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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  April 7, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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>> right now at 7, a child shot while sleeping in his own home. police have had enough and asking for your help. play ball. the nats open with a new season and fresh hope this is the year. a big of a hiccup in nats park with rain coming in and a delay. skies are clear but not everyone dried out yet. showers continue through the area. chief meteorologist topper
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getting hit the hardest. >> south and east of town seems to be the bull's-eye. one heavier round earlier. severe around 6:00. now we see showers to the west of town and this is the heaviest activity and it is going to stay off to the southeast and it will move through waldorf and that's it but this is where the heavy rain is heading down to 305 and through la plato and slow going across the night bridge. further north, you see a little bit of slight showers extending up across i66 green and light. but that said, this is going to probably move and just kind of move across the ballpark in the next half an hour. maybe into dc by 7:15 or 20. they are playing now and i don't think it will stop them but leftover showers possible. >> essentially done except for southern maryland. showers down into
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county and temperatures, even by 9:00, not crazy cold. low to mid-50s. we get in the 10:00 hour. upper 40s and maybe 50s in manassas and sterling. by morning cold. temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s. pretty good winds and it will be a bit of a wind chill tomorrow morning and yes, your eyes do not deceive you. more snow in the morning across divide. you can keep track of the radar and storms and the severe weather if you go to the app storm and search for wusa9 and download the free app. baltimore county. the national weather service will have to figure out about this dealership. the storm blew off the roofs here and left the debris across the roads and several vehicles had minor damage. a 6-year-old boy out of the hospital and recovering from being shot twice in the arm as
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police are looking for two gunmen. it happened along the 5800 block of foot street. two men forced their way in the family's apartment and opened fire. investigators do not believe this was a random act. they believe it stems from a dispute among neighbors. friend and relatives of the injured boy wants answers. >> whoever did it needs to come forward. you're going to have a guilty conscience regardless. >> we are told that injured child and his family will not be staying at their apartment anytime soon. >> d. c. police have come up empty-handed for the second day in a row for the search for the little girl, rud that went missing from a homeless shelter. divers in the national or bor retum in northeast across the street from where the little girl was seen with her alleged abductor. a janitor that worked at the shelter. neighbors wonder why
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long to search the and bor retum. >> after they seen there was anything there they should have been here before now. >> police plan no further searches at the arboretum. >> police in dc maryland and virginia have seen one too many dangerous incidents involving illegal dirt bikes and at vs. we learn why police think that you can help. d. c. police want you to look at pictures they say show people who are involved in illegal and dangerous dirt bikes and atvs. we have the pictures on our app but let's talk about that ambulance. the ambulance was from children's hospital and inside when it was stopped, a sick child. >> nothing less than egregious. >> the ceo of children's hospital is outraged. dc
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says this is illegal dangerous and deliberate stunts involving atvs and dirt bikes. >> enough is enough. what we have been able to do is capture some very clear images. >> la near and police from all over want you to look at the 250 pictures they revealed today. they say the riders may have been involved in as many as nine law breaking rides that put people in danger. including the december ride that disrupted traffic on the beltway and a maryland park officer being run over by this atv. bottom line, it is illegal to ride these on district streets. >> he wants his voice here. >> you ride atvs? >> yes, when i want to. >> through here? >> on the dirt roads. >> dirt bikes are speaking not the problem. it is their way to express and stay away from violenced
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drugs. on a dirt bike. >> there are a few bad apples but don't blame everybody. >> it puts people at risk that that's word of mouth. >> police have made 100 arrests and no arrests made on the most notable incident the homicide in northeast milton. we have a link on the pictures on our app. if you help the police you could get $250. first two people on the side of noah leeaddo yelled on the same thing. hold on with me. they held his hand and called officer down knowing the injury was
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his eyes glassy and unresponsive. it was from a crash reconstruction report obtained by the washington post. >> i just said, hang on with me and i grabbed his mike on his chest and i said officer down. being a fellow officer, obviously you want to suspend logic and open yourself up for as much hope as possible that he would pull through on some level. i hope that he knows we were there to assist him and i hope that he was comforted by that. now police say on his credit card alone, louie ralessco brought four stellas and a big daddy and two shots of jamison and two shots of well whiskey and he brought more drinks with cash. why the staff at hooters continued to serve him is a mystery. >> police in fairfax looking into why a bus crashed in springfield. the wreck sent two students and
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a chaperone and an officer to the hospital. one witness says the school bus was trying to cross three busy lanes when the cruiser hit it broadside. police are not saying who it at fault yet. the day is finally here. return of baseball to d. c. the nats celebrated in grand fashion before the rainfall. it started with a moment of silence for five first responders that died in the line of duty since last january and the two prince george's officer that survived a shooting in january threw out the first pitch. the nats capped the activities with a air force fly over and clydesdales. we can't be more happy that baseball season is here and we captured some of the excitement outside of nats park. >> nothing like opening day at nats park. the sights and sounds and the exuberant fans. >> i am so
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today, yes, i am. >> hours before game time, elation over the washington nationals first home game of the season had reached a fever pitch. >> go nats. >> fans jockeyed for positions eager to be among the first in the ballpark. >> i have never been to opening day before. >> last month was our 40th wedding anniversary. and i told them all i wanted was opening day tickets to the nationals. ralph newman says he fell in love with sandy, the first time he laid eyes on her. just 15 years old. >> if i had to run out one of the kids to get money for the tickets, that is what it would have to be. >> this is what we like to do, come to the nats games. >> by the time the gates opened, the crowds passion for baseball was brimming over. >> go nats, yes. >> at nats park. andrea mckaren. wusa9. and 2016 xp
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a big year for reigning national year mvp bryce harper. we have more on the big honor that he got today to kick off the season. hi, guys, getting baseball in behind me at nats park finally after an hour-and-a- half delay. the nationals and the marlins resuming flame and that's good because there would have been disappointed customers getting it in. bryce harper before the game was awarded the national league mvp when he was just 22. he is now 23 and still one of the brightest and youngest stars in major league baseball. the mayor giving harper the key to the city and that is a poster close by that says bryce harper the mvp and certainly the mvp in this town and could he do it again. the mvp got off to a great start opening day and the home run against atlanta and we will see what shakes out as
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and the nationals are trying to go to three and zero on this very young season. that's the latest now at nats park, guys, back to you. right now the nats are trailing the marlins, 4-3 in the top of the 5th inning. after all of the rain, how about this for a beautiful site, a rainbow popped up over d. c. and hopefully a lucky sign and a promise that nationals today and the rest of the season. well, these brothers seemed lucky winning six jackpots but police caught on to their scheme. how they rigged the lottery is later. but first she stayed calm in the face of danger.
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>> new surveillance
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the suspected brussels brussels attacker that got away. he is shown after two bombs went off. he is wear that light jacket and black fishing jacket. two hours later he disappeared for good. the only terrorist that survived the attacks that killed 32 people and police are hoping these videos will get him in custody. a democratic race for president took a negative turn. bernie sanders said it started friday the washington post that says hillary clinton was questioning his qualifications for president. on the campaign trail they fired shots at each other. >> i will not get lied about. >> i will take bernie sanders over donald trump or ted cruz. >> there is a # that hillary clinton is so qualified that most of the candidates spent time in new york where the voters go
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delegates prizes. clinton and sanders are in a virtual tie while donald trump is sitting at 5 two percent support and double the voters that are backing john kasich. >> a teenager was honored for her bravery mattie madison received an award for her calm actions. her biological father broke into her home and shot at her stepfather. she call 911 and she led her stepdad away from the family and shot three more times. >> when he made vows to my mom, he made vows to my siblings that he would do anything in his power to protect us and that's what he did and it shows the kind of father he was. and the husband he was. >> her biological father
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and on tuesday a judge sentenced him to life in prison. a police chase in la is nothing new but wait until you see how this one ended. a couple of light showers and there is mavs park and the showers to the southwest.
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snowflakes. >> a police chase, two burglary suspects led police all over highways and streets and as the chase entered this busy side street, police kept their distance for safety reasons. well, that's when the suspect decided to give it up. they drove to a neighborhood and they knew and they stopped and they shook hands with friends and literally waited for police to arrive. >> inspectors are back on the track looking to fix up the metro rail system. this time it is the feds expecting it and there aren't any big shut downs. the federal transit administration started a safety glitch focusing on ten rail areas that have a history of problems. the federal inspectors are not just making repairs but looking at the inspectors. we will be able to hear what the feds found by the su.
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a midwest lottery rigging scheme that investigators believe was an inside job. under arrest tom and ed tipton. they rigged six jackpots and tried to connect more than 19 million dollars. investigators say that eddy tipton helped to build a program and a program that the computer system that generated winning lottery numbers and directed the computer not to algorithm whose results but to he can predict. >> when an employee figures out a way to hack the random algorithm and push them on to relatives multiple times is ingenious. >> and criminal. >> the two brothers out of jail and you have to wonder if there is more incidents in other places, crazy. >> you
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credit than pulling the track back up with a chain and pulling the atm machine. >> and we are done with the thunderstorms and light showers that col roll over nats park and will not prevent them from playing. we did go for a high of 65. despite the clouds and the showers and we'll let you know how we did at 11. live look outside. it is our live cam. beautiful evening. a couple of sprinkles southwest and down to 53 and winds out of the southwest at 7. they will pick up and turn more westerly tonight and tomorrow. here is the radar over the past hour. a couple more showers had developed on the east side of i- 81 between haggerstown and winchester. these are the heaviest showers into southern maryland moving to calvert county and we have showers south of 66,
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the west of colpepper and we will zoom in. rolling down 5 you will find heavy rain in waldorf and prince frederick and lighter activity northward. we will zoom in more and headed towards malacom and over by the bay. we will zoom in. old town, that's national harbor so there is light activity here and all green, light activity but it is kind of nuisance showers and this could graze nats park. the bulk of it will stay to the south of us but i think this activity by the pentagon and the airport could give nats park a sprinkle but they will keep playing ball. no lightning. showers and storms and early tonight, bus stop temperatures kind of cold. 36 to 48 and it will be breezy too. it will be okay friday and it will be more like march. breezy and cooler and
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week with flakes on saturday and week ends cold by late february. 10:00 by futurecast. a couple of showers in calvert county and that's it. partial clearing and temperatures upper 40s and low 50s. by morning, i think a coat is a good idea. 38 in gaithersburg and 42 in silver spring and by mid- morning. not a light warmer and temperatures across the divide, 29 in oakland with snow. the different world. by 1:00 in the low 50s with sunshine. and then by tomorrow evening, about this time, just a few clouds, mid-50s downtown and maybe 53, 54 in leesburg and sterling. so day planner goes like this, 40s, 40s and 40s and maybe 52 by 1:00 under partly cloudy skies. there's the wet snow and rain on saturday. 46 and 50 on sunday so the ballpark needs to invest in hot chocolate. 70s on monday. showers and storms earlier and a warm sector and warm
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taking a live look at nats park. the nats are trailing the marlins 5-3 in the 5th. there was a rain delay for an hour-and-a-half. >> it will be okay the
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tonight it is all about idol. >> i'm at the dolby theater revealing everything you want to know a tboutonight's top secret finale. some surprises in store. >> the tears, the flash backs and f theashion, how is j- going to top lastnight's sexy sheer dress? >> i found out which former judges are showing up and who's not. >> plus we look back at the idol drama behind the desk. >> nikki versus mariah, mean simon and train wreck paula. >> and details on taylor's n date night with calvin. are they playing


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