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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  March 30, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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you know me from somewhere. washington's grandfather said the two didn't know each other. they reported bellamy was arrested in 2014 for swinging his fist at a staffer. he reportedly threatened to return and, quote, smoke all you, dot-dot-dot. >> he did drugs with the young man. said there can be hope but needs to be help. >> i guarantee, this young man was hurt by somebody and didn't get no service. hurt people hurt people. >> davante's grandfather said he apierd to play -- aspired to play football. his mom and his sisters, aged 7 and 10, who watched this all go down. they are devastated. this vigil is set to start re
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at 7:00. debra alfarone, wusa 9. >> the judge said yesterday that bellamy was a danger and ordered him held in jail. until his next hearing on april 22nd. for now, a gaithersburg man is behind bars, accused of sexually assaulting a girl. police say a mother hired jose campos gonzalez to do some work on her home. and while there, he allegedly assaulted the girl inside her bedroom. police are just now telling us about this. monday, officers arrested gonzalez at the same 7-eleven, where he hired him. they say he's confessed to the crime. an suv has crashed into a 7- eleven store. and you can see that pretty much the entire front of the store is a mess. police are there, and despite all of that damage, they tell us no one was hurt. officials are still trying to figure out what went wrong. >> so this is all that is left of a home in hay market, just rc
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sky 9 flying over the scene a short time ago. it's on poplar hill road. the call came in about 3:00 this afternoon everyone inside that single family home was able to make it out safely. a death investigation under way in woodbridge now, after human remains were discovered near jefferson davis highway. they were found near powells creek. route 1 had to be closed down for a bit, while investigators collected the remains. still too soon to know the identity of the remains found or how a person died. but police did send homicide detectives to the scene. pretty soon, you'll be able to eat, drink and be a whole lot more merry. a decades-long moratorium on alcohol in the community will soon be allowed to expire. we get more from cam thompson, who joins us from georgetown, with all the details. hey, cam. >> hey, lesli. that's right. almost 30 years ago, the bar scene was getting out of hand. so the neighbors in the city put a stop to it by putting a
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restaurants that could have liquor licenses. for now, they're getting rid of that ceiling. and for the people who live and work here, they're calling this a great move. >> georgetown needs to make this move. because as a business district, georgetown is being hurt by other parts of the city that have more restaurants groosms 1988 to 2016, georgetown has limited the number of restaurants that conserve liquor. it's at 68 now. but in less than two weeks, that's changing. it was put in place back when the bar scene was getting out of hand. and closing time spilt out to the neighborhoods. the d.c. alcoholic control board says times have changed and the limit has outlived its usefulness. people we talked to support this, saying there's too much shopping and we need more restaurants. >> we need to preserve what georgetown was, which was a family neighborhood. and to have that, you need to have restauras.
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to go around and they're all taken. and that's not changing. that limit was put in place by d.c. council. and while the neighborhoods in georgetown want it to stay that way, people we talked to said there's a bad idea. >> there's definitely not a lack of restaurants issue there's a lack of affordable bars. >> i think 6 is a little on the light side. i think they could definitely add to that. >> i think there should be the opportunity for bars to come back in to help provide a better balance within the neighborhood. >> reporter: now, advocates for the bar and restaurant industry say that they're going to continue to push to have that bar license limit removed. and also work to have similar restrictions in place in other parts of the city. reporting live from georgetown, cameron thompson, wusa 9. >> it was the city's oldest and largest and is the first to be allowed to expire. a maryland man accused of peeping in on a woman in a dressing
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macedo was in the stall next to her. she said he tried to record her as she tried to clothes. that suspect is charged with voyeurism. a newborn is in stable condition tonight, after a teen mom gave birth at a bathtub, then fabricated an elaborate story to try to hide her pregnancy. wusa 9 stephanie gail hard is here to sort out the details. >> reporter: police say the teen mom lied because she didn't even know she was pregnant. and when she gave birth in her bathtub this morning, she made up a sensational story to cover it up. >> there was police. and a doorman in plain clothes. >> the commotion brought neighbor outside. she brought
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up on the porch. investigators say she made up the story. they say she didn't know she was pregnant. and when she gave birth in the bathtub, she panicked and made up the story. >> she knew she was pregnant and was afraid, i can understand, to find someone you know you can trust. school counselor, clergyman, adult family friend, someone you can reach out to and let them know what your circumstances are. so that when that child is born, you don't make an irrational decision that causes harm to a child or to yourself. >> reporter: maryland does have a safe haven law. a parent can leave a baby, up to 10 days old, at a hospital, fire station, or police station, without legal consequences. as for the teen mom in this case, no charges are expected to be filed. >> i hope everything turns out to be good. especially the baby. the baby is, i guess, the victim here. so hope everything turns out good for everybody.
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>> reporter: as for that baby, she's in stable continue at a d.c. hospital. reporting live, stephanie gale hart -- stephanie gale -- stephanie gayle gayle hard, wusa 9. family members are trying to figure out. top floor of this home. 46th. flames took over both floors of the house. the man was rushed to the hospital where he later died. things at med star health, slowly getting back to normal. >> the computer systems are getting back online, after hackers took them down this week. officials say until everything is back up, patients should call about their appointments, instead of going online. fbi agents are looking into what happened. it was back to business as
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usual at the washington monument. the iconic structure was shut down yesterday because of more problems with the elevator. and it's still not clear what is causing the trouble. but that elevator in question is the same one that caused officials to close the monument for several days in may of last year. turning to the race for president now republican donald trump says he supports a ban on abortion. and he said under a ban, women who get abortions should receive, quote, some form of punishment. trump says he hasn't determined what that punishment should be. trump is also defending campaign manager, cory lewandowski. he faces charges of battery over a confrontation with a reporter. >> did anybody think it was that terrible, where he should be fired? >> meanwhile, all three republican candidates are backing off of earlier statements that each would support the eventual party
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committing to standing by the winner. now to the latest on the brussels terror attack. a laptop used by one of the bombers, contained pictures of the prime minister's home and office. they said it is alarming that attackers were scouting that area. dozens of people were killed, hundreds more injured in last week's attacks. and tonight, we learn more about the horrific moments from a local college student who was caught in the chaos. mikia turner brings the story. >> reporter: what started out as family and friends ghana for spring break, ended in terror, nar nanu tufal. >> right now being i'm still in shock. >> reporter: she was scheduled to fly out of belgium the day a pair of suicide bombers set off twin explosions in the departures hall at brussels airport. as people ran for their lives, through smoke, tufals was in the arrival area, waiting for her connecting flight. >> i was just siting there, doing some
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free. that's when i heard like a faint sound, but i didn't think anything of it. >> reporter: but all that was changed when security came through rushing for an evacuation. >> they were telling us to move to the back of the terminal. >> all they were told was to drop everything and run. >> reporter: when she left, she had three suitcases with her. but the only thing she was able to bring back was her handbag and laptop. >> reporter: leaving everything behind, and hundreds of people were transferred to the tarmac for nearly an hour. from there, people were bused and stuffed into a cold hangar room, where they spent almost 10 hours. >> nobody looked extremely panicked. but i think everybody was just in a state of shock. >> reporter: after a day in the hangar room, horrified travelers were bused to a conference center. >> they had a number of cots there for people to lay on. really, the cots look like pool chairs. it was just flat. >> tufal spent one night
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hotel. after three days in a hotel, she managed to catch a flight out of amsterdam. >> to me, it was more important to get home than just be lingering in europe. >> a part of europe, where dozens of people lost their lives. makeya turner, wusa 9. >> she said she won't stop flying. she'll just be extra cautious. several families, now homeless after an inferno in gaithersburg. new details on the investigation in just a bit. more shutdowns could be coming to a metro station near you. very cold this morning. temperatures in the burbs. upper 20s. tonight, not as cold. in fact, downtown, low attaches of 52. 48 in silver spring. 47 in fairfax. and also out towards sterling. we'll come back and talk about when the 70s return. and we're also tracking showers and big thunderstorms. plus, a young girl who helped save her father's
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meets the dispatcher who talked her through it all.
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tracking metro tonight, another round of real closures could soon be on the way. >> metro board chairman jack evans says rail closures are likely, because of much-needed repairs. evans, along with ceo paul pedefeld, attended a metro summit in the west. attendees, take being ways to improve the system. and how a lack of dedicated funding, workplace culture and maintenance problems, impact overall service. >> parts of lines are going to have to be down to get repairs done. otherwise, this three-hour night thing and on the weekend, just isn't going to do
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>> ceo paul wedefeld, hasn't determined if or when they failed. they will blame service disruptions in part on its two- rail system. that, they say, limits its ability to make repairs. nuclear summit kicks off tomorrow. but the traffic troubles are going to start for all of us here in a few hours. starting around 8:00 tonight, the mount vernon square station on the green and yellow lines will close down. it is slated to reopen friday night. metro buses, especially those near the convention center, will be detoured as well. a 7-year-old silver spring girl, who saved her dad, says she is not a super hero. but today, montgomery county fire and rescue service, treated her like one. her actions made the difference between life and death. >> reporter: if jenna valorria waited just seconds to call 911, a diabetic shock might have taken her father's lifeful. >> dad couldn't wake up. and he was unconscious. and i wanted to help him. >> i can be like a real nurse.
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when she found her dad slumped over in his bedroom. she called her mom and then made an emergency call for help. >> my dad is on the floor. and he's on the ground, sleeping. >> reporter: amanda poore was on the other send. >> in the beginning, it was frantic because i knew she was young. >> how old are you, honey? >> i'm 7 years old. >> reporter: as the call went on, and i realized she was really smart, it get better. >> reporter: she counted her dad's breath. she had no idea, her mom was also on the phone with first responders, too. >> probably if jenna did not call 911 that day, my husband is probably in coma or he's gone. >> i say, i'm very lucky that my daughter is with me. >> reporter: her dad, jabani, woke up in his house, surrounded by strangers. he could not believe what his daughter had done. >> he said, thank you, je
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kissing me on the cheek and forehead. >> today, she received thanks from the men and women who save lives for a living. >> i feel like i'm a hero. but i still don't fly because i don't have real powers. >> she's got even better powers. >> jenna said she wants to be a doctor or a nurse, or even both when she grows up. she just wants to help people. and judging by her first patient, she is well on her way. and finally, someone who is willing to admit, you know, i am a hero. no, we don't hear that. >> she said, i'm not a super hero. but i'm a hero. >> if she could fly, she would be a super hero. >> you could be heroic if you were able to bring us good news here. >> i have good news t. comes with a cost. the 70s are going to roll back here. maybe even near 80 on friday. bu withshowers and a couple of thunderstorms. let's start with the 3-degree guarantee. feeling pretty good about tos
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yesterday. just thought it would be a little better day without the wind. how did we do? we you can check us tonight at wusa 9 at 11:00. and download our app for free. there's still blossoms. there's still folks out there, too. temperaturewise, 62. that's good. that's within 3 degrees. dew points in the 30s. remember, dew points in the 20s last night? a good indication of how cold it can get. by golly, some areas were in the upper 20s this morning. winds out of the south at 17. that is a much, much warmer wind. in fact, we're looking at breezy conditions the next couple of days will but it will be a warm wind. not as cold tonight. starting out clear. clouds come in by dawn. bus stop temperatures, 44 to 60. that's way better than it was this morning. both commutes look dry tomorrow. we're not going to issue yellow weather alerts. thunderstorms friday. but still not a washout in fact, the bulk of the precip comes in thursday night. early friday. predawn hours, will
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yellow weather alert. but again, tomorrow's commutes will be dry, both to and from work. 10:00 friday night. notice the winds out of the south. 54 downtown. 55 in manassas. and 55 in leesburg. much more comfortable night. by morning, 6:00. notice, we still had 50s. no 20s or 30s. it's dry. 51 in la plata. 52 in fredericksburg. and we're looking at 53 now in stafford, and 53 also in silver spring. by 9:00. okay, clouds continue to move through. but it's still dry. and temperatures still in the upper 50s. and by 1:00. look at this. 71 in manassas. already 68 in cumberland and 69 in romney. for the most part, showers south of charlottesville. no shortage of clouds tomorrow. but with the warm winds, still a pretty good day. i don't think we'll see too many complaints. couple of showers possible 6:00 p.m., southern maryland. but i really feel most of us are just going to have a mix of
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and look at the temps. 74 downtown. 73, leesburg. and even 70, hagerstown. could be in the 70s just about everywhere. i'm going to stop this. 5:30, friday morning. big-time showers and storms roll through. look at the temperatures, upper 60s will really 65 in gaithersburg. we see red, yellow. that's heavy activity. that's going to roll through in the predawn hours on friday. that's the only thing that could convince me to maybe make early friday a yellow weather alert. we'll keep you posted. in the meantime, day planner. clouds on the increase. 69 by 1:00. friday, showers and storms, 79. but not a washout. again, the majority of the activity rolls in overnight thursday into early, early friday. saturday, mainly light rain. mainly south of town, temperatures low 60s will we'll talk about that. next seven days. sunday is going to be like march. 54, blustery. only 60 monday. showers and rain monday
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and tuesday. only 52 on tuesday. back to 63 on wednesday. so we're heading into april. good news, march leaves like a lamb. but early april could be a little chilly. >> all right, topper. thank you. a 26-year-old british man, whose photo has now gone viral, said he has no idea why he took it. >> so ben ennis is on the left. on the right, the man accused of hijacking the egypt air flight yesterday. >> i think we got it backwards yesterday, by the way. >> in its total, the scottish newspaper, he wanted to take, quote, the selfie of a lifetime. as for the accused highjacker, he remains in cypress. but could be extradited to egypt to face charges. d.c.'s first female purple heart recipient. her story is on the way. plus, the best and worst vehicles, when it comes to headlights. and bk's whopper gets angry. how angry? i'll tell you in tonight's consumer alert.
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headlights of numerous cars. and they felt some not too good results. the chief resource officer says 31 mid-sized models. of them, only the prius was good enough to earn a good rating when upgraded to included l.e.d. lights and high-beam assist. >> our evaluation -- involves looking at low beams and high beams on bog the test track. >> the 3 series halogen had the lowest scoring. mercedes benz and c-optima, performed poorly. the basic halogen lights on the honda accord received an acceptable rating. google goes old school with its rollout for a new service for a land line. right now, it's only available in areas that have google fiber. but the company does plan to expand. now, to that angry buer
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it's a red whopper. and burger king is about to give it to you. they added hot sauce to the baked buns to give a spicy kick to the meat. >> i'm going to be angry if i don't get one. >> uh-oh. she is the first female veteran from d.c. to be awarded the purple heart. >> they gathered to honor specialist antoinette scott. scott was injured by a roadside bomb, more than a decade ago. even after her injuries, scott said she wanted to go back into the war zone. well, that didn't happen. >> that day was very tragic for me. and it never leaves me. i think about it often. and in my thanks and gratitude, i found many ways to give back because i am passionate about helping veterans. >> reporter: scott said she wants to make sure veterans know about all the resources that they have
5:27 pm
a husband is behind bars, after trying to hire a hitman allegedly to kill his wife. we've got new details on that plot. fire tears through a home in gaithersburg, killing one person there. we are live with the latest on the investigation. and right after the break, following breaking developments on the howard university student, who is at the center of
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week at howard university. we learned that a male student has been kicked out of the school. >> he's the same student at the center of rape allegations that were made last month. but he hasn't been charged with a crime garrett haake broke the story a few minutes ago, live on campus with the latest information. garrett? >> reporter: adam, the language the university is use is that this student is permanently dismissed from the university, and banned from the campus and all campus activities, after a violation of the student code of conduct. university and other sources essentially stressing that this doesn't mean they've made a finding of these rape allegations, but rather that something in their allegations. you'll remember, a week ago, these allegations when they were publicly aired on twitter, sparked an enormous protest on campus. several hundred, students marched to where this dorm rape was alleged to
5:31 pm
marching to help protect students on campus. next, they followed all of those steps, except one, which was the students wanted to have people who were accused of crimes like this, removed from campus before any kinding was made of whether or not they were guilty or innocent. in this case, we are now seeing a student asked to leave the campus. while any criminal or rape allegations remained outstanding. i can tell you, the university has 60 days, about 30 of which are remaining, to complete its title ix investigation. its specific investigation, into whether or not this alleged rape occurred. i can also tell you that mpd has occurred. now, the ball is in prosecutor's court, to decide whether or not they think there is enough evidence to go forward with a sexual assault charge in this case. but for now, this student, who we are
5:32 pm
has not been charged with any crime, will no longer remain a student on the howard county -- university campus. garrett haake, wusa 9. >> and gaithersburg neighbors tonight are grieving the death of a man in a townhouse fire. so intense, it took 100 firefighters to knock it down. investigators are still trying to figure out the cause of the blaze. and to confirm the identity of the man who was killed. bruce leshan is live in gaithersburg tonight, where several families are now homeless. bruce? >> that's right, lesli, the families that live on either side of the burned home are out because of smoke damage. the two men who lived upstairs are also looking for a place to stay. but they are particularly shaken by the death of the man that we only know of as steve. who lived here in the basement.
5:33 pm
firefighters arrived, the flame was so intense, they struggled to get inside. >> the two men smelled smoke, raced out, as the smoke detectors went on. at first, they told rescuers, steve was probably not home. it was two hours later that firefighters finally found his body. >> he's a good guy. >> reporter: susan reed moved out, 2 1/2 weeks ago. >> i had a gardien angel. >> investigators say the fire had probably been burning in the basement for a while. looks like it was fed some kind of gas. but there is no gas to the townhomes. a fire spokesman said it may have been a grill or heater. >> i thought we were being robbed. >> reporter: claire lopez and charlie edmonds lived with their two children, in the one home in the row that was left undamaged. >> then there was
5:34 pm
then big bangs from police officers. >> she said steve had been recovering from health problems. good guy. >> i think he was getting his stuff together. in a peaceful kind of way. >> determined for certain what caused this fire. they are not ruling anything in or out, but at this point, they say, there is no sign of foul play. live in gaithersburg, bruce leshan, wusa 9. >> what a sad development there. thank you, bruce. the floor apparently collapsed into steve's basement. so it took until this morning for firefighters to safely get his body out. the state medical examiner is trying to positively identify him. and it could take several days. >> a laurel man is behind bars, accused of trying to hire a hitman to kill his wife. afaulk manna jawaa, is being held without bond tonight. that hitman turned out to be an undercover detective. the plan was to make it look
5:35 pm
he allegedly offered the detective, $15,000. he was arrested on monday, after making a partial payment. convicted killer, je jesse matthew, is now behind bars in a facility that houses some of virginia's worst criminals. matthew was recently transferred to red onion state prison. he's alreadiy pled guilty to killing college students, morgan harrison and hannah graham. they are also home to d.c. sniper, lee boyd malvo. he was known as the red hog during his career. tonight, george stark is free on bond, facing charges of assault. and domestic violence. the 67-year-old former offensive lineman is accused of shoving his female companion in the w hotel, downtown monday night. debate over a controversial, lgbt law, in north carolina just keeps growing. students have taken to the streets. protesting against house bill 2. it blocks efforts by
5:36 pm
protections for lgbt residents. the measure has provided more fuel for the fiery exchange for. >> he cannot select which laws hewill defend. and which laws are politically expedient to refuse. >> not only is this new law a national embarrassment. it will set north carolina's economy back if we don't repeal it. >> more than 80 major business leaders, including apple's tim cook and facebook's mark zucker burg have signed on, calling for the law to be repealed. whoopi goldberg fires up a pot business. >> eagle eyes. they spot a problem in this rhode island tourism video. and here, kitty, kitty, kitty. this panther shows up on a family's front porch. we're going to give you a second,
5:37 pm
state this happened in. topper? march will go out like a lamb. and here's why. temperatures in the low to mid- 70s in some spots. 73 downtown. 73 in silver spring and fairfax. we'll come back, though, and track some showers and thunderstorms that will accompany these 70s. ♪ as a small business owner, you know things have a way of moving fast. but if your network can't keep up, it can really slow you down. so switch to the 100% fiber optic network of verizon fios. you'll get 99.9% network reliability, and the fastest wi-fi available. get fios 50 meg or higher internet and phone for your last chance to get $250 back. hurry, this offer ends soon. call or go online today. small business is better on a better network.
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time magazine called chris van hollen "a hero to environmentalists, education groups, and gun control advocates" for his accomplishments as a young legislator. now a respected leader in congress and key ally of president obama, protecting planned parenthood and social security... chris van hollen is the only candidate who fought the wall street banks and the nra...and won. that's why he's endorsed by the post as the "talented successor" to senator mikulski who will "deliver results." i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message. i'm chris van hollen,
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all aboard the trending trains. whoopi goldberg is coughing up cash and lending her name to female friendly pot products. >> she's been pretty open about her love of weed in the past. the name of the new medical marijuana intervention is called whoopee and maya. they are only available to card- carrying residents of california. experts say the marijuana industry is worth about $5.7 billion in the united states. >> who is maya? >> i think that's her daughter. >> okay. a gas in a rhode island tourism video is getting a lot of clicks on facebook today. >> check out the offending clip. >> but holds enough uniqueness, that you're never bored. >> rhode island is small but awesome, right? turns out that glass building e. r that's the harpa hall
5:41 pm
conference center. located in iceland. oops. tourism officials have yanked that ad, and blamed the mistake on an editing company. editors made a similar mistake in february, when a video from can viewfer was -- vancouver was made in a marketing ad. >> iceland? rhode island. pretty close to each other, right? >> yeah. how would you like to step out your front door and see this sitting on your porch? animal control workers in fort myers posted this picture of a panther. happened last week. and the panther just sort of hung around for about 20 minutes before kind of skedaddling. and they gave him full range to do what he wanted to do. >> they stayed indoors. now is your chance to sleep with the fishes. the aquarium of paris, along with air b&b are hosting a contest. the winner, you get to sleep in an underwater bedroom, surrounded by swimming sharks.
5:42 pm
the 360-degree wall is transparent. you have to enter through the air b&b website by april 3rd. if you win, you get flown out to paris, which is great. then you sleep in that structure sitting in 3 million gallons of water, which depending on your definition of great, may not be so great. >> are they in water, in the tank? >> like a big aquarium you sleep in. >> who would want to do that really? >> sometimes you just want to get away. sleep under water. moving on. >> never. >> at least you get to go to paris. is there a championship coming to d.c.? colonials say uh-huh. that's coming up in sports. plus, strong words from a recovery addict, about the
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
stir a -- a murder mystery. in october, 2013. mark wa, a promising 23-year- old law student, was stabbed to death. it happened at an apartment, where his friend, ra hull gupta, and his girlfriend, taylor gould, the biomedical engineer where they lived. they started the evening barhappen hopping. -- barhopping.
5:46 pm
did it. but after sobering it up, he changed his story. >> i know i didn't cause him to start bleeding. i know that for a fact. >> did you get the sense he was inserting the denials into the conversation? >> like conveniently. whenever he could. >> did you kill mark? >> i don't think so. why would i? i don't remember what happened. i told you everything i did remember. >> did you believe her? >> i didn't believe her then. and i still don't believe her. >> reporter: the rest of the story, saturday at 10:00, right here on wusa 9. well, don't think it can't happen to you. that's a message a recovering drug addict wants to share with the world. >> he's fromfaulkier county, where they are in the midst of a recovery epidemic. >> a lot of people think that heroin in pills and openiates only happen to certain people.
5:47 pm
things like that. drugs don't discriminate. >> says 31-year-old brian smith and pastor's son,for his heroin addiction. that he said started at around the age of 12, with pills. he turned to the needle around 17. the problem is so bad, the sheriff's department got the overdose solution narcan, on march 15th. and not even two weeks later, used it this past weekend. 28-year-old deputy john coppage is the first officer to use it here and save a woman's life. >> to administer yourself, and see it actually work is surprising. >> i knew it was only a matter of time. >> they said just this past year alone, the county has already seen four heroin county deaths. the sheriff pushed to get narcan. >> there has to be training. the narcan itself has to be stored at a pacific room temperature. after the role call, sheriff's deputies come in here and grab one of these book bags that
5:48 pm
this inside. >> you can go on through your day, without your next shot. >> smith said he got his fix and crashed both his and his parents' car, in a span just a few days, because he overdosed behind the wheel. now, fighting to stay clean and help other addicts. >> i've been brought back because of narcane. and if it wasn't for that, i wouldn't be sitting here. and i wouldn't be able to possibly make a difference. once again, i've got myself taken care of. >> reporter: in faulkier county, stephanie ramirez, wusa 9. >> and smith says, sometimes allowances for kids, that's one of the ways they get their hands on the drugs. in virginia last year, listen to this. drug overdoses surpass the number of deaths on highways. all right. just spectacular outside. a live look outside through our michael and son weather cam.
5:49 pm
temperature, 62. dew points in the 30s of the not quite as dry air mass as it was yesterday. winds not as strong either. out of the south at 17. we'll have south/southwest winds, really for the next couple of days. that's going to keep us much warmer. especially thursday and friday. starting out clear. clouds come in by dawn. bus stop temperatures, 34 to 60. you might be able to get out without a jacket or a sweatshirt. both commutes are going to be dry tomorrow. we're not going to issue a yellow weather alert. could be a different story. still not a washout. we feel most of the showers and storms friday, will be out of the metro, by about 6:00 in the morning. some of those can be kind of hefty, overnight on thursday. tonight, though, nothing but clear skies to start. 54 downtown. 52 in laplate a. in fact, mainly low to mid-50s. few high clouds. temperatures still upper 40s, low 50s. pretty night. by 9:00,
5:50 pm
culpepper, even up to frederick. but dry. all of the showers are southwest of charlottesville. we're through the morning commute, dry with temps in the 50s. not bad. lunchtime, look what happens. 71 already in manassas. 70 in fairfax, 71 in silver spring. clouds yes, but not a washout yet. in fact, no showers in the metro. and by 6:00, maybe a couple of showers south into southern maryland. northern neck. but i think we're in pretty good shape tomorrow, with mix of sun and clouds. probably more clouds and sun. still, with temps, 74 at 6:00. that's not a bad day at all. 73 in manassas, and also fredericksburg. by late tomorrow night, we'll kind of stop it at 5:30 in the morning. predawn hours of friday. here come our showers and storms. temperatures in the upper 60s. but i think most of these will make it out of here by early morning on friday before the commute. so if all goes according to plan, most of these showers and storms will be overnight on thursday. thursday, day planner. clouds increase. stays
5:51 pm
next seven days. thunderstorms on friday. 79. but not a washout. showers or rain possible saturday morning, mainly south of town. then 62. so our first weekend in april is going to feel like april on saturday. not so much on sunday. blustery. 54. that might be high. 60 on monday, kind of a cold rain monday night and tuesday. only low 50s on tuesday. but sun returns next wednesday, with highs back into the low 60s. let's go, baby. it's game time. we're going to come out on top right here, baby. we're coming for that spot. >> yeah. san diego aztecs were confident they would travel across the country for a nice, extended stay in the big apple. but the george waub wash colonials, they had other plans. they weren't ready for their season to be over quite yet. the colonials have taken full advantage of their post season performance
5:52 pm
knocking down to reach the times. for the first time in program history. fourth seeded gw, led the second-seeded aztecs, from seart to finish last night. nding them back to the west coast, a lot earlier than expected. >> the night did not turn out quite the way that we had anticipated. thought, or hoped for. our opponent, george washington had a lot to do with that. and we had a lot to do with it. we didn't play particularly well. in fact, we didn't play well. they played very well. they were part of the reason we didn't play well. now, gw faces valparaiso in the final. four teams remaining in the ncaa tournament, prepare for saturday's final four. we take a look back at george mason's historic run. can you believe it was 10 years ago, that jim wore the glass slipper at the big dance? they were the talk of the nation. this is starting la
5:53 pm
illustrated. he said it was a memory that really could never be replicated. >> after that, you're going to, like i said, a professional level. and you're looking for that comradery in the locker room. that brotherhood. that team was special. we were so close off the court. the thing i thought was normal wasn't. and that's how we were as a team. we have a group chat now and we talk every day. and i check my phone, the 400 messages i missed and i gotta try to catch up. >> you talk about the chemistry of a team. and lamar just explained it right there, why that is so important for the success of a team. >> i was there when people were sleeping on the floor. they were so excited about this that team. >> a magical run. and one of only four double- digit teams to ever be able to do it. >> thanks, kristin. coming up, when bruce joins me at 6:00, a new poll shows
5:54 pm
may be loving momentum, ahead of the april primary. also, reaction not to charge two minneapolis white officers in the shooting of a black man. up next, a new report finds that asheimer -- alzheimer's caregivers give up their own food and medical care to support loved ones
5:55 pm
but jamie raskin is the only democrat for congress who's authored landmark progressive laws -- marriage equality, equal pay for women, green maryland act, assault weapons ban, and more. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message. yeah! ahh...
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u probably say it a million times a day. ahh... ahh! ahh... ahh! but at cigna, we want to help everyone say it once a year. say "ahh". >>ahh... cigna medical plans cover one hundred percent of your in-network annual checkup. so america, let's go. know. ahh! and take control of your health. cigna. together, all the way. it's
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million americans have alzheimer's disease. and nearly 16 million are caring for them. now, a new report is highlighting just how much these caregivers are sacrificing to provide financial, physical and emotional support to their loved ones. hena daniels has one family's story from philadelphia. >> it's a love story that has spanned six decades. renee lost her husband arthur last year, after he battled alzheimer's disease. >> his wife and his children were always first. >> reporter: renee had to cope with the emotional toll the disease took on her family. but she said there was also a significant financial burden. >> i had to learn to write checks and handle our finances. >> reporter: a new report from the alzheimer's association finds caregivers make big sacrifices to support loved ones with the disease. >> having to make choices about putting food on the table. or going to the doctor, or taking money out of their retirement fund. >> reporter: more than a
5:58 pm
to reduce their work hours or quit to care for someone with alzheimer's. it's recommended families educate themselves and think about long-term care when planning for retirement. >> two-thirds of the people incorrectly believe medicare covers long-term care, like nursing homes. they're blindsided. when they realize they need the care, they don't have that kind of coverage and they don't know how they'll pay for it. >> reporter: they eventually sold their suburban homes, their cars and moved into a one- bedroom apartment. renee got a job and walks there every day. >> he was way too good to me. >> reporter: today, renee remembers the caring man that always put his family first. hena daniels, cbs news. >> it's recommended that providers will provide 18 billion hours of unpaid care this year. right now, at 6:00. people are reacting to donald trump's statement, that he believes there should be some form of punishment for abortion.
5:59 pm
of a man, killed by minneapolis police, react to the decision not to charge the officers who shot him. and people who use and live near a popular trail in northern virginia, say someone spray-painted racist graffiti under a bridge. i'm lesli foster. >> and i'm bruce johnson. donald trump said there should be punishment for women who have abhorrings if the -- abortions if the procedure was outlawed. that was taped at a town hall meeting in wisconsin and slated to air later tonight. weijia jiang has more. >> donald trump swapped one controversy for another one wednesday. after this exchange with chris matthews on msnbc. >> do you believe in punishment for abortion? yes or no? as a principal? >> the answer is that there has to be some form of punishment. >> reporter: women's rights groups and trump's opponents quickly reacted. the planned parenthood action fund said in a statement, donald p
6:00 pm
dangerous. women's lives are not disposable. ohio governor, john kasich, who opposes abortion said this. >> i don't think so. i don't think that's an appropriate response. and it's difficult enough situation to try to punish somebody. >> reporter: wisconsin is the next state to vote. and trump is trailing by 10 points there. all three gop candidates are reversing earlier positions that supporting the eventual nominee is necessary to unite the party. now, none of them will commit to standing by the winner. >> reporter: hillary clinton, campaigning at new york's apollo theater, continued hammering trump. >> just listen to donald trump. he plays coy with white supremacists. he says demeaning and degrading things about women. >> reporter: but bernie sanders, campaigning in wisconsin, stayed on message. >> if i can't win on my ideas, i don't want to win. >> reporter: the latest poll has sanders ahead of clinton in wisconsin, by 4 points. weijia jiang, cbs news, the white house.


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