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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  April 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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right now at 11:00 a live look outside at the chilly april night here in the dmv a freeze warning in effect and the temperatures are falling fast. thanks for freezing with us and joining us tonight i'm adam longo. >> i'm lesli foster. we are talking about lows dropping into the 20s with the very cold commute. >> let's get right to meteorologist topper shutt tracking these changes for us, top? >> reporter: yes, these temperatures right now are actually a crazy low for this time of the night. some areas are in the 20s. manassas at 28. these
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40 downtown. 42 in frederick and 33 in silver springs, 34 in fairfax. okay the lows tonight mainly in the 20s outside the beltway. 25 in manassas, 24 in leesburg and sterling and 25 in gaithersburg, 27 in silver spring and bowie. even in northwest dc the temperatures in the upper 20s downtown. and the temperatures are holding around 32 degrees. okay, so the lows to beat. the record low is 26 downtown. that is probably safe. oh by the way a long standing record in 1898. dulles record 24. martinsburg 24. we'll flirt with that one and baltimore at 26. and also heading back for 1998 that could be in jeopardy as well. we will come back and talk about how mild it could be tomorrow and the possibility of the yellow weather alert thursday just in time for the nats home opener. a reminder to go to the app store, download the free app. why wouldn't you? all the alerts will come right to your phone in addit
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news. thanks, topper. tonight voters in wisconsin are shaking up the presidential race delivering wins for two underdogs as this wild campaign just rolls on. >> the polls in wisconsin closed two hours ago and senators ted cruz and bernie sanders each claimed victory there tonight. we begin with the democrat sanders claiming victory with 55%. hillary clinton came in at 45%. >> on the republican side cruz getting almost 51% of the vote. donald trump coming in second with 33% and john kasich about 14%. wusa9 garrett haake has been following the twists and turns from iowa. what does it mean tonight, garrett? >> reporter: adam, we won't know the delicate breakdown until tomorrow when they are done counting the votes. but ted cruz will take all 42 wisconsin delegates. that's how big the blowout is. it's not just the math, but
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momentum going into donald trump's home turf of new york next. as the only candidate to remain in wisconsin tonight, ted cruz has the state to himself to celebrate a win he calls a turning point. >> i am more and more convinced that our campaign is going to earn the 1,237 delegates needed to win the presidential nomination. >> come on, get in here david. >> reporter: perhaps anticipating a poor showing tonight, donald trump campaigned briefly this morning before returning to new york. promising a surprise result that never materialized. >> it will be very interesting to see what happens. we'll do great. >> reporter: he showed a shift in strategy providing more details on how to force mexico to pay for their proposed border wall cutting off the money transfers until they pay up. promising more policy changes that will
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in wyoming tonight ahead of their caucuses on saturday bernie sanders celebrated his wisconsin win with a speech about momentum. he'll need it heading into the next big contest new york. >> and with our victory tonight and wisconsin, we have now won seven out of eight of the last caucuses and primary. >> reporter: like trump hillary clinton held no watch party tonight, attending a fundraiser instead. but this afternoon that she welcomed that race to her turf. >> people are trying to divide americans against americans. i wish that they would all come to new york to spend time. the fella from new york that i wish he would get out of one of their towers and watch it to spend time with the people of the city. >> the big loser in all of this tonight is the ohio governor john kasich who will finish tonight with no delegates, no national television time tonight. the next couple of states are a little bit
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but the calls to drop out between now and when new york votes on april 19 that they will just get louder. reporting live garrett haake wusa9. >> garrett, thank you. now, bernie sanders will end up appearing on the democratic primary ballot in the district of columbia just today. lawmakers approved legislation to clarify that he did in fact meet the filing deadline. you see it is a mix up. left open the possibility that standard will be left off the primary ballot. he paid a fee to get on the ballot, but the parties submitted his paperwork a day late. mural bowser will sign that legislation. and stay informed. get the election alerts when you want them. just download their wusa9 app for the latest breaking news, polls, and results as the historic election continues to unfold. we are following in developing story in northeast washington right now. the man shot in the 700 block
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that the victim was just walking along the street when he suddenly felt pain in the left side of his neck. he was able to run into an apartment foyer where he collapsed. and he is expected to survive those injuries, but tonight that the suspect is still on the loose. and the fire in the basement yesterday that they would damage the air handling system. and that something not damaged in the fire that they would be returned. that they were capped until they are telling everyone to keep on filing those returns. and so tonight a deadly fire in gaithersburg. >> they hope that you may be able to help them find out how the victim was killed. wusa9 allison barber is live in montgomery county with the very latest. hey allison? >> reporter: he is 63 years
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burned, exactly where they found them one week ago. >> and the situation like this is just overwhelming. >> a good guy. >> i think that he was getting his stuff together. and you can see all kinds. >> he'll be missed. and in grief and they made their way down the way as neighbors, they would learn more about the boy that left this town home gutted. the investigators say that what they saw on scene during the autopsy is forcing them to consider the possibility that all of this was intentional. >> we are treating it as a homicide. >> the former spouse told wusa that the 63-year-old dealt with persistent health problems because of a car accident years ago. but it didn't stop them from smiling or making jewelry like this. in an e-mail to wusa9 kathy scalibran remembers steven as a gifted gold smith. that he loved to laugh. if you went to th
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him, he would laugh at your laughter as he knew how to love each other unconditionally. and that's why people loved him and were drawn to his gentle spirit. now investigators say they are still collecting evidence on scene and they could be there doing that as late as wednesday this week. reporting live in montgomery county i'm ellison barber wusa9. >> they will be there as long as it takes, ellison, thank you. in the meantime montgomery police aric vest gaiting a home in-- are investigating a home invasion that happened in wheaton. three masked men entered his home on whispering pine drive and hit him on the head and stole some of their shoes. the 19-year-old was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. police are searching for those masked men. new tonight in silver springs, parents are learning how to keep their children safe from predators on the internet. the meeting comes on the heels of
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craigslist and the social media app kick to have sex with a 14- year-old girl. 31-year-old roy evans jr. is charged with having sex with a minor. sergeant kenneth sanger is with the special victims unit with montgomery police department and he spoke tonight at cannon road elementary school. he told parents that they need to pay attention before kids reach the fifth grade. >> it's extremely important that not only do the parents have to get on their children to make their children aware, but the parents need to be aware that they need to be active and in looking at what their children are doing almost on a daily basis. >> the sergeant speaks to parents and teacher association all across our area. he says that he is pleased with the feedback that he is getting. and prince george's county two men arrested in connection with the armed robbery at the university of maryland's montgomery hall. it happened on february 21. two silver springs men are charged. 22-year-old andrew steven
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alexander pigner. their charges include assault, burglary, and use of a firearm in a crime of violence. a bizarre case unfolding in dc after a judge turned herself in to police. for an attack against her own boss. judge jones davenport facing an assault charge now. davenport is an administrative law judge with the district of columbia. the alleged attack happened last week. davenport is accused of lunging at her supervisor who is also a judge. the arrest warrant says that davenport tried to put her hands around the victim's neck. she'll face those accusations in court next month. funeral services were held today for the virginia state trooper who was killed last week at a richmond bus station. more than 3,500 officers gathered in a hampton church to pay their respects to 37-year- old chad dearmyer remembered as
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by example. >> he proved every day on duty and off duty that he was a true professional. he had exactly what it takes to be a law enforcement professional. >> he was interviewing a man with an extensive criminal record when that man suddenly opened fire. the trooper leaves behind a wife and two young children. new information now about yesterday's sightseeing helicopter crash that happened near grey smoky mountain national park in tennessee that all five people on board were killed. police now say that the victims were the pilot and the members of the family from north carolina and texas. the man who lives near the crash scene heard that chopper come down. >> and i was in my house and that i heard a big explosion, me and my neighbor both did when we ran outside and they saw that the helicopter crashed on the ground already. and we heard a second explosion and then we saw that pilot roll out and that they were alive.
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>> the federal investigators are still combing through the wreckage, but they say that there will be evidence that the helicopter hit the top of the ridge causing the crash. in fairfax county, police say they busted a retail theft ring that they say it alerts the security guards, spotting three suspects here from florida inside the lord and taylor inside tyson's corner last month. all three wanted for allegedly stealing high-priced items at other stores recently. it turned up $76,000 worth of stolen property. plus tools that were used to get past store security systems. >> come on get out. >> check this out there's a guy youck in the pizza machinery. u'llsee what saved him up next. an armed murder suspect begs police to shoot him. see what one officer did up next. first lady michelle obama plans her last white house garden. but will it be the
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it's what you do. oh that is good crispy duck. new tonight a tv station storm tracker group that came to the rescue at the scene of the wildfire in woodward county, oklahoma. >> oh man. >> they need to get out. >> i know that they need to get out. >> they were working to contain that fire, but it was racing straight for it. >> i cannot get out. come on. >> he'll need to get out of it. >> come on, get out. get out. come on. open the door. get in, hurry up. come on, get in. move. >> oh my gosh. >> yikes. everyone made it out safely
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watch. okay. prosecutors in hamilton county, ohio have released a police officer's body cam video of a violent confrontation with a man that is wanted in baltimore for a deadly stabbing. it shows the officer patting pablo allen. during that pat down, allaman pulls out ifa kne and e th officer shoots him in the abdomen. >> i'll pat you down first. even though she was shot, he repeatedly shouts at the officer to kill him. other officers arrived using a stun gun to take him down as he is now recovering in the hospital. prosecutors say that he showed great restraint and he
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face any charges over that shooting. president obama is weighing in on the panama papers, calling it a global document as they were leaked from that secretive law firm about the shale companies. they stepped down with no americans that have been named in that documents, but they say it will be a problem. >> a lot of that is legal, that's exactly the problem. that they would allow people that they've got enough lawyers and the accountants to wiggle out of the problems that ordinary citizens have to abide by. >> calling on congress to change the language of the laws that will allow the big corporations to move money overseas to avoid paying taxes. at the white house this is a day four not digging
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dirt. >> reporter: they join with children from around that dc area. and to plant that white house vegetable garden. >> but let's get to work as you can see that they have their assignment. are you ready to work? yeah, let's move, let's plant. let's get it done. >> it remains to be seen. the garden has sparked veesentations and that blgetaes have been donated to help feed the needy families around the dc region. >> not much is going to grow there. >> yeah, a little too early. you don't want to plant anything until may. >> yes, that's fine. if for some reason that you did we will water it down tonight because that will help. oh, i was worried about this today. it is hard to keep those temps below 50 with full sun. and that is pretty cold,
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their teeth. 58 tomorrow with the winds in the south. that should get us in the upper 50s with the live look outside, down to 40 already, the very dry winter-like air mass. and that is one reason that we were able to fall into the 20s tonight. the very cold start. but the milder finish tomorrow. that's good news. about what you saw this among, except that is with the windchill and the straight temperatures tomorrow. rain is likely for the home opener all before the game will be played with the hope for thursday. even colder over the weekend on saturday, sure do. okay downtown the last average freeze day not until april 28. i loved talking about this for oakland and maryland and west of the divide not until june 5. but the point here r
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metro area is to wait to plant it all that it is not worth it. you can do that every time it gets cold. i think that it will be more like 24 in frederick and 32 downtown. by mid-morning in the upper 30s, pretty much clear skies. by the afternoon, 52 downtown and 53 in sterling and leesburg and 53 in manassas. by 5:30 to 6:00, the milder day feeling pretty good. the winds are out of the south. you can see a few showers. now, we will show you future cast on 9:00 a.m. on thursday and probably looking at that weather alert for thursday and at least in that morning anyway. but that's the good news. we're left with showers that will be in between that heavy rain and heavy batch of showers we will keep you posted. 42 at 9:00 an
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p.m. with the showers coming in. the next seven days, the weekend will be cold. we've got the snow showers on saturday and north and west of town. but at least we're in the 60s. >>all right. they still have time to get rid of the snow and the showers. the celebration of student achievements. >> to cheer on four middle schools that would post their attendant rates of 95%. encouraging you to go to school every day to reduce your chance of dropping out in high school. moving
11:22 pm
>> they are unbeatable as they just dominated, four straight national titles that it will be unbelievable. thanks to the incredible four- year run of their seniors with a look at how they ma
11:23 pm
but jamie raskin is the only democrat for congress who's authored landmark progressive laws -- marriage equality, equal pay for women, green maryland act, assault weapons ban, and more. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message.
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they have secured their spot in the post season. all by helping their goaltenders make history taking on new york tonight hoping that they would be one win record here and that it was not that resume night as they were up 3- 1 in the third allowing them to tie it up and giving up two goals in a matter of a few minutes. and en
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winning play and hope that they would stay at 37 wins as they would have just three games left in the regular season. he was paralyzed after suffering that spinal court injury making the tackle. the washington football legend's organization headed by the former quarterback. despite his condition, he has never complained. he's back taking classes at georgetown. >> what he has done is given them hope to be a better student and better individual and a better person because he would have that will to get it done. >> we are so glad that he'll
11:27 pm
for him to get that will be helping this progress and that there is no price to put on it to get them back to the full recovery to work again. >> it just happened, you know, to have that support will be amazing and being able to know that it will be enough fighting and that it would help me through it. >> a great day for him as the basketball team, they are a dynasty and that unbeatable dynasty as a freshman that she said she and her teammates would win four national titles as they may have seen farfetched in, exactly what they were able to do. they had no problem tonight against syracuse crushing the orange 82-51. for their fourth straight national title and the first program in their ncaa history to do so and that they lost just five games in their entire college career. pretty incredible. and they could make the star out of any
11:28 pm
year's hero is chris jenkins, listing as the national title thanks to the shot heard around that world. and their head coach stephen turner is bursting with the pride for his former players. >> he went from screaming to yelling. and to getting them down, breaking down crying just because that i was so happy for him and his family. and that i guess that all of my emotions, they came out. >> and that i could never get enough of that. but a great couple of days
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retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. >> jon: stephen colbert! captioning sponsored by cbs ( band playing intro music ) ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hey! ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: welcome to "the late show,"" everybody! thanks so much. hey! thank you very much. welcome to "the late show."


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