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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  March 23, 2016 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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breaking news tonight, another terrorist man hunt is underway in europe as officials grow increasingly concerned about more attacks being planned. right now we know two of the airport attackers, you can see them on the left side of the screen, they are both dead, and also killed the bomber at the metro station, but still at large, the unidentified man seen in the black hat. glad you are
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i'm adam longo. >> i'm jan jeffcoat. recent gonements suggest the same group could have staged the violence in both cities, and now they are searching for more suspects. mola lenghi has more. >> reporter: here at the belgium embassy in dc, people are stopping by the makeshift memorial, laying flowers and lighting candles, and it's a haste of the outpouring of support for bell -- belgium. the search expands. >> reporter: the devastation of the bombs packed with screws and nails were
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of the dead remain unidentified. the shrapnel was let loose in the city. isis claimed responsibility for the attack. it's believed the same terror cell carried out the attacks on paris last year and brussels this year. >> it's beginning. it's france and all over the world and now brussels, and now it's never ending. that scares me. >> reporter: while the raids continue throughout brussels, the man hunt continues for this man whose suitcase bomb failed to properly identify at the airport a. the other two are said to be brothers. both had criminal histories, but they were not on the radar of counterterrorism police. a fourth man is believed to have
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attack. he's the alleged bomber. they may have done it in haste in fear that the police were closing in on them when salah abdeslam was arrested last week. the police failed to properly track them. >> reporter: in their claim of responsibility for the brussels attack, isis is threatening all countries that are threatening their positions, but the leaders of the countries are standing unified with the belgiums as is illustrated by the memorial here. in the district at the belgium industry, i'm mola lenghi. state department has issued a warning to the americans living and traveling
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>> the airport in brussels remains shut down tonight, and the u.s. citizens are being advised that terrorist groups continue to plan near term attacks, possibly targeting sporting events, tourist sites, restaurants, and transportation. americans are told to be aware of their surroundings and avoid popular sites. new tonight, deputies in charles county are looking for the gunman in a double shooting, and the victims are two men who were shot and wounded in waldorf. one suspect has died, and we learned after the shooting, the gunman climbed into a car and drove away. it's not clear what led to the gunfire. now to the district where the police have charged a man with assault on a police officer. at one point one or more officers fired at the suspect, and it's not clear if the suspt
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he nor anyone else got hurt. it happened about 6:00 tonight in the 600 block of melan street. a library security guard has been removed from the dc public library after he was accused of asking a woman wearing a hijab to leave. this woman says i just watched an officer harass a woman about her hijab and force her to leave the library. the library spokesperson says they did remove the security guard, and they are interviewing him. the library doesn't know the details of the incident, and we have not heard back from the woman who initially sent out the tweet. >> the library system is still hoping to find the woman who was allegedly kicked out. now to an update on allegations of rape on the howard university campus. student protesters filled the streets of the campus last night after one student pubically accused a former r.a. of raping her at a university dorm last month. >> today the
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demands as the investigation into the case continued. garrett haake has been following this story for us, and he joins us live from the howard campus tonight. garrett? >> reporter: adam, tonight a university spokesperson says a student accused of perpetrating two rapes on campus over the last year remains an active student on campus, and he has not been charged with any crime. the investigation into the case is continuing slowly, and today the university acted quickly to try to reassure anxious students. >> our demands are, there will be a thorough investigation conducted of all reported assaults on howard university's campus. >> reporter: howard university students took to the streets of campus on tuesday with the list of demands from the administration. >> they must report it to the campus police. >> reporter: in an e-mail this morning, the school said six concerns were addressed by existing policies including asorough investigations of all
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be conducted on all residence hall staff. the man accused of the rape had been a resident hall staff member. >> the one protest demand not met, the call for those accused of sexual violence to be removed from campus. the university said they would not discipline a student until responsibility could be determined. a petition surfaced online calling for the student's removal. students seem conflicted from the desire of safety and concerns of fairness. >> it was obviously alarming to hear about such a tragedy happening on campus, but as far as how we handled it, i feel like we should go through the proper protocol before we crucify someone for accusations we don't know are
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>> reporter: tonight i spoke with the accused student by phone, and rereferred me to the attorney he has hired to represent him, and his attorney says he denies all charges against his client. we hope to have more for you tomorrow night. garrett haake, wusa 9. >> garrett, thank you. fairfax county, police at george mason university are investigationing two rapes with fairfax county students. a woman reported a man she knew assaulted her in a dorm room or offcampus apartment, and she fears she was slipped a drug. another student says a man she met through a dating app raped her in her dorm room. park police are searching for a man wanted for attempted abduction along the national mall, and now the search not limited to the u.s. >> that's scary. ellison barber is live
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what have you learned? >> reporter: police have identified one man, and they are still working on identifying another, but as investigators search for the pair, there's still some unanswered questions about that day. >> worse things could happen, especially on a place like this. >> reporter: bernard frye's hair is dark, and his eyes are light blue or green, and he's being hunted by officers with three different agencies, and police say he offer travels for israel to canada and the u.s. they are looking for him because on march 3rd a man at the air and space museum grabbed the hand of a young girl and tried to walk away. the man and the child walked a few steps, and a chaperon noticed, yelled, and he ran. sources tell wusa the chaperon was the child's teacher. the teacher asked what he was doing and he apologized and said i
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park police released this surveillance video with two persons of interest. one identified as drye. the spokesperson said they gave all their security footage directly to law enforcement, but sources say it does not include video of the alleged kidnapping. >> reporter: the spokesperson for the museum would not answer questions about the cameras saying "we do not discuss surveillance equipment" but a police source says they don't have video of the alleged incident because a camera in the position to capture it was not working. >> reporter: do you expect a place like this to have any working surveillance equipment? >> i would have an expectation of that. >> reporter: a spokesperson with park police say they identified drye with the help of a bus company. after the incident the police say the suspect ran to a white shuttle bus, and
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museum, i'm ellison barber. >> he may stay in the area of new york city. if you have any information about his whereabouts or recognize the second person, police definitely want to hear from you. i absolutely believe that this was one of the worst things that i have seen or heard. >> a child porn case that rocked the prince george's county schools. i sat down with the man in charge. what he has done to protect the children in his care. topper? wakeup weather, a cool start tomorrow. temperatures going up. thursday will be the warmest day of the week, we think. cool 46 to 56, and we are back into the 50s and 60s by 9:00, and 54 to 70 by noon. we will come back. the arch enemy of the blossoms is coming back. we will look ahead to easter weekend. and you know what they say? it takes two to
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well, tonights are mourning the loss of fight dog, and he was a member of the club quest. he died from complications of diabetes. he was 45 years old. the group came out of queens, new york in the late 1980s and their influence it felt throughout the hip hop world today. we are remembering joe geragiola. he played in the majors and had a long,
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he was 90 years old. we are showing you how inmates are getting contrabands inside of the walls, and inside of the walls is 22-year- old deonte carraway. he is facing charges for perpetrating heinous sex crimes on more than a dozen kids from 9-13 years old, and those crimes allegedly happened at the school where he volunteered. a teacher and principal are off the job while investigators are trying to figure out what they knew. i saturday down with the school system's ceo, dr. kevin max -- maxwell to find out what has changed. >> reporter: it's a such different campus since the school year has gun. there's new surveillance camera and a security officer, and there's a checkin process, full- time counselor and social service staffers, all
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the emotional trauma inflicted by a predator who had unfiltered access to his victims. would you say this is the worst thing that has ever happened to the school system in. >> i absolutely believe this is one of the worst things i have seen or heard. >> reporter: maryland law requires anyone with information about suspected abuse report it to child protective services. >> if it's found anyone within the school had not abided by the mandatory reporting law, should they be fired? should they be charged? >> in my opinion, that's absolutely correct. we have removed two people from that school right now because of public allegations about possible misconduct, and out of an abundance of caution. >> reporter: the school system plans to hire someone from outside of the district to come in and do an internal investigation once police wrap up their work, and at this point, there's plenty dr.
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he has not spoken to principal williams who has been placed on leave. a lawsuit filed in connection with the case accused principal williams of refusing to take action despite the concerns of carraway's predatory behavior. >> people should have and did not report the things they knew, that led to this or allowed this to continue. they will not continue to work for us. 20,000 employees right now are going through mandatory retraining of the obligations when it comes to kids. >> whether it was that people didn't understand, or they didn't do the training, or whatever the reason was, clearly what p -- clearly whatever happened should not have happened. >> reporter: he has heard from parents who raised concerns about carraway, but their
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be sure to download the wusa 9 app to get the updates on this case. we will stay close to the story and get you answers as details continue to unfold. carraway is due in court on may 20th. the national park service says cherry blossoms should begin to hit peak bloom tomorrow, and an earlier forecast called for the peak today, but blossom watchers suspect 70% of the trees will be in bloom tomorrow through the weekend. >> they were supposed to bloom today, but they are not ripe yet. it's important to see the cherry blossoms because it's real, and it was kind of like a gift to washington. >> it sure was. the cherry blossoms were a gift from japan, planted in 1912, and the cherry blossom festival is
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april 17th. what a glorious day we had out there. >> the only problem tomorrow, wind. we will talk about that in a second. first of all, i want to share this video of the full moon. it's the full worm mood. the soil is muddy, and how do you arrive at easter? it's after the equinox, and that's why it varies so much. >> how could i have missed that? >> let's talk about the 3- degree guarantee. i certainly thought 71 was going to do it it was 74 at dulles. national making it to 75. 41 of 46 days now. 75 tomorrow, and essentially the same air mass. this is the average high for the day by the way. the air is dry, and we will be talking about this much of the week, and tomorrow, there's a fire weather watch, and that means we have very dry ground, high winds, low humidity. please be careful. yes, we ge
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in this part of the world. the winds out of the south at 10. mild night, and a warm thursday. showers friday morning, and now, i think they will continue into early friday afternoon, and easter sunday, still looking great, and you're doing the sunrise services, and you do have to worry about temperatures in the 30s and 40s to start. a sweater for the kids is a good idea. 1:00, around 65. high temperatures for the day, 67 to 72. a pretty nice easter. because of the variability of easter, all kinds of weather can happen on easter. 6:00tomorrow morning, primarily upper 40s, low 50s, 55 downtown, and about 52 in fairfax, and by 9:00, we are all in the 50s, 58 already in fredericksburg, and then look what happens. 1:00, boom, mainly 70s. 71 in gaithersburg, and 72 in bowie, and
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low to mid-70s, and 75 downtown, and at 5:30 tomorrow evening, 72 in haggerstown, and 75 in cumberland, and more like late may, early june. the day planner, 50s to start. 64 at 11:00, and 71 by 1 :00 p.m., and we are going to bring the showers into friday morning, and a little bit into the afternoon. still warm on friday. 74, and then the cooler air will roll in. still, we can go from the 70s to the 60s, good transition. 63 on saturday. easter sunday, near 70, showers on monday, and nice on tuesday and wednesday, highs where they should be. tonight a state dinner in argentina looking more like an episode of dancing with the stars. michelle obama and president obama paired up
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top argentina dancers. the president went on to deliver a solid rookie performance. you know who else is dancing tonight? the terps out in louisville, kentucky, to the fried chicken center we go with kristen berset. >> the terps are prepping for their sweet
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welcome back. we are live in louisville, kentucky, and the terrapins are learning to embrace their role of underdog. it's a question mark, which team will show up each game, and now the five seed headed to matchup with the overall number one seed in the ncaa tournament, and the terps once again find themselveses in
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today, you get a sense they kind of like that. it's less pressure, even if they are going up against their coach's alma mater. >> we have not talked about it a lot, but the guys know that kansas is the number one seed in the whole tournament, and they are probably the favorite to win the game, and we will probably be relaxed. >> is this a once in a lifetime opportunity, and not many kids have a chance to be here, and of all the hard work we put in, we deserve to be here. at the very least, just enjoy the moment. >> reporter: the coach may have cold his team not to think about the kansas connection or he was a player there or an assistant coach there, but it's the connection and the experience that was really making this a very interesting game tomorrow night, and his experience with bill, he played for him and then he s
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even though they are not the favorites, the coach knows never count out the team. >> i think he's an elite coach, and certainly, he has got maryland playing extremely, extremely well, and their team is very, very talented. >> reporter: the terps and the jayhawks square off tomorrow night at 9:40. that's tipoff, and you can see it here on wusa 9. george washington trying to get to madison square garden. the colonials up by 1, and tyler cavanaugh gets the 3. congratulations to the colonials, bummer for my gators. adam, i hope the terps did better than they did tomorrow night.
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week long. that's it for us here in louisville. >> they will definitely be munching down the jayhawks at the yum center. i'm just going to call it something different
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