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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  April 6, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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chinn with details on this search. >> reporter: adam, yes, police have been searching. and divers have been looking at a body of water here at the national arboretum, which is right across the street from where relishia rud was last seen on surveillance video at a hotel two years ago. >> reporter: police cadets, walking shoulder to shoulder, searching the area, on the path and in the woods. >> it's also not uncommon for us to find missing children, months, weeks, even years after they've gon missing. >> -- gone missing. >> they are searching for clues in hopes of finding relishia rud. >> every time i think of her, i think of my own daughter. and i hope that she's actually found alive. i mean, i know that that may be wishful thinking. but that's every parent's nightmare. and certainly as a parent, i certainly would like for her to be found. >> reporter: a dive team is
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at the national arboretum, which is right across the street from a hotel, where relishia rud was last seen on videosurveillance video, with her abductor, khalil taylor -- tatum. it's believed the janitor, khalil tatum, abducted her. police nerve found her, but found tatum dead, with a self- inflicted gunshot wound, only half a mile from today's search efforts. >> every child is every citizen's child. it's up to us as citizens and as lawmakers to find a way to protect these children. and not allow anyone to slip through the cracks. because it's not a child's fault that they grow up in poverty or with parents that can't look after them. it's every parent's responsibility. >> some wonder why now, here. while chief lanier would not go into details of
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some are wondering, why haven't they searched here before. because this is only across the street, where relishia rud was last seen. police will gather tomorrow morning at 6:30. live here, surae chinn, wusa 9. >> i know they are hoping for answers. d.c. police say the more that the public and media are aware of these, it's more likely tips will come in. pizza, alcohol, groceries. the list of things that can be delivered to your home is growing. a local company is delivering cold, pressed juices, along with a bag of marijuana. this saturday story of a startup named high-speed. how is this legal, deb? >> reporter: great question, lesli. let's talk about what is legal. it is legal for you, if you're over age 21 to have two ounces of marijuana on you. it's also legal to give up to an ounce of marijuana to someone else in the district, if they're over the age of 21.
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selling pot. but high-speed ceo, david ume says they are legal because they are selling this juice and gifting pot. >> primarily, before anything else, we're a corporate juice delivery company. we sell cold, fresh juice. anybody who uses cannabis, it's christmas. and that's why we're legal. >> here's how 25-year-old david ume's startup high speed works. you can get juice $11. add a lot of love, it will cowft $150. >> about an hour later, we got our delivery of our juice and our, you know, 8th of an ounce of marijuana. >> reporter: tech site ryan ferguson picked the second option. >> how was the juice? >> the juice was good. it actually wasn't the one i ordered. but it was an aloe lemonade. and it was pretty tasty. >> reporter: after ferguson and d.c.-ist wrote about it, this
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knock on the door. >> seems this entrepreneur is trying to service the -- serve the market. cunningham claimed the company accepted donations, rather than payment. prosecutors called that incredulous. here's ume's take on his business model. >> there's actually one price for the juice. and then there are different options to give love to high speed for doing what we do. >> like events and other comforts that can be pricey. ume says he is cautiously optimistic. >> as long as i keep all my bases covered, not only will i stop being scared, but i will inspire people to be proactive in the future, about things other than cannabis. this is just a medium right here. >> high speed has been in business for about two months. and they already have hundreds of customers. most of them right here in northwest d.c. i do want to point out, that while this is full, this bag empty. there is no
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we're live tonight, debra alfarone. >> always good to have the clarity, deb. and another way ume says they are different from mother's, is high heed speedwebsite asks for your -- high speed website asks for your driver's license number and your age. >> who cares if you don't get the right one, i guess? desire we're tracking the weather alert. topper shutt, live in the center center. going to be a wet one? >> it s. showers in here probably by dawn. the morning commute. that's the one we're most concerned about. temperatures, pretty mild. about 20 degrees warmer than this morning. 52 downtown. 49 in gaithersburg. 48, manassas. with light showers in the metro area. pretty heavy. line of rain and showers, really from martinsburg, kind of all down i-81. some of it is going to be moderate. we get into the 10:00 hour. pushes through our northern and western suburbs. even a little speck of the red up there in gaithersburg.
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heavy downpours are possible. 50s across the board. good news by noon. most of the showers across 95, headed for the bay. we're going to see a little sunshine tomorrow afternoon. but do not let that kind of fool you. because we're going to see afternoon showers and thunderstorms, after that sun comes back out. in fact, by 4:00, why are we stopping at 4:00? because the games, 4:05. showers beginning to pop up here and there. but again, it will be mild with temperatures in the 60s. and more thunderstorms rolling through during the afternoon. for the game. the good news, heavy rain in the morning. bad news, shower possible at 4:00. thunderstorm possible at 6:00. 61. and leftover shower possible at 8:00, with temperatures in the mid-50s. we'll come back. we still have flakes in the 7- day. and we will explain. tank -- thanks, top. we've got information, stemming from an armed carjacking in silver spring. police say two suspects forced a woman out of her bmw, monday night, before driving into the distinct those
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-- those carjackers were spotted after crashing into a light pole. remember that? the suspects are identified as 20-year-old kenneth bloomfield and 23-year-old elliott jacas. they are being held in the district, while they wait to be sent back. a green light for the purple line. the maryland public works approved a $5.6 billion contract to build the light rail project, linking new carrollton to bethesda. the vote was 3-0. plans called for the apparentlies to board the purple line in 2022. for the first time since the deadly terrorist attacks in belgium, a nonstop flight at brussels has arrived at dulles airport. it touched down at the loudoun county airport this afternoon. 32 people were killed last month, when islamic terrorists targeted the brussels airport and the subway station. three suicide bombers were also killed in the attacks. turning to campaign 2016, where the focus has shifted to new york. hillary clinton is stepping up her atta
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sanders, following his primary victory in wisconsin. his sixth straight win over the secretary of state. >> the core of his campaign has been break up the banks. and it didn't seem, in reading his answers, that he understood exactly how that would work. >> do not tell secretary clinton she's getting a little nervous. and i don't want her to get more nervous. >> reporter: after defeating donald trump in wisconsin, senator ted cruz hit the ground running today in the bronx. but the latest polls have the texas senator in third place in the empire state. a prince george's county mom says she's devastated. and angry, at how a southwest airlines employee treated her son, who has autism. lachandra brown of accokeek was heading home from orlando, to
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andrea mccarren is live with a story you'll only see on 9. andrea, good evening. >> reporter: well, adam. lashanda brown is the kind of mom who shows up at the airport, four hours before departure time, just to help get her son settled and avoid a public meltdown. [ crying ] >> my son didn't deserve that. >> reporter: when lashanda brown handed her son's preboarding card to a southwest airlines gate attendant in orlando, she never anticipated what would happen next. >> the first question was, who is the disabled passenger? and the next question was, well, what's his disability? what's his issue? >> reporter: lashanda said autistic families go through enough, without having their disability questioned in front of other people. >> they deserve to be treated fairly. ask ey
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disclose their disability. >> she reached her seat on the plane. >> i broke down and couldn't stop crying. >> a southwest flight attendant explained the back story. >> she did apologize. but she mentioned some families misuse preboarding, especially out of orlando. >> reporter: 5-year-old smiles have made extraordinary progress. at one point, he was completely nonverbal. >> but now -- he will say, mommy, i had a good day. >> reporter: lashanda said preboarding allows miles to settle into his seat and have a positive experience. >> and i want to be sure that southwest trains their employees to never have this happen again. >> reporter: southwest airlines did offer the family four $100 vouchers for future travel. but lashanda just wants assurances that the employees are in
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they can interact with people with disabilities. reporting live from reagan national airport, andrea mccarren, wusa 9. >> and we don't have those answers yet. we reached out to southwest to phone and e-mail to try to get a response. but we haven't heard back yet. the man arrested after throwing a bizarre manifesto over the white house fence, he's heading back to idaho. >> reporter: the judge ordered him to return to idaho to face first-degree attempted murder chargesful police say two days after his arrest in washington, the marine veteran shot a pastor in coeur d'alene. in his manifesto, odem admitted to shooting that pastor and made wild claims about a vast alien conspiracy. right now, a search is under way for the gunmen who wounded three women in southeast d.c. the shots rang out 11:00 last night on green street. all of the women are expected to recover. investigators have been out on the neighborhood. but there is st
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information on a suspect or a reason why this all happened. country music fans are mourning the loss of a legend. >> don't care about what i think ♪ >> the man himself there, merle haggard, passed away today. the singer famous for hits like okie from wis cokey, died from complications in his home in northern california. haggard recorded more than three dozen number 1 hits over a career spanning six decades. today also happened to be his birthday. merle haggard was 79 years old. we're just getting started on wusa 9news. cracking down on strip clubs in prince george's county. what officials are forcing the dancers to do. another death now being reported as a result of those defective tacatta air bags! and said topper is back with more on the storms headed this way tomorrow. and after the break, new details on the retail theft ring th
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we're getting a look at the is this $76,000 worth of high- end merchandise, stolen by a crime ring that hit tyson's corner mall. peggy fox joins us live from the mall, to tell us how they walked out with so much stuff. what did they do? >> reporter: well, they're professionals, lesli. they had special tools that remove those security sensors that you find attached to expensive items. they were making their getta way from tyson's corner mall, when a special team called tut, tyson's corner team caught them. >> you don't know who is doing what. >> thieves from an
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theft ring, made off with thousands of dollars in high- end merchandise. handbags by stella mccartney, coach and prada, worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars each. >> we have to be on site. we have number there and ready to respond at a moment's notice. >> reporter: that's what happened at lord and taylor at tyson's, after an alerted employee recognized a woman's face, from a flyer. police moved in and made quick arrests. 39-year-old oleg and 28-year- old earna are charged with grand larceny, possession of stolen property with intent to sell. and possession of burglarious tools. that's a tool that looks like this. >> they have different devices that are used to remove different types of sensors. this isn't just high school kids on a lark, stealing a t- shirt from the store. this is people that do this for a business, as a source of income. >> and
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everybody? >> absolutely. >> reporter: a third member of the group was charged with providing false identity to law enforcement. >> if the price is too good to be true, it's too good to be true. >> right. it's probably stolen? >> probably is. >> reporter: police also confiscated 28 credit cards, with various names. and a lapstop. and they found all of that in a hotel room, where those three suspects were staying. now, the $76,000 in merchandise did not all come from lord and taylor. police believe it was stolen from malls up and down the east coast. the crime here at tyson's happened here a week and a half ago. and those three suspects have since posted bond and have been set free. reporting live in tyson's, peggy fox, wusa 9. >> and perhaps that brings it in to this particular ring. peg, thank you. police asked the public to report suspicious behavior in virginia. concealing merchandise, even before walking out of the store is against the law.
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police want to know more about the victim in a fatal crash in northeast d.c. he was thrown from an suv this morning that drove down a foot path and came to rest on e street. police are trying to determine whether the man was the driver or the passenger in the vehicle. >> reporter: last week, we told you about george mason university, renaming their law school. the antonin scalia, school of law. it was a measure to honor the late supreme court justice. but there was a problem here. >> we talked about this yesterday. >> the acronym forrantonin scalia, school of law, spells out a word that is really not safe for tv. go ahead and write it down. antonin scalia school of law. >> now, the school is going to be called the antonin scalia law school to avoid problems. we've got other acronyms we can't talk about. >> they heard you talking about it and decided to put a
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>> yeah. >> it's all good. we're not stuck with it forever. >> no, we're not. >> they had to do something, though. all right. record lows, weave told you that some of the record lows were in jeopardy. a couple were tied. and actually, one was broken. we'll start with that. in fact, kind of impressive. in baltimore, their record low was 26. that was set back in 1898. they actually beat it with a record low of 24. only 32 downtown. we knew that was going to be safe. dulles tied their mark. we're going to keep that 1966 date. and also martins burg tied their mark as well. but down to 24 in baltimore. new record low. that's fairly impressive. this is also impressive. temperature change over the past 24 hours. we're 11 degrees warmer than we were this time yesterday. 13 degrees warmer in richmond. and 15 degrees warmer down in norfolk. okay. our 3-degree guarantee for today, feeling pretty confident, went for a high of 58. which is still below average. clouds are coming in now. ar
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we'll let you know tonight at 11:00. right now, through the michael and sons weather cam. remember, the dew points in the teens yesterday. they're in the 20s now. which is still's pretty -- still a pretty dry air mass. but winds to the south, gusting at 29. we had serious winds a week ago. warmer air is going to roll in. clouds will thicken up. cloud comes in, but not nearly as cold. bus stop temperatures, 46 to 54. i would bring an umbrella. showers will be in the process of moving in from west to east. yellow weather alert tomorrow. rain and showers in the morning. showers and storms in the afternoon. heaviest will be 8:00 a.m. to noon. so that's good for the nats game, which starts at 4:00 and you can watch right here. but that said, showers are going to linger all day into tomorrow night. and as the atmosphere becomes a little more unstable. we'll see showers tomorrow. thunderstorms by evening. 9:30, 10:00. you can watch the dog. clouds coming in. dry and mild. los.
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here and there. wouldn't get too hung up on the exact location. just an hour ago, they were west of 95. now they're spilling over into prince george's county. and down into la plata, 51 there. at 6:00. just take an umbrella before you leave the house. pretty simple. by 9:00. showers and rain. from leesburg, to culpepper. notice the red here. rumble of thunder possible west of town, too. and temperatures in the mid- 50s. this rolls across in the morning. but boom, by 1:00, it's across the bay. we see breaks in the clouds. temperatures go back in the mid- 60s. but then we also see showers develop with a few thunderstorms. so again, good news. heavy rain is going to be out of here before the nats start the play. bad news, we still have showers and thunderstorms to get through. okay. let's talk about the day planner. 53 at 7:00. 57 at 11:00, with showers, more showers. but they're ending, by 1:00, temperatures around 60. next seven days. behind the front, cooler on friday, with showers. snow on saturday, 44.
5:22 pm
the higher elevations. near 50 sunday. both of those days, we have nats in town. then back to 70 in town, with showers in the morning. showers and rain on tuesday. and then dry on wednesday. both days in the mid-60s. >> couples shell out big bucks to get hitched. and facebook makes some cool changes to its live video feature. details in tonight's consumer alert. and right after the break, why comedian amy schumer is angry with how glamour magazine used her in its latest issue.
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comedian amy schumer is blasting glamour magazine over its latest issue. >> a special edition of the magazine focused on plus-sized fashion. but they used an interview with schumer from november 2015, without telling her it was for a plus-sized issue. >> i make fun of women's magazines a lot. because it's easy and it's fun. they write host ail articles like how to trick your stomach into thinking you ate that week. >> schumer posted on instagram,
5:26 pm
wrong with being plus-sized. plus-sized is considered size 16 in america. i go between the size 6 and an 8. young girls, seeing my body type, thinking that is plus- sized, not cool, glamour. glamour apologygized, but noted they didn't explicitly call schumer plus-sized. in tonight's consumer alert, hundreda said it nearly died from injuries in a crash. this is the tenth reported death in the united states from one of these air bags, including more than 100 people who have been hurt by bags that exploded. honda said it mailed multiple notices to the owner, but the repairs were never made. this is the largest recall of air bags in history. ol there is still challenge with getting people the
5:27 pm
and so far, about 7.1 million of those bad air bags have been replaced. facebook is making live video streaming even more interactive on the social networking site. you can react in real time with emotional emojis. like love and wow. and if it's your video that is streaming, you can put instagram-like filters on it. you like that? >> we can all waste more time on facebook. >> treats true. and a new study finds that couples are spending more than half of their annual income to walk down the aisle. the knot's real wedding survey says the total expenses for a ceremony in 2015, added up to a record. here's the reason. more couples want to personalize their i dos. on the flip side, though, they are inviting fewer people and booking fewer destination weddings. >> i have two daughters. so i'm doomed. >> i was going to say. we'll work for wedding fees.
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and father in prince george's county tonight. >> coming up, we'll hear from chris jenkins' parents, two days after he hit that history- making shot to bring his team the ncaa championship. sentencing day for d.c. police officer caught on camera. attacking an employee inside a store. >> and right after the break, why strip clubs, across prince george's county are being frustrated with your overactive bladder medicine not working? can't handle the side effects? botox® treats symptoms of leaking, going too often, and the strong sudden need to go. ask your urologist if botox® can help calm your bladder and reduce your daily leakage episodes. the effects of botox® may spread hours to weeks after injection, causing serious symptoms. alert your doctor right away as difficulty swallowing, speaking, breathing, eye problems, loss of bladder control or muscle weakness can be a sign of a life-threatening condition. don't take botox® if you can't empty your bladder on your own or have a urinary tract infection, or uti.
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some people living near a strip club. >> made an order to stop adult entertainment or move. >> how a victory in court is resulting in pretty aggressive action by the county. >> yeah, the county took the action, notified these clubs late yesterday. mustangs, one of the clubs behind me here. on chillum avenue here in hyattsville. one of the clubs ordered to clean up its act by friday, or closing its doors. >> i mean, -- close its doors. >> do you think a strip club fits into this neighborhood? >> no, it doesn't. >> well, it's a good thing that they're trying to enforce this rule. >> malls, kids, playgrounds. schools, all walking distance from mustangs, a club that has been ordered to stop offering adult entertainment here in hyattsville by friday or be shut down. mustang's front is on busy chillum road, across the street from the
5:32 pm
store. >> down that area, and down by the stores, it's really kind of bad. the crimes and stuff happening. people getting robbed all the time. >> reporter: citing issues with crime, traffic and noise, prince george's county has been battling to force adult entertainment clubs into industrial areas. since the council passed ordinances in 2010, in 2011. but the clubs fought back, citing first amendment. the latest ruling came down in favor of the county's right to regulate. now a dozen clubs in nine communities frvment temple hills -- in temple hills to sea brook. it some have been ordered to put this back on. the deadline is friday night. >> now, the clubs can continue to operate as establishments. but the entertainers have to put their clothes back on. or the gloves have to uproot or move into industrial areas that are not near playground
5:33 pm
reporting live on chillum road, scott broom, wusa 9 remember. >> a representative of the club owners has said, they're not sure what the next step will be. >> a towson university fraternity is temporarily suspended. police investigate an alleged hazing incident. a university spokesman said it ended with a tao kappa pledgeman in the hospital. a radio personality said he vomited blood and had internal injuries after being forced to eat what he thought was cat food, along with vinegar and pickle juice. the national office is investigate the matter. a man who was stabbed in downtown frederick has died. that victim, 36-year-old brian graves, was wounded. around 1:30 monday morning on north market street. police were called there, after receiving a call about a fight. and investigators are trying to locate witnesses who may have been
5:34 pm
the time. graves leaves behind a 3-year- old daughter. >> a d.c. police officer, arrested after a fight in a cell phone store, learned his fate today. 43-year-old ulysses delaney received a 180-day suspended sentence and six months probation. surveillance video showed delaney fighting with a 20-year- old employee of a cricket wireless story northeast. delaney, a 15-year veteran of the police force also resigned. a search is under way for an escaped mental health patient in northern virginia. this is a picture of the man police are looking for. authorities say the 36-year-old escaped from the northern virginia mental health center on gallows road. police say if you encounter him, immediately call 911. he is known to have violent tendencies. a woman who allegedly called a man a terrorist, in a loudoun road rage incident is facing charges. julie coriel is charged with an attempted malicious wounding, hit-and-ru
5:35 pm
reckless driving. he said he was from isis, go back to your country. and then rammed the back of his car several times. the victim was left shaken, but not injured. the parents of the two brothers who faced off against one another in college basketball's title game, talk about what it was like to see one son hit the game winner. and at the same time, the other suffered a crushing defeat. anchor jan jeffcoat has the proud mom and dad's reaction, from prince george's county. what did they have to say, jen? >> oh, my goodness. >> time was winding down. the rest of the family just could not take their eyes off the court. their two boys had come a long way from their time as teammates. at gonzaga college high school. >> 4 1/2 seconds left. score tied. time was ticking as villanova drip dribbled the ball up the court and passed jenkins. >> i jumped up and threw up my hands. and i was just -- it was just
5:36 pm
>> chris is on cloud 9 and probably won't be back to earth for a couple of months now. >> reporter: chris's mom was too nervous to watch her sons compete against each other, with her husband in the stands. so she caught the winning shot on the television in the arena of all places, before fighting the crowds to get back to the court to celebrate. all the while, she knew her other son nate was having a tough time back in the locker room. >> of course, there was going to be a good ending and a not so good ending. and we feel the joy and we feel the hurt. >> i know right now, it hurts. but he's still a winner. >> i love him. and to play against each other, it was specified family. >> they adopted chris when he was just 11. each of their boys spent tireless days and nights in the gym, practicing together, visualizing themselves making that last-second shot. chris's dad knew the ending observe it even -- before it
5:37 pm
court and chris touches the ball, game over, villanova. >> certainly, a bright future for both sons. chris hopes to work as a sports commentator. and of course, he has dreams of playing in the nba. and nate is interested in finance. can't wait to see what they are both interested in doing. >> seems like they'll be able to do whatever they set their minds to. both players are set to return for their senator seniors -- senior season next year. janet jackson is postponing her world tour. >> that's nasty. >> it's not nasty, though. you gotta watch the story. >> some people are saying that this gap ad ad is racially insensitive. we'll talk about that. and this 9-year-old community reporter fires back at critics after she covered a story that some say was inappropriate. tom? >> all right. we got wins again. this time, they're a warm wind out of the south. kicking up the pollen. high for trees, low for
5:38 pm
spores. looks like oak and pine are the main culprits. we'll talk about our yellow weather alert tomorrow. we have flakes on the seven- day. yvette: i was running for my life. he was flicking matches on me... my ex-husband's intentions were to murder me. glenn: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences,
5:39 pm
yvette: mr. ivey showed compassion. i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey. as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message, because i'm on your side. wall street. the nra. they're powerful. they usually get their way. but t nowith democrat donna edwards. she won't take cash from wall street banks.
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a spend dark money to kill gun safety laws, donna edwards said 'no' she's fighting to ban assault weapons and putting the safety of our communities first. because to democrat donna edwards, the special interests aren't special. we are. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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let's bounce to down the travel days. a 9-year-old journalist, firing back at critics. that's a 9-year-old journalist, firing back at critics. >> really now? >> after reporting on a suspected murder in her community. >> helda kate reports mainly on skunks and vand limp. but -- vandalism. but after covering a murder over the weekend, her readers let her have it. >> i usually enjoy your stories, but this, perhaps you are too young to understand the difference between [ inaudible ] sensationalist trash. >> i was able to inform the people that there's a terrible murder. hours before my competition even got to the scene. and i know some of you just want me to sit down and be quiet because i'm 9. but if you want me to stop offering news, then you get out
5:42 pm
something about it. >> you tell them. well done. >> she says a follow-up story, take that, is in the works. gap is apologizing tonight after an ad we told you about. this is the one for the children's clothing that insinuated that all girls can do anything, but didn't necessarily show that in the ad. some thought it was insensitive. >> an older, white girl here, with her arm resting on the head of a younger, black girl. the company tweeted out the  photo on april 2nd, with the tagline, meet the kids who are proving that girls can do anything. the ad was meant to be empowering. but some say the black girl was just being used as a prop. janet jackson is postponing the second leg of her unbreakable world tour, indefinitely. and in a video, posted to twitter, the 49-year-old singer explained that she and her husband are family planning. >> jackson stopped short of coming out with any news that she's pregnant. but it's got a lot of people talking.
5:43 pm
>> congrats, janet. it's masters week. coming up, we'll hear from a university of virginia golfer who will make his debut tomorrow at augusta national. >> and right after the break, hundreds of students take to the streets in loudoun county
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5:45 pm
5:46 pm
got a quick update for you now on that escaped mental held patient. he's been found. authorities say that 36-year- old escaped from the northern virginia health center on gals on road. it's all good now. a loudoun county school took its first steps against teen suicide today. almost the entire student body left the school for its first- ever, teen prevention walk. >> stephanie ramirez said it was a very eye-opening rally that followed. >> the auditorium doors are open now. the school body is inside, watching a movie of other students who are sharing experiences. some suicide attempts. and how they felt during that time. >> reporter: i went to the bathroom. i locked the door. and i attempted to hang myself. a student said this in a video created to spread awareness about a very serious and
5:47 pm
teen suicide. >> it's not very talked about. there is a stigma attached to a suicide, mental illness. and we want to break down those barriers. >> that's wood grove high school's director, staff, walking side by side, in a 1.5 mile, where all human walks to spread awareness. it's the first major step in fighting teen suicide after losing several students. >> i've had three friends in loudoun county commit suicide in two years. >> it's not something we thought would happen around here. it's just one after another. >> 17-year-old william robinson who took his life in january. and ryan bartel, were honored in this walk. throughout, they have been dealing with multiple suicides. >> suicide, and second being car accidents. >> i think it's stress. i think a lot of kids get stressed out. with technology, we're never off. >> we're not going to le
5:48 pm
anyone get alone. we're not going to let anybody feel like they're worthless. and we're going to really prevent this, from now on. >> reporter: in loudoun county, stephanie ramirez, wusa 9. >> and the cdc says more than 41,000 people took their lives in 2013. and that most people never seek help. that is why the loudoun students created the "we're all human committee" and even a scholarship to go with it. several students are safe tonight, after their school bus burst into flames. this is long island, new york. the school bus driver noticed something was wrong, pulled over, and then another school bus scooped up the kids, just as the original bus went up in flames. amazingly, no one was hurt. all right. massive wildfire has burned about 56,000 acres here in western oklahoma. forestry officials say some structures have burned and evacuations are under way in at least three communities. the fire started yesterday afternoon. crews are using four aircraft to help beat back those flames.
5:49 pm
a little closer to average today. a little warmer wind out of the south. live look outside. through that michael and sons weather cam. clouds are moving in. temperaturewise, still not so bad. 56. far cry from 46 yesterday. dew point still in the 20s. so a pretty dry air mass. humidity is 33%. winds are still gusting to 29 miles per hour. it's going to be windy tonight and tomorrow. at least it's going to be a warmer wind. clouds move in tonight. but not as cold. in fact, bus stop temperatures, 42 to 54. with showers. so just bring the umbrella, before you leave the house. yellow weather alert tomorrow, for rain and showers. then maybe some thunderstorms in the afternoon. heaviest activity, 8:00 a.m. to noon, which is good news for the nats. bad news is, showers are going to linger throughout the game and into early tomorrow night. tonight, 9:30, 10:00. low 50s. 51 in manassas. 52 downtown. a lot of clouds, but
5:50 pm
so by dawn, we're looking at showers. mild, low 50s downtown, 49 in leesburg and sterling. 50 in silver spring and bowie. by 9:00, pretty good rains from leesburg to culpepper. any time you see the fleck of orange and red there. that's pretty heavy. temperatures, low to mid-50s it's mild. this races through by lunchtime. it's across the bay by lunchtime. temperatures back to the low 60s. and we'll see breaks in the clouds. so when you see the sun come out tomorrow, don't let that fool you. that's going to destabilize the atmosphere and allow another round of showers and storms to develop. not going to be rain-free at the nats game. showers and storms are still going to move through. by 6:00, we're 61 downtown. we're looking at 59, leesburg, 59 still in manassas and daly city. early tomorrow morning, temperatures only in the 40s. and yes, you saw some snow out in garrett county tomorrow night. okay. mostly cloudy tonight. breezy, chilly. sh
5:51 pm
tomorrow, mostly cloudy, windy, mild rain and showers. yellow weather alert goes into effect. and by afternoon, showers and maybe a thunderstorm. yellow weather alert continues. highs around 65. so on the day planner, temperaturewise, not that bad. but a little tough in the morning. showers, 7:00, 9:00, 11:00. showers by ending, 1:00. temperatures around 60. okay. next serve days, behind the front, cooler on friday. with showers. yep, snow on saturday. nats in town. 44. that might be kind of a cool game to attend, actually. cooler -- sunny on sunday. but still rather cold. near 50. 70 monday. and showers on tuesday. and sunshine on wednesday. but we're back in the mid-50s. the beauty of augusta national golf club will be on display once again this week. it's the 80th masters getting under way officially tomorrow. who will dawn
5:52 pm
this year? can jordan speed through or will a new legacy begin? this week, we will see some of the legends walk the course at augusta. but there is a player from our area you can keep an eye on, starting tomorrow. derek bard is at the university of virginia. and he will participate. >> runner up with the 2015 amaddor championships. the former champion now gets to walk the same hallowed fairways that his idols have. derek's caddy will be his 17- year-old brother alec. derek is one of six amateurs in this week's field. he has been there since friday will to try to get a feel for the course. before he makes his grand debut. >> i gotta do my best to treat it as another golf tournament. i know that's going to be tough. but i don't know. i thank god, if i can get in the good mindset, have a game plan set forward. focus on
5:53 pm
>> the only thing i told him was to go ask have fun, enjoy it. try as much as you can. and try to keep distractions to ain a minimum and play golf. if he does that, i think he'll be fine. >> the washington nationals back in action tonight. wrapping up their opening series against atlanta. tonight, it's steven strausberg's turn to makehis debut. thursday afternoon, the nationals hold their home opener against miami. can you watch that game right here on wusa 9. join us at 3:00, for special pregame show and all the festivities. and stay for first pitch at 4:05. of course, steven strausberg coming off a great second half of the year, last year, look to build that momentum -- looking to build that momentullum here. -- momentum here. >> as long as it's not too rainy. >> not too rainy hopefully. it's nice down there. maybe i can get the game in tomorrow. coming up, when jan joins adam at 6:00. pressure mounts in the presidential race, as the number of available delegates
5:54 pm
flight from brussels, since last month's terror attacks lands at dulles airport. we'll have a live report. up next, the effort under way in virginia to restore
5:55 pm
won't keep you up at night.n know you have insights from professional investment strategists to help set your mind at ease. know that planning for retirement
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can be the least of your worries. with the guidance of a pnc investments financial advisor, know you can get help staying on track for the future you've always wanted. sometimes, our history is found in strange places. roting in the -- roting in the arizona sun. or under repair on the tarmac of a private airport in bridge
5:57 pm
bruce leshan has one man's heroic effort to reclaim a national symbol. >> air one, awe-inspiring symbol of american power. started as a much smaller aircraft. >> the sense of history in this airplane is phenomenal. >> the first air force one was this lockheed constellation. president eisenhower flew it over the american troops in korea. >> president eisenhower used the toilet here. >> you can see the tail number, 8610. in 1954, with eisenhower aboard, flying over richmond, air traffic controllers got this plane confused with eastern airlines flight 86 to secret service. freaked out. that's how they came up with the unique identifier, air force one. >> so, he would have had a chair here and a very nice table here.
5:58 pm
of government contracteddor, dynamic aviation, in the shenandoah valley, found the first air force one, roting in the arizona desert. >> have been fun for 13 years. >> in 1987, the air force had sold it with four other planes to a crop-dusting company. for scrap. >> cannibalized? >> yes. and if you had seen pictures this airplane, sitting on its tail with no engine. >> reporter: it has taken 7,000 man hours, just to get it flying again. but in the next two to four years, he plans to completely refurbish it, make it a flying tribute to america of the 1950s. >> in bridgewater, virginia, bruce leshan, wusa 9. >> he will not say how much he paid for the only air force one that has ever been sold. but it was once listed as $1.5 million. fuel to fly it is about $2500 an hour.
5:59 pm
pretty expensive hobby. but stolzitz said history is worth it. right now at 6:00, both the democratic and republican front runners, looking to new yorkers to turn things around, after they both lost another presidential primary. >> for the first time since the airport bombings, the direct flight from brussels lands at dulles. >> reporter: and a new lead, spark a new police search, for a d.c. girl who has been missing now for two years. good evening. i'm adam longo, sitting in for bruce johnson. and i'm jan jeffcoat. the presidential candidates are turning their attention to the primary. bernie sanders won big in wisconsin. and those are bringing attacks. >> following candidates reactions today. allen, looking ahead to new york, this is a state where nearly 300 delegates are on the line. >> it's also the state where hillary clinton wins the senate. now she needs to break a sixth straight loss to bernie
6:00 pm
won't -- of his ideas just won't work because the numbers don't add up. >> interview with the new york daily news. >> the core of his campaign has been break up the banks. and it didn't seem, in reading his answers, that he understood exactly how that would work. >> reporter: clinton has a 700- deldelegate lead over sanders. but sanders added delegates after picking up leads. >> do not tell delegate clinton. she's getting a little nervous. and i don't want her to get more nervous. but i believe we have an excellent chance to win new york and a lot of delegates in that state. >> reporter: like sanders, ted cruz continued his winning streak against republican front runner, donald trump, with his fourth straight win. >> if we come together, we're going to win, if we remain divided, we will not. >> reporter: but a new monmouth poll shows crews polling in third place in new york. with


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