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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  April 12, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> we need them. like they need to work together, stick together. that's ridiculous. >> reporter: now, we learned today that hall has multiple priors that include assault on a police officer with a knife. he appeared in court today. he was not arrested in his home. coming up on the 6:00 hour, we'll have more details on what was in the court documents. including a possible recording on his cell phone. stephanie ramirez, wusa 9. 18-year-old javanty hall is being held without bond until his next court appearance on april 22nd. d.c. police and metro transit police say they are increasing security at the dean wood station. and a couple of school leaders are stepping up, too. mark sturdivant, and justin richstrom are the director and adviser. they were out at dean wood this morning, making sure students got to class safely. >> they have a sa
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they have people who really care for them. >> reporter: in a strange twist of fate, the men are collaborating with marco clark, the murder victim's former charter school principal, on a safe passage program that he spearheaded, called man the block. a montgomery county corrections student employee, accused of sexually assaulting an inmate. police say suinousi entered the cell of the 22-year-old inmate last year. detectives were recently notified last year that the dna was a match with sunisi. he was arrested and charged with third-degree sex offense. among other things. the maryland sheriff, accused of assaulting his wife, said he didn't do it. and claims she's going to recant her story. but so far, he said nothing. wusa 9 scott broom is in annapolis, where ron bateman talked to reporters this morning. scott? >> reporter: interesting case.
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knows all about domestic violence. because he oversees the department as an elected official that handles 3,000 cases of it a year. >> i want to start off by saying that i love my wife very much. and she loves me very much. >> reporter: that's sheriff bateman this morning, speaking publicly for the first time, in the wake of being arrested sunday night by police, who responded to a 911 call from bateman's wife. according to charging documents, elsie bateman said they were arguing over money and the sheriff threw her into the wall and hit her in the left side of the face and mouth. sheriff bateman admitted to drinking. mrs. bateman suffered friday but minor injuries. today, the sheriff denied assaulting his wife. >> i never, ever ever assaulted my wife. things were said in high anger and were blown out of proportion and not true. and soon you will see where she
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couple has taken publicly to facebook. after the incident, the sheriff posted this photo of the couple together. elsie bateman, posting a message saying, quote, i'm fine. and that ron is a wonderful man and amazing sheriff. that's in contrast to this quote saturday. hey, ladies, ron bateman is a free man. better snatch him up quick and good luck. >> reporter: sheriff bateman said the couple will resolve their differences privately, with the help of a counselor. as for the sheriff's plans that his wife would recant her story, i've made exhaustive efforts to contact her and reconfirm that. she has not gotten back to me. police said they are continuing to move forward with the case and the charges. reporting live in annapolis, scott broom, wusa 9. >> quite a complicated story there, scott. thanks. bateman has restricted himself to administrative duties. the state's attorney has appointed an independent sp
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possible conflicts of interest. d.c. police are trying to unravel the story behind a grim discovery along the cno canal in georgetown. workers found a man's body floating in the water on 31st street. that's where ellen bryan is live now with the latest on that investigation. ellen? >> reporter: and lesli, one of those workers comes in at 7:30 in the morning, walking along the canal, cleaning up trash. well, this morning, it was unlike any other because a construction work or the other side, yelled over him to look in the water. >> when juan castiano looked into the canal, he saw a backpack and a man's body, floating in the water. >> my friends calling me. there is a body on the water. so i went down to see it. it was there on the water. on -- >> workers started to pull the body out of the canal. but then called police
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report an unconscious person. >> i came in on my bike, about 8:30. and all the roads are shut down. and everything is blocked off. >> reporter: brian mooar land watched police work from his office window. >> they had a ladder going up from the water. >> after a couple of hours, investigators opened up the roads and cleared the scene, taking evidence with them. >> it's a great area. >> have you ever seen anything like that. >> no, no, no. this is my first time. >> now, i called the medical examiner. we're still waiting to hear back from them, on what the official cause of death is. reporting in georgetown, ellen bryan, wusa 9. >> and at this point, investigators do not believe this death is suspicious. noah's law will be the law of the land in maryland. governor larry hogan said he will gladly sign the legislation, requiring convicted drunk drivers to use a breathalyzer, before starting the vehicle. the bill is named after noah liotta.
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drunk driver. that legislation passed late last night, in anap oils. we spoke with -- annapolis. we spoke with noah's father, and the chief of the montgomery county police today. >> every time the interlock goes on the car, noah will be on patrol. >> what noah has accomplished here, and make no mistake. this would not have happened without noah's sacrifice. >> that vote was unanimous. governor hogan is expected to hold a bill-signing ceremony at a later date. switching gears to the forecast now. the rain is behind us. but still cool out there. meteorologist topper shutt is in the weather center with more. >> slowly but surely. and don't call me surely. braves in town tonight. 58 at 7:00. 53 at 9:00. and if the game goes late. 49. in fact, by the time we leave this ballpark in hand, the birds will already be in the 40s. and because of that, there's skies and calm winds and
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amidst frost warnings. if you put it in. you'll put them in pots am bring them in. if your azaleas will be in. they'll be fine. loudoun county, and points north and west of hagerstown. that is a freeze warning. in terms of temperatures. 10:00 tonight. you can walk the dog after dinner. a little brisk. 51 downtown. mainly in the 40s elsewhere. 45 in gaithersburg. 46 in silver spring and rockville. and 47 in fairfax. by morning, we're going to find 30s and i think these numbers are a wee bit high. looking at temperatures in the 32 to 33-degree range. 37 or so in manassas. by midmorning, temperatures will be crawling around 40. a good northerly wind tomorrow. the news is, for a change. well, a few days this month, it will not be windy or breezy tomorrow. and the same goes for thursday. by 10:00, we're back in the 40s. with
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we'll come back. and see a frost warning tomorrow night. and when it will actually warm up. mayor muriel bowser is now banning d.c.-funded travel to mississippi. this move coming after the state's governor sign a law last week that allows businesses to refuse services to gay people. bowser signed a similar measure, banning travel to north carolina earlier this month. that came after that state adoptive legislation, requiring people to use the bathrooms of the genders they were born into, rather than the one they identify with now. and this just in. a hagerstown man, charged with sex trafficking of a child. traffickers say richard danes small drove 15- and 17-year-old girls from pennsylvania to maryland, to engage in prostitution in a frederick hotel room. he faces a minimum mandatory sentence of 10 years in prison. police are investigating another incidence of shots being fired into a house in woodbridge. this time,wa
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green acre drive. it's by gunfire over the weekend. that is between i-95 and horner road. several other homes in prince williams county has been hit by stray bullets over the last couple of months. fortunately, no one has been hit by the gunfire. and it's not clear whether these incidents are connected. turning our attention to metro now. the transit agency has a new chief safety officer. patrick glavine has been asked to fill that vacancy at metro. glavine has worked for the new york transport system. it he rose to second in command. the biggest and busiest transit system. glavine is scheduled to join metro next month. and take a look at this. out with the old and in wi the new for metro. the transit agency posting video today of its 1,000 series subway cars being yanked out of service. they're the oldest trains in the system. and the national transportation safety board says they need to be replaced for safety reasons. those old cars are
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series rail cars that are joining the fleet. to prince george's county now, whereby unanimous vote the county council has voted to outlaw fracking. that is the controversial process of using water removing natural gas from underground deposits. maryland and virginia are considered prime fracking states. we're just getting started on wusa 9news at 5:00. dozens of protestors arrested on capitol hill. why they're risking time in the slammer. speaker of the house, paul ryan makes his 2016 presidential aspirations crystal clear. and topper is back with the rest of your cool workweek forecast and an early look at the weekend. plus, after the break. a virginia mom, accused of doing the unthinkable. stabbing her own baby.
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a shocking crime in prince williams county has a tiny baby fighting for her life. and the child's mother, charged with stabbing her. peggy fox has more on where this county mother is being held. peg? >> reporter: it's a disturbing story that makes no sense. the baby is in critical condition. her 35-year-old mother, who passenger just gave birth three months ago, is being held here without bond, in the prince williams county jail. she's accused of stabbing her new baby in the stomach. >> reporter: the transparency of a crisp, spring afternoon, on lake ridge view court in woodbridge,; took place in this apartment. and left a tiny
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>> it's just crazy. why would she even do that? >> 25-year-old leah greer arrington is charged with malicious aggravated wounding. she apparently could not take the sound of her crying anymore. she grab a kitchen knife and did the unthinkable. >> because the baby would not stop crying and stabbed the child. a few months old inked stlt. the mother then called her husband, who then called 911. >> this world is kind of scary now. >> this mother was -- neighbor was so upset. he nearly cried. >> she's not a mother. because mothers. even if they make a mistake. they sit down and talk to them explain to them the next time. but cry. i could cry. >> josh whittaker saw the police on
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why until we told him. >> that baby was only 3 months old. and she was crying. and that was the reason the mother stabbed her. >> people aren't fit to have children. i wish they'd realize it before they have them. the mother, lea greer arrington wants to get out of jail. she has filed a motion for a band hearing. and that's scheduled for tomorrow morning. reporting live in manassas, peggy fox. wusa 9. >> prosecutors speculate on whether mental illness, such as postpartum depression, played any part in this horrific incident. turning to this latest now. the biggest headline today, coming from someone who is not running for president. house speaker paul ryan, ruled out making a late attempt at trying to become the republican presidential nominee. >> i've got a message to relay today. we have too much work to do in the house to allow
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speculation to swirl or to have my motivations questioned. so let me be clear. i do not want nor will i accept the nomination for our party. >> the candidates who do want their party's nomination, focusing again today on new york, hold polls there, hillary clinton and donald trump both have commanding leads. speaking of hillary. former president bill clinton will be campaigning in our area here tomorrow. the nation's 42nd president, of course, will be stumping for his life at leisure world in silver spring. doors open at 6:15. you can get out ahead to vote at the primary. scheduled for april 26th, two weeks from today. we're tracking other numbers. 1, 2, 3. the great guarantee. >> i feel pretty good. it's a midnight to midnight high. and looked like it was going to be a midnight high last night. and i think it will still be a midnight high. went for a high of sketch. and it was
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i looked it up because i'm kind of weird like that. okay. we'll let you know -- yeah, confirmation. we'll let you know how we did tonight at 11:00. you can also simply download our free app and track us that way. live look outside. 63 right now. dew points in the 20s. that's a pretty dry air mass. winds right now are still gusting to 28 miles per hour. spray painting a fence tomorrow. it will be okay to do that. will not be that breezy tomorrow. in fact, we'll have a break of the winds tomorrow. all right. cold tonight. frost, north and west. bus stop temperatures, 32 to 50. again, light jacket. sweatshirt. the kids need something this week. every morning, it will be kind of cold to chilly. you'll need a jacket and sunglasses the rest of the week. it will be warmer over the weekend and remains dry over the weekend. so you can make the tee time or do some gardening. tone, walk the dog. walk the dog. upper 40s.
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after the nats game, it will be in the 40s once you leave the stadium. by morning, mentioned this earlier. i think the numbers are high. i think we're looking at more like 32 in gaithersburg. 34 in manassas. by 9:00, okay. low 40s will do it. pure sun. by 1:00, 54 downtown. 54 in leesburg. even cumberland, 52, at 1:00. temperatures pretty even throughout tomorrow. and by 6:00 p.m., we're in the upper 50s. i think most folks will not quite make 60. i think d.c. might barely touch 60. gaithersburg and rockville and leesburg and sterling, points north and west. probably holding in the upper 50s tomorrow. average high is 66 now. by 11:00, temps fall quickly again, tomorrow night. maybe not quite as cold. but probably seeing a frost advisory, once again north and west tomorrow night. for tonight, clear and colder. frost north and west. lows 32 to 42. winds light, northwest at 10. by morning, sunny with a cold
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grab your sunglasses. 32 to 58. and by afternoon, pretty much pure sun. a little chilly. light jacket is a good idea. highs near 60. i gotta say, the april sun is pretty strong. so you're not degree to feel yourself getting burned. you need to put sun screen on if you're out any length of time tomorrow. winds northwesterly, at about 10. day planner looks like this. 40s to start. 42 at 7:00. up to 50 by 11:00. 58 by 1:00 p.m. next seven days. well, nice. nice again tomorrow. low 60s on friday. and then we see a little tick upwards. mid-60s on saturday. low 70s on sunday. mid-70s on monday. cold front goes through monday night. dry. knocking temperatures down to a reasonable upper 60s next tuesday. >> soups good. topper, thanks. the hashtag, equalpayday is trending. some wonder why we need
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day in 2016. and president obama says he hopes the day comes where children are astonished that
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and there you are. >> what did you read? >> stuck. book called stuck. by oliver jeffers about a kite that gets stuck in a tree. and a little boy who throws everything up there to get it out. >> happy ending? >> oh, yeah. very happy ending. >> sounds like fun. right after the break. how investigators made a $2 million drug bust in maryland. plus day care and preschool are costing parents a bit more. and local starbucks roll out. an evening menu, complete with adult beverages. details in tonight's consumer alert.
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breaking news from washington. a state psychiatric hospital is out of a job. the government fired him after two men escaped from a hospital. both have since been recaptured. one of the men is anthony garver, who was found not competent to stand trial in the torture death of a woman. tonight, we're learning new details about a big-time drug bust in maryland. >> we're talking 31 kilos of cocaine, with a street value of as much as $2 million. take a look at
5:25 pm
here. last friday. a shock to people who work nearby. >> it's surprising to just see that it was that close. you know what i mean? that's kind of wild. i know it's out there. but 10 feet away is kind of crazy. >> investigators say the suspects unloaded a tractor- trailer at the warehouse last wednesday. on friday, they pulled over a car with nearly 60 pounds of cocaine inside. four men face life in prison if convicted. tuitions are on the rise. for your toddler. according to a new study, it's more expensive to send a 4-year- old to preschool or day care in 23 states. the report finds that parents pay higher costs for those playtimes and naps than it would be to send an 18-year-old to a state college. newly-released, iihf crash test results on large pickup trucks show that ford's newly- revamped, f150 was the only vehicle to score a top rating. the insurance institute for highway t
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what happens -- when a tree runs off at 40 miles per hour. trucks from chevy, gmc, ram and toyota, didn't do so good. starbucks is lank a new evening men -- launching a new evening menu here in d.c. they will offer beer and small food flates. the seattle coffee house chain first introduced the nighttime menu in 2010. starbucks has alsoapplied for alcohol permits at 13 northern virginia stores. people responding about the new concerns about the zika virus. hundreds of mistreated dogs, seized from a property in maryland. and a protest to get money out of politicseps -- politics ends on capitol hill. that's r at giant, shoppers are discovering low prices by the thousands, plus a thousand more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of "bread."
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wow, it's like a luxury car. i was shocked. i mean it's like, this is chevy? for a limited time, get cash back for 15% of the msrp on most remaining 2015 chevy vehicles while they last. find new roads at your local chevy dealer. getting big money out of politics. top priority from protestors in d.c. today. but comes with a price. wusa 9 stephanie gailhard live on capitol hill tonight to explain. >> reporter: hey there. 85 protestors were arrested outside capitol hill here today. each of them forced to pay a $50 fine. they say it's a small price to pay for getting people to pay attention to their message. >> reporter: among the sea of protestors, gulf war
5:30 pm
dan vam. >> we started at the liberty bell plaza. walked 140 miles for 10 days, through wind and sleet and eat. >> finally, arriving here at columbus circle to join the rest of these activists. democracy spring is a nonpartisan group they want big money out of politics. >> it's really the core issue for everything that is troubling our country. >> reporter: these protestors are also fighting restrictive voter identification laws. >> the politicians decide the lines in which the voting takes place. ask they know that they can -- and they know they can win that way. [ singing ] >> reporter: from here, democracy spring marched to capitol hill. hundreds of these people have been arrested for protesting, including david denim. >> it seemed trivial, actually. there was totally nonviolent. >> reporter: cop tol -- capitol police say this was
5:31 pm
that restricts demonstrations. activists say it was meant to send a message. >> we believe enough is enough. ask americans should take a stand. and we hope congress will hear our call. >> reporter: many, like lam, are willing to get arrested. >> it's indescribable. i've rarely seen the spirit decorps like this, even when i was in the service. >> reporter: lam and more than 400 other protesters were arrested yesterday outside capitol hill yesterday for a similar sit-in. and rallies like the one you just saw, will continue through monday in d.c. reporting live on capitol hill tonight, stephanie gailhard, wusa 9. >> stephanie, thank you. today's sit-in features dozens of seniors who want to leave a working democracy to future generations. zika virus seems more concerning than the cdc first thought. it now says that
5:32 pm
the entire pregnancy period. it can cause premature birth, and abnormally small heads in newborns. we talked to people in downtown d.c. to get their thoughts. >> went to the doctor and they told me to wear extra repellent. >> i know some pregnant women have decided not to travel. >> the risks greatly outweigh the reward of traveling to the affected countries, for a week's vacation. >> i haven't heard too much about it. and i think maybe we should be talking a little more. >> reporter: the cdc does not expect the virus to become widespread. but the mosquito that does carry the disease is now in 30 states. the alexandria health department is making a few recommendations to residents. they are saying dry out areas that hold moisture once a week, turn on air conditioners and keep the doors closed. and the city will begin trapping and identifying mosquitoes, starting in may. right now, the humane society on maryland's eastern
5:33 pm
seized dogs back to health. >> a other thanking with, some of the video here is kind of disturbing. the sheriff's department rescued the dog from a property in eden, maryland. 100 of the dogs. 100 of them, were kept inside the home, with very little room to move around. >> there were pregnant dogs that were puppies. they were not in good condition. matted fur. and there the conditions were not good at all. there was no air flow in the rooms. and there was feces and everything like that everywhere. >> the wicomico county humane society used things to help them care for the pups. so far no charges have been filed. police near seattle are holing a man suspected of killing three that he met online. friends say ingrid lim was supposed to go to a baseball game with 37-year-old john charlton. but she wasn't home when her ex- husband arrived dr
5:34 pm
an hour later, a homeowner called police saying they found body parts, include a foot in a recycling bin. detectives connected the case and arrested charlton. >> justice for ingrid. no one deserves this. no one. >> charlton was arrested monday and booked on suspicion of murder. police are looking to whether he could be tied to other murders. a texas school officer body- slammed a girl in san antonio has been fired. joshua kem was terminated monday, after youtube video showed him restraining and then throwing 12-year-old enisa valdez. a loud crack could be heard as her head slammed the pavement. former child actor, dustin diamond, is a free man again. the actor who played screech, on tv's "saved by the be,"
5:35 pm
knot out of -- got out of jail monday. he was sentenced to four months behind barbs -- bars for a fight. he participated in a program that allowed him to get out of jail earlier. a tractor-trailer, carrying 46,000 pounds of milk, overturned, spilling all over interstate 295. the driver was taken to the hospital. but should be okay. and apparently not crying over spilled milk. >> of course not. but it smells real good out there now. trending now. why a teen's parents are pretty angry with the dora the explorer actress. and a firefighter goes all out to stage an elaborate proposal. and this might be our newsroom's favorite story of the day. two brothers punk their sister with a zombie apocalypse prank. top? time to get the allergy medicine out and keep it handy. we're in a dry stretch of weather.
5:36 pm
high for tree pollen now. until we get some rain, that's going to get higher and higher. we'll talk about when the temperatures finally start to go up. and how many nights we could actually have frost this week.
5:37 pm
delores kelley: although we were all one maryland, our schools weren't treated the same way. narrator: with neighborhoods getting unequal funding for schools, something had to be done for our children. kelley: it didn't matter where chris was from. he knew that we couldn't leave a child having less just because they lived in a region that was poor. joanne benson: he has not just talked about it. he is going to stand tall for all children to succeed. i'm chris van hollen, and i approved this message.
5:38 pm
5:39 pm
all right. grab your super poly. a prank we two brothers in the d.c. area, played against their sisters. >> they clearly need something to do. >> the sister was still loopy from painkillers, following wisdom tooth surgery. so the brothers convinced her that the zombie apocalypse was under way. >> the centers for disease control in washington, d.c. has issued a vital outbreak warning. state and local officials have reported cases of high fever, nausea, death, and even cannibalism. stay in place until further notice. >> active zombies? >> this isn't what we want. >> we have guns. >> this -- the safety is right here. pull this. try. i need need to see you do it. you gotta hold it up. hold the weapon. hold it up.
5:40 pm
no, hold up -- it up. >> that is just wrong. and it keeps going. >> according to the washingtonian magazine, one of the brothers is cabot phillips. one of the director's for marco rubio's presidential bid. if you'd like to see this videoentire video, we have it up on our wusa 9 app. parents whose child was booted say dor at explorer -- dora the explorer is a bad influence. >> they said they pressured -- it pressured her daughter into vaiping. there was no chemical in it but just water. forced to leave the school. not fair, say the
5:41 pm
convince a fellow fireman to stage a routine drill on his girlfriend's birthday. >> i'm looking through and she's on her computer. like hello. guy on a ladder here. >> i hear this commotion in the background. and i look up. and i see brian. and i knew something big was going to happen. then he undid his jacket. and there was a sign. and then i knew. >> how cute. gillen still had to ask the question the old-fashioned way. and she said yes. >> that is so cute. and then the story yesterday, where the woman wore her husband's outfit, and he's in trouble? >> i know. i don't understand that. >> and they went to all of this trouble for this. >> he shouldn't be in trouble if she isn't in trouble. lindsay lohan is off the market. tmz reporting the 29 yearly actress is -- 29-year-old actress is engaged to be married
5:42 pm
ian teraboxoff. they have only been dating for five months but know it's going to last. she said both of her parents like him, one of the few things they agree on these days, i guess. no word on when the wing will -- wedding will take place. there is still time to get your free ice cream cone from ben and jerry's. >> doesn't that make you happy? >> it does. >> the company wants to show customers how much they mean to them. you can get a free scoop until 8:00. locations in d.c., maryland and virginia. you're welcome. >> i'll bring you back some. so the washington nationals. one win away from their best start in 15 years. but coming up, find out why the players aren't satisfied. >> and when we come back, a virginia family, facing an uncertain future as their twin boys fight a rare disease.
5:43 pm
the nra and its campaign cash are what stands between us and gun reform. "every time i think about those kids... it gets me mad" chris van hollen met with nra lobbyists to craft a loophole that would let the nra skirt a new campaign finance law and block gun control. but democrat donna edwards said "no" to the nra loophole and stood up to the gun lobby. and she would ban assault weapons. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator. working for us pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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i'm andrea mccarren, where a local doctor is facing very serious charges of sexual misconduct wi
5:46 pm
the alleged incidents happened in an office here, as well as one in largo. the state medical board report has some shocking, graphic details. we will tell you about that, as well as where he's working now, coming up at 6:00 in a live report. so this saturday, you've got a chance to help hundreds of kids. >> they are struggling with a.t. it's a disease that for now is invariably fatal, with no treatment and no cure. bruce leshan is talking with a family that is fighting hard. >> yeah, lesli and adam. the fernandos are incredibly strong. they know whatever they do is unlikely to save their twins. but that is not stopping them. >> reporter: the twins, joshua and jacob fernando are, in some ways, just like any other 7- year-olds. they love star wars, light sabers, and smacking their big brothers. >> when the tw
5:47 pm
-- i couldn't resist but like hugging them. because they were so cute. >> that was great. >> reporter: three years ago, doctors diagnosed the twins with attacksia talangia distasia. it leaves them wobbly and prone to infections and cancer. >> that was devastating. because attacksia tulangsic tase tassia is a death sentence. >> everybody understands. >> reporter: there aren't many fighting it, so the pharmaceuticals have little incentive to come up with something. >> we will fight this. we
5:48 pm
we will be down now but we'll get over this. >> reporter: despite the long odds, jen fernando still has big dreams for her boys. >> going to college. a job and a family and children. that's my dream. >> fernando is part of the wusa 9 family. he owns tegno, which is part of wusa 9. had beaten cancer and learned about a liver transplant, when they learned about their twins' diagnosis. >> their faith is strong. and it is helping them at a difficult time. so, bruce, we talked about how people can help. jen fernando is help -- having a tea for a tee. we have a link on our wusa 9 app if you want to sign up. cleanup is under way in north texas, after golf ball
5:49 pm
pummeled homes ask cars in wiley. you can could hear the glass shattering, as massive hailstones pierced through the windows of this home yesterday. no one inside was hurt. emergency services were so overwhelmed. people were told to call 911, only if they faced a life- threatening situation. in texarkana, arkansas, strong winds sent trees crashing into homes. meantime -- >> for hail ando said, oh, lord, just protect us from those trees. i didn't start praying soon enough. [ laughter ] >> luckuly, there were no reports of major injuries. and lucky for us, things are looking better. top? >> yeah. they had over 100 reports of hail. some reported softball sizes. that is almost 3 or 4 inches in diameter. when you saw the big splash, you know it's a pretty good sized hail stone. and one reason
5:50 pm
the updraft. the hailstorm circulates. and it circulates again and again. and when it gets big enough tfalls to the ground. we said this over and over again. the ring is how it circulated in the storm. live look outside. courtesy of our michael and sons weather cam. they will calm down. it's ushering cooler and dry air in. frost, north and west. bus stop temperatures, 32 to 50. winds in check tomorrow, though. we need a jacket and sunglasses, the rest of the week. rest of the weekend, too really. it will be warmer over the weekend. and still remaining dry. so on the future cast. 10:00 tonight. 40s to around 50. a little walk after dinner. and by morning, these are a little bit high. i think we're looking at 36 -- excuse me, 32 in gaithersburg. 32 in frederick, hagerstown. probably 33 in leesburg and maybe sterling. bimidmorning, we'll --
5:51 pm
midmorning, we'll be back in the 30s. by 1:00, walking to lunch. need a jacket. only 55, as far as south of la plata. only 55 in fredericksburg. clear as a bell, yes. ask by 6:00, we crawl into the upper 50s. but i think most of the burbs hold below 60 tomorrow. maybe we make 60 downtown officially. and tomorrow night, we clear out again and temperatures fall pretty quickly. headed for the 30s once again in the suburb. on the day planner. low 40s to start. but remember, those are downtown temps. low 30s in the burbs. and 50 by 11:00. and 58 with sunshine by 1:00. next seven days. nats in town. and a little better. mid-60s saturday. low services sunday. look at that. mid-70s sunday. and upper 60s on tuesday. and right now, we don't have a drop on the 7-day.
5:52 pm
nationals are off to a pretty great start this season. but they are tested from the beginning. they improve to 4-1 last night with another win over the atlanta braves. but all four of the nats' victories have been in come- from-behind fashion. frank hanrahan joins us live from nashville park for more on their hot start for the inside pitch. >> braves right now, taking b.p. behind me. and the nationals, the perfect team to get off to this hot spot. now they're looking for four straight tonight. and the best start for the nationals as a franchise in 15 years. of course, last night, the nationals got the victory, 6-4, as they have improved to 4-1 on the season. now, despite this very good start, inside the locker room before this afternoon's game, he's telling me, hey, we are not feeling that great. it's still very early. weaven't accomplished much yet. >> i think we're playing good
5:53 pm
we're able to take some of the things we did in spring training and carry it over into the season. i think we're great in pitching. i think the offense is being able to keep pressure on the imposing -- opposing pitcher. >> we are not even here yet. just because we won a few ball games here and there, does not mean anything. this means nothing. >> just trying to win ball games, one at a time. and going to come a lot of ways for us. this year, we've got a lost guys that can contribute. and just going out, every night, trying to get wins in and trying to add on. i don't think we're anywhere near where we're capable of doing it yet. it's going to be fun. >> yeah, you gotta love what max shir zer just said there. we have not accomplished anything. we'll see what shakes out tonight against the braves. nats have won 12 state state -- straight at home. i'm frank hanrahan. back to you. >> to put it in perspective, they could
5:54 pm
atlanta braves are. it's still a great start for them. and kind of improving. and we see how deep their lineup is. and i think that's what is most impressive. >> and nice that they're not cocky about it. >> i think they've learned. i think they've learned. >> good. thanks, kristen. just ahead. a story you'll only see on 9. three patients accuse a local pain doctor of sexually molesting them. also at 6:00, house speaker paul ryan, making an announcement on whether he'll enter the presidential race. up next, the long-awaited results on a new study of lead- contaminated water
5:55 pm
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a leading researcher on lead contamination says the water emergency in flint, michigan is far from over. an 8-month long study finds the water in the city remains unsafe to drink. but there are some improvements. >> the water crisis in flint has been the topic of numerous congressional hearings. craig boswell reports from capitol hill. >> reporter: virginia tech professor mark edwars say -- edwards says the water in flint, michigan, still contains dangerously high lead levels and is dangerous to drink. >> no one should be drinking unfiltered flint water. >> reporter: edwards and his team retested the water in march. after they switched back in lake huron. they compared the new water samples, where the flint river is the main source. lead levels decreased but remained
5:58 pm
standards. >> for that reason, people have to continue using bottled water in filters, until further notice. >> reporter: flint now has corrosion control chemicals, added to its pipe, to prevent lead from forming. but edwards says people are running the water and not allowing the faucets to run enough to let it to work. >> as a result, the delivery of this cure, which needs to flow through the water, in some homes, it's just not happening. >> reporter: edwards said that process of cleaning out lead deposits could take up to two years. and he called on congress to help the flint families recover. >> this congress has demonstrated a lack of willingness to spend money on even the most essential elements of a civil society. >> reporter: the virginia tech study says the water can be used for bathing and showering, and new samples will be taken later this summer, for a new round of testing. craig boswell. cbs news, capitol hill. >> and a
5:59 pm
rashes. >> it is expected to be complete by the end of april. fright -- right now at 6:00. house speaker paul ryan says to count him out of getting into the presidential race. and former new orleans saints football player there. first, only on 9:00 tonight. shocking allegations. a local anesthesiologist, who is licensed to practice in maryland, d.c. and virginia. >> i'm bruce johnson. and i'm jan jeffcoat. police have charged dr. brian with contact with three patients he treated between 2012 and 2914. andrea mccarren is live with the details for us tonight. andrea? >> reporter: jen, these are very serious allegations. according to state medical board charging documents, all three women went to dr. williams for pain management and later accused him of se
6:00 pm
>> reporter: dr. brian williams was working at this kensington medical office, when a female patient came to see him for lower back pain. here and at this largo office, on two other visits, the doctor allegedly touched her genitals, without explanation. according to the medical board, the patient asked the doctor, with alarm, what he was doing. dr. williams replied, not to worry, it will be all right. on another visit, the doctor allegedly reached beneath her surgical gown and repeatedly touched her genitals. and according to the documents, looked up at the patient, while he was doing so. when she demanded to know what he was doing, she noticed the doctor was sexually aroused. that alleged victim reported dr. williams to her primary care doctor, who reported him to kaiser, the medical care provider. she told us the experience traumatized her. i was nervous. i was jumpy. i couldn't sleep.


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