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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  March 29, 2016 7:30pm-8:00pm EDT

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tonight a big "e.t" exclusive. >> did you ever kiss marcia clar did you have a thing for marcia clark? would you say that you guys dated? -- simpson prosecutor chris card on dishes on the rumors about his relationship with marcia clark. >> he'srefused to watch even one second of the show. but oh, he is now. i got him to look at this infamous scene with marcia, we'll show you his priceless reaction. a trump wig, a fake mi >> the hot couples that have saying omg. >> and kaley cuoco's new mystery man. plus is courteney cox back together with her ex-fiance. james cordiv
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pool karaoke secrets before his prime time special. what happened when he stole j-lo's phone? >> you'v never seen me speak to a fr liendike this. now for march 29, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." hello, everybody, nancy o'dell and kevin frazier are spring breaking. but michelle turner and i are holding down the fort here at "e.t." the interview that everyone wanted, oj prosecutor chris darden, he hasn't spoken to anyone since the people versus oj premiered >> we went there, we talked about the series, the glove, his relationship with marcia clark, everything. everything. >> don't leave me hanging. did he have a relationship with marcia clark or not? >> you know, i asked, i asked again. and then i dug in a little bit more.
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>> let's just start with the first and the very obvious. have you been watching the miniseries and what do you think? >> i haven't watched the miniseries at all. >> not at all. >> not a minute. >> would you looking at a clip or you resolute? >> this is the n-word scene. >> it will force the black jurors to make a choice, whose side are you on, the man brother's? >> what do you think about that scene? >> i thought denzel should have played me. >> will smith, why not? >> not will smith, he's a good actor, but still. >> chris darden can joke about the casting, but the former oj prosecutor is played by sterling k. brown. but card on's dead serious about the topic of compensation. he hasn't received a cent from the hug successful series the
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>> the producers of that show haven't reached out to me, i feel like they should have compensated me, because obviously they're taking things from my life outside of the courtroom and they're also taking things, i believe out of my book in contempt and i feel like they should have compensated me for that. >> the series is b journalist jeffrey toobin's book "the run of life" and sales are up 900%. >> it shows you as kind of bungling. >> my book was on the new york best seller list for 24 weeks, i understand that when people make money off of someone else's mistakes. >> the series suggests that this unforgettable moment was a debacle for darden. >> do you regret having him try on the glove? >> no, i think the glove demonstration is one of the greatest courtroom scenes in american history.
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if people want to argue about it, that's okay. >> is it true that f. lee bailey came up to you before court that ive if you don't him to try on the glove, i will? >> if you don't get him to try on the glove, i will. -p>> you don't remember that happening? >> si don't remember that happening? >> and the inference that there was a romance with marcia clark, what happened with marcia, was there a relationship? >> what does that mean, a relationship? . & >> that's a good question, what does that mean? >> that's what i'm trying to find out. >> would you say that you guys dated? >> as you can tell, chris is the master of evasion, but i was a bit of a dog too. you will hear the rest of that conversation and why even his wife grilled him about marcia. > you willlnot be denied. there is legatr
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crossing the sexual line with his own former bodyguard. this is the former bodyguard, jeffrey wenninger who's sighing elton for sexual harassment and b you can see him here guard on elton two years ago described in detail two incidents in march and april of 20 alleging that while riding in a car, elton did ome unwelcome and offensive touching and groping. the security officer also said tthathe grammy winning singer forced his hand down his shirt and said say hello ncto ule elton. we did a little digging ourselves and found out that wenninger received the m oedalf honor in 2007. since filing the lawsuit yesterday, wenninger shut down his facebook page. as for elton, he and his family are in italy. >> if this guy is a policeman, he would have had no trouble pushing elton away.
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[000:05:59;00] physically push away elton. >> maybe you shouldn't be a policeman. >> thank you. >> you're no good. >> a lawyer for elton issu this statement, saying these claims are patently untrue and contradict other statements made by the plaintiff. now let's get into something that truly was criminal watching geraldo rivera dance, with donald trump saying he's bad, but is he the worst dancer ever? >> i really thought that i was the bottom of the barrel. >> hi, d >> fake hair and a fake melania couldn't distract from this salsa.
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>> i'm not sure what it was. >> nearly 12 million people not shocked when geraldo t boot. box news man won't go down in dancing's history. >> he's like a crazy bear locked in a swamp. >> and kate gosselin was almost nominated for the show's best worst dancer award. shh scored less than rivera and the two actually took home the two left feet trophy. last night's other business news, mark ballas's rehearsal injury. >> my back's really hurting, yeah, i'm in trouble. >> i'm worried about you. >> it's an old injury, i reactivated it. i had the mri today, we're going to do some more stuff tomorrow. >> the pro slipped a disk so group dancer allan burrs strks en step >> you had how long to prepare for this dance? >> we danced for two hours last night and then in the parking lot. >> very uneasy backstage, leasha
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barton ended up on the bottom once again. >> it's interesting, i'm not a quitter, but at the same time i'm like i don't know. you know in vegas, they're always running those ads and they're saying that next week she will be the one to go. meanwhile abigail breslin is ready to start dirty dancing, she's going to play baby in the movie that will air on abc. in her new movie she is the boss. but what does her husband call her. our carly steele found out at the premier. >> honestly, when that scene came up, i thought, certainly this will stick 15 years later. somehow i'm the mooch and now other friends call me that too. >> i love it when you call each other mooch. do you have nicknames for each other? >> we usually call each other buddy. >> we have our own nickname for ben and melissa, belissa.
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>> it's very close to ballistic. >> get me a new law officer. you don't h any money, you stupid ginger. >> have you ever had someone come up to you in a play and you're like, you want to go to the restroom and not rest? >> have you had -- noto, n. yet >> i think people have nerve when they see usson a plane together. they're like, my name is michelle darnell and this is my partner. and i don't mean partner like girl on girl stuff. >> kristen bell is melissa's other partner in crime, together they turned a brownie business upside down. >> has dax seen the film yet? >> yes. >> what was your favorite scene? >> i would put money on the fact is that it was is boob scene. >> my man. upnext, james corden is
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here. and later, some hot couples goes is courteney cox back with her ex after they called of their wedding? and "e.t" remembers patty duke. >> people give back the love that you give out to them. >> going public on her mental
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illness, her rise to fame and our last interview with the oscar winner, stay tune celebrating an "e.t" birthday today, supermodel el mcpherson is 53. and monte python turns 73. wall street. the nra. theypo're werful. they usually get their way. but t nowith democrat donna edwards. she won't take cash from wall street banks. and when washington insiders wrote a loophole to let the nra
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spend dark money to kill gun safety laws, she's fighting to ban assault weapons and putting the safety of our communities first. because to democrat donna edwards, the special interests aren't special. we are. women vote! is responsible for the content of this advertising. that is sally swift out on a dinner date not with boyfriend calvin harris, but with reese
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witherspoon. remember kelley sang at rees week. boy will sing karaoke with james corden, come on. his first karaoke special withh james corden airs t the late night ho definitely gone prime time. yet we love him because he's still humble. >> when you get a prime time special, that means you're tte boss, you know that, right? >> that's very true, yes. or maybe they just got an hour to fill and they don't know what to do with it. >> don't be too modest jame people have been checking you out in big numbers. adele got 89 million youtube views. one direction, 55 million. corden's youtube channel, over 800 million views, then there's
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tonight. ♪ tv shine rather than a halo >> how did that happen. >> i think we just asked and she said yes. >> it was that simple? >> i stole her ccll phone. you have never seen more famous people in your life. >> it's the rock. >> oh, my god. >> i sent a text to the most famous person on the planet and they responded. >> james is pretty famous himself as i can see on our little walk. has anyone really star struck you? >> yeah, well you never think you're going to meet stevie wonder. singing elton john's hits. i sort of think if these were auction prizes, they would go for hundreds of thousand dollars and yet this is my job. >> james told me it takes hour and a half to do a 15-minute car pool karaoke, i asked why don't we get to see those outtakes? he says he wants to leave people
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wanting more. >> well, he does, busecae we want to see a lot mor >> up ahead, the couples who have us sayi omg, clues to kaley cuoco's mystery man. plus more from our chris darden exclusive, the sexual tension that has everyone
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wondering. stroand restoring aing a newbfather's faith.
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try to beat that! courtney and her ex and last not safe. these are stars that have us saying omg and it's only tuesday. first up, it looks like kaley's got a gun and a new guy. washe s out on the shooting range with her new mystery man. we found out the blond guy is equestrian carl cook. the horse jumper on the gran prix circuit. which explains the connection, kelly's been riding since she was 14. he's 25, she's 30 and they've got the same initials k.c. and they first gave us a clue there was a romance when she posted isth pic celebrating one his
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wins with thecaption, mr. k.c., so proud of mr. k.c. comes from a rich billionary. asked what these two could do on dates, they were seen laughing watching a tennis tournament earlier this month and we hope carl likes watching reality tv day shows. >> i like to sit on the couch, order some takeout, turn on the bachelor. >> that's your i ndealight? yes, yes, it is. >> the next couple that had us doing a double take is courteney cox. she and her exfee kran fiance were doing a little bit of shopping just four weeks after calling off their wedding. the two did have lunch together, but she didn't have her ring on. they really care about each other and they're spending time together. finally, details on the celebrity secret relationship that faked out the internet last night. john lovett and 90210 star jessica lounge shot these pics.
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between the sheets, a bedf o roses and a giant diamond ring. 27-ye >> i was taught to be funny and have a big stick. it works. >> i couldn't get over the amount of people and close friends of mine that actually thought i was for real. my business manager was asking if we should insure the ring. >> wt as ireal? >> that was a picture from google. >> turns out it was all to promopr promote jessica's new music video out today. >> have you ever been romantically involved? >> ayore asking if we had se >> i have never liked him. >> if we were together, believe me, there would be a prenuptial. it's just ridiculous. >> jessica fronted this whole project herself and for the record, she and john are both single. >> i bought it, i bought the whole thing.
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i did, i bought into it. marcia clark and chris darden werels we have all heard the rumors forever that something went on between them. so i pressed chris to finally onndce a for all set the record straight. >> would you say that you guys dated? >> no. >> were you interested in her? >> i was interested in her well-being, yes. >> you are good. >> people raise this question again and they have raised it for 21 years. >> right. >> that law degree has helped him perfectly side accept questions about a romance, but he also slips in a lot of what seems like hints. >> what intrigued you or sparked about marcia. >> there's nothing not to like about her, she's a strong woman, an intelligent woman, and what's better than that? i appreciate a strong, intelligent woman. >> so you never thought about kissing her or did you think about kissing her? >> guess what? i'm going to tell you a secret. i'm not a kisser.
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>> you don't kiss? >> i can count the number of n >> is marcia clark on it? today chris is still practicing law in his own firm and has been married to his wife marcia since 1987. even she has grilled him. >> eight days ago, we were sitting in bed and sse turned to me and said, did you date marcia clark? i was like, what the --? >> what did you tell her? did you give her the run around like you're giiing me or did you answer? >> are you really asking me about some woman i met 22 years ago? >> and you didn't answer? >> i didn't answer. >> chris did confirm he and clark made a troip trip to oakland that was portrayed outside of her hotel room that portrayed a lot of sexual to him. >> well, so this is the famous scene that everybody is ta about? >> this is why your wife asked
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you eight dayssago if you dated marcia clark. >> well -- >> i thought you said you didn't kiss. >> we can't kin ss ithat scene. >> cameras caught them laughing, smiling and whispering to each other five separate times, in his own book in contempt, he wrote about is trial but still didn't kiss and tell. >> will you ever admit that you had a thing for marcia clark. >> marcia clark was a great lawyer, she was my friend 20 years ago. >> is she still your friend today? >> i haven't seen her in a long time but i still view her as my friend. >> so you guys don't talk at all? >> i haven't talked to her in like 12 years. >> there's only two things i have wanted to do is be a journalist or an attorney.
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i actually put both 0 them to work yesterday.
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will remember the life and ctimpa of oscar winner patti duke when we come back. time magazine called chris van hollen "a hero to environmentalists, education groups, and gun control advocates" for his accomplishments as a young legislator. now a respected leader in congress and key ally of president obama, protecting planned parenthood and social security... chris van hollen is the only candidate who fought the wall street banks and the nra...and won. that's why he's endorsed by the post as the "talented successor" to senator mikulski who will "deliver results." i'm chris van hollen,
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and i approve this message. daughter might be smarter than most 2-year-olds. it's all at now we can't say goodbye without remembering hollywood legend patti duke. she passed away this morning at 69 years old due to complications from a ruptured intense tin. >> patty was just 16 when she won an oscar in "t miracle worker." >> and we can't forget got their impact offscreen. she's survived by her husband of 30 years and three children. she was one of the first
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celebrities to open up about her bipolar disorder. listen to what she tus her final "e.t" interview. >> i decided i couldn't keep it a secret. i had to tell it. and i must say i have no idea if it had a negative ffect on my acting career or not. because people give back the love that you give out to them. >> she helped so many people by opening up. >> good night, everybody.
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>> good night. woman: i spoke to rebecca. she wants to facetime with you this week. i don't want her seeing me like this. your sister doesn't care about your vanity, alex. she's in kandahar, mom. worrying about me is a distraction she can't afford. fine. but she's gonna have some choice words for you, when she gets home next month. (laughs quietly) just wait till she writes my eulogy. (laughs) you keep talking like that, and i am gonna be the reason you're in this bed. i know the statistics on leukemia, mom. you're gonna make it through this. you know why? because you're a quinn. and a quinn... never backs down from a fight.


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