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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  April 2, 2016 1:37am-2:07am EDT

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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. in the last 10 years our competitors have received a few awards. but we've received a few more, including jd power who ranked us highest in customer satisfaction for the third year in a row. only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. >> whoa. taylor swift, a fall, but know how she's falling even more head over heels calvin harris. secrets about their appearance together this weekend. plus, clooney. atthre dss, those boots. not even in st.
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find out how much they cost as an april fool's joked pulled on him. why he's not finding it very funny. news on blake and gwen's big weekend. di see this sonogram from gwen? it's a girl. and troubling couples news. did drew bear arrymore just brep with her third husband? plus -- ♪ we've got to give a little >> was this 6-year-old sensation get her bigak bre on "little b shots"and antonio sabato jr. then and now. why is he stripping for chippendale's in vegas? >> like a superhero. now for april 1st, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." welcome to april, everyone. no fooling here. nancy o'dell and deserkevin bra off. we're holding down thefort. >> we have all the news.
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cloo exclusive interview about amal that never happened. ♪ come on. >> look over here. >> you may have read articles online, the ones talking about clooney's rules for marriage hyinge and amal never spend more than a week apart. sweet, harm lidless. the thing, clooner never said that. based on a he magazine article claiming they had an exclusive interview. in it saying things about amal we have a very strong connection and stay in touch via social media. it's that social media part that first made us question things because george said this. >> i don't twitter and i don't want anything i could possibly wris at midnight actually end my career. >> well, we reached out to clooney's camp this morning and this is what george himself told "e.t." "in experience, being misquoted is not unusual, but to have an
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completely fabricated is something new and a very disturbing trend." translation, just because it's internet doesn't mean it's true, people. what is true, have a listen to what george toldus. >> she also happens to be one of the smartest pe i've ever met. >> r now the totally adoring husband is home alone in california out getting sushi at this favorite place as for amal, she's in new york working on a case and shopping. because -- why not jt wearing a nearly 70$1,0 orange ribbed c h cashmere tunic and carrying a purse, left the studio at 6:30 p.m. after two hoursinside. she strutted out in the brand's floor's knee-high boots cost nearly $1,600 and not avaiiable until fall. the designer helped amal carry her bag to the car. the next star we're a talking about, j. lo. have you seen ?
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i'm like, whew ♪ >> ouch. don't w it's a stunt double and a pretty awesome new commercial for apple music. ♪ this sunday's music awards up for eight honors including best tour, and we g an early peek at who's sitting with whom. taylor bringing boyfriend and sena gomez one table away, selena's ex first love justin bieber. hmm. wonder what rumors monday morning will bring ♪ can't keep my hands to myself ♪ >> next, serious couples news. did drew barrymore break up her third husband? this afternoon we confirmed the split. a source tells "e.t." chatter of a separation has been going on months's no papers fiped yet but we're awaiting an official announcement. this was drew's last instagram post with will on their third
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yesterday the actress to instagram a new tattoo wi her daughter's olive and franky. blake and gwen, breaking baby news. this so posted on an instagram page and declaring it's a girl. thrilling. then -- wait. what? oh, ye april fool's. not everyone was laughing. the pregnancy joke backfired, followers called it offensive. blake asked how he dealt with critics andtweeted, i ignore zefrl appointed duguiders who bitch and moan on social media. and gwen sky high boots in new york changed outfits for the colbert show. having a b behind the scenes at "snl" and turning the tables. after "snl," gwen could get from new york to las ve join blake. ♪ oh, yeah ♪ said to perform in the awards airing live sunday on cbs. >> we are less tha o
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away finding who will be the final "american idol." can you believe it's almost over? and will they be able to find one more kelly or carrie or jordan? which they were all winners. we don't want to miss the las d contender narrowed downthe top three. >> ready to play. >> it's now down to these three. win or lose, thi could be their future. ♪ >> you know you're a big star when you are karaoking in j. lo's case, haywire, texting di dicaprio. [ laughter ] >> a great sport about i was like, hey, so this is what had happened. >> no, no. don't accepted that. >> he's a friend. totally -- he's like whatever you want. i don't care. >> you mean tonight boo boo? no, no, no, no!
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series, all judges perform individually. no one's going on the "american idol" tour, not happening this year and? >> lohr is goin to cry. >> i'll be very weepy. >> everybody has been here. >> the end of sump an amazing going to need a good dress. >> the final "idol" episode ever, spectacular. yes, kelly clarkson, carry ri underwood, jordin sparks and katharine mcphee expected to perform among others. how can you have a finale without them? >> kerry washington must really love a scandal turning it into a huge hit nor abc and now tackling the real thing in confirmation. she plays anita hill, testified she was sexually harassed by then supreme court nominee thomas. remember that? i joined her last night. >> hi. nice to syou.
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floral trend and straight from the runway. in the film, flawlessly throws it back 25 years to transform into hill and her 1990 fashion. >> it wa all about her. and trying to be her, and of to the best of my ability. i respect and her journey. >> i have sugg was afraid of retaliation. >> kerry executiver poduced the hbo movie. the real anita there for support. and gabrielle union amazing, and long white skirt, and erica christianen showing a seven month baby bump. >> do you know what you're having? >> i'm h girl. >> yeah! >> the night truly celebrated strong women. >> such a hard m to make but everybody poured their hearts into it. i'm thri ggt to see everybody tonight. >> might be asking the question what happe anita hill?
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academic career. currently a professor of social policy, law and women's studies at brandeis university. coming up next -- ♪ that's the story >> is this 6-year-old singer the next mariah? and a connection to all of >> nobody gave me the voice. just god. >> and later, debra winger on her return to tv, talking about her "terms of endearment" mom, shirley maclaine and still thinking of marriage. >> it's fascinating to see what attracts me. >> all that and more, still ahead. fi remake. an epic television event. >> your spirit. your name is your shield. >> it's been nearly 40 years since the original miniseries captivated the nation and would be nine emmys. in the groundbreaking original, played contin ekunta
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an executive producer on the new series. >> i want this generation, this era, to be a topic of conversation. i want to bring america together. >> in this new version, kunta is played by newcomer malachi kirby. premieres memorial day on
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monday on "e.t," joe-z's country fashions dos, don'ts and
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that's enough. >> okay. [ laughter ] >> i've been adjusting mikes for 30 years and a 4-year-old just told me that's enough. >> steve har
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shots" is a huge hit show for nbc. >> by the way, that's my show. those little kids sla >> it showc amazing young performers with extraordinary talent. you can see this 6-yea heavenly joy, she's got a big voice and a big talent family. >> yeah. absolutely. her father is grammy winning director rodney jerry jergens. he's worked with mariah, whitney, and all of those ladies. we sat down with them and wanted to find out how the pint-sized phenom stacks up in the diva department. ♪ you've got give a little, take a little ♪ >> how old were you when you started singing? >> 2. >> 2? could you even speak yet? >> no way. ♪ that's the glory of love oh, yeah ♪ >> singing before she t joy's dad rodney breaks it down.
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>> my wife sang the whole time she was pregnant with heavenly. so she was almost born singing. >> and with a killer ring.@ joy can hit the high notes and go real low. >> you just love being on st >> yeah, and also i have to say that nobody gave me the voice. just go ♪ >> her heavenly voice is an example why steve harvey's she been averaging 13 million viewers each week. >> how much fun did you have with steve harvey? >> so fun. i had a ton of fun. but i saw pictures of me and steve. i go like this and he did the same thing. >> actually, with her music producer dad's help, joy has rubbed a lot of elbows in hollywood. >> i met michael jackson. but i was still in -- my favorite, favorite, favorite is justin bieber. ♪
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>> all right. high five! and coming up next -- our flashback friday with debra winger, her iconic roles and filming home run new scenes. and "terms of endearment" shirley maclaine opens up about her plastic urgery secrets. >> you lift your chin so it goes up. >> and stripping down for chippendale's? that's straight ahead. closed captioning provided by --
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ylysol with hydrogen peroxide. bleach.
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lysol that. > >>the swoon is real. antonio sabado jr. is joining chippendales. >> kwum with come with me. >> remember him those calvins? yeah, we do, too. that was back in '96n wheashe w just 24. now at 44, it's crazy how not much has changed, but the posing pro needs some pointers for these stripping vets. >> we have got to get you some uniforms. big old smile on your face. >> two backstage jobs we want? this roller and body oiler. speaking of jobs, antonio's been eyeing this gig for a while.
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the show and now i'm part of it. >> for five weeks antonio goes "magic mike" at the casino in las vegas. get ready for some epic shirt ripping. >> like a superhero, baby. >> one of the most romantic movie moments ever, debra winger getting swept off her feet, carried away by richard gear. i'm a su gere. >> i'm a sucker for scenes like that. >> i am too, you know, debra winger was the number one star back in the '80s. it's good to see her back on television. >> what was it that drew you to the show? >> the fact that i hadn't done it before. >> tom brady wears them. >> it looks like marsha brady wears them. [ laughter ] >> the show is "the ranch" trending now on netflix. okay but what happened debra? three oscar noms and an
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iconic oles, "urban cowboy." "an officer and a gentleman," "terms of endearment." debra with the obvious success, do you think it heralds a come back of the old fashion movie? >> i don't know. i feel like all the films i've done have been old-fashioned movies. >> you might h missed this one playing wonder woman's little sister on tv. let's throw back now 34 years to debra's first "e.t." interview in 1982 talking about filming a nude scene. >> it was hard for me to do it just because i was embarrassed. no, we really don't need lights, thank you. no. the camera? that's okay. just turn it on and leave. >> more recently, this was debra at her best, with ann hathaway in 2008, rachel getting married. but debra's newest role is actually comedic. >> would you like a beer? >> oh, i got a -- >> as mother, to ashton kutcher and danny masterson. >> she's pretty bad ass, do you think you can hang with her?
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her, have hung with her and continue to hang with her. >> you made some comments about how everyone should just look their age in hollywood. have you felt that kind of pressure? no. i mean, you say ageless and then you think with age is the opposite of that, but i think i'm pretty clear about feeling good and trying to maintain my authentic self. >> so at age 60, what's her secret? >> i think it's really good to laugh. >> amen. >> you might remember debra's mom in "terms of endearment" was played by the legendary shirley maclaine and a clear spanned six decades, well, she has seen it all she's done it all, and she was ready to talk about it all, when sat down together, plastic surgery, her open marriage, and what it's like to be a role model to some of the hottest young actresses today? so many young actresses look up
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know you talk about jeernnif .awrence >> i'm impressed with her. >> what was the advice you gave her? >> be yourse you earned it. so, her, no filters. >> do you see some of yourself in jennifer? >> yes, i do. >> they're both oscar winners and both live by their own like did you know that at 81 years old shirley still loves to flirt and is totally into picking up men. >> it's very fascinating to see what attracts me at this age in another person. >> what does? >> probably humor. intelligence, and they can't be skinny or little, they've got to be big and potentially dominating. it gives me something to do..o o >> yeah. for shir,ley life's all about calling your own she's outspoken about her b in reincarnation and says having an open marriage is the key to relationship su in fact shirley and herba
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nearly three decades. another piece of advice has to do with fashion. you say being chic just takes too much time and eff you say i want to be in my gym pants. i love you for that. >> when i was 21, 22, i would oh, my god, put on something that had a tight waist. do the red carpet, go to the ladies room, undo the tight waist and get back in my car so i wouldn't have to do anything else in the tight waist. >> i loved sitting down with the hollywood icon in malibu. she gave me a hollywood plastic something called face-lift tape explain how that works? >> they're on levers and you do a bobby pin and you lift your chin so goes up, and then you have a headache by lunch. >> that made us so curious, we looked up facelift tape on youtube. this is what we found.
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i think i'll just rely on shirley and her final tip succeeding in life. >> breathe deeply, be well, that's a big word. be. just be. b-e, and then things will start to actually reveal themselves. >> she was just so incredible to talk to, and as we sat there, she said, i look your eyes and i can see into your soul. a cool texas. i asked what her favorite movie was, she said, terms of endearment. >> five kleenex. >> kleenex bo >> and in our "entertainment tonight" birthdays, which hollywood legend won ms. burbank in 1948? is it debbie reynolds, bettie white or carol bru we'll be right back with that answer.
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time for the answer to tonight's "e.t" birthdays, which hollywood legend won burbank in 1948? debbie reynolds. >> right. congratulations to tatyana from "the fresh prince of bel air." broke the ne engaged expecting her first child. marrying later this summer. and before we go, one more thing to check out. >> have a great weekend, everyone. >> bye. on monday -- >> talk about the fu >> we're inviting you to the outlanders season two premiere, "e.t." goes live from the red carpet on facebook starting at 6:00 p.m. eastern. you can interview the stars. how cool is that? >> exciting. >> that's monday. sometimes we use k-y ultragel to enhance my body's natural moisture so i can get into it a bit quicker. and when i know she's into it, i get into it and...
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