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tv   wusa 9 News at 6pm  CBS  April 18, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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millions of undocumented immigrants. while they debated inside, thousands were outside shutting down the street, rallying to keep their families together. >> millions of undocumented mothers and fathers living in the u.s. said they share one great fear, deportation that could separate them from their children. >> it never leaves your mind. >> they don't need family separate. >> it's a lot of fear. >>reporter: president obama's actions were temporarily reprieved more than 4 million undocumented immigrants. it would let them get a job. [chanting] >>reporter: texas and 25 other states say president obama overstepped his authority and they are suing. >> it goes back to a fundamental principle. one person doesn't have the unilateral authority to change the law to make new laws. >>reporter: the split bench of four conservative and four liberal justices as
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to get to the heart of several complex issues. like, does the president have authority, or should it be up to congress. to the states have the standing to be in court, in the first place? >> the justices seemed concerned and they had vigorous questioning about weather texas had the standing or right to be in court. >>reporter: mondays arguments are the beginning. we will hear the rulings in june. >> there is also the possibility that we might not get a decision, at all. of the justices remained split by june, the ruling goes back to the lower court decision which went against the administration. thousands in washington are talking about the supreme court arguments on twitter with #fight for families and it has been trending in dc all day long. 200 troops are going to iraq, and it places them closer to the front lines of the fight against isis. defense secretary, ash carter, revealed the move in and announce trip to iraq. it comes two days before prest
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leaders in saudi arabia. the u.s. will provide $50 million to kurdish forces also fighting isis. 21 were wounded in jerusalem after a bus bombing. the explosion on an empty bus ignited a second bust with those passengers on board. the attack is raising new concerns in israel, four days before the start of passover. suicide bombings on and was -- on israeli buses where the hallmark of israeli disruptions a year ago. democratic and republican front runners are holding their hometown ties and they hope it will and the recent losing streaks. donald trump has a 33-point lead over ted cruz and hillary clinton holds a 10-point lead over bernie sanders. >> our country is divided. where totally divided. we will come together. >> it depends who votes. >> clinton
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workers at a car wash in queens well bernie sanders met with striking verizon workers. he said they're standing up to corporate greed. john kasich presented himself as the alternative to donald trump. not in new york, he is in this area campaigning at towson university in maryland ahead of tuesday's primaries. investigators and prince george's county are being cautious about how they treat the case of a 61-year-old man who shot two firefighters trying to get in his house on friday night. one firefighter, 37-year-old, john ulmschneider, was killed. scott broom is live to tell us more about the investigation. what have you learned? >>reporter: prince george's county's top prosecutor told us there will be no rush to judgment about what happened on friday night night. >> we will likely present this to a gradually. >>reporter: a cautious prosecutor is leaving open the possibility that th
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firefighter friday night may not be charged. >> we will act with integrity. >>reporter: john ulmschneider and colleagues thought they were breaking down the door of the home to save a life. insteat d, icost ulmschneider his. the man inside fear to brake and, according to a relative. he opened fire with a handgun. kevin swain was wounded and so was the shooter's brother who called for here -- help fearing a medical emergency. you could not get in touch with his 61-year-old sibling and they said they attempt to get in was justified even though it turned out to be wrong. >> we had the brother on scene who stated he believed it to be a medical emergency and that's more information than we generally have when we first entry to ascertain someone status. >>reporter: investigators returned to the house to re- interview the 61-year-old man, an
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door quietly and without incident. in temple hills, scott broom, wusa9. also, we're hearing from more members of john ulmschneider's firefighter family. they say every first responder is a hero. fire chief said the firefighters injured tried to get out of the way of the bullets and were trying to drag kevin swain to safety. he was shot four times. first responders from across the area and the country continue to drop by to show her -- to show support. >> hurt, devastation. he is one of the most humble come on carrying, compassionate , honest men you would ever meet in your life. >> why do people open the door with a gun in their hand? this county is not that bad. slowdown. all lives matter. >> firefighters swain remains in
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they say he is up and talking but faces a long road to recovery. a dramatic development in a fairfax county courtroom. former police officer, adam torres, pleads guilty to killing 46-year-old, john geer, who was not armed. is part of a deal, he pleaded involuntary manslaughter, which carries a 12 month jail sentence. john geer was gun down in august 2014 as he stormed day she stood outside his townhouse with his hands in the air. his partner of 20 for years, the mother of his two daughters confirmed she was moving out. >> it was a man exercising his constitutional right. he was stubborn that day and lost his life for it. >> not a perfect resolution. but, he is accountable. he is a felon. he can't a
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>> the guilty plea was designed to spare one of the teenage daughters from testifying at the trial. the deal was proposed -- was opposed by his mother. torres said he was truly sorry for his actions and heartbroken for their children. the sentencing will be june 24th. a man and support of isis will stand trial. christopher cornell has been held without bond since january 2014 after he but semi automatic rifles and hundreds of bullets. he told the reporter that he wanted to put bullets in president obama's had. he has pleaded not guilty to charges of the trial date has not been set. today marks the 120th of the boston marathon. it has only been three years since a deadly terror attack. atsede baysa was the woman's winner and lemi berhayle came in first as the winner for the men. 5000 uniformed police officers and
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and federal law enforcement lined the route. >> i had to go through security. i don't think people are staying away, to be on us. i don't think they are. >> this is the 50th anniversary of the first woman to finish the boston marathon. bobby hid in some bushes for what was a race only for men. the story of why a local man has not filed a tax return in almost 30 years and it cost him his job. democrats pressure republicans to approve billions of dollars to fight the zika virus. the birds held the 40s for the first time in five nights. . we will look how mild it will be.
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senate democrats demand republicans request nearly $2 billion to fight the zika virus. have transferred more than $500 million that had been allocated for ebola to fight zika. senate republicans have said they will provide some of the money but want to see where the money gets spent before signing on to additional funds. house republican leaders said funding should come through the regular appropriations process this
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for cancer and found a new mass in her lungs. cassandra posted that she is moving forward with alternative treatments. she had been in remission after undergoing court-ordered chemotherapy last year. she didn't want to poison her body with chemotherapy. >> we have a preliminary report. the ntsb reports that a backhoe repair crew was removing mud from four different tracks along the section of the northeast corridor earlier this month. the reports suggest the crew may have thought they were on a track that was temporarily out of service. they were wrong. the train struck and killed the two men. 41 were injured. a drone may have struck a
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approached london's heathrow airport. the pilot said the plane collided with a drone while on approach to the airport sometime yesterday. the plane was going from geneva and landed safely. no damage to the plane and no one was hurt. there are rules against drones near an airport and an investigation is under way to find the drone and its owner. it is tax day and i have have a report on a man who hasn't filed a tax return and 30 years. there are no plans to file one tonight. i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message. narrator: an attack ad from the campaign for donna edwards. so untrue. so outrageous that president obama said, "pull it down." the obama white house called the ad on chris van hollen and the nra "misleading." the sun says van hollen and president obama
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the post praised van hollen as a "leading champion on gun safety," and condemned the edwards ads that "mislead" voters. donna edwards. will she say anything to win an election?
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the mystery of the missing fairfax county firefighter intensifies. today marks day three of the search for nicole mittendorff. 100 people including state police and volunteers are searching 10 square miles of the shenandoah national park. the 31-year-old car was found abandoned in the park saturday night. it's been five days since anyone heard from her. >> it could have been she tripped someplace or she was kidnapped. we don't know. it's been 20 years since we've had in the excitement. we did have a murder on skyline drive about 20 years ago
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young ladies were killed up there. >> it's a mystery on the investigators are looking for evidence. so far, they found nothing that points to suspicion. the search will wrap up at sundown and resumed tomorrow morning. dc police arrested a man that they say shot and killed an fbi employee last month. the said the victim was caught in the crossfire of a shoot out. police are charging kelby gordon with second degree murder of carlos turner. he was gunned down while trying to get to work after visiting with his mother. a death at the red roof inn is now a homicide. they found kenneth blakely in the motel and they said he was transgender, a female named kiana and they have evidence he was a prostitute. if you haven't filed your taxes, you have less than six hours to do so. we've learned about a local man that
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tax return in nearly 30 years. he knows his breaking the law and had no intention of filing a return this year. >> federal taxes were taken out of your paycheck? >> yes. >> you just haven't filed, which is required by law? >> he said he deliberately failed to file his taxes to protest the district of columbia status as a federal territory. despite years of protest, dc citizens have no voting representation in congress and they don't have states rights. the law is clear. dc residents must file their income tax returns like all other citizens. 30 years? >> i have not filed as a personal protest. >> he lives in northeast dc and for the past 23 years, he has been a photographer for the city mayor and has been there with his camera for every important city event. 's failure to file taxes for
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he was fired last week. >> did you expect there would be consequences? >> of course. this hasn't been a walk in the park. i have five children and was never able to deduct them. or get money back from the federal government because of that. i was never able to buy a house. spoke another reason for the dismissal was running dispute with the bowser administration over whether the dc government is the owner of every still image produced by the photographer. those talks are ongoing. the first page of his notice says he failed to file his tax returns. >> mr. magnum, is it possible they could have owed you money? >> definitely. >> it was money i lost because of the protest for 30 years. >>
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to file his tax returns by the midnight deadline and will protest dc having no vote in congress. he understands there could be more consequences. aid is flowing into ecuador. 350 people were killed when the quake hit. the number could rise as rescuers make their way to remote areas affected. there are reports of people trapped in those collapsed homes and buildings. emergency evacuations are under way in houston. 16 inches of rain fell in 24 hours. more than 1200 water rescues have taken place. the mayor is telling everyone to stay put, especially if you were in a safe place. schools and city offices are closed and flights have been canceled. the flooding will not receive until tomorrow morning. parts of that are like
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even if it rains a little bit, you would see some flooding. can you imagine that month in less than one day? >> i have relatives in houston who can't get to work. >> you don't want them to go to work. let me show you the radar. they are receiving one third up to one quarter of their annual rainfall. they only average 49 inches for the year and some got 18 inches overnight. look at all the moisture pouring in. they will clear out a little bit. 12 chines and over 10 inches are common across much of the houston suburbs. well, the 3-degree guarantee, we went to 84 the high. how did we do? we will let you know tonight at 11:00. you can download our app. download it and get familiar before we track showers by the end of the week.
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a live look outside, 84 with relative humidity is 19%. that is a dry air mass. a good hair day. bus stop temperatures, 50-68. breezy and warm. the cold front will go through but it is cooler and pleasant and seasonable on wednesday. temperatures are in the 60s for your walk after dinner. 59 downtown, 53 in manassas. by 9:00, we are back in the 60s and by lunchtime, we are 80 in leesburg and 78 in gaithersburg and 81 toward manassas. by tomorrow evening, pretty toasty with temperatures in the low to mid-70s. temps in the 50s to start downtown and rapidly to 80 with sunshine by lunchtime. still nice on sunday and near 70. 73 with clouds coming in on thursday and we hold the
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night. the nats, we track showers on friday that could be over by the time the game starts. the nats continue to be in town over
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now, wusa9 game on sports with kristen berset, brought to you by xfinity. the capitals when the first game of the playoff series against philadelphia.
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second game, taking off some pressure. how does winning three straight games open a playoff series? cavs fans don't know because they are team has never done it. and 35 best-of-seven series for the franchise, the capitals never started out 3-0 and tonight is the first opportunity to reverse history. the series will shift to philadelphia. justin williams started his career with the flyers and enjoyed reading his old team but 12 stanley cups and knows what it takes to be champion. >> champion teams have the intangibles, the things you can't put a stat on. you can feel it 10 this team keeps winning, keeps pushing fod.rwar we will see how good we can be this year. i'm loving it. >> it will be an emotion filled night. it's the first home game since the flyer since the owner, add snyder, passed away last
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banners that say ed snyder is a flyer forever. they will do a pregame ceremony honoring him. when bryce harper hit his 100th home run, a young girl was the recipient of the baseball but traded it for face time with the all-star. when bryce harper hit his 103th 103th -- 100 third home run, that broke a tie in the phillies game. watch where the ball lands. it went into the bullpen, took a nice hop into the bathroom. you might want to wash your hands after you get that one. a janitor will have a nice little souvenir. unless he is a phillies fan. harper hitting into the bath
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but sierra club chooses jamie raskin for congress they all talk about climate change. because only raskin wrote laws to reduce our carbon footprint and is leading the fight against fracking in maryland. raskin: i'm jamie raskin, and i approve this message.
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>> pelley: the water is deep in the heart of texas. refrigerators, containers, mattresses the only ways out. also tonight, cbs news is in ecuador where hundreds are dead in the earthquake. the search goes on for the missing. more americans are ordered into iraq, and in an interview with charlie rose, the president makes a bold prediction about a key battle ahead. >> mosul will eventually fall. >> pelley: and she survived the boston bombing. >> >> reporter: are you still angry? >> yes, i am. >> pelley: now she's turned anger into energy on the dance floor and at today's marathon. captioning sponsored by cbs this is the "cbs evening news" with scott pelley.


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