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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  March 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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>> reporter: if investigators have been able to identify the victim, they have not released that identity publicly. and they have not commented on the bizarre circumstances, around this gruesome crime. reporting live in district heights, scott broom, wusa 9. >> keep an eye right here and on our wusa 9 app for the latest. right now, police are actively searching for a man identified in the air and space museum, attempted child abduction. it's a story that broke earlier this month. police tell us bost two suspects is 60-year-old bernard drive. stephanie ramirez is live with more information on where this guy might be. >> this is now an international investigation. and with so many parents here, a lot of parent say they were happy police were able to identify someone. but this is also leaving them unnerved. >> one of
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could happen. >> it is very scary. and you gotta keep an eye on your children at all times. >> it bothers me that people would stoop to that level. >> police identified one suspect, 60-year-old bernard dries, who police tell us may stay in the new york city area. on his facebook stage, the about section is blank. but police tell us he frequently travels from the united states and canada, from israel. >> scary. make you realize you have to be aware. >> thank fre, a child was not successfully taken on march 3rd. but it came close. police say a group was leaving the air and space museum, when a child grabbed the suspect's hand and started to walk away. the suspect believed to have boarded a white shuttle bus on jefferson drive. >> i mean, i would be so upset with myself. but i would give friends of mine -- we'll get together and do all we can to make flyers. you know, just have
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>> and police are definitely hunting for this guy. park police i.c.e. and homeland security investigations. the second suspect, not much on him. but police do believe the two men know one another. i'm being told they were talking to one another at the space museum. >> stephanie. thank you, now. a museum spokesperson tells wusa 9, the suspect was not known to the museum before. and that nothing like this had happened there observe. to a developing story out of fairfax county. police say they are investigating two sexual assaults at george mason university. a female student telling police that she was raped last week, after uninning -- unknowingly ingesting some sort of drug prior to the attack. another student said she was raped in her dorm last monday, by someone who she met in an online dating site. now to the brussels terror attack. we are
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isis bomb was linked. it connects them to the paris attacks in november. one of the brussels terror bombers is still on the loose. isis has also reportedly sent 400 fighters to carry out more terror attacks. we begin our coverage now with bruce johnson, who has been monitoring the developments here and in brussels. >> yeah. 24-year-old jajim had been the subject of an intensive manhunt in belgium. meanwhile, people in belgium's capital city are filling up town squares, knowing some are still out there and may be capable and ready to strike again. >> reporter: there was a moment of silence. government offices, schools and residents stood still to honor the dead and injured. >> here in brussels, we are safe. >> weem are out in the street. people feel more comfortable. they're walking their children in will strollers. seems like now,
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more comfortable. much more than i did yesterday morning. >> reporter: but the public defiance had to be mixed with anxiety, because other terrorists responsible for yesterday's carnage of the brussels airport and subway station, they're still out there. belgium remains at its highest alert. >> could an attack that happened in brussels happen in new york city? >> certainly. >> it could happen anywhere in the world. the benefit here, fortunately is that we put a lot of resources into the intelligence community. >> reporter: belgium prosecutors have identified two of the attackers as brothers with violent criminal records. ibrahim elbaquarry died when he set off his suitcase bomb at the airport. his brother, khalid, targeted the subway. a taxi driver, who transported ibrahim and two others to the airport, led authorities to the apartment, where they eventually found 15 kilograms of explosives, along with nails and other materials that were used to make bombs. one of
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the man in white coat. he fled the airport, leaving behind a bomb that failed to go off. isis is claiming responsibility for the attacks. and today, president barack obama said defeating isis is his administration's top priority. >> i've got a lot of things on my plate. but my top priority is to defeat isil and to eliminate the scourge of this barbaric terrorism that has been taking place around the world >> and the footnote. another key suspect in the terrorist attacks, salah abdeslam was arrested last week, during a raid in brussels. >> the state department says several people are still missing, including a dozen people who are connected with the embassy. >> reporter: you know, the state department says that the total number of missing americans in belgium is still a little bit unclear. but it is urging any
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families right now. let them know they are okay. the entire european continent now under a travel alert. belgium is under threat level 4, for serious or imminent attack. >> family members, desperate now for a call from brother and sister, alexander and sasha pinkowski from new york. they phoned tuesday to let relatives continue they were at the brussels airport for a flight home. then a loud explosion, and the line went dead. please, help find my boyfriend, and his sister, tweeted cameron gain. >> i have no idea where she is. >> reporter: also, still missing, stephanie and justin schulz from kentucky. stephanie's mother had gone to get her ticket, when the bombs exploded. >> when my husband called american embassy. and they're looking for him, too. >> and did
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information from -- >> i haven't gotten any information from anyone. >> reporter: even a phone call from the hospital has been a relief for some families. sebastien's father started calling medical centers, after seeing this photo of his son, who played college basketball in michigan. >> we saw people dead and people dying. so that's -- i'm sure that will stay with him for the rest of his life. >> reporter: 20-year-old joseph empee is among the three mormon missionaries who were injured. he called his parents in nevada. >> we love him a lot. and we're just excited to see him again. and hope that he gets probably better. >> reporter: family members say the doctors have now induced a medical coma in 66-year-old richard norby who was with those two younger mormon missionaries. he has gone through hours of surgery, for shrapnel wounds in his lower legs. his family sa
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take him a long time to recover. jan and adam? >> yeah. this pain is going to continue for a lot of families for a long time. bruce, thank you. president obama is responding to calls from ted cruz for beefing up security in muslim neighborhoods in the u.s. the president said the integrated patriotic muslim community is one element that makes america great. we take the issue to the muslim community out in loudoun county, coming up tonight at 6:00. right now, police are looking for two suspects connected to a frightening assault in arlington. a woman was walking last night on north columbus street, when police say a man attempted to put something over her head. police say at the same time, the other suspect was touching that woman inappropriately. after she was able to break away, those two men ran off. after rejecting it twice, district regulators have approved the pepco exselon -- exelon merger today. it will serve 10 million customers. the merger had already
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states, including maryland and virginia, but hit numerous snags in the district. a suit involving religious freedom, faith and birth control. >> reporter: they are looking at something that requires employers to include contraception coverage in their healthcare plans. advocacy groups against birth control can opt out. but they have to notify the government, which would provide the contraseptives instead plaintiffs in the case, say that violates their religious beliefs and makes them complicit. >> the government is requiring us to make changes in our religious healthcare plans to include services that really violate our deeply-held religious beliefs. >> reporter: with the death of justice antonin scalia, they may have a harder time getting the justices to agree with them. a 4-
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judge's ruling against them. we're just getting started on wusa 9news at 5:00. a suspect. the latest on the investigation coming up. and front runners continue their winning ways after last night's primaries. topper? a live look at the cherry blossoms behind me. really nice. a little breezy. but it's a warm breeze actually. 73 at 6:00. still in the sevens at 6 -- 70sa the 6:00. coming up, enemies of the cherry blossoms are rolling in. we'll tell you what that is. speaking of which. peak bloom for our cherry blosoms may be a bit late. but we'll be live at the tidal basins. we'll show them to
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park police remain on heightened alert, but no extra patrols, despite the thousands of people attending the cherry blossom festival. >> the blossoms are just about to reach their full peak. looks pretty behind you. >> it is a gorgeous day. and folks are really taking advantage of it. the weather is beautiful. and almost all of the blossoms are at peak. the national park service says we need just one more day. you know, remember, today was, indeed, in fact, the forecast today, they changed that. but that didn't stop the folks from coming out and soaking up all the sights. >> perfect timing. >> perfect timing. >> a picture-perfect day for a bike ride. >> it's a lot of walking for little kids. we figured it would be easier if we could ride our bikes around. >> a picnic, perfect selfie, or a nature walk. >> even seeing the orange belly robin. >> second grade
5:14 pm
harriet tubman elementary. >> some are cherry blossoms. >> how about the others? >> the others are just plain cherry blossoms, not apple. >> how can you tell the difference? >> by when it's summertime, there might be some ripe apples. >> reporter: while our 2,000 japanese cherry trees don't produce fruit, they do produce pale, pink petals, now expected to reach their peak thursday through the weekend. that's when 70% of the trees will be in full bloom. >> they were supposed to produce today. but they're not ripe yet. it's very important to cherry blossom because it was kind of like a gift to washington. >> reporter: planted in 1912, by first lady helen taft and the wife of the japanese ambassador, the cherry trees are, indeed, an everlasting gift. their blossoms are a sure sign of spring and a celebrated treasure in washington. >> some petals are falling down. and i always want
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>> did you get any at all today? >> not today. but i found some coins. [ laughter ] >> reporter: she was very, very happy to find some coins. but other people just feel lucky to be in the presence of nature's majesty here. how beautiful. now, get this. the cherry trees are in various stages of development. so while there are some trees that are in full bloom, others still need a little more time. but the good news is that when they do bloom, the blossoms will be around longer than normal. we're live near the tidal basin, delia goncalves, wusa 9. >> park police say they will continue to patrol that area and urge visitors to also remain vigilant. the cherry blossom festival runs through april 17th. and i'm with delia. >> a lot of those kids getting a good education on where they came from. >> i wonder how ofteey
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to be cold, don't touch. >> i've seen them buy tickets. what happens is the parents, they'll put the kid in the tree for the picture you just can't do that. because they're not actually strong trees. all right. 3-degree guarantee. ready? i'm a little nervous. i thought 71 might be high enough. that's 10 degrees warmer than it was yesterday. mmm. going to be close. going to be very close. according to my car, i busted. we shall we. we'll -- see. we'll talk to you tonight at 10:00. or you can download our app and follow us that way. some of them are really spectacular. temperature 72. pretty dry air mass. despite wind out at 7 to 17. and the enemy headed our way will be wind tomorrow. that's not a good thing. because they're not out right now is a good thing the really. -- thing really. mild night. and very, very warm thursday. some areas south of town will be in the upper 70s. i mean, check this out.
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79 in fredericksburg. 75 downtown. 75 in gaithersburg and leesburg. and even to the north and west, still 74 in hagerstown and 76 in cumberland. so everybody will get in on the act. showers, we pushed back a little bit. a little later in other words, so mainly good friday morning has showers. easter sunday still looks good. if you're going to go to the sunrise service, you've got to remember, temps will number the 30s and 40s when it starts at 7:01. 10:00 tonight. no 30s and 40s now. no, no no. 62 downtown at 10:00. this is more like may. 59 still in manassas. 60 in sterling. 60 also in rockville. and 61 in silver spring: by morning no 30s, just 40s and 50s. 50, 51 in la plata. and by midmorning, we're getting pretty close to 60 now. each hagerstown, 53. romney, at 52.
5:18 pm
by lunchtime, just everybody is around 70. bowie, 71. manassas is 71. fredericksburg is already 73. now, we'll advance this by 6:00. essentially, 24 hours from now, we're low to mid-70s. fantastic. 75 in fredericksburg. 74 downtown. low 70s in hagerstown, martinsburg, and winchester, 72. pretty good deal. few clouds start to approach tomorrow night. even warmer tomorrow night. it will really feel like june tomorrow night, with temperatures only in the 60s, by 10:00, 11:00 at night. 50s to start. these are downtown temps. 54 at 11:00. and look at this. 70 with sunshine by 1:00 p.m. next three days, there are the showers. kind of moved them a little bit. mainly in the morning. maybe early afternoon friday. but still warm. another good change. we've kept thursday, friday at 74. cooler air moves in saturday, 63. next seven days, still nice on easter, though. mid70. mad-60s monday.
5:19 pm
and perfectly acceptable weather, average weather if you will, tuesday, wednesday. high temps, low 60s. >> all right, thank you, topper. and turning to campaign 2016, the democratic and republican front runners continued their march toward nomination. hillary clinton and donald trump won the big prize in arizona. but their main challengers. ted cruz won big in utah. donald came in third. that will make it hard for him to get all the del imaitds -- delegates he needs before the republican convention in july. ted cruz and donald trump. in a tweet, he threatened to spill the beans on cruz's wife, heidi. it isn't clear what that meant. and ted cruz tweeted back, saying if you try to attack my wife, you're more of a coward than i thought. this morning, i spoke one on
5:20 pm
maxwell. allegations that the principal and teacher may have been warned about the suspect but didn't tell anyone. >> it is possible that is one of the outcomes, that if people should have and did not report things that they knew that led to this or allowed this to continue. they will not continue to work for us. >> much more tonight at 11:00. including some of the unprecedented safety measures that have now been put in place at judge sillvania woods. students will be going to class a little while longer this year. june 14th, 15th, 16th, and 17th. they are now snow makeup days. that means monday, june 20th, will be the last day of school. classes will let out, two hours early. >> that's a long time to go, though. june 20th. 911 call from a prince ia
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of encouraging news in brussels. the state department has just found justin and stephanie schulz alive. the brother just tweeted, state department just told my mom justin and steph were found. we do not know the severity or what hospital they're at. it is all they're sharing. but a real relief for all of their loved ones who were worried about them. heartwarming 911 call. young boy in prince williams county, called a police dispatcher. not to report an emergency, but just to say how much he appreciated the police department. >> 911, where is your emergency. >> nothing. i'm telling you this. [ indiscernible ] >> what's the address? >> no. i'll tell you this. this is a calm list. you save people's lives every day. >> well, the call was received 24 hours after three prince halliams county police officers
5:25 pm
one of them, ashley guindon, was killed. >> reporter: in opportunity tonight's consumer alert, a noticeable distinction from consumer reports. they said the smart phones are the best they've ever reviewed, beating out all its competition. consumer reports says s7 and s edge have excellent battery power, even in low light. and the mobile can be submerged in water up to five minutes. and gender pay gap. reports finds on average. this that women in the u.s. earn on average, 23% less than men. but it shrunk significantly when comparing similar age and experience. and in those instances, women earned less than 5% less than
5:26 pm
company said it is taking part in the nation law that requires the disclosure. the requirement takes place this month. >> i'm still going to eat it. >> me, too. straight ahead, the hip-hop community is mourning a beloved rabber. and a former maryland lawmaker faces prostitution charges. after the break, a police officer in virginia, involved in a shooting death. we'll have the latest on it's about taking a stand. for too long, wall street banks had their way. theysh craed our economy. but democrat donna edwards won't take their money because she stands up for us. as a single mom, she knows the challenges oamur filies face.
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the fredericksburg police officer involved in a fatal shooting has now been identified. >> he is on paid administrative leave for investigation into the traffic stop. peg fox is live where that shooting happened. >> reporter: this time yesterday, all of these streets were blocked off with crime scene tape. police say blare had an out-- blair had an outstanding heroin possession warrant. when the police officer pulled him over, he refused to cooperate, took off, dragged that police officer all the way down this street. you can see the skid marks here. the car then crashed into this ditch. and police say blair got up and ran and was shot over in that yard. >> the car was right down there. you know, on the street. >> reporter: seconds after a suspect crashed his car and ran from police, he was shot in
5:30 pm
neighborhood. so, you know, it was a traffic stop. >> reporter: the suspect, 33- year-old travis j. blair was driving this 1999 mercury cougar, when fredericksburg police officer, chris brosesmerpulled him over. the officer learned quickly that blair had a warrant. police say blair refused to cooperate and took off, dragging the police officer, some 600 feet. then crashing into a ditch. >> it was a mess. a mess. >> it's a shame. it really is. >> reporter: blai bolted out of -- blair bolted out of this car and running into the yard. that's when the officer caught him and tried to stop him. then police officers say officer blossmer's weapon discharged and hit blair's leg. he died a few hours later at mary washington hospital. >> he's obviously knew that there was a warrant and that it was going to be, you know, an issue. you know. or why else would he have tried to take off
5:31 pm
around 1:00 tuesday, most residents weren't around. >> the fredericksburg police did a good job calling us, to make sure or kids didn't come home to the house, when it was surrounded by crime tape. so we went and picked the kids up. >> reporter: patrol officer blossmerhas been with the fredericksburg department for three years. >> heroes don't wear capes, they wear badges. >> reporter: he was one of the officers taking part in this video, thanking children for their thank you cards. >> i asked if officer blossmerspended to fire his weapon. state police said they could not comment, pending the investigation. reporting live in fredericksburg, peggy fox, wusa 9. >> and that officer is on pending leave. pending the criminal investigation. a former top official in frederick county is facing prostitution charges.
5:32 pm
young is charged with four counts, related to soliciting a prostitute in anne arundel county. young is the former president of the frederick county board of commissioners. in a statement on his facebook page, young apologized for his actions, but that post was later removed. mayor muriel bowser wants the city minimum wage to be increased to $15. she hopes the hike would create pathways. >> quencey sits on a popular stretch of u street. the co-owner says there is no room in the budget for higher wages right now. >> i started to think about like wow. it's not going to be easy. >> reporter: quincy says he pays about $6,000 a month to rent this space. right now, he's doing everything he can to make ends meet. >> reporter: but quincy suggests that it's
5:33 pm
everyone. including his clients and his employees. >> it doesn't matter what i think. $11.50 is not enough. i'm not sure $12.50 is enough. not sure $13.50 is enough. >> he's had a lot of minimum wage jobs. even now, he makes less than $15 an hour. but he's not so sure the mayor's plan is a good one. he worries about the stress it would place on the business. >> it would feel as though now i'm at the same level as everyone else, just from joe schmoe, who comes in and barely puts any effort in. >> reporter: mitchell adds he would ask for a few dollars more than $15 an hour, or look for a new gig, if minimum wage went up. but quincy is determined to keep everyone like mitchell, if the minimum wage went up. >> i would doe my best -- do my best as
5:34 pm
employees. >> if you don't know the name, you probably know his band. >> social media has been all lit up over the passing of a tribe called quest by dog. he passed away at just 45 years old, after complications from diabetes. our stephanie ramirez spoke with wpeg's joe. >> they ushered in a new era. a new way of being. you didn't have to have gold chains. you could be a kid rap being what happened on your block. and it didn't have to have anything to do with criminality or anything to do with flash. >> he worked as a host on b.e.t. he credits spike dog and his group with inspiring artists like queen latifah. students are being questioned. three private school students made for a prohibti
5:35 pm
involving an african american woman who won after her home was searched without a warrant. the students apologized, saying they did not know what they were doing could be offensive. blaming the state of michigan for the flint water crisis. that's the conclusion of a task force, appointed to 90 out how the city's water got contaminated with toxic lead. managers allowed lead to contaminate the flint water supply. a navy tugboat that sank nearly a century ago, has been found in the waters off san francisco. the conistoga. never made it to hawaii, though. and the 56-man crew was declared lost. the tug was discovered about 30 miles off the coast. didn't make it very far. researchers are in the midst of an effort to find 300
5:36 pm
francisco. so what does it take to be a law enforcement officer? >> montgomery county police chief, thomas majorrer shared his experience at a career day inside the safety headquarters today. the chief did open that event which was open to montgomery county schools and college students in roles in criminal justice programs. students learn body opportunities available to them in the public safety sector. and got a tour of the county's state of the art crime laboratory. what a great idea, too. >> kids have a lot of fun with stuff like that. >> uh-huh. trending now. a former v.p. candidate could soon become a tv judge. >> so bill murray's son shares news that has caddy shack fans shake their heads. >> this is pretty crazy. plus, a man climbs to the top of an 80-foot tree. then refuses to come down. and who is this bald, bearded man, going for a sweaty run? you might be shocked to find out. that answer coming up. i don't recognize him at all. the ball state actually gave it away, if
5:37 pm
the number 1 enemy for cherry blossom festival now is wind. this is 6:00 p.m. tomorrow evening. winds gusting downtown. 31 mile percent hour in laplate aeven 36 up toward fred rick. we'll talk about how fios is not cable. we're wired differently.
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all right. trending right now. he's been atop an 80-foot tree since yesterday morning. and he refuses to come down. >> check out this video, out of downtown seattle. so far, he'd rather throw pine cones and fruit at officers, rather than negotiate with them. investigators aren't even sure he slept yet. at one point, he actually yelled, how much taxpayer money are you wasting? it's not an emergency. i gotta tell you something, when i lived in florida, they had black bears running around all the time. and they'd run into trees. and the game and fish people would come out. and they'd say, like, well, what? and they would leave and the bear would come down when everyone left. >> let him stay up there. but the problem is, if he falls or something. >> what are they going to do? they can't do anything if he falls down. there will be all kinds of crazy lawsuits. litigious society. sarah palin may soon be getting her own judge
5:41 pm
the show is still unnamed. but would potentially premiere in the fall of 2017. next step is for palin to pitch this pilot to tv stations across the country. it might be one of the most quoted movies of all time. >> but you're not going to hear bull murray's son bust out any lines from caddy shack. the younger murray admits he's never seen the movie. the sad, sad look on dad's face said it all. we saw this a couple of days ago. luke murray is an assistant coach with xavier basketball team. bill murray was there and watched them lose, instead of punch their ticket. >> have your kids ever scene you on tv? >> yes. they love it. they are probably watching now. probably not. hashtag, national puppy day. it's been a hot topic all day. >> many of you are sharing pick
5:42 pm
pup. jackie shared this picture of briscoe. looks like he mean driving that car. calisha posted this picture of chopper. and charlie, she said the brother and sister are 8 years old. and basically two peas in a pod. and of course, there is still plenty of time to post your pictures. >> national puppy day is made up. every day is national puppy day. i mean, that's what the internet is for, pictures of puppy ears. >> my dog will only wear those for two seconds. they're gone. before the break, we showed you a picture that a lot of people have been doing a double take for tonight. >> this is the former cbs late show host, david letterman, published by u.s. weekly. barely recognizable, here, going for a run in st. bart's. what is he running to?
5:43 pm
the buffet says topper. with the win. david letterman, working it. and still laughing it off because he has a ton of money. how sweet it is. the terps are back in the sweet 16 for the first time since '03. we'll go out to -- this is an actual thing. the kfc yum center in louisville, kentucky. that's where kristen berset is standing by. and why buy when
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major automakers are looking at ways their companies can be used and owned. >> reporter: niss arn's late -- nissan's latest car doesn't look much like a car. and it doesn't have a real name yet. >> it's the nissan concept. >> a took a ride through new york city, with dr. rachel nguyen, from the lab. >> what's the range? >> 40 miles on a charge. >> reporter: at a top speed of 25 miles per hour, it's built for big cities, where parking is scarce and bite-sized is beautiful. >> if you
5:47 pm
that's the perfect car. >> reporter: but it's not for sale. only for sharing. nissan is the latest automaker to test short-term rentals in urban areas, where car ownership is dmksingly rare. you can get one in san francisco for $6 per half hour. >> people use it to get to the train station, but they also use it to go to the grocery store. they use it to go to pilates. when they have a friend in town, they'll take them around the town in it. >> reporter: ford has a go car in london. it costs about $14 an hour. >> you pick it up at one place and drop it off at another. >> reporter: drivers reserve a car with an app and can even use it to unlock the coors. -- the doors. nissan may expand its ride- sharing program to other city fist drivers turn the ignition as often as they turn their heads. >> ooh, that's cool. >> ooh, that's cool, the guy on the bike side --
5:48 pm
>> exactly. people struggling to lose weight. sasha morris said she's tried everything, every diet to keep off the pound. now she's turning the tide, thanks to the gastic blon procedure. >> you're not hungry at all. i eat set amounts now that food is just not in the forefront like it was. >> reporter: here's how it works. doctors use a scope to go down the patient's throat. the balloons are inserted in the stomach and filled with saline. so it imitates the feeling of a full stomach. the balloons are flexible. so there's still room for food. but here's the thing. the process costs about $7,000 and it is not covered by insurance. what a difference a day makes. yesterday it was sunny and 70 degrees. awesome, right? well, how about this? snow blowing enough to cause power outages, cancel hundreds of flights and school was canceled. >> if i
5:49 pm
awesome. >> oh. >> sorry. live look outside. it's our live look outside. dew point still in the 30s. winds out of the south at 17. that is driving up the warmer air. so mild night and upper 30s. showers, we've pushed back a little bit. mainly friday morning. easter sunday still looks good. with that said, if you are planning an easter sunrise service, it will be in the 30s to start. sunrise, 7:01. 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., it's 37 to 52. now, by 1:00, temperatures around 65. and again, for the kids in the morning. for picture-taking. good idea for a sweater. all right. future cast. tonight, 10:00. upper 50s to low 60s across the board. by morning, at 6:00 a.m., just scattered 40s. but most folks hold in the 50s tonight. 54 downtown. 52 in silver spring. and 50 in fairfax. and that's 6:00 a.m.
5:50 pm
tomorrow mowng morning. by 9:00, everybody is back in the 50s. and by lunchtime, we're back to around 70. 73 already at 1:00. in fredericksburg. pretty darn nice. by 6:00, we're still in the 70s. still 71 in hagerstown. 73 in sterling and also in dun frees free -- dumfries and daly city. temperatures generally in the 60s until about midnight. want to talk about winds. noon tomorrow. winds are 26 miles per hour down to fredericksburg. this is a forecast. a snapshot in time. that's noon thursday. look what happens. by 6:00 p.m. 24 hours from now, winds are gusting over 30 miles per hour. that's bad news for the bloz onlies. good thing they didn't all pop out at once today. 50 to start. 70 by lunchtime. there are the showers early on friday. i think the second half of good friday will be okay. we have kept friday warm. 74. and low 60s on saturday. but still nice. perfectly nice on saturday. sunday, we're in good shape,
5:51 pm
back with sunshine tuesday and wednesday. with average highs around 60. after a crazy first weekend, the ncaa tournament field has been whittled down to just now 16. >> and the maryland terrapins still one of those teams dancing. we'll, of course, all be dancing after their victory tomorrow over kansas. >> that's right. kristen berset, right at the pregame. what's up, kristen is this. >> reporter: that's right, adam. i like your optimism. all the terps fans need to have that optimism. i am a little closer to home this time around. but you what happen? really a crazy day for the maryland terrapins. they left monday. still had classes and tests to take tuesday. then came here to louisville today. had a nice shooter round. and turned their attention to their sweet 16 matchup. here
5:52 pm
had their shoot-around. they were in a great mood this afternoon. much bigger stage. a lot more media attention. but the players seemed relaxed and excited about the opportunity. mark turgeon, of course, has been here before as a player and a coach. we know what his players are feeling. however, he says the anxiety is at a whole other level as a head coach. >> much more anxious as a head coach. as a player, you were just a kid. and you had a blast. it was so much fun. i was lucky enough to play on good teams. as a coach, you worry about everything. making sure you get prepared. a lot more work, obviously. but i'm excited. we have been going to the tournament a lot over the years. and this is the most excited i've been in a long time. i feel really good about our team. >> my relationship with him has been freshman over the years. day by day, year by year, we've gotten closer. i have a lot of respect for turgeon. have a lot of confidence in me. and that's one of the reasons why we go out
5:53 pm
for him. you know, we go out there and try to play as hard as we can for our leader. and our coach, mark turgeon. >> of course, they square off tomorrow night around 9:40. you can see that game here on wusa 9. as the teams go throughout the season, every team has its own way of team building. the university of miami, who is also playing here had a very unique way to kind of bond during their time in louisville. check this out. the hurricanes took over the hotel ballroom for a little ballroom baseball. they used duct tape to make the bases. and looks like they really seemed to have a lot of fun. head coach jim laranagga said he used to have these guys play baseball to loosen up before games. and three thought it's been a long, crazy week. so why not? if it works for them, maybe they'll have another game coming up on friday. we'll have more from louisville, kentucky, coming up a little later. but for now, guys, back to you in studio. >> had a really small field to play on
5:54 pm
but looks like they had fun. >> thanks. >> i love it. coming up, when bruce joins me at 6:00, new information about the identities of the men responsible for the deadly terror attacks in brussels. we'll have the latest on the investigation. also ahead, northern virginia's muslim community, reacting to ted cruz's call to increase surveillance in their neighborhoods. but up next. gloria gaynor, and billy joel and the supremes are among the latest artists to be added to the
5:55 pm
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the library of congress is out with this year's edition to the national recording registry. the list represents recordings of songs, speeches and significant events that have shaped our history and culture. michelle miller now, with more on the sounds being preserved for future generations. ♪ [ music ] ♪ i will survive >> gloria gaynor's 1978 mega hit, i will survive, will do just that in the library of congress. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: the recording will join the magic of guitarist carlos santana. ♪ [ music ] >> pableists -- panelists were drawn to the spiritual journey on the 1964 album, "a love supreme." >> reporter: and
5:58 pm
metallica's master of pom pows. these -- pompous. these will join 400 recorded. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: david mow, the acting librarian of congress says they rely on public recommendations, when making this. the list includes several recognizable songs. >> one of my favorites of adding billy joel. ♪ [ music ] it's a very iconic, much-loved piece. >> reporter: this year's list also includes historical moments for which only audio recordings exist. ♪ [ music ] -- like philadelphia broadcaster bill campbell, calling wilt chamberlain's record-breaking 100-point game. and former secretary of state george marshall giving the commencement address at harvard university in 1947. what later became
5:59 pm
marshall plan, laid out the blueprint for rebuilding europe, after the devastation of world world war ii. >> i need not tell you that the world situation is very serious. >> reporter: sounds from the past. ♪ [ music ] forever preserved for the future. ♪ [ music ] >> michelle miller reporting there. other additions include the soundtrack from a streetcar named desire. and george karlin's comedy album, class clown, which includes the seven words which you can never say on television. new at 6:00. authorities identify a concrete connection between the isis bombings and last year's brussels terrorist attack. >> leaders invite ted cruz to visit. after he calls for increased surveillance in the community. and the battle for the republican nomination, turns into the war of the wise. thanks for joining us. i'm jan jeffcoat. and i'm
6:00 pm
the city of brussels is still an active crime scene tonight. authorities are still on the hunt for suspects connected to yesterday's terrorist attack. officials say the suspected bomb maker is one of the two dead suicide bombers at the brussels airport. and another man believed to have slipped away, during all of the chaos. jonathan vigliotti has more on the investigation and how city residents are coping. >> reporter: a diverse crowd gathered in central brussels, beside a makeshift memorial to the bombing victims. a day after the attack killed at least 31 and injured more than 250. the city's spirit is unbroken. >> be stronger. >> reporter: daniel and dena are visiting have buffalo, new york. they left the rail station yesterday, about 20 minutes before the bombing. >> i think we need to be patient. give it sometime. and when the airport opens, we


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