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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  March 31, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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we're following breaking news out of richmond, virginia where our cbs affiliate is reporting that a virginia state trooper has died after a shooting in a greyhound bus station. thank you for joining us. i'm bruce johnson. police tell us that a gunman walked in, pulled out a gun and shot the trooper and two state troopers killed the man. two other people were shot and are expected to survivor. according to the cbs affiliate, they were at the bus station for a training exercise when the gunfire broke out. we are expecting an update at 7:30 tonight, and we'll send out the breaking news updates on the wusa 9 app. a man accused of pulling out a gun at the
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visitor's center faces charges. the charging documents show that larry dan son -- dawson was armed with a daisy spring bb gun. he pulled out the gun and aimed it at officers. they shot him twice and dawson is still in the hospital facing charges of assault and resisting arrangement dawson had two runins with capital police under arrest past year alone. topper shutt is tracking the storm and how it could impact tomorrow morning's commute. topper? yeah, bruce. it will be a yellow weather alert but it won't be a wash out. it will be very, very warm, a warm start at 6:00 a.m. in the morning. it's more like june, 64 in gaithersburg and 65 in rock hill and silver spring and 9:00, some
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-- frederick to leeburg and gaithersburg, and then look at what happens. by lunchtime, breaks in the clouds and showers north and showers south and a better chance of showers in prince george's county and southern maryland and we'll advance it again. by 3:00, lots of sunshine in southern maryland and back to the north and west and a couple of heavier showers and thunderstorms north at i-95 and temperatures in the upper 70s to near 80. many folks will hit 80 tomorrow. 5:30, upper 70s and sunshine. so it's one of those day where is we are talking about showers and you will need sunglasses as well. and you need the app. it's free. just download it and you can get all the yellow weather alerts and notifications. we're hearing from the mother of a sex-year-old allegedly sexually assaulted by a day laborer. the mom hired jose
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gonzalez to move furniture and told surae chin he is going public. >> reporter: the mother of 2 hired two day laborers but instead of help, it became a fight mayor and agreed to tell her daughter's story because she fears there are more victims. >> they were watching me. >> reporter: mom was a few feet away but distractions of moving blocked the view of her child. >> literally on the lower level. as a parent, i was right here. i felt powerless. >> reporter: the single mother of 5 and 6-year-old children had a lot on her plate moving herself and hired two day laborers including 44-year-old jose campos-gonzalez. >> i was able to report it to the police and he was
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get caught and save the children from experiencing the same trauma. report it's unclear if campos- gonzalez is a documented citizen. police say always supervise a stranger who comes into your home to do work. >> charges have been filed and police want anyone would has encountered campos-gonzalez to give them a call. new information in the man charged in a boy's death over a piece of birthday cake. robert wilson was sentenced to 30 years behind bars in the plea deal. the 31-year-old is accused of killing his girlfriend's 9-year- old son, jack garcia. wilson cried in court saying he regrets what he did and puts some of the blame on jack's mom and her brother. they are also facing charges. new charges
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in prince george's county. the lawsuit claims that deonte carraway would kill the girl if she told anybody and accuses the 22-year-old of enticing kids and being able to abuse them at the municipal center because he was not being supervised. >> i think it's very sad that parents cannot take their kids somewhere and believe they're save knowing that there was police in the building with the children and it still happened. >> we were asking for a response from glen arden's leaders for weeks, and they continue to turn us down for an interview. a man is accused
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stabbing. the suspect got into an argument with 24-year-old man while handing out plea copies of a paper. the vendon tackled the victim and stabbed him three times. the victim is in stable condition. sentencing day for a former judge who ordered a defendant to be physically shot in his courtroom. he was given a year probation to anticipate in anger management classes and pay a $5,000 fine. he had pleaded guilty earlier this year for a civil rights violation forking for ordering a deputy in the courtroom to activate a stun gun. donald trump was here in d.c. and huddled up with his newly forms foreign policy team and he tweeted he ed
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forward to bringing the republican party together but republicans and democrats alike are bashing trump for saying he would punish women for having an abortion if it were outlawed. >> donald 's notion of punishing women was bizarre and was something with which i strongly disagree. >> the republicans want limited government except when it comes to women's rights. >> the next big prize in the race is wisconsin. it tolds the primary on tuesday. take a look at princess, a 5-year-old dog almost left for dead. montgomery county officers were called to this montgomery village neighborhood and they found her, puppies running loose and princess in the backyard of townhouses in bad shape. >> his initial observations were of a dog that were skin and bones. she was so skinny
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personality and was not reacting to him. we couldn't tell what breed the dog was. >> the owner could be sentenced to three months in jail. princess and her pups are up for adoption. you heard the story, metro line shut down for months at a time for maintenance work. coming up next, we'll go to the top for the lowdown. and taking facebook by storm, one lady's run in with a panther, really, a panther. you won't
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despite controversial comments to the contrary, metro's gm has said he has not made any decision to shut down the rail line. it generated headlines and buzz, and to
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was just trying to make a point about funding. riders said it would change their lives. >> me and everybody else, a lot of people would be in bad shape. >> i would have to drive in and that would make my parking costs very expensive. >> we're asking on twitter what you would do if metro had to shut down. many of you said you would carpool and take a bus. a look at today's must see moment caught on camera. a surprise encounter in florida. take a listen. >> oh, my god. oh, my god. oh, my god. >> no kidding. that was a for -- florida panther but luckily t seemed that the panther had something better to do. she was on a walk in the morning and had a surprise encounter. she posted the video on facebook two days ago and
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has three million views. here at latest photo that social media users are trying to make sense of. it looks like a normal self of a couple but take a closer look at the woman's reflection. it looks like a face where the back of her head should be. if you would like to take a closer look, we have the photo posted it wusa 9's facebook page. still to come, you need to know how to avoid the traffic hassles caused by the nuclear summit. we'll have details for you. we have a yellow weather alert for tomorrow. look at the high, 81 downtown and 81 in gaithersburg and rockville and 80 in fairfax, and we'll come back and show you when the showers and storms roll in. believe it or not, you
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let's get back to the breaking news out of richmond, virginia. a trooper shot and killed at a greyhound bus station. >> reporter: we are about 15 minutes away from the second and final update on the shooting and maybe an update on the two civilians inju
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any information about the suspect would is dead in the shooting and would he was and what the motivation might have been. the police presence has calmed down with police finally opening the road. but this is a busy terminal and there were dozens and dozens of people in and around the terminal who witnessed and heard it including one young woman on the way from south carolina to new york and survived or might have been uninjured because she stepped outside to smoke a cigarette. take a listen. >> i heard a few banging noises, and i didn't think examining -- anything of it. and i opened the door and two people were on the ground and they put their hands where they could see them and you could see the look on people's faces, and i didn't what was going on. so i opened the door and hear three more banging noises, and i thought i have to get out of here and
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>> reporter: that witness described to me 6-9 shots she heard fired. many of the gunshot his already passed. and the buses are not yet running out of this terminal, and we expect the update to begin any moment now and, bruce, we'll bring you the latest. >> garrett, just a quick question. we can wait on the motive, but in terms of what the shooter did, did it appear that the shoot her a beef with police or just shooting anybody? >> reporter: well, this started with a direct confrontation between this shooter and this one particular officer and we don't know if this is police related or personal between the shooter and officer, exactly what motivated it. but it wasn't a random shooting in that sense. this was a one to one interaction that escalated. >> thank you, garrett, and we will have an
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and we will send out the breaking news updates from the press conference. stay with the wusa 9 app. right now, at tesla dealerships across the u.s., people are loining -- lining up and willing to shell out $1,000 for a car they haven't seen yet, the tesla model 3. it's going to be half the cost of the other models and the electric car will have twice it is range of former models. it won't hit the road until the end of next year. the beauty of cherry blossoms knows no boundaries. take a look at them in peak season in tokyo, japan. people here like to enjoy a picnic under the trees, and the famous trees lining d.c.'s tidal basin were a gift from japan
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>> and bruce, the wind has been an enemy all week. >> brutal. >> winds gusting to 42 today and 49 yesterday and 40 the day before, not doing them any favors. let's talk about the 3-degree guarantee. a lot of clouds today but with a southwest wind, temperatures would make it into the low 70s, and i'm a wee bit concerned from the reading on my car but you can check in with us at 11:00, and let's talk about the month of april. it can be cruel. the first part of april will be cold. i'll tell you about that right now. and on the first tomorrow, 62 and 42 for the average high and low. and the end of the month, low cents and low 50s, and the precip, not crazy wet, under 3", and yes, that's not a typo, and i make some of those but we averaged a trace of snow for the month of april. as hot as 95nd cold as 15. a live look outside at
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harbor, and if you like peeps, it's peeps day at national harbor on saturday. i don't know. you know it won't get that cold tonight with the wind chill out of the south at 11 but warm with showers, to -- not a lot, some showers, but bring an umbrella for the kids at the bus stop tomorrow. both cmu affected. not a wash out day with periods of sunshine tomorrow. so really not -- i think it's a good trade to get to 80 with a few showers and storms. 10:00 tonight, a few showers primarily south of town. i wouldn't get too hung up in the location. but upper 60s, that's what i would get hung up on. by morning, some showers and mid-60s, and mid morning, we're looking at showers in gaithersburg and lees burg and down to manassas, nothing crazy heavy and
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by 1:00, 76 in fredericksburg and showers north in frederick and low to mid-70s and heavier showers try and develop to d.c. and baltimore at 5:30 but if this was the case tomorrow, sunshine. and yes, we are concerned about light rain on saturday. so the day planner, 60s to start and 71 by 11:00 and 74 by 1:00 p.m. the weekend, well, it's going to be maybe morning rain on saturday and cooler and blustery on sunday, and on sunday, we're looking at temperatures only in the low to mid-50s and a low of about 42 sunday night. so more like march as we get into the weekend. after that, rain on monday and 64 and down right cold on tuesday and 48 and 60 on wednesday, and nats' home opener on 9 on thursday, rain could be a factor and only 55. right now, president am
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foreign leaders in d.c. for a two-day nuclear security summit. noaft - - most of the meetings are taking place near the washington center, and are commuters feeling the effects? you bet. >> crazy. stay at home if you can. avoid this area. >> you are living in the nation's capitol. i always feel like it's a dangerous zone no matter what. >> the summit ends tomorrow evening and traffic should get back to normal over the course of the evening. until then, don't get steered into trouble. steer yourself into the free wusa 9 app. a murder mystery that gripped silver spring comes into new focus this weekend on 48 hours. last year, a man was convicted of murdering a georgetown law
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student in october of 2013. he believed that the victim was sleeping with his girlfriend, admitted he did it, and then changed his story. >> i know i didn't do anything to cause his death. i did not attack him. >> did you get the sense he was inserting the denials into the conversation? >> oh, yeah. >> do you believe her? >> i didn't believe her then and i still don't believe her. >> saturday night, 10:00 on 48 hours right here on wusa 9. what's a big outfit like whole foods doing signing a marketing deal with a little girl like this? the answer's in the bottle
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finally, we have a recipe for success. forget the neighborhood lemonade stand. an 11-year-old from austin, texas is going big time. the 6th ad
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tonight stars like us and some other stars not like us at all. >> does your night out look like this? we're looking at you kim mobbed by fans and instagraming topless photos. hello jessica with her daisy dukes. taking private jets on exotic vacations. >> and who gets massagesed by three people? come on. >> and there are some having bad days just like the rest of us. find out who got in a fender-bender. then beyonce drops the mike again, your first look at her ne fitness fashion line, facing off with kate hudson. plus, they woke up like this, stars without makeup. big news on the top gun sequel. big news from jerry bruckheimer. >


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