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tv   wusa 9 News at 11pm  CBS  April 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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breaking news right now, donald trump and hillary clinton claim victory tonight. there are still five alive as the campaigns move to maryland. will there be changes in strategy? thank you for joining us i'm lesli foster. >> i'm adam longo. blowing out his competitor moving one step closer to the republican presidential nomination. on the democratic side
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of course more big wins. wusa9 garrett haake will get us up to speed. >> reporter: winners were not really surprised tonight. but the margin of both races caught a number of people off guard. tonight both front runners were dominant. moving both a little closer. after two weeks of crossing his home state of new york tonight donald trump stood in his home building, trump tower and talked about his victory. >> this is an incredible evening, day, and week. >> we are close to 70%. we will end in a very high level and get a lot more
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imagination. >> reporter: hillary clinton may have felt a sense of deja vu winning the new york primary for the second time. >> reporter: under the bright lights of new york that we have seen that it is not enough to diagnose problems that you'll need to explain how you would solve that problem. >> reporter: tonight's win making bernie sanders' pass for the nomination slimmer. >> we need young people. >> reporter: sanders and texas senator ted cruz would skip ahead to focus on next week's biggest prize, pennsylvania. >> god bless new york and the commonwealth of pennsylvania. >> reporter: today in annapolis, kasich argued that his opponent sky high's unpopularity will leave convention voters to nominate him instead. >> some people are angry. ultimately people don't like politicians who they don't
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hundred supporters packed into his event. >> do you think that he could become the nominee? >> absolutely. he has to. he really has to. >> reporter: what does it mean going forward? that they will both lead in the polls including maryland. on the democratic side, hillary clinton and trump's lead will be the closest battleground. john kasich who runs second to trump in all five states. tonight his campaign is practically begging fellow republicans to line up behind kasich if not to win in any of those five states to at least keep trump from getting a little bit close tore the magic number. his campaign manager saying that this could be the last chance to stop donald trump. reporting live garrett haake wusa9. >> we will wait and see. thank you. donald trump will be
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tonight the teacher union is blocking. >> reporter: trump is scheduled to hold a rally in berlin at 7:00 tomorrow evening. they say and we are quoting here, "trump and his feared rhetoric has no place in schools and his eagerness would be unacceptable if it came from students." a petition calling for the event to be canceled is circulating online. the campaign paid $5,000 to use the gym. the school's spokesperson says it should not be seen as an endorsement. >> reporter: download the wusa with 9 free app as you can get their latest results when you want them. memorial services for a prince george's county firefighter killed during the routine fire check today. >> reporter: he died after a homeowner believed to be
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no charges field against them, but the investigation it is not over. they stayed focus on his legacy. wusa9 allyson rae has more from holiday maryland. >> for hours a stead of sea of people saying good-bye to his life dedicating it to help others. >> he was different. >> reporter: people of all ages and uniforms and in plain clothes came to say good-bye to the person most of them call skillet. they kept coming long after the doors were suppose to close. >> to know that he was selfless. he would give anything to anyone. >> reporter: he served as a firefighter and paramedic for 13 years. >> he is always here
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when he laid down at night that if he could not think of one person during the course of the day that he was unable to speak. >> this is his ambulance and truck and tomorrow they will carry that 37-year-old to the final res crews the people we think for a long time. he'll go back to work with the same integrity and honor that he brought to the position to do the way that we have all seen him do. >> reporter: he will stay here throughout the night. a custom in many catholic communities. an honor guard will also stay beside him. reporting in st. mary's county i'm ellison barber wusa9. funeral services are on fire as they will take place tomorrow at 1:00. that is open to the public and the family
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burial. ent -- investigators say johnson was shooting at officers from the third story balcony at the franklin park apartments around 10:30 last night an hour into the standoff. officers shot johnson. medics rushed him to the hospital where he died. police found a handgun and a shotgun inside that apartment. new tonight dc police have arrested a man for the murder of the off-duty secret service officer. 30-year-old arthur baldwin of upper marlboro who was shot on december 15 in southwest washington. police have not discussed a possible motive. but baldwin might have been the victim of a robbery. out of fairfax county tonight, a husband making an emotional plea for his missing wife's safe
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>> the county firefighter has not been seen for four days, she was reported missing when she show -- when she showed up from work. today we heard from z. >> sweetheart, i love you. i am praying for you. i'm not sure where you are, but to know that we're all looking for you. and i look forward to your safe return. >> reporter: over the weekend a park ranger found nicole's car. >> reporter: the search is centered around a white oak canyon section of the park. our stephanie ramirez is on the scene where crews find the daunting task of heavy wooded mountain terrain. >> reporter: we have five trails closed here. there is so much terrain
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cover here. that rescue teams are hiking down, getting them back up. >> some 100 volunteers are helping virginia state police and other agencies in the church. tonight, maryland state police have not yet released the name of the man and woman killed in a small plane crash in stevensville. the national transportation safety board said that the two seater was rented from steven whit. >> the chief health officers thought that they could breathe for the zika virus. what people need to wear to protect themselves from mosquito-born illnesses. dr. tillman wearing a hat, long sleeves, long pants, tucked into her socks and carrying a can
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maryland maryland about the range that they could cause. and that the virus could be transmitted from a mother to her fetus between sexual partners and by blood transfusions. it's been one year since the 25-year-old freddie gray died in police custody after an arrest in baltimore. six officers were charged. tonight a community activist in the community says that some things have not changed.
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those things haven't changed. but how we deal with them has changed. >> change and economic development has become an issue in next tuesday's primary election for mayor. some 30 candidates are oning for the office tuft. >> there's a lot to -- that as soon as you are out get warned. >> life after the daily show and what he is fighting for in our area tonight. >> what do our kids think about this election season? you'll hear for yourself coming up. all right, let's talk about the wake up weather. it'll be clear. by 9:00, that we'll be back in the 50s
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and then by noon, we are at 65 and 69 with full sun. we'll come back and talk about tracking some showers for
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z1yosz i'm chris van hollen, and i approve this message. narrator: an attack ad from the campaign for donna edwards. so untrue. so outrageous that president obama said, "pull it down." the obama white house called the ad on chris van hollen and the nra "misleading." the sun says van hollen and president obama have the exact same position. the post praised van hollen as a "leading champion on gun safety," and condemned the edwards ads that "mislead" voters. donna edwards. will she say anything to win an election? z1yotz
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tomorrow on wake up washington, count on us for complete new york primary results. tonight only on 9:00, you remember a year ago john stewart announced he was leaving the incredibly popular daily show. his final show aired in august, but he has continued to act, produce, and direct. now he is taking some action supporting the causes close to his heart. including the men and the women that protect and defend our country around the
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>> stewart is the co- stewart is the co-host. the military is one of the things he's passionate about. >> very passionate about our troops. he continues to support them. he told me tonight in a lot of ways as a country that we are failing our troops. we aren't doing enough to support them. his future plans and the current presidential cycle. >> they talk about the 1% in this country and the real 1% are the military and their families. there's no connection anymore between military families and the general population. the general population has not been they are deployed and if they
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>> reporter: they need to be woven back into the mainstream. and a more americans need to be aware of it and need to give themselves to that. they cannot be beyond this small group of people that happen to be willing. no longer the case. something has to bridge that gap. >> if it means service, helping all of us with each other again. that we're going in the wrong direction when it comes to that. is it cultural, policy? >> i think it's cultural. the more you can put them through that there is a lot of it that has to change, but medical. that i hear stories constantly that when you are in the army they care about you. as soon as
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i think that individuals will do a good job with more of a concerned effort. that people are busy. they have difficult lives. but that there has to be a more conservative effort through organizations. i think to help that. and governmental specifically. >> what is next for jon stewart? >> i'm going to grow this out this way. i'm going to grow a beard like a 19th century president. >> is it a political junkie, comedian. what do you make of the cycle? >> i don't follow it. >> not at all? >> cutting pigs bellies. >> for a mental kind of time out that you almost need to tune it out and that's what he's trying to do. i would just imagine as a comedian that you're leaving a lot of material on the table there. particularly the elections there. >> right. >>
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entertainment that will beoutful. whether it is tonight or whether it is -- whether or not it is tonight or not. >> all right, thank you. and so we are talking about the three-degree guarantee. >> i'm not going to object. >> it is also a lot of work if you step into his shoes. you are thinking about what the next line or joke might be as he might see that as work. >> maybe he is telling the truth. hard to believe that. 3-degree guarantee. remember? remember that we missed it yesterday. >> yeah, she was thrilled about it. i think because she thought it was a nice day. >> that's what i was trying to say that it is okay that you got it wrong. it is a great day. >> tod
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we went 82, 84. we got it right today. we'll be 70s tomorrow. losing 10 to 12 degrees, but still a gorgeous day. a live look outside. it's 64 still. dew points in the 30s with a very dry air mass, which is why we're able to cool up and warm up. and they will stay in check tomorrow. a cool start with some 40s in the burbs, but a pleasant finish. bus stop temperature is 44 to 60. a light jacket that is not a bad idea. and then just pleasant again on thursday with a few clouds that will come in late and showers are possible. possible during the nats game. that you can watch that game right there at 9:00 andshowers mayened ebbed just -- may just end before the game. game starts at 7:05. it should be dry by then. by 10:00, we're partly cloudy and 70. if it works out that way, we'll be okay. showers moving in aren't going to be that heavy that we will
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temperatures in the 40s for the burr bs, but 45 in manassas and fairfax and about 46 in silver spring. by 9:00 we're back into the 50s. even cumberland at 51 by 9:00. by lunchtime in the 60s. hook at how uniform that they are. that is kind of unusual. by the evening, either side of the 70s, a very nice day. about 69 or 70 also in bowie. so it will be a spectacular day tomorrow. cooler, yes, but spectacular. the state planner looks like it will be the 50s to start. and then 67 by 1:00 p.m. now, thursday the clouds will come in late. but you know what most of the showers on thursday night and early friday is why we're optimistic about the game itself. the weekend, that took showers out of sunday. nats in town on saturday and sunday lower 70s. more showers are possible on tuesday. nats are still in town on tuesday and wednesday and thursday of next
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>> i am a giver. >> we're happy to receive. the bryce harper character. >> he's fun to watch. they have sliddered the last couple of days putting on a show as they would make the nra and its campaign cash are what stands between us and gun reform. "searing tragedy struck in a place parents felt their children were safe" chris van hollen met with nra lobbyists to craft a loophole that would let the nra skirt a new campaign finance law and block gun control. but democrat donna edsdwar said "no" to the nra loophole and stood up to the gun lobby. and she would ban assault weapons. democrat donna edwards, maryland's next senator.
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bryce harper played in 517 major league baseball games without hitting a grand slam. he got the first in his career last week against atlanta, which happened to be his 100th home run. now, six days later he does it begin. it was a beautiful warm night in south florida with perfect weather for the home. jayson werth got things going his 200th career home run. nats up 1-0. then the same inning the bases are loaded. the last person you want to pitch to is bryce harper because he does this. watch max scherzer's reaction. love the excitement in the dugout. yeah, don't hurt yourself. they celebrate as harper picks
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games. nationals with four home runs in the 7th inning a franchise record. stephen strasburg pitched. as they win 4-0 for the nats. game three, opie is the star socking 91 out of 93 -- stopping a shocking 91 out of 93 stops. a teammate collided with him during practice, leaving the ice favoring his left leg, but coach barry trotz expects him to suit up tomorrow night. caps will be without brooks for game four who was injured in last night's victory. on the lacrosse field. maryland taking on number seven navy. now, they trailed early in this one and they found their way to the cage of the unassisted goal of henry west opening up the long night of scoring for maryland. terps beat one of the
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the best in the ncaa. the nfl draft begins next thursday. they have their star quarterback kirk cousins. but they could still find a qb that they could develop behind those two. it was reported that the former penn state quarterback met with team brass for the second time. their statustist din mental anguished that he is still using the first round. johnny football keeps getting dropped. after seen partying at the music festival. today nike also terminated their deal with johnny football. however, manziel told u.s.a. today sports in a statement, is'm hoping to take care of the
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now, so i can focus on what i have to do if i want to play in 2016." however we have heard that from him before, but maybe all the fallout will be the boost he needs. >> if it is not on the path to righteousness, that it does not go through there? >> not quite. not quite. >> we'll be at giant, shoppers are discovering low prices by the thousands, plus a thousand more that just dropped. all these low prices! what are you trying to do, get me to feed the whole neighborhood? no. just trying to save you a whole lot of "bread." [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags, thousands of low prices. my giant.
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with tonight's new york primaries behind us, the 2016 race for president comes into a tighter focus. >> but what about the 2056 race for president? well that is wide open. and some 5-year-olds in buffalo, new york are already giving it some thought as they were asked what would you do as president. >> i would eat strong foods. and exercise. no smoking.
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>> i would tell the people to exercise. >> do you want to be president some day? >> yes. when i am 30 or 31. when i get my own phone. >> if only she could wait that long, right? 31 years to get a phone. that is super cool. i like how they are like be good to each other. >> exercise. exercise. >> do you want to take us out real quick? >> a cool start, but a great finish. >> that's it but jamie raskin is the only abdemocrat for congress who led the fight for tougher gun laws. only raskin took on the nra to ban military-style assault weapons.
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>> stephen: hi. stephen colbert here. yesterday, the band pearl jam announced they were cancelling their show in north carolina to protest that state's controversial new law curbing l.g.b.t. right. and they're not alone. bruce springsteen also called off his concert there. paypal canceled plans fair new operation center. and even the porn site xhampster blocked north carolina users from their site. now where are north carolina users going to go for their porn? while i respect those artists, as an entertainer i believe it is not my job to deny you my talent. i believe it is possible to use the magic of television to bridge our differences. i mean, for pete's


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