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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  April 11, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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right now at 7:00, maryland lawmakers appear to have a deal on the tough drunk driving law in honor ofa victim who was a law enforcement officer. >> and the head of a local law enforcement agency in trouble for assault. >> and thank you for joining us. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> i'm bruce johnson. we begin about the latest to push a new strict drunk driving law in maryland. lawmakers in annapolis have made a deal on noah's law. >> it honors police officer noah leotta, killed by a drunk driver. >> reporter: just five hours left in the legislative session and if the house and senate had continued to squabble over noah's law it
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reached a deal with the house agreeing to the tougher senate language. they just want a final look at the wording. >> it's going to be a stronger bill. it will really honor noan. >> reporter: it will mandate ignition devices with anyone cod driving over.08. it will prevent people from starting their cars if they had anything to drink but the house of delegates and the senate had skirmishing on whether to apply the locks as soon as they were arrested or upon conviction. >> we will do everything we can to try and make sure they don't screw it up and get it passed. it's an important bill. >> reporter: something's going to lap? >> yes. >> reporter: it will be strong? >> yes. >> it can't fill what i'm missing prosecute rest of my life bu
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that he sacrificed and it meant something. >> reporter: supporters say this bill will put maryland at the forefront of states at cracking down on drunk driving. the general assembly has until midnight tonight to finish its work. d.c. police are searching for a person of interest after a teen was stabbed to death at the deanwood metro station this morning at the fare gate. a man in a bubble jacket was captured on the station's surveillance camera. if you recognize this man, please call police. and this just into the newsroom, the victim in the stabbing was identified as 15- year-old john evans iii. his death comes one month after 15-year-old davontae washington was shot and killed at that same station. and police have made an arrest after a 7-year-old girl was shot last week. 27-year-old michael wiggins
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dangerous weapon and assault with a firearm. he opened fire and the girl was returning home from dinner with her family when she was shot. anne arundel county sheriff ron bateman is denying charges after he was charged with second degree assault. police saw the injuries on the pace of el see bateman. >> i would have to term them as minor injuries but clearly visible. >> according to court documents, his wife called 911 on sunday evening claiming that the two were fighting over a money clip. the sheriff admitted to drinking after his arrest. he had his gun confiscated and is putting himself on administrative duty while a special prosecutor pursues the
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happened. you can find the entire statement on wusa 9 and our mobile app. lieutenant commander edward lin worked as a flight officers on a navy spy plane. the navy said that he passed information that he learned on those flights to china. if convicted, he could face the death penalty. and sad news to tell you about. radio legend doug banks has died. it was heard locally on makes it.3 at one point during the afternoon drive time. the cause was not yet released. he was just 57 years old, so young. turning our attention to cam taken 2016, most of the five candidates have turned their attention to new york except for ted cruz who is not paying attention to donald trump's home state but is focusing on california and the 172 delegates. both trump and john kasich are courting
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the 95 delegates. democratic polls show hillary clinton leading bernie sanders. earlier today, she had a really and spoke out against gun violence. >> anything else killing 33,000 people a year, we would possiblyize. >> bernie sanders is criticizing clinton's record on the environment and support of trade deals, and meanwhile, two people not voting for trump in new york are his two children. his son eric and daughter ivanka failed to register in time. be sure to stay with wusa 9 in the latest race for the white house. you can find more on the wusa 9 mobile app. another american migga bank is penalized for its role in the 2008 collapse. >> and tearnt kane will celebrate the park service in the most original way possible. wusa9news
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british prime minister david cameron is facing more question over his ties to the panama scandal. he told parliament that his late father set up an offshore firm for investment purposes but didn't do it for avoiding taxes. some calls for cameron to step down after his father was named as a client in a law firm that supplies in the with they relieving tax burdens. goldman sachs has settled in the case of the predatory lending investigation. the money will go to cover penalties and help customers stuck
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mortgages and investigate problems in the future. bank of america and other banks have also settled with the justice department. a bill would have forced inmates to die in the electric chair what lethal injection drugs were not available. >> we take human beings and strap them in a chair and subject them to unspeakable pain until they die. virginia is thes do not want their common twoalgt revert back to an inhumane punishment. >> the governor has proposed an amendment which would allow the state to obtain lethal injection drugs from pharmacies which would remain anonymous. the general assembly will consider the amendment in september. visiting and walking every
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national park in the commonwealth will take a year is for one man. before hitting the trail, he thanked the park staff for their work. new warnings about the zika virus after health officials say the more they learn, the scarier it bye-byes. >> and also coming up, parents are struggling to keep technology out of the hands of children. >> everybody will have rain showers and downpours around la plata. we'll tell when you they come out and when the 70s
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the state of north carolina is facing more financial backlash over the bathroom law. the greenboro coliseum figure it has lost more than $100,000 on the cancellation of the bruce springsteen concert. the law would require transgender people to use bathroom s that reflectses their sex at birth. >> it allows people to go to the bathroom or locker room without having to worry or parents
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accosted. >> springsteen apologized but said it's the strongest way he can raise his voice. and the city is feeling fallout in missouri, too. bryan adams canceled his concert there. the new law does allow religious groups and private businesses to refuse service to gay couples based on their religious pleefs. and a ruling is expected on a transgendered teen's fight to use a boy's bathroom in the school. >> the determination is if it violents federal laws. >> peggy fox has more. >> reporter: transgender students here in fairfax county may have more righ
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places but even here there is no specific policy about bathrooms and locker rooms. each case is handled by the individual schools. >> it's been ups and downs. i've had threat of race and death. >> reporter: 19-year-old kadeen ortiz is a senior at the secondary school in fairfax county. >> we have a concert tomorrow. >> reporter: he was born a girl but always knew he wanted to be a boy. >> at first, my and my -- ex- husband and i thought it was a phase but i would accept him no matter what. he is my child. >> reporter: he had his breasts removed and takes testosterone. the school has expanded protection to students and staff but there is no policy. what do you do in the locker room? >> i had to use the female for two yearss and after gym was over, i was done and
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>> reporter: there needs to be uniformity, gavin grimm said. he sued for sex discrimination. >> if you take someone who looks like a woman or a girl and tell them that they have to use the men's restroom, they are at risk. they are at risk for being beaten or who knows what. >> reporter: the 4th circuit court of appeals is expected to rule soon. >> i don't think tell go the other way. i think we have a lot of good people that are fighting for the lgbt community and specifically the transgender community and things are starting to change and big thinchs -- things will happen. >> reporter: peggy fox, wusa 9. >> the court of appeals is the first federal court to take up the issue. puerto rico could see hundreds of thousands of zika virus and the rest of the country needs to be
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officials in the at the white house today saying saying that the mosquitoes are here. >> we hope not to see it widespread in the continental u.s. >> zika is linked to a condition that causes babies to be born with abnormally small heads. the white house is pressuring congress to free up emergency funds to fight the virus. parents of young children are advised to limit the amount of time that young kids spend in front of tablets and smart phones, easier said than done but children 2 and over should be limited to just two hours of screen time for day and underage of 2 should never be exposed. pediatrician ari brown said it's important for kids to unplug. >> have tech-free zones. that might be mealtimes and
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>> this fall the american academy of pediatrics will update the guidelines. studies have shown that excessive media use can lead to attention problems, sleep disorders, and obesity. checking on the weather, a warm up. is old man winter finally out of here? think so. it's going to be cool, brisk as we say but no more flakes on the 7 day. >> good. >> let's start with the 3- degree guarantee. worried about this. we went 69 for the high and thought that was warm enough. we shall see how we did tonight at 11:00. and you can track it our app. a look outside, 67 and winds out of the south at 16 and winds gusting today at 30 miles per hour but from the south and that's a warm wind. here is the radar across the past hour, clearing cleveland and headed into pittsburgh and entering into northeastern sections of west virginia an
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maryland. we have a lot long ways to go here. go ahead and walk the dog after dinner, no worries until the predawn. a yellow weather alert for tuesday morning and probably cancel that by noon. the bus stop temperatures, that's when it will be the wettest, right when you are walking the kids to the bus stop, rain showers and maybe an isolated storm and you will need your sunglasses for the ride home. 10:00 tonight, still clear and rain is entering western maryland in garrett county with temperatures in the mid-60s, a very nice night and by dawn, boom, it covers everyone from southern maryland through the district and frederick and winchester with the temperatures in the low 50s north and west and upper 50s south and east and the orange and yellow, heavier activity north eve of town and 95 and prince
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9:00, the heaviest activity is leaving, and it will be sunny everywhere. 54 downtown and 54 in gaithersburg and cool. 55 in sterling and 6:00, back in the 50s, and 57 in fredericksburg with full sun and the clouds want to linger into southern maryland for much of the day and the rest of us will see sunshine and cooler. for tonight, mostly cloudy, mild with rain and showers by dawn but not until after midnight and winds southwest at 10-15 and on the gusty side. so, the day planner, rain and shower, temperatures in the 50s and keep falling. 11:00, 52. the temps spike up as we get sunshine at 1:00 p.m. the next 7 days look like this, a nice stretch bright but brisk and
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tuesday, wednesday, thursday, and friday with the lows in the 40s, and that means lows in the 30s in the burbs. but then upper 60s on saturday with sunshine, spectacular, and low 70s on sunday, and mid-70s and sunshine monday. >> wow. >> big news; right? >> college park? yeah, two players who are leaving for the draft. you can probably figure it out. but we'll tell you when we come back, and the capitals are getting ready for post-season action. could this be the year they win itall? stay with fios is not cable. we're wired differently.
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thursday night, 7:00, downtown d.c., capitals' fans hope it will be the beginning of the road to the stanley cup. washington has topped the nhl for most of the season. they were built to win and in the second year under head coach barry trotz, they want to win it all. first up, the hard-hitting flyers. philly and washington split the regular season series and this is the 5th time the two
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the caps have a history of getting bumped after the first round. the last time they advanced was in the 2004-0520 season. players don't worry about the past but only the team in front of them. >> they go through good spells and bad spells. depends on how you play them. so we have a game plan for a team like that and how we want to work it. but i think that all teams going for the playoffs will be good and throw everything they have at us. last night, the team honored right winger justin williams for playing his 1000th career game and won three stanley cups in his career and would love to bring one to washington. the team showed their appreciation giving him a golf trip to scotland. >> i am really honored and humbled, and the whole pre-game ceremony and everything. a time
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from the rumor to fact department, diamond stone has hired an agent, tandem sports and entertainment to handle his a his a pairs and trim -- trimble is just exploring going for the draft. >> and he is protected in the second round? >> yes. he doesn't want to put all his eggs in one basket but stone is out of here. that's a shame. i wish he could have stayed another year. >> the caps' fans, they are not wishing. >> i keep hear you say they have to win it all. >> they are built for this. >> i agree. >> you agree? >> i agree, and the nats have to win also. so a lot of pressure on the franchise. bruce is putting a lot of pressure on things. >> the
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>> no. >> a great -- i'm trashing the home teams. i will stop that. the alert tomorrow morning is slow and then we'll dry out and focus on the weekend, 60s and 70ings. >> hello. >> caps
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. tonight are miley and lia planning a wedding? the first video of them since reuniting. plus katie perry with one orlando, who surprised katie, cameron diaz and kate hudson to sthistar studded wedding? and as kaley cuoco found love with this billionaire heir? you're having some problems? >> extreme fashions, over th top antics and great reveals. >> everything i do is to make her laugh. plus it is midriff monday and tonight's fashion fix. jessica's crop top. and you will not believe how much selena spent to look good. on one flight.


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