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tv   wusa 9 News at 5pm  CBS  April 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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and all that i feel bad for them. >> maryland state police have yet to release the name of the victims. live in stevensville, pete monjean, wusa 9. >> and that crash is about a half mile from the nearby shopping center. a fairfax county firefight. husband and fairfax fireofficials are pleading that's where nicole mittendorf works. >> nicole mittendorf is an avid runner, athlete. her family is hoping she just went to the mountain and decided maybe she needed a break. but she hasn't been seen in at least four days. maybe longer. >> before i begin, i'd like to thank the chief and
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of the fire and rescue department. >> nicole's husband steve mittendorf, a state trooper, sobbed as he pleaded for his wife's safe return. he spoke at news conferences at fire station 32. where his wife started her career years ago. >> very dedicated. >> reporter: in a strange role reversal, first responders are seeking help, finding help for one of their own. mitten dover was reported middling friday when she did not show up for work. her cream-colored mini coupe was found parked with no note. >> i have a message for my wife. sweetheart, i love you. i am praying for you. i'm not sure where you are. but know we are all
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return. >> reporter: the mittendorfs were married in 2012. there was a baby registry in their names. but state police say they did not create it. then they say nicole is not pregnant. >> it's just sad. completely sad. >> reporter: neighbors in their wood bridge townhouse complex are also worried. >> she has friends out in northern areas. so it wasn't a big surprise that she was out there. just a little surprising that she was that far out there. >> reporter: the last known contact she had with her father was on wednesday in a text from warrenton. the fairfax county fire is holding a vigil for her tomorrow night. but they hope she is found safe and sound soon. reporting live at fairfax station, peggy fox, wusa 9. >> the not knowing has to be so heartwrenching. peg, thank you. a
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with a search dog, has been combing the mountains around the mountain trail. the team includes a few members. and the task force 1 search and rescue team. right now, we're waiting on a live update from the family of a prince george's county firefighter, shot and killed in the line of duty. scott broom is live in hollywood, maryland to tell us more. scott? >> this is the first time we will hear from this family on the occasion of the viewing. for firefighter john olmschneider. >> the family of firefighter almschneider has just arrived here at the church. his wife and young child, pausing for a moment to reflect on flowers on the truck from olmschneider's house. almschneider's family is based out here. and there has been an outpouring.
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olmschneider once volunteeredful and now, they are marking it with two fire trucks and a flag on display. olmschneider's body was brought here a short time ago. he was a firefighter who thought he was saving a life in temple hills. but instead, it cost him his life, when a homeowner mistakenly thought firefighters entering the house were home invaders. olmschneider was shot and killed. another was wounded. he has recovered. prosecutors and investigators say they are reviewing the case, but no charges have been filed. and the focus right now is on the mourning of this 37-year- old firefighter who is being described as a hero. >> reporter: olmschneider's family has been dealing with this grief since friday night.
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an opportunity for the entire community throughout the region. to mourn as well, and honor this fallen firefighter. we hope to bring you the comments from john olmschneider's father. in saint mary's county, scott broom, wusa 9. >> and you know those are coming in. and, of course, we will try to bring thaw news conference, as soon as it gets under way. tracking metro troant. -- tonight. where we've just learned that the ntsb is soon to determine a probable cause. from last week's deadly smoke incident that killed one person. that is expected to happen at a board meeting slated for may 3rd. meantime, there are concerns about metro's safety blitz. a federal inspection of the rail system has determined the transit agency is failing to provide basic safety protections concerns are outlined in a letter from federal transit administration. the shortcom
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of work fire extinguishers and clear escape routes. >> if something goes down. you know, nothing for us to do. >> absolutely. i've been a volunteer firefighter for 30 years. i always worked for fire extinguishers. no matter what building i go in. >> reporter: the federal transportation administration has been in charge of safety oversight with metro since october. in that time, more than 200 problems have been found. a spokesperson for metro says it is aware of the report and all critical safety items are receiving what they call priority attention. all right. we're going to go right to that news conference, where we are expecting to hear from the family of john olmschneider, the firefighter that was killed. >> i well v a list -- i have a list of questions here. i did get questions from a reporter, typical of what you might be asking. i will pass these out.
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>> let's see here. he is public information office for the prince george's county fire department. looks like they're doing a few housekeeping things before they get ready for the press conference, where we're expecting to hear from his family. >> first question. >> we'll let you hear this. >> it was a very tragic event that the family is still trying to process. >> anybody would understand or know that he's only here to help. always willing to lend a helping hand. [ inaudible ] >> there's too many to describe. >> tell us about his inspiration to become a firefighter.
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lay down at night, that if he couldn't think of at least one person to help during the day, that he was unable to sleep. i believe that is the motivation he had to become a firefighter. >> what was in his character. he might have been the guy that took the lead in knocking down, not knowing what kind of danger was behind it. >> i don't believe that there is any window for what he would have gone through to help someone in need. >> i believe the family is doing as well as can be expected. we would like to extend our most sincere gratitude for the prince george's county fire department, for all the support they've given. they've truly been a beacon of strength for dawn. >> tell us when he wanted to become a firefight
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high school that he made that decision? >> i don't have an answer to your question. >> how long? >> i'm sorry? >> 15, 16 years. >> i actually don't understand where it came from. but i don't know of any other way. [ inaudible ] >> yeah. this is the church that he and his wife. [ inaudible ] >> i think we'd juked -- just like everyone to know he was a man of great character and loved to help people. >> somethinge?
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>> so this is a friend of the olmschneider family there, speaking. we expect to hear from the father. >> we'll come back. and we'll bring that to you as soon as that becomes available. we're going to turn now to campaign 2016 news. where all eyes are on new york. new yorkers degree -- going to the polls polls with the opportunity to have a large impact on the presidential race. for the first time in decades, hoin hin and -- hillary clinton and donald trump are looking to cement their status as the front runners. polls show trump has more than 50% of the vote. the billionaire n wegathe -- began the day by casting a vote for himself. >> i'm honored to put in a vote. >> this is a joy, during last two weeks to be here all over the state. >> reporter: senator bernie sanders hit the city streets this morning. and greeted new yorkers before heading out to
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pennsylvania. we are just getting started here on wusa 9news at 5:00. yeah. what a gorgeous day. and let's look ahead to friday. why? well, the nats in town. nats on 9. we're tracking some showers. showers should be ending by 6:00, 7:00, just in time for the game. 75. 8:00, maybe a sprinkle, 73. then partly cloudy. 10:00. temperatures back around 70. we will come back. we'll tell you when the clouds clear out and how cool it's going to be in the wake of the cold front tomorrow. also ahead. why police shot a man to death during a standoff in prince george's county. and a damning new report about the secret service after that fence jumper was able to make its way into the white house. but right after the break, a teacher who worked for fairfax county is in some trouble. accused of trying to have sex with a 13-year-old.
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a 24-year-old woman who witness worked at a fairfax county elementary school is accused of trying to have sex with a student. wusa 9 stephanie gailhard has the story. >> reporter: that teacher crossed the line. it appears she met her young woman in the classroom. then hatched an elaborate plan to have sex with him. she even drove 400 miles. 400 miles from the small town near wilmington, north carolina to meet him had at a fairfax county hotel. >> i think it's scary. >> reporter: coach elementary parents are shocked. days after kathleen capitano's arrest. fairfax county say the 24-year- old intended to have sex with
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hyatt place, near dulles airport on saturday. that didn't happen because police got word of her online activity. and the boy and his parents met with police. she was arrested outside the hotel. the investigation into capitano began last monday. detectives say she met the victim in 2015. while she was a student teacher intern at coats elementary school in hern dale. >> i don't know what was going through her mind to make her want to do such a thing. but it's absolutely horrible to hear. >> reporter: at this point, detectives had no reason to believe there are more victims. however, the case is still under investigation. >> we send them there during the day. so we expect they're being taken care of. so yeah that is quite shocking. makes you wonder what is happening in school sometimes. >> you can blame the school to a certain extent. but i think it's our responsibility as a parent. i constantly talk to
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every day after school. you know, if you're ever in a situation where you're uncomfortable, it says to you, you need to come to me or your father. it goes both ways. >> they sent a letter home to parents, explaining the situation. >> and capitano has been suspended from her teacher's position. police say a mail carrier was in uniform and on the job yesterday evening. he was moving near the intersection of 16th and galen street. both victims treated for their injuries and released from the hospital. so remember those snow days that the kids had? >> yeah. we gotta pay up. one more day being added. all that snow this winter to allow students to stay home for six days. >> they only built in four days in
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and the state accepted a request to waive one of those days. that means the last day of school in montgomery county will be on june 20th. >> it's a monday. and it's a half day. >> you're saying, what's the point? >> i'm saying what's the point? and i'm saying there is a good reason for that. >> gotta get in on the calendar. >> it's three or four more hours. mom and dad have a little more freedom. >> is that how you're dealing with that? >> no comment. >> all right. >> mainly on a saturday and sudden. more days sho -- sunday. more days to show off. we're talking about the 3- degree guarantee. we went a little higher today. northwest wind. thought it would get super, super hot. we went 82. how did we do? well, we will let you know. tonight the numbers are in. download the app. live look outside. 80 right now. that's a good thing. pretty dry air mass.
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winds have turned now, north/northeasterly at 16. tonight, it will settle down as skies begin to clear. clearing just a little cooler tonight. nothing crazy cold. bus stop temperatures, 44 to 60. i guess super early might want a sweatshirt. and cooler nice wednesday and thursday. we're in the 80s now. drop it down to about 70. some showers are possible for the nats game. but as we mentioned yesterday, nothing heavy. and right now, the timing is such they may end before the game starts at 7:00. 10:00 tonight. now we're clear. 57, gains burg. 57, frederick. low 60s elsewhere. 64 downtown. and we get into the 6:00 a.m. hour. there will be 40s. 44 in gaithersburg. 47, silver spring. and bowie, 46. and by 9:00, we're back to the 50s. and temperatures may be just a little low. by the time we get to lunchtime, i think temperatures will be warmer. but pretty plet.
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67 in manassas. and 56 also in la plata. by tomorrow evening. we're around 70. either side of 70. and i think most folks are going to make 70. i think hagerstown will make 70. 71 in cumberland. 70 in culpepper. and 70 in downtown annapolis. 11:00, fall back into the 50s. but nothing crazy cold tomorrow night either. for tonight, clearing skies and cooler. 44 to 52. winds north/northeast at 10. gorgeous to normal. sunny and pleasant. a little cool to start. 66 to finish by lunchtime. and by afternoon, mostly sunny and cooler. nice. highs around 70. winds turn southeasterly at about 10. probably only 66 in oakland. you jump the divide. cumberland, 74. one of the warmer spots. 70, hagerstown. 73 in culpepper. right around 70 in leesburg, warren and manassas. downtown, we're looking at temps around 70. a little cooler by the water. only 66 for annapolis. day planner looks like this. clear as a bell.
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but 61 by 11:00. and up to 66, and sunshine by 1:00 p.m. now, clouds will come in thursday. but sta thursday stays dry -- but thursday stays dry. showers thursday night. and some showers friday will monitor friday night through yellow alert day. weekend looks nice. remember the showers we had on sunday. took them out. nats in town, too. that's 70 both days. near 80 monday. showers possible. not a washout. still pretty warm. >> all right, top. that's not so bad. contest is under way to name the two eaglets at the national orbor -- arboretum. >> they have grown quite a bit. vote for one of these pair of names. ready? stars and stripes. freedom and liberty. anacostia and potomac, honor and glory. or sherry and blossom. sadly, eagle mceaglet face was
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>> oh, come on. >> to vote, go to d.c. eaglet cam. >> this is how you do it, though. you pick the names. you don't let them pick the names. >> straight ahead. a ruling on a transgender bathroom issue in virginia may have an impact on the controversial new law in north carolina. and an easier way to find a cheaper flight. plus, say goodbye to that diet coke can that become synonymous. all up next. in consumer alert.
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a federal appeals court overturned a decision barring a boy from using the boys bathroom. he was born female, but identifies as male. last week, they required students to use the bathroom of their birth. the court said that is discriminatory. the ruling establishes legal precedent in every state in the fourth circuit. that includes north carolina, which, of course, is facing big backlash for banning people from using th
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their choice. board of supervisors voting to increase classroom spending by more than 5%. by $104 million. part of that will come from raising the tax rate, 4 cents to $1.13. budget chair jeffrey mckay said the move reflects education as a top priority in the county. the new budget will be formally adopted on april 26th. consumer news now, being called one of the most airline- passenger-friendly bills that allows travelers to shop for a ticket price. the senate approved an faa funding bill that requires airlines to clearly state the fees charged for those seats for checked baggage and cancellation. this bill also increases airport security and speeds up the regulation of drones. the legislation moves to the house for a vote. cbs health is launching a
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service. it's teaming up with a company called curb side for the delivery. shockers can buy their products on an app and a text or e-mail will notify them when the order is ready. the app also alerts the store when the customer arrives, and the employee can deliver the goods right to their car. this is the new design for the low-calorie soda that looks kind of similar to regular coca cola. the red disk will be prominent on all diet coke brands in the entire spectrum really. the company will roll out the new diet coke packaging next month the. a soldier, receiving a new helmet. not much of a story, right? but a soldier getting his old helmet back. it was a really big deal. the special story in just a little bit. >> look forward to that. plus, what tipped off investigators in a human trafficking arrest in maryland. >> and right after the break, a standoff with police ends with one man dead. new details from prince george's county, on the way next.
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kids: he came here from rocky married 27 years. raised 6 kids. including 5 boys. he had grandpa move in with us. glenn: we loved having him as part of the family. it's what you do. kids: in congress, dad will protect president obama's legacy. he'll fight for jobs and protect social security and medicare. glenn ivey will never quit on you; and we should know, we're his kids. glenn: i'm glenn ivey and i approve this message. i'll take on the republicans for all of us.
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but sierra club chooses jamie raskin for congress they all talk about climate change. because only raskin wrote laws to reduce our carbon footprint and is leading the fight against fracking in maryland.
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police in green belt just released the name of a man shot by officers this morning. he's identified as 28-year-old rico johnson. >> police say johnson fired multiple shots from his third- floor balcony before he was shot and killed. this is not the first time police have been to this apartment. [ sirens ]
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>> sounded like a gunshot. >> reporter: emmanuel watched his neighbor get out of the car around 10:30 last night. >> he was yelling. walking. >> he then heard a loud gunshot. but first. >> i watched through the window of my room. then the gunshots continued. >> reporter: with hundreds of people in the immediate area. greenbelt police say the man fired several rounds from his third floor balcony. he aimed at officers with at least one hitting the windshield. and several others hitting the brick wall they hid behind. >> after about an hour, actors say a seven-year veteran shot back with the suspect, killing them. they rushed into the apartment and found both a shotgun and handgun. >> this is the second time
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after a man shot firefighters in temple hill friday. >> obviously they were taking live pire fire. it's their job to come here and protect the citizens. >> neighbors say watching this happen in their own backyard is scary. but daniella doesn't plan on moving. >> i'll tell you, there is no difference. because even if you have a house, if something has to happen, it will happen. we just have to pray to god to watch our back. >> ellen brian, wusa 9. >> and neighbors told ellen that johnson lived in that apartment for three months. firefighters in d.c. rushed to rescue a woman who was trappedded in her suv after a wild car crash. according to witnesses, the woman was traveling down albemarle street. heading towards reno road northwest, when she struck a parked car and her vehicle flipped over. stunned neighbors looked on. >> she seemed okay. she had a big bump
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forehead. and other than that, she said she had a lot of pain overall. >> well, that driver, a woman who appeared to be in her 30s, was taken to the hospital. she is expected to be okay. but it is still not clear what caused that crash. a california man is charged with human trafficking in howard county, maryland. police believe 39-year-old charlton john pierre, forced two 18-year-old woman from arkansas to perform sex acts for money. investigators became suspicious when a witness reported seeing him dragging a woman out of the vehicle. a further investigation found jean-pierre was carrying a lot of cash and multiple ids for the women. police tell us those are common indicators. an army soldier received the helmet that saved the life. >> staff sergeant lewis was on his fourth deployment in 2012 when he and his fellow shoulders came under attack.
5:33 pm
>> staff sergeant lewis was searching for hidden explosives in afghanistan, when a bullet slammed into his helmet. it knocked him unconscious. but he survived. and is here to tell his story. >> when he realized how close he came to death, there was no way he was going to tell his mother what happened. >> no. >> why? >> sergeant louis finally told his mom the first story after 7 months. >> she gave me the look. >> like her son, she was grateful beyond words. >> got bitten. and he was blessed enough to be the one. >> in an emotional
5:34 pm
fort bel, the army gave sergeant lewis the helmet that saved his life. >> you can see the bullet entered, went around and came out the front. i mean, amazing. >> reporter: ironically, soldiers have complained about trading their old steel helmets for a new high-tech version. but sergeant lewis is living proof they work. >> it's just an honor. >> reporter: tomorrow, staff sergeant lewis and his family will visit the u.s. army research lab at the aberdeen proving grounds in maryland. that's where the army develops and produces helmets like the one that saved him. at fort bellflower, andrea mccarren, wusa 9. >> they will also visit capitol hill this week. then he will return to fort stewart in georgia, where he is based. the taliban is claiming responsibility for a deadly attack in kabul, afghanistan. armed militants staged a coordinated assault on a government security
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and hundreds more injured. a small measure of hope for rescuers, combing through earthquake rubble in ecuador. a man was pulled from the rubble of the hotel. the death toll from saturday's quake is over 400 and is expected to still rise. the united nations said it is preparing for a major aid airlift. and private organizations are also contributing. trending now. an openly gay pastor filed a lawsuit after claiming he received a cake that had an offensive slur on it. a semi automobile shin dig may be history. and a teen learns the value of good karma, after returning an actor's wallet. topper? if you are super sneezy, your eyes are watering, you probably have a problem with oak trees. because that is a real problem. high for trees. oak trees are off the charts.
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mold spores. we'll come back and look at cooler air. attracting showers for the nats game. we'll let you know what that means for your friday plans. and if you can brave the elements, you can explore national parks this week for free. and one local treasure you might consider visiting is great falls in the plains. it is a bounty right in our backyard. and we're back right after this.
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i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message. narrator: an attack ad from the campaign for donna edwards. so untrue. so outrageous that president obama said, "pull it down." the obama white house called the ad on chris van hollen and the nra "misleading." the sun says van hollen and president obama have the exact same position. the post praised van hollen as a "leading champion on gun safety," and condemned the edwards ads that "mislead" voters. donna edwards. will she say anything to win an election? know you're budgeted for the expected, and the unexpected. know that at least the process of buying a new home can be clear and simple. know your investments can make retirement closer than you think know. the one word behind all the guidance we provide, tools we create, and services we offer.
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you know.
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hungry for dessert, lesli? >> i'm always hungry for dessert. >> an openly gay pastor has filed a lawsuit against whole foods after he had a highly offensive cake. it was supposed to read love wins. actor george -- pastor george brown believes it was added by the woman who took his order. whole foods said it was packaged and sold with the words love wins and nothing more. >> so they're saying he made it up? >> i guess. >> supposed to be chilling in the waters of miami beach. looks kind of trashed. city leaders are calling
5:40 pm
end to something called flow topia. -- partoppia. this is a nonsanctioned semi annual event. beach lovers are encouraged to bring some type of flotation device and lounge about in the water. creating an atmosphere. what is wrong with that is when you trash the place, leave your stuff behind and ruin it for everyone. no, the commissioner promises the event will be banned. >> because that's joust a hot -- just a hot mess. >> how can people do that? >> i don't know. facebook has yanked a popular site that had more than 4 million followers. >> it's called the shade room. and it's been pulled for violating facebook's community standards. the founder of the page said she is not sure what prompted them to shut it down. but according to buzz feed, it gets a lot
5:41 pm
social media. and a good lesson about good carm a. >> kristen returned hems worth's wallet when found it. the actor gave the teen the cash that was inside the wallet. and then ellen sweetened the pot with an extra $10,000. didn't tell us how much money was in the ball -- wallet. >> he's an actor -- >> see? it pays to do good things. >> all right. onto sports. the city of brotherly love was anything but for the caps last night. flyers. but it didn't bother the team. we'll tell you why, coming up. first, a new report on the failures of the secret service. following a fence jumper who made it into the
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5:44 pm
surprise and embarrassment on word that a veteran deform c. police officer is under orders, dry
5:45 pm
weapon in a roomful of officers who had no idea what was going on. >> and we are learning more about the secret service problem. today, a man scaled the white house fence and actually sprinted right to the front door of the residence. a new and final report details just how long he was inside. how many agents were there. and a communications breakdown between uniformed officers. craig boswell fills us in from the white house. >> reporter: when omar gonzalez jumped the white house fence in september 2014. a cascade of failures prevented secret service perm from stopping him from making it into the white house. a heavily-redacted 65-page report from the homeland security inspector general, detailed the problem, including outdated communications equipment that caused garbled radio transitions. because of the -- danze missions. -- transmissions. because of the garbled radio, they could not lock the door before gonzalez made his way inside. he made
5:46 pm
east room before he was apprehended. >> bourbs and -- bushesz -- bushes kept security personnel from seeing him. still, he made it past eight people before he got into the building. >> it's really unacceptable that somebody wearing crocs, who already had a foot problem, could make it past security into the white house. >> reporter: congressman jason chafis says part of the problem is that secret service personnel are overworked because the unit is dangerously understaffed. >> there's really troubling numbers in there. for instance, more than 70% of the time, an officer, an agent requests time off, it's denied. >> reporter: in addition to hiring more officers, the report recommends, regular radio tests around the white house complex, enhanced radio training and hands-on instructional scenario, and established protocols to monitor cameras. craig boswell, cbs news, the white house. >> reporter: now, the most recent incident at the white house was on
5:47 pm
someone was immediately taken into custody by secret service. the governor of michigan is pledging to drink tap water in flint for at least a month. >> rick schneider says the demonstration will show that the city's water is safe, with the use of a faucet filter. city residents drank and bathed lead-tainted water for 18 months. he apologized for his administration's role in the crisis. ben and jerry's, of ice cream fame. unlawful demonstration. police say they have arrested more than 1200 people since the democracy awakening protest began on april 12th. houston area is struggling with deadly, widespread flooding. and more wet weather is on the way. an estimated foot and a half of rain flooded homes that killed at least five people. and overnight, first responders rescued more stranded residents.
5:48 pm
the clock. trying to save children and seniors. the pictures are remarkable, topper. >> they are. there's showers in the forecast. that's essentially insult to injury. live look outside. looking at this. a few clouds around. temperature down to 80. winds north/northeasterly at 6. haven't had rain in a while. fire danger is high. even in the immediate metro area. clearing skies tonight. cooler. bus stop temperatures, 44 to 60. if you're out there early. a of i'd take a sweatshirt. it's a good idea. and cooler tonight. we warm to 80. and lose 10 at 70. that's okay. some showers are possible for the nats game. getting a little more confident the showers will end just before the game ends. and the showers -- begins. and the showers that do come in will not be heavy. >>
5:49 pm
64 in fredericksburg. now, by morning. a little chilly north and west. 44 in gaithersburg. 46 in leesburg. and sterling. 45 in manassas. by 9:00, we're back in the 50s. and then by 1:00, we're getting near 70. i mean, upper 60s. not crazy windy tomorrow either. so it's a pretty nice day. 66 in la plata. even 66 in cumberland. temperatures fairly uniform by tomorrow. and by tomorrow evening. a little warmer. 70. in leesburg. manassas. d.c., 69 in silver spring. and also bowie. then tomorrow night, late. go back into the 50s. but not crazy cold tomorrow either. still 57. 11:00. still 50 in fredericksburg. for tonight, clearing skies and cooler. low temperatures, 44 to 52. winds north/northeast at about 10. on the day planner. clear as a bell when you get up. temperatures around 50 to start. that's downtown temps. there will be 40s in the burbs. an
5:50 pm
and 66, pure sun by 1:00. notice the wind night. north/northeast at about 5. that's a good thing. next three days, clouds will roll in here thursday. and showers are possible thursday night. but the day is going to be fine. so we're looking at 70 tomorrow. sunshine. 72 on thursday. with fading sunshine. maybe some clouds. day is fine. some showers on friday. nothing heavy. that's the good news. not very organized. temperatures in the mid-70s. we will monitor friday for a possible yellow weather alert day. next seven days. nats in town for a while. nats in town, saturday and sunday. we took the showers out of sunday. low 70s both days. great days at the ballpark. near 80 on monday. clouds roll in. the more showers possible tuesday. nats still in town. but still pretty warm. and that's not going to be a heavy event either. temperatures in the upper 70s.
5:51 pm
philadelphia flyers fans, asking for some old-school hockey in last night's game against the capitals. and what their players delivered was a feisty physical performance. the physicality of the game sent him to the dressing room early. he will not play tomorrow night. and things got more and more out of control as the score also got out of hand. the capitals' defenseman, demitri-orlove. pierre sent him head first into the board. he was essentially affected. fans began throwing items onto the ice. they scold the some fans, asking them to be nice. capitals address the flyers' boorish behavior. >> we're okay with the physical pl
5:52 pm
here in philadelphia than obviously in washington. they're came with everything. we're okay we're a bigger team than them. >> it's part of their game. but you don't like to see anybody get hurt. >> there's no brotherly love. last night, we just learned that belamar has been suspended for game 4 for his pitch on orlove. to the baseball diamond now. bryce harper is off to an mvp season. but while he's upping the game on the feecialtiond he's been upping his fashion game as well. frank hanrahan explains in today's inside pitch. look good. play good. that's something bryce harper believes in. and apparently that applies off the field as well. recently named the sports
5:53 pm
illustrated fashionable list. remember harper said he wants to make baseball fun again. and also wants to make sure they get their just due. harper is going to change that as well. say being no matter what i choose, my hair and beard always has to be perfect. >> that's your inside pitch. i wonder how much time he spends, just for ray walkout. a game. >> first of all, seeing bryce harper the way he s. >> but kids love having the little bryce harper hairdo. they look up to him. >> got a love the product in there. >> he's growing up in front of our eyes. >> coming up at 6:00. the u.s. fourth court circuit of appeals. issues on the transgender bathroom rule. and expanding issue of marijuana
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your phone and camera. but there are ways to protect you. and we'll show you that on the other side of the break.
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are you ready? ask your hep c specialist if harvoni is right for you. two out of three americans have a smart phone. >> a report on sunday's "60 minutes" revealing how hackers can actually get into our phone, allowing them to access the camera and mike. >> but as kenneth craig explains, there are ways to
5:57 pm
stop them. >> is everything hackable? >> yes. >> a group of tech experts shows sharyn alfonsi how a hacker can get into your smart phone. tech expert john herring sent her something that contained mal ware. >> then karen called from san francisco. and proved the hack worked. >> we installed into your device that is broadcasting video from your phone. >> my phone is not even lit up. >> i understand that. >> herring is the cofounder of the mobile security firm, look out. the company monitors smart phones for mal ware. after sunday's story aired, traffic on lookout's website can you can you believe -- doubled. slowing down the server. >> also make sure to check your text and phone logs to make sure a hacker isn't using your number. >> experts say it's important to keep hackers out of
5:58 pm
so don't pick on questionable links. and make sure you only download apps from a trustworthy app store. >> exercise caution. >> c net says there are a number of apps that can detect mal ware on your phone. >> can you have it scan your phone once a day, once a week, or when something changes. >> that can make sure the only person accessing your phone is you. kenneth craig, cbs news new york. now at 6:00, campaign 2016. voters head to the polls to decide one of the most coveted prizes in the presidential primary season. also, plea for help. the officials ask for the public's help. and transgender bathroom bills. federal appeals court in virginia issues a ruling
5:59 pm
heated debate. >> i'm jan jeffcoat. thanks for joining us. we begin tonight with the latest for the race for the white house. >> right now, new yorkers are voting that state's delegate- rich primary. it's the first time in decades that state is playing an important role in the presidential nominating process. >> the front runners are hoping that the motown ties are bringing them much-needed victories. >> donald trump started the day, voting for himself on home turf in manhattan. >> i'm really honored. and putting in that vote today was something terrific. >> reporter: polls show the republican front runner has more than 50% of the vote. but he has to win big in the new york primary. and in several other states to secure the nolings nomination -- secure the nomination. >> this is trump's world. >> for the first time in decades, new york is playing a key role in the nominating process. winners of both
6:00 pm
pick up delegates and the chance for slog the momentum. >> hillary clinton adopted new york as home state when she served as senator for two terms. she's counting on a win here. >> this is a joy during the last two weeks to be here all over the state. >> terry norran was a clinton supporter until she got into the voting booth. >> i like hillary a lot. but i think i want more change than what she could provide. >> reporter: bernie sanders hit the city streets this morning and greet new yorkers. >> -- greeted new yorkers. [ inaudible ] >> reporter: sanders is referring to a state deadline of last october to register, for either primary to vote for the primary. if you're looking at a live -- and you're looking at a live picture now. where presidential hopeful john ch


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