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tv   wusa 9 News Sunday at 630 PM  CBS  April 3, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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e. breaking news now. >> people are screaming. the kids screaming an amtrak train heading towards dc crashes. >> bad enough two men are dead. that is a tragedy and a shame. >> 2 dead, 35 hurt, hundreds shaken. >> we have to find out what happened. >> now, the question, why? thank you for joining us. right now amtrak started limited service around philadelphia but everything is not back to normal just yet. we have live team coverage on amtrak crash. wusa9 and union station for a look at the impact for travelers out of d.c. we begin with stephanie ramirez in chester, pennsylvania who talked to
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crash, stephanie? tkep ra, we heard from the ntsb awhile ago. they are saying little at the moment as to why there wassa a backhoe on live tracks and one of amtrak's busiest corridors. we know they are taking evidence back to d.c. the incident happened further down the tracks in this direction. people ran for safety here. this is where the police and red cross set up their mobile command units. >> they were running across the field and people were coming from everywhere. >> members from chester, pennsylvania opened their doors to the dozens of people injured or stranded after train 89 collided with a backhoe on its tracks. ambulances rushed more than 30 people to the hospital and the rest of the passengers bussed back to philadelphia. but for northwest dc's terry dixon who lives out of the church. she suffered a leg inju
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then -- then the seat i was sitting in -- there was a big fireball that came up on the side of the window and then the train got smokey. we started coughing, they asked us to go to the other part of the train. and everything else was just nuts. >> reporter: she was heading become home. another woman snapped this photo from inside of a second car struck by debris from the crash according to the authorities. the passenger described 5-10 seconds of terror with amtrak staff yelling at them to stay on the train until it was safe to leave. >> everyone was upset. and, and people on my car were screaming. >> the two people killed are amtrak employees. the backhoe operator and supervisor. they tell us both had years of experience. >> had to be so
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>> i don't know. i don't know. right now it is foggy, you know, i don't know. it still like -- i am still in shock. >> reporter: i can tell you a lot of people were terrify today it could have been a repeat of the fatal amtrak crash in philadelphia last year. that is just 23 miles away from this location here. thankfully not as many casualty but still two lives lost, very sad incident on our region's rails. in pennsylvania, back to you. >> thank you, we remember that well. let's go live now out at union station where a lot of travelers are struggling to come up with a back up plan tonight, stephanie? >> deb ra, many departures here delayed until further notice. as you can imagine
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here tonight are very frustrated. i want you to take a look at the big board. everywhere you look you see delays, delays, delays. and people are in shock tonight because there is no telling when the folks will get home. in addition, many travelers here is a amtrak is keeping them in the dark and not providing information about when their trains will pull out of union station. one person i spoke with here is as he finally made it to his destination here at union station but it took him 10 hours. >> i have to go from newark to new york city so i can catch a greyhound and come down here. but getting down here was hard because every bus, greyhound, megabus, all of them are sold out. >> annoyed, tired, and i am hungry. [ laughter ] >> as you
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been a long and exhausting day for most travelers here at union station. at this point, debra, no telling when things will return back to normal here. reporting live tonight in dc, stephanie gale heart, wusa9. >> our live coverage of the deadly crash continues later tonight. you can get the latest developments any time on the wusa9app. download it right now to stay informed 24/7. strong winds caused down trees like the one you are about to see here in northeast. and the national park service closed the title basin after 2 tents collapsed. in college park, maryland two people were taken to the hospital where trees fell on their car. our meteorologist has issued a yellow weather alert for tomorrow as another blast of cold and showers heading our way. howard what is up with all of this? >> another front,
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pattern we are in right now. a few more fronts this week skpepbd cool weather. not a bad evening. the storm yesterday that brought us the 66 mile-an-hour gusts quickly raced off of the seaboard. but a clipper behind it will drop winter storm warning level snow across western new york state and worse for massachusetts. areas of massachusetts this morning of 8 inches of snow. we have a quiet night. cold enough in spots west of town. we have frost advisory in effect. not so much for the metro but for prince william and frederick west out towards the i-84 corridor. frost advisories. tomorrow night, freeze watches. lows will be in the 30s and the 40s tonight. but, tomorrow, we get a break, well in the 60s. again, the afternoon, we will watch out for the showers that will effect the ride home. i want to remind you, please, if you have not continue so already download the weather app. you can take us with you. you can watch the weathercast with the latest forecast as
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well. we will have that 7 day forecast it a few minutes, debra, back to you. >> thank you, howard. the primary that can pack a punch. what winning wisconsin would mean for sanders and cruz. >> it is so cold and windy. >> it may have been a shock to the system but did not stop these runners. what it took to get through a chilly cherry blossom race. we will go back to chester, pennsylvania, for the latest on the amtrak train crash that left a lot of local people here injured but
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ahh! and take control of your health. cigna. together, all the way. republican presidential front-runner, donald trump, on the campaign trail in wisconsin today. trump stopped in a milwaukee diner where he told customers he will not spend money on negative ads. trump also says that a claim he made last month that nato is irrelevant is suddenly embraced by foreign policy experts. that comment drew black lash from former president and foreign policy advisories. earlier in the day trump appeared on the cbs news show face the nation where he told john dickerson he is still in favor of holding doctors accountable for performing illegal abortions. >> that was asked as a pipe
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thetical thet -- hypathetical question. he believes the doctors who perform abortion and not the woman who have them should be held accountable, that is not what he originally said. clinton said trump's view on abortion are extreme. >> when you have candidates running for president who say that there should be no exceptions not for race rape, in-- rape, incest, health, it is extreme. my view has always been this is a choice. >> reporter: she called trump a political arsonist for what she called inciting violence at his rallies. for everything you need to know ahead of the wisconsin primary. just download the wusa9app. get election alerts with the
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>> a chili, windy week send wrapping up and we are looking at a yellow alert for monday. our meet meet tracking the next system. an extra challenge at the cherry blossom 10 miler today. why runners said if you can survive
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update on breaking news. delays continue all across the country. let's go back out live to chester, pennsylvania where we haven update. >> reporter: several people injured. behind us is where amtrak police, chester police and ntsb is working together to collect as much information as possible while there is still daylight here. just
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8:00. an amtrak train with 331 passengers, 7 crewmembers struck a backhoe, a piece of construction equipment on live tracks, killing the backhoe operator and a supervisor, two people, 35 people were transported to hospitals according to the officials. a pennsylvania are looking into the injuries. most injuries are severe. it is traumatic for those that were on the first and second cars. this in pennsylvania, wusa9. >> thank you, stephanie. and, today's 44th annual credit union cherry blossom 10 miler will go down as one of the windiest runs in the nation's capitol. as wusa9 reports it was a big event that almost did not happen at all. high winds kicked up as runners stepped off of the 44th annual cherry blossom 10 miler. >> it is so cold
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morning. so windy. >> i mean the wind is not fun. neither is the snow or the rain. so, none of it will be fun. so, still a good run. >> they were bundled up and some treated it like any other race. >> in shorts, really? >> yes. why not, why? >> about 3 miles in i will be happy. >> a 4-time olympian is pushing through. >> going down, i will find someone tall. i got to go. >> most of the people who signed up for the event did not back down. despite the wind slowing their time they are glad they came out and participated. >> organizers thought long and hard to go on with the tradition this year because of the weather, for safety, they eliminated the kid's run. no overhead signs, balloons, clocks along the route. the award ceremony was limnated. that is okay for us who made history. he is the first male or fee male american finisher since 1996. >> and it
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american finisher since 1996. and it is just fun. today, you feel proud. >> it was really bad but a lot of it was against the wind for awhile. >> good wind. >> reporter: on the national mall, back to you. >> the weather did keep some people away. some 17,000 runners signed up for the race and only 16,000 actually showed up. not bad. >> i thank is good that most of them showed up. >> yes. i might think twice about it. >> yes. getting it at 40 miles an hour. >> yes. it was rough. >> hearing the wind and everything, it is a big deal. >> yes. >> all right. >> it is. i just want you to confirm it, you are the weatherman. >> yes. it was. 66 mile-an-hour gusts. we saw some of the damage. a lot of damage reports across the entire region from trees down, branches down, power outages and that sort of thing. showing what you is happening now. a descent
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on the chilly side. currently 53 degrees. it is also the high for the day. with the west wind only at 9 miles an hour. look how dry the air. low 20s, humidity at 29%. that is one of the reasons we were able to warm up nicely today. i know -- well, we were in the 30s this morning, so, we are near 60 in fredericksberg. a nice warm up. still, in the middle to upper 40s heading out to westminster and frederick and the mountains, above freezing. up at 37 in oakland and the high country. the sunshine, now, light winds, clear skies, dry air temperatures, dropping off. these areas out west, frederick, lowden, prince william. those are frost advisories for tonight. the temperatures may stay above freezing. still got frost. and tomorrow night, another cold front coming in the afternoon. this is a freeze watch for just about everybody. the growing season has begun. we have cold shots coming. the next shot is coming. bringing snow. it could be 6 inches plus across western parts of new york from this guy. for us, hipr
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in. a descent night around here. next system approaches tomorrow in the afternoon. seeing sun in the morning, in the afternoon, showers around. it will impact the commute home and they will get out of here by 7:00, 8:00, we will be in better shape tomorrow night. cold, once again, on tuesday, i think, the temperatures for the most of us don't get out of the 40s. that is too cold. hreubgs-46 tonight. cheer and cold. a breeze picking up by morning. out of the south/southwest. windy start. thrive miles an hour. warming quickly. sunshine in the morning, clouds and showers in the afternoon. 72 fredericksberg. i'm thinking 66 and 68 in the district before the clouds move in. colder on tuesday. milder on wednesday. 58. watch it thursday carefully. we have a chance of rain, morning through midday. i am going to work hard to get it out of
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for the home opener. >> yes. on wusa9 are you excite seven- day. >> i am excited. >> it is unfortunate that but jamie raskin is the only democrat for congress who's authored landmark progressive laws -- marriage equality, equal pay for women, green maryland act, assault weapons ban, and more. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message.
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three games out of the final playoff spot in the east as the wizards are wrapping up the road at the very good los angeles clippers. wizards out in la-la land with the return of griffin. now, john wall, not the greatest game from the field. now, having it late. now, assists for them. is
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point game. fakes it out of the shoes. and it is a 3 going on to win one14-109. the wizards loose 37 and 40 record playoffs not looking good. playoffs, now, not withstanding. northcarolina and villa nova. that is tomorrow night. the championship. both teams got the game, convincing wins. great story line, going up against it. now, playing high school ball together at conzaga here in d.c. >> it is an amazing bond, seeing those guys, watching them through middle school. we are looking at hopefully trying to convince them on come to conzaga. you would not know that they are blood related because they act like they are and treat each other like they are and i think it is just -- it is an incredible thing they did. >> great story there. how about this for a spring break trip for college students? the master's,
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play in it. that is the case for virginia junior. he is in playing as an amateur down in augustaa. he will be one of 6 amateurs, the lead company for sure. take it up at augusta national starting this thursday. in fact, his 18-year-old bro will caddy for him this week. a great opportunity for the young player. >> it will be nerve wracking, the walk from the putting green through all of the patrons and through the first. -- through the first tee. it is hard to get, i hope i can get in a position where i can see. i will be proud as you can imagine. excited fom.r hi i just hope he hits a good one right down the middle off to a good start. and friends, wusa is your home for the master's. grounds 3 and 4 and late night shows thursday and friday only
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that really calming, soothing kind of mus stphaoeubgs yes. it does. >> yes. beautiful flowers, usually. >> yes. absolutely. >> yes. what do you have on say quickly? >> cold tonight, frost advisory, west. middle to upper 60s, watch out for the showers, cold day on tuesday. watching rain threatening. the home opener on thursday. >> yes. >> we do not like that. >> no. >> absolutely. you don't want them to get
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