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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  April 18, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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right now at 7, the tragic death of a prince george's firefighter. >> a fair fact police officer that shot and killed an unarmed man. neighbor helping neighbor as torrential downpours have houston under water. >> thank for joining us. why did the dc police officer pretend to fire his weapon doing a roll call meeting. >> was it a training exercise or an error in judgment. >> garret haake is looking for answers. >> reporter: an experienced officer and sergeant at the first district placed on administrative duty after an incident on saturday where the sergeant allegedly ordered the officer to empty his weapon and fire the weapon at
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it happened on saturday in a roll call meeting when the sergeant was told to leave and unload the weapon and come back into the room and fire at another officer in the room as some kind of training exercise. unclear how the situation ended and before it was over an investigation would be under way into the conduct of the officer and the sergeant internal affairs is handling that investigation. today police chief kathy lanear knew little of the incident. >> there is 7 versions of the incident and i don't know how many you heard but i prefer to wait until i know the facts and from some direct things of what happened before i make any judgment. >> officers i spoke to were furious to learn about this incident which has been the topic of much discussion on law enforcement web pages and in person over the weekend. they say it was incredibly dangerous and so many ways
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wrong and somebody could have been hurt. under investigation garret haake. investigators in prince george's county being very cautious about how they are treating the case of a 61-year- old man that shot two firefighters trying to get inside his house on friday night. one of knows firefighters, 37- year-old john ulmschneider was killed. >> reporter: the top prosecutor told us today there is no rush to judgment about what happened on this house friday night. >> we will likely present this case to a grand jury. a cautious prosecutor leaving open that the man may not be charged. >> we have lived the worse nightmare. >> the 37-year-old man john ulmschneider thought they were breaking down the door to
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>> the detectives returned to interview the 61-year-old shooter again. this time he answered the door quietly without incident. in temple hills, scott broom, wusa9. a subpoena for the shooter to appear before a grand jury has been issued. we are hearing from the family of fallen firefighter john ulmschneider. many agreed with the fire chief that response was
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courageous. two injured firefighters dodged bullets as they dragged kevin swain, firefighter from the scene. he was severely injured. first responders from the country are paying their respect to john ulmschneider and his team landover station. >> he is one of the most humble compassionate honest men that you will meet in your life. i'm proud to call him my brother. >> valiant. there is no other way to describe him. >> kevin swain shot four times up and talking in baltimore shock trauma. ulmschneider's viewing begins tomorrow. we have the details on our wusa9 app. the search for a missing fairfax county firefighter intensified. search-and-rescue teams are combing ten square miles looking for nicole mennendorf. the firefighter was reported missing three days ago. op
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can't help but think the worse as they hope for the best. >> she could have been that she was kidnapped. we don't know. it has been 20 years since we have had any excitement and we did have a murder up on skyline drive about 20 years ago. two young ladies got kill up there. >> investigators swifting through middendorf mini cooper found abandoned. so far they have not found anything suspicious. a former fairfax county officer that shot and killed an unarmed man will not stand trial. >> because adam torres entered a surprise guilty plea to involuntary manslaughter. i'm adrian mckaren. adam torres pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter in the death of 46-year-old john greer. it was all part of a plea deal that carries a 12 month sentence. >> it came down to 40 minutes. >> a 40 minute encounter that ended his best friend's life. even today, more
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after former fairfax county police officer adam torres shot and killed 46-year-old john greer it is a struggle to keep his composure. >> this is a man with his constitutional rights that was a little stubborn that day and he lost his life for it. >> greer was gunned down when he stood outside his springfield townhouse with his hands in the air after officers responded to a domestic violence call. greer's partner of 24 years, the mother of his two daughters had confirmed she was moving out. >> i have real mixed emotions about it. it could have been a more severe sentence. >> in fairfax, andrea mccare ran wusa9. torres says he was sorry and heart broken for greer's children. sentencing is set for june 24th. >> this is a pending on the judge. if he rejects the sentence torres could withdraw the plea and go under tr
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different judge. >> students taking a stand against sex assaults on campus. they are bringing attention to what they say is a problem that students suffer through each year. two of the women that accused bill crosby of sexual assault were among the keynote speakers- organizers say sexual assault is an epidemic that no one is talking about and offered resources on and off campus. >> turning to the latest on the presidential campaign trail. donald trump and hillary clinton look to shore up their leads in new york before voters head to the polls tomorrow. the billionaire hosted minority supporters at trump tower. his closest competitor ted cruz was in baltimore. john kasich presented himself as the alternative to trump. >> we sit around and talk with how we lose everything. what are we losing? we live longer and are healthier. >> we are here today because
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>> we are not taking anything for granted. >> hillary clinton looked for support among union workers at a queens car wash. >> what a day for ethiopiaen runners at the boston marathon. they swept the top three spots. on the women's side they also took the top spots and the runners were happy to run in the prestigious marathon. the security was tight. >> i don't think people are staying away to be honest with you. i don't think they are. there is no reason to. >> this year is the 50th anniversary to run the marathon. at one point it was a race for men
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the forecast. let's talk to topper. >> six a.m., 52 and still upper 50s downtown. by 7:30, 8:00 60s downtown and a few clouds and winds turn northwest and a little cold front and by 10:00 back in the 70s with sunshine and by lunchtime 80s in manassas and 78 in silver spring and fairfax. we will talk about the cool air and we will look at the nats. back in town on friday. tracking showers and let you know what that means for the game. coming up on wusa9. faith leaders gather in richmond, virginia to protest an amendment to the electric chair bill. details coming up. a bus explosion in the heart of
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ahead. aid is pouring into ecuador to help the victims of the killer's earthquake. more than 350 kill and that number is expected to rise. >> rescuers are looking for the possibility that there are survivors as they sift through the debris. troops set up mobile hospitals and temporary shelters and search dogs are helping for survivors and bodies. >> in the meantithe u.s. mill has joined earthquake efforts in japan. at least 42 people killed when two quakes rocked the country thursday and sunday. aircraft is delivering aid to remote areas cut off by landslides and bridge damage. at least 21 people being treated for injuries received in a bus explosion in jerusalem. health officials say some of the injuries came from flying nails and nuts. it raises fears of a return to the era of palestinian military attacks on se
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police are calling the blast a terrorist attack but thus far they have yet to determine who is behind today's bombing. >> the june sentencing date set for oscar pretorturous was in court today for sentencing. he believes that there was intruder when he shot his girlfriend. terry mccalla's effort to shield identities of pharmacies that supplies drugs for executions. >> lethal injection is, i believe the best way to do it and the least pay and we need to get access to those drugs and unless we can shield the companies as they did in texas and in florind
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give them some protection, they won't sell us the drugs. virginia lawmakers will consider governor mccauley's proposal on wednesday. coming up. why so many british statutes were fitted with gas masks today. a cold front rolls through tomorrow. it still stays warm. 80s in d. c. and 80 in gaithersburg and 80 in manassas. we will talk about how long the cooler weather
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london, the british airways pilot says a drone hit his plane the flight from geneva had 137 people onboard and the plane landed safely with no injuries. british authorities confirming it was a drone and where the drone came from. >> green peace protestors scaled some of london's most famous statutes joining attention to air pollution. there was a mask of oliver cromwell's statute in parliament. 8 people were under arrest. the
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comes during london's mayoral elections. rainwater rescue in texas. the rain came down in buckets dumping 13-inches over six hours. it flooded streets and trapped cars and homes and neighbors helped neighbors anyway they could. >> when you said getting the refrigerator, did you think he was crazy. >> yes. i thought a refrigerator, how are we going to float in it. >> it is crazy but thank god we made it. >> one of dozens of rescue in houston and because of all of that flooding though, all schools were also closed today as well as the government and they say this could last until tomorrow. well, i think it will rain through tomorrow morning and the flooding won't go down at once. >> no. >> 12 water rescue this morning. it was insane. let me show you the radar. we get thunderstorms here but not
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again. and this was just incredible. look around houston and either side of i-10, and, of course, if you see the red, that's the heaviest activity and it was just a deluge. the moisture came from the gulf of mexico and the front was stalled to the west. and it was just like a train bringing the moisture in around the houston area. a tremendous amount. most folks over 12-inches of rain and a little bit to show you north of houston. maybe 12-inches of rain fell. some areas had 16-inches. some parts of houston received a third of the rainfall a year. we thought that 80 might be high enough. let you know how we did at 11. it will be close. live look outside. down to 80 right now. that would be nice. dew points have come up but humidity is still 26%. still a very dry airmass.
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it will be another mild night down and more comfortable in suburbs. this is a big change. much milder and a quick warmup. breezy and warm tomorrow. cooler but still pleasant on wednesday. when we say cooler, we are talking about average temperatures. seasonable temperatures near 70s on wednesday 10:00 tonight. 72 do you 72 -- downtown. by 6:00 a.m. 54 in gaithersburg and then by mid-morning back in the 60s and by lunchtime we are either side of 80 once again. 81 in la plata. 81 in manassas. no green blocks, the front goes through dry and the arrows and winds outside of the hw
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by 6:00 p.m. in the 70s. 75 downtown. 79 in fredericksburg and 77 in manassas and 76 in la plata and by late tomorrow night. back in the 50s. not that cool. tonight, clear to partly cloudy and mile and lows in the 50s and winds in the northwest at 50 and by morning, a quick warmup, 50 to 75 and that's the temperatures by noon and by the afternoon, partly cloudy and warm. just fantastic. high temperatures around 80 and winds out of the northwest at 10 to 15. so day planner, 50s to start downtown and a rapid warmup. 74 by 11:00. 80 and mostly sunny skies by one p.m. when we talk about the temperature, adjustment, it is still going to be near 70 on wednesday with sunshine, 73 on thursday and clouds come in thursday and showers hold off until thursday night. next seven days with the nats in town on friday, tracking showers and
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the game starts. afternoon showers on sunday and highs around 70s which is average. great start for bryce harper. >> pick up where he left off last year. the washington nats had the seven win game streak and incredible start and bryce harper is a home
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i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message. narrator: an attack ad from the campaign for donna edwards. so untrue. so outrageous that president obama said, "pull it down." the obama white house called the ad on chris van hollen and the nra "misleading." the sun says van hollen and president obama have the exact same position. the post praised van hollen as a "leading champion on gun safety," and condemned the edwards ads that "mislead" voters. donna edwards. will she say anything to win an election?
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now, 9 wusagame on sports with kristen berset brought to you by xfinity. >> we are just 12 games ... we you later 100. >> 12 games in the season and bryce harper has reached milestones. named national league coplayer of the week after harper hit home runs in four straight games setting a career high and tc
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run and landed next to this family, the martins visiting from idaho wanted to take in a nationals game did not know they were going to be in history. and their daughter got the ball and gave it back to harper. and then harper hit his 103rd home run and it broke a tie. harper hammered it into the bullpen in center field and watch this, so much power behind it, it bounces and goes in the door which happens to be the bullpen bathroom. not sure you want to go in there and retrieve that one. >> i think they might leave the 103rd in there. caps, fyi tied. flyers scored and, of course, it is game three in philadelphia but on the power play, the caps tied it up at one goal a piece. >> we got time. nice to start
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ball, would you? >> i would need it rubber gloves though. >> that's all right. >> that's all for the news at 7. leslie and adam will be back at 11. have
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>> why tears today. why the co-hosts nearly 22 year marriage is over. >> he's been my best friend almost my entire life. >> then johnny depp and his wife amber heard's bizarre apology video. will it keep them out of jail? >> katy and orlando wearing fur pan >> we're all over the stars with arnold schwarzenegger's son doing drugs. >> and kate hudson is she a bad mom and his se really dating j.j.watts? >> how do you guys know each other? >> oh, oh. >> dancing with the sta craziness. who made cheryl burke want to, quote, slit my wrists".


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