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tv   wusa 9 News at 5am  CBS  April 1, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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allyson rae. it is a yellow alert day, but not a total washout. >> absolutely not. you will need your sunglasses and umbrella and short sleeves. near 80 degrees. this is the first round of showers. this is our main chance for showers and a thunderstorm. areas to the south could see thunderstorm out there. so we're dry, and tracking this to be here by about midmorning before the lunch hour. and then we're dry out. see sunshine, very gusty, up to near 80 degrees. and then the front comes on through this evening we will see another round of showers and a thunderstorm. this one won't be as great. not as many people will see it. but a bigger punch for the evening hours. we're not done with the rain yet for the weekend. your weekend forecast is coming up. larry over to you. an accident blocks the shoulder on the
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of i-66. this is inside of the beltway. slight delays. also keeping a close eye on 299. kenworth avenue. we have accident reported there. it is blocking the shoulder. but use caution southbound on ken work avenue -- kenworth avenue. and we'll be back with traffic and weather on the 9s. over to you. >> thank you, larry. we are following a heartbreaking news out of virginia this morning. aprayer visual for state trooper chad dermyer will be held in richmond today. >> he was shot in a greyhound bus terminal yesterday. now, mikea is live. >> reporter: a vigil will
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expected at the vigil to take place across the street from the greyhound terminal. police are asking people to wear a navy blue sure to back the blue. and bring white single roses for officer dermyer. >> you can see the look on people's faces. >> reporter: this greyhound bus terminal in richmond. chad dermyer was undergoing training. and he approached a man who shot him multiple times. nearby troopers intervened and shot the suspect. both men were taken to the hospital and later died. two women were shot during the gun battle, but are expected to survive. coming up in the next half hour, we learn more about the
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reporting live, mikea turner, back to you. >> thank you. this afternoon a man who opened fire -- >> opened fire into a metro bus last summer will learn his fate today. brown was found guilty of the shooting in august in southeast washington, d.c. but person was hurt when brown fired into a bus. the shooting prompted metro to temporally stop running buses at night along that route. stopping nuclear proliferation. that is the goal of the two-day nuclear security summit. >> the wraps up today at the washington, d.c. convention center. and nick giovanni is live. it is a traffic nightmare for the last day or show. take it away. >> reporter: yes. this is day two of the summit, bringing together a who's who of world leaders. obviously there is a domino effect outside of the convention center right now. but the top priority inside, today and yesterday, is stopping nuclear prolifio
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it convention center yesterday and at the white house, where they held a working dinner last night. a lot of attention paid to two fronts, the korean peninsula and isis. as for north korea they have a threat, with reports today that north korea fired another missile into the sea today. that is a subject that will be discussed again today as the summit wraps up at the convention center. coming up at 5:30. we will hear from president barack obama on his top priority and the traffic concerns that you may be facing if you're making your way through the district. outside of the buses passing us now, smooth sailing right now. but that is subject to change. reporting live, nick giovanni, wusa 9. >> thank you, nick. despite comments to the convey, metro's gm has not made any decisions to shutdown entire rail
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months to make sure that the system is safe. it was jack evan whose made the comments yesterday generating headlines and a lot of talk. evans was trying to make a point about funding. riders are saying a shutdown for safety would change their lives. >> i would be in bad shape. me and everybody else. a lot of people. >> i would have to drive in. >> and we are asking on twitter, what would you do if metro shutdown? today washington, d.c. mayor will be kicking off the city's pothole pulosa. it is the eighth year of the event. this year new technology will be used to identify roads throughout all eight wards. this year the city is committed to making the repairs under the standard 72-hour
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doing it in 48 hours. campaign 2016, supporters of bernie sanders are suing former president clayton. they are accusing him of breaking voting laws. the suit alleges, among other things, hillary clinton openly campaigned for his wife at polling places during the massachusetts primary earlier this month. hillary clinton won by 1%. the lawsuit asks the judge to invalidate the primary results and hand all of the delegates to bernie sanders. for 24/7 coverage of the campaign download our new app. if you are near the white house tomorrow, you might smell marijuana in the air. there is a protest for the president's refusing to overturn federal law. it is still illegal to possess and smoke it on federal property. organizers of the
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expect to be arrested. everything is not equal in professional sports.
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it is a warm and breezy start to our yellow weather alert day. and meteorologist melissa nord is at the tidal basin with the conditions. how is it? >> reporter: not a bad start to the day. we have storm tracker nine here this morning and we're out here just taking a look at the current conditions. a lot of cherry blossoms behind me, past their peak bloom, but showers and thunderstorms that could impact activities that you have down near the tidal basin a little bit later today. so we're looking at two different rounds. the
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morning between 8:00 and 10:00 and then another round this afternoon popping up. right now first alert live doppler is quiet for us. acouple of spotty showers south and east of the metro area. but into the afternoon another round. and any of the rounds that pop, brief heavy rainfall, and gusty winds possible. but regardless outside of the showers and thunderstorms this afternoon, it will stay breezy, gusty at times and warm temperatures today, they make it up to 80 degrees. so coming up in 10 minutes. allyson will walk you through the timing of the rounds closer and look at the weekend forecast coming up. back to you in the studio. >> all right. thank you. 5:10 is your time. and your volume is starting to pick up. we are still moving along the beltway. moderate conditions on 95 and 66. 66 where that accident inside of the beltway just causing slight ds.
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minutes or so. still moving along 50 and slow on 295 because of this accident on kenworth -- every southbound. no issues for those traveling from along the whole corridor making your way into the bethesda. watch out for volume. we'll be back with traffic and weather on the 9s. >> thanks, larry. the creasing -- decreasing your risk of cancer.
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welcome back. friday. let that sink in for a little. and you know what else, 66 degrees and 5:14 in the morning. we
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degree mark. ayellow alert day for storms. the centers for disease control is gathering health officials from one to country today for a one-day zika action plan summit. it has been linked to birth defects and neurological problems. the man accused of pulling out what appeared to be at a gun visitors' center this week is facing charges. new documents indicate larry dawson was armed with a bbg that looked like a really bad gun. investigators are saying that he set off the metal detectors twice and during a third search he pulled out the bbg and aimed it at officers. he had two run-ins with capital police in the last year.
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soccer team for women claimed a lawsuit. claiming they are paid four times less than the men, despite generating $20 million more than the men's team last year. the players filing the action suit include lloyd, morgan, and solo. u.s. soccer federation issued a statement saying that they are disappointment that the players filing the suit. 70 years later the city of brotherly love is apologizing to jackie robinson. april15th is a day to honor the legend. during a game against the phillies, a team manager and other players hurled rational slurs at robinson. robinson broke the color barrier when he was signed to the dodgers. >> that was a
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soda consumption in the united states fell for the 11th year in 2015. it is at the lowest level in 30 years. and diet sodas also took a hit. more americans are trying to swim to healthier beverage options. one good option doctors are saying may decrease your risk of colon cancer drink more coffee. >> okay. >> researchers at southern california compared data from 5,000 people who had cancer against healthy people. the more coffee a person drinks the less of a risk for colon cancer. one ohio bar that is openings this summer is taking infruition n othing fu-- inspiration from the new york stock
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they are going to price the beers like -- like stocks. the more popular the beer, the higher the price. okay. looking at social media, and a very, very jealous. we had this contest -- all right. i was going for wawa -- all right. sheep not only won the vote, but -- >> send you swag. >> yeah, wawa -- >> people were tweeting me, saying i'm a wawa fan. >> i don't see any. >> that was funny. >> very disappointed. >> all about the customer. >> all right. i got to try sheep now. >> whatever you want. >> okay. >> there is an abbreviation for made to order. all right let's talk about our yellow weather alert today. showers in the forecast. not washout da
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morning. you can see the moisture headed our wa to 9:00 in the morning. i try to find my clicker. there it is in my weather office. so we will see showers and a thunderstorm. areas to the south of here. maryland, you have a chance of, or a better chance of the thunderstorms getting on the stronger side. gusty winds. a little bit of hail will be possible with this. so your forecast, look where you are and timeout the rain for you. it is warm today. it is already warm, we're in the 60s and headed to 80 degrees. so spotty showers out the door. your morning commute -- in the next 10 minutes no problems. after 8:00 here are showers moving into the area. it will be rather warm and southerly winds despite the clouds and rain the temperatures will warm to 70 degrees. and 10:00 the first round of showers is getting out of here. so if yourlunch hour we are pretty dry. gusty, though, winds 20
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but we're going to see a little bit of sunshine. sunshine and winds staying out of the south increasing that humidity will set us up for more thunderstorms in the afternoon. these will pack a punch, too, between 4:00 and 7:00. it gets out of here, tomorrow morning another round of showers and see afternoon sun and another round of showers overnight on saturday and sunday, that will drop our temperatures down to sunday. it will feel blustery on sunday. 81 today. 65 for tomorrow. the showers will drop down to the 50s on sunday. we are keeping our eye on thursday's forecast. hopefully, the timing change. the home opener is wet. larry over to you. thank you so much. allyson. so the nuclear summit and the impact on traffic. so remember that we will see a number of closures around the convention center today again as they continue on with
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so you know, a bit of a nuclear backup last night in many areas. so stay away from new york avenue, closer to the convention center. and traveling from 395 trying to turn into new york avenue, you can do that, but again increase traffic. so stay away from the area. it is worse during the evening rush. the morning rush was not that bad. so watch out for that. and massachusetts avenue is your best bet traveling in that area. it is open and available. we'll be back with traffic and weather on the 9s. >> thanks, larry. coming up after the break.
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welcome back to "wake up washington." state revenue authorities across the country are battling an up surge in identify throats filing false tax returns and taking new steps to combat the problem. some state officials are saying refunds might take longer than usual because they need more time to verify that returns are real. officials with the federation of tax administrators are saying taxpayers can help as well. make hard to get passwords and change them regularly and using different ones for different years. >> no kidding. >> that's the trouble. calirn
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poised to become the highest paid minimum wage states in the nation. this is after governors for both reached deals with lawmakers it raise the lowest amount a worker can be paid to $15 an hour. govern brown will sign california's new bill monday in los angeles. it was adopted yesterday by the state legislature. the increases would be phased over years. the income divide is a key issue across the country in this year's presidential election. humanity hates donald trump. anew card game. the game's creator is saying it is not bashing donald trump. it is like the other card games -- each round the players reads part of a statement from donald trump, like make blank great ag
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question with the funniest cards in their hands. there is a hillary clinton version on the way. here is allyson with an update on the forecast? >> all right. good morning. i'm tracking when the first round of showers will push on through. we have several chances of rain throughout the weekend. stay tuned. this is 9:00 in the morning and notice the heavier rain to the south. the greater threat of thunderstorms in maryland and virginia. go to the extended futurecast coming up.
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stronger, is changing even faster than they do. because we don't just want your kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. right now, 5:30. ayellow alert day. first alert weather team is keeping a
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radar. tracking showers and storms. >> plus, day two of a nuclear summit in washington, d.c. how you can avoid the meltdown. and the ncaa is now apologizing for another mistake. the news starts right now. good friday morning. welcome to wusa 9. i'm andrea roane. >> it is down right balmy at 5:30 in the morning. and weather and traffic. >> larry miller with your time- saver traffic. we will get you around the problems that are popping up around washington, d.c. we are going to begin with meteorologist allyson rae. right, you step outside it is comfortable. warmal and -- warm and breezy. and on the humid side. today is not a washout. we will have several chances of
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chance one will be midmorning between 8:00 and 11:00 in the morning. here it comes moving to the northeast. and then another chance this evening. so middle of the day, we actually dry out and see sunshine. so you will need sunglasses and the umbrella today. 80 degrees. we're in the 60s right now. so 8:00 to 9:00 the showers will push through. and to the south stronger thunderstorms. we will go through the extended futurecast coming up. larry over to you. metro riders. every is currently running on schedule this morning, but remember the new bern metro station is closed. it should open
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here is a live look from our traffic camera. we continue to do well. we'll be back with traffic and weather on the 9s. today mourners will gather in richmond to remember virginia state police trooper chad dermyer. >> he was shot multiple times by a man inside of the greyhound bus terminal remembered. >> mikea turner joins us in studio. >> reporter: good morning, guys. he was getting into the police force, he completed the academy in 2014. he was 37 years old, and the gun man took his life. now a prayer vigil will be held today in richmond in honor
5:33 am
>> i want to see thank you. >> reporter: a news story shot some time ago from an abc station in richmond. the soft side of chad dermyer. officer dermyer, a former marine and father of two young children was two years in on the virginia police force, and a man seconds into a conversation took his life inside of his greyhound bus terminal on thursday. amichigan native. serving on the police department there before he started a new life in virginia. the vigil will be held today in honor of trooper dermyer. people are asked to wear a navy blue shirt. >> thank you. new information now on the man charged in a boy's death over just a piece of birthday cake. robert wilson took a police officer de
5:34 am
years behind bars. the 31-year-old is accused of killing his girlfriend's 9-year- old son. wilson cried out in court regretting what he did. but he put the blame on jack's mother. a mother is sharing her scary story about what happened to her daughter even though she was just a few feet away. she hired day labors to help her with a move. one of them, 44-year-old gonzales is now charged with molesting that child. it happened when the labors, the mom and the kids were in the house together. the labors acted somewhat inappropriately towards her, but she didn't realize her children were involved with them until talking with them afterwards. campaign 2016. we learned the washington, d.c. council will hold an emergency vote on tues
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that would put bernie sanders on the ballot. it turned out his campaign submitted the necessary paperwork to the democratic party, but the party didn't notify the board of elections until after the deadline. the district democratic primary will be held june 14th. gridlock in the nation's capital, something we are familiar with. >> but that was the case yesterday on the roads around the washington convention center because of the nuclear security summit. nick giovanni is live with a look how traffic could be affected again today. this is probably the best hour if you have to be near the convention center. >> reporter: i was going to say, if you want to come around this area right now, this is the time to do it. traffic flowing pretty freely this morning. but this is designated a national social security event. the secret services running this as far as the roads are concerned. they have belo
5:36 am
avenue and new york avenue, two of the main arteries in and out of the city, so there is a list of alternate routes on the mobile app. take a look there if you plan to travel into downtown. the two factors you want to take into account if you're on the move -- the summit itself, 50 world leaders working right now to stop nuclear proliferation here in washington, d.c. they really paid special attention yesterday to north korea. >> we are united in our efforts to deter and defend against north korean provocations. we recognize that our security is linked. we are to work together to meet this challenge. >> reporter: and north korea's response to that statement? well, they fired a missile
5:37 am
the seas today. so yet another development in the ongoing saga. reporting live, nick giovanni, wusa 9. >> all right. thank you, nick. there is a brand new championship trophy on a local college campus this morning. george washington men arrived back to campus this morning. with them, the n.i.t. trophy. they won. last night it was top seeded at madison square garden. the 2nd half was theirs. the first postseason title for the men's basketball team ever. good for them. selection sunday turned into a nightmare for the ncaa. first we learned the brackets were leaked on-line. now, they sent a text to the school that day telling
5:38 am
they made the n.c.a.a. tournament. and a junior men's basketball staff member mistakenly sent a text to ufc saying they were using an app that was being used for the first time during the 2016 tournament. the text was meant for another team. ufc was 24-8 at the time of the selection and hoping to make the tournament for the first time since 2004. they should get something. >> the ncaa cannot get out of its own way. dieticians will probably tell you eating after midnight is not good for you if you want to lose weight.
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welcome back. and happy friday. it is a yellow weather alert day. we are live at the tidal basin. it is warm and balmy there. >> reporter: it is a humid start to the day. we have storm tracker nine here at the tidal basin. it feels like the beach. the wind is blowing. the humidity is really high this morning. you can feel it on your skin when you walk outside. there is a sign there could be showers and thunderstorms moving in a little bit later today. that's what we're going to see. so right now, most of us start out dry this morning, but feel summerlike outside with the mild temperatures and humidity and winds. we are examining two rounds of thunderstorm chances today. the first one between 8:00 and th
5:42 am
closer to your commute home, and there is gusty winds and heavy rain within those showers and storms. not a washout, but an active day. ayellow weather alert day. coming up in 10 minutes allyson will look at the weekend and show you when we will dry out. that is coming up. over to larry with your time- saver traffic. all right. melissa, thank you. in your fast five we're doing well. moving along the beltway. 95, 66, and 50, and 295, and went ahead and upgraded 295, we had the earlier crash. everything is resolved. and the delays are over. no issues. friday
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watch out for traffic in town near the convention center. again, the nuclear summit causing problems for folks heading to and from work. over to you. seems like every year -- swimsuit season approaches, fad diets come out of the woodwork. hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. ♪ think about it ♪ there must be higher love ♪ down in the heart what do you think? ♪ and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love
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okay. all right. let's take a look outside. as mike said, it is a balmy day. it will be in the 80s. >> 5:47. and almost 70 degrees. >> we will be dodging raindrops today. it is a yellow alert day. but not a total washout. 547 team. low income families should be able to apply for federal assistance to pay for internet access by the end of the year. the fcc voted to expand the $1.5 billion lifeline program. it will cover internet and phone service. it is the latest federal government attempt to close the digital divide between those who have access to the internet and those of don't. it is hard for some of us to
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but could you do if it meant you were staying cancer free. there is a new study who shows breast cancer patients who didn't reach for the late night craving cut their chances of cancer from coming back by 1/3. the patients who ate more frequently saw the cancer return. this is for patients who already had breast cancer. 13 hours fasting keeps blood sugar level lows. and blood sugar levels and bad sleeping habits have been linked to breast cancer. new research reinforces what doctors have hold pregnant women for years, don't smoke. the latest study shows that smoking cigarettes while pregnant modifies the fetuses dna. move over at d
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use -- juicing cleanse. athletes, every day people, and others are doing a fasting diet. it might help you lose weight, it is not for everyone. >> reporter: bill a world class rower and the head coach of the rowing team at the university of tampa since 1981. and he follows a diet of fasting. meaning he only eats once a day. usually at night. for him, the diet works. >> i maintain effortlessly, 20 points lighter. >> reporter: even a "time" magazine article touts it. there are several versions. >> so you would eat normally five days a week. this would be a typical lunch, probably under 800 calories. on the other two days when you fast, you have to limit your calories. less than 500. now it looks something like this. >> which is a very, very low amount
5:50 am
body. >> laurie is a registered dietician. she has concerns about people thinking this is healthy. >> you are probably going to lose weight because you're not eating anything for two days. but the type of weight that you lose is not what happens. >> a balanced diet, but she understands that each person is different. >> that's why we always recommend they talk to a registered dietician that can tailer an eating pattern. >> i'm not fasting. it is not happening. >> no, no. >> i have friends who have done it. they enjoy it. no thanks. >> don't get me honey. >> i'm ornery. >> we are having -- 13-hour span between eating. >> yes. don't eat for like -- what? how are we going to get past that. how do
5:51 am
weather today? >> it will not be a horrible day. not a washout. a couple of charges for rain. the morning hours will be the main chance and several chances of rain in the next 24 to 48 hours. so time it out for you. one thing to note, areas to the farther south, if you head down to the beaches you do have a slight risk of severe weather today. gusty winds and hail is possible. you can't rule out the dynamics of an isolated tornado. not is not likely. but just keep an eye out are the showers and storms starting to build, not only this morning, but this afternoon. here is the main chance for showers that is set to arrive between 8:00 and 10:00 for much of the metro. so dry right now. if you're heading out the door in five minutes no problems. in two hours you will need to windshield wipers. this is scheduled to arrive around 10:00 for
5:52 am
area. so temperatures 80 degrees today. middle of the afternoon, in fact early afternoon, it is early dry. you will see the sun out there. so you will need sunglasses and umbrella. southern maryland down through fredericksburg and then we dry out. it is gusty, warm, humid, a few showers develop along the front. the second chance for showers and thunderstorms today is not as great. but these could pack a punch, because the sun is out there it will get things going and showers for tonight. and tomorrow morning another chance for showers. it kicks off out here for the afternoon. and then one more chance for the weekend overnight on saturday and into sunday. but that, behind that front comes cooler weather for sunday. 81 today, 85 for tomorrow. overnight shower and a flurry through the mountains. and then a chilly day on sunday. hey. i'm keg
5:53 am
for home opener. as of today it looks wet. larry to you. metro riders. everything is on schedule. remember the mt. vernon metro station is closed this morning. now, 14-minute commute this morning. eastbound on i-66 doing really well. 26-minute commute. and southbound on i-270 towards the capital beltway you're looking at a 15-minute commute. and a live look this morning shows you how things are shaping up on i-66. you can see the volume on the eastbound side. but issue and problem free. we'll be back with traffic and weather on the 9s. over to you. this is ce
5:54 am
old dog almost left for dead. two weeks ago montgomery county officers were called to the village neighborhood where they found her puppies running loose on the road. and princess was in bad shape. >> his initial observations of a dog that was skin and bones. so skinny, she had no personality, she was not reacting. we could not tell what the breed of the dog was. >> the dog's owner is facing animal cruelty charges that could land him in jail for three months. if you have a home to give to princess and her puppies, there are up for adoption. a teacher can use your help in purchasing books and resources for his elementary students. he teaches using. the young pupils are engaged and love to learn. students have been able to nc
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skills. patrick needs $288 to purchase a pathway collection. >> in the educational climate that we're in right now, crossing over between the subjects is really important and something that school systems once. so more and more curricula are coming up that do that. >> you can help mr. patrick and his students by heading to donors choose.or good and donating. kerry washington known for her role is taking on a real life washington, d.c. scandal. >> and tommy mcfly has more on th. >> reporter: hey. good morning, guys. kerry washington has a different kind of washington, d.c. scandal. this type in a made for tv movie. "conformation" is clearance tom -- thomas anhi
5:56 am
>> each of us has american citizens we have so much power to impact our government. >> reporter: kerry washington was tweeting her looks and manicure. have a great friday, guys. back to you. ahead in the next half hour. ♪ when looking for a van to take your business to the next level, look for more.
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good morning. more importantly, happy friday. i'm meteorologist allyson rae. we are off to a dry start and a very warm one. not for long. showers by midmorning. this will arrive 8:00 to areas off to the south and west. 9:00or 10:00 here through the metro spots. and in between two chances for rain today. sunshine and pretty warm temperatures. headed to 80 degrees. so early afternoon we are dry
6:00 am
the main chance for rained to is the morning and then a few pop-up showers and a thunderstorm for this afternoon. larry over to you. police are still investigating a deadly accident in croftten that has route three closed, that is crane highway between 450 and 424. we will give you more information when we get it. but a significant police presence. use caution in the area. and a close eye in town. remember close to the convention center, the nuclear summit going on. and new york avenue and massachusetts avenue is your best bet. and looking outside. traveling on the parkway working into town no issues. but a few cars on the road. we'll be back with traffic and weather on the 9s. the news starts now. right now, 6:00 a.m. a yellow weather alert. we're tracking storms that could sweep across parts of the region today. what is ahead for the weekend. >>


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