it will allow residents to suffer the internet for -- surf the internet for free. google hopes it will be part of a larger effort to bring internet access to cubans. still ahead. the latest on the brussels terrorist attack. we're getting reaction from around d.c., while presidential candidates make attacks of their own. and inside the transit railway system. >> and saying goodbye to
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for now, on the terror attacks in belgium, at least 34 people are dead after the coordinated attacks at the brussels airport at the subway system there. >> nearly 200 people are injured. the islamic state has claimed responsibility. this video captured three men they believe are behind the attacks. authorities believe the two men in black are responsible. the belgian community here in d.c. small but very close-knit. as news of the attack spread. a lot of people called the home immediately to make
5:29 pm
everybody was okay. >> then they texted each other. andrea mccarren is live tonight outside the belgian embassy in the northwest. >> tonight, belgians in d.c. say they are finding comfort in each other. their loved ones in brussels may be safe. but their hearts are shattered. >> flags are flying at half staff at the belgian embassy. and outside the belgian ambassador's residence. inside the embassy, visitors pour out their hearts in a public book of condolences. >> we feel extremely sad. because we don't think that an open country, with an open mind, deserves that kind of attack. >> i mean, i feel like, you know, like everybody. >> a belgian restaurant on macarther boulevard. -- macarthur boulevard. he was making waffles. but his mind was on the country he left behind. >> like the world. we want
5:30 pm
everywhere. he doesn't help businesses. doesn't help people, doesn't help anything. >> he lives across the airport. his parents had to close doors immediately as brussels shut down and braced itself for what will come next. >> when you are here, you cannot do anything. because you know, we are so far away. >> reporter: claudia works along his long-time friend who also works in brussels. alex says he is sad, shocked and angry about the massacre. upset that attacks like this can devastate a small country like belgium. >> they have to stop it. if they want to make the world, they go somewhere make the world. but leave the people alone. >> reporter: the belgian ambassador to the united states tells us his countrymen are resilient. and now, more determined than ever to fight those who attempt to
5:31 pm
a lifestyle of democracy, liberty and freedom. reporting live from northwest washington, andrea mccarren, wusa 9. >> thank you. and president obama and secretary of state john kerry have both spoken with the prime minister of belgium to express condolences. and of course, all for the support of the united states. the eiffel tower is lit up in black, yellow and red tonight, symbol of belgian flag, and showing their support. new york plans to light one world trade center in the same colors. republican presidential cads -- candidates, ted cruz and john kasich used today's attacks to lay into president obama. >> isis has declared jihad on europe and on the united states of america. and it is long past time that we had a president who will
5:32 pm
call it by its name. >> next up, john kasich, who took a shot at president obama and his trip to cuba. >> i'm a little surprised that the president is going to a baseball game, when i believe he should -- had i been president, i would have cut short my visit, i would have flown home, i would have conducted calls jointly with heads of state. >> and retiring u.s. senator barbara mikulski of maryland, released a statement about the attacks. she said my heartfelt prayers are with the victims, family and loved ones. they are shoulder to shoulder with belgian allies and those across europe. we stand with our commitment to rooting out terrorism and those responsible for this heinous crimes. one of the airport explosions happened outside a starbucks that was
5:33 pm
airport, injuring one employee. in a statement, the company said they are saddened by the attacks and that all stores in belgium will remain closed until further notice. cbs evening news will with extended coverage on the brussels terrorist attacks, airing from 6:30 to 7:30 tonight, on wusa 9. you can stay up to date with breaking news 24 hours a day, with the wusa 9 be app. again, it's free for android and apple devices. last week's day-long metro shut down. another big-time safety inspection is under way. the federal transit administration launched what it's calling a three-part safety blitz. going to focus, track integrity and rail security. the fta may force metro to fix any problems that its inspectors uncover. sentencing day for the mtv
5:34 pm
reality show personality, found guilty of calling in. today, gerya kid stoneman, was arrested. investigators say he called in more than 300 threats against metro. one woman is dead, another hospitalized following a car crash in annapolis. residents reached the accident scene at bay bridge and forest hills avenue, just before 11:00 a.m. there, they found a car that had left the roadway. and come to rest on its roof. one died at the scene. and a second victim was flown to the university of maryland shock trauma and is reported to be in good condition tonight. investigators are still trying to determine why that driver lost control of her vehicles. frightening moments outside of dallas today. man walked into the store's garden center, shot an employee and turned the gun on himself. investigators say both men were in their 50s and knew each other the inci
5:35 pm
reported as an active shooter situation, but then turned out to be a murder-suicide. there were also customers inside the store. but none of them were shot. rob ford, the former toronty mayor, -- toronto mayor, who admitted to smoking crack cocaine, has died. >> he had been battling a rare and aggressive form of cancer the last two years. ford was stripped of mayoral powers when he admitted to using drugs and drinking and driving. rob ford was 46 years old. remarks about female players drew outrage. the move comes after they say women players ride the coattails of the men on the tour. serena williams, among others blasted the comment. later, moore apologized for his comments and then resigned as ceo of the prestigious indian wells tournament of california. aftermath of the
5:36 pm
terror attack. how some of you say facebook is helping loved ones find each other. with the wind and warmer air. we've got pollen to worry about. good news is, trees are down, from high to moderate. mainly pine and maple. we've got low for grasses and low for mold spores. when we come back, we'll talk about even warmer air glenn: the republicans: government shutdowns threatening federal workers; over 60 votes to repeal obamacare. now they're refusing to even consider president obama's nominee for the supreme court. it disrespects the president and all of us -- and we won't put up with it. in congress, i'll protect president obama's legacy, defend obamacare, and stand up for social security and medicare. i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on republicans - for all of us.
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we have some breaking news right now, just into our newsroom. sky 9 right now, over a crash in woodbridge. this is on east long view drive. a sergeant, with prince william county says this was a very serious accident. no deaths were reported. but we were told, two people were taken to the hospital from the scene. no word on their condition at this point. we're told this happened around 4:30 this afternoon. again, a crash in woodbridge. this is east longview drive, where you can see sky9 over the scene right now. whenever we get more information, we will certainly bring that to you. in the meantime, we want to tell you more now on the belgian terror attack. and the role social media is playing in the aftermath. facebook is working its safety check feature. >> that works in a few ways. facebook lets you know if any of your friends are
5:40 pm
in this case, if anyone you know is in brussel. there's also a function that allows you to search for any of your friends. the hashtag, #jesuisbrussels is hitting. >> a lot of people showing the solidarity. this is berlin today. bradenberg gate in belgian colors. also, let's see. tweeting keeping the victims of the brussel attacks in my thoughts thoughts and praying that my parents have a safe flight from europe. stay strong in europe, je suis brussels. >> a lot of people praying for family and friends who could be traveling. especially if they're in europe. this is from helene apply heart -- helena, my heart and prayers with everyone in
5:41 pm
fall. you have the one world trade center, it will be decked out in the colors of the belgian flag tonight. fighting domestic violence in maryland. how a bill could help crack down on the troubling trend. that's up after the break. plus, a juror in the landmark $140 million lawsuit against gawker, explains why she sided with hulk hogan. and high hopes, coming to a crashing halt. after being upset, leaves the terps wondering what could have be
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call or go online today. small business is better on a better network. 24 years okay today, the beating and stabbing murder of a kindly storekeeper, in this country market shook this rural community. now, cold case detectives have new clues. and they're looking for your help. all right. more breaking news tonight that we're following. this from denver. where portions of the airport there, take a look. they have been evacuated. officers are calling it a possible security threat. it's happening near
5:45 pm
i guess that would be american airlines check-in. but lufthansa, and british airways are also impacted. delays are expected. we're told no vehicle traffic is being allowed into the affected area. we'll be following that closely. a new domestic violence task force, in honor of a prince george's county teacher, who was murdered by her ex- boyfriend, is expected to get the okay from legislators. >> wusa 9 stephanie gail hard explains how this could tackle a troubling trend. >> there were no glaring signs of domestic violence. but perhaps there were some subtle signs at a child support hearing before the double murder that no one picked up on. >> lashanty wasn't just my sister, she was my best friend. she was my support system and chloe was my baby. so it's pretty much tore me apart. but i know that i have to go on. and do something that will make
5:46 pm
>> that's why nashonna turner is behind a new bill, named after her sister, nashante davis, the 26-year-old and her daughter chloe, were gunned down in prince george's county. jaron johnson, admitted to killing his once girlfriend and his own daughter. >> i hope that he's able to be educated. and afraid that he learned from his mistake. >> since the double murder, there have been three other prince george's. and statewide statistics show from 2010 to 2015, there were 238 domestic violence-related deaths in maryland. >> every death is tragic. but a mother and a child by the father. by the father. this is what got my attention to say, domestic violence has gone to a new height. and maybe we can pull resources toge
5:47 pm
so that we can come up with some better, more modern solutions for a problem that is reoccurring over and over againful. >> reporter: if a domestic violence task force like that had been created sooner, turner said her sister and niece may still be alive today. >> knowing that this could possibly help save a life, it was very, very hard. >> the domestic violence task force will report back in nine months to the governor. and the general assembly with its findings. ideally, it will move forward with new ideas, a budget, and perhaps a law change. reporting at the maryland state house, stephanie gail hard, wusa 9. >> they also set up the house without walls foundation in their honor, it's designed to educate the community about domestic violence. tonight, we're hearing from a woman who was part of that $1ry that awarded hulk hogan,
5:48 pm
against gawker. >> the news site published a sex tape, featuring hogan and his then-wife. juror selina stevens said she had no doubt. and wanted to send a message not to just gawker but all media. >> i believe his privacy was violated. and that's not okay. i went into that deliberation room, thinking one way. and watching that video sealed it for me. i feel like if he knew he was videotaped, he would not have spoken about the things he spoke about. >> if damages are upheld, this could be the end of the tabloid site. what have you been saying for 30 years? >> they have been saying it for 30 years. are don't mess with the hulk. >> there you go. >> and i don't have it concerned. but i heard that florida law was, until the appeals, they have to come up with the money and put it in escrow. >> we were looking
5:49 pm
tomorrow and thursday, best in show, so to speak. and easter weekend looks okay. live look outside. 61. that would be a nice number to stay on. dew points in the upper 20s. humidity is still pretty low. 30%. a little static electricity, if you're still in the air. walking around the carpet. winds are gusting to 25. that's a warmer wind, that's a good thing. tonight, a bit breezy. everyone bus stop temperatures, 42 to 54. so kind of chilly tomorrow morning. not as cold as it was this morning, though. just beautiful, wednesday and thursday. just beautiful. showers thursday night. should be okay friday. some of the showers could linger into early friday morning. for the most part, it's a thursday night event. 10:00 tonight, on future cast. temps in the 50s. still 54 downtown. 53 in fredericksburg. notice the arrow. those are winds. okay. southerly winds. southerly winds blow from the south to the north. they're going to be with us the
5:50 pm
just a few clouds tomorrow morning. we'll say, i give future cast a little credit today. came very nicely, with the clouds that showed up this morning. now you've got your clouds in frederick. 6:00. everybody else is clear. 46 in manassas. 47 in sterling. and by 9:00, we're still in the low 50s. 53 downtown. 52 in bowie. 52 also in fairfax. and then by 1:00, boom, we're in theurn 60s. clouds are still hanging tough -- the upper 60s. clouds are still hanging tough. but despite the clouds, you're still looking at low to mid- 60s. 65 in loray. 62 in hagerstown. by tomorrow afternoon and evening, 6:00, temperatures around 70 in manassas. 70 in la plata. upper 60s elsewhere. and by tomorrow night, 9:30, temperatures still in the upper 50s and low 60s. so very mild night tomorrow night. tonight, though, clear to partly cloudy. breezy. not as cold. winds southwest at 10 to 15. so. looks like this. on the day planner.
5:51 pm
but then 53 at 9:00. back to 60 at 11:00. and look at that. 67 by 1:00 p.m. next seven days. here are our showers thursday night. clouds come in a little bit late on thursday. but the bulk of the day is fine. most of the showers thursday night. again, some could roll into a friday morning. 64 on friday. we'll lose 10 degrees. we can handle that. pleasant on saturday. easter still looks good. now, we have moved up the timing of some of the showers. in fact, we could see showers sunday night. not a huge deal. should be out of here by monday morning. and bulk of easter looks fine, with temperatures generally in the upper 60s to maybe around 70 on sunday. and then tuesday, looks okay. but looking at sunrise on sunday. 7 01 -- 7:01. for sunrise services and back to 62 on tuesday. game on sports. brought to you by xfinity. all right. maryland women's
5:52 pm
us, in order to beat washington in advance of the sweet 16, they had to limit a player for the huskies. and the terps did not do that. did not stop one kelsey plum right there, who led washington charge. as the huskies pulled away for the biggest upset of the tournament so far. in leaving number 2 seed for the team wondering, what if is this. >> everything they've meant to our program. their work ethic from day 1, to by the time they leave, they've only lost eight times in this building. that's remarkable, twice a year, if you average that out. in terms of the amount of success that they've had. but they're all going to go on and be very successful. >> there wasn't a doubt in my mind. i didn't think we were going to lose the game. i walked into the game, not thinking we were going to lose. i actually walked into the game, thinking this was another game, and that we would be in the final four at the national championship soon. they deserve better. they deserve
5:53 pm
i didn't send them out on a good note. and so that hurts. >> it just hurts. you know, we came in and wanted to have the best season we could. and just leave our mark on maryland. so it's not how we wanted it to end. but i'm glad we got the opportunity to play here and be a part of a lot of special moments. [ crying ] >> oh, yeah. you just gotta feel for that team. we thought they would go a lot farther. the suddenness of it all. >> you get the sense they were looking too far ahead maybe? >> i can't say that. but certainly a little overconfidence can cost you sometimes. maybe that's what happened? >> they're a strong team, though. we look for great th ingsin years to come. >> there's always next year. just ahead. at least one brussels bomber who may have gotten away. we will have the latest on the terrorist at.
5:54 pm
area airports. we'll get reaction from travelers. up next, the emotional scene after a 6-year-old girl is taken away from the only family she has it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way.
5:55 pm
but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges oamur filies face. she'll be our voice. tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards.
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jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. tonight, a california family is vowing to get their foster daughter back, after a four-year-long custody battle. state authorities took their 6- year-old away. because of a law that very few people knew anything about. do
5:57 pm
emotional story. [ crying ] >> a heartwrenching scene played out monday, as a 6-year- old girl, named lexi was taken away from the family she's been with since she was 2 years old. >> the trauma and the terror that our daughter has been put through has been unforgivable. >> reporter: as hard as it was, rusty page and his family knew this day could come. because lexi is native american, a court cruel ruled she should -- court ruled she should live with a family that is native american. lexi was removed from her birth parents' custody at 17 months old. court records show her biological father has an extensive criminal record and her mother had a substance abuse problem. the girl's family has been trying to get her back since
5:58 pm
drag out the litigation as long as possible. >> whether it's a native american kid or not, have the same end goal, which is to reunite a child with his or her biological relatives. >> reporter: for days, neighbors of the pages have been rallying behind the family. >> to our supporters, you are true angels on earth. >> reporter: the pages plan to take their case to the california supreme court. don champion, cbs news. >> now, lexi and her family in utah have traded messages and monthly visits over the past three years. right now, at 6:00, belgian authorities discover an unexploded bomb. chemicals, and an isis flag in the raid that followed today's deadly terrorist attacks. security changes. in fact, d.c. area travelers, in the wake of the brussels bombing. and republican candidates criticize president obama for not cutting short has trip to cuba, after today's tragedy in
5:59 pm
belgium. good evening, i'm jan jeffcoat. >> and i'm bruce johnson. belgian's prime minister is calling for three days of national mourning, following today's deadly terror attacks. the coordinated bombings of the brussels airport, in one of the capital train stations, killed at least 41 people and wounded nearly 230 others. isis is claiming responsibility. tonight, jonathan vigliotti reports, two of the suicide bombers are dead, a third suspect may be on the run. >> reporter: we're standing just a few blocks away from the metro station that came under attack earlier today. this evening, it still remains shut down. as for the mood here on the streets, you can imagine, people very much on edge. police and military troops are here as they continue to search for at least one suspect that got away. >> reporter: two survivors, one clutching a baby, picked themselves up off the floor, moments after an explosion tore through the terminal. it was one of two powerful blasts at the brussels airport that blew out windows and caused the ceiling to can.
6:00 pm
>> everyone was panicking. >> two people with really covered with blood. >> reporter: an airport security camera captured this image of three men that belgian prosecutors say are behind the attacks. authorities believe the two men in black blew themselves up. they have issued a wanted notice for the third suspect. another deadly explosion rocked a busy subway station about an hour later. some passengers evacuated through dark tunnels. belgian authorities say there is still the strong possibility of another terrorist attack. but people here in brussels have been allowed to return back to the streets. and the subway system is slowly reopening. >> speaking in cuba, president obama condemned the attacks. >> we must be together, regardless of nationality. or race or faith. in fighting against the scourge of terrorism. >> reporter: the attacks come just days after authorities in


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