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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  April 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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mormon church. >> in order to be baptized, he had to refrain from coffee, tea, alcohol or drugs. so i can't imagine that he was involved in that if he ever was, i don't know. >> friends remembered him as a skilled craftsman who made jewelry. he is viewr biefed by an survived by an adult son and daughter. >> heel be missed. >> investigators have interviewed the two house mates who survived. but they won't revealings whether they're considered suspects. reporting live from gaithers burg, andrea mccarren, wusa 9. >> and police would like anyone who had contact with mr. scalabron in the days leading to the fire, or have any information about his death, to give them a call. it's the major crimes division. and the phone number is 240-773- 5070. tonight, the young man from prince george's county, who nailed that incredible last- minute shot to win the ncaa
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what was going through his head. >> i shot it. i kind of thought it was short at first. then i realized, man, that might go in. so i gave it a little look. and when it went in, it -- before i knew ti was on the ground. >> chris jenkins, amazing shot. sealing the deal for villa nova. it was though a kick in gut to his brother, who played for the university of north carolina that lost. bruce leshan, joining us from gonzaga college high school. that's where jenkins and bret both went to school? >> yeah, adam. it sia storybook end ending. and like chris jenkins a lot of students and coaches here are so excited. they have yet to get any sleep. >> reporter: about four seconds
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after unc's miraculous-tying shot. >> it's to jenkins for the championship. >> the national champions. with jenkins hitting the winner at the buzzer. >> reporter: chris jenkins dropped a winning three-pointer that will go down in history. >> did you know it was going in when you left your hands? >> i think every shot i take is going in. that didn't feel no different. i was able to catch that one right in stride. >> reporter: in hindsight, almost everyone seems to have predicted today. jenkins' high school athletic director here at gonzaga. >> did you see it going in, too? >> yeah, i really did. >> you saw it going in? >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: and the rising gobzagga star who is -- gonzaga star, who is hoping to follow jenkins to a national championship. >> i knew it was going in when he took the ball out. >> jenkins and brit,
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brother from another mother, they were always trying to one up each other. >> chris won it junior year -- wanted junior year and senior year. to be here today, a national champion, i feel so good for him. proud of both of them. >> this is a shot you'll be remembered for as long as you live, has that sunk in? >> no, it hasn't really sunk in. probably because i'm sleepy. [ laughter ] >> he didn't sleep all night. now, nine years ago, chris jenkins' birth mom sent him to live with nate brit's parents in upper marlboro. they became his legal guardians. the brothers played on opposing sides in that championship game. but as both his mom said, it was winning either way. if unc wins, we win.
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live at gonzaga. >> a lot to celebrate for sure on both sides there. >> nate brit says he also knew his brother wasn't going to miss that shot. he said he is happy for him. but he said the loss, well, it still hurts. plus, he knows his brother is going to have bragging rights on him for the rest of their lives. >> that might be the toughest part right there. the bragging rights, right? all right. it was an icy start to the morning, all over our area. and out on maryland's eastern shore. wints woke -- residents woke up to a dusting of snow. covering cars and trees and lots. first meteorologist topper shutt is here. and sounds like we're going to see things go really low tonight. >> maybe record lows, actually. i'm going to show you this map. it's a pretty map. if anywhere you live, you're hearing our voices, you have a freeze warning in effect tonight. in fact, most folks will be in the 20s right now. only 45 downtown. only 46 in manassas. these temperatures are 20 degrees below average. this time of day, this time of year, we should be in
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60s. only 45 in martinsburg. low temperatures tonight. mainly in the 20s. even downtown. 32. and i think northwest, you'll see, will be in the upper 20s. 25 in manassas. 25 in gaithersburg. 26 in silver spring. 23 for a low in frederick. and 24 in leesburg. and 23 in sterling. so lows to beat. this is probably safe. record low, 26 downtown. that's safe. record low at dulles is 24. that is in jeopardy. record low in martinsburg, 24. that is in jeopardy. record low in baltimore, 26, also set back in 1898, probably going to be safe. we will come back and talk about what we can expect in a bit. we'll show you pictures of snow that happened a little closer to home tonight. >> thanks, top. there are mounting concerns this evening over stray bullets hitting homes in prince george's county. over the weekend, two homes in woodbridge were hit. in the last six weeks, there have been at least 10 similar
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investigators are trying to figure out who is doing this and why. they say the crimes are random. they don't believe they are connected. and homeowners are shaken. >> this is not good for my kids. because i have my -- nine years, my daughter. and 4 years old, my son, sometimes. they are here playing along. and sometimes, you know, we are outside nighttime. it is really scary for us. >> and a quick correction. those shots were fired into prince william county homes. coming up at 6:00. why some neighbors believe this type of crime is infiltrating their once-quiet communities. turning to campaign 2016 now. in the critical primary vote under way in wisconsin. turnout is being described as heavy. texas senator ted cruz is leading going into the vote. observers say if donald trump doesn't win, it is unlikely that he'll have enough delegates to secure the nomination before the republican convention in july.
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while out meeting with voters in milwaukee. >> it's going to be interesting tonight. going to be very interesting to see what happens. i think we'll do great. >> that will be four states in a row, where donald trump has gotten whooped. >> reporter: now, on the democratic side, bernie sanders is feeling confident about his lead over hillary clinton there in wisconsin. she has spent most of the last week campaigning in new york, where she appeared today on the view. clinton and sanders will hold the debate this new york -- in new york, a week from thursday. blood is boiling tonight. a lot of people upset. or on the other side, pretty fired up about how donald trump says he's going to force mex to pay for that border -- force mexico to pay for that bordir bordirrer -- border wall. >> he said he'll do that by threatening to cut off millions of dollars in remittances. that's the money that immigrants here send back home. getting a whole lot of reaction, steph? >> i can tell you, a lot of
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around d.c. feel that this is just a ploy for trump to win wisconsin and get into the white house. just beyond these trees here, a couple i spoke with one on one tell me it is a dangerous and irresponsible ploy. >> she just got a job paying $9.55 an hour. she pays for her home, family, and vehicles. and still sends money home to her father. >> because they need help. >> that's why the little money she can send home is to her family. donald trump threatening to cut that off, as a means to get mexico to pay for a border wall. nearly $25 billion was home last year. trump saying a majority comes from illegal aliens. george mason's institute for immigration research says that's not exactly true. lucille bravo says she holds a green card and
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citizenship. [ speaking in spanish ] >> i'm a u.s. citizen. i work hard. and i send money every month or two months to my family. why is he going to stop me from that? that is offensive. >> reporter: she said she is concerned with how this could be implemented. >> like a police state? now we'll have to identify ourselves, who we are, when we're going to the bank to deposit the money? [ speaking in spanish ] >> she said, leave the mexican people alone in spanish. they're feeling targeted personally, because they do pay a fee when they transfer money home. trump supporters, though, say the man has a point. saying the issue on the border needs to be addressed. outside the white house, stephan i ramirez, -- stephanie ramirez, wusa 9. >> bernie sanders will be on the ballot.
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in an emergency voter, city leaders voted to allow him to challenge hillary clinton. they filed a paper for sanders a day late. and a voter filed a challenge. the primary is set for june 16th. two men are facing several charges, connected to a wild police chase that all began with a carjacking late last night in silver spring. less than an hour later, police caught up with the stolen vehicle in northeast washington. after a high-speed chase, the suspects ended up hitting a light pole at benning road in minnesota avenue. >> it's an unfortunate event upon. the carjacking is no surprise. it's happened before. but i guess for it to come in this area. and the police in this area were able to identify that vehicle. i mean, that's good. >> after hitting that light pole, the suspects bailed out of the car. they tried to run. but didn't get too far before police caught up with them.
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of charges tonight, including armed carjacking. >> the basic council voted today to ban private pot clubs. that preliminary vote was close, though. 7-6. a task force is still considering the feasibility. a recent poll found 61% of d.c. residents support regulated places where adults can legally use marijuana. >> we are just getting started tonight on wusa 9news at 5:00. a pastor is stabbed, and his son is the prime suspect. that story out of northern virginia in just a bit. another twist in the now discredited uva gang rape story. and topper is back with more on tonight's freezing temperatures. and when, oh, when, we might see a warmup. >> plus, d.c.'s top cop responds to plans to make a gun that looks like smart phones.
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there's serious concern about a new and unusual firearm that is about to hit the market. >> the weapon looks like a smart phone. but it's actually a small handgun. bruce johnson reports, the design is getting the attention of law enforcement here and around the country. >> reporter: that's right. the weapon is a .380-caliber handgun. it would be legal in maryland and virginia. one senator said this smart phone gun should not be available to anybody in this country. >> the gun is made by a company called ideal conceal. the design allow its to unfold from a smart phone shape to a fully functional weapon. the intent is for the gun to be mistaken for a cell phone. >> there are some people that would really take issue in the workplace or somewhere else to see a gun
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opportunity to avoid that conversation. >> it's clearly being marketed for nefarious purposes. >> reporter: on monday, new york senator gun control advocate called on whether this gun would violate federal law. >> there are two that might be ample. a gun can't be describe disguised like a pen or something else. the other says that if a gun can't be detected as a gun, as it goes through security, like at an airport, both can be made illegal. >> reporter: the gun company ceo responded in a statement, saying, i encourage senator schumer's investigation, as it will reveal that ideal conceal will fall firmly in line with atf guidelines and is therefore legal. d.c. police chief catherine lanier issued a statement, saying the idea of a weapon to be disiesessed is not a -- disguised is not a
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to the law enforcement community. individuals bringing this type of firearms into the district must adhere to our firearm laws. >> the maker said the smart phone gun could be available for purchase later this week. the they -- they say it will retail for just under $400. fire department was called to those offices on constitution avenue yesterday. because of a transformer fire in the basement. nobody was hurt. the building was evacuated. but it still doesn't have full power. irs employees worked from home today. and by the way, that fire will not affect the processing of your tax returns. that's done somewhere else. >> new developments stemming from a discredited rolling stone report. about a brutal gang rape at the university of virginia. the woman at the center of the story, referred to only as jackie, will be required to give her deposition it a defamation lawsuit, filed by a
5:17 pm
university dean. nicole aramo was portrayed as nonresponsive and indifferent to the reported sexual assault. she's seeking $8 million in damages. aramos' attorneys and rolling stone will be permitted to interview jackie for two and a half hours hours this thursday. fema is denying virginia's request for assistance, after the tornado outbreak from february. they said the damage was something the old dominion should be able to handle and pay for on its own. eight tornadoes ripped through virginia on february 24th. at least four people were killed, and dozens of homes were destroyed. virginia governor terry mcauliffe says he does plan to appeal the decision. >> we were talking about cold and freezing tonight. a massive outbreak in the southeast. doesn't really know what april is going to do to you. got this great picture. this is culpepper last night after midnight. isn't that cool?
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through. diane sent this in. very nice. kind of cool, actually. you might be able to ride it again over the weekend. hmm. we shall see. yeah, we shall see. okay. 3-degree guarantee. wow. i was going to lower it last night. really was. i went 49, which is actually pretty crazy cold for this time year. we have full sun. and it's early april. and the sun angle is such that it's hard to keep temps below 50. well, it was well below 49. we'll let you know how we did tonight at 11:00. and of course, you can download our app and check that way. right now, we're so close. 45. i just need 46. look at the dew point. 14. midwinter dew point. temps gorg plummet tonight. widespread freeze tonight. mainly in the 20s. bus stop temperatures, 22 to 42, which is about what you felt like today, with the wind chills. tomorrow, those are the actual temps without
5:19 pm
milder finish tomorrow. but still kind of seasonably cool. we should be 65 or so. we're going to struggle to get into the upper 50s tomorrow. we're still tracking rain for the nats home opener. might get lucky. might end up being a heavier rain in the morning and letting up in the afternoon. okay, talk about the average last frost date. downtown,arg last frost -- average last frost date. in fredericksburg, it's april 28th. so we always wait until mother's day to plant. fun fact, cross the divide in garrett county, oakland, it's not until june 5th. 10:00. here go the temps. 35, already in gaithersburg. clear. you won't see a cloud for a while. in the morning, i think these temps are high. i think everybody going to be in the 20s. probably 26 to 27 in bowie and silver spring. by 9:00, we're still in the upper 30s to low 40s. a few clouds along the mountains and the divide. and by 1:00, a few clouds come in.
5:20 pm
dry, temperatures, upper 50. or low 50s by now. and by 6:00, we're going to struggle to get to maybe 58 in manassas. and maybe 58 in fredericksburg. and maybe 57 in cumberland. i'm going to advance this now all the way to thursday. we're also kind of contemplating a yellow weather alert for thursday. 6:00. there's the rain back along the i-81 corridor. 10:00, big-time rains across the metro area. some good news. this is not -- the -- not the only model doing this. but this model at 4:00, has a break in the rain and the showers. there's a chance. there's a chance it could still go off without a hitch. and you can watch it right here. 30s to start. 48 by 11:00. and 52, with clouds coming in by 1:00. next seven days, showers on friday. cooler, 54. snow showers on saturday, 45. that might be high. that might be optimistic. upper 40s on sunday. back in the mid-60s monday and
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>> yikes. topper, thank you. well, look at this. here's some wildcats that actually like the cold weather. this is your ncaa men's basketball championship winning villanova wildcat team. arriving fresh off their victory in houston. >> chris jenkins nailed the game-winning, buzzer-beating shot. and he is right is there, with the rest of the team. his family, celebrating one brother, consoling the other. >> you know they're going crazy out there on campus, too. >> quite a family story. >> they actually canceled classes today to give everyone time to recover from last night. we heads the team hadn't gotten much sleep last night. hopefully they got some zs on the plane. >> let's talk consumer news now. new labels could help you better understand your internet services. and a possible data breach at trump hotels. i'll tell you about them both in tonight'
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plus, keeping students out of jail and in the classrooms. it's a celebration in prince george's county. find fantasy shows. when it comes to the things you love, you want more. love romance? get lost in every embrace. into sports? follow every pitch, every play and every win. change the way you experience tv with x1 from xfinity.
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leaders and students are celebrating a milestone attendance achievement, with a pep rally. >> this morning at bowie state, hundreds of people cheered. an impressive accomplishment. four middle schools in prince george's, with attendance rate of 95%. state's attorney angela said attendance just three years ago, were in the 60s. >> this really is our effort to not only congratulate the students today. but really our effort to interrupt the schools. we do it through middle school, where we encourage the kids to go scol, so we don't see the dropout in high school. >> also, prosecutor goes into schools every month to show them the importance of daily attendance. >> in tonight's cong sumer alert, looks like the label you see on the back of a food product. what the fcc hopes these will educate you on the services you buy.
5:26 pm
providing the broadband service before you buy. and they are recommended to help comply with the new, open internet rules that make open information available and easy to understand. >> for a second time, the trump hotel collection group is looking to another possible data breach. hackers were able to access the credit and debit card card numbers. for people who use their cards at seven trump hotels. this all came to light when banks started seeing frud lent charges -- fraudulent charges on those cards. stoics next time you take a bite of a subway sub, you will soon know how many calories, you are consuming. subway plans to debut the boards in its stores nationwide, by april 11th. panera bread and mcdonald's, are the only other chains that already post the calorie informatio
5:27 pm
stashing their cash in intriguing and illegal ways. the fallout, coming up. bandage. the bank robber, the oocrk with the distinctive look. on a one-man crime spree in our area. after the break, a northern virginia pastor, stabbed allegedly by his own son. we've got the latest next in a live report.
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right now, 5:30. breaking news. police on the scene of a reported home invasion in wheaton. wusa 9's ellen brine reports from whispering pines now with the latest details. >> detectives just arrived on scene. they're on the third floor of this apartment complex. where they say that this robbery, home invasion happened. they say a 19-year-old man was inside earlier this afternoon, when about three males came inside. they were all dressed in black. they had masks on. he said he does not know them. and they hit him in the head and stole some of his shoes. >> it was actually his mom who called police. she came home, saw that her son had been hit in the head. and they then took him to montgomery general hospital. they say his injuries are nonlife-threatening. and that he should recover. we'll continue to follow what these detectives are following up and bring you the latest on wusa 9news. a pastor in percival is in the hospital
5:31 pm
attacked and stabbed in his own home. >> the suspect is his own son. peggy fox joins us now from western loudoun county, where many people know this pastor. peg, what happened? >> well, you know, dave janney has been the pastor at one of the largest churches in the small town of persville for more than 20 years. he and his wife raised their three children here. now, he's in the hospital. one of has sons is in jail. and people here are stunned. >> friends delivered flowers and came to visit the family of david janney, who was stabbed in his home, allegedly by his son. you can see the marks from a struggle on the face of 19-year- old jonathan janney. he's charged with malicious wounding. >> very disturbing. >> i'll keep him in my prayers. >> reporter: usually, david janney is the one offering prayers and ministering to others. he's the senior pastor at
5:32 pm
he is well-liked. a teenager called him the best pastor she had ever known. >> he's been a pastor for 20- something years. and everybody adores him. >> reporter: the stabbing happened around 3:30, monday afternoon. david janney's teenage daughter called 911. two percival police officers arrived first and may have saved his life. >> i was so thankful. between my officer and the deputy on scene, they had equipment they needed to take care of the wounded. >> the pastor was air-lifted to a hospital. police found the knife in the home. but the son was gone. he had walked away through this park. >> reporter: police spotted jonathan, just walking. here along e-street, about a quarter mile from his house. the police chief said he did not try to flee or hide. he said it seemed like he didn't realize how much trouble he was in. >> he's not known to be a kid of violence. so this was totally unusual for us.
5:33 pm
are there issues? obviously there are. >> percival police chief said obviously they needed decompension time. because they know janney. he's been the chaplin lafor their -- chaplain for many years. >> we have yet to learn the motive for the stabbing. church leaders do not want to release the camera. but they did want to thank the community for their outpouring of support and love. they say he is in stable condition and expected to make a full recovery. reporting live, peggy fox, wusa 9. >> he's got a whole community pulling for him. >> jonathan janney is charged with aggravated malicious wounding. he is being held in the loudoun county detention center out on bond. funeral services held today for the virginia state trooper, who was killed at a richmond bus station. mo
5:34 pm
gathered in a hampton church to pay their respects to 37-year- old chad durmyer. durmyer, remembered as a humble professional, who led by example. >> he proved every day, on duty and off duty, that he was a true professional. he had exactly what it takes to be a law enforcement professional. >> durmyer was interviewing a man with an extensive criminal history, when that man suddenly opened fire. the trooper leaves behind a wife and two young kids. new video tonight of a bank robber. the fbi is calling bandage. he's wanted on a string of holdups in mont bomry county and other parts of maryland. the disguise is consistent. a neck brace, a bandage over one of his eyes and classes. -- glasses. investigators say bandage is responsible for at least nine robberies since october of last year. and the most recent one was april 1st. that's when he allegedly held up a sandy spring bank in
5:35 pm
bank in elkridge. the fbi is offering $5,000 for information that leads to an arrest. a retail theft ring busted in tyson's corner. tonight, fairfax county police are revealing more about a $76,000 crime spree. the theft prevention teams at lord and taylor's, spotted two women and a man, believed to be in this theft ring, inside their store, back on march 25th. they're all from florida. and they try to take off. but they were stopped in the parking lot. investigators were able to find about $76,000 worth of stolen merchandise. and they all face grand larceny and other charges. trending now, cool technology that describes facebook pictures to people who are visually impaired. >> why these two yankees fans are dressed in some rather ridiculous costumes. and the internet's obsession with the crying jordan people has hit a new -- meme has hit a new high after
5:36 pm
championship. 32 downtown. i think northwest d.c. could slip into the upper 20s. 25 in gaithersburg. 23 in frederick. 24 in olney. 25 in manassas. even 30 in fredericksburg. we'll look at tomorrow and thursday. which could possibly be a yellow weather alert kay. and it is
5:37 pm
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all right. let's hop on the information highway and see what is trending tonight. facebook is programming its computers to become seeing eye guides. >> social media is rolling out a new program for blind and visually-impaired people. photos will be described to them. the iphone's built-in screen reader voiceover will have built in tork wo. eventually, facebook hopes to refine the technology. so it is more precise. and it even answers questions that a user might have about a feature. pretty cool. payoff, for comedian john oliver tonight, after he launched his plan to combat the new york yankees ticket policy. >> stick with
5:40 pm
second. when discussing the yanks' ticket sales policy, the team's c.o.o. said he department want fan -- didn't want fans to purchase tickets below face value. because, quote, the fan mab someone who has -- may be someone who has never sat in a prem lum location. that's a frustration to our existing fan base. whatever that means. so oliver show gave away six tickets for the season. the only catch, they had to dress in ridiculous outfits. that's why there are teenage mutant ninja turtles. >> you know those people are always on tv. i'm sure oliver got a lot of attention out of that one. moving on to basketball, where the crying jordan meme, might have just come full circle. >> this is reach. here's the back story. this iconic snapshot of jordan was taken. and since then,
5:41 pm
symbolize sadness. often in an imposing way. brings us to last night's game. where people were waiting to see a couple of tears. we did see him jump up when the tarheels made that tying shot. jordan, who played for carolina. photo shop would have to do, for folks looking for cheap laughs. >> we didn't even use the best one. the of him crying over roy williams agency body. that's the -- williams' body. >> i saw one of the crowd. where 15 people had the same crying face. tarheels lost, though. didn't dampen the romance for two, well, considerably less famous alumni. cameras were rolling here when an aspiring husband there, dropped to one knee and asked his long-time girlfriend there, in the middle of thousands of people. the two actually met during the ca09 championship, when
5:42 pm
>> this was our moment. and it was a great moment. but -- >> smng had to get a ring -- someone to h to get a ring -- had to get a ring. might as well be me. >> it happened after the loss. now, she said yes, obviously. the proposal happened at the same spot, where the couple met 7 years ago. >> good luck. a touchdown for cord cutters. the nfl has reached a deal with twitter to broadcast thursday night football games online. the streams will be free. and they will not require a verification from a cable provider. wow. commissioner roger goodell says twitter is where live events unfold. and that is right for them. the big partner with the nfl. >> of course, there will be a lot of advertising going on. the nfl is going to pake their money -- maketheir money. >> kind of cool. so the thrill of victory. the agony of defeat. we're going to hear from both
5:43 pm
championship game. that's on the way in sports. plus, experteds say, retiring early can be a reality if you start planning now. we'll introduce you to one couple in their 50s. that's about to call it quits. >> i'm taking notes.
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ietion land's prime minister resigns today, after his name was mentioned in the so-called panama papers. he's the sitting elected official to fall following the leak of paper, showing heads of state and celebrities, who allegedly stashed money and evaded taxes through false accounts. others are also facing questions about possible involvement. every day, thousands of americans retire. the vast majority wait until they're around 65 years old to stop working. but with the right kind of planning, the average person can retire early. here's brian webb. bob and his wife are younger than most retirees. he stopped working three years ago, at age 55. she left work at 51. it's all thanks to a plan bob hatched in has 20s. >> you gotta get time on your side. >> the parents of two children, track their spending down to the penny. they decided to live below their means to
5:47 pm
bob's career in finance eventually led to a 6-figure salary. >> when i made more money issue i simply invested more money. >> reporter: those investments yielded an 8% of return. they also maximized their company's 401k plan, nerve had credit -- never had credit card debt and paid f their cars. the couple shopped and took advantage of rewards program . >> if you really want to retire early, you can do it. >> nicole says most of her clients on track to retire early make between $6 -- $60,000 and $90,000. >> it doesn't matter how much you make. it matters how much you spend. >> reporter: in clients to want walk early -- walk away early, starting early is crucial. >> it really isn't that hard. it's just about discipline and time. >> reporter: and now, the shubats have plenty of time to
5:48 pm
cbs news, new york. >> kpal said it is transferring because of its transgender plans. >> it plans to overturn a law. the paypal ceo says the new restrictions amount to discrimination and violate the company's values values and values and principal -- principles. >> they had planned to move. >> first lady michelle obama and students from around the country, did gardening around the white house today. for the 8th year in a row, the first lady and their helpers planted a garden. nasa astronaut was there to help plant the same kind of lettuce that grows on the international space station. >> lettuce is okay. lettuce and peas. radishes. don't really want to plant anything for today.
5:49 pm
>> live look outside. still 45. dew point, still midteens. relative humidity, 29%. you have clear skies. dry air mass. winds are calming down north/northwest at 10. tell be a cold one. hard freeze tonight. rain is likely now for the nats game. that really hasn't changed. in fact, we're looking at the possibility of rain and showers before the game. and also after the game. and yes, we're looking at snow showers on saturday. with temperatures only in the 40s. okay. last, -- the average last frost and freeze date, downtown, april 23rd. frederick, maryland. and general rule of thumb is waiting until mother's day to plant the flowers and the sensitive plants in the garden. okay. 10:00 tonight. look at the temps. already 33 in frederick. 37 in sterling. by early morning, when i've said this before. these numbers are high. we're going to see mainly 20s tomorrow morni
5:50 pm
24, 25 out in sterling. 32. too high for culpepper. it could be about 29. 26 or so in manassas. and 32 downtown. by 9:00, we're back in the upper 30s. few clouds roll in during the afternoon. not a huge deal. still need your sunglasses. temperatures low 60s. and by 6:00 p.m., essentially, 24 hours from now. we're in theurn 50s. 56 in leesburg. that's better. but still a far cry from the average high of about 65. and tomorrow night, clouds roll in. and it will take you all the way into thursday morning. low 50s downtown. 40s in the burbs. but the rain on the door step that rolls through. this particular model future cast has a break, right around 4:00. just in time for the game. we'll see if that comes to pass. i think even if we see a break, we're still going to see showers between 4:00 and 7:00. if they play it, they will make it here at the
5:51 pm
42. 48 at 11:00. and 52 at 1:00 p.m. the clouds coming back in. next seven days. snow showers saturday. cold sunday. back in the mid-60s. milder but with more showers. and looks like the wildcats have returned home. the team buses holding the national champion, heading back to campus in philadelphia. traffic stopped. much deserved escort on the way back. as villanova beat north carolina last night to win the national title. their first national championship since 1985. of course, the team includes three local products. including the hero of last night's game, d.c.'s own, chris jenkins. wildcats going back to
5:52 pm
last night, chris jenkins' buzzer-beating shot that won the game. if you were watching on tv, that's probably what you heard. you about imagine what that call sounded like from the villanova announcers. >> come on, babies. ball in his hand and jenkins for the win! yes! yes! >> jenkins for 3. and the win! >> national champions. oh, baby. if you're sports fans of any kind, you can't get enough of that. to the other side, of course, north carolina was the favorite, heading into that title game. and after marcus page hit an incredible shot to tie the game, it took less than five seconds for their hopes to be just completely dashed. here's the call from the unc
5:53 pm
>> works for jenkins. the 3 at the horn. ♪ [ music ] >> oh. the faces of the players. it's just that heartbreaking. you saw the michael jordan memes that lesli and adam showed you earlier. to the baseball diamond. beating atlanta yesterday in exstrainnings. they are off today and back at it again wednesday, with steven strausberg on the mound. for more on that, here's frank hanrahan with today's inside pitch. >> reporter: all right. k. bavment down here -- k.b. down here. opening mark. thursday. first things first. nats try to go to 2-0. and we get our first look this year at steven strausberg on the hill. and here's another
5:54 pm
could this be strausberg's final year in d.c.? he's got one year left on his contract. he gets to start against atlanta. and then on thursday, back here at nats park, we got a big afternoon set here on on wusa 9. first pitch at 4:00, here on wusa 9. back to you. >> all right. frank and i gearing up for that pregame special. and we'll bring you all of the pomp and circumstance leading up to it. our buddy, james brown, going to be hosting the ceremony. >> that's great. >> baseball and a bat. stoked. >> and first home run under dusty baker. welcome. us>> jt hope it's not too rainy. >> wisconsin voter holds the key to a contested republican national convention. we'll have the latest on the national turnout for today's primary. also a governor signs a bill allowing a business to refuse service to gay couples.
5:55 pm
story for a gay hero, being
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
a united states hero is receiving recognition for her efforts on the battlefield. >> she sacrificed herself to keep herself and british forces safe. >> the highest medal for lo
5:58 pm
awarded to one incredibly heroic german shepherd. trained to sniff out explosives and enemy ammunition. during her watch, not a single soldier died. >> we treat these dogs like a fellow marine. so it really is a team effort when you're out there. but in 2012, her illuststrous clear came to an end. she had already sniffed out 30 pounds of explosive and was looking for more when a second device detonated, resulting in her severe injuries. corporal juan rodriguez said she had saved his life so many times before that it was now his turn to stand by luca. and he did. he was there during the emergency surgery. and slept by her side, during her recovery at a u.s. base in kandahar. luca is the first u.s. marine dog to win this award. the pdsa dicken
5:59 pm
highest military honor in the uk. >> reporter: since leaving active service, luca was adopted by gunnery sergeant chris witting ham and is now living out a happy retirement as one of the family. deborah patters, cbs news, london. >> now, sergeant willingham is deeply indected toluca. >> you can certainly see why. he said because of her recovery, he made it safely back home to his family. right now, at 6:00, donald trump tries to steal away the momentum from ted cruz in wisconsin, where voter turnout is high. residents say it's only a matter of time before someone gets hurt after near shots are fired at a home. a law that some say discriminates against gay couples. >> voters are packing polling places in wisconsin, where
6:00 pm
could shift both democratic and republican contests. big endorsements and a big push by the never-trump movement to deliver a loss to the gop frontrunner. garrett haake has been monitoring it for us. >> reporter: politically speaking, wisconsin is sort of on an island right now. no other state has voted in the primary last week. and no other state will vote in another primary for another two weeks, until new york votes on the 19th. and on the republican side, there are no more debates happening either. whoever wins tonight, doesn't get all of its votes or delegates, they also get momentum. >> reporter: donald trump barnstorms through the suburbs, looking for last-minute votes. despite trailing in six of the last seven surveys of the state, trump predicted a big surprise when the polls close tonight. >> i think it's going to be a great day in wisconsin. and i think we're going to do


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