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tv   ET Entertainment Tonight  CBS  April 14, 2016 1:37am-2:07am EDT

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pregnancy rumors are swirling tonight. >> she said i'm the father? >> megan fox's co-star is not her baby daddy. but what does this shot and her ex reveal? >> are ryan reynolds and blake lively expecting? what is she hiding?
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>> and is charlize theron giving into her son's plea to have a brother? >> said, can i have a brother? >> and is courtney cox reengaged to her ex? we have the new make-out video. and is blake proposing to gwen after five months of dating? >> get ready for the most star-packed "e.t.." ever. >> you can quote me on t >> jennifer lawrence on her new movie with chris pratt, will smith, ben affleck and the >> why is amy schumer calling out her boyfriend's mom? >> and -- laziness at the captain america premier. >> that's kind of weird. what happened when the stars hijacked her interviews. >> get out of here. get out of here. get out of here. >> now for april 13, 2016, this is entertainment tonight. every star in the world, literally on the entire planet, is on this show today. nancy, we now know there are three official seasons in hollywood.
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award season, pilot season and baby season. >> megan fox's surpr asking if blake lively and ryan reynolds are expecting again. tonight's top story, oh, baby. >> is blake hiding something under the robe like a baby bump? all of these images are fuelling pregnancy rumors. lively was in malibu filming reshoots for her upcoming film "the shallow." blake opted for a loose-fitting look wearing a dove gray gown from ralph and russo. back in february, form-fitting michael kors. and is this a clue. >> will you go to the game? >> no, i have a 1-year-old at home and wife waiting for me. i'm getting out of here tomorrow before the zoo happens. >> we were like, hmmm when ryan went home early super bowl weekend. >> not even for them. it's for me. i want to go see them. i'mit
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>> newly single drew barrymore pregnant? that's on the tabloid star. we're not sure about that report. we were with the actress yesterday and she was enjoying a glass of wine. drew's reps did not respond to our request for comment. next, megan fox and brian austin green, are they putting their divorce on hold? sure look like it. one day after fox revealed she is expecting. megan and brian were out for lunch yesterday in santa monica. and she rocked her baby bump in a colorful flowing maxi dress. brian sent out shopping in beverly hills is reporte father. yesterday megan shut down rumors about the c baby daddy speculation with this, not the father post. including will arnett. >> she said i'm the father? >> does that surprise you? >> watch it. >> he knows me really
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there are so many things i wo say if this wasn't rolling. congratulations. >> congratulations. >> congratulations. how about th >> we'll stick with that. >> yeah. >> i love the fact he will say a lot of things when the camera is rolling. >> i'm happy he didn't say some of them. that's all. >> you were with will at cinema con in las vegas. so many stars were there. for folks that may not know what is this. >> sure. four-day conference where there are stars, movies, whip theater owners into a frenzy of excitement. and mission accomplished. starting with jennifer lawrence and by the way she knows sell it. >> i play jim. >> forget the plot. jay-law going fearlessly sheer, found another tactic to promote -- >> tickets half off around the world. >> oh, right. not authorized to give di on tickets. >> and you can quote me on that. >> no. >> and all about reunion
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bradley cooper and amy adams with their new film. >> that dream is sometimes all people have. >> for batman versus superman ssar ben affleck on hand. news broke he will direct and star in his own solo batman movie. >> wouldn't be a damn thing we could do to stop it. and will and margo, a focus reunion, but we and everyone else are dieing to see their new movie "suicide squad." >> people are excited about the film. >> understatement. people are freaking out. >> you jokers must be crazy. >> if you're a 12-year-old boy right now, it's like the heavens are about to part when suicide squad comes out. >> will's wife, jada, in a blazer and hot pants for bad mom. is she a sucker for a guy in prison orange? >> what does jada hink of the costume? >> she thought it was pretty hot.
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i went with the sug night look and she appreciated that. >> if cast mate wasn't just promoting suicide squad, there is tarzan talking about a wild love scene. is he punched anddbruised? >> not a bruise. >> would have been a good story. >> okay, fine. a big bruise. hitting alex after a big sex scene with me. >> is that all right? >> it's all right. very traumatic experience. >> ryan gosling in the house but avoided cameras. co-star russell crowe knows how to push their movie. i thought you refer to him as a beautiful young co-star. >> come on, you know what i mean. >> my co-star is a beautiful young woman named ryan gosling. >> hottest chick i ever met. >> here is a team of nice ladies. >> ghost busting crew, including melissa mccarthy, rocking a jump suit, where she let is rip on
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>> the first person i have ever -- >> make me dance -- >> oh, my god. >> this is awesome. >> he's a dream. >> he's awesome. >> on the red carpet, it's all about timing. >> even we saw the chemistry. >> best dressed man in the movies. >> thanks. >> oh, not you. >> in all honesty, the reason she did the movie in the first place was paul. >> making up for it. >> keeping up with the ghostbusters theme. tomorrow, my exclusive set visit. ♪ who you gonna call ♪ ♪ ghostbusters" >> get your proton pack ready. >> i can carry kate easier than the pack. >> cameos, the cadillac, the costumes. that's tomorrow. >> so much fun. by the way, parents, brace yourself, hostess is coming out
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with key lime slime. i'm it'll be all the rage at lunch tables across the country. meanwhile, no good at the captain american premier glasses and big fun. >> oh, i see the rose -- >> chris snagged carly's shades. >> here is a surprise. he was actually a little nervous on the red carpet. >> when you see fans come out, you see how enthusiastic people are and you are shaking in your boots about it. >> you're not shaking. >> debatable. >> really? >> ye yeah..o cf1 o it's nerve-racking but exciting. the marvel universe its day of reckoning in captain america civil war. there is a deep divide in superhero universe and ironman and captain america do not play nice together. >> captain? you seem a little defensive. >> well, it's been a long a day. >> who is in the squad in real life? >> downy is my entire squad.
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after seeing this date night pick. >> rdj posted before the event, speaking of squads, we know they have sebastian stand on his list watch him take over the interview. >> you ever see this guy this handsome walking the street? he will get arrested because he is killing all the will ladies. >> why don't i just let you interview each other? >> okay, great. get out of here. what are you wearing? little black on gray on gray on black. that's ja >> what does robert havv that people may be surprised to hear? >> he has the incredible skill of making the best bath possible. he and our son take the most adventuresome weirdo like -- >> fun baths. >> yeah. we didn't see that coming or this. >> that's weird. >> that's attracti >> pause on computer screen. look really good. > >uli woved ner do that. >> coming up next, you want to see a big star blush?
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steamy chris hemsworth and jessica chastain makeout from the huntsman. >> it's embarrassing. >> and emily blunt correcting pregnancy problems. >> and later, courtney cox more than friends with her ex fiance. what these new makeout shots reveal. >> plus, selena gomez in a bikini after bikini after bikini. don't go away. >> closed captioning provided
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charlize theron and emily blunt were comedy. and with a baby on way, emily is ready to get the media obligations over with. >> i'm always sitting down. >> you make it look so good. >> emily is expecting baby number two with her husband. but how is her 2-year-old, hazel, handling the new arrival? >> it hasn't clicked? >> doesn't understand there's a baby in there. makes no sense to him. >> it doesn't make sense to grown people. here's the deal, makes no sense to me. >> there's a baby in there. >> as for charlize, she adopted her second child, august, last summer. so big brother jackson is adjusting. >> he was specif it has to be a sister, mom. it has to be. >> i'm like, that's not really how it works. you get what you get and you don't get upset.
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so when we got the good news it was a little girl, he was happy. then he said, can i have a brother? i'm like, pipe it. pipe it. >> all the kids were regulars on the set of tunhe htsman. chris hemsworth and his wife's and daughter. loving watching jessica chastain in action. >> my daughter watching characters like this where they can lead armies, that's what i want her to think is possible. not being rescued by the prince. >> what aboteut samy love scenes and how does it eel when the significant others watching? >> oh! >> here is comes. >> there are like a hundred people and -- >> it wasn't a true love kiss. it was an acting kiss. >> if i were jessica, i would be like, that's me right ther chris hemsworth. >> all right, well still ahead, amy schumer said the rest of hollywood, how to nail a late night interview.
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>> then are blake and gwen really getting married? inside the rumor. >> and admitting he is on tender. you can find out next.
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>> yes i have a tender account. do you know what ten >> and how many have i'm sorry, hmm? >> none? >> yeah, i have. >> that's eric mang a home dating confession on ellen. though he is not nervous contacting people through tender, he is nervous about meeting them. >> i understand. that's nerve- not that i would know what happens on tender. >> oh, hold on.
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>> let me just show you something real quick. isn't that your tender account right there? >> oh! >> just sayin'. >> that's photo shop photo. we know all about the photo shopping that goes on in hollywood, everybody. let's keep moving. we are talking about celebrities. let's go past the dating stage. we are tracking the star couple who are racing to the altar. >> are you going to get married no matter what with all your heart? >> my family is very happy. >> rob kardashian's family is approved. in century city, california, he may be putting together a deal for their wedding. >> chyna, how are you? are you going to become the biggest reality star? did you get good advice from kim on how to be a reality star in what about a baby? you having a baby with rob soon, after the wedding? >> we hear it could be a vegas wedding. now let's break down their war
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rob had his dark head to toe with a baseball cap. bride to be hit up a mini mart to grab snacks while wearing a jean leggings, knee socks and black knit cap. must have been casual work day. >> chyna, any flash for the wedding? >> beautiful ring for a beautiful girl. that makes sense. >> thanks. >> how about blake and gwen's wedding? >> gwen stefani spotted out looking fine in this tank top. she and blake have been together five months and there is a rumor he could be putting a ring on it. we're waiting. is courtney cox engaged aga >> are you guys officially back together then? >> she and ex fiance rapper johnny mcdaid were at the london heathrow airport. we knew they were spending time together and seems like things could be back on again. and green with envy or lindsay lohan's engagement ro looks like one humongous emerald. she joined duran duran on stage at their show in brooklyn. we caught aim
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seven-year younger fiance. his money comes from his father's real estate business. lindsay's parents were all smiles with their bride to be daughter. lindsay's dad says egor is a great guy and they are definitely in love. i'm so happy that lindsay has found true happiness. it is written all over both of them. >> all over their bank accounts. let's be real. >> i know. >> i'm keeping it real and embracing love, kevin. you should try the same thing. here is another couple getting married. kevin hart and anika -- >> now this is love. >> she is planning everything. he just said, i'm writing t checks. how is that working out for you, kev? >> she said to me, that's great. nice, how much. oh, that's great. oh, my god, can't wait to see it. how much. >> going to do real well. >> how much? how much? $28.5 million.e reportedly made
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kevin, give that lady anything she wants. read my lips. anything. >> she gets anything she wants. >> keep the checks coming. august 8th isn't far way. >> amy schumer, she is not engaged, but maybe any d did you see her last night on "fallon?" she was gushing about her man. she is so very real. that's one thing we love about l a and she knows how to nai late night interview. >> so i'm a famous plus-sized model. >> not even 12 seconds into her sit down amy makes it known, my size is still not perfect i'm totally okay with that. >> it's like. amy gets very real making fun of the sit-up straight legs cr pose you have to do. makes a contoured duck face. sucks in her gut and holds up the inner thigh fat that happens to all of us when we sit do
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addresses the latest body image controversy and yes in glamour magazine she is talking about you. >> what i learn is that people don't like being classified as plus size. we don't need these labels. we don't need it should just say what size you are. >> next amy gives us something-something about her love life. 15 weees and she and 29-year-old furniture designer ben hanisch are still going strong. >> he is really cute and i think people are like, what? like dating amy? he has all his teeth? people were shocked. >> then there's the story about when ben's mom met the media. >> i told her, deb, they're going to cal just say no comment. oh, i got it, aim. not even 10 minutes later, a google alert that said "time" magazine that deb said i've never heard of her before in my life. >> we looked it up. that "time" magazine thing is so true. here it is. story about cute boyfriend fa fact check. nailed it. >> and finally, you can't do "fallon" without a game that can go viral.
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amy doesn't do a lip sync battle. no. amy and jimmy play explain this ph >> i think ben is looking at my butt there. like or maybe the pig's butt. are you a '70s porn star? you are in new orleans that is cocaine >> last time you here, you say, when you go to l.a., you are bummed out -- >> arm is your leg. >> so cute. >> amazinn. >> stick around. what does selena gomez's sexy new photo shoot reveal about her relationship with her ex, justin bieber?
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breaking celebrity >> travel consideration provided by --
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>> love this, first instagram post ever. and a good one. he is doing car karaoke with selena gomez. but you have to wait until late june to see it. >> that whole thing is so good. check out selena looking amazing. new gq. showing her tattoo in arabic that translates to love yourself first. doesn't that sound familiar? >> yes, it does. ♪ oh, baby you should just love yourself ♪ >> justin bieber with those words in his song. >> selena is stronger than ever today. >> selena rocking her what she has to tell us about it. >> i'm just so confident and comfortable. i feel more free than i've ever felt in my whole life. >> hope he is listening. >> probably is. bye everybod
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suburb injuring children who live there. the syrian government is determined to reconquer this whole area and consolidate the toll militarily. while it uses the election to strengthen its political hand going into a new round of peace talks in geneva. most of the people who turned out to vote today, scott, do support president assad. either because they have done all along or because they believe that after five years of war, he is better than any of the alternatives. >> elizabeth palmer in damascus. thank you, liz. the "cbs overnight news" will be right back. ♪ ♪


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