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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  April 6, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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right now at 7 a school bus crashes and flips on its side sending several students to the hospital. troopers told to put clothes on or move. why strip clubs face ultimatum and cold fresh juice delivered with a side of pot the dc business says it's completely legal. but first tonight, aer is to find relisha rudd. a tip led police out national arboretum. they started to search wooded areas and the main focus will be a body of water which is across the street from a hotel where relisha was seen on surveillance video. the images show the 9-year-old with her suspected abductor kalil tatum found dead likely from a suicide. >> every time i think of her, i think of
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hope that she is actually foundalive i mean, i know that may be wishful thinking, but that's every parent's nightmare and certainly as a apparent i certainly would like for her to be found. >> the dc police wouldn't elaborate on the tip that led them to the arboretum and it is expected to last through tomorrow. right now police are investigating a school bus crash that sent a driver and 9 students to the hospital. the bus ended up on its side thissa noon on york road in northern baltimore county. the bus driver did suffer the most serious injuries. we are told the students havenonlife-threatening injuries. we are under a yellow weather alert tomorrow for rain and showers all ice will be on the skies over the park for the team's hope opener. topper shutt is tracking when the rain will fall. >> good news bad news. heaviest rain is in the morning. and then by lunchtime it will end before it starts but we will track showers
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thunderstorm during the game time. so, you're breaking down for you. this is 6 tomorrow morning. showers across the board. scattered aabout upper 40s low 50s. by 8, heaviest activity into the i-81 corridor. notice orange and yellow heavier rainfall and by 10, pretty heavy activity rolled through manassas and leesburg and loudoun and fairfax and mont gol he ran flex of red indicating heavy downpours. and temperatures fairly mild low to mid-50s but everything rolled through by noon. we will see breaks in the clouds but don't let that fool you because the at moss for will tee destabilize and we will see showers at 6 rolling through a shower or thunderstorm during the game but good news no heavy downpours like in the morning. so, keep that in mind if you are commuting in the morning, prepare for a slow commute. so here it look like this. 4:00 spotty showers. low 60s. shower or thunderstorm by 6, and leftover shower by 8 temperatures in the mid-50s. we will come back and talk about how cold it is going to
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and what that means to our weekend and we have a couple flakes on the 7-day a reminder, stay informed and we will push notification by down loading the app free and search for wusa9 in the app store. >> thank you. right now, prince william county police are on the hunt for a bank robbery suspect. here's a picture of the suspected robber. the woman hand the temmer anote implying she had a weapon and demanded money up to a $1,000 reward if you can help police find her. today we are getting a look at 76,000 dollarswo rth of high end merchandise stolen by what police call professional crime ring. peggy fox says the thieves used special tools at tyson corner's mall to remove security sensors you don't know who's do -- you don't know who's doing what. >> reporter: thieves made off with thousands of dollars handbags worthun
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>> it's outrageous ruers after an alert employee recognized a woman's face from a lookoutflyer. police moved in and made quick arrests. 39 -year-old olig and a 28-year- old both of florida are charged with grand larceny and possession of stolen property with intent to sell and possession of tools. that's a tool that might look like this. >> they have various device that is are used to remove different types of sensors. this is not just you know high school kids on a lark stealing a t-shirt from the store. this is people that do this for a business as a source of income. >> reporter: it drives up prices for everyone. >> absolutely. >> reporter: a third member of the group katrina of florida was charged with providing false identity to law enforcement. police seized the 76,000 dollars in merchandise at a hotel room where the suspects were staying.
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and 28 credit cards in various names. since the crime here at tyson's happened a week and a half ago the suspects have posted bond. in tyson's peggy fox wusa9. >> 76,000 dollars stolen in merchandise didn't all come from lord and taylor. police believe they stole eye frems from malls up and down the east coast. some but not all of the items have been claimed. a lot of people who live near strip clubs in prins george's county are a-- prince george's county are applauding a deadline to put the clothes on or move. county officials told a dozen clubs to stop offering adult entertainment by friday because it's too close to neighborhoods schools playgrounds and retail shopping areas. >> i mean don't think it's good for a neighborhood at all. >> do you think a strip club fits into the neighborhood. >> no it doesn't. >> it's a good thing that they are trying to enforce this rule. >> county officials say the clubs must move into industrial areas if they want to continue offering adult entertainment. a new
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delivery service is making some money in the district. high speed offers a cold press juice for 11 bucks and a side of love and you will pay 55 dollars add a side of a lot of love and grand total will be 150 bucks. when delivered your cup of juice will have a gift of pot. ceo david umeh says it's different from curb god who was convicted of selling mayor to a undercover cop he says it's different because they are paying for the juice and any love they get on top of that helps to pay for the company's vision and future events among other things. >> primarily before anything else we are a cold press juice delivery company we sell cold press juice if you used high speed and got can bass it's christmas and that's why we are legal. >> another way he say his company stands out the website ask for your driver's license number and state presumably to verify your age. it's onto new york
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presidential candidates after both front-runners last night in wisconsin. the empire state has big prizes pour -- for both sides. 95 delegates at stake for republicans. ted cruz hit the ground running this morning in the bronx after meeting donald trump -- beating donald trump but a new poll shows trump well ahead in new york with cruz polling in third place. a maryland board gave the green light on a contract to build the purrel line. the 16 mile light rail system will ferry riders between bethesda and new carrollton. private companies have been selected to design build and maine taint the purposeel line which is predicted to open in 6 years. a water cannon salute and warm welcome for the brussels airlines flight that touched down at dulles this afternoon. this was the first brussels flight to the airport sis the terror attack that killed 32 people last month. passengers say it was good to be back. >> it was ve
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fact you go back to the airport and everything looks normal and great is a good feeling. >> just glad to be trying to get things back to normal and traveling through the airport which was nice and it was very quiet. >> pass injuries say the brussels airport has been -- passengers say the brussels thrport has been rearranged and ey were kept away from the areas damaged by the bombings. devastated and angry. a trip to celebrate a child's birthday ends in tears. now southwest airlines is saying sorry to a local mom. a story only on 9 later. and saving a piece of american presidential history. a look inside the very first air force one and the link one man -- length one man has taken to each it from rotting away. and turning on the wusa9 facebook page today the one trick to try during the next commercial break to magically free up space on the iphone. read how to do it on the wusa9 app. we are back after this.
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grammy winner and country music giant merle haggard passed away today on his 79 birthday at his home in northern california. he died of complications from pneumonia ♪ i am proud to be ♪ a hokey. >> the chart topping song made him a star but he had dozens of other number one hits. he called himself a hill billy who rhymes words. he served time in prison but played for presidents. he was a kennedy center honoree in 2010 and today the long time fellow country outhaw willie nelson tweeted out he was my brother, my friend and i will miss him. navy recruits men and women will wear the same head covers. women were fitted for so-called dixie cups at a uniform issue this week at the recruit training command in great lakes illinois. it will replace the so-called bucket cover for women.
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the navy to promote gender equality in appearance. how much would you pay for the very first air force one? the founder of a virginia aviation company is not saying but he will say that there is no way whoa leave it to rot in the arizona sun. president eisenhower's ride is the only air force one sold first to a crop dusting country that used it for scrap briefly and carl and dynamic aviation p bridgewater virginia are working to completely restore it and turn it into a flying museum. >> this thing reeks history and a good time of history. the 50s. the 50s and eisenhower. >> the new engin aand 7,000 man- hours to get it in the air. flying it runs 2500 dollars an hour for the fuel alone. but he says it's worth it to save a little piece of the country's history. a little girl who is losing her vision gets to see the pope
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miracle. that is still ahead. top. >> much milder tonight. 20 degrees warmer. here are the lows for tomorrow morning. 48 downtown. 46 in gaithersburg and 45 in allney and 47 in silver spring. we will come back and we will track the showers and rain hour by hour and we have yellow weather alert for tomorrow and snow on saturday. >> a insight into why love didn't keep them together on the wusa9 app find outy tony left the captain and it's one of our most read stories of the day. we are back after this with your only local
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only on 9 a prince george's county mom says a southwest employee questioned her son's autism disability as they preboarded a flight from orlando to dc. lashaundr brown says she isdevastate and angry and says families dealing with autism go through enough without having to justify the disability in front a line of other passengers. >> they deserve to be treated farely and shouldn't have to publicly dispose the disability. prior to bong
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>> flight attendant apologized and explained some families abuse preboarding privileges especially out of orlando. southwest offered her family 400 dollars in vouchers for future travel but she wants assurances that employees are getting proper training on how to interact with people with disabilities. a 5-year-old girl who suffers from a rare gentlemen net being disease that's gradually stealing her sight got a wish to see the pope at the vatican. we have the story from london. >> reporter: it's big day for a little girl. the 5-year-old lizzie is in herstride. >> i love pope. >> reporter: and has a gift for the pontiff. a tiny piece of a precious meteorite. today's audience with the pope is the highlights of a week of sightseeing in rome part of what the family called lizzie's visual bucket list. as they headed off to the vatican her father secretly wished for more than an audience with the pope. >> we are hoping for a miracle.
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moment arrived, pope francis hugged and kissed lizzie and touched her face and the laid his hands over her eyes. >> what did he say to you? >> he would be praying for us and to pray for him. >> reporter: lizzie's parents have not told her that one day she will lose her sight. as a result of her disorder shewears a hearing aid but as she approaches adolescence she will probably go completely blind. >> so pretty. >> reporter: lizzie's parents are making sure she has lifelong memories to recall when she can no longer see. cbs news london. >> the story gives me choked up. general manager of turkish airlines was so moved by the story he offered the family a round at this . tickets anywhere in the world -- this trip tickets anywhere in the world and they chose rome.
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about snow. >> i think we will see snow on saturday. >> i don't like any snow conversation or or not. >> you are not alone. wewill have showers and thunderstorms first. three degree guarantee. we went 58a little aggressive i suppose. but, it's below average. we will let you know how we did tonight at 11 and you can down load the app and track us that way. live look to the cam and clouds are here and dry. 56 degrees and winds gusting to26 but the good news out of the south a warmer wind. so between the winds tonight and clouds, not nearly as cold. but we are looking at showers for the nats game and in fact, here's the good news heavy rain rolls in actually in the morning. okay. but, in terms of the showers and storms they will linger throughout the day. yellow weather alert on thursday and morning rain and afternoon showers so 10 tonight temps low 50s and a lot of clouds. and it's dry. but then by 6:00 in
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showers all be it light across the metro area. so probably a slow commute tomorrow morning. and we go through the commute the later you go in the heavier rain you will see. this is 9:00 heavy downpours. leesburg cull perp and down on the east side of i-81 everything pushing eastward. and see the flex of red that's heavy rainfall. it's mild. but by one, it moves through very, very quickly. we will see breaks in the clouds but showers redevelop. by 4 and we will stop it because the game starts at 4:05, we have showers. nothing crazy heavy yet. but the shower is over the nats park and going through to 6, more showers and even a rumble of thunder. the a moss fear destabilize -- did the-- the atmosphere destabilizes. by 11, we are holding in the upper 40s in the burbs and low 50s in town and you saw snow west the divide. it will snow tomorrow friday
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divide. mostly cloudy tonight. breezy and chilly. showers by dawn. low temperatures in the 40s. upper 40s downtown. upper to mid-40s in the bushes. -- burbs. breaks in the clouds by 1. and we are 60 by then. next 7 days, behind the front we are much colder on friday. 56 and even colder on saturday with snow. 44. and there will be rain and snow. 49 on sunday and at least we have sunshine back up to 70 on monday but, the frontal boundary pushes through to give us warm air and showers at first and more showers tuesday and dry on wednesday and highs back into the mid-60s. >> all right top. washington nationals home opener is tomorrow. see that game right here on wusa9. it's at the 3 for a special pregame show followed by first pitch at 4:05. >> well nats are about to be here but masters are here too. who will dawn the green jacket and become a household name. we will tell you about a player to keep an eye on that
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now wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset. >> a tradition unlike any other masters tees off tomorrow at augusta national golf club. and all eyes will be on jordan spieth and jason day and the other big named players. keep an it out for derrick barred. he's junior -- d-- bard the 20- year-old is making a masters debut this week thanks to a runner up finish at 2015 u.s. amateur championship. he is one of 6 amateurs in this year's field and will have his 17-year-old brother alex by his side as a caddy a special but nerve-racking moment for the former state champ. >> it's going to be nerve- racking. the walk from the putting grown through the patrons and to the first tee but, you know hopefully, i will had v good one. >> he will have to put his head down and hit the shot. i am sure his knees will but that's part of
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the-- major league golf. >> the highlight is the par 3 tournament they are loose and walking the course with the families and here's some of the highlights from today's event. here's first cute kid alert. bubba watson's 4-year-old son caleb look how he has grown saying hello, to the crowd that's kevin kishner's and you can't see the hole but he made it in there. >> oh, yeah. look at that. >> having a little fun. shot of the day goes 80-year- old gary player. t shot looks good and check out the landing. and watch the roll in to the cup. >> no way. >> impressive goal. >> no. >> keep going. >> no. >> keep going. >> yep. >> oh my gosh. >> hole in one he is the oldestgolfer to record a ace and there were 9 holes in one today. >> you kidding me. >> that's crazy a new record. hopefully it's an omen of what's to come this
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coverage begins tomorrow night with highlights after the 11:00 news and all weekend including a special masters edition of game on saturday at 7:00 and after the nats opener i am hopping on plane to agust into so excited. >> that's
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♪ >>on> tight, amy schumer's plus-sized problem. >> when you take your clothes off, you don't want people to say you're brave. >> calling out "glamour" magazine after being included on this cover celebrating curvy girls. hear how she's fighting back. >> i'm not going to apologize for who i am. then, janet jackson nearly 50 and having a baby? >> i have to rest up. doctor's orders. >> we break down her surprising new announcement. what a fertility expert told us. >> it's important that i do this now. >> a "modern family" star's romantic vacation. we have the jaw-dropping photos. ariel winters' teeny white bikini. making out with her boyfriend, but who invited her tv brother? and just before "american idol" finale the "e.t." flashback. >> i don't think god would give me anything i can't handle. >> we new the contestants before they knew how big they would be. >> i'm ready for


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