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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  April 3, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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offer insight to help you achieve your business objectives. see how working with pnc can help your company grow at ♪ must have been some kind of communication error. >> people are screaming. >> i can not imagine somebody's father, brother, head, going to work last night and to know -- husband going to work last night and to know they are not coming home tonight. thank you for joining us. tonight,tons of people are recovering, some still trying to get home after an amtrak accident
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philadelphia. the train traveling from new york to georgia. we begin tonight with wusa9, ramirez with more. >> reporter: 30 people were rushed to the area hospitals but for one person we found from our d.c. area. >> it had a hard impact. then, the seat i was sitting in, there was a big fireball that came up on the side of the window. >> she limped her way into the nephew's window after an amtrak train struck a backhoe on track. >> everyone was hysterical. people on my car
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screaming. >> reporter: cbs says two people killed are amtrak emplowees. the backhoe operator and supervisor -- employees. the backhoe operator and supervisor. both had years of experience. >> must have been a miscommunication, a failure somewhere. got to make sure it does not happen again. >> people were running across the field? >> from everywhere. can you imagine getting in a train crash and they tell you to run through the woods. >> reporter: a spokesperson says they will not have another media briefing until tomorrow. they are going to be here the rest of the night. amtrak tells us they have limited service running from philadelphia to willmington. >> reporter: back to you. >> as you might imagine a lot of passengers stuck at union station as amtrak travel stopped. we have been there this evening and we go live right now with a look at what is
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stephanie. >> reporter: deb ra, good evening. the last two trains out of here were not delayed. of course, that is the good news tonight because earlier today, it was a different story. >> i think i have no idea how i am going to get home to connecticut. >> people packed in union station. >> annoyed, tired and i am hungry. [ laughter ] >> reporter: delays across the board not to mention lines that look like they go on forever. >> now i got to sit here for four hours with an autistic child to on get back home because the train is late and it is ridiculous. >> reporter: other travelers agreed. wilson finally made it here to union station but it took him 10 hours. >> hi to go from newark to new york city so i can catch a greyhound and come down here. but, just getting down here was hard because virtually every bus, greyhound, bolt, megabus are all sold out. >> i came into
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for the weekend. i was hoping to get back so i can work tomorrow morning but here we are, delayed. it is unreliably, unfortunately. >> reporter: many are pointing fingers at amtrak. >> i feel that amtrak's responsibility was to text or e- mail every client and every person that, you know, had a board ticket. i did not get any notification that there were delays. i would of stayed in my hotel with him. >> reporter: for some people it had a silver or a sweet lining. >> look at it. it is bustling in here. the line is backed up. right here, perfect location, why not stop in. why not. >> reporter: and those two taking it all in stride. at this point we are expecting training to be back to normal here tomorrow. reporting live tonight outside of union station, back to you. . >> thank you, stephanie. be
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washington" for the latest on how it could impact monday morning travel. of course, download our free wusa9a pp to keep you informed. alerts, live updates and all of the new developments right when you need them. more breaking news at this hour in montgomery county where a crash on interstate two70 leaves a -- 270 leaves a dozen people hurt, 6 are children. one person trapped in the crash. it all happened on the northbound lane on the interstate between route 121 and 109. the victim taken to the hospital. we are told none of the injuries are life-threatening. one lane will be opening up in just a few minutes so, if you are traveling through the area you may experience delays or police work to clear that scene. a yellow weather alert in effect for tomorrow morning. let's get right outside.
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cold. freeze watches and showers, too? >> reporter: yes, a lot going on with the weather pattern. a nice night going with the sense that the winds are light and high pressure that is starting to building it in ahead of the clipper system. going to bring a lot of snow. 5-10 inches of snow believe it or not. the showers, south of chicago, this is what we are tracking it for tomorrow afternoon. the short term, we got a frost advisory to the west of us for tonight. could be patchy frost from some areas going into the 30s. tomorrow night, a freeze watch, we are going to have mild start to the day, actually temperatures by lunchtime, back in the 60s here. afternoon, middle to upper 60s, maybe 70s south. these showers coming through the afternoon. they will interfere with the commute home. that is why tomorrow is a yellow weather alert and while it is 60s tomorrow, there is more cold air on the way. i will tell you more about that coming up in your seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> okay, howard, thank you. funeral services are set this week for a virginia state trooper fatally shotted in of a
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inside of a greyhound bus station. a funeral will happen for a tropper killed. family and friends will a fend a funeral for the slain married father of two. the 37-year-old will be laid to rest in glaster county, virginia. a man is struck and killed by a police cruiser. it happened around 11:00 last night on the kings town area. a man was taken to the hospital where he ladder died. the officer was not hurt. a 30-year-old middleberg, virginia man has been arrested for murder. derrek lee lewis is accused of shooting to death 34-year-old christina fisher yesterday evening. the police initially responded to a report of domestic dispute. lewis is held without
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accused of murdering his 2-year- old daughter and her mother outside of their fort washington, maryland home. that is 25-year-old darren bosslell johnson. he waited for mrs. davis and their daughter to leave the apartment benefit shooting. davis was a teacher. he murdered her and her daughter so that he would not have to pay $600 a month in child support. if found guilty he faces life in prison. new information tonight in the case of a 31-year-old man accused of sexually abusing a young girl. montgomery county police say this man, 31-year-old roy david evans may be linked to other sexual assault cases in the baltimore area. they say as far back as 2014 they posted ads for a fake modeling company on the social media site, kick. essex is ar
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offense counts involving juveniles and he is free on bond pending the outcome of a trial. well, good news for met star health patients. the company says the private network is back on-line. the system enables doctors to connect to the health network from the internet. they took it off line last week after it was hit with a cyberattack. the attack forced them to shutdown computers at 10 d.c. area hospitals amid fears of malware. now, the fbi is investigating the source of the attack. the washington monument opened again tonight after being shutdown for two days because of a broken elevator. the monument, all 555 feet of it have been closed for repairs since friday. tonight, the park service says a faulty power supply was to blame for the recent break down. the second in just a week. visitors were not in
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elevators during the latest incident. everyone was able to get out safely down the stairs. a passenger plane took off from brussels airport today. this was the first commercial night since the deadly attack that left 32 people dead and hundreds of others wounded. today's flight was one of 3 passenger nights taken off from greece, italy and portugal. the airport was closed for 12 days after the deadly bomb attack. today, amid cheers and a. [ applause ] the first plane took off without incident. >> this is a very symbolical but emotional moment for the airport community. it is the first flight after the terrorist attacks. we are turning a page. a page full of blood but we have to rebuild this airport and we will do so. >> airport officials say starting tomorrow the airport should resume about 20% of its normal flight operations. the airport expects full- service to
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noted american indian historian has died in montana, he was 102 years old. medicine crow was the last surviving war chief for his plains indian tribe. he spent most of his life on the crow reservation near large grass, montan a he served as the historian and continued to lecture into his 90s. >> i think we will have a big success, big success. we love wisconsin. we will have a great success. trump's tough talk. will cork in a state that prides itself on being nice? and under arrest. a soccer star busted for driving under the influence. what is next for her. there may have been a lot of flowers to look at but this, this is no walk in the park. why so many are calling this year's cherry blos
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front-runners falling behind in the polls leading up to this week's wisconsin primary. the outcome could give democrat bernie sanders a boost and slow
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towards the nomination. brian webb reports. >> reporter: coming off one of the worst weeks of his campaign, donald trump ate eggs at a milwaukee diner while trying to stick a fork in >>sich. sh he ould not be allowed on one. he is one for 29, is it 1 for 29 or 28. it is very unfair. he is taking our votes. >> reporter:s can asich says that is not how our republic works, we upon keep fighting until someone reaches a -- we will keep fighting medical someone reaches the delegates. >> nominating donald trump would be a train wreck. that is not fair to train wrecks. >> reporter: a battleground tracker poll out today shows cruz 6 points ahead of republican front-runner donald
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behind. close between democrats with sanders two points ahead of clinton. >> most importantly we got to beat donald trump and i think they will see that bernie sanders is the strongest candidate to do that. >> reporter: clinton did not cam pain in wisconsin today. instead making several stops in brooklyn ahead of new york's primary on april 19th. brian webb for cbs news. >> polls show trump holds leads in new york and pennsylvania. those states hold primaries april 26th. for everything you need to know ahead of the primary, just download our wusa9app. you will get alerts when you want them and the latest developments in the presidential campaign. abby wombach was arrested for drinking and driving. she reportedly ran a red light near downtown portland. the
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field sobriety tests and a breathe test. she has been released. state police in new york say whiteout conditions led to a massive pileup. this crash happened not far from cooperstown. tonight, a portion of the interstate remains closed. the police say as many as a dozen being vehicles were involved including three tractor trailers and a greyhound bus. several people were hurt. police say fortunately there were no fatalities. heavy snow hits the boston area this weekend leaving behind heavy wet snow and lots of downed trees and power lines. >> residents dig for days out. leaving them stranded with no ways to dig out of the neighborhoods. >> i am a physician at the hospital. i have to get out in the morning. >> the power lineup will not be back
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for sure. i used to ask my grandfather why he got off of the boat in miami? they said there is always something going on like a volcano here. >> miami it is. strong winds in our area overnight. leaving a path of downed trees like this one on florida avenue and whole brook avenue northeast. the park service closed the welcome area after 2 tents collapsed with the wind on saturday night. if college park, maryland, two people were taken to the hospital after a tree fell on their car. i mean that is -- that is bad stuff. >> yes. >> you got over 60 last night. >> yes. go back to boston for a second. those people, she is done. >> yes, boston and also new york, 2-4 inches, there were some as high as 8 southwest of boston. it is snow. snow tonight in
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our weather pattern for the next week or so looks active, unsettled, cooler than average as well. >> could have been worse. >> yes. warm outs and cool and unsettled. now, 33 degrees guaranteed time today. it was cold and windy this morning, the winds went down. that is what we hit. we call that a bull's-eye in the weather department. now my 3 degree temperature is 67. banking on some clouds. taking a little risk here going on the low side of things. 50 right nought in town. we have winds -- right now. humidity 50t sits now at 43%. when you get away from the the city you get light winds and draw air. 34 in frederick, 39 now. martinsberg, winchester, so, we got frost advisories out in effect. many of the western
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starting at midnight. although there is probably a little bit of frost right now. don't have to be freezing to get frost. surface temperatures have toen freezing. the air temperature. tomorrow night, though, almost everyone could fall below freezing. the season, a freeze watch in effect, tuesday to midnight until 10:00 a.m. watching the clippers, this one bringing 5-10 inches of snow. going to clip. massachusetts, we will see a little more snow from that. it is this front north of chicago with the showers that are ahead of it. that is coming late tomorrow. ahead of it. we have a chilly night. tomorrow, though, winds will be more southerly and westerly, though, today, 54, tomorrow, good 10 or 15 degrees warmer. well up in the 60s, could see low 70s, south of town. want to take you to the midel of the afternoon now. 3:00, showers are going to be approaching. just in time for the rush
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home. that is why tomorrow is going to be a yellow weather alert day. 7:00, most of the activities through us. now, 3-5, 3:00 until 6:00. terrible timing, we get colder by tuesday morning. the freeze watch is in effect. tuesday, another chilly day, high pressure building in on tuesday night. we get milder again on wednesday. so, we will be back in the 50s. you see the rain from pittsburgh to charleston wednesday afternoon. that is going to be here thursday morning and midday. and, i am going to be hopeful we can get rid of it by 1:00, 2:00 so the nats home opener gets off on time. the orioles who are up in baltimore tomorrow, 3:00 on, that could be delayed until 5:00 or 6:00 depending on the showers and what they do. clear to start, seeing a few clouds here and there. breezy by morning, the winds turn to the south. early sun increasing clouds, 40 to 50s tomorrow morning, then 60s, low 70s south, the yellow
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for the scattered showers, going to mess up the ride home. blustery tuesday, 48, milder wednesday, 58. we watch thursday. hope we can appease the baseball gods and get rid of the rain early. still chilly, look at saturday. nats have another home game. might not get out of the 40s. >> i think the opening days will be a good one. one event that was not lucky, a big dc event goes down as one of the windiest in history in the nation's capitol. 44th annual credit union. high winds kicked up as runners stepped off the 44th annual cherry blossom 10 miler. >> it is so cold out this morning and so windy. >> the wind is not fun but neither is the snow or the rain. so, none of it will be fun. but, it will be a good run. >> they were bundled up and some treated it like any
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race. >> in shorts, really? >> [ laughter ] >> why not, right? >> 3 miles in i will be happy that i am. >> reporter: then, a four time olympian is pushing through. >> windy, i will find somebody tall. i got to go. [ laughter ] >> reporter: most of the people that signed up for the event did not back down. despite the wind slowing their times they are glad they came out and participated. organizers thought long and hard to two on with the tradition this year because of the weather. for safety, they eliminated the kid's run. no overhead signs, balloons or clocks along the route. the award ceremony was eliminated. that is okay for sam who made it. he is the first male or female american finisher since 1996. >> it is awesome. i am proud when it goes well like today. you feel proud. >> you go against the wind
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more like the good wind. >> on the national mall, wusa9. >> windchill. >> yes. windchill is from the 20s this morning. guys are out there with shorts, diehard runners,a hats off to everybody. >> -- runners, yes, hats off for everybody. 16,000 people showed up. not bad. you know who is here? >> who is here? >> i can see him over there. >>
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now, wusa9 game on sports. brought to you by: get your cap on. baseball gets going for tomorrow. game one of 162. that will be at miami. they have a ton of talent. a lot of positives heading into 2016. much more on the nats coming up. it was opening day for some teams, including the defending
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defending champions in action tonight. it is master's week down in augusta. golf's most prestigious tournament. derek bart. amateur qualified for the master's. >> it will be nerve wracking. the walk from the putting green through all of the patrons. hopefully i have a good one out there. all right, george washington taking the hardwood at the nit. we will have more on "game on overtime". nationals at the braves. miami in town on thursday. >> oh. >> a quick fact checker there. >> not going to feel like miami around here, is it? >> no, no, you will not need the you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years.
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for the afternoon, the commute, that is why we have the yellow alert tomorrow. a lot colder tomorrow night. freeze watch tomorrow night. tuesday in the 40s. potentially rain to start on thursday. hopefully we will get it out for the home opener and still rather unsettled through next side. >> get your jacket, rain jacket for the home opener there. >> thank you for watching. "game on overtime" is ♪ ♪ light & fit, 15 delicious flavors, each 80 calories. try to beat that!
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