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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  April 13, 2016 1:37am-1:49am EDT

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transffrmers star megan fo n everybody's mind. separated from her husband for nearly a year, so is the divorce off or does she have someone elss's?
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and christy out the lunch that you had with liam and his brother and f stories they have never told. now for april 12, 2016, this is "entertainment tonight." chris hemsworth, charlize theron. absolutely stunning, liam and miley, emily glowing and
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pregnant, jessicace from brian austin green last summer, well, she's pregnant, and the big question now, who's the dad? megan hit the red carpet in a u co-stars shila buff and megan johnson. megan filed for divorce from actor brian austin green in august, they have two sons together, but they could be making a go at it again. this was megan and brian out last move month at lunch, twice, wit t
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anr pl.t onoken. >> in the form
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>> u lookt how your life has changed and how much mor lfneed to be fed.
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celebrating? >> weap >> we were just hanging out. we're not all in the same brother luke and his wife. leah walked ahead, knowing the came watching, but he kempt checking back to make sure miley was okay, there she is, engagement ring on.
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"the huntsman" which opens may 2, she's with this guy scott w? >> i'm going to do something really extreme. definitely try and do something cool because the movise >> she's stunning in any hair do. >> you know what was stunning? the black dior she had on last night. dior lowered the neckline and beading up the front and the back. and jessica chastain took this run way look to the red carpet. >> i like it because felt like a casual handkerchief dress but it sparkles. >> and big-time props to pregnant emily blounlt wearing superchic maternity wear. >> it's fun until the heels go on, then it's less fun. but it's fun, it's carpet, i'll go home and eat something.
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it's better than the first one. >> chris hemsworth? a lot of beautiful people last nigh dinner last night. taylor swift was there, she was rocking some short shorts and showing off those long lovely legs of hers. angels rosy huntington whitely an lily aldridge was also there to celebrate. n ylor really stole the show i those denim shorts from one teaspoon, that's the name of the company..o cf1 o they were $110. and from there on camo jacket, $1,360. and check out those kicks from castle. $790. if you adddit all up, that is a $5,000 outfit and i will take it as a christmas gift. husband and let him know that.
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i'll let him know. by the way>> marla and tony. >> i s ony s ut marla had some support, her daughter with the donald, ti was in the audience. >> i'll overcome the sadness and try to relax. >> we went full on into the tarzan character this week. >> the law of the jungle is now the law of the deaths. >> a shirtless demall dimarco didn't skip a beat. the hearing impaired model kept step with his partner. bu
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ht how is your body holding t with ripped jeans, and i had on compression socks under event. and there was a lot of backlash over kiley's company. >> here'sshow marie claire
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everyone's wearing wigs. fir18- super chatty on snap chat up next, are george cs loon trading laughs for hig
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>> george's kidnapper is a man who lost it all in the market, why? said it will be perfectly safe . >> and we're hearing that george, julia and-that's actually going to be julia's first tim >> still ahead tonight, on the road again with thelma and louise 25 years later. i look back with the stars on the set. plus, the new single mom squad. drew barrymore after her split and gwyneth paltrow's
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co-parenting tips.
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this cold and flu season
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go backwe so ab >> it's important that you be able to co-parent and vacation as a family. so what advice do you have especially for your close girlfriends going through something like that in their life? >> you know, it's really kind of just an exercise in letting go and forgiving and embraci what's wonderful about the person and what you fell love with in the first place and it is possible to sort of separate out the romantic part and
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forge th wonderful familial relationship with somebody. >> t home, i try to keep the pantry pretty clean, but when we're out in the old oreos and cheese as well as healthy food. >> a lot of peopl surprised to see that. do you not own a microwave? >> i do not own a microwave. i believe in the old fashion ways of heating things up. >> gwyneth is good friends with drew barrymore who is having to learn how to co-parent 3-year-old olive and frankie who is only 2 are her everything. drew did this cover shoot before her breakup went public.
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believe, the entiroom's got >> today drewnot seemingly both divorce drama, but teared up at the new york society for the prevention of cruelty to children. >> i was getting ready to have my own children, it was time to start learning and investing what it would mean to become a good mother. >> she proved kids always come first. >> >> geena davis and susan sarandon as thelma and louise
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became a classic, it was a game chan befo
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truc >> all right. let's go. at this, whatto th an adorable way announce it. i mean come on. what did
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darker" and i contained one important clab
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piece. l on kn >> kloe says she worked hard to lose 35 pounds and she credits it for getting over her with lamar odom. >> she says sh doesn't
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virtually every poll. i amount only one that beats hillhiar have as a nominee. i will let you know. that way we can have another interview. >> "cbs overnight news" will be right back. ♪ ♪


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