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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  April 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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temperatures resemble average. a dramatic development -- development. andrea is live with a sad chapter in this story. >> reporter: sam ellis pleaded guilty to the most serious charges. two coups of manslaughter by motor vehicle. his trial was set to begin on monday. according to courtroom audio obtained by wusa 9, sam ellis spoke calmly and clearly in court. in answer to the judge's questions about whether he fully understood his guilty plea. judge robert greenburg asked, are you pleading guilty in this case, because you are in fact guilty
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the 19 year old replied yes, sir. >> there are no winners in this situation. it was a tragic incident and reflected in what seemed to be the remorse of this man coming forward and taking responsibility for his actions. >> reporter: ellis' lawyer says his client is devastated and filled with remorse. ellis was a recent graduate as were two teens who died in the violent crash. alex m erk and calvin lee. the papers of alex issued a statement, calling the plea bittersweet. they wrote, while it relieves us from having to endure the endless pain of sitting through days of trial, it drives home the cold hard fact that our son died at the hands of
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human being. sentencing guidelines for this case are between 3 months and 8 years, that's not binding. ellis could face up to 10 years in prison on each count. coming up at 6:00, we will bring you more from the merck family. ellis will be sentenced on june 3rd. we posted the family's statement in entirety on the website, you can read it also on the wusa 9 app. a young person is recovering after being stabbed near the rhode island avenue metro station. a large fight involving teens started outside the station, and ended with a stabbing about a block away. it happened after 1:00, in northeast, we have not heard of arrests yesterday. investigators in prince george essay the death of a 9- month-old baby at an illegal home daycare in temple hills, they say
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charged 43 year old beatrice manning with the crime. manning made bail and released this afternoon. >> reporter: it's heart breaking to look at the pictures of the beautiful 9- month-old little girl who according to investigators died from a blow to the head while in the care of that unlicensed daycare operator. savanna wright's mom said she was the perfect baby. according to charging documents, in perfect health when she was dropped here at the home of beatrice manning, at 7:30, december 2nd. hours later, manning called 911 , the baby unconscious. manning said the little girl began to vomit and stopped breathing. doctors at the childrens national medical center found the child's brain was bleeding and the medical determined it was not accidental, blunt force injury of the head. manning appeared in court on murder charges. da
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illegal, unlicensed according to officials. >> i'm very shocked. disturbed republican neighbors said manning was well known as an excellent daycare mom. shawn barber called her a neighborhood mary pop poppins. savanna's mother said her daughter smiled at everything, everything about her was pure joy. savanna's mother was teacher at a nearby school and met the mom mrs. manning, when she was teaching manning's own chin and head no complaints about her. scott broom, wusa9. manning's next appearance in court is may 2nd. . the driver of a car that struck and killed
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north west washington is charged with driving under the influence. a car heading out of thomas circle struck the victim on massachusetts avenue, the female driver remained on the scene. police have not released the victim's name. disturbing developments in a case involving a 12-year-old girls police say was sexually assaulted in 3 different jurisdictions. all in the same day. two men are behind bars, according to police, it happened two weeks ago. >> reporter: police say one of the suspects came to dc, picked up the 12 year old little girl, and without the mother's permission. dc police say she was assaulted her before taken to montgomery county where she was raped multiple times then sent to virginia, attacked possibly again. according to court documents,
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12-year-old girl, told his roommate 19 year old victor tomay rs there was fresh meat, referring to the girl. papers say the roommate then inflicted the same violent act where the men live in the 11500 block of elkin in wheatton maryland. >> it's frightening. very concerning as a parent myself and to other parents, he may have been an acquaintance of the family, there may have been trust the family put in him. >> reporter: the girl was then forced to go to alexandria where his cousin was having a party. police are investigating similar potential sex crimes there. >> given the age of the victim, this can be one of the hardest calls police officers have to deal with. >> he needs to go away for a
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say the men were caught after the victim helped police in a text sting operation. the men are held on a half million dollars bond each. >> the men are charged with similar sex crimes in dc and maryland. fairfax county police hoping new video will help them find the suspect in a violent attack. a woman was sexually assaulted and robbed behind a busy shopping center in springfield. we are seeing pictures of the suspect walking through the parking lot. he is not very recognizable. the car he is driving is. it appears to be a red coup with a different colored door. call fairfax county police if you have information that can help. sentencing day for a man who got drunk, stole an ambulance and then crashed in to 10 cars and killing one
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person. sebastian isakson was sentenced to 16 years in prison for this 2014 crash on green belt road. 77 year old al har graves was killed in the crash. it is called the joy of love. >> pope francis releasing guidelines on family life. the document offers new hope to divorced and remarried catholics to take communion , the pontiff says they shouldn't be judged discriminated or excluded. >> this is not the answer to all of the great problems. it's honest attempt to raise the great questions that families are facing today. >> when asked about homosexuals pope francis said, who am i to judge, the documents said there is no grounds for considering homosexual marriages, we will hear from catholics coming up at 6:00. we are just getting started. a virginia man who spent 33 years in prison
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didn't commit, he is a free man today. his incredible story in just a little bit. bernie sanders may have changed his mind on hilary clinton's presidential qualification
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time magazine called chris van hollen "a hero to environmentalists, education groups, and gun control advocates" for his accomplishments as a young legislator. now a respected leader in congress and key ally of president obama, protecting planned parenthood and social security... chris van hollen is the only candidate who fought the wall street banks
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that's why he's endorsed by the post as the "talented successor" to senator mikulski who will "deliver results." i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message. washington was waiting for ar train with his mother and sisters the day before easter, police say he was gunned down by another teen who didn't like the way washington looked at m.
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including his classmates and fellow cadets packed the first baptist church of glenn arden to celebrate a life cut too short. her best brought everyone to their knees as da von devonte's mother sang through her pain. >> it's been an honor teaching devonte. raising strong young black men in a school has been my life's work. >> what we can do is honor his life and honor his legacy by truly coming together to reverse the curse of violence. >> today is a new life. >> reporter: as emotions spilled over the pastor asked friends to take a leap of faith.
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. >> how can you live your life to make him proud of you? to remember your friend? >> just to remember him. out of the heartfelt words that were shared today. the most poignant was words from devonte, excerpt from an english papers justice to me, is freedom and the way you treat people.
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>> 17 year old maurice of southeast was caught on surveillance camera, he is charged as an adult, with second degree murder and he will be back in court later this month. fairfax county animal control officers are trying to figure out what killed off two dozen birds. starlings were found near avian and lee jackson memorial highway. the birds have been sent to a lab for testing. turning to campaign 2016, bernie sanders is backing off of statements he made about hilary clinton's qualifications to be president. sanders spoke to supporters in the brooklyn neighborhood where he grew up. hours earlier, he attempted to retreat from the party end fighting with clinton.
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raised $12 million last month. the polls have him in third place there in new york. bernie sanders will take a break from the trail to speak at the vatican. vermont center heading to rome after a debate with hilary clinton next week. he is going to speak at a vatican conference on socio, economic and environmental issues. sanders often references pope francis while on the campaign trail. >> it's going the be cold and there is snow in the forecast. >> the games are going to be played, though. just get ready. >> why are you smiling like you are happy about that. >> if i were in philadelphia, i would enter a winter storm watch. i had to cut the grass before it snowed. let's talk about winds, picking up sticks non stop for
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march is traditionally windier month. wind gusts national over the last 6 days, 8 miles per hour wind gusts on saturday, tremendous winds, 65 miles per hour wind gusts, 50 sunday, 34 monday. 41 miles per hour wind gust on tuesday. calm down to 30 on wednesday, back up to 36 on thursday. we will have a wind gust around 35. probably a wind gust tomorrow around 40 or 45. that is crazy for april. also kept us cool as well. going to see arctic air coming in behind the clipper tomorrow night. i went 58, lowered it to 57. we will let you know how we did tonight at 11:00. outside 54. dew points in the 20s. winds now northwest at 10. turning, becoming southwesterly and gusty. here is our clipper, pretty good rain and showers through ohio valley and
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alpena, to the northwest suburbs of detroit. track is north of us and south of philly. we are not going to see that much snow. this is going to be a monster in terms of bullseye around philly. clippers don't have a lot of moisture, upper air support, this has a tremendous amount, behind it, it will do what clippers dos bring in arctic air. rain and snow showers by dawn. yellow weather alert tomorrow. windy with rain and snow showers tomorrow. lots of sun sunday, still chilly. we are going in the right directions only low 50s on sunday. 10:00 tonight. we are okay. partly cloudy, temperatures low 40s. 42 gaithersburg. 44 silver spring. look what happens, stopping it here at 6:00. good snows up and down i-270, rain south of that. we could have snow as far as south of la plata with the upper area temperatures. lyof a break, we may have a break in the clouds
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may not be completely cloudy all day. by 1:00, more rain and snow showers, low 40s by 5:00, more rain and snow showers in to charles county and perhaps as far south as calvert county and st. marys, the winds pick up. 9:00, back in the 30s. bad news , the winds will die down tomorrow night, that will alu temperatures to fall to the low -- allow temperatures to fall to the low 20s in the suburbs. rain and snow showers late. low temperatures in the 30s. we mean after midnight and before dawn. if you have plans tonight and home by midnight, you are fine. day planner, rain and snow showers across the board. temperatures don't move much. 45 at 1:00. west, northwest wind at 22 miles per hour. next 7 days, sunday chilly, sunny, low 50s, warmer on monday, rain and showers, cool tuesday with rain. seeing drier air move in
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thursday, finally upper 60s friday, all with sunshine. get ready for conversational flakes tomorrow. two people are dead after a murder suicide that happened in a military facility in san antonio, texas. >> it happened at a training annex at the lack land air force base. the airmen shot the commanding officer of a training squadrant. schools were put on lockdown, officials called the law enforcement response outstanding. a fugitive suspect tied to the paris terror attacks was arrested in brussels. the mysterious man in the hat, tied to the deadly bombing at the brussels airport last month. belgium officials say he is one of two suspects captured in a raid thatinvolved french anti terror police and lives in the brussels neighborhood of mellen beak. the muslim community has become ground zero of terrorist oper
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with the murder of a dance student. uber pays up after shotty background checks for drivers. you may have to squeeze in a little tight ter next time you fly -- tighter the next time you fly. i will tell you about it all in the consumer alert. at giant, shoppers are discovering low prices by the thousands, plus a thousand more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of "bread." [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices. my giant.
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he was flicking matches on me... for my life. my ex-husband's intentions were to murder me. glenn: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences, because domestic violence can never be tolerated. yvette: mr. ivey showed compassion. i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey. as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy.
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approve this message, because i'm on your side. video out of texas, refinery went up in flames this morning , the fire department says the flames were under control by noon, people who live nearby were told to shelter in place, no one was injured, the plant is still trying to account for a few employees. we don't know what started the fire, officials say cleaning fluid and heavy fuel were burning there. a homeless teenager is charged with murder. the murder of a texas college student, 18 year old wiser was the first year dance student at the university of texas at austin. her body was discovered in a creek tuesday morning. the suspect, 17 year old mc kay criener, he was caught on security camera, he is new to austin and has no ties to the school. >> we are very certain that the subject we
5:24 pm
suspect is in custody is the suspect responsible for the death of this beautiful young woman. >> police say they found some of wiser's belongings including her backpack in criener's possession. pivot and talk about consumer news. uber agrees to pay up to $25 million to settle a lawsuit with california over its background checks. prosecutors say the company made false claims that its criminal screening of drivers was the best in the industry. turns out those investigations weren't as good as those given to taxi drivers. uber made changes to the screening and it is no longer saying it is the best. the senate has put the brake on a plan to stop airlines from packing passengers in to coach seating on airlines. the seat bill, safe egress would have required faa to set a minimum seat size and a minimum distance between rows.
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price hike. the streaming service raised the prices to $9.99 for new customers only. in may, everybody is going to be bumped up to that higher rate. best buy expands its same day delivery service to 11 cities including washington dc. the fees for the expedited delivery will run between 10- $20 per order. we will hear from a virginia man freed after wrongly imprisoned for more than 3 decades. two sisters charged with stabbing a man to death, outside of frederick bar. after the break, riders sound off after a scathing safety report, about the dc circulator buses.
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ning. don't just go with the flow. go with pradaxa, the only blood thinner that lowers your risk of stroke better than warfarin and has a specific reversal treatment. talk to your doctor about pradaxa today. dc circulator buses dang russ buses dangerous and dirty? >> agency in charge says they are safe. . >> reporter: adam and leslie, just like the buses, this are a lot of moving parts to the story. c dot is in charge of the buses, they contracted out to metros metro pays the company call first transit to operate the buse
5:29 pm
independent agency, lot of moving parts and opinions, including drivers and the riders. >> you know that's not normal for a bus. >> there are huge problems. >> i have been riding the circulator for four years, they are pretty safe to me. >> reporter: rider get on the dc circulator buses 17,000 times a day. this report was the mike drop for many, 95% of the buses have safety problems so bad they should be pulled off the streets. listen to what this driver says happens when drivers try to do that. >> we will report a bus that's defected and the company will respond by having supervisors
5:30 pm
>> reporter: safety is always a priority d dot says, any retaliation from reporting unsafe problems -- a rider videotaped this ride today. >> it was really clean. >> compared to the other buses, they are a lot more clean. the drivers say they are paid less than metro bus drivers and say they want a pay raise. debra alfarone, wusa9. d dot's next audit is scheduled for may. two sisters behind bars after a deadly stabbing in
5:31 pm
are charged with first degree murder. they got in to a fight inside and outside the bar. police say graves was stabbed in the upper torso. they are held without bond. a virginia man is spending his first night of freedom at home after 33 years in a jail cell for a crime he didn't commit. keith allen was wrongly convicted and sentenced for a 1982 murder of a new port news man and the rape of his wife. jan jeffcoat tells us what he said. >> dna testing not available three decades ago, proved he did not commit the crime and showed who did. it's been 33 years
5:32 pm
walls. with his family, reps from the innocent project and reporters, he is looking forward to start over. >> reporter: in 83, he was convicted on discredited bite mark evidence after a new port news woman was raped and her husband beaten to death. because evidence was preserved, dna testing proved another inmate who died in prison back in 2006 committed the crimes. har worried never changed his story. >> the parole board wasn't going to let me go because i wouldn't admit to a crime that was committed and i didn't do it. >> reporter: his parents never got to see this day and passed away while he was in prison. >> that's the worst rt
5:33 pm
this is my parents. he plans to go to north carolina where his brother lives. first on the agenda, friday oysters and lessons on technology. a lot has changed in three decades. >> i am going to have to use my brothers grand kids to teach me how to use a computer and stuff. the only thing we have high- tech is push button telephones. >> his case got attention after he wrote to the innocence project. they exonerate wrongfully committed individuals through dna testing. search intensifying for a killer who escaped in washington state. >> anthony garver used cash to buy a bus ticket from seattle to spokane thursday he was sent to the hospital after charged with the murder and torture of a 20 year old woman, a fellow patient wapt
5:34 pm
after he escaped. the former navy seal who shot and killed osama bin laden is facing drunk driving charges. investigators in montana say officers found o neil asleep friday in a running car parked a at convenient store in his hometown. they took o'neil to jail after he was confused and failed a feed sobriety test and refused to submit to a breathalyzer. religious leaders are calling on -- allowing the state to force inmates sentenced to die, to do so in the electric chair. virginia is one of 8 states that allows electrocutions but gives inmates the choice of lethal injection or the electric chair. still ahead, a couple of workout buddies discover creepy gym videos of themselves on line. after the break, what is behind this fight between actor nicholas cage and
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tmz got it on camera. are they hugging or yelling or. >> they don't look happy. >> maybe they are. >> it happened at las vegas hotel. tmz sources say it started after a woman asked cage for an autograph, and that's when neil grabbed her from behind and yanked her to the ground. the video is cage trying to calm neil down, he was later cited for battery. confusing. casino tycoon steve win not making a lot of friends over this one. taking heat for a controversial comment. >> trying to e plain
5:39 pm
of his luxury resorts and he said, rich people only like being around rich people. nobody likes being around people especially poor people. win is worth $2.8 billion, he helped to build the mirage and the bellagio in las vegas. apple recently released a commercial featuring cookie monster and siri. >> facebook users are which canning out the behind the scenes of that ad.
5:40 pm
>> i didn't realize siri could help me make chocolate chip cookies. >> we are obviously not getting the most of our devices. check out this videos out of prince georges county. manager with the appliance and electronics company, aarons, set a guinness record for the largest human mattress dominos, at national harbor, organizers used two halls covering 70,000 square feets 13 minutes, 38 seconds for the mattresss to tumble. all of them will be donated to charity groups around the area. >> the mattresses, not the people. it might be spring, but awards were handed out for winter sport today. on the way, a couple of future terps named player of the year in the dmv. dishing up debate in fairfax county over how to
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eve your business objectives. see how working with pnc can help your company grow at ♪ tough choices tonight to the tune of $88 million. a sticky subject is back in the
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>> it could bail out one of the biggest school districts in the country if voters say yes. >> we are here at the popular restaurant this the city of falls church. the city has had a meals tax for years. that is one of the big arguments for the group invest in fairfax. restaurant owners david tax and his sister rebecca are okay with the 4% meals tax they have to charge customers. >> we came from arlington, originally, where we always had a meals tax in place. >> reporter: the cities of alex an alexandria and fairfax, dc has a 10% meals tax. >> for the residents, any time that a tax can be raised that's not on their property returns, that is something favorable for a resident. >> reporter: invest in fairfax says a 4% meals tax would raise $88 million a year, they want all of that to go to fairfax county schools to fill a
5:45 pm
help lower class sizes and raise teacher pay. >> i think it's important, we are running our of money in the county, we got to have some ways. i'm also in the increasing the property tax. i think the meal tax is a pretty good idea. >> reporter: others think a meals tax in fairfax is a bad idea. >> i think we are taxed enough already. that to me is sufficient. >> reporter: the board of supervisors is expected to make a decision on april 26th. peg by fox, wusa 9. >> 4% is the highest a meals tax with go in virginia according to state law. the board has to decide by july who whether to phut referendum on the ballot for november. making better or to connect parts of northern virginia in a better way. that plan involves dedicating bus rapid transit lines running along route 7 between the spring hill metro in
5:46 pm
the mark center in alexandria, the bus would stop at the east falls station. transportation officials will consider public comments before they issue recommendations in july. just a creepy story for anybody who has stepped inside a gym. >> we have been giving you all kinds of reasons to skip the gym. a couple of workout partners are speaking out after discovering they were secretly recorded at an la fitness in st. paul, minnesota, the same youtube user uploaded 36 videos of dudes working oh out with the camera zoomed in to their private areas. >> i have a lot of friends that work there and sent it to a couple of them, they were blown away. >> this is creepy, this is not cool. >> this happened over a year ago, they are not looking to press charges but speaking out hoping that the videos get taken down and the
5:47 pm
kicked out of the gym. our partners reporting on wides spread scheduling manipulation at va medical facilities. the report found supervisors instructed employees to falsify wait times and facilities in 7 states. back in 2014, it was revealed that dozens of veterans died while waiting for care. va says it has made significant changes. emergency crews in california had to rescue man from the side of a rock yesterday. now, he is 27, he is a hiker and did trespass pass on the massive rock illegally he was face timing his girlfriend at the time proposing to her, when he realized he was stuck. are you following me? >> i got 20 questions. >> a helicopter lowered a rescue crew to his location. his girlfriend, who is his fiance has said yes, but he is also going to have to pay fo
5:48 pm
rescue, which may kind of really scale back that budget for the wedding. >> why are you proposing on face time and not in person. >> why are you climbing a rock that you are not supposed to climb. >> don't put that on us. >> i have seen some of the -- how dare you. >> you would do something else. >> i would not do that. >> maybe from the snowstorm. not nom a rock. our live mic, nice as it's been all day, right now. 63, winds are northwest at 10. generally clear skies, dew points are in the 20sing as pretty dry air mass. humidity 34%. that's low. here is the big picture, the radar over the last hour. snow in the great lakes, rain ohio valley in to kentucky. the clipler take a track to the north, so
5:49 pm
big trouble for philadelphia. i could see several inches of snow. for us, rain and snow showers. good enough for rain and snow showers by dawn the metro area. yellow weather alert tomorrow. windy and rain and snow showers. winds to worry about tomorrow afternoon and evening. lots of sun sunday but chilly. temperatures low 50s, we should be mid-60s. improving and that's the better of the two weekend days. not exactly great. 10:00 tonight, temperatures low 40s, 42 rockville, 44 ma 44 ma nasouse. 37 in leaseburg. a freeze warning tonight, don't worry about that worry about the freeze wanting tomorrow night. it's a watch, lit become a wanting tomorrow night in the wake of a clipper. 10:00, snow showers north of
5:50 pm
temperatures low 40s. we can have snow showers with temperatures in the low 40s at the surface. it's cold upstairs. by 5:00, more snow. towards leaseburg and across the river in to western montgomery county, poolsvilles frederick. temperatures in the 30s. by 9:00, everything is gone, the winds start to kick in. we will stop the wind gust, this is a forecast, okay, snapshot in time, 3:00 tomorrow, winds gusting to 26 miles per hour downtown, stronger winds out in the valley. by 6:00 p.m., we could have winds gusting anywhere from 35- 42, 43 miles per hour. this is the indication of the 40 miles per hour plus winds in much of loud county, fairfax county and montgomery county. time to pick up sticks again i suppose. it will subside quickly by sunday morning. mostly cloudy, breezy and colder, rain and snow showers late by dawn. if you
5:51 pm
temperatures this the 30s, winds westerly at 10- 15. on the day planner, we have rain and snow showers across the board. remember, these are downtown temperatures. folks will have mid to upper 30s to start. 43 at 11:00. 45 at 1:00. i thisty soccer games will be played, though. next 7 days, milder on monday with showerses cooler on tuesday with rain. 54. finally drier and more april- like weather. low 60s on wednesday, mid-60s on thursday. upper 60s with sunshine next friday. now, wusa9 game on sports with frank. >> if many years private school programs dominated the local lacrosse team. church hill is reshaping the landscape. so far so godding bulldogs off to a 4-0 start. >> it's a huge, huge program to
5:52 pm
so much talent revolves around this area, so many private schools that kids have the opportunities to go to. if you choose to come here, great things can happen. >> we do as much as the private schools do. we sometimes may not get the credit we deserve, we are building our reputation. >> having five division one recruits on a public school team that's rare in this area because of the private schools are able to recruit and the legacy and the dynasties they have is attracted to a lot of people. for us to bring tall operate the a public school is very impressive. >> the guys that choose to come here, they feel a part of the team, it's a true family here, it's different recruiting, everyone here grew up together. >> the legacy that entails the program, it's incredible. >> we have a bigger and bigger following, the more success you have, the more people are going
5:53 pm
athletes out to our program. >> montgomery county never won a state championship. it would be an honor to win that. we are not going to rest until we get one. >> maryland point guard anthony cowen named to our news partner, all mets sports player of the year for winter. charles averaged 20 points at river dale. 13 double-doubles and played in the montgomery all american game.
5:54 pm
rocker bruce springsteen taking a stand against north carolina new bathroom law. the newest trends in the tradition bound game of golf. more on why the sport is hoping great price on this boneless chicken! yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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you won't see this at the masters. golf's hottest young stars riding around on golf boards. the electric four-wheel golf board is a cross between a snow board and a segway. carries a player and a set of clubs. surf pro hamilton helped create it. one of 150 courses worldwide, that rolled out the boards. brian simpson bought half a dozen at $6500 each. golf needs a jolt, participation has been going down hill for the past five years. losing 1.6 million players since 2011. >> anything new to get more people out and
5:58 pm
not avid golfers is a win for the game. >> reporter: this was bartop philip's first time on a golf board. >> it's something new and interesting and it's fun. makes it fun to come out other than just sitting in a cart. >> little more exercise. >> you do feel it in your legs. >> reporter: it speeds up the game, cutting 30 minutes off a round of 18 holes. mark albert, cbs news, virginia. >> courses typically charge more to use a golf board rather than a traditional cart. it costs $25 to ride the boards and the rider dos have to have a driver's license. authorities believe the so called man in the hat at the brussels airport, maybe the suspect arrested nude connection with the -- today in connection with the paris attacks. emotions running high after a guilty plea from the teenage driver in a drunk drivin
5:59 pm
classmates. authorities in belgium have arrested the remaining fugitive in last november's terror attacks in paris. muhammad might be the man in the hat seen after the bombing in brussels. belgium prosecutors released new video of the airport suspect leaving that scene, he is a childhood friend of is a of islam. catholics are reacting to pope francis' new guidelines on family life. the ground breaking church document is called the joy of love. while the vatican. position on love, sex and marriage hasn't changed, it demands the church change its emphasis from doctrine to
6:00 pm
catholics to look to their own consciousness, instead of relying on church rules. >> there is a place for everybody in the church. >> while pope francis chaired progressive views on divorce, boirts control and gay marriage remain in line with the conservative teachings. >> reporter: that's right, some of them are disappointed, they are going back to what they head him say several months ago when he said who am i to judge when talking about gay marriage. i talked to the archdiocese in washington who says the


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