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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  April 5, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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right now at 7:00, a well- known pastor stabbed in his own possibly by his own son. >> and the unbelievable game- winning shot made by a prince george's county native. hear what went through his head the moment he let go of the ball. but first, winter is making a comeback. like a look at the snow, the snow that fell, not shove to shovel but a surprising sight for this time of year especially with the cherry blossoms. thank you for joining us. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> and i'm adam luongo in for bruce johnson. it will feel like winter, and topper shutt is tracking the freeze warning and possible record
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top? it's crazy, i gotta tell you. temperatures were running almost 20 degrees below average, more average towards mid-february and currently, terms only in the mid-40s. when the temps go down, temps will plummet. 44 downtown. 45 in fredericksburg, and 44 in martinsburg and temperatures are pretty uniform. lows tonight, 25 in gaithersburg. these are not wind chills, straight temperatures. 32 downtown and 25 in manassas, 23, 24 in leeburg and sterling and 26, 27 in silver spring and also over towards bowie, so a cold night. the downtown record low of 26 is safe but 24 at dulles and martinsburg, those are in
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another look at the system headed our way and the nat's forecast. >> the national champions. hopefully, we will be able to cheer like that for the forecast real soon. this is one of the most incredible championship winning shots of all time. >> tonight, kris jenkins from upper marlboro is celebrating his walk-off 3 pointer. >> reporter: both kris jenkins and his brother were basketball stars here at gonzaga and both played on opposing college teams in that championship game. >> jenkins, for the championship some champion ! >> reporter: at first, both goothers say they knew it was
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admits to a moment of doubt. >> i thought at first it was short, and then i thought it might go in. and i gave it a look. and when it isn't -- went in, i was like, man. >> reporter: kris credits his birth mom for his shooting skills but she sent him to live with his now-legal guardians, so jenkins had to console britt after his shot cost unc the game. >> unfortunately, one of us had to lose. i'm happy it was you. >> reporter: jenkins said that shot gives him lifelong bragging rights. >> how do you celebrate after nailing a shot that will go down in history? he is just hoping to finally get some sleep. the full interview is on our wusa 9
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headquarters in d.c. will be closed the rest of the week. a fire in the basement damaged the air handling system. employees are expected to log their hours remotely. not damaged in the fire? everyone's tax returns. they are kept in another building, but you still have to fill them out and send them in on time. a judge has sentenced an ashford man for shooting and killing his ex-wife's new husband in the death of corey madison. police say that the man was in a range january of last year when he went to his ex-wife's home and fired repeatedly at madison and punched him as he lay there dying. the case of a man who died in a gaithersburg townhouse fire is investigated as a homicide. the body was fun to in the townhouse in the 1800 block of
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two other residents did make it out alive. investigators say they interviewed both residents will not say whether either is considered a person of interest. a well-known pastor in loudoun county is recovering in the hospital after being stabbed allegedly by his own son. david janney was stabbed at his home in purcelville. his 19-year-old son, jonathan, who lives in the home, was charged with aggravated, malicious wounding. he left after the stabbing and forced nearby schools doge to -- to go on lockdown. >> he was to the known for silence -- violence. so this was unusual. are there issues? obviously, there are. we are hoping to get to the bottom of them and the court system can help. >> i will keep them in my prayers. >> janney is expected to make a
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full recovery. his son in the loudoun county jail held without bond. thousands of loved ones and fellow officers gathered to say a final goodbye to a virginia straight trooper, chad dermyer who was shot and killed in the line of duty. during funeral services, co- workers described dermyer as a true professional who was fair minded and compassionate. about 3400 people attended the services. officials say that james brown iii shot dermyer while they were on a training mission. other officers shot and killed brown. a terrifying trend. 10 incidents of bullets hitting homes. investigators are trying to figure out who is doing this and why and they
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crimes are random and not connected. homeowners say either way, they're worried. >> that's really disturbing. they could be shooting at my house and my receive and i in the bed and you hear gunshots? >> police have increased patrols in the affected neighborhoods, and they continue to investigate. during to the race for president. voting is under way right now in the wisconsin primary. ted cruz and bernie sanders have been leading in voter surveys and are hoping to defeat the frontrunners. >> that will be four states in a row that donald trump will have gotten whopped. >> if people vote, we will do very, very well. >> we will have a full report tonight from wisconsin at 11:00. and president obama is calling donald trump's plan to get mexico to pay for a border
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notion saying that he would threaten to cut off the billions of dollars of immigrants here send home to residents in mexico. president obama responded by saying good luck with that. this story has generated a lot of feedback on the wusa 9 facebook page. trump is saying there are illegal tunnels found by border patrol all over the place, and weighing in on social media, brad thinks it's a great idea. but we want you to sound off. make your opinion known on our wusa 9 facebook page. 36-year-old david diaz was sentenced to 9 months in prison for disrupting a flight from dulles to denver. you are looking at cell phone video of
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and fellow passengers. police say that he tried to run for the plane's cockpit and was ordered to undergo psychiatric and drug abuse treatment. in fairfax county, an alert security guard spotted these three inside a lord & taylor. police found $76,000 in stolen property. the three are from florida and are facing theft charges. >> the woman in the center looks thrilled about it. police say this guy all band annualed up,ly is a bank- robbing bandit. >> and live like an nfl quarterback if you can afford it. a look at rgiii's multi-million dollar home that just hi
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we have new information on the bandaged bank bandit. the fbi is offering a reward if anyone can see past the bandages and recognize the person here. he is suspected in nine bank robberies including in prince george's and montgomery counties. you can watch video of one of the most recent robberies and share it with your friends on the wusa 9 app. the governor of mississippi signed into law a controversial measure that allows some some groups to refuse to serve gay couples based on religious beliefs. the government must still provide services but the measure said it's designed to prebt those would believes marriage should be between one man and one woman and male
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female genders are unchangeable. the so-called panama papers has the first high-profile casualty. the prime minister of iceland said he will resign after he was named in the investigation. he is one of a dozen former or current heads of state named in the case that reveal how the rich and powerful are stashing away cash in offshore accounts to avoid taxes. no americans have been named but the justice department is reviewing the 11 million documents involved in the case. spain's prion minister planned to say adios to the siesta. it dates back to the 1800s, and the workday would end at 6:00 p.m. rather than 8:00. it's aimed at increasing worker productivity. but three hours that you get a break? >> no bueno. now to one of
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stories today. former redskins quarterback robert griffin iii is headed to cleveland, so he is putting his place up for sale which includes an outdoor heated pool which you need on a day like today, for $2.75 million. for a link to the listing or bros -- browse for more homes, you can see it on our wusa 9news app. coffee with a puppy cuddle. a look at the 50 dog -- first doggie cafe. top? 58 downtown and maybe 60 in manassas. we'll come back and talk about another cold front and more rain in time
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reliably fast internet starts at $59.95 a month. comcast business. built for business. so cats no longer have a corner on the cafe market. it's time now for dogs to have their day. the first dog can -- cafe in the nation opens in los angeles. >> you can grab coffee cups and rescue pups. >> reporter: 14-month-old royce is the unofficial mayor of the dog cafe. >> he is always at the front of the gate greeting people. he
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>> reporter: before coming here, he spent a month at an over crowded l.a. shelter. this bright, open-spaced dog cafe caters to toes -- to can a 9 that is might get overlooked. >> i think it brings out their true personality. >> reporter: 14 puppies have a run at the cafe, most small and all going through a lengthy adoption process, weeding out people who choose on a whim. the grounds and the hounds are separated by a wail but once collecting your coffee, you can then go to the dogs. >> you can relieve stress and play around with small dogs. >> reporter: teri okita, cbs news,
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>> the dog cafe charges $10 for an hour of play time and 20% of the proceeds support no kill shelters in the l.a. area. and turning to the weather, we have to talk to you about this. i am not on the hit parade. i mean, it's like mid-february in terms of temperatures, and last night, the cold air moved in and the rain rolled out. but in culpeper, check this out, this was sent to us this morning. a little dusting in culpeper. diane sent that in to us. thank you, diane. that's cool, and let's hope we don't have to do that again this saturday, it's possible north and west of town. okay. let's talk about the 3-degree guarantee. i was going to low tear, -- lower it, i really was, but in april with low sun, you don't often get above 50. a live look outside, the michael and son weather cam,
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point in the teens and winds gusting to 17 but will calm down tonight and allow the temps to really, really fall. a hard freeze tonight and we have been talking about a hard freeze warning because you don't any vegetation or planting but no one should have planted anything by now. it's just too darned early. it looks like rain for the nats' game. but the good news is it might end before the game starts but probably still left with showers the way it looks now and maybe temperatures in the 60s and snow showers on saturday, yep, snow showers on saturday, and that looks like a pretty -- i'm pretty confident about that. the temperatures on futurecast, 36 in gaithersburg and 38 in manassas. i think the numbers are way high. i think with the dew points and dry air, 20s across the board, probably 24,
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and 24, 25 in sterling. and get ready. these are not wind chills. mid-morning, upper 30s to low 40s, clouds by 1:00 and it stays dry. low 50s by lunchtime. you might want a jacket if you are walking to lunch and 6:00, we'll make it in the upper 50s, and that's it. 58 in manassas, probably 55, 56 in gaithersburg and frederick and leesburg. 42 at 9:00 and 52 by 1:00 and clouds. the next 7 days, behind the front accident showers on friday and 54. cold on sunday and upper 40s and back in the 60s on monday and tuesday but not with afternoon showers. >> top, thank you so much. the season with no dominant number one team, it's the wildcats of villanova were the last ones an
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it's been 31 years since the villanova wildcats could call themselves national champions, and they fought hard for that title, too. a big shot after a big shot in what felt like an intense game there at the end. after probably no sleep, the wildcats returned home to philadelphia just a couple of hours ago to excited fans braving the cold to see their champions. the city a monsed there would b e -- announced there would be a celebratory parade and smiles and trovey trove -- trophy in tow, they are taking in every second. >> thank you, nova nation. you know, it's been an honor to be part of this team with a great group of guys and the great coaching
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this ising? --this is something they will never ever take away from us. go, cats. >> nobody deserves the national championship more than our team and our fans. are you the 2016 national champions. >> kris jenkins's game-winning shot will go down as one of the best of all time. he is from upmarlboro, and we asked his former coach about his emotions watching the special moment. >> it went from screaming and yelling to sitting down and breaking down and crying because i was so happy for him and happy for his family. i says all my emotions came out. >> so cool to see a kid that
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helped teach and now he is a hero. >> he nailed that like -- >> that was a pro 3 point mere and then some. >> that's all for the news at 7:00. have a grea
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tonight trouble and back from paradise? just weeks after the final rose, are they already ready for a breakup? what inside sources are telling us about these troubling shots as we go inside the hollywood x files. drew barrymore is still wearing a wedding ring after her split. and why gwyneth and chris still haven't finalized their divorce. and could there be another kardashian wedding in the works? >> all those night stars are just like us. kind of, soft of, well, not really. lunch with thrle gis and who needs the gym when you look like this and who got mauled by a cat? meow. then you won't believe what it takes to land an exclusive beyonce interview. the real story behind this much talked about cover. >> and fun at the jungle book premier. which stars know all the words to the classic songs?


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