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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  March 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> everyone was panicking. >> two people with really covered with blood. >> reporter: an airport security camera captured this image of three men that belgian prosecutors say are behind the attacks. authorities believe the two men in black blew themselves up. they have issued a wanted notice for the third suspect. another deadly explosion rocked a busy subway station about an hour later. some passengers evacuated through dark tunnels. belgian authorities say there is still the strong possibility of another terrorist attack. but people here in brussels have been allowed to return back to the streets. and the subway system is slowly reopening. >> speaking in cuba, president obama condemned the attacks. >> we must be together, regardless of nationality. or race or faith. in fighting against the scourge of terrorism. >> reporter: the attacks come just days after authorities in
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brussels arrested salah abdeslam. >> the one thing shocking to me, that you've had in the wake of the terrorist attacks, yet another sophisticated coordinated attack, under the noses of the european authorities. >> it's unclear if today's attacks were moved up in the wake of abdeslam's arrest. in one raid, officials say they recovered an isis flag, chemicals and bombs identical to ones used in today's attacks. in brussels, jonathan vigliotti. back to you. >> among the americans, were three missionaries from utah. belgbelgian officials say this is their worst fears come true. they were surprised by the scale of the attacks in brussels today. prosecutors say it's simply too early to establish a direct
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link between the brussels attack and the november paris attacks that killed 130 people. tonight, the eiffel tower in paris is lit up in the colors of the belgian flag in a show of sal dieter -- solidarity. and here, the flag has been lowered to half staff in honor of the victims in this latest terrorist attack. the homeland department says there are no credible threats. but we can expect increased security through the airport. the brussels airport will be closed at least through tomorrow. that means many canceled flights at dulles airport. we have reaction from travelers there. peg? >> reporter: well, jan, the one nonstop flight to brussels from the entire region, leaves dulles airport, every evening at 6:50. but of course, because of those terror attacks, those that flight is canceled. and hundreds of people were left scrambling to find another way there.
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>> police officers with automatic weapons stand guard. >> putting my trust and safe in the tsa and that they're doing the right thing and taking the right precautions to keep us safe. >> francois phillipson and her friend were traveling. >> what happened to brussels this morning. we switched planes. >> they're now flying to paris. >> this my country. i think it's europe, the u.s., everywhere. >> people traveling for business and/or vacation say they were determined not to let the latest terrorist attacks stop them. >> because if we let terrorist attacks of the world stop us, then, in a sense, that's a form of terror in itself. >> people told us they do not want more security checkpoints. >> maybe lots more security should be done on the back end, before people travel. as opposed to at the site. >> more intelligence? >> yes. >> there are plans that would move the checkpoints at reagan national. >> part of a long-term construction project here at reagan na
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involves moving the checkpoint at the lower level to up here at the ticketing level. that means to get there, you'll need to be a passenger with the ticket. >> that project is years away, and designed to make passenger movement between terminals easier. but today, people were just focused on getting to their destination. >> we're going to go ahead and get to our destination. i'm sure with the bombings going on, security has gone up. we're going. we're not stopping. >> brussels is the gateway airport hub to west african countries, which means that rescheduling for those people says they're not just headed to brussels. a lot more difficult. that rescheduling will continue at least through tomorrow. because of brussels airport, closed once again. live at dulles airport, peggy fox, wusa 9. >> and metro has also beefed up security f. you're riding the rails, you can expect to see more police officers and k9s reading with you. you might even notice
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metro says this is purely a precaution. there are no known threats to the area. if you see something, say something. belgians, living here in the washington area are leaning on one another for comfort tonight. they say their community here is small. but it is close-knit. but the belgian embassy in northwest washington, flags are flying at half staff. and well wishers are leaving an an array of flowers. inside the embassy, visitors are signing a public book of condolences. owner, also grieving the losses in brussels. >> like all the world. you know. we want to stop the terrorism every way. he doesn't have a busy. doesn't help people. doesn't help anything. you know? >> the belgian ambassador to the u.s. is resilient and now more determined than ever to fight terrorism. president obama and secretary of state john kerry both spoke with the prime minister of belgiu
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condolences and offer support from the u.s. president obama's final day in cuba, prior to the start of a baseball game between the cuban national team and the tampa bay rays. a moment of silence was observed to honor the lives lost in brussels. earlier today, president obama spoke to the cuban people. he began his address by briefly mentioning the terrorist attacks. >> we can and will defeat those who threaten the security of people around the world. >> president obama also spent part of his day, meeting with some of the castro regime's political opponents. during the meeting at the u.s. embassy, he praised the group, saying they showed courage by speaking out on behalf of democracy. some say president obama should have cut short his trip to cuba, in light of the attacks. >> they also say it's time the president takes a stronger stance against radical islam. >> i'm a little surprised that
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baseball game when i believe he should -- had i think about president, i would have -- had i been president, i would have cut short my visit, i would have flown home, conducted calls jointly with heads of state. >> and it is long past time that we had a president who will acknowledge this evil, will call it by its name, and utilize the full force and fury of the united states to defeat radical islamic terrorism, to defeat isis. >> meanwhile, the gop front runner, donald trump, reiterated to fox news, his call to ban muslims from entering the u.s. while on the democratic side, hillary clinton said they must prevent terrorism. and bernie sanders said he strongly disagrees with republicans, who are calling for stepped-up surveillance for muslims here
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there are long lines in phoenix, for voters. and both parties are going to the polls in the arizona primary. republicans and democrats are holding caucuses in utah. and democrats are also caucusing in idaho. for up-to-the minute results in tonight's races and election results throughout the election campaign. you can download our freewusa 9 app. coming up, residents of toronto are mourning their controversial former mayor tonight. up next, the fda adds its boldest warnings to the most widely used painkillers. it was cold this morning. here are the low temperatures tonight. 48 downtown. most of the burbs low to mid40s. and 44 in silver spring, bowie, 43. and fairfax. we'll come back and talk about how quickly we rebound tomorrow. and look ahead to
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expect new box warning label. today, the food and drug administration announced plans to announce the most serious type of warnings on all drugs such as vicodin and percocet. the link to misuse and prescription opiates climbed to 19,000 in 2014. former toronto mayor, rob ford died of cancer today. he was only 46 years old.
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drinking and drug abuse. scenes of has drunken escapades made headlines around the world three years ago. but get this. voters by a wide margin chose to elect to return him to office. the house has passed the bill. women continue to have their ashes placed at arlington national tem terry. -- cemetery. they free up mail pilots for combat. during the war, they are considered civilians. but since 1977, federal law has granted them status as veterans. they have placed military honors. but the army revoked their eligibility last year. coming up on wusa 9 at 6:00. police say they're finally closing in on a person who killed a local storekeeper, 24 years ago today. up next, a af
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tightening regulations on the big banks and fighting to keep dark money out of politics. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator. now to a developing story out of fredericksburg. investigators say a police officer was dragged for 600 feet, when a driver he pulled over this afternoon hit the ga
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the driver ran, the officer went after him. investigators say there was an altercation. and the officer shot the driver in the leg. he's being treated tonight at the hospital. fredericksburg police have asked state police to take charge of the shooting investigation. we're told the driver was wanted on an outstanding warrant. the mental health of the army staff sergeant, charged with killing rookie police officer, ashley guindon could be a major issue in the case. ronald hamilton's defense attorney told a judge today, that his client is mentally ill, as a result of two tours in iraq. hamilton is charged with murdering his wife and officer guindon, following a domestic dispute in woodbridge. two other officers were also shot but survived. now to prince george's county tonight, where a police officer and her husband, a retired officer, have been indicted on theft and conspiracy charges. prosecutor says officer jennifer sims turned in fraudulent time sheets as she collected more than $200,000 in
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when she was not. prosecutors say her husband, harold sims knew all about the alleged schemes and benefited from it. all they need is a name. montgomery police are close to catching a man who has gotten away with murder for 21 years. >> that's right. it was a snowy sunday. march 22nd, 1992, when an outof control -- out-of-control person shot a store clerk to death for $200. >> reporter: the killer left his blood behind on the looted cash register here. blood that has now given police a dna profile. so they know who he is. they just don't have his name. [ indiscernible ] >> on the anniversary, the grief still overwhelming for james essle's daughters. [ crying ] >> i don't know. >> esle had immigrated from ghana, run a
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>> they opened the first african cuisine restaurants in the united states. >> he had managed a bank, raised seven children, and finally opened a country store. >> if you didn't have any money to pay for bread or milk, you know, he gave it to you. >> but on a snowy sunday night, a killer decided to take what little esle had. hitting him over the head with a wine bottle and stabbing him 20 times. >> when i got the news, my legs buckled. and i couldn't believe it. >> for more than two decades, the murder has gone unsolved. >> i felt like no one cared. and they just forgot about him. >> reporter: but now, cold case detective, mark janney, is searching through the old case files. he suspects the killer drove a black pontiac fiero, like this, that he smoked marlboros, or marlboro lights and that someone knows his name.
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that's why we're appealing for people that have any inclination that they may know who did this to come forward. >> i wanted this to be the memory i had in my mind of my father. i didn't want to see pictures of him, you know, laying in his own blood. >> after nearly a quarter of a century, the daughters just want to know, who killed their father. in montgomery county, bruce leshan, wusa 9. >> montgomery county police have already compared the dna from the blood in the store to the national criminal database, which means the person they're looking for may not even have a criminal record. no match. if you've got information that might help police solve this case, please call montgomery county police. florida sheriff is bringing a criminal charge against a mother who was accidentally shot by her 4-year-old son. investigator says jamie guilt put a loaded gun under the front seat of her pickup truck
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two weeks ago. the gun slid into the back where her son was riding. the boy fired the gun through the back seat, hitting his mother in the back. the sheriff is charging her with second-degree misdemeanor, for unsafe storage of a firearm. tomorrow is the day cherry blossom lovers wait all year for. and that's when the washington's famous cherry trees are expected to reach peak bloom. many of the blossoms have already broken out of their buds. by thursday, 70% are expected to be in bloom. once in bloom, the flowers can last 4 to 10 days, depending on the weather. and we know the weather is supposed to heat up tomorrow and thursday. >> great news. they're going to really pop, especially by thursday. it's going to be breezy to occasionally windy. but nothing as strong as we've had already. the winds, their number 1 enemy right now. let's start with the 3-degree guarantee. feeling pretty good about this. temperature, we thought it would be 61 today. pr the way, our average is 59.
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today. how did we do? well, check us out tonight at 11:00. we are 40 for the last 41 days. live look outside. that is some kind of nice, isn't it? wow. what a sight you're driving home. duplicates in the 20s. winds -- dew points in the 20s. winds are still gust tock 25. that's a warmer wind. that will help drive in warmer air. a chilly start tomorrow. we had a cold start in the morning. chilly start tomorrow. with a warm finish. in fact, we're looking at temperatures, about 10 degrees above average. i think everybody will be at least 70. 71 downtown. 71 in gaithersburg. 71 also in leesburg. and as far north and west of hagerstown. showers, mainly confined thursday night. easter sunday still looks great. we added a couple of clouds coming in during the afternoon. i think it's going to stay dry on easter sunday. but just be advised, a couple of clouds come in the afternoon. temperaturewise, great. 67 to 72. but it will be a
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sunrise services, at 7:01. stomach temperature -- temperatures between 7:00 and 10:00, 38 to 52. kind of a chilly start there as well. 10:00 tonight. 50s across the board. clear skies. by morning, just a few clouds. 46 in manassas. 50 downtown. and 46 also in silver spring. and then by 9:00, looking at temperatures, still generally in the upper 40s and low 50s. and headed for the near 60s to 70. 60 by 11:00. 67, with sunshine by 1:00. there are the showers primarily thursday night. 74 on thursday. okay. we'll lose a few degrees on friday. back to 64. we can handle that. perhaps a morning shower. and then gorgeous on saturday. nice on sunday. easter sunday. clouds come in late. we'll confine the showers tonight, early on monday. in fact, the 62 with sunshine next tuesday. >> okay. so the man can make up for the loss? >> absolutely. but here's the thing. it's back to reality, after getting to the sweet 16. maryland hoops has to get ready for the
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tournament. talking about the kansas jayhawks, stand in the way of the terps come thursday night.
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no time to celebrate a sweet 16 birth. maryland gets ready for a top seed in kansas on thursday night, in louieville. tip time. terps know it will have to play their best game of the season to move on in this tournament. kansas is number 1 for a reason. also important for the head coaching staff to get home for a few days before they head out on the road again.
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>> felt great. we wanted to go straight to louisville. but coach wanted us to come here, come home, he said event coast time. we're excited to be playing in the sweet 16. we're not even worried about the fatigue. >> a lot on our plate. different than most teams playing on thursday night, we had a little harder road. but when it's all said d an done, we'll try to win the next game >> well, unfortunately, this was the last time we'll see the women's basketball team running off. upset by washington in the second round of ncaas last night. tough loss for the terps. but they are dashed quickly. >> there wasn't a doubt in my mind. i didn't think we would lose the game. i walked into the game, not thinking we were going to lose. i actually walked into the game, thinking this was another game. and that we would be in the final four at the national championship soon. >> it hurts. we came in and wanted to have the best season we could. and just leave our mark on maryland. so just -- it's not how
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wanted to t to end. but -- it to end. but i'm glad i got to play here and wear maryland for four years and be a part of a lot of special moments. [ crying ] >> had a great season. 31-4. but it's all over. >> they didn't lose to a better team. but to a great player, right? >> yes, they got upset by a great player. >> 70 tomorrow. low 70s. maybe mid-70s thursday. showers thursday night. they might just extend into friday morning. the weekend looks nice, too. clouds come in easter sunday, late. 's dry through the day, though. look at that. 69 on sunday. >> that's wusa 9 at 6:00. special one-hour edition of the cbs evening news is next. >> we'll be brack at 11:00 -- brack at 11:00.
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[screaming] bomb, attack the airport. >> everyone panicking. we had to run. >> pelley: and the subway station. dozens are killed, hundreds wounded, including americans. >> this is yet another reminder that the world must unite. >> pelley: isis claims responsibility. >> we cannot let them succeed. >> pelley: and america goes on alert. >> i would close up our borders. >> this is a war. this is not an ice lated end debt. -- captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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