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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  April 11, 2016 3:05am-4:00am EDT

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"the weekend insider" from hollywood, your 24/7 celebrity conversation. but, [cheers and applause] simon's "american idol" finale surprise. we have the inside story of the
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>> and that's part of our good week. >> bad week. >> including amy schumer's war on body image. >> and dolly parton dominating the acm awards. ♪ 9 to 5 ♪ >> she's hot as she can be. >> and we round up the red carpet's hot mamas and the good old country boys. plus we hitch a ride with the new houseiv wes of new york city. only we were invited where the real drama goes down. >> i don't want anything to do with you. gone. now hollywood from the inside-out. it's "the insider," together with yahoo. was kerry washington intimidated to play anita hill? and is she prepared for possible backlash? >> let's kick
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headlines getting plenty of social traction in our good week. >> bad week. it was a good week for the original "american idol" judges who stole the night during the series finale. >> so you're standing there, and you thought the segment was ending, and then -- >> we were told he wasn't coming. >> but he can't be with us tonight. >> what does it mean to have the original back together? >> it was a surreal moment to see the four of us on stage. >> going out like it all began, 15 seasons ago. it was the culmination of an epic night of nostalgia that went out with a bang. ♪ >> meanwhile, it was a bad week for amy schumer who fought back after being featured in a special plus-sized edition of fashion glamour. >> what if you're comfortable in the skin you're i
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it. >> i think what amy was asking for was to let go of this idea that we need to categorize women by the shape and size of their body. and amy's been a champion for that. >> i wasn't born weighing 150. i was like i was born coming out swinging. >> we really want all our fashion stories to just be fashion stories. not plus size, not petite. it's about fashion and fashion alone. >> agreeing with amy that the term plus size should be in the past. like schumer, lena does not wear specialty sizes but was included inside the special edition devoted to plus size fashion. tell you what, it was a great week for country music fans. >> luke, carrie, keith, and the one and only dolly parton. we were on the red carpet with all the country hunks and hot mama
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what does it mean to get this honor tonight and with katie? ♪ in my coat of many colors ♪ i hurried off to school ♪ makin' fun of me ♪ >> a little song coat of many colors is always special to me, but getting to sing with katie, she's as hot as can be, so i feel proud to be out there. we're going to have fun tonight. ♪ jolene, jolene, jolene ♪ oh, i'm beggin' of you please ♪ ♪ don't take my man >> a country and california girl musical force. the colorful duet was the most-talked about performance of the acms. but back on the red carpet, dolly was rockin' it all in white. >> is this a preview of the wedding dress? >> i have to put a veil on. i think my wedding dress will be
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was inspired. for those of you who don't know, i'm getting married again, to the same man. it will be our 50th anniversary. >> why are you always falling down with fashion? >> oh, thank you so much. ♪ everything's going to be all right ♪ >> how are you handling mama hood and country music star life? >> you know, we figure things out as we go along. there are no rules, no books to follow. ♪ >> those mommy and me workouts paying off, as carrie killed it on stage with that voice and those legs for days. ♪ >> also unleashing perfect ten pens, the "it" girl who owned the night alongside nick jonas. >> musically, i think he's incredible and i'm thankful to have him as part of the performance, but that is a perk. i'm not going to lie
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>> and, as an official member of taylor swift's girl squad, who is the hot guy taking over the country music? >> country music. >> let's get this country party started. >> love y'all. >> you're a hot hunk of country music. >> the hottest hunk in all of country music. >> all right. i like that. i'll take that. i don't know what's going on, you know? >> a lot like nashville. >> a hot like which isskey. >> you and luke and blake. it's a really hot vibe. ♪ going to have you on my mind >> do you feel hot? and how do you keep your hotness? >> i don't feel hot. when you go into my music, i'm all about that. i'm the hottest, hunkiest guy, i'll take it. >> come for the face, stay for the tunes.
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♪ >> speakin' of looking good, how about miranda lambert, her new boyfriend. they are cute together. >> yes, they are. let's move on to the dramatic conclusion of the people versus o.j. simpson. i spoke to the all-star cast, with cuba gooding jr. admitting to me his own shocking o.j. confession. what do you remember when this verdict went down? >> we the jury in the above-entitled action find the defendant, orenthal jackson simpson not guilty of the charge of murder. >> today's the day. >> it took years, and especially walking in here to realize how misguided i was. families lives were changed forever. >> so working on this show changed your
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>> he portrayed the defendant on the people versus o.j. simpson. >> can you appreciate how good this show was? >> i will one day. >> you haven't seen it? >> no. >> why? >> it's just, my real life, to walk through it casually through entertainment -- >> we want to turn up the pressure! >> the hit drama also brought john travolta back to develop tigs aft -- television after a 36 year absence. his wife was blown away as his portrayal of robert shapiro. >> marsha clark has revealed in an interview that she felt i nailed the shapiro. >> hey, marsha gave you thumbs up. >> yeah. it was cool. >> ms. clark, i think you need to take ten
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will be held in contempt. >> should i take off my watch and jewelry? >> 15 months of trauma every day. >> marsha revealed the countless criticisms of her hair were nothing compared to her claims of a massagist iist innic judge. >> they put together a video clip toow sh him, you need to stop it. >> to dismiss the strident, overly ambitious woman is a real disservice to women in general, strong women with big fat brains and enormous hearts. >> they have left the superdome. >> season two plans to explore the aftermath of hurricane katrina. travolta says sign me up. >> i had a personal experience with that. kelly and i went to
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we came with aid. >> i remember that. >> we brought five tons. >> without exception, every cast member i spoke with said they would love to work with ryan murphy again. i wouldn't be surprised if they didn't come back for another installment of american crime story. >> it was huge. terrifying. kerry washington takes on anita hill, but is she prepared for what's next? >> are you concerned about the possible backlash? inside the big apple hotspots made for real housewives drama. >> what are you doing here without dorinda? >> idi d come here to pay off my chapter 11 reorganization. >> plus, we got to take our street
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> you took everything! >> is it too late for a spoiler alert? olivia pope's giving us the ultimate omg moment of the seasonth ayursd get ready to s side of kerry washington. she told me she was a little hess tapts itant to take the ro. you said from the very beginning this role tfierried you. >> yeah. >> was it just as scary to actually do
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actually. it was terrifying. but, you know, for some reason, i'm one of those artists who's drawn to things that terrify my. >> i was afraid of retaliation. i was afraid of damage to my professional life. >> kerry washington, no stranger to scandals, now playing anita hill, who claimed in 1991, she was sexually harassed by then supreme court nominee clarence thomas, creating one of the biggest political circuses of our time. >> i was not dishonest. >> to go after a woman like this with no holds barred. >> are you concerned about the controversy and backlash you could receive from this film? >> i think everybody's allowed to have their opinion, and i'm there for it. >> i could not keep silent. >> was she hard to play? >> yeah, she's challenging. she's very guarded. >> very guarded. >> not a big
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>> if olivia pope fans think she'll finally find love and happiness, think again. i didn't really expect kerry to geo give me scandal scoop, but i had to try. >> she is such a tease. coming up, things get real with the housewives of new york city. buts i sonya jealous of lou ann's upcoming "i dos"? >> it's in conversation all the time. plus everyone's favorite crew is back. but can the men handle the barbershop beauties this time around? >> here's a question. >> weave incredible bladder protection now comes with an incredible double your money back guarantee. always discreet is for bladder leaks and it's drier than poise. try it, love it or get double your money back.
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what happened? >> doesnn't come in and talk ab my -- >> oh, that's right, he left you for someone else. >> they're baaack. >> these ladies have thrown down all over the big apple. but now only we are with lou ann and sonya morgan as they take us on a guided tour where all the drama goes down. >> welcome to the official housewives of new york city floor. >> you have people who want to see the places we hang out. i think that's so cool. >> first up, a popular soho bakery. >> we are at georgetown cupcakes. >> woo. >> this is where sonya brought the housewives, post
3:25 am
in season seven. >> technically, it's not a bankruptcy. i'm about to pay off my judgment, 7 million. why else would i go downtown and do cupcakes? because i now feel much lighter. >> next up, time for high tea. >> caviar. >> this is the russian tearoom, famous. >> why did ramona just walk off? >> i think she wants to pose for nude photos. >> and ramona was horrified, rightly so. >> i don't want to be associated with her. because ramona's such an angel. the russian tearoom is a must. >> and what's an nyc housewives tour without a drink? >> you and i know this place a little too well. >> this is the famous line where sonya says -- >> what are you doing here without
3:26 am
>> what are you doing here without darinda? >> sorry, john. this nightclub hot spot is not exactly known for making business deals. >> you shouldn't be here without darinda. but then of course, you'll see what this season does to me. >> speaking of this season -- >> people were touring me, roasting me. >> you drink too much. >> what are you talking about? >> countess lou ann ties the net. >> sadie, sadie, married lady, a distant memory of the new york housewives. >> and there's a new house wife in town. >> she's so hopeful and kind. >> we're going to ruin her. we will. housewives of new york city. >> all right, listen
3:27 am
diehard housewives fans, you too can hop aboard this tour. pinot grigio not included. there's going to be plenty for ice cube now that he's opened up the barbershop to the ladies. i sat down to talk about all about trimming down the boy's club. >> it's got heart, a social message, and now it's got girls. >> yeah. it's great to have that other opinion. it freshens it up. and then, you know, we're able to add more characters in the mix of the barbershop. it was just what the doctor ordered. >> came here to get away from women. >> i love the addition of the girls. it's such a good idea. >> how do you think it changed the dynamic, not just in the film but on set? you know, you went -- >> it felt good. it was like having fe
3:28 am
it was really nice. >> all of us felt like we had known each other once we start working. so it was kind of instant. >> yeah, like the energy you see that comes off the screen, that's how we were all the time even when the cameras were off, when we were sitting in a circle, it was laughs and conversation all the time. >> turn that up! ♪ >> yes, the ladies are in the house, and while the barbershop boys are wiggin' out, the women have clearly weaved themselves in. >> how much do you charge for the weaves? >> if you want to look like beyonce? boom. >> here's a question, weave or no weave. >> do you mean do you have weave in? >> weave or no weave. >> no weave. >> you have zippers in your head? >> that's the clip-in weave. did you not learn anything on the movie? >> i'm standing right here. i can hear you. >> it's an
3:29 am
like where's my ring? where's my row? >> look, it is 2016. everyone in hollywood has a weave. >> not me! >> does that feel good? look, this movie is socially consideration. it's funny. it has heart. this series could go on forever. i'd love to see barbershop 16. lip synch 101 with melissa incredible bladder protection from always discreet that lets you move like you mean it now comes with an incredible promise. the always discreet double your money back guarantee. always discreet is for bladder leaks and it's drier than poise. try it. we're so confident you'll love it, we'll give you double your money back if you don't. incredible bladder protection. double your money back guarantee. that's always discreet. want great whitening without the mess? think outside the box.
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>> we're strong southern women. >> the real housewives of doctors, whe dallas, where everything is bigger, including the fights. >> don't plate it if you can't serve it. then we go inside kim fields' dancing rehearsal. is the preessur getting to her? and how will she top her facts of life throwback? that's monday on "the insider." travel consideration provided by ♪ yep, that happened. jimmy fallon taking on
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malik's pillow talk. >> she shows jimmy who's boss with pocahontas's "colors of the wind." here it is in case you missed it. ♪ rainstorm is my brother ♪ the otter is my friend ♪ and you'll never hear the cry ♪ ♪ of the newborn wolf ♪ need to sing with all the voices of the mountains ♪ ♪ paint with all the colors of the wind ♪ [ laughter ] [cheers and applause] >> "the insider" together with yaw hoo. >> have a great
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i just need a second. [male narrator] is your weight holding you back
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did you see this? hm? your cousin had a heart attack. really? [narrator] excess weight or obesity can be serious . but you can do something about it. visit your weight matters dot org. download the free toolkit to prepare you to speak with a healthcare provider. your weight does matter. accept the challenge and take charge today . visit your weight matters dot org. what you find is that bernie sanders won stronger against donald trump and against other republicans, some times by pretty large numbers than does hillary clinton. you are going to see, you are going to see a lot of delegates wanting to beat trump. saying, you know what maybe bernie is the guy to do that. >> where are we on the question if hillary c
3:36 am
to be president. you said she wasn't. then you said she was. give us the bottom line? >> well we were attacked harshly by the clinton campaign who suggested that i was not qualified. and weep responded by saying, you know what? a candidate who receives an enormous all. money from special interests. a candidate who voted for the war in iraq, a candidate who -- who voted for virtually every disastrous trade policy which of course does millions of jobs, well you know what -- maybe her judgment its not quite as high as it should be. but, john, i want to get away from this stuff. i respect hillary clinton. known her for 25 years the what i want is debate on the realer use impacting the middle-class of the country. >> do you think her judgment is irrevokably broken in a way that makes her incapable of doing the job of being president? >> no, look, she has enormous experience. everybody that knows her, knows she is very intelligent.
3:37 am
let's be clear. the war in iraq the worst foreign policy blunder in the modern history of america. i heard the same evidence that secretary clinton did. sunny was in the senate. i was in the house. i helped lead the on session to that war. she supported that war. i think that is something that the american people might want to take into consideration when you think about the judgment of the candidates. >> what the clinton campaign would say, they want people to take a look at your interview with the new york dailies news on the core issue of the big banks. "the washington post," "mar sanders's shocking ignorance of his core issue." what its your response? >> let me be clear, "the washington post," not one of my strongest supporters. hillary clinton and i have a difference of opinion. i believe that when three out of the four largest bank tuesday, are bigger than they were when we bailed them out because they were too big to fail. i think they should be broken up. i think we should re-establish a 21st, legislation, supported by john mccain and elizabeth warren. something i think is the right thing to do. >> the "cbs overnight news"
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s ever conceived. new york could play a starring role in donald trump's quest for the white house. looking for a landslide victory in his home state and competes against ted cruz and john kasich. kasich discussed his strategy on "face the nation." >> governor, let's start with your path to the nomination. don't you have to win more delegates than you have been winning so far? >> yeah, we are going to win more delegates. that is our strategy. here in new york we are rung in second place. here where i am right now, the town of greece. this congressional district. running even with donald trump. and the crowd are growing, john. i mentioned. i had 3,000, 4,000 people here today this morning. we will accumulate delegates.
3:41 am
we believe, with momentum. >> what happened in wisconsin though. you had a smaller number of combatants. in the midwest, good for you. and you left the state with no delegates? >> look, i think wisconsin and the republican part is far more conservative than what we saw in michigan or ohio. secondly it turned into a stop trump effort. and ted cruz spent over $1 million smearing me up there. we didn't spend the resources to fight back. we were prepared to live with that result. now we will be in new york, pennsylvania. the proof will be in the pudding. we will accumulate delegates. you will see it. go to the convention. the interesting thing. more and more, people, the political establishment is beginning to look at two things. one who, can win in the fall? i am the only one that consistently beat hillary clinton in the fall. and there is great concern in the republican party that we are not just talking about the presidential race. that frankly if we get blown out in the fall, which i think we would with both cruz and trump. we could lose the united states senate.
3:42 am
we would lose seats all right way from the state house to the courthouse. and i think this is going to be a big consideration at the convention. secondly, actually try to figure out who can be a good president. >> you will go into the convention with the least amount of delegates probably of the three people who are in this contest still. is your main competition then cruz and trump, or is it, you know people are talking paul ryan, some people even have talked about mitt romney. who do you see your competition? if it is as wide open as it will need to be for you to win? >> well, i don't know it is going to have -- look here is what is going to happen, john. i don't want to get into all the process. i think you will see significant changes in the delegate voting after the first ballot. and we have like the best people who can know how to manage a convention. the key for me there is going to make sure that i am able to visit all of these delegations. as you know, the process of picking delegates now varies from state to state. so it is going to be very intereg.
3:43 am
we have the people that knowhow to do this. the key for me is to be there. here's what is interesting. i amount second choice of the cruz people and, and also the trump people. it's interesting. and also, as you know, we have had ten contested conventions. and only three times has the the front-runner won. and i don't want to go back in history. too far. but i think old honest abe went into the convention, third or fourth. and came out the winner. so, we'll see. >> people are, people are looking at this now and they, they thing the people who got more delegates shouldn't those delegates have some value? you will go in with fewer delegates than anybody else. >> yeah, sure. you have to meet the magic number. sort of look when you take a test. if an a is 90. you get 85, you don't get an a. look, i have been talking about this for a month even on your show. >> governor, you are going in there with a 60? >> wait a minute. we don't know what we have yet,
3:44 am
john the we will half to have momentum and accumulate more delegates. we will. our strategy is to continue to move forward to accumulate delegates. and so, we'll see what happens out in new york, pennsylvania, maryland, connecticut, we'll see what happens there. so don't be trying to predict how many i will have. because i am not going to predict it. i will have more than i have right now. we will be viable. john, at the end of the day, i'm the only person who consistently beats hillary clinton in the fall. okay. are we going to pick somebody that can't win. that would be nuts. >> let me ask you about hillary clinton. debate on the democratic side this week about whether she is qualified to be president? do you think she is? >> well it's not my job to be running around questioning people's qualifications. let the voters decide. look, i beat her in virtually every state all of the time. my biggest challenge now is of course the republican primary. and we just have off to keep
3:45 am
and we get into the fall, you talk to democrats, experts, they say, kasich can attract crossover votes. conservative democrats, and independents. and i have demonstrated an ability to do that in the general election so. weep just got to got to that point. i am not going to start saying this person is not qualified. or start attacking their, i just don't want to go there. >> let me ask you a question about a -- something that your colleague, governor in north carolina did. he signed a law in north carolina that banned anti-discrimination protections based on sexual orientation and mandated transgender people use public bathrooms based on the sex indicated on their birth certificates. would you have signed that law? >> probably not. i mean, look, we are not having this issue in our state about this whole religious liberty. i believe that religious institutions ought to be protected and be able to be in a position of where they can -- they can live out their, their deeply held religious purposes. but when you get bon
3:46 am
gets to be a trickier to. and -- tricky is not the right word. it can become a contentious issue. in our state, we are not facing this. everybody needs to take a deep breath. respect one another. the minute we start trying to write laws. things become more polarized. become more complicated. obviously i don't want to force people to violate their deeply held religious convictioned. we would have to see what that is all about. i wouldn't have signed that law from everything i know. i haven't studied it. but the governor of georgia, vetoed another one. look, you got to see what the laws are and what the proposals are and why you need to write a law. why do we have to write hey law have ever time we turn around in this country? can't we figure tout just how to get along a little bit better and respect one another? that's where we ought to be. everybody chill out. get over it. if you have a disagreement with somebody. that's where i am now, john. unless there is something that sips up, i am not inclined to
3:47 am
>> all right, governor john kasich. appreciate you being with us. >> thank you. new york city the media capital of the world which means plenty of photo-ops. as chip reid reports. they don't always work out as the candidates plan. >> reporter: they say a picture is worth 1,000 words. but for politicians doing photo-ops, a picture can be worth 1,000 unpleasant words. it happens when they try too hard to look like regular people. for hillary clinton, a trip on the new york subway got her a one way ticket to the bad photo op hall of fame. it should have been easy. but it took hillary clinton five tries before she finally cleared the subway turnstyle. >> out of her element. >> it is so convenient. just the best way to get around. >> the democratic front-runner isn't the first to fail at the photo-op. vice president dan quayle wanted to look smart and tried his hand
3:48 am
at spelling potato. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: in 2000, republican presidential candidate. gary bower flipped a pancake and himself. >> oh, no. oh, no. >> who can forget this photo op of richard nixon. >> only richard nixon would walk on the beach with a full suit and black shoes on. >> he worked on half a dozen gop presidential campaigns. >> what are the riskiest kind of photo-ops. >> children, animals. you don't know what is going to happen. try to kiss the baby is the baby going to cry. is the dog going to have an unfortunate accident on the set. >> reporter: even with careful planning, accidents happen. in 1988, democratic nominee michael dukakis' team put him in a tank to bolster national security credentials. it tanked. >> he looked like the character in the peanuts cartoon. as we all know.
3:49 am
he worked on the dukakis campaign and says it is risky for a candidate to try to appear ordinary look when the media mistakenly reported president george h.w. bush didn't know what a scanner was. >> even though he didn't do anything wrong. it hurt him. >> it hurt him. and chip it made him look like he was not tonal, not connecting, he was distracted. a distracted candidate. >> if you are not a regular guy don't try to pretend you are a regular guy. >> the challenge is that none of the folks really running for office are regular guys. he says photo-ops involve a lot of planning. the goal is to make the moment the picture of a day. a photo-op gone bad can stick around a lot longer than a day. >> the "cbs overnight news" will be right back.
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after being nominated three other times, the 80s rap group nwa was inducted into the rock 'n' roll hall of fame, deep purple, chicago and steve miller. who had some harsh words for the people who run the hall of fame. molly hall has more on this. >> reporter: steve miller, got an ultimate rock 'n' roll recognition friday but used the spotlight. >> i encourage you to keep
3:53 am
inclusive of women. >> that drew a standing ovation from singer sheryl crow. 749 individuals inducted into the rock hall. only 63 of them are female. and none of this year's honorees are women. ♪ i'm a picker i'm a grinner >> later the 72-year-old songwriter continued to air his concerns. >> they said you can have two tickets. one for your wife and one for yourself. want another one it's $10,000. he would not be interrupted. no, we are not going to wrap this one up. i am going to wrap you up. >> reporter: before receiving the prestigious induction, miller spent the better part of the '70s and '80s, pumping out, classics, abracadabra, and fly like an eagle. >>fly like an eagle
3:54 am
mind. he wanted to express it. kind of a rick and roll gesture. >> reporter: "rolling stone" magazine editor anthony decurtis is on the rock 'n' roll hall of fame's nominating committee. >> he got two tickets. does he have a right to complain? >> everybody complains. the hall of fame is a nonprofit. not like they're raking in tons of money. >> reporter: in a statement the rock 'n' roll hall of fame said it was honored to induct steve miller and congratulates him. although miller didn't seem to enjoy the experience. >> they make this so unpleasant. >> reporter: steve mill were usn't alone in his criticism. ice cube of nwa says he was also unhappy with organizers of the show. the "cbs overnight news" will be right back.
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