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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  April 1, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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. a few showers trickling through the metro. but this is round one and temperatures about to take a dip. >> robbed and assaulted in a busy shopping center parking lot. the victim talked about being dragged into a dumpster where she fought for her life. and troubles for the washington monument. >> right now in richmond loved ones and strangers are gathering to remember chad dermyer. killed in the line of duty. a prayer vigil in richmond got under way about 30 minutes ago. we got a live look at
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gathering. let's listen in. >> in a mission to reach out to persons that encounter and experience violence. considered the ambassador of passion. love for those persons that lost a loved wins. the president of the board is absent but send sincere sympathy. >> police were to wear a navy blue shirt to show support for the officers and the community. strangers and flowers have been left behind. >> my prayers and hearts with his family. >> you
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you treasure every moment with your family. >> today virginia police confirmed that 34-year-old james brown in the chicago area was the gunman. brown and ex con has a long rap sheet from before yesterday's encounter. murder, intent to kill, aggravated battery and failure to obey police and lots more. state troopers shot and killed him yesterday and two women hit in the gunfire and expected to be okay. also tonight we are una yellow weather alert. some showers still making their way through the dc area. meteorologist howard bernstein tracking where they are on first alert live doppler. >> good news. i got one or two showers left and quickly racing northwest of town. it looks like we may escape dry in dc. here is a look the last hour. a lot of stuff is falling apart except
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producing lightning. this thing is growing and passed through sterling north of reston and some of the tops pushing 40,000 feet. at least has very heavy downpours as it moves to the northeast at about 50 miles per hour. so we see it right now which is just on top of dorns town and gaithersburg at 7:09 and columbia at 7:30. you may get a shower before the base of that cell gets towards you. as far as the temperatures, they are still way up there, 79 degrees right now. it is april 1st and it feels like june 1st. going out, you got to watch out for the shower to the north. otherwise a very comfortable evening. a little breezy as temperatures fall from the 70s to the 60s. the weekend is here and i know you can be by the tv all the time but be sure to have the wusa9 app with you and you can track the weather and news and traffic and you can watch it live on the app as well. colder wer
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i will have more in a few minutes. fairfax county police need your help finding the man that robbed and sexually assaulted a woman at knife point in springfield. it happened wednesday morning near the k-mart on commerce street. the victim said she believes she was targeted. >> property manager rick flores is passing out flyers. it shows two surveillance pictures of an older model red two door car with a distinct white or gray patch on the driver's side door. >> the female victim through a translator talks to wusa9 and she says she was on her way to work when the man with the knife grabbed her and pull her into the dumpster where he took money and
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her. >> the man came from nowhere. >> awful. crazy. >> and we definitely have to take into can to tell my employees to be careful. >> it could happen to anyone. >> the victim believes this was not a random act. police won't confirm if she was targeted or not in springfield. wusa9. if you recognize the car or can help the investigation call fairfax county police. we have the phone number listed on the wusa9 app. prince george's county has decided a man accused of killing his daughter and the mother. daron boss well johnson admitted to killing shante davis and their 2-year-old daughter chloe. davis was buckle in the seat when she was shot and killed. he did it because the court ordered him to pay $600 a month in child support. he is facing two counts of murder and abus
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leads in the first homicide of the year tied to robbery and assault that happened sometime tuesday night on south alfred she did. a victim suffered a head injury getting robbed. he died today in a hospital. investigators have not released details on the possible suspect. new tonight, police are looking for a man suspected of robbing three banks. police believe he robbed two banks this afternoon, sandy springs bank in burtonsville and capital one bank in elk ridge and a suntrust bank in burtonsville. in each case the man's face is obscured with bandages. police are offering an award that leads to an arrest. president obama delivered closing remarks at the two day nuclear summit he hosted in the nation's capital. he says the summits over the year have achieved a good deal of success in helping to reduce
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u.s. and russia and preventing the spread of weapons to iran and other nations. about 100 activists protested not far from the summit. members from the group zero wanted president obama and world leaders to know that they think nuclear weapons jeopardize security worldwide. they put up an inflated missile in the middle of the square. many are vulnerable to thefts and accidental launches. as a young person i want to live in a world free of nuclear weapons and in a world where foreign policy is dictated by diplomacy. >> the same activists lobbied on capitol hill this afternoon. >> dc is banding travel to north carolina. a reaction to the
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a law that many say is a way to discriminate against people that are transgender. the new law requires transgender people to use the bathroom that corresponds to the sex that they were born with and not the jern that they identify with. this is for multi stalled bathrooms. it restrictions north carolina cities and towns with similar bands. a nice look at the washington monument but that's all. the elevator is broken once again for the second time this week. the elevator broke down after dropping people off at the top of the monument and when they were ready to leave, all 86 visitors had to track down the stairs, about five hundred feet. no one got stuck and no injuries today. the mon moment closed for the rest of the afternoon and will stay closed tomorrow while crews
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on tuesday the elevator broke halfway up with 19 people inside. everybody made it out safely and the monument reopened wednesday morning. >> we will bring you more from the polls. a warning for drivers about a scam with speed drivers.
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for. now to the race for president. the next big primary tuesday in wisconsin. on the republican side polls show ted cruz leading front- runner donald trump by ten points. and bernie sanders with a single digit lead over hillary clinton. voter interest is high. the early voter turnout high by over 400% over the same percent in
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inmate's death an accident. last november jail workers found monte sayto in the infirmary unit three days before he had a medical emergency in the jail. he has been trexadited on several outstanding drug charges. new information on the stabbing near a metro. the man suspected has turned himself in. dan brown from temple hill maryland is facing attempted murder charges. handing out newspapers for the washington post yesterday at the addison road metro in capital heights and got into an argument with the victim and stabbed the victim three times. the victim, a male is reported in stable condition. montgomery police have a warning for driver. don't believe the email that says you have a speed ticket to pay. there's an email scam going around in several states that prompts people to pay tickets on a link that ends up loading viruses
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montgomery county has not gotten reports here but they want you to know that police never ever send speed camera tickets by email. a lot of fooling going around. and we will look at the biggest pranks and we will look at one that propped. most of us are dry and in montgomery county this is in central montgomery county and rocksville moving east to 50 miles per hour. we will talk more about this cell and first alert live doppler and the week forecast is coming up in a few minutes. and that's the sound of a smoother ride headed your way.
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to senator mikulski who will "deliver results." i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message. i'm chris van hollen, up. >> look at this gray whale. the juvenile popped up his big head out of the water and you can see it was a few feet away from visitors on the beach. the migration time for the whales. they travel from the cold waters of alaska to the warm
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a sign of spring in washington d.c. potholepalooza in full gear. patching up a contractor here in northwest. c dot will fill thousands more in the next six weeks. residents can get updates on where crews are filling potholes on the web page. you can find a link to that site plus details on how you can report a pothole. yours or somebody else's on the wusa9 app. think about the people filling the potholes and if they would never not happen again. >> they would be a gazillion. 81 degrees and we
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you at 11:00 how well the forecast was. we are tracking showers in montgomery and howard county. everything else is falling apart as we get in the evening hours. a little bit less heating of the day. there was a warm one today. this is some torrential downpours in southern montgomery and the eastern part of the city. this is really tracking up towards baltimore. let's zoom in and show you what is going on. gaithersburg and rockwell and across 370 and 270, the icc and howard county and i want to point it out here. the pink around red land. there is small hail, probably pea sized at that and don't be surprised. not a severe storm but a strong thunderstorm and when we look at it. the cross section, we got some of the echoes going to 40,000 feet and see the pink areas, hail and i
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minutes, this thing is moving 50 miles per hour. it should be out of your next of the woods and rest of theey -- evening is in good shape. not a yellow weather alert for some and it may interfere with the sports fans. a freeze watch well north and west. upper montgomery and parts of i- 81. watching out for a freeze and colder air on tuesday. right now temperatures running in the 70s and for most areas and colpepper down to 68 and still 79 degrees and warm out there with wind gusting to 25 miles per hour. cold up to the north and warm to the south and a battle is going on. for us a few chances of showers coming here and there tomorrow and on monday. tonight a few evening showers. tomorrow showers
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clearing in the afternoon, 58 to 66. low to mid 60s. on sunday jackets. could have gusts over 45 and sunday morning, showers in the afternoon on monday. tuesday and wednesday, dry and maybe showers and the nats home opener on thursday unfortunately with highs in the 50s. april fool's day and there is no shortage of people getting in on the action. the zoo has had fun and they love the panda bebe to trick us looking for volunteers for a new panda study where you can get to talk to the pandas by clicking on button on the web site but when you do the message and a picture pops up april fools. and this one says workers codn
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jerked and eating their chipotle so they were sticking to dog. g mail is known for its april fool's jokes andth year may have gone too far and featured this e-mails, a minon drop and you wouldn't get anymore supp aliesnd some sent a replay to workers. this netflix original is a fake. the streaming service tweeted this promo for a new documentary. john stamos a human being with a release date of april 31st. of course that date does not exist. >> good stuff. >> still waiting on you guys. watching my back looking over my shoulder. i don't do those. although i like the google thing. >> that should be real. >> i don't e.
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boys of summer are back for spring training. national season is right around the corner.
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center. now wusa9 game on sports with frank hammerhan. still spring training baseball but the curly ws playing at nats park facing the twins in another tuneup for the regular season that starts monday at atlanta for the nationals. >> got a sparse crowd in nats park. a few fans got to see this, anthony rendon driving in ben revere and right now this ball game is tied up at three apiece at nats park. the nationals take great pride in their nats academy, the chance to get young players involved in baseball and classwork. anthony rendon is on the board of the nats academy and used to be back with the kids. >> it is amazing. anytime you have an
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to give back and especially for under privileged kids it is great. he has game and a big heart. torrey smith grew up in
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doesn't sound like a great week, does it. we will see you back here
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>> whoa. taylor swift, a fall, but know how she's falling even more head over heels calvin harris. secrets about their appearance together this weekend. plus, clooney. dat ress, those boots. not even in stores. find out how much they cost as an april fool's joked pulled on him. why he's not finding it very funny. news on blake and gwen's big weekend. di see this sonogram from gwen? it's a girl. and troubling couples news. did drew bear arrymore just brep with her third husband? plus -- ♪ we've got to give a little >> was this 6-year-old sensation get her bigre bak on "little b


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