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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  April 6, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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captioning funded by cbs it's wednesday, april 6th, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." ted cruz and bernie sanders turn up the heat on donald trump and hillary clinton, after securing big victories in the wisconsin primary. >> get in! hurry up! hurry up! >> a television crew comes to the rescue of a man trapped in raging wildfires in the great plains. the uconn huskies make history, becoming the first women's college basketball team to be crowned champions in four straight years. and later,
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a florida farmer turns the table on a monster reptile that was feeding on his lifestock. good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters here in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. this morning, the presidential front runners in both parties are feeling increasing pressure from their challengers. ted cruz notched a double-digit victory over donald trump in the wisconsin primary. the win secured at least 33 of the state's 42 delegates for cruz, putting the 1,237 delegates necessary for the nomination even further out of trump's grasp. meanwhile, bernie sanders continued his winning streak over hillary clinton but the vermont senator failed to cut deeply into clinton's outsized lead in the delegate count. don champion is here in new york. one of the next stops on the campaign trail, good morning, don. >> reporter: ted cruz will campaign in the bronx today. the new york primary in less than twoks
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new importance. donald trump and hillary clinton are going to need help from their home state voters to get their campaigns back on track. >> tonight a turning point. >> reporter: ted cruz reminded voters they have a choice. his resounding victory tuesday night was powered in large part by voters who do not want to see a trump presidency. exit polling shows nearly 90% of cruz supporters were either concerned or scared of trump winning the white house. cruz also enjoyed the support of establishment republicans, like wisconsin governor scott walker who are making a push to keep trump from the nomination. while still trailing trump in the delegate count, cruz shifted his sights to the general election. >> tonight was a bad night for hillary clinton. >> reporter: trump stayed out of the spotlight last night. instead, his campaign released a fiery statement, calling cruz a liar and, quote, worse than a puppet. he is a t
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by the party bosses, attempting to steal the nomination from mr. trump. trump did have some support from wisconsin voters on this point. more than half feel if no candidate meets the delegate requirement for the nomination, whomever has the most votes should be the party's nominee. >> we have now won 7 out of 8 of the last caucuses! >> reporter: the midwest momentum continued for bernie sanders. once again, he rode a wave of enthusiasm and optimism to victory and the voter breakdown spells trouble for hillary clinton. she lost big amongst whites, young voters, and liberals. despite picking up additional delegates, political experts say the vermont senator still has a long road ahead. >> he needs to win and keep winning and win by larger margins to, both, a, make up that delegate deficit or in his new theory of the case, create a sense of momentum that he can then convince those super
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and come support him. >> reporter: this morning, it is not all good news for bernie sanders here in the big apple. this morning's edition of the new york "daily news" criticizes his stance opposing lawsuits against gun makers and his interview with the paper's editorial board is raising questions about how he would deliver on some of his campaign promises. >> don champion here in new york, thanks a lot, don. donald trump said woe force mexico to pay for his proposed border wall by cutting off billions of dollars of remittance and wire transfers sent to people living in this country. he is threatening to use anti-terrorism laws to cut off money transfers from illegal immigrants unless mexico makes a onetime payment of $5 billion to $10 billion. coming up on "cbs this morning," we will discuss the changing race for the white house with cbs news contributor bob schieffer. a just-signed mississippi
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government workers to deny services to lesbian, gay, and transgender people based on religious beliefs is slated to take effect july 1st. governor fril bryant signed the legislation yesterday. the religious freedom law applies to marriage licenses, jobs and housing. new york governor andrew cuomo has banned nonstate funded travel to mississippi. paypal says it's cancelling a major expansion in north carolina. the latest economic backlash against a north carolina law that requires transgender people to use public bathrooms that match the sex on their birth certificates. more than 100 corporate leaders say the law is unfair and makes it difficult to attract workers. anti-abortion rights activist said his home was raided by california department of justice agents. david delighten said the video seized undercover video he made at planned parenthood offices. they made similar video in texas that he
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planned parenthood in illegally selling fetal material. a wildfire is threatening a kansas town. it is being fueled by strong winds and dry air. at least 27,000 acres have burned. residents of freedom, oklahoma, have been urged to evacuate. so far, no injuries have been reported. >> he needs to get out. >> i know he needs to get out! >> come on. get in! hurry up! hurry up! >> a television crew covering the fire spotted a road grader in the path of a fast moving flames and urged the driver to jump in their car. they made it out safely as the flames ran over the machinery. unprecedented championship for the university of connecticut women's basketball team. the uconn women crushed syracuse 82-51t
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the end of another perfect season and their fourth consecutive r coach geno auriem. >> he pushed us to the levels we didn't know we could even reach or play at, and, you know, once we bought into that, it was -- it was a great journey to be on. >> until now, only the ucla men's team had won four consecutive titles. this was uconn's 75th consecutive win all by double figures. since stewart walked on campus, they have won 151 games and she has been the final four most outstanding player all four years of her college career! the villanova wildcats, the men's national basketball champions, were greeted by fans at a welcome home celebration yesterday. they beat the north carolina tar heels for their first national
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iceland's head stepped down. it was showed he used a shell company to fund large funds of money. he was one of former and current world leaders facing questions about the tax legal documents. 21 people are accused of running a scam to get student visas for foreigners illegally. the students didn't know they were being scammed themselves. immigration agents set up a fake college in new jersey as part of a sting. >> and with the brokers, they brought many, many students, people purporting to be students who enrolled in the university, knowing full well that there would be no classes. >> investigators say the scheme involved more than a thousand foreigners who wanted to buy visas. coming up on the "morning news." a victory for families. the major u.s. city that is becoming the first to
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a 32-foot trailer couldn' stand up to a windy new jersey snowstorm. a surveillance camera captured the moment sunday night when a gust toppled it. wind in the area south of atlantic city reached 74 miles an hour during the storm. no one was hurt. singer beyonce is denying anti-police allegations. and republican lawmakers are calling for hearings on the supreme court nominee. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstand. "the washington post" reports two republican senators disagree with their party about the supreme court vacancy. susan collins of maine met yesterday with president obama's nominee merrick garland. she and mark kirk of illinois say he should get a hearing.
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the leaders of the senate say the next president should decide. a homicide ruling in a death of a woman whose body was found at a campus. the body was found yesterday in a creek at the university of texas. officials withheld the victim's identity and aren't saying if she was a student. theci cinnnati enquirer reports a fivugite wedound by police said "kill me" more than 40 times. >> kill me. kill me now. kill me. >> video shows the confrontation on an interstate last week. officer not being charged. the associated press reports that money earmarked to fight ebola will be redirected to stop zika. the obama administration plans took shift the money to discover a vaccine to spread zika virus. "the san francisco chronicle" reports the approval of fully paid leave for new parents in the city.
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businesses would be required to give parents of newborns six weeks off with pay. the mayor says he'll sign the measure passed by the city board. the "los angeles times" reports a judge dismissed a lawsuit against force in the death of actor paul walker. the judge backed investigators saying excessive speed caused the 2013 crash that killed the "fast and furious" star. elle magazine is offering a rare interview with beyonce. ♪ >> the singer says the message of her new song "formation" not anti-police. but she says she is against police brutality. some police groups have called for boycotts of beyonce's shows. still ahead, starbucks goes grande. we will show you what you find in starbucks' biggest
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before this, the only thing twitter ever live streamed was kanye's meltdowns. but we actually have a leak of an early tweet of your dad trying to figure out how to watch a football game on twitter. the tweet reads like this. turn on game. want to watch game. delorah lowelower. >> on the cbs "moneywatch" plans for the world's largest starbucks store. jill wagner is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. ford plans to build a new 1.6 billion dollar assembly plant in mexico and the new plant would create about 2800 jobs. yut ford factory workers in the u.s. get about $60 an hour in wage and benefits and
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get about $28 an hour. an official now. could come today. this move comes after the treasury department unexpectedly announced new rules to make so-called tax inversions left profitable by moving its address to ireland why allergan is based. pfizer will pay dramatically lower taxes. stocks on wall street fell. a dire outlook for the world's economy. the dow closed 133 points lower. the s&p lost 20 points. the nasdaq was down 47. big changes for whats app. all messages and phone calls and videos will be encrypted and that applies to any phones that runs the app. buzzfeed reports on a clothing scam drawing customers on facebook and other internet sites. customers order clothing at a took good to be true price from a website they
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heard of. they end up with clothing of poor quality that barely renks what they ordered. most are chinese manufacturers and at least eight of them are connected to one manufacturer. starbucks is building its next high-end coffee shop in new york, their biggest ever. it is expected to open in 2018 and it will roast small batch premium coffee that will be sold on-site or shipped to other locations. customers are encouraged to talk to the barista to talk about the coffee. >> i will meet you there. jill wagner at the new york stock exchange, thanks a lot, jill. still to come, a violent crash caught on dash cam. a suspect's vehicle is sent flipping through the air several times as he tries to evade police in missouri. northern worl people can forget their bathroom experience. but sir froggy can never forget. "what's worse", he thinks... "that my arms can never relax or my eyes can never look away?" ♪
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country.
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a wild scene played out on a missouri police officer's dash cam this weekend. he was chasing a reportedly stolen suv when the driver lost control. the suv trurveled down the road, launching the driver from the vehicle before it went airborne. the officers and witnesses realized the driver was lying in a ditch barely breathing. they performed cpr and got him to the hospital and police say alcohol was a factor. it is one final spring fling for the first lady. michelle obama spent tuesday in the white house kitchen garden on the south lawn planting veggies. it was the last time it would be planted in the garden before the end of president obama's term. >> it's been really a fun tradition for us here at the white house, because i think we really have been able to change the conversation about what y
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guys eat. >> the 1,700 square foot garden has helped the first lady's let's move campaign and provided food to shelters. a florida farmer finally nabbed the creature that was eating his cattle. doesn't look real, does it. the farmer says the 15-foot alligator was feasting on his farm animals so he had to kill it. apparently, he plans on stuffing the monster gator and donating its feet to charity. the world's biggest golfers are getting ready for the masters. the players got in on a practice round at augusta international on tuesday. even the caddies teed off on the legendary course. the coverage begins tomorrow morning and the only place to see the final round is right here on cbs on sunday. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," a big
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breaking overnight, police are looking for the gunman that wounded three women in the district. >> are the front runners in trouble. challengers in both parties gained ground in wisconsin. >> we are waking up to a cold
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allyson rae is here with a first look at the forecast. freeze warning in effect. >> that is right. a freeze warning until 9:00 this morning. however, this afternoon, thanks to a southwesterly wind it will be nice. heading to the upper 50s. better than yesterday where we were in the 40s. temperatures across the region, we are flirting with record lows at dulles airport. at reagan i don't think we will break the record at all. record 26. we are at 36. we will stay above the 30- degree mark. 30 winchester. the good news it's not very breezy. that will change this afternoon, though, but with the winds out of the south. that will help us get to the mid- to upper-50s. by noon 50. notice the winds picking up the pace after the lunch hour to 20 miles per hour topping out shy of 60 degrees. we are talking about the rain for home opener. i will have the futurecast coming up. larry, good morning, over to
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beltway, two-lanes closed. it should ease up by 5:00 this morning. a live look shows you along the beltway at river road. you can see light on the inner and outer loop. no major issues. another update shortly. over to you. >> thanks, larry. police are investigating who shot three women in southeast d.c. >> this happened around 11:00 in the 2300 block of green street. police say when they got there, they found all three victims with gunshot wounds. all of them are expected to recover. so far investigators have not said anything about possible suspects. fairfax county police busted a retail theft ring. they say an alert security guard spotted three suspects from florida inside the lord and taylor at tysons corner last month. all three were wanted for allegedly stealing high priced items at other stores. a search
4:28 am
up $76,000 of stolen property plus tools used to get past security systems. taxes still have to be filed by april 18th but the irs headquarters along constitution avenue will be closed the rest of the week. a fire in the basement monday damaged the air handling system. telework employees are expected to log hours remotely, something that was not damaged in the fire, tax returns. those are in another building. the irs reminds everyone, keep on filing. a source tells the associated press the hackers that broke into the med star health network system explode a design florida med star was warned about years ago. according to the source, fixing med star's problem involved installing an available update or manually deleting two lines of software code. they had to shut down several communication systems last .
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bite out of a subway sub you will know how many calories you are getting. they will post calorie counts on their menu. subway place to debut the boards by april 11th, next monday. panera bread and mcdonald's are the other ones that post it on their menus. >> know you can count on us every weekday morning. >> you made it to hump day. 4:30 starts right now. >> a bitter cold morning. temperatures are dipping into the 20s. you can shed the heavy coats this afternoon. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. larry miller will have time saver traffic. we begin with allyson rae and the
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>> it's cold this morning. >> winds are light. no windchill effect this morning. temperatures across the region, in the 20s for a good chunk of the area. germantown 25. same for lovetteville. springfield 29. buoy 27 and college park 27 degrees high pressure is in place. the clouds don't increase until after the sunsets. enjoy a nice afternoon. larry, good morning, over to you. >> good morning. we have construction on the inner loop. it won't slow you down if you are heading out in the next 5 to 10 minutes. make sure you use caution. between the american legion bridge and claire barton parkway. traveling on the claire barton parkway, no issues working into town this morning as well as the dulles toll road and greenway are free and clear. traveling on the


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