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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  March 27, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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ustomer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. only on 9 those stories behind the picture gone viral showing a cop's compassion and kindness. hello i'm debra alfarone. but first tonight three people are in the hospital after a fire tears through a northeast dc apartment building. wusa9 stephanie gailhard is live in northeast tonight with the very latest. stephanie? >> reporter: debra, frightening moments th
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here. they were enjoying a relaxing easter sunday. on the back patio when they say a generator exploded sparking this blaze. it happened around 8:30 this evening in northeast dc on capital street. the two-alarm fire ripped through this four-unit apartment building injuring three people. two have serious injuries including a firefighter. another person has minor injuries. the good news is that everyone is going to be okay. people who live here say that they are lucky to be alive. >> and being worried, scared kind of. nobody wants their house to burn down. they have nowhere to live. it's sad. >> now i have nothing. i have to start all over again. but i had my kids that's all that matters.
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>> reporter: that woman you just heard from has lived here for more than a decade. she was actually at work when the fire broke out, they came home to find this nothing left. firefighters are still on the team here investigating the exact cause of this fire. they're also still putting out hot spots. reporting live tonight in northeast dc stephanie gailhard wusa9. >> thank you so much. it could happen any time than easter. but the shooting of the truck stop in jessup, maryland leaves one man dead and another wounded. tonight the search is still underway for the gunman. howard county police officers were called to the truck stop along with the 7400 block this afternoon. and that's where they found those two victims. both had been shot. officers shut down the busy route one as they would scour that area with canine units and police helicopters to look
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the gun. >> it was almost like maybe going for three hours, yeah. >> reporter: three hours you've been waiting on this side of the road? >> yeah. that we are suppose to be with family it's easter. but hey. it is what it is. >> reporter: and tonight the man wounded in that shooting is hospitalized in stable condition. police say that he's 57 years old and from baltimore. they also say that at this time they believe those shootings were an isolated incident. well, have you seen the photo of the charles county police officer holding the hand of the elderly woman? it's been shared more than 50,000 times on facebook alone. only on 9 we get the story behind it. stephanie ramirez spent the day with that officer and the woman he helped. >> reporter: i didn't expect it to go that big. it was just something small, you know, that these guys do every day. >> reporter: the small acts shared in a big way. this photo vent viral garnering attention from here to china. in the photo is the
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lost on the walk about a week ago. police politely answered yes when she asked if they were on a walk too. that is when the rookie cop took 80-year-old roberta crawley's hand. >> i thought it was something cute that it would be nice to see he's only 21 and to see him walking with this older lady to see this kind of age gap that it is kind of neat. >> i'm a celebrity? >> reporter: he almost didn't believe me when i told them how popular the photo is online. that her mother takes a walk about three times a day. on this one day the mother went off the main road into the woods. >> reporter: the pets she walks with came home alone and how they knew that something was wrong to the 80-year-old spenting three decades as a nurse helping others, vaguely remembering the incident with their humor. >> i could give you my autograph. >> reporter: in all seriousness though, they say. >> well,
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people. >> reporter: thousands with the same mind for these officers they couldn't have come at a more needed time. in our area alone at least four officers were killed on the job in just the past two months. >> today law enforcement has a black eye. and that i would say that we are very well liked, but very disliked. and this particular situation will be as viral as it has been and it is heartwarming. >> to know what the police officer is. >> reporter: in charles county wusa9. >> and kindness will go a long way. the officer tells us that he asked crowley the secret to life as she answered that each will be good and stay active. turning to our weather. what should be expected to head to work and school in the morning to get right over first alert meteorologist allyson rae. a little chilly and damp. there is just a little bit of light showers. you'll need
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morning and really just tomorrow morning. temperatures aren't going to budge. with the easterly wind and the cloudy skies and that they will stay into the upper 40s. and that is overnight. and to work their way in from the south and to the north and the periods of rain that will be spotty in the next few hours and then scattered before the sun comes up on monday. i'll tell you what by monday afternoon and the different day. that it will be sunny and very breezy and a lot warmer than what we are right now. temperatures this week, they're going up and down with chances for rain and the first weekend of april. it does not look very april like we'll have all the details coming up in just a little bit. debra back to you. >> thank you, allison. you call it march madness far reason that you never know what's going to happen during the ncaa tournament and the sports anchor, come on. >> i know, that it is a tough one tonight. first you have maryland going home and virginia who
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for the national title. the stunning upset, especially after their post-season nemesis. and that it will be a pretty easy route. but a team that most didn't even deserve to be in the tournament mounted the most improbable come back. frank kratovil has more on this -- frank hanrahan has more from chicago. >> this is a game that will haunt virginia for years to come and early in the second half and they would let that lead slip away to lose to syracuse and so it is the orange that will go to the final four and not virginia. >> and i didn't know what happened, and just losing the lead and losing the game that we had in our hands. we could have won this game if we shared the
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shots. >> you know something that we understand fully when we gave it away that we were up 15. and we kind of blew that lead and something that we don't normally do. >> what happened was real tough. having such a big lead. and then just kind of going through the scoring drought as well as not being able to get stops and good stuff. >> reporter: the heart ache for uva what could have been as syracuse moves on now to the final four. in chicago frank hanrahan. back to you in dc. >> thanks, frank. syracuse becomes a first no. 10 seed to advance to the final four and the fourth double digit seed ever. so it will be a tough heartbreak for the cavaliers. you can see it in their voice too and that i know a lot of their brackets are busted and one person in particular allyson rae is not happy about this. >> we had them winning. and so mine is just going to be ripped up. >> i'm sorry. >> and thank you so much, i appreciate
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violence overseas this easter sunday as the apparent suicide bomber that will target a christian community. and closer to home thousands gathered on the national mall for a
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belgium police carried out more than a dozen raids and made several arrests. the police clash with hundreds of protesters from the victims of brussels. kenneth craig was in the middle of it all. >> police suited up in riot gears to evade the brussels memorial and for the victims of tuesday's attack. this woman broke down in tears and the quiet and somber vigil that erupted into chaos. >> this is the same place that thousands of people have come in place to honor and mourn the dead until they have done that. that'll change on wednesday. we're crying for deaths, this man shouted as a man was dressed in black. a group of
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descended on the spot. >> they have a message that they want to stop terrorism, but they're not doing it the right way. >> reporter: on sunday they carried out 13 reigns in and around the capital city and they made four arrests. in italy video captured the arrest of the algerian man. 31 people died on tuesday's bombings and at least 270 were injured. but some belgiums remain defiant. >> i am not scared. i'm from brussels. i will never be scared. never. >> reporter: refusing to let fear and terrorism break them down. kenneth craig cbs news brussels, belgium. >> dutch police arrested a frenchman for allegedly plotting an attack in france. well it was a grim easter sunday in eastern pakistan. an apparent suicide bomber targeted a christian community, celebrating the holiday killing 65 people. mostly women
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wendy gillette reports on the tragedy tonight. >> reporter: sirens sounded shortly after a bomb exploded. bringing chaos to the normally quiet area. dozens were killed and hundreds injured. this man says my cousin told me that 17 of our relatives are dead. the pakistani faction of the taliban has claimed responsibility. saying the bombing targeted christians. this witness says i carry 20 children to be taken to the hospital. i moved three bodies to a police car. the attack was in a park popular with families where there are children's rides. pakistan's second largest city. there will be three days of mourning in the region. the white house called the attack appalling and the spokesman for the u.s. security council described it as
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cowardly act. wendy gillette for cbs news. >> they vowed to continue their attacks in pakistan. closer to home thousands of people gathered in front of the lincoln memorial today for the annual easter sunrise service. and the washington monument and the u.s. capital dome is a backdrop and the service featured gospel music and prayer. and that they also took to the opportunity to take in the beauty of the cherry blossoms. >> i like how it is the pink and the light and that you can see the monument and stuff and that it is really beautiful. >> they're really pretty that i have never seen them before. >> we feel very lucky from the west coast to be able to see this. >> reporter: it's a lovely day outside. it's a little overcast to see it for the first time it's pretty cool, i can't complain. >> it's a lot of people, but i can see why. >> and easter celebrations,
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with the white house easter egg roll and the traditional easter egg hunt and the family day at the national zoo. well in michigan the house explosion sent six people to the hospital. and this is what's left of the richland township home and the force of the blast scattered a father and four of their children. and across the front line and they would reduce the line to a minor or a second and the debris before being rescued by the firefighters. miraculously all are expected to survive. >> i had no idea until i got out thereo see what's here. you know that it's bad. >> it was thrown right out of the house. >> the elsml of gas last night and supposedly they thought they had it taken care of. they were watching over them that's all i could say. >> absolutely. police and fire in richland township suspect that the propane leak caused that explosion.
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so the three-degree guarantee what do you have for us? thank you for being here on this sunday night. >> thanks for having each other. >> yeah. if only it was a four-degree guarantee. >> i know we were hit by one and we went with a high of 61 getting to the upper 50s. the easterly wind will always mess you up and keep you cloudy and cool and the optimistic that we'll get to the 60s here in dc for easter sunday, it didn't happen. but tomorrow at 11:00 and the three-degree guarantee. all right, we are going with a high to the 60s again tomorrow. looking at 50 degrees is the current temperature. the easterly wind that would keep our temperatures very consistent throughout the day and keep our temperatures consistent throughout tonight. we're only going to drop down to the upper 50s and the 40s south and the cloudy skies, that little mist, that's going to remain as well. so t
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are going to see big improvements early this week. so what is going to happen for the next few hours? well this the spotty showers and the nuance drizzles overnight. after the hours of 2:00 to 3:00 in the morning and that most of us, that it's why we're going to see the light showers push on in with a lot of moisture to come. it'll get out of here fast. that is the yellow weather alert and by the time they get going on their morning commute that most of the activities will be over. we're talking about the time frame from 2:00 in the morning and 7:00 a.m. before the sun comes up. that's where much of the rain will be out of here. we're tracking a lot of moistures. in fact areas south of north carolina, they are seeing much of this in the heavier showers offshore. let's go through your future cast here and steady rain and maybe some good sleeping weather for you and easterly winds will continue and the temperatures, they still haven't budged much that there will be pockets of moderately heavy rainfall. for the most part it's pretty light out there. this gets out of
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morning between 8:00 and 10:00 we have a few last lingering showers, still pretty light. cloudy skies still cool and then things are really going to change for midday and thereafter. here is 12:30 and your lunch hour will be rather windy. but when you have a westerly wind it will help increase the temperatures into the 60s with a wide range of temperatures tomorrow. you'll see it on your map coming up in just a minute and a couple spotty showers for the rest of the afternoon and sunshine and windy and not too bad on temperatures above average for most of the area. tuesday sunshine holds. temperatures near 60 degrees on tuesday and so a little bit cooler, but still rather breezy. it's wednesday the pick of the week. we're going to be into the lower 60s and sunshine. chances for rain will start to taper off after 7:00 with a few spotty showers by 10:00. then the second half of the day looks completely different. a lot more sunshine. but look at these wind speeds
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west northwest, the sustained wind, 25 to 30 miles per hour and gusting up to 35. so it will be pretty windy tomorrow and it will begin to subside on tuesday and be called by wednesday. look at these temperatures. 50 for hagerstown and martinsburg. a wide range of temperatures for tomorrow. 66 for the metro spot and 60 for tuesday. 63 for wednesday. now, we do get warmer. so why isn't thursday the pick of the week and that we'll see those temperatures, fall right back off and the chance for the showers and the thunderstorms that they could see those storms on thursday afternoon and into the evening to look at sunday the first weekend of april and that it will be 52 degrees. >> that is just crazy i tell you. >> yes, not at all. here is the question. did you like pandas? >> who doesn't? >> do you like apple? >> yes. >> okay. well trending tonight, nothing. not even an apple a day will keep their fans away. and the picture of the panda, eating the apple will be going viral and that apple looks pretty
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leading to the arrest of whomever killed 13 bald eagles has now climbed to $30,000. those eagles were found on a farm and in the woods last month on maryland's eastern shore. maryland natural resource police say that tests confirmed that the birds did not die of natural causes. several charities joined the u.s. fish and wildlife service and offering the reward that the eagle's death marks the largest die off of protected birds in 30 years. an eaglette hatched along the river this weekend continues to thrive. take a look at these pictures of the eaglettes's mom liberty feeding her baby. liberty and justice are a pair of bald eagles who live in a nest 110 feet up an oak tree on the grounds of the metropolitan police academy in southeast. this was a twitter picture that just tugged at the heart
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posted on the sad grandfather who cooked up a dozen hamburgers. but only one of them showed up. but that was then and this weekend hundreds of people showed up in purcell, oklahoma to get one of pawpaw's home cooked burgers. strangers were moved by that picture on twitter driving as far as 20 hours away to meet their adopted internet grandpa. >> and they had gone around the world before they knew about it and the ordinary person seeing that and it is unbelievable. that it is more like a movie than real life. >> we were sitting in the living room when it happened and came up with the idea why not do that burger cookout? >> we figured that they would show up with more communities and our path and that i mean it is crazy to think about it. >> i understand though that we all have busy lives. my best frie
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from here, so i tagged them on facebook and said hey meet us out here. >> and one of pawpaw's grandkids said that a lesson learned is go visit your grandparents. lesson learned. andrea roane wall easter egg hunt turned and took a bad turn this weekend. and instead of going home with the easter egg and that some kids went home with the broken baskets and a lot of disappointments as they would show up for the free easter egg hunt. and that the hunt was suppose to take place there in three stages. and that it will be in different age groups. turning the planned event into chaos. >> when it came time for like 10:30 and that the parents would bum rush that area. >> we started talking to folks that it is suppose to start a directed time that we have posted and to give a whistle to give that signal to start this and that it lasted about a wonute and then folks that they
11:26 pm
take everything. >> when my son left he had a broken basket and was crying. >> that everybody descended and left and it is unfortunate that they left and that it is never the goal. that it is suppose to be fun free activity and they did their best. it fell a little short. >> with that said they tried to appease the crowd by giving away free stuff. but the long lines and many of those kids home disappointed. the dream is over tonight for uva as we have ♪ he's begun forgetting words. forgetting where he lives. but when the day comes when he forgets who i am, i'll still know who he is. the first time we said i love you we didn't use words. we simply held each other's hands. we still are. i lost my dad to alzheimer's. preventing alzheimer's is within our grasp. let's double the budget of nih and get it done. i'm david trone and i approve this message.
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to be top seeded uva except that they are hoping for a miracle today that it was a slow start and eventually that they would gain control and they kept control for 30 minutes of the game. and that it is all they needed. nine minutes, 19 seconds to mound that improbable comeback. syracuse closed out the game on a 28-9 run ending for their first final four since 1984. >> i was reminded of the old church song. and that they may endure for the night and that they come in that morning. we'll have tough nights because you were so close that you could taste it. but absolutely joy will come in the morning for what these guys have established for virginia basketball. my gosh. >> tony bennett always so gracious after our loss. and chicago, he'll join us next on game on overtime with post- game reaction to the stunning end to their season. final four is finally set.
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and north carolina who beat notre dame in the final game of the evening. they will all face off next saturday in houston. who holds the edge now? coach steve howes will break it down for us. plus the game begins with maryland. we'll take a look back and a look forward. what is the future for this program? who should stay and who should go to the nba. lots to talk about now that the season is over. >> oh my goodness. game on overtime is next. of course, don't forget that you can get anything on our app and stay tuned because you could have a
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coming up on game on overtime. the virginia cavaliers aren't ready for the dance to end. could they squeeze the orange out of the tourney? we've got your post-game coverage coming up. plus the maryland terrapins couldn't live up to the hype. is this season one big disappointment? we discuss. >> i'm proud of my group for what they did. we fought till the end. >> no big dance, no big problem. the colonials of george washington roll through the nit. >> grew up watching the big east tournament at madison square gardens. >> game on overtime starts right now.


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