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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  April 4, 2016 7:00am-8:59am EDT

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good morning, it is monday, april 4th, 2016. welcome to "cbs this morning." donald trump goes on an apology tour ahead of wisconsin's primary tomorrow. hillary clinton tries to stop a surging bernie sanders. an unprecedented leak alleges corruption, among other powerful leaders. plus, we go back stage with the winners of the academy award of country music awards. we begin this morning with a look at today's "eye opener." your world in 90 seconds. you shouldn't be littering up the proc bess,seecau that is what he is doing. it's really a disgrace. >> trump and cruz call for
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>>y onlcatwo ndidates have any plausible path to wnginni the republican nomination. me and donald trump. >> we are going to have an open convention and it's going to be so much fun. >> we have offered dates and we have been trying to figure out when we could do this. >> on the democratic side, hillary clinton and bernie sandersts lo a in deebat over theirs next debate. >> doing it during the ncaa finals makes no sense and doing it in the morning makes no see. >> amtrak train hit a back hoho twand o construction workers died. >> it feels a lot like winter in the midwest to the northeast. >> i don't want any more of >>is. i've been bad. i've been good. >> country music stars brought the heat to the acm music awards. >> jason aldean took home entertainer of the year. >> thank you very much. i appreciate it. >> horror on a coralifnia
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a small plane lost control and plowed into a train. one dead. several injured. >> in philadelphia, fans were tumbling after an escalator malfunctioned. >> a police chase on a san francisco bay bridge. the culprit? a black chihuahua that was eventually caught. >> royals and mets pick up where last season finished. >> the royals win it again! >> how if we had a little charlie rose, a little oprah and a little me all together? wouldn't you watch that? >> i'd love it. i'd love it. >> on "cbs this morning." >> during an msnbc town hall on wednesday, trump said women should be punished for getting abortions. >> i don't care what the question is. you don't say that on tv! even if you're on wheel of fortune and the board says women should be unished! announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by toyota. let's go places!
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♪ welcome to "cbs this morning." 24 hours before the wisconsin primary, donald trump is trying to bounce back from a series of campaign setbacks. the latest cbs news battleground tracker shows ted cruz leading trump by six points in wisconsin. that margin is smaller than other recent polls. john kasich is a distant third. >> our poll also shows trump has double-digit leads over cruz in pennsylvania and new york. the two biggest states holding primaries later this month. major garrett is in milwaukee where trump and cruz will campaign today. major, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. looking at our wisconsin poll, donald trump said he is essentially tied with ted cruz. but that is statistical guesswork out of the combined efforts of cruz and scott walker and a harsh political relate. one trump tried to deal with yesterday by essentially apologizing for m
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week. >> i don't know if it's the worse week in my campaign. >> reporter: on tv and in print, donald trump did the unthinkable and unusual -- he expressed regret. he told "the new york times" columnist maureen dowd retweeting a unflattering picture of heidi cruz was a mistake. >> was this my best week? i guess not. i could have done without the retweet, et cetera, et cetera, but i think i'm doing okay. >> reporter: trump attempted to clarify comments he made about punishing women who seek abortions. >> well, i -- i -- i -- as a hypothetical question, i would have rather asked -- answered it in a different manner, yeah. >> trump stated the obvious on where things stand on "face the nation" but searched for an answer what abortion is. >> at this moment the laws are set and i think we have to leave it that way. >> do you think it's murder? abortion? >> i have my opinions on it, but i'd rather not comment on it. >> reporter: ted cruz quoted
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opposed to abortion who he said now rightly question his true believes. >> donald's answers are the answer of someone a liberal trying to think what he thinks conservatives want to hear. >> reporter: later on sunday, trump insisted he had been misunderstood. >> i took that answer and i -- i didn't like it because i think a lot of people didn't understand it. women go through a lot. they go through a tremendous punishment of themselves and i didn't like it because i wasn't sure if people wouldnd it. so i clarified it. >> reporter: trump is now battling to win wisconsin's 42 delegates but says john kasich, running a distant third, is complicating those efforts. >> kasich shouldn't be allowed to continue and the rnc shouldn't allow him to continue. and kasich has more an impact on me than cruz, in my opinion. >> reporter: the republican national committee has no power to remove any candidate from the race and there was a time trump liked the competition. kasich for his part is n
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and negative mailers from cruz. proof that kasich support, while small, could be pivotal here and elsewhere. >> thank you, major. democratic race in wisconsin is effectively tied this morning. our battleground tracker shows bernie sanders leading hillary clinton by 2% and less than the poll's margin of error. clinton is facing more of the next primary in new york, two weeks from tomorrow. both campaigns are fighting when to hold a debate there. nancy cordes is here in studio 57 and she is watching the democratic race. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. tempers are flaring. the sanders camp says clinton is trying to avoid a big audience by proposing a debate tonight during the ncaa championship or next week in the morning. the clinton camp says they have offered multiple debates but sanders is the one who is holding out to stir up trouble. >> i'm not the one negotiating it. that is going on between my campaign and i know my campaign is really
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>> reporter: the biggest argument between clinton and sanders wasn't about wall street or health care but scheduling a debate here in new york. >> during it during the ncaa finals makes for sense and doing it in the morning when people are not watching it in large numbers makes no sense. >> reporter: on sunday, the sanders campaign accused its rival of quote disingenuously proposing a debate on the night he has a big rally. the sanders campaign needs to stop with the campaigns and accusing of it using fake issues to attack her on the issue. >> thank you all very much. >> reporter: wisconsin votes tomorrow and both campaigns say sanders could rack up his fourth straight victory. staying power means clinton has gotten hammered from the left longer than she expected. >> as secretary of state, she actively supported fracking around the world. >> clinton argued sanders is distorting her record. >> i have been working to try to move us away from fossil
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for many years. >> reporter: last week, it wasn't republicans raising the fbi investigation into clinton's server, it was sanders supporter an actress dawson introducing him in the south bronx. >> yes, she is under the fbi investigation. thank you. >> reporter: sanders defended dawson on sunday but insisted he is staying away from the topic. >> a lot of people say, bernie, why don't you go after her on her fbi investigation? why don't you go after her on the clinton foundation money? we have chosen not to do that. >> reporter: the clinton camp argues comments like that are his way of highlighting those topics without really talking about them. on sunday, clinton insisted the fbi has not asked her for an interview, but said as she has before, charlie, that she is happy to answer any questions the agents might have. >> thanks, nancy. cbs news political director and "face the nation" moderator john dickerson is in washington. >> good morning, charlie. >> even though donald trump is ahead in new york and in pennsylvania, if he loses
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significant damage to his nomination pathway? >> well, it will be a big bump in the road for him for two reasons. one, just the simple delegates and it will matter is not just who wins wisconsin but how they beat him? cruz get all 42 delegates or a smaller number. that is crucial the 1,237 delegates trump need to get the nomination is the key number to pay attention to. if he lost, makes it harder for him to get to that number before cleveland. then there is just the momentum question. this last week has been framed as a tough week for him. people might think the results in wisconsin, if trump loses is a sort of ratification of bad judgment of last week on his campaign. >> but he told you yesterday on "face the nation" he was one of you guests, he did not necessarily consider that his worst week. were you surprised that was his response? >> he is an optimistic guy and people rarely will say i had a
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you see his behavior at the end of the week and admissions suggesting he recognizes there are some things he needs to clean up. but the great news for the trump campaign and for him is that he has got a 30-point lead in new york and 20-point lead in pennsylvania. those are the next two contests. they will certainly argue if he loses wisconsin, that it's a different kind of state, that it's more a state that ted cruz would be prepared to do better in. >> john, how do you analyze the battleground tracker poll that shows 78% of trump's supporters in wisconsin say that trump has said things have been unfair or gone too far but they are voting for him any way? >> that is probably what undergirds his support after all, which is a lot of voters i've talked to, they say, yes, he goes too far and wish he wouldn't say a thing or two here or there, but they think he speaks to a larger truth in the way no other candidate comes close to. that is what they love about him and they are willing to take him off the hook on all of the other stuff. >> can you imagine any circumstances that john kasich would leave the race before the convention? >> i think it's pretty hard to
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i mean, he hasn't left so far and the fact that donald trump wants him to leave, i'm sure having not talked to the governor, that makes him want to stay in and all john kasich is trying to do is take delegates away from donald trump. >> now ted cruz is running ads against the ohio governor too. >> more motivation to stay in for john kasich. something must be going right is the way he would read that. >> john dickerson, thank you so much. spring feels more like winter this morning in parts of the northeast. it's snowing across new york state and southern new england. the early spring storms are blamed for several accidents. two people died in massachusetts where up to half foot of snow could pile up today. jericka duncan is in worcester, west of boston. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. here in worcester, people have been digging out all weekend. look at that. a snowplow behind me and parts of massachusetts received up to 8
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and while you ask people around here has it been a mild winter in the northeast? they say, yes. but you can just take a look at this background and see that winter is not going out quietly. freezing 40 miles per hour wind gusts were no help to first responders in central new york on sunday. it's believed whiteout conditions caused a dozen vehicles to pile up on interstate 88. several injuries were reported. in massachusetts, crews worked to clean up trees and power poles knocked over by the snow and high winds. downed power lines caused thousands of power outages across the state. >> i just looked out and it was just terrible time. >> a husband and wife died in a boston suburb after a tree crashed on their car. brian easton was out shoveling snow and saw it happen. >> the car came along and just
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perfectly, the tree fell right on the roof and the tree bounced off the car. >> reporter: wind gusts reaching 60-mile-per-hour blew shingles off rooftops in new jersey and pummeled abandoned buildings in maryland. >> i heard a sound, pow, pow! it was serious! >> reporter: with winter weather advisories and freeze warnings issued from new hampshire all the way to tennessee, people like kathy o'neill are ready for spring's arrival. >> i don't want any more of this. that's where i'm at right now. >> reporter: i totally agree. and today's storm is expected to move offshore by later tonight and believe it or not, on thursday, i will not need this heavy jacket or this heavy coat, rather. that is because temperatures are expected to reach the 60s in this area. gayle? >> we will see what mother nature has to say about that! we will see. i hope you're right. thanks a lot. amtrak travelers along the railroad's busiest routes can expect
7:14 am
two amtrak employees were killed yesterday morning when train 89 hit their construction equipment. the train derailed southwest of philadelphia. dozens of passengers were hurt. kris van cleave is outside of philadelphia's 30th street station, the last stop before the crash. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. crews worked overnight to remove train 89 from the tracks. however, there are still delays and a whole lot of questions, mainly how did this snap happen? new york city to savannah city amtrak bound train collided on these tracks south of philadelphia. >> got off track and a big explosion. then a fire. then a window bursted out. >> reporter: the impact ripped a gash into the train's first car. pictures from inside show the intensity of the damage. beth blakley was riding in the car right behind it. >> all you could see was a lot of dirt and debris flying past the train. a couple of sort of like fire flashes and then we came to
7:15 am
stop. >> reporter: two amtrak workers on the backhoe died. on board train 89 were at least 330 passengers and seven crew. nearly three dozen were taken to local hospitals. ntsb investigators arrived on the scene shortly after the crash. what was the backhoe doing on the live track? >> part of our investigation and we will be looking the track structure and the work that was performed at the time of the accident. >> reporter: steve forbes the chairman and editor in chief of forbes media was on board saying i'm fine. prayers to those families of those killed and injured. this accident happened comes less than a year after eight people died and 200 injured on amtrak 188 when it derailed in philadelphia. that train was headed from washington, d.c. to new york. the cause is still under investigation. but that train was going two times the speed limit into a curve. with this new crash, investigators now have another puzzle to solve. >> we will be looking at mechanical operations, signal, ac
7:16 am
survival factors. >> reporter: now the ntsb has recovered the event recorder, as well as the inward and outward facing dash cameras on the train. all three have been sent to washington, d.c. for analysis. >> thank you. the academy of country music awards in las vegas celebrated new talent and seasoned veterans. jason aldean last night was among the biggest winners and becoming entertainer of the year. but a newcomer took home the most awards. "entertainment tonight" co-host nancy o'dell was back stage last night for the ceremony. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. i spoke to jason who is very excited, as well as the man who could do no wrong on sunday night, chris stapleton who won almost every acm award. he was up for six out of seven and he gave a heartfelt performance on stage and a very humble thank you back stage.
7:17 am
♪ ♪ she know and i know i'll always come back for more ♪ >> reporter: chris stapleton won album of the year for "traveler" not bad for a singer who spent years writing other hit songs for other performers. >> everybody worked so hard. iei want to thank you everybody for treating this record so kindly. >> reporter: host luke brian and dierks bentley asked the star-filled audience who wanted to take credit for stapleton's career. >> stand up! >> did you have any idea that was going to take place? >> nobody told mean i think they wanted a genuine reaction from me and they probably got it. >> miranda lambert turned up the heat with a zz top classic. ♪ >> reporter: she won female vostcali of the year for the seventh time. >> i love you tonight. a bunch of new country girls up here shining. ♪ >> reporter: one of those new girls is the new female vocalist
7:18 am
>> i had to overcome the long-legged women i had would work with around here. >> reporter: after receiving a special award for a story about her life, she shared the stage with katy perry. ♪ >> reporter: after being up for the award four times previously. ♪ >> reporter: jason aldean was finally named entertainer of the year. >> i thought that was one that was just -- maybe it just wasn't meant to be. this year, you know? it was our year. thank you, guys, very much. i love you. thank you. >> reporter: jason absolutely was so thrown about his win. when i spoke to him back stage, he had no speech prepared and he forgot to pick his mom so thank you very much to jason's mom. much more, you'll
7:19 am
conversation with chris stapleton and miranda lambert who had a lot to sane talked about the amazing performance she had with zz top and keith urbans. we will have a full wrap-up tonight on "entertainment tonight." >> nancy, good to see you. what a great show last night. thank you. you can get a full report on the acm award highlights this evening on "entertainment tonight" so check your local listings. ransom ware put an american city under siege for an enemy it could not see. >> we have about ten years of documents that we are not able to access. >> the story is coming up. first, it's time to check your local weather.
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announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by hershey's. a massive leak reveals alleged corruption with people with ties to
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a chihuahua is in custody this morning after this chase on the bay bridge heading into san francisco. the california highway patrol tweeted this video of sunday morning's hot pursuit! officers are now searching for the owner of the dog that they collared. but for now they are calling him paunch after that classic character on the tv show "chips." paunch said i'm getting out of here but he is okay. >> he will have a home by the end of the day. welcome back to "cbs this morning." this half hour, more than 11 million documents offer information of alleged corruption by some of the richest people in the world. the so-called panama papers were released. how vladimir putin and other world leaders tried to hide
7:31 am
money. americans lost more than $225,000 last year to computer ransom ware. we will tell you how cyberthieves took over one city and how some hackers are thinking more. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. investigators searching for radical islamists from europe. they are linked to the terror in brussels and paris terrorist attacks. many were fighting in syria. part of a web of young men radicalized in belgium. the orlando sentinel reports on a new video of the third successful launch and landing of a reusable rocketly blue origin. the footage was released by amazon's jeff bezos who founded the space company. it shows the unmanned rocket returning to texas on saturday. bezos expects to begin flying space tourists as early as 2014 '18. >>
7:32 am
fifth biggest carrier and pick up airport slots in new york, washington, and l.a. the supreme court pick by president obama is preparing for a hearing even though it may never happen. merrick garland is cramming for questions he might face from senators. nearly all senator republicans refuse to meet him. they say the nomination should be left for the next president. "usa today" reports on the massive document leak allegedly showing how world leaders and the megarich side billions of dollars. the so-called panama papers reports to people like vladimir putin and other global leaders. a stunning revelations contained in an estimated 11.5 million documents that was leaked from a panama-based law firm. they show how the wealthy and
7:33 am
powerful create shell. >> reporter: it's not illegal to have an offshore company, but one person of a so-called shell company is that the money put in it can't be traced to its owner. the practice allows people to hold cash and move cash under a corporate name without international law enforcement or tax authorities knowing who it belongs to. an anonymous source provided nearly 40 years worth of documents from a law firm in panama named mossack fonseca. the 2.6 taxpayerabytes of data n 11.5 million documents including 5 million internal e-mails providing a window into some 214,000 companies. >> this really told us something about how the offshore financial system works and especially about who are the kinds of people who are using it. >> michael hudson is one of hundreds of journalists who researched the documents and what is likely the biggest leak of inside information in history.
7:34 am
politicians and megawealthy and billionaires are using to move money and do transactions is also being used by criminals, ponzi schemers and drug kingpins, you name it, to hide their corrupt businesses. >> reporter: among the 12 current or former heads of state named in the investigations, the presidents of ukraine and argentina and king of saudi arabia. while he is not named directly, the documents show allied to russian president vladimir putin secretly shuffled as much as $2 billion through banks and shadow companies. >> what can you tell me about a company called -- >> reporter: the prime minister of iceland who rose to prominence after the country's financial crisis. [ speaking in foreign language ] >> reporter: walked out of an interview last month when he was questioned about his ownership of a shell company that held nearly $4 million in bonds in the three major iceland mix. >> secrecy
7:35 am
and sold and costs money. the more secretory you want, the more you pay. >> reporter: mossactk called it a crime and said we have no responsibility in how these companies were used. >> they say they are like a car factory. you can't blame a car factory if a car is used to rob a bank. >> reporter: moss acs said many of the parties cited have not and never been their clients. they also said they do not foster or promote unlawful acts. there are currently no americans named in the leak documents, but it's unlikely that that will last. >> what happens next? >> well, 11.5 million documents takes a long time to go through. that is why there are names revealed that have not been revealed yet because journalists are poring over this documentation as we speak. >> this is such a blockbuster report. such a blockbuster report. don, thank you so much. the makers of the minicooper car are
7:36 am
featuring retired soccer star abby wambach who was arrested for reportedly failing to stop at a red light and she failed sobriety tests. wambach posted an apology on facebo yesterday saying those who know me know i have always demanded excellence for myself. i have let myself and others down. i take full responsibility for my actions. she quickly apologized. >> it's nothing worse than disappointing yourself. we will hear more, i'm sure, about that. fight back or pay up. we look at the growing battle to deal with hackers who hold up computers using ransom wear. that is next. if you're heading out the door, watch us live through the cbs all-access app on your digital device because you do not want to miss aol cofounder steve case on the next big thing for the internet. he already sees it. >> it's such a good book. >> it is. we will be right back.
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we have been reporting on more hackers using ransom ware to hold computer files hostage for money. if february a los angeles hospital paid about $17,000 worth of bit coins after a data breach. since then several other medical institutions were crippled by ransom ware and forcing them to turn away patients. demar demarco morgan has more. >> reporter: good morning. hackers using ransom ware to target consumers from businesses big and small to municipalities and the payoff is huge. we visited a city that fell victim to hackers and is still working to get its files back. plainfield, new jersey. a town of roughly 50,000, was taken hostage. >> the hijacker has requested or demanded a ransom. >> reporter: the mayor mapp says hackers
7:42 am
computer systems when an employee clicked on an infected link. city official scrambled to pull servers offline and three were compromised using e-mails and other city files accessible. >> we have about ten years of documents that we are not able to access. >> reporter: the hijackers held the files ransom, demanding ruffle 650 euros paid in bit coins. the mayor remains helpless in regaining access. >> it's a very serious problem that cries for you a solution and we don't have it at the local level. >> reporter: plainfield was a victim of ransom ware, a type of malware that law enforcement official say is spreading nationwide. who should be concerned? >> everyone should be concerned. it's the number one issue facing company secretive in this industry and it's a very difficult thing to solve. >> reporter: ryan norain of a lab says the malware gets into computers often with a simple click. >> they prey on en
7:43 am
willingness to click on the latest viral videos and prey on people with facebook links and sending spam to e-mail in addition to using twitter. >> reporter: once a computer is infected, it enkripts all files or locks the user out until they pay for the key. >> you have a document folder here. >> reporter: he demonstrated just how it works. >> i have a music folder here. i also have, like everyone's computers. it's full of pictures and in many cases, people's family photos. >> reporter: then the malware takes hold. >> the ransom wear is communicating with the server. the server is sending instructions here to encrypt the files. >> reporter: in minutes, the computer is krom xrcompromised. >> this is what they see. >> reporter: those photos? >> if i try to look at all of my photos from my last vacation, try to open this, it's nothing. garbage. imagine an average business, this happening in the background, not only on this computer, bu
7:44 am
the same time. >> reporter: in addition to a string of hospitals hacked, the villageage of ilion paid hundreds of ransom in 2014 and another paid 500,000 to get back online. >> we are seeing an uptick in this type of activity. >> reporter: aurie harris heads the new york's cyber division. >> one of the reasons our numbers are growing is the idea that people are paying the ransom. >> reporter: in 2014 the fbi received 1,800 complaints of ransom ware and estimated loss of more than 23 million dollars. in 2015 over 2,4 hundred complaints and a loss of 24 million dollars. hundreds to a few thousand dollars, but the loss to an individual or business can be huge. >> it's a very, very helpless feeling to open your computer and you don't have your c
7:45 am
>> reporter: how can you protect yourself? >> good user habits, common sense, backups and patching. with those basic things in place, i think you can -- you can minimize your explosion to risk. >> reporter: the hackers keep the ransom fans very small because the victims are more willing to pay. the mayor mapp did not faye but he says the hackers have disappeared and leaving the city no one to contact. they couldn't pay the ransom if they wanted to. you have to back up your files. it can happen to anyone. we saw the hospital in los angeles. >> damage so quickly and easily is so scary to me. >> a matter of seconds. >> thank you, demarco. after nearly 22 years, rock fans get to finally here guns 'n roses perform line again! up next, the group makes a roaring return
7:46 am
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♪ a scary scene at the wells fargo center in philadelphia. escalator sent fans tumbling on top of each other after the game. it sped up. no serious injuries were reported. >> can you imagine? >> i have no way to imagine. nowhere to go. for the first time in more than two decade, guns 'n roses classic lineup axl rose and slash performed together. ♪ >> around 500 very lucky fans packed the troubador club in west hollywood on friday night after news broke hours earlier. the surprise show comes ahead of a 20-city reunion tour this
7:51 am
summer. last year here at this table in this very seat, slash hinted at the comeback. >> would you want to reunite? >> you know, i mean, you know, i got to be careful what i say there. i mean, if everybody wanted to do it and do it for right reasons and, you know, i think the fans would love it and i think it might be fun, you know, at some point to try and do that. >> now is that time. before the official tour kicks off, guns 'n roses perform this month in las vegas and mexico city and in california festival. >> i love guns 'n roses. i used to do wheelies in my friend's dad's volvo. >> what is your favorite song? >> "paradise city". >> how about you? >> i'll pick "sweet girl of mine." >> reunion of music legends to a
7:52 am
rising star. chris stapleton calls winning six academy of country music awards unbelievable. ahead, we are going to take you back stage with stapleton on his blockbuster night. you're watching "cbs this morning." ♪ when they thought they should westart saving for retirement.le then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges. ♪rugreen presents the yardley's.
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he was flicking matches on me... for my life. my ex-husband's intentions were to murder me. glenn: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences, because domestic violence can never be tolerated. yvette: mr. ivey showed compassion. i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey. as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i
7:57 am
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♪ ♪ burn baby burn burn baby burn ♪ good morning. it is friday, april 4th, 2016. welcome back to "cbs this morning." there is more real news ahead, including rising tensions in the democratic presidential race. nancy cordes will break it all down for us. first, here's a look at today's "eye opener" at 8:00. looking at our wisconsin pollna, dold trump said he is essentially tied with ted cruz, but that is statistically guesswork. >> he told youte yesrday he did not necessarily consider that his worst week. were you surprised? >> well, he's an optimistic guy. >> sanders camp says clinton fight to avoid a big audience during a debate during the ncaa championship. >> worcester, people are digging out all weekend. look at that. a snowplow
8:01 am
>> crews removed the track. but there are still questions how the accident happened. >> names we will be revealing that have not been revealed yet. >> the payoffs i huge. we visited a city that fell victim to hackers and is still working to get its files back. >> the man could do no wrong. chris stapleton, who won almost every acm award he was up for. >> you know, i am a little disappointed. when i got to the people at cbs, i told them i wanted a good looking blond with great hair. i was hoping it was carrie underwood. >> ah. announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by nationwide. i'm charlie rose with gayle king and norah o'donnell. the next test for the presidential candidates is tomorrow in wisconsin. donald trump started his final push over the weekend with a series of jeez. he is six points behind
8:02 am
in wisconsin according to our cbs news battleground tracker. that follows a week of campaign gasps and widespread criticism. >> 78% of republicans who pran to vote for donald trump tomorrow says he has made statements that are unfair or go too far. trump said repeatedly on sunday that he would try to do better. >> i want to win and i'll be so presidential, you won't believe it. >> what does that mean to be presidential? >> well, it means maybe not be so aggressive. maybe not get so personal, but when people get personal with me, i mean, they say, oh,y the don't like my hair, okay? now have i ever said i didn't like their ,hair iult wod be a headline. my hair is not that bad, is it in it is my hair! i'm a smart guy. being presidential is easy but you may get very bored. >> what does that mean? you're goingst to opeetwting? >> i don't think so. no, i'll tell you what. this is a modern forum. like owning my own newspaper. why should i give it up? >> as president? >> as president, i would take it differently, yeah. i would agree with
8:03 am
>> the two democratic candidates are neck and neck going into tomorrow's primary. our battleground tracker shows bernie sanders with a two-point lead, that is within the margin of error. sanders is campaigning today in wisconsin while hillary clinton is in new york. that is the scene of their next primary where our poll finds clinton leading sanders by ten points. the candidates plan to hold a debate before the new york primary but they can't agree sanders wants to have the debate early next week. the clinton campaign says she is not available then. she offered to have it tonight or the end of next week but the sanders campaign argues clinton is trying to avoid a large tv audience. our nancy cordes has been out on the campaign trail covering both of these candidates this morning. she is here in studio 57. good morning. >> good morning. >> so what is the real story? >> the real story, shocker. these two have competing agendas. he wants as many people to watch as possible. he wants to show that he on equal footing with clinton in a state where he grew up, which she represented.
8:04 am
not all that eager to have him bashing her say on her wall street ties in the state of new york. >> how much momentum does bernie sanders have in new york? >> well, he'll be coming off a string of victims. in hawaii and idaho, in alaska, possibly in wisconsin tomorrow. and so it will look as if he is the comeback kid even though it's still mathematically a big uphill climb for him to get to the nomination. >> do you think the debate is going to happen? hillary clinton says she wants to have it but you suggest having it tonight, the night of the ncaa playoffs. >> or maybe in the morning next week. not that isn't a great time to have any conversation! >> do you ultimately think it will happen before april 19th? >> i think it will. she can't appear to look as if she is avoiding him or afraid of debating him. they both said that they have committed to a debate. the dnc says it's committed to a debate. so i think it will happen even though it's clear that the clinton camp didn't expect they would still have to be doing debates like this this l
8:05 am
the primary season. >> clinton campaign thinks this primary has strengthened her or has weakened her and exposed weaknesses they perhaps they thought didn't exist? >> i think now in the moment they feel that it hurts to have bernie sanders continue to hit her on issues that they didn't expect to have to defend her on, like her record on fossil fuels and climate change. but at the same time, look back at 2008 there was a bitter fight between hillary clinton and barack obama all the way to the end. people as they do now worry perhaps her supporters wouldn't be able to get behind him and that turned out not to be a problem. >> she is also found out she has some problem with certain constituencies? >> absolutely. with young people, for example. it was a lesson to her and her campaign that they had work to do on that front. and, you know, sometimes it doesn't hurt to have to be in a big fight with someone like bernie sanders. yes, he is going after her but probably not as ferociously as, say, donald trump would be. >> they pride
8:06 am
the republicans are doing. he sat in that seat last week saying she is not telling the truth and she says he is not telling the truth. >> tempers start to flare in a race like this. >> sanders campaign believes they made a mistake by not getting tougher with her earlier. >> right. on the other hand, part of his brand, the reason people flocked to him they felt he was a different kind of politician who didn't make those personal attacks. >> thank you, nancy. >> you're welcome. thank you. in europe, votes carrying more than 200 people back to turkey, the boats sailed early today from two greek islands. human rights groups are protesting. holly williams is on the greek long island of lesvos where she witnessed a deportation. >> reporter: what happened here today at the port in lesvos is extremely controversial and probably explains the heavy police presence. >> oh, no, don't. >> reporter: the
8:07 am
other journalists were held behind. the fact we were not allowed to speak with the people who are being loaded onto boats. european governments agree they want to stop or at least flow the influx of migrants. so far, more than 150,000 people have made the risk crossing from turkey to greece and more than 120 have died. human rights group say shipping people back to turkey could be illegal under international law. in recent days, migrants here in greece have rioted and even a breakout from a detention center another island. for every person shipped back to turkey, europe will accept one refuge from a turkish camp who has already been vetted. we don't know whether this will affect the flow of desperate people, many of whom are fleeing war and hoping for a better life here in europe. >> holly williams in greece, thank you so much. miranda lambert wanted to be in top form for last
8:08 am
performance for the country music awards. we announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by nationwide. ♪ nationwide is on your side
8:09 am
ahead, teeing up the next generation of golf pros. >> i'm mark strassmann. tiger woods won the masters for the first time when he was only 21. the two latest champs here at the augusta national golf club are only 9. you'll meet them coming up on "cbs this morning." i'm phil mickelson, pro golfer. my psoriatic arthritis caused joint pain. just like my moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis. and i was worried about joint damage. my doctor said joint pain from ra can be a sign of existing joint damage that could only get worse. he prescribed enbrel to help relieve pain and help stop further damage. enbrel may lower your ability to fight infections.
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he was flicking matches on me... for my life. my ex-husband's intentions were to murder me. glenn: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences, because domestic violence can never be tolerated. yvette: mr. ivey showed compassion. i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey. as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message, because i'm on your side.
8:13 am
♪ that is the stunning carrie underwood performing last night at the 51st academy of country music awards. stunning! you agree with that, right, charlie? >> i do. >> dolly parton, up and comer and chris stapleton won big. nancy o'dell, they say chris stapleton has worked for everybody.
8:14 am
>> big time. good morning, gayle. big time they were pulling for him. you saw everybody was taking credit for his success. it was such a fun show. some terrific dynamic duets. carrie underwood with amazing solo performance. as you just said, chris stapleton was the man of the evening and walked away with six acm awards and including male vocalist of the year when i had the honor of presenting to m.hi male vocalist of the year is chris stapleton! >> i got to thank my wife. all the time. she make me sound better and look better than i ever would otherwise. ♪ take your best shot show me what you got ♪ >> reporter: chris stapleton and his wife sang "fire away." the debut album "traveler" which won again. >> you got to be kicked me. >> and again. >> unbelievable. garth brooks just gave me an award.
8:15 am
>> i think six. >> reporter: others included little big town. for vocal group of the year. >> we love you guys. we are honored. >> and thank you, chris stapleton, for not being a group! >> reporter: thomas rhett claimed the single record of the year for "die a happy man." but had trouble remembering who to thank. >> holy crap. god. that's a bad sentence! >> joo but, of course the night is as much about the performances as it is about the awards. from luke brian who kicked off the show to carrie underwood who debuted her new single "church bells" a song about domestic violence. ♪ she could hear those church bells ♪ >> reporter: and miranda lambert with another top performance.
8:16 am
♪ hollywood i ain't asking for much ♪ >> reporter: you've done so many different performances with so many different people but zz top being up there? it had to be one for the books. >> it was a blast having to complete bad asses on both sides of you. all right, you got to bring it! >> reporter: i'm sure the fellows were feeling the same way because they had a bad ass in the middle with miranda lambert. she has won seven times female vocalist of the year. lucky number seven for her last night. >> she walked out to huge applause last night and so did blake shelton. i know she could feel the love in the room. what did she say back stage when you talked to her? >> i've known her a long time. i hosted "national star" on that reality star and people knew she was going big place. i said look how far you have come. could you ever have imagined this? she said no. it felt like a tremendous year for her and, yes, she had been through some things but
8:17 am
this gorgeous yellow gown to arrive in. i said yellow is a happy color. is there a reason you wore that? she said absolutely. she very happy and is doing a lot of writing what she has been through lately and gives musicians a chance to write things when they have things going on in their lives. she arrived and made her public debut with her new boyfriend. >> that makes you feel better. having a new guy and wearing yellow and looking good. it was a color explosion last night. you look good, too, nancy! >> thank you! >> you looked awesome. >> thank you, charlie. always got to get the color approval from charlie. >> purple is now his new favorite color when you're wearing it. thank you, nancy. "entertainment tonight" will bring you a complete wrap-up of the acm awards tonight. check your local listings. he was the first to help us surf the web. aol cofounder steve case is in
8:18 am
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8:20 am
time magazine called chris van hollen "a hero to environmentalists, education groups, and gun control advocates" for his accomplishments as a young legislator. now a respected leader in congress and key ally of president obama, protecting planned parenthood and social security... chris van hollen is the only candidate who fought the wall street banks and the nra...and won. that's why he's endorsed by the post as the "talented successor" to senator mikulski who will "deliver results." i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message.
8:21 am
♪ golf's greatest tournament. the masters. it begins this week. >> are you tingling? >> i am. >> can you say after me, tradition like no other? >> a tradition like no other. that's right. serious golfers dream of
8:22 am
the exclusive augusta national club and mark strassmann is there to show us how dozens of america's young golf stars got the first swings over the weekend. mark, good morning. we are all jealous here. >> reporter: i don't blame you, norah. this is such a special place and a wonderful event. as you can see behind me now, the crowds are pouring in for the first day of practice rounds here. these pros will have a tough act to follow after the national finals of the drive chip and putt competition for some of golf's young masters. 7 years old. 7. and already playing augusta. remember, many professional golfers will never set foot on this course. 80 young golf whizzes between 7 and 15 qualified in regional competition for the chance to compete here in three events. they each hit two drives, two chip shots and two putts.
8:23 am
yes, that is condo lezsa rice. any nerves out there? >> not at all. >> reporter: because? >> because i like pressure. >> what do you like about it? >> the challenge of it and people are like staring at you the whole way. >> reporter: and you like that? >> yeah. >> beautiful grip. >> reporter: emerson blair is also 9 years old. the ponytail pride beat all of the girls in her age group. >> i was a little nervous. >> reporter: how did you get that under control? >> i took a deep breath and said it's okay. >> reporter: watching emerson compete, her mother sandy blair had to keep d
8:24 am
going to win. no, no, no. i lost it, i really did. totally lost it. >> reporter: tears? >> yes. i don't want to go back and see what that looked like. >> stephen robert hernandez. >> reporter: stephen hernandez has his big trophy but he also knows what is really important. >> my sisters don't have what i have. >> reporter: when you go home, are you going to run around the house and hold that trophy up high and say hooray for me? >> yeah. >> reporter: remember that name, stephen hernandez. stephen hernandez. he tells me he will play in the masters one day, he will win it, and he'll do when he is 20. tiger woods, the youngest masters winner, was 21. >> wow! >> i believe in stephen. >> i wouldn't count him out. >> i believe stephen hernandez. >> i'll be watching emerson too. >> pulling for them both. love that. mark, thank you so much. cbs sports coverage of the masters begins saturday at 3:00 p.m. eastern, 2:00
8:25 am
>> ahead, the story behind the coming
8:26 am
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coach, i felt badly coming in, but i want to thank you. you are the best damn coach in the country. you really are. you have been. so thank you. thank you for all of the joy you gave us this year. i know it's disappointing no matter when you lose. smile. have you a lot to smile about. >> that is vice president joe biden consolg the syracuse basketball team after they came up short against the tar heels in the final four matchup. but there is good news because the syracuse women's basketball team defeated washington last night in the final four action and advance t
8:31 am
championship tomorrow willwhere they will face uconn. that will be a good game. the men's championship between unc and villanova takes place tonight. do we dare ask mr. rose who you're rooting on for? >> yes. carolina. >> you, norah? >> i don't have a dog in this fight. >> how about you? >> north carolina. if it's not duke, i'm north carolina all the way. welcome back to "cbs this morning." this half hour, steve case. the cofounder of aol. you know him. he's in studio 57 with the next big thing with the internet and has a new prediction and his new book has a warning about the americans standing in the world. also "the odd couple" stars show us how famous names are popping up for the hit comedy's new season and, boy, is this a good season this year. that is ahead. time to show you some of the morning's headlines from around the globe. "fortune" reports on a fast start for tesla's new model 3 car. the
8:32 am
hours. this is the company's first mass market electric vehicle. ceo ilelon musk tweeted that 26,000 order were placed by the end of saturday. the car will not roll out until late next year. "the new york times" said the white house got a massive technology upgrade. some of the old equipment went back to 1985. in february we asked president obama and the first lady about any home improvements that the incoming first family should know about. >> the whole tech thing, we have been trying to get that straight for the next group of folks, because this is an old building, so there are a lot of dead spots where wi-fi doesn't work and we are going to see if we can -- >> i was kidding about the wi-fi working. i was kidding. >> no. it can be an issue. >> wow. can you imagine wi-fi not working in the white house? a man was hired to make improvements. he installed new computers and the wi-fi
8:33 am
is strong fouf enough to have w "simpsons" reveals that waylon smithers is gay. the long time writer behind the episode reportedly said he wrote it to support his own son who is gay. >> the world is entering a new digital era that is view of one leading pioneer of the technology revolution. >> welcome. you've got mail! >> that famous catch phrase and voice is just one envision from steve case. in 1985 he cofounded america online. he took the company from its primitive dialup days to one of the biggest media mergers ever. case went on to invest in the next generation
8:34 am
companies and include zip car and living social. "the third wave" is published by simon and schuster, a division of cbs. which is "the third wave." >> education, health care, food, energy and transportation and energy important part of our lives and hasn't change that much in the first or second wave. i think it's an exciting time. >> how will it be manifested? >> like health care, works the same way. >> the forms you have to fill out? >> having a more personalized approach to medicine that where you can really have a better sense of what is happening. tools to stay healthy and manage chronic disease and education and the way the computerses and classrooms learn now is about the same. new systems allow for more personalized adaptive learning are becoming more possible but
8:35 am
>> you make a key point in this book how government should play a role. how is that? >> the reality is these sectors are regulated and government is a large buyer of health care and education so you can't ignore it. you may not like it but it's a reality in the third wave so successful entrepreneurs will recognize that and find out a constructive way to partner with government and make sure the right policies are in place to allow the united states to flourish in this third wave. >> you say -- >> small businesses are very important. sort of the main street business. the real growth in terms of job creation comes from these young high growth start-ups so you need different policies to support small businesses versus the higher growth start-up companies. >> i think you should be treated with respect at this
8:36 am
steve. you were the director of new pizza development. >> i saw that too! >> you said to this day is the best title you've ever had. >> no question. i travel around the country and eat pizza was my job. >> did you change pizza? >> this is 30 plus years ago. pizza was at the time experimenting with delivery. >> you seem to have seen things that other people didn't. you said back in the day you had to convince people, listen, the internet is going to be important and people didn't understand that. >> we start at only 3% of people online and only one hour a week. we said we wanted to get american online and we were serious and took a decade before most people thought it was important. seems crazy now but it was a tough decade and one of the lessons i learned. occasionally you'll get lucky and have an overnight success but the perseverance that is necessary to revolutionize learning or food or health care requires a long-term built to last mentality. >> you said the best ideas sound
8:37 am
you said if you had thought about uber and airbnb the fact that they are a successful car business without owning a car and successful hotel business sort of kind of without owning a hotel, that bosses need to let their employees think outside the box and try crazy things. >> i think the big companies do have an opportunity in this third wave to innovate and disrupt themselves but they have to lean on the future and create a culture around experimentation not just trying to to play defense but play offense. entrepreneurs are attackers. large companies are typically defenders. third wave more partnership and more competition and the big companies can play a role but only if they reach out and partner and connect with these entrepreneurs. >> is it likely that microsoft, apple, google, facebook and amazon, will control the future? >> it's likely that many of them will but it's likely some new ones will emerge that didn't exist. when we started aol 30 years ago and when we merged with time warner 15 years ago a lot of those companies didn't exist. fabo
8:38 am
amazon was mostly selling books. google was just doing searches. it shows that innovation creates new opportunities and some seize those opportunities, others get left behind. i think part of the message i'm trying to convey in the book is not just about the business side, the entrepreneur and the corporate executives. everybody needs to control their career and defendant nen the notion of work is changing in the third wave instead of just having a job with a company 34% of people are now freelancers. you work for multiple companies the same day! everybody has to understand the world is changing and how do they position thepgs nmselves at just their company to be a beneficiary of that third wave. >> they are a technology company today? >> i even mention in the book that people talk about in the internet enabled economy and nobody talks about the electricity enabled economy. we take it for granted. i think the third wave will take the internet for granted and baked into anything
8:39 am
ubiquitous way. how do you manage in this third wave? that is why i finally decided to write a book and it's complicated and i'm optimistic about the future by i did recognize it requires a different mindset. >> so much more than a business book too, steve. you were candid about all of your ups and downs. >> people learn more from mistakes and lessons. i tried to communicate that in the book. >> steve case, thank you. >> thank you. the third wave goes on sale tomorrow. matthew perry and thomas london from "the odd couple" are in studio 57. we will learn what
8:40 am
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
they are back together thursday night as oscar and felix in "the odd couple" "cbs. the show was last season's number one new comedy. it was more than 11 million viewers. here is a prueview of the secon season premiere. >> hors d'oeuvres are ready!
8:44 am
>> generic cool ranch chips. what is the occasion? >> what are you talking about? we are going to watch boots and dragons. >> it's called "game of thrones. >> after all the trouble i went through. look! i made dip! >> so you've been working out? >> and don't you spend enough time with emily? this is the only thing we like to do together! and you know the saying. >> yes, i know. gin. >> i'm due down at emily's this minute. >> i thoughts we were seeing boobs but if you'd rather hang out with the girls. >> the two are here at the table. good morning. >> good morning. >> matthew, i heard from "reliable sources" this season is better than last season. that is what i heard! >> the season is definitely better. >> norah, didn't you hear the same thing? >> i did. >> you hear that too. >> did i tell you that? >> yes. >> three full eso
8:45 am
one. i was yodeling in the subway. >> i think this episode this year is better than the best episode last year. >> why is this? >> i think you just -- the more times you do something, the better you get at it and i think the cast got better and i think the writing got better and i think we kind of gelled this year. and it became a really great show. it was a really good show last year, but i think it's a great show this year. >> charlie, he told us in the green room it's really much better this season. >> that is hard to believe. the number one comedy as gayle just mentioned 11.5 viewers. you're going to kind of pick it up a notch which i understand there is a nude scene? >> this is very exciting news. this is the first -- to my knowledge of all the odd couples this is the first felix's nude scene. >> what did you do to prepare? >> i averted my eye! >> you actually came by and gave me a bunch of notes that day. >> sure. >> he came by. i was standing with a
8:46 am
>> top hat where? >> covering the area. >> covering the area, okay. >> smallest top hat you ever saw in your life! >> well, you said it! >> but matthew came by and gave me some pointers that day. >> when you first saw the script were you apprehensive about it? >> i was very apprehensive. when you have a nude scene coming up, it's motivating. >> thomas works out all the time. when we first started the first season, and the second season, he would lift -- i saw him carrying all of this exercise equipment into his dressing room. what is that shaking machine? >> i have a vibration plate. >> i know that. >> have you been on that? >> you and me and charlie. >> we get our shirts off and get on the vibration plate, you and me, throwing it out. >> carrying all of that stuff in! i brought in an x box and that was it. >> you got the right idea. >> and a lot of red
8:47 am
>> right. >> are you surprised all of these years later that "odd couple" still resonates with people? >> i'm not surprised actually. >> you're not? >> a wonderful idea. ne simon was brilliant. it took people complete opposites and forces them to be together. >> and no romantic relationship between the two either? >> there is most romantic relationship on screen. >> no, no! >> almost we almost had a kissing scene. remember? >> yeah. remember, i was really sick that day. >> you were really sick that day. >> you know what i mean. normally, these roommate things sexual tension between the two parties regardless of what the sexual orientation is. >> you feel it now, right? >> i know i feel it. >> we almost have a romantic scene. a kissing scene. you were having a nightmare. >> my girlfriend on the show. >> sometimes you think you see me and it's her and it's a nightmare scenario. >> you're wearing her dress. >> i was. a
8:48 am
watch the show with my nude scene and wearing teri hatcher's dress? >> i'm about to change the subject. what about your work as a pl playwright in london? >> are you glad charlie changed the subject? >> i am. >> i sort of lost interest! >> yes. i wrote a play called "the end of longing." that is now being performed in london at the playhouse theater and it's doing very well an we are getting standing ovation and it's been really rewarding. >> the first play you've written? >> first play i've ever written. first thing i've ever written by myself. >> wow. >> it's on stage in london? west end? >> west end. >> wow. >> something you always wanted to do? >> i wanted to see if i could write something by myself and so i sat down in front of my computer and started writing and what came out were these monologues. it just came out. i realized i'm writing a play. >> it's about addiction? >> it has to do with addiction and other
8:49 am
my character is a drunk who -- so i have a lot of drunk scenes and he deals with addiction, yes. >> so if nterms of pride and work, where do you put this? >> pretty high up. i'm really proud of the play. i'm really happy with the fact that it's being -- it's getting standing ovations and people really like it. >> you're putting yourself out there with the play. >> really, i am. >> what would you like to do? >> i would like to fly around in one of those squirrel suits is what i'd like to do. >> really? yeah. >> that could happen. >> probably do that. >> you can catch the season premiere of "the odd couple" right here on cbs on thursday nights.
8:51 am
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8:53 am
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8:59 am
of spring. the first sign of spring was cherry blossoms and the second is opening day at nationals park which is this week. winter is officially gone, right back >> that depends what allyson rae has to say. she will join us later on. looking for braille for thursday but cross your fingers. >> spring break mac is better than winter snow. >> it's going to be cold tomorrow. >> i'm trying to be positive but you're not letting me. yesterday was the first full day of regular season baseball games in the national start their regular season today. after returning from spring training from florida after a few games friday and saturday, washington begins the season on the road this afternoon in atlanta. the home opener is this thursday at 4:05
9:00 am
cameras will be there. they will host miami and you can see the game right here on wusa9. i went to the exhibition game saturday with my husband and little boy. great fun and i didn't know they had a jumbo jim. my 2-year-old was getting antsy. he climbed in a monster jungle gym at nationals park. it was good. a good time. i had to send him up to get rescued. it's only for 3 to 7- year-olds but he got stuck in one of the tubes. he couldn't pull himself out. i saw his little face going up and down. >> you reach in and grab him and pulled him out? it was a second birthday and. >> i had to send an attendant to rescue him.


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