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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  April 2, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> only on 9, a man and his dog survive a brutal bloody attack from a neighboring pit bull. now they want justice. hello, i'm debra alfarone. but first, the winds have picked up a lot over the last few hours and temperatures are taking a nose dive. let's check in with meteorologist howard bernstein with your first alert forecast. >> getting reports of some damage, some power outages. all these areas in
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the only way we gust 50 or higher. we are gusting near 60 just a few minutes ago. 10:52 at national airport. frederick, 51 miles an hour. and we certainly are going to see strong winds. they may not be as strong as they are now. but many gusts up 40, 50 miles an hour. we have a wind warning that has been upgraded in some spots. advisories south. some could top 60 miles an hour. we are also watching a front producing the winds, producing showers, maybe some snow shower ins the mountains. a line of heavy showers coming through the heart of the metro. a little thunder and lightning in the eastern shore, but brief heavy rain. this stuff is racing east 50 miles an hour. so, this won't be around long. but a very windy night. and then much colder. freeze warnings west of i-95. it will make for a chilly blustery sunday. i'av
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watch out for the wind the next few hours. >> thank you very much howard. breaking news out of louden county. a woman is dead after being shot several times. this happened in leesburg. the victim is 74-year-old christina fisher. she was conscious and talking to police at first, but then died at the hospital. investigators say they do have a person of interest in custody. they are calling this a domestic incident and say there is no danger to the public. thomas pavanka has not been seen since yesterday at lunchtime in manassas. he may be driving a 2006 red honda s2000 with virginia plates
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please call 703-792-6500 if you have seen him. funeral announcements have been made for trooper chad dermyer. he was killed in richmond by a shooter. the visitation will be monday afternoon and evening in hampton, virginia with the funeral set for tuesday morning. the shooter, james brown iii of illinois has spent most of his adult life behind bars including for attempted murder. investigators say the gun brown used was bought legally, but not by him. they are trying to figure out how he got the weapon. other state troopers shot and killed brown. today's marine corp. 1775 run included a special tribute to prince william county police officer ashley guindon who was also a marine reservist. guindon was shot and killed in late february on her first full day as a police officer. some 150 runners completed the ra
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including one of her police instructors. >> i was ashley's instructor. her squad leader in the academy. it took the entire department, every single one of us, she has been on our minds every single day since february 27. >> members of her family also showed up. those who didn't run in the race helped hand out medals to the finishers. the two other officers shot at the same scene where guindon was killed are recovering from their injuries. [ bag pipes ] in downtown washington today, a march to support the men and women in blue. dozens of people participated in today's united for blue march that started at the national law enforcement officer's memorial and ended at the u.s. capitol. carrying signs saying blue lives matter. marchers wore blue to their support and appreciation for law enforcement officers th
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united for blue march. in campaign 2016, all the presidential candidates holding events in wisconsin this weekend before tuesday's primary. now, the state could help decide if donald trump can win the republican nomination outright and avoid a fight at the party's convention. wendy gillette reports. >> the next president of the united states, donald j. trump. >> reporter: sarah palin introduced donald trump in wisconsin. he is back in the campaign trail after one of his most difficult weeks including coming under fire saying he would punish women who seek abortions if they were made illegal. he says the media manipulates his words. >> they take things and they say ... it is very interesting. they don't do it with everybody. they do it with me, but not other people. >> reporter: ted cruz was the only presidential candidate to attend the north dakota
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before traveling to wisconsin. the crowd was mostly filled with cruz supporters though some are lukewarm. >> maybe not my first choice. but from who is left, i do support him. >> reporter: a couple of recent polls show cruz running ahead in wisconsin. >> we are doing something pretty unusual in american politics. we are telling the truth. >> reporter: bernie sanders and hillary clinton also held events in the state. >> hello, o claire! >> reporter: the campaigns are arguing about setting a date for a debate before new york's primary earlier this month. it is a critical state for clinton. both candidates came together saturday night to attend the wisconsin democratic party dinner in m milwaukee. wendy gillette. >> john kasich also talked about social security and one of his town halls. keep up with the latest from the campaign trail any time by
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downloading our wusa9 app. tomorrow, the brussels  airport will reopen for the first time since the deadly terror attack there. but operations will be anything but normal. only a few flights are scheduled to leave the airport sunday afternoon for a handful of other cities in europe. 31 people died when terrorists set off bombs at the airport and at a nearby train station. and, passengers who do head to the brussels airport will not be able to take public transport to get there. >> the airports will only be accessible by car or taxi during the first days. other modes of transport will be made available as soon as possible. >> there will now be security checks for passengers and luggage outside of the airport entrance. and it could be months before the brussels airport is fully operational. a new search for jacob and sarah hoggle today. they have been missing since september of 2014, but family members continue to
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today, volunteers searched the 253-acre recreational park in montgomery county for the missing three-year-old boy and five-year-old girl. they were last seen with their mother katherine hoggle. she remains in a psychiatric treatment center and has only said the children are with a friend. >> it doesn't get better with time. it is like you almost have to be physically doing something or you are in the doing enough. i appreciate what everybody has done so far. all the support. >> volunteers plan to resume their search for the missing hoggle children at the park tomorrow morning at 8:30. a pit bull guilty of attacking and sending a dog and its owner to the hospital two months ago is back home tonight leaving the victims wondering how is this possible? matt yurus has the story you will see only on 9. >> reporter: ross and his dog moby were
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their video in northwest dc. another dog bolted from its owner and right at them. they saw that dog again just a few houses away bringing back the memories of the attack. >> he got across the street and got moby by the neck. and check. >> reporter: this is when ross intervened trying to pry the pit loose with his hand, but he was no match for the dog's strength. forcing him to put his whole fist inside the attacker's mouth and let the pit chew on it like a toy. anything to free moby. >> for the next 10 to 12 minutes i spent my time fighting that dog off. >> trying to help the dog and tried to move the dog from his mouth and they couldn't. >> something that i hope i never see again. it was a lot of blood. >> finally, some neighbors came to our aid with a snow shovel and beat it off with a snow shovel, i wa
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extensively from both hands and my leg. he was bleeding from the mouth and cheek. >> reporter: the attack left ross with damage to tendons and nerves requiring physical therapy to heal property. and moby was stitched up. animal control took the other dog and investigated the incident. >> we have been told by animal control she has admitted this has happened before. that there has been other attacks. >> reporter: now? ross says he is considering a lawsuit. out of pocket medical bills for the man and his best friend are around $5,000. but, he doesn't blame the other dog. >> i'm not for the dog being put down. it is not the dog's fault. >> reporter: some neighbors say the other dog is friendly. and, animal control made the right decision in returning the owner's dog. we knocked on the other dog owner's door. nobody answered. and we reached out to animal control to find out why they decided to return the dog. they did not respond to my phone calls. >> so matt, tell me about the neighborhood. you were out there talking to neighbors. what were they
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a neighborhood divided. some are passionately defending the dog saying look, it is friendly. even if it wasn't, it is not the dog's fault. placing the blame on the owner. so we have to see how this plays out. >> we know you will stay on top of that for us. thank you matt yurus. several hundred people gathered in fronted of the white house today to protest federal drug policy on marijuana. the crowd lit up joints as they called on the obama administration to remove marijuana from the list of highly controlled schedule 1 drugs. reports say 23 states allow some type of marijuana use for medical purposes. only four states and the district of columbia allow recreational pot use. >> it should be legalized. it works in the four states and the district of columbia where it is legalized so we would like to see that all over the country. >> for medical use, i'm for it 100%. any time a child has a tumor in their brain and marijuana
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we are talking medication. you know. but, just actually for recreation or whatever, right, it is unbelievable to me. >> i'm a medical patient from massachusetts. i have my medical license in nevada also. and it is legal here in dc, but there is no place for me to smoke because they put a ban on the law that prohibits cannabis cafes. >> president obama was not in the white house to see the protest. the president had already left to play golf at base andrews. the washington monument will reopen at its normal time of 9:00 this morning. technicians had completed repairs to the elevator and the latest shut down began yesterday afternoon. the problem was traced to a faulty power supply which was fluctuating current levels. this is also the same problem that caused a shutdown last tuesday. metro wi
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tomorrow for the cherry blossom 10-mile race. race participants will travel to the smithsonian. how a google april fool's feature may have caused one man to get fired. >> plus, a successful launch move to the space tourism virgin islands a step
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>> an april fools prank by google may have helped one man lose his job. so grade school included a feature called mic dr. it included a gif of one of those yellow minions. a man sent a letter to his boss but she never received it. others reported not finding the button so funny. they apologized and said the feature included a bug. blue bell creamery knows
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outbreak. it likely spread through a drainage system in the oklahoma plant. blue bell also says it could not identify just one source of listeria that contaminated equipment at its central texas flag ship facility. blue bell recalled the products last year after ten cases of listeria in four states were reported including three deaths in kansas. the future of space tourism just got a step closer to reality today. blue origin successfully launched its rocket in west texas. the unmanned rocket returned to earth upright. it makes this apparent that blue origin is moving close tore carrying people into space. >> with one or two test flights you take a wait and see attitude. but with three in a row, it is become apparent that blue origin has a maturing technology they are confident will carry people into space in the
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>> they haven't said how much tickets to space might cost. competitor richard branson's virgin galactic says they will start at $200,000 each. >> 750 people have made deposits on that already. this just in from the howard news room. so george washington memorial parkway northbound is closed because of a big downed tree. so this wind you are talking about, we are not kidding. >> that is not only tree reported. we have had other trees right into the metro now. we are getting gusts toward 60 miles an hour. even 66 was the gust over at the national weather service. let's show you what is happening. three degree guarantee time. that will take care of a little business first. let me get you back there. we were talking about some temperatures which are really warm. just after mid might when we saw the brunt of
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there. all right. almost there. here we go. 72-degree was the temperature that just after midnight, forecast was 71. we were right there. we have crashed big time from that. now that the front is moving in with winds gusting toward 60 miles an hour. 59 in ashville. this is causing scattered power outages. if you have to travel, watch out for branches, trees down. and any dark intersections. a four-way stop sign. wind advisory has been upgraded for the entire metro to a wind warning. so, got more orange on the map for these gusts 45 to 60. isolated 65 miles an hour gusts for the next several hours but that advisory lasts until morning. fronts coming through now with some heavy downpours. even a little bit of lightning in the eastern shore an areas north of that. baltimore through prince george's county back toward
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upper marlboro, get ready. this is moving quickly. 50 miles an hour. you get the brief heavy downpours along with a very gusty wind. you see it expanding. la plata. if you are west of i-95, you got to worry about the cold, too. growing season has begun. so freeze warning is in effect until 10:00 tomorrow morning. we could have some damage to sensitive plants. temperatures really dropping on the west side now. low 40s , upper 30s . we went from 61 to 49 just in the last hour with low to mid 50s off to the south. right now in dc, 49. rain showers. look at this gust. you may not see this. hopefully not too often. gusting to 59 miles an hour. so, we are dealing with this very heavy wind and rain overnight. 28 to 36. but passing rain and snow showers. tomorrow morning, sunny, windy, cold. 30s in the morning. we will top out only in the upper 40s to mid 50s with
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monday. some afternoon showers. 66. get a break monday. cold again tuesday. 48. wednesday, not bad. i'm concerned we could have some showers thursday which would hopefully be out of here in time because the nats have their opening day and that game will be on wusa9 right here. >> you know somebody who knows about it. >> we have final preparations for the regular season. it is almost here. one last tuneup. that is against
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>> now, wusa9 game on sports with frank hanrahan brought to you by xfinity. >> one last tuneup for the nationals before they start the 162 game journey that will be on monday at atlanta. for now, nats hosting minnesota again. at nats park. a little dress rehearsal. final game before they really count for the nationals. no shortage of long balls today. bottom one. twins up one. ryan zimmerman changed that two run shot. gives the nats a two-run lead. two teams combine for seven homers. here was the last one. a solo shot to tie the game at 8-8. that is how spring training ends. yes. an
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now, the nats home opener will be at 4:00 against miami. you can catch it right here on wusa9. fans are eager to get the games going one again in nats park. >> they are avoiding injuries and they will be perfect. >> just good help. last year was tough. just, zimmerman, stay healthy. harper be harper. i will take chances with the mets at that. >> we are very excited for opening day taking place in a day or two. we are excited to be here. we are visiting from louisiana. we wanted to come watch the nationals play. one of our favorite team. caps already a franchise best 55 wins at the coyotes in phoenix tonight. the caps wrapping up their two- game roady. no braden holtby in net. no problem. a few saves for the caps. it is still scoreless as they play this one
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period. a little late night soccer. andrew luck hosting the dc united. lacrosse, patrick niarco heads it home. right now, dc united leads. maryland lacrosse looking to run the winning streak to five games. terps and michigan in big ten lacrosse play. and get this. terps and wolverines at the big house in the snow. it's april. come on. less than a minute in regulation. ryan cole gets the game winner for maryland. the terps win. hoya is hosting the national champion denver. it was all denver. domination for the pioneers. hoyaves ner really in this one and they get rolled 17-4. high school hoops championship games in the dicks national tournament. karl led the teem with 14
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but rebo high from florida rolled to the championship with the 75-49 victory. all right, some golf, phil mickelson signing autographs in houston. shot of the day comes from russell henley. you know what is better than starting with a birdie? try starting with an eagle. that is good. it is a two-way tie for the lead right now at 11 under par. you hear the music? we have you covered for the masters third and fourth round coverage. late night shows thur sdayand friday right here on wusa9. we will hear from jim nance next week. a charity hoops game at royal farms arena in baltimore. that is adam jones. joe flacco there. a little game from aquan bolden. he may be on the team soon. and check out torey smith, the gracious host as he slams
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home. a slam dunk all around. good day of raising money for his charity in baltimore. >> so, nats home opener happening soon. >> next week. next thursday. >> it is counting down. >> it is coming. >> we will be back with a final check of the forecast right after this.
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only fios has the fastest internet on the most awarded network. now get super-fast 100 meg internet tv and phone for just $69.99 per month, online. cable can't offer internet speeds this fast at a price this good, only fios can. >> so, it really is a serious situation out there. >> and frank your wife was saying? >> she texted me saying should we go down in the basement about 30 minutes ago. >> i think that is a good idea. if you live in an area with a lot of tall trees, go to the lower level. in cases like this, we know we have already had a few trees blown down tonight. you don't want one falling on your house. you will be safer in the lower areas of your home. try to have a little fun with it. i know it is scary. >> you are talking wind gusts in 60
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>> yeah. this is no joke. power outages affecting the metro lines out there as well. the showers are moving through quickly but the wind warnings are with us tomorrow morning and windchills will be in the 20s tomorrow morning. if you have a gas fireplace, i hope you know how to start it manually. >> and many trees down. we had one on george washington parkway. good stuff. thanks for watching. tune in tomorrow for dub dub how do you stay on top of your health? ahh... ahh... cigna customers have plan choices and tools to take control. so they're more engaged, with fewer high health risks and lower medical costs. take control of your health
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welcome to a brand-new episode. i'm your host. on this episode go cruising with tom green as he prepares to unleash the series. the capitals hit the road with their dad. carl opens up about being the cast all time iron man. and a few of the guys take to the driving range for a little friendly competition. get ready to rock the read this is crl. when a game is close at verizon center at third period, everyone knows the series is about to be unleashed. tom green


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