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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  April 8, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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right now at 7:00, prosecutors say this beautiful baby girl was murdered at the hands of the woman that was taxed with taking care of her. >> a virginia man free after decades behind bars for a crime he did not commit. how he plans to spend time as a free man and the hard part about walking out of prison. >> say it ain't snow. sunshine and 50s today but we are talking about flakes falling tomorrow. thanks for joining us. tomorrow is another yellow alert day. we are talking about whether you can get in any of your outdoor plans. >> i think you can. i think soccer plans will be played. we are not talking about accumulation snow, but we are talking about conversational snow though. all of this is rotating very quickly as a
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the north of us and just south of philadelphia. futurecast, early in the morning. if you have plans tonight, you are fine. the clouds roll in quickly, and by 6:00 am we have rain and snow showers across much of the metro area. temperatures are above freezing. there are no worries in terms of accumulation. 42 downtown. it can snow with temperatures in the low 40s, absolutely. by 9:30, some breaks. i don't think it will be completely cloudy all day tomorrow but another band will roll through by 1:30 or 2:00 with temperatures in the low 40s across the board. by 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, more showers and snow showers. even by 6:00, still some snow showers. we'll talk about strong winds behind the clipper and when temperatures finally resemble average. >> thank you. to prince georges where investigators say an unlicensed daycare mom murdered a baby girl. the woman claims she did nothing wrong but wusa9's scott broom tells us
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autopsy shows us the death was no accident. >> reporter: investigators say this nine month old died from a blow to the head delivered by her unlicensed daycare mom. according to charging documents savannah was in perfect health when dropped off at the home of 43 year old beatrice manning. manning called 911. the baby was unconscious. she told investigators the girl began to vomit and eventually stopped breathing. doctors at the children's national medical center found her brain bleeding and the medical examiner determined it was nonaccidental, blunt force injury of the head. neighbors said manning was well known as an excellent daycare mom. shawn barber called her a neighborhood mary poppins. >> she's a hood mary poppins, good with children. >> reporter: savannah's mother said her daughter smiled at everything. everything about her was pure joy. >> manning was released
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after a hearing. state officials ordered her to stop running an unlicensed daycare. d.c. police trying to make sense of a large fight and stabbing involving young teens. officers responded to the rhode island avenue station and found one of the teens with stab wounds. the victim has serious injuries but is expected to survive. a heart breaking statement from the parents of a teen killed in a north p.o. tomic crash last summer. ellis pleaded guilty to two counts of vehicular manslaughter. he was behind the wheel when he crashed after leaving a party. the violent wreck killed calvin lee and alex merk. >> there is no jumping for joy, no winners in the situation. >> the parents wrote while this relieves us from endless days of trial, it drives home the cold hard fact that our son died at the hands of another human being. elli
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for each count. he will be sentenced in june. two sisters in custody charged with stabbing a man to death outside a bar. investigators say the sisters attacked bryan grays outside the old town tavern monday night. authorities are still trying to determine what started that fight. arlington police are investigating a troubling incident involving two children. investigators say the boy and girl were walking when a man tried to get them to come home with him yesterday around 4:30. the kids said no but the girl noticed the guy watching her on three occasions. so far we only have a vague suspect description but he was driving a blue or black pickup truck. hundreds of people gathered to say good-bye to the largo high school student gunned down at the dean wood metro last week. ♪ [ music
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>> 15 year old washington's mother sang at her son's funeral today. she and her two daughters witnessed the murder as they sat waiting for a train saturday before easter. police say the shooting was random. are you angry at all? >> i am very angry. >> why? >> because they took my cousin from me. he didn't deserve it. >> how can you live your life to make him proud of you, to remember your friend? >> to remember him, just to remember him. >> washington was led to his final resting place on a horse drawn carriage. his alleged killer has been charged as an adult with second degree murder. how safe are you when you ride a d.c. circulator bus? an independent transit agency has alarmed riders with its report saying almost all the buses have
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that report from last august said 95% of the buses are so dangerous they should be taken off the road. a report was released saying it's made fixes decreasing safety issues by 85%. drivers say when they report problems they're told to take the bus back and go home without pay. >> often times i just take a taxi rather than get on the buses because it's dangerous. >> i have been riding the circulator for i guess four years and they're pretty safe to me. >> the buses are contracted to metro which pays a company called first transit to operate them. first transit did not answer our questions today. an inmate serving more than three decades hard time in a virginia prison for a rain and murder he did not commit walked out a free man today. kenneth craig reports on what he plans to do next. >> this is the kind of people you want in the justice system. >> reporter: the
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will do after 33 years of unjust captivity is breathe. >> hug a tree, sit in a park, whatever i want to do because i can do it now. >> the fact that this case involved an innocent man who faced the death penalty should terrify everyone. >> reporter: calling it a disgusting injustice, innocence project used dna evidence to get virginia supreme court to formally proclaim innocence. he and supporters fault newport news authorities for relying on bite mark forensics they say they have widely discredited. >> that's the worst part, my parents. it killed them, devastated them. at the trial, my brother said he's never seen my father cry. it broke his heart. >> reporter: he hits the freedom road towards his north carolina hometn
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familiar with something called the internet. >> i will probably do a lot of crying, you know, a joy kind of thing. >> reporter: he says he will work hard to see this never happens to anyone again. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york. >> he claims one of the law enforcement officials responsible has a brass paper weight of the convict's teeth on his desk. ready to set sail for ireland. they plan to row from capecod, massachusetts to ireland next month. if they pull it off they will be the first pair to complete the transatlantic trip. the boat is outfitted with a machine that turns salty sea water into freshwater. a tax plan some voters will need to chew on. later, how fairfax county hopes
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trying to make me eat my greens?low. no, just trying to save you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. officials say an air man shot his commander in what appears to be a murder-suicide this morning. a report of an active shooter inside this building in san antonio prompted the entire base and several nearby schools to go into lock down. officials found two hand guns near the bodies. a homeless teen is behind bars charged with killing university of texas dance student. the 18 year old was last seen leaving the drama building sunday night. she texted a roommate to say she was walking back to the dorm but never made it. police arrested a 17
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seen in surveillance for starting a fire in a trash can. yesterday they started to connect the dots. >> they located the trash container which contain several items which we believe belonged to our victim. >> her body was found tuesday in a creek on campus. university of texas is urging 50,000 students to not walk alone and be aware of their surroundings. pope francis released a ground breaking church document but it is not changing anything in catholic church. the joy of love is the guide to love, sex, marriage. he calls on catholics to look to their consciouses instead of relying on church rules. pope francis stated there are no grounds for considering homosexual unions, divorce is evil and he urged transgender community to accept humanity as it was created. >> i think what he is saying is let's not judge groups of individuals or groups of people. >> i think that's what he is trying to get out. no sin is greater than another. >> i think a
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have been out for a long time are getting talked about and addressed. >> we invite you to share your thoughts on the wusa9 facebook page. paving new ground in space exploration. how this rocket launch could help all of us, not astronauts, rest easy in space one day. >> we are talking about a yellow weather alert tomorrow and snow showers. we need to talk about winds which will generate wind chills in the 30s all day. this is our forecast wind chill. we will come back and tell you when the 60s return. >> find out why nearly 1 million people staired at a -- stared at a
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fairfax county leaders considering asking voters to approve a restaurant tax. voters have to decide on a meal tax so it could be on the ballot in november. many cities and towns have a meal tax. advocates say it will lower classroom size and raise teacher pay in a school system that's been making cuts for eight years. >> it's important. we
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i am also for increase in the property tax. i think the meal tax is a good idea. >> i think we are taxed enough already and fairfax school budget is quite large, close to $2 billion. that to me is sufficient if the funds are handled properly to fund our schools. >> fairfax county supervisors may decide whether to put a meals tax referendum on the november ballot. cost to binge watch net flix is about to go up for millions. two years ago net flix raised prices to $9.99 for new customers while existing users got to enjoy the older rate at $7.99. that perk is about to go away. in may all the users grandfathered in will be bumped up to new prices. lift off of the falcon 9 rocket, science for today and for deep space exploration for tomorrow. >> right now, a space x rocket is zooming towards international space station with an unusual item.
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inflatable room built for astronauts. it swells up to the size of a small bedroom and will be a test run for possibly housing tourists in space one day. can you even imagine? media website buzz feed might have won the internet today. all it took was rubber bands and a piece of fruit. take a look. oh, my gosh. it is pretty funny. a lot of folks couldn't take their eyes off of this. facebook users watched the live stream of these two wrapping rubber bands around a watermelon. at one point 811,000 people were glued to their screens watching with anticipation. it ended uptaking 679 rubber bands to pop the melon. our producer was one of the ones watching and she looked
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away during the split second when it popped. >> it's like stuff letter man used to do with stupid human tricks. genius. >> we need to come up with something like this. >> it's great because it doesn't last too long. and the pay off is good. just don't look away. yellow weather alert tomorrow. let's talk about wind. we will see winds again tomorrow. we had a gust today of 31. here are the gusts for the last six days. 50 sunday, 34 monday, 41 tuesday, down to 30 wednesday and 36 thursday. we had a 31 today. we have no wind gusts below 30 in the last seven days. we'll probably have one tomorrow in excess of 40 miles per hour. it is still 52. the dew point is dropping a little bit with winds west northwest at 15. we are generally clear to partly cloud
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here comes our clipper with rain into ohio, western p.a. it will track north of us, south of filly. that's bad news for filly. i think there will be accumulating snow in the suburbs. for us rain and showers by dawn. you are fine if you have plans tonight. yellow weather alert tomorrow, windy with rain and snow showers. strong winds tomorrow. lots of sun on sunday but still chilly. we'll make it out of the 40s to the low 50s but that's pretty chilly. that's a decent early march day, no a good early april day. at 10:00 tonight, low to mid 40s, maybe 41 or 42 at silver spring. if you are up at 6:00 am, you will see snow showers all the way to d.c. even la plata could see a snow shower. by 1:00, another band of snow showers with temps in mid
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through. all the way to stafford temperatures are in the low 40s and the winds are really howling. look at the forecasted winds. at 3:00, 26-mile per hour wind downtown. by 6:00, a 36-mile per hour wind gust is possible. a 43-mile per hour wind gust in leesburg and win chester. snow showers across the board, only 45 by 1:00. with the winds it will feel like the 30s all day tomorrow. for the next seven days, milder monday. we pay the price for low 60s with rain and showers and maybe even a thunderstorm. finally we dry out with low 60s wednesday, mid 60s thursday, upper 60s friday with sunshine. day two of the masters. can the young defending champion keep up his hot
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move over tiger woods. jordan spieth is the new face of golf, the defending champ of masters but r afteround one trying to maintain lead playing round two in augusta. is it ever a bad day in augusta? maybe a little windy. it was somewhere of a rough day for spieth. the back nine was a struggle. he dropped to four under, but that's good enough. he leads by one shot. this guy is in second, rory mcilroy. already he shot three under his last six holes. >> i think anything under par today with the conditions, i am really happy with that and in a good position going into the weekend. it doesn't really matter what happens or what guys do on the back nine. i know i am in a good position going into the weekend.
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>> masters show is tomorrow night at 7:00. catch all of it right here. growing up as a d.c. youth athlete, you probably dreamed about making player of the year. that's a case for this maryland signee, boys hoops player of the year, averaging 20 points a game. girls player of the year is also headed to maryland. she played at river dale baptist, was a mcdonald's all american. best of luck to both of them. >> speaking of sports and kids, i hear some soccer games have been canceled tomorrow. yours is not. >> not yet. our commissioner is stubborn. >> there is no lightning. >> it's going to be freezing. >> it's miserable. i have been there, done that, sat through many miserable soccer games. there is
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cancel. >> it will just be conversational snow. >> bundle up. it will feel like the 30s. >> good luck with that tomorrow. that's it for us now. have a great ahh... yeah! ahh... you probably say it a million times a day. ahh... ahh! ahh... ahh! but at cigna, we want to help everyone say it once a year. say "ahh".
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i had something up my sleeve >> american idols sings it's swan song, but is t really over? >> good night, america. for no >> j-lo's three wardrobe changes, 34 finalists, seven forme judges and one ungeforttable reunion. secrets from miranda, paul and simon. then ann hathaway's secret birth. and mama bear megan fox sounds off. why she's banning her childden from something most kids use every day. plus a child star's adorable new puppy. how you can help him name it. and sorry, justin, w


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