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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  April 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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million, which is your fair share, given the fact that we transport 50% of your work force. every day. you want them to be safe. you want this to be reliable. but you just want to leave here like we did in 2005 and do nothing. and if we do that, next time something happens, i'm blaming it on you guys. because we need your help. i am not going to bail you out. i am not going to support bailing out the district of columbia. you're not bailing out -- >> it is bailing out. a lot of tough words there. and a lot of raised voices for sure. they talked about safety. that was personal why they were going there. but it all came down to the money. there were also representatives from the ntsb and the fta there. but they didn't much of a chance to get much to say at all. we're live here on the hill tonight, debra alfarone, wusa 9. >> metro is the second busiest transit system in the country. the identity of the prince
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who accidentally killed a fellow officer during a chaotic gunfight. it happened last night. his identity was revealed today? he's officer taylor kraus. he was applauded back in 2013. scott broom is joining us live where cross was identified as the shooter during a court hearing for the three men who charged -- or three men charged, rather, with starting the gunfight that started it all. >> now we know the name of the man on the other side. the other 50% of this double tragedy is that police chief hank stuwince key called it. he has the fullbacking of the entire prince george's police department. >> according to police, taylor kraus thought he was aiming his assault rifleat a bad guy. as an attack was unfolding on a district 3 precinct march 13th. instead, he turned out to be
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undercover detective. colson was killed. kraus is a 34-year-old marine with nearly six years as a former police officer and former officer of the month. >> we know at this point, officer kraus was the only officer armed with a rifle. >> here's police chief hank stuwin ski. >> it's a double tragedy. we've lost an officer. but one in a friendly-fire incident. precipitated by something before that was completely senseless. >> reporter: kraus was -- they argued they were not responsible for colson's death, at the hands of a police officer. a lawyer for brother michael ford said he did not intend to kill anyone in the off-camera shooting. instead, he was hoping police would kill them. his brothers, malik and elijah are accused of recording the attack. the brothers intended to release their video to
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star hip-hop, a website infamous for posting violent fights and public sex videos. >> if you accompany a person, you assist, you participate in a crime, that you can then be charged with the results of that crime. >> there were several opportunities for the two other brothers to stop this. >> reporter: now, attorneys for the ford brothers argue that there is no way the brothers should be charged with murder when the officer died at the hands of another police officer. but a judge overruled them on that. he ordered that the brothers stay in custody. probable cause for this case to continue to move forward against them. reporting live at the kraus courthouse -- at the courthouse in upper marlboro, scott broom, wusa 9. >> and chief duwince key -- winski remains on paid administrative leave. he is receiving support from the and
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hector olvera is on paid administrative leave after being arrested and accused of assaulting a woman in an arlington hotel. peggy fox, joining us live from the courthouse and magistrate's office. peg, i guess we could be seeing him coming out any time. >> reporter: we're waiting for him to come out. but we just received news that he has been formally charged with one count of assault and battery. that is a misdemeanor. bond has been posted alt $10,000. ololiver -- oliverra was in town to play the braves. he will not be taking the field tonight. >> reporter: atlanta braves outfielder, hector olvera was arrested. arlington police say a woman he was with in a hotel room called 911 and accused him of assaulting her. >> she was transported to the hospital so he could be evaluated. >> reporter: the woman was taken to rg
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center for treatment. >> police say oliverra knows the woman. but the accusation does not merit the definion of domestic violence. still, assault is a serious crime. each without any formal charges against oliverra. on paid administrative leave. doorways, that helps women in domestic violence situations. >> it's going to take strong action to turn around a needle that's going in the wrong direction. >> reporter: at the magistrate office, two attorneys came to represent him. >> it's going to happen. >> i got nothing for you guys. thanks. >> reporter: the 31-year-old defected from cuba and agreed to a dr. 62.5 -- 62.5 million contract in may. hector oliverra will
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bond. that could take minutes or hours. for now, i'm peggy fox, reporting in arlington. back to you. >> oliverra will continue to receive his $4 million salary. while on administrative leave. according to the washington post, he could ask an independent arbitrator to reinstate him, pending an investigation by major league baseball. the wife of anne arundel county sheriff, ron bateman said she doesn't want to pursue criminal charges. in her first public statement, elise bateman doesn't believe anything that happened between them is criminal. elise bateman said sheriff bateman appeared agitated sunday night and asked her to leave the home. when she refused, they argued. like lots of married couples. at no point did ron punch or hit or kick me. he did not intentionally
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me. sheriff bateman faces second- degree assault charges. victim says she was first approached by this person on the beltway, or rather in beltway plaza monday night. he reportedly followed her, produced a knife, then dragged or -- her into woods on cherry wood terrace, where she was assaulted. sentencing day for the 19 yearly accused of multiple assaults and attempts. a court spokesperson said melvin got 20 on each of the counts with the intent to defile. in one incident, police say perez-bonilla pulled a pillow case over a woman's head trying to assault her. a court official says he will serve less time, seven years, with a $100 fine. thousands of verizon workers are on strike, on the east coast, after 10 months of trying to reach a new contract. the communication workers of america started that strike at 6:00 this morning.
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seven locations in maryland and virginia. ellen brian is at the silver springs verizon headquarters. and they were trying to settle this since last year, ellen. and it just didn't work. >> right. it's been a long process. those 10 months of disagreement. the strikes going on over my shoulder. those disagreements, they're not done. when i talked to the cwa today, they told me there's more than 39,000 employees who are on strike. but verizon said that number is closer to 36,000. either way, this strike is impacting stores from massachusetts to virginia. >> make no mistake about it. we are under attack. >> verizon employees, rallying in silver spring. demanding verizon gives workers the contract they say they're entitled to. >> it's painful. but it's necessary. >> reporter: chica has six wes until she delivers her third baby girl. >> it's the worst timing. however, it's necessary. my baby isng
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i'm fighting for. i'm doing this for all my kids. i'm doing this for my husband and my family. for everybody else's family. >> most people we talked to have children at home to support. >> healthcare, benefits. pretty much, i guess my main concern. i have 5-year-old twins. >> workers brought up healthcare and job security as their biggest concern. >> >> reporter: but verizon said it has proposed a contract with excellent healthcare benefits, wage increase and retirement benefits. it's looking into the future and making its wireless business more successful. verizon's chief administrative officer said, unfortunately, union leaders are rooted in the past. calling a strike benefits no one and brings us no closer to resolution. but workers are prepared to trike for months if necessary. >> people have to show unity. the more numbers we have out here, the shorter the strike. >> if you don't stand for
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anything. at some point, have you to stand for something. >> now, verizon toll me they have been training thousands of employees that live here, over on the east coast. nonunion verizon workers, to step in, pick up the slack from the union workers that are now on strike. they also added, that they should just have a minimal impact on its customers. in silver spring, ellen brian. and cwa says they will march outside verizon centers during work hours. that includes two locations that are open 24 hours. new developments in the shooting death of former new orleans saints player will smith. >> they say he was not holing a gun during the traffic altercation. however, police say they did find a handgun inside smith's suv. smith was shot and killed by the driver of a hummer, after a no
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smith's vehicle may have hit the hummer first. the texas teenager who used a so-called affluenza defense, was ordered to remain in jail for another two years. 19-year-old ethan couch appeared in an adult court today for the first time. he killed four people and severely injured two others in a crash back in 2013. at the time his blood alcohol level was more than three times the legal limit. we're just getting started wuon sa 9 news at 5:00. school leaders get serious about safety. after two teens were killed at the dean wood metro stage.  and now we know how the fbi was able to hack into an iphone, belonging to one of the san bernardino mass shooters. topper? slotle absolutely gorgeous right now -- absolutely gorgeous right now. but more frost advisories, north and west. loudoun county, parts north and west. frederick and martinsburg. hagerstown. temperatures there, 33, 32, 34 tonight. ho'll come back and talk about
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and showers back on the seven- day. we'll tell you which day they're rolling in. and right after the break, campaign 2016 takes center stage in maryland, with bill clinton and john kasich, both on the stump. a live report right after the break.
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former president bill clinton is in silver spring tonight, campaigning for his wife, ahead of the primary next week. >> clintons are still squirming after former secretary of state clinton participated with the new york city mayor, in a racially-charged skit. and the former president, bill clinton, shouting down at black lives matter hecklers. bruce leshan live at the lesure world, -- ur
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bruce, what do you have? >> yeah that's right, aam and lesli. the former president is here, doing his patented handshake with hundreds of seniors who were here at leisure world, to listen to him. the primary coming up. in just under 2 weeks here. of course, big campaigns going on right now in new york. but the president is here. he has been known to shake hands by former president. but known to shake hands for hours. and he will continue to do that. he delivered about a 45-minute speech here to what is one of the busiest voting areas in all of maryland. these are dedicated voters here. the seniors turn out and vote. and so he is out here, courting them. there is no sign here of black lives matter protestors. but the former president is planning to meet with some african american pastors in hopes of shoring up s
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support, her overwhelming supports, after a couple of controversies. let's now bring out the 42nd president of the united states. bill clinton. yeah! >> the former president feigns himself caught between the politics of his time in office and the politics of today. >> it's kind of a crazy election, isn't it? i mean, it's all over. >> he has been walking back from march protestors in philadelphia last week. >> i did something in philadelphia. i almost want to apologize for it. >> bill clinton had roared at black lives matter hecklers, complaining about his crime bill, and his wife's use of the words "super predators" to describe the bill's targets more than 20 years ago. >> i don't know how you would characterize the gang leaders who got 13-year-old kids hopped up on crack and sent them out on the street to murder other african american children. >> reporter: pastors from across maryland came to silver spring to talk to bill
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out to some non-violent offenders. >> we're concerned about the school pipeline, concerned with pre-k. joblessness, skills and vocation. >> reporter: but the clintons support it, and so does the president of the democratic leadership. >> i know them to be honest, well meaning, public servantses that we can all be proud of. both of them. >> now, the issue, at this point, doesn't seem to be having much impact on the voting. actually, exit polls show that 79% of african americans supported hillary clinton versus just 20% for bernie sanders in the 23 states that have voted so far. and in the real clear politics, average of polls on the maryland primary, hillary clinton is up 23 points
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live at leisure world in silver spring, bruce leshan, wusa 9. >> sounds like the folks behind you agree. bruce, thank you. ohio governor kasich meanwhile, attracted more than 400 supporters. kasich trails donald trump by double digits in most recent polls. but most analysts think maryland could end up being a strong state for him. he took on trump, just not by name in the first few minutes of his remarks. >> don't let anybody tell you that somehow we're losing in america. that's just a downer that i'm not willing to accept. and i know you aren't either. this is baloney. garrett haake has been handling much of our campaign coverage at that rally. and he'll have a live report for us coming up at 6:00. those two and a half snow days d.c. students enjoy this winter. well, they come with a price. june 16th was previously a professional day. it's now a full instructional day.
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half day for students and will now be the last day of the year. it's one of those things where you get them and love them until it makes your school year a little bit longer. >> let's hope it's the last story that is going to have the word snow in it until maybe december. >> but i thought if it were a state of emergency, those days then do not have to be made up. that's what i thought. i guess i'm wrong. there's a rule you need so many school hours a year. >> this is true. >> 3 degree guarantee? it's perfect. hair weather perfect. join pain, perfect for that. low humidity. sunshine. tough to beat. we went for a high today of 59, which is pretty cool, actually. full sun, keeping it under 60 this time of year. average high is about 66. how did we do? we'll let you know tonight at 11:00. live look outside, 57. that's a good thing. dew point in the 20s. winds are calm. so we're looking at another cold night. in fact, coal again, frost north and west.
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52. some of you may be scraping your car again tomorrow morning. april sun, remember, equals august sun. so you're going to ne sunscreen. just going to be too cool. warmer over the weekend. and still dry. i mean, really, really nice stretch of weather here. 10:00 tonight. after dinner walk. cool, chilly. 40s and 50s in the burbs. 46, gaithersburg. 47 in silver silver spring special rockville. 6:00 a.m., we're in the 30s. and like yesterday, i think these attaches are high. more -- temperatures are high. 35, 36 in silver spring and bowie. by 9:00. temps go back in the 40s. hardly a cloud in the sky really. and by lunchtime. now, tomorrow, pretty good shape, walking to lunch. going to find full sun and light wind. 60 feels pretty nice. only 59 in frederick. only 58 in hagerstown. a little cooler tomorrow. but a really gorgeous day. by 5:30, 6:00. temperatures, low 60s now.
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and daly city. maybe 61 in la plata. by 11:00. cool again tomorrow night. not quite as coal. each night gets quite a bit more bearable. tonight, clear and cold again. frost well north and west. 34 to 44. winds light, northeast at about 5 to 10. here are the lows tonight. 34 in gaithersburg. 34 in manassas. 32 in hagerstown. and 34 in winchester. west of 95, there could be a little frost. tomorrow morning, a cold start yes. but just a gorgeous, gorgeous day. grab your sunglasses. 34 to 54 sunshine. gorgeous, highs, low 60s. winds in check. easterly at 10. that's really kind of key. going to feel comfortable tomorrow. with the rest of the week, light winds. 59 in oakland tomorrow. and 63 in cumberland. 62 in hagerstown. and low 60s in winchester. a little warmer out to the west, actually. 65 in culpepper. 63
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64 in manassas. downtown, keeping it around 62. 62 also in gaithersburg. and 60 by the water. there is not a small craft advisory for the bay or title potomac. 40 to start. 55 by 11:00. and up to 60, by 1:00 p.m. tomorrow. next seven days. beautiful friday. temps keep creeping up. near 70 sunday. back to 75 monday. cold front comes through monday night. we'll put some clouds there. we'll keep it dry for now. back in the mid-60s for tuesday. then showers possible wednesday. temperatures about 65. >> like the sound of that, topp, thank you. turns out it was professional hackers bust into the iphone used by the san bernardino terrorists. >> that's according to the washington post. they cite people familiar with the case. they were able to exploit the software flaw and form a piece of
5:23 pm
code. an d making sure you can fit near your family, the next time you apply. i'll tell you about it, in tonight's consumer alert. plus, we'll introduce you to a woodbridge man, who is all smiles, after his power ball payday. guess he's going to a hockey game.
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it's consumer alert time. and lawmakers want to make it easier for you to travel with young children. the senate has added an amendment. they let parents sit with their children at no exra tracost. premium seating on flights make it hard for families to reserve seats together. it also requires to allow pregnant women to preboard. a new report from the transportation department finds that more people are trading in their car keys for bike locks. the study says there are now 46 bike-share systems operating in the u.s. with more than 2600 of them researchers say since 2010, riders in over 30 cities, including the district, have taken more than
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trips. and google helps you find time for google or chill. it's located on the google calendar. it will ask you what goal you want to accomplish. it will scan your schedule and plug in the best time to do it. no worries if you've got a conflict, fitting in that me time. google will automatically reschedule it. so you can say to your mate -- >> google says i can't chill. a woodbridge man is coming forward after wiping a $1 million power ball prize. >> his name is glen spence. he describes the moment he told his wife the exciting news. >> looked at the numbers over and over and over again. so then i went upstairs and my wife was in the kitchen. so i told her, and she said, oh, you're just kidding. i don't believe you. and i said, no, really. we really run. >> time to cash in. now bro wiin
5:28 pm
big winner just before leaving on vacation. how awesome was that? so he kept the ticket in a safe place until he and his wife came back. and spence said, yeah, we spent a little more on that trip than they would have, knowing he had that million-dollar ticket waiting for them. straight ahead. a maryland couple claims a nationally-known jeweler lost their engagement ring. a police officer is being called a real-life super hero, for what he did at a while's funeral. and right after the break, what school leaders in dean wood are doing to make their neighborhoods safe for students.
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ahh! and take control of your health. cigna. together, all the way. he was flicking matches on me... for my life. my ex-husband's intentions were to murder me. glenn: i made sure yvette's abuser went away for good, and put in place tougher sentences, because domestic violence can never be tolerated. yvette: mr. ivey showed compassion. i felt like i could trust him. narrator: glenn ivey. as state's attorney, a proven leader. in congress, he'll combat domestic violence, and protect president obama's legacy. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message, because i'm on your side.
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right now, police continued their stepped-up patrols at the dean wood metro, following a murder. >> but some are taking it upon themselves to make sure their kids get to class and home in one piece. wusa 9's delia gonzalphs -- gon goncalves. >> with two murders in two weeks, those two blocks seem closer than ever. >> coming here, make me feel like, i could be next. somebody i know could be next. >> there's real fear in deen wood -- dean wood, where police routinely stan guard for dismissal. >> it's tough. we're in the middle of our state testing. >> reporter: but in the classroom, they're struggling to maintain a routine. ri
5:32 pm
too. >> 18-year-old javanti hall is facing second-degree murder in the stabbing death of 15-year- old john evans. we try to push through it, in terms of the location where it happened. >> reporter: so to help these kids push through the pain and fear, these school leaders are meeting up with their students at the iny tro. >> -- at the metro. >> we feel comfortable with them. so we know whatever goes down, they got our back. >> it is parents out here that let their kids do everything. and that's why a lot of violence is going on. >> it just goes back to sort of business as usual. and people say that's living in the city. or that's life. and it shouldn't be. it shouldn't be part of any kid's life. >> that's why head of school justin rizzdrom are asking all adults to man this. >> there's people out every day. just on the street corner and greeting kids. then they know who the kids are. they know what the problems are. and it an
5:33 pm
>> the folks here at idea are treme of teaming up with the former principal of monday's murder victim, who spear-headed the amanda bloc program. they urge neighbors that keeping our kids safe takes more than just one day. in northeast, delia goncalves, wusa 9. the block event is monday may 18th. d.c. mayor muriel bowser is looking to head the district. they held a news conference today to talk about the activities that will mark the occasion. she also discussed the importance and the meaning of the d.c. holiday. >> we celebrate because lincoln signed the emancipation act before the emancipation proclamation which freed slaves in the district of columbia. we think that is cause to celebr
5:34 pm
a saturday this year, it will be observed on friday, april 15th. which saturday reason why you have three extra days to file your tax returns. senator mark warner met today with supreme court judge nominee, merrick garland. and he tweeted a moment ago, saying he had a thoughtful meeting with the judge who deserves hearings and a vote. to consider a qualified nominee. mitch mcconnell is refusing to act on garland's nomination. the kentucky republican said the next supreme court nominee should be selected by president obama's successor. a nightmare for one married couple. they took an expensive and beloved engagement ring in to be serviced. >> we don't know if it's lost or stolen. but that pring is straight up gone. and the -- ring is straightup gone.
5:35 pm
wusa 9's stephanie ramirez is following this story you'll see only on wusa 9. stoz the ring was sent to a facility in annapolis, where it went missing. according to police, the couple devastated. telling me, the memories behind that ring can never be replaced. >> it was like an epic proposal. >> i have no idea why -- where we are. >> it was valentine's day, 2014, when her then boyfriend josh led her to clues. at the end, hand-picked self- designed leo karat diamond engagement ring. the insurance value, a little over $21,000. the problem was one of the smaller marquee diamonds was on the loose they shifted to annapolis. they called in to check
5:36 pm
repair. largein toll the ring was gone. >> i sat there and cried my eyes out. i was kind of like shocked; i guess at first. i started to get a little angry. because we haven't gotten any answers. >> the couple was so angry, they took to facebook. we contact the anne arundel county police department and they're investigating. they wouldn't confirm the details but did say they have a person of interest as the investigation continues. a spokesperson for kay jewelers released a statement to wusa 9 and said we take this manner very seriously and are currently working on responsibility and recovery. >> it saddens me that a major company could lose or damage something that is so precious to people. >> in a statement, they also said they are committed to collaborating with the guests on a satisfactory resolution. the company said it is not the leo diamond quality they paid for. stephanie ramirez, wusa
5:37 pm
>> the facebook post has gotten more than 1,000 shares. some people saying they had similar experiences with kay and other jewelers. a virginia man is under arrest, after being accused of placing a secret camera in his neighbor's bathroom. 45-year-old thomas eagle ston was arrested monday in charlottesville. police believe he hid the camera in the bathroom while he was pet-sitting last month. they showed family members using the rest room and showering. visit are ons just announced it considers the thing in brazil. he will sign house approved legislation to designed to develop treatments for the virus. one of the most read stories on wusa m.
5:38 pm
as spiderman while attending a funeral for a 5-year-old boy in texas. cole said he came to the ceremony in costume when he learned spiderman was garcia's favorite super hero. >> there wasn't a time that they hadn't thought about joshua. >> superedded by more than 100 people, officer cole stood there until he was buried. the 5-year-old was buried with a spiderman costume of his own. donald trump themed wall. didn't go over well. and you'll meet a police officer who channels his inner adele. hello, topper. >> you know, this is perfect weather. the only down side, pollen. high again for trees. low for grasses. and low for
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we'll come back and talk about when the 70s reappear and what days we have sh great price on this boneless chicken! yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant.
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delores kelley: although we were all one maryland, our schools weren't treated the same way. narrator: with neighborhoods getting unequal funding for schools, something had to be done for our children. kelley: it didn't matter where chris was from. he knew that we couldn't leave a child having less just because they lived in a region that was poor. joanne benson: he has not just talked about it. he is going to stand tall for all children to succeed. i'm chris van hollen, and i approved this message. i'm chris van hollen,
5:41 pm
t my greens? no, just trying to save you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. let's talk about what is
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being taken down. >> frat students built this thing as part of kappa alpha's tradition of mocking a candidate's political beliefs. the fraternity said it's supposed to be a joke. isn't that how all of these end? but to one latina student on a campus as a minority, it was not funny. next up, a police officer who forgot to turn off his body camera is now an internet singing sensation. >> he's probably getting a serious ribbing, though, too, from his colleagues. officer ryan johnson, belting out his best adele. listen. ♪ [ music ] ♪ hello from the outside ♪ i must have called a thousand times ♪ ♪ to tell you i'm sorry >> if i could sing any better, i probably wouldn't be
5:43 pm
when you act the way that i act, you get used to doing silly stuff like this so you don't get embarrassed very easy. >> did you see that at the bottom of the screen? todays officer johnson is definitely not adele. yeah. so it was his idea to post the video on the department's facebook page. and since then, more than 100,000 viewers have said, hello to officer johnson. you can watch the entire video our on wusa 9 app. that gave me a chuckle and a tear. >> good luck initiating traffic stops there for the next two years, bro. everybody is going to be like, aren't you the -- >> hello? >> not going to be able to say goodbye to a ticket. nba season comes to an end tonight. a couple of the big headlines you should be paying attention to. plus, thor is there to comfort him in his darkest moments. after the break, why one veteran is fighting to keep his dog from being
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a former marine, suffering from ptsd is now fighting for his dog's life. he claims king george's animal control wants to put his dog
5:47 pm
down, after it allegedly killed a nearby farmer's chickens. >> tyler kelly suffers from ptsd, bipolar disorder, and kidney disease, all while training for the marine boot camp. he said thor's comfort is unmatched. >> he's always been there when nobody was. every night, when i have my hard times, he's right there by my side. >> he's more than just a best friend for kelly. thor has become a therapy dog, sensing when kelly is having a tough time. and thor helps kelly get out. the two play teach in -- fetch in these fields. >> in they do have to put him down, it will kill me, too. >> reporter: animal control found thor was on the loose, killing chickens and attacking a baby cow. >> got a cowl the other day -- call the other day, saying the only option i have is putting him down. he's been around so many dogs,
5:48 pm
he's not vicious at all. >> he says thor was only trying to play. and claims his fate is in the hand of king george's animal control. and they would not comment on the case to us because it's an ongoing investigation. an incredible story of human survival out of arizona. a 72-year-old grandmother was stranded for nine days in the desert. ann rogers got lost, after her her brid vehicle lost power. no sign, though, of rogers or her dog. she said they managed to survive by living off the land. >> i was eating desert plants. my dog was, too. diving into clover. and finding all the places that were the easiest paths for me to take. she was my pathfinder on that journey. >> now, the breakthrough came after crews spotted a help sign that rogers put together, using
5:49 pm
when the rescue helicopter landed, roger said she sat down and cried. pretty incredible there. nine days out in the wilderness. top? >> that's incredible. i'll tell you, the desert. there's a lot of plants you cannot eat. no. >> and there are a lot of things out there that want to eat you. >> exactly. >> take a live look outside. we're looking at a clear evening. temperature, about 57. dew points, in the 20s. so another dry air mass. it will fall pretty quickly tonight. there are some frost advisories, north and west again. cold again. frost upper montgomery county. bus stop temperatures, 34 to 52. so i mean, you need a sweatshirt or a jacket tomorrow. and april sun. remember, this means august sun. you need your sun screen as well. you will not feel yourself getting burned at all. warmer over the weekend and remaining dry. 10:00 tonight. temps in the 40s am clear skies, maybe 50 downtown. and by morning, these numbers are still high. i like more like 33, ma
5:50 pm
in frederick. then in silver spring. and about 43 downtown. and then by 9:00, we're back in the upper 40s. pretty much clear as a bell. notice the winds out of the east/northeast. but they're not going to be strong tomorrow. we're going to have calm winds tomorrow and also friday. by 1:00, okay, we are now 60 downtown. 60 in manassas. and 60 also in fredericksburg. by 5:30, we're in the low 60s. even cumberland will be 63. 62 in romney. a little warmer out to the west actually. ask by tomorrow night, temps will fall, but not quite as fast, not quite as far. but your walk after dinner with temperatures will be in the 40s, no doubt. tonight, then. clear skies. cold 18. lows 34 to 44. wins, light, northeast 5 to 10. on the day planner. remember, these are downtown temps. 49 by 9:00. 55 by 11:00. and 60 with full sun today, gorgeous day by 1:00. next seven days. beautiful on friday. 64. andask nats in
5:51 pm
by the way. almost 70 on sunday. mid-70s monday. cold front goes through, essentially dry monday night. drops temps to 66 tuesday. better chance for showers wednesday. but highs will still be in the mid-60s. ♪[ music ] rally going on. rock the red rally going on for the capitals at mount vernon square. the fans were out there in full force. slap shots the mascot was hanging hanging with fans, posing pictures. faps enjoyed the music and giveaways. caps take on the flyers, tomorrow night. at the verizon center. tonight, though, is game 82 for the other tenant at verizon. the washington wizards. and despite preseason
5:52 pm
straight play-off berth. tonight's meeting will be it for the season. but will it also be it for randy whitman? this will be full of changes for the wizards, including, perhaps, the hiring of a new coach. he took over for the late flip saunders. he is a 177-199 record. helped break the team's five- year drought. but this year has been filled with disappointment and discord, amongst his players. a win tonight and the wiz finish the season at 500. there are very meaningful games being played tonight. and that includes the final game for number 24. kobe bryant. it's been a season full of tributes tributes and accolades tonight. developing the 20-year career of black mam ba. -- mamba. he will have played in 226 play- off games. he is an nba legend and icon.
5:53 pm
third on the nba's all-time scoring list. and an 18-time all-star. don't expect this game at the staples center to be a kobe bryant show, though. their opponents, the utah jazz, are still eyeing a play-off spot. also tonight, the warriors are looking to make history. this is a team that started the season, 24-0. and has been practically unbeatable all year. right now, they are 72-9. tonight, the warriors go for that record-breaking, number 73 win. they are a favorite to beat the memphis grizzlies at the oracle center. they have won by 20 points. sunday, the warriors got win number 72 by beating san antonio. thanks to 37 points for steph curry. and a win tonight. and they break the previously held record for the chicago bulls for most wins in the regular season. >> that was a fantastic game. they said curry was hitting with the curry flurry. >> they had not beat san ni
5:54 pm
so a 6-point victory. >> why even watch the play- offs. you know what's going to happen. >> you never know. >> any given game. >> that's true. coming up at 6:00, with bruce and jan. republican presidential candidate john kasich weighs in on his chances, at a contested convention during a campaign stop in maryland. and he got some ice cream i guess. also at 6:00. it's call the trump effect. a new study finds an increase in bullying, of students whose people have been targeted by presidential candidates. but up next. new concerns about whether airports across the country can keep up with the shear
5:55 pm
but jamie raskin is the only abdemocrat for congress who led the fight for tougher gun laws. only raskin took on the nra to ban military-style assault weapons. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message.
5:56 pm
5:57 pm
there are growing concerns about security lines at airports as the summer travel season gets closer. >> yeah, it's not fun. checkpoint lines getting twice as long at some of the airports across the country. chris van cleave has our story. >> extremely long tsa lines and wait times hitting up to 90 minutes, caused spring break chaos. american airlines said in just one week last month, nearly 6800 passengers missed those flights because of the long lines. at seattle tacoma international airport, or seatac, the waits stretched over an hour. hiring of private contractors with administrative duties, freeing up the tsa to focus
5:58 pm
solely on screening. 22 u.s. airports including san francisco ask kansas city international use private firms for security screening. major airports tell cbs news, they've seen security wait times swell. the lines at phoenix sky harbor can be 45 minutes or longer. in minneapolis or st. paul, you can clock nearly an hour, before tsa inspects your carry- on. >> we have high passenger volumes right now. >> we're working very harto dramatically im -- hard to dramatically improve. shifting resources to the highest volume airports. >> how do we get here? the number of flyers is way up. the tsa has shifted focus to enhance screening. and the number of screeners is actually capped pie congress. tsa administrator nefinger said he may have to go ask for more bodies. >> and of course, we know how quickly congress works. earlier this year, the
5:59 pm
busiest airport, jackson hartfield called the tsa, woefully understaffed. >> nationally, the number of tsa screeners is down 15% since 2011. right now at 6:00, metro funding fight. a heated hearing on capitol hill about who should pay to fix the broken system. >> also, a new study is prompting bullying in our nagged's schools. first, maryland presidential primaries is nearly two weeks away. but the battle for the state's delegates began in earnest this afternoon. thank you for staying with us. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> and i'm bruce bruce johnson. the man is running second in that state. ohio governor, john kasich. garrett haake joins us live right now second place for kasich sounds pretty good for this guy. >> reporter: second place would be good
6:00 pm
he's actually running fourth in a three-man race. he's behind marco rubio who dropped out about a month ago. today, they rushed here to stake their claim. >> reporter: more than 400 potential supporters came out to meet john kasich in howard copty today. he'll need every one for their vote. >> kasich trails trump by double digits in maryland. but campaign hopes his more optimistic message might resonate here. >> don't had the let anybody tell you that somehow we're losing america. that's just a downer i'm not willing to accept. >> s >> ted cruz, speaking in erie, pennsylvania this afternoon. >> the heart of our economy is not washington, d.c. the heart of our econy


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