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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  April 20, 2016 4:00am-4:30am EDT

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it's wednesday, april 20th, 2016. this is the "cbs morning news." ♪ if i can make it there ♪ >> new york, new york. empire state voters deliver big wins for donald trump and hillary clinton in their home state. both front-runners scored a slew of delegates. what will it take to tie up the nomination? severe storms continue to pound the south while the death toll from devastating floods ticks up, southern states bracing for even more wild weather today. and
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saudi arabia this morning hoping to ease tensions with a key ally during a time of turmoil. ♪ captioning funded by cbs good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs headquarters in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. presidential front-runners hillary clinton and donald trump got what they needed -- decisive wins in the new york primary that will help solidify their leads as the general election gets closer. trump won 60%, winning all but one county. hillary clinton beat sanders, beating his long string of caucus victories. we have more from hena daniels. >> reporter: donald trump and hillary clinton inch closer to the nominations after a huge win in their home state. >> there's no place like home. [ applause ] >> reporteil
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in new york's primary, picking up at least 135 of the 247 delegates at stake. speaking from manhattan last night, the democratic front-runner turned her attention to the general election, mentioning her rival only once. >> and to all the people who supported senator sanders, i believe there is much more that unites us than divides us. [ cheers ] >> reporter: sanders was counting on a victory in new york to stop clinton from clinching the party nomination. following the loss, he blasted the state's primary voting system for leaving registered independents out. >> people should have the right to participate in a primary and vote for their candidate for president of the united states. >> reporter: on the republican side, donald trump rode a wave of support from men, women, outsiders, and conservatives to victory in his home state. after picking up a majority of the
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gop front-runner says he's the only republican candidate with a path to securing the nomination. >> we have won millions of more votes than senator uzcr, millions and millions of more votes than governor kasich. we're really, really rocking. >> reporter: despite finishing third in new york, ted cruz still hopes to unify the party behind him. >> join me now on this journey of less talk and more action. >> reporter: the presidential contenders are now looking to next tuesday when five states hold their presidential primaries. exit polls show voters that want an outsider in the white house voted for donald trump. as for hillary clinton, it was supporters who want to continue president barack obama's policies that showed their support. anne-marie? >> hena daniels, thanks a lot. as it polls, democrats are ready to rally around the party nominee. nearly seven out of ten sanders supporters said they would
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clinton. 65% of new york democratic voters say clinton has the better chance of beating donald trump in the general election. cbs news estimates that hillary clinton picked up at least 135 delegates in new york. she now has about 80% of the delegates she needs to clinch the nomination. with the help of superdelegates, she could have enough delegates by mid-may. donald trump now has 844 delegates after picking up at least 89 of the 95 delegates up for grabs here in new york. he is now the only republican candidate with a chance to clinch the nomination before july's convention. demarco morgan and cbs elections director anthony silvanto looked at the gop race. when we look at the republican side to your point, you see that donald trump picks up another win. he's won more than ted cruz and won in every region of the country. here again in the northeast, just about swept the northeast here, the south, of course, upper midwest and then west. as we go forward, though, that's
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>> reporter: listening to your every word. >> as we go forward, we're going to fill in this gap here in a couple of weeks. so pennsylvania, delaware, rhode island, that all might lean toward trump. then we'll head here in may, washington, oregon, eventually montana, might be more cruz -- >> reporter: going to the convention? i would love to have a front row seat. i think it's going to be like a mayweather fight. everybody wants to see it take place. >> it could be the event of the century. we're not there yet because of this state right here. because of california. >> reporter: california. >> that's going to vote at the end of june. if donald trump is going to clinch, he needs big wins throughout. then it will be a squeaker, and california will decide when it puts him over the top or we go to cleveland. >> trump has called the nominating process rigged and says since he has the most votes he should be the nominee. new york republicans appear to agree. 68% say if no one has a delegate majority, the candidate with the mo v
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nominee. and the majority of new york republicans want the next president to be an outsider. coming up on "cbs this morning," we'll discuss the new york primary and what comes next with cbs news political director and "face the nation" moderator john dickerson. now to the severe weather in southeast texas where at least seven people have been killed by raging floodwaters. more showers and thunderstorms expected today in the southern plain and western gulf coast states. flooding there began sunday night and has begun to recede in many areas. thousands have been forced from their homes. yesterday, there was a new round of evacuations including residents from an assisted living facility. some were in wheelchairs. >> i like adventure, show to ought to be all right. i'm not afraid. i'm crying, but i'm not afraid. >> houston schools are scheduled to reopen today. classes have been canceled for two days. and
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attorney general is expected to criminally charge three government employees for alleged wrongdoing in the flint water crisis. for 18 months, flint's water source was switched to save money, and residents used improperly treated, lead-tainted water. the charges include violating michigan's drinking water law, official misconduct, and evidence tampering. president obama arrives in saudi arabia this morning. mr. obama is attending a security summit but hopes to ease tensions with a key u.s. ally. the saudis threatened to sell up to $750 billion in u.s. assets if congress passes a bill that would -- could make it liable for damages related to the 9/11 attacks. the president opposes the measure:t. the chances of finding more survivors from the massive earthquake in ecuador are fading. distraught family members hoping against hope. saturday's quake destroyed or damaged some 1,500 buildings leaving over 20,000
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more than 500 people were killed. in southern japan, recovery teams continue to find bodies there four days after a powerful earthquake. searchers on wednesday located the body of a man in a landslide-hit area bringing the death toll to 48. three people remain missing. a top fbi official told congress encryption is making it harder and harder to access information from digital devices. amy hess testifying on capitol hill yesterday said that was all the cell phones seized in the last six months, passwords prevented the agency from gaining access about 13% of the time. she also defended the department's use of a third party to crack the phone used in the san bernardino attack. coming up on the "morning news," searching in a deadly shooting case -- sentencing, rather, in a deadly shooting a former new york city cop learns his fate for shooting an unarmed black man. and trapped by ice, stuck
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[ sounds ] that sound is a cry for help from a killer whale. four orcas became trapped in icy water off sacaline island. boaters jumped in and led them to safety. police warn murder suspects may be headed to mexico, and a new york cop spared jail time. "the new york times" reports that a former city officer will serve no prison time in a deadly shooting. peter liang was sentenced yesterday to probation and community service for the killing two years ago in a dark brooklyn stairwell. the judge reduced the jury's manslaughter conviction to criminally negligent homicide. that infuriated the victim's family. >> what happened
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he cannot breathe or speak to his daughter. >> liang apologized to the family saying the shooting was accidental. the "seattle times" reports two brothers accused of murder may helped to mexico. it's believed tony and john reed killed a washington couple last week. they got cash and exchanged cars with two men in phoenix. the "washington post" reports a court victory for a transgender teenager in virginia. a federal appeals court ruled that gavin grimm's discrimination case against a school board may go forward. grimm, born female, was banned from using boys' bathrooms. "the salt lake tribune" reports that utah is the first state to declare pornography as a public health crisis. the measures signed by the governor yesterday does not ban anything. businesses are being urged to keep young people from seeing porn at public wi-fi sites. the "los angeles times" reports a settlement in an $11 million lawsuit brought by
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tour company. the women were kicked off the napa valley wine train because workers said they were too loud. 10 of 11 women were black. no terms were disclosed. "vogue" is publishing taylor swift's answers to its 73 questions. >> can you show me a cool or bizarre talent? >> okay, i'm well aware that this is not a talent. but this is like the only thing that i can do. i have double-jointed elbows, so -- >> no. oh, man. >> the singer offered the magazine a rare look at her beverly hills home and says she has no idea how many guitars she owns. still to come, supersizing the big mac. mcdonald's is testing a bigger burger. we'll tell you what goes into the grand mac. later, fish out of water. a shark is caught on video flying through the air. (brian)i'm brian. i was in the military for 18 years. but i smoked. and i got heart disease. my tip is, it's hard to serve your country
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announces big cuts, and mcdonald's builds a bigger burger. stocks on wall street finished mostly higher, though. the dow jones industrials gained 49 points. the s&p 500 rose six points. the tech-heavy nasdaq composed fell 19. chipmaking giant intel is cutting 12,000 jobs, that's about 11% of its work force. intel says there will be vary and involuntary depap -- departures from operations worldwide. most affected workers will be notified in 60 days. intel is reorganizing in the face of declining sales in personal computers. intel says it hopes the cuts will save $1.4 billion annually. google is expected to be charged with breaking europe's antitrustrules. the e.u. says google unfairly favors google services like its search engine and google maps. the charges known as statement of objections could be filed as early as today. the u.s. is also looking into when google broke antitrust ws
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coca-cola is giving its cans and bottles a makeover called one brand. it plans to unify the appearance of regular coke, diet coke, coke zero, and coke life. the new look will feature a red disc reminiscent of regular coke. there could be big change coming to the big mac. mcdonald's says it's testing a bigger and smaller version in ohio and dallas. the grand mac is made with two one-third-pound beef patties. it will cost $4.89. the mac jr. is a single layer big mac for $2.39 to $2.59. mcdonald's is looking to turn around slumping sales. visa says it's making improvement to its chip-embedded credit and debit cards to improve checkout times. visa says its quick chip for emv technology will allow customers to dip and remove cards usually in two seconds or less without waiting for purchase to be finalized. the upgrade will be rolled out
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over the next six months. coming up on "cbs this morning," a closer look at free curbside pickup at cvs drug stores. ahead, the royals visit a galaxy far, far away. britain's two princes go behind the scenes to meet some iconic "star wars" characters. , maybe you should just go ahead and do it. we're legalzoom, and we've helped over a million people just like you start their own businesses. legalzoom. legal help is here. hi dad. uh huh. yeah...sorry about that. ♪ think about it ♪ there must be higher love ♪ down in the heart what do you think? ♪ and in the stars above hi ted, glad you could join us, we think you're going to like these numbers. ♪ bring me a higher love
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ to check rate queen elizabeth's 90th birthday, royal mail has issued new stamps featuring four generations of royals. the queen is pictured with son prince charles, grandson, prince william, and her great grandson, prince george, standing on a stack of books. there is the first time 2-year-old george, the feature
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the queen celebrates the big 9-0 tomorrow. and prince william and prince harry will attend the party later this week. yesterday it was all about "star wars." the duo visited the set of the upcoming film and even tried their hand with a few lightsabers. they met chewbacca and watched thing around the set. the force is strong with these two. when it came to naming a massive $300 million polar research ship, a u.k. research group put it to the people, and the people spoke. boaty mcboatface got the most votes in an online poll. sadly the british government torpedoed the idea. now they'll scour polls for other responses and find a more suitable name. too bad. a california surfer caught more than waves last time in the water. his know gopro camera caught a leaping shark. the sighting came after reports earlier in the day of a possible
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area scientists believe the sharks are hanging around southern california due to el nino's warmer waters. pretty cool. coming up after your local news on "cbs this morning," the ceo of fox. i'm anne-marie green, this is the "cbs morning news."
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good morning. a hero will be laid to rest. the community will come together to say good-bye to fallen prince george county firefighter. >> our perfect stretch
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weather continues. you want to eat lunch outside. good morning, allyson. >> good morning, yes. we are in store for a fabulous day. a lot cooler. 70 and blue skies. not a bad forecast at all. 52 for leesburg. 46 for hagerstown. the air is drier. 51 culpeper. a few clouds. through the day a lot of sunshine. blue skies are back for this afternoon. take a look at the forecast. mid-60s by your lunch hour. we top out near 70. maybe the low 70s for some areas and we are gearing up for a chance of rain. we need it. we are on the deficit for the rainfall this month. we will time it out in a bit. >> we have road construction this morning, primarily in town close to the third street tunnel as well as the eastbound side of i-66 close to the prince william parkway. just caution. not much in
4:27 am
over the wilson bridge, no issues around the beltway between alexandria and oxon hill. back to you. >> thank you, larry. today michigan's attorney general will announce the first criminal charges in the fient water crisis. >> sources -- flint water crisis. >> two will be charged. the counts are expected to include official misconduct and evidence tampering for nearly 18 months flint water customers were exposed to toxic levels of lead after the city switched the water source to save money. more charges are expected. >> virginia's attorney general is weighing in on a proposal to allow the state to obtain lethal injection drugs from anonymous compounding pharmacies. today state lawmakers are reconvening to consider terry mcauliffe's proposal. it would allow the e
4:28 am
chair if the drugs were not available. russian government officials report whales are locked in by ice flows near an island off russia's east coast. a team of specialists used a boat and long poles to clear a path through the ice. all but one orca had swam to open waters. if roller coasters aren't thrilling enough, there could be one to try. the daredevil dive at six flags over georgia has a 90-foot ascent and a scary vertical drop and loop. now it's the first virtual reality roller coaster in north america. >> kind of takes you away like you are in a different place as opposed to just being on a roller coaster. >> so, the virtual reality head set means you can't see your fellow riders or what is coming up next. they plan to expand
4:29 am
america in upper marlboro. >> the news at 4:30 starts right now. the search area widens for a missing woman from woodbridge. family and friends come together for a prayer vigil for the firefighter who hasn't been seen for a week. i'm mikea turner in for andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. larry miller will have time saver traffic. we start with allyson rae. >> good morning. things are great today. we have cooled off a little bit. but a fabulous forecast. temperatures are on par with what you would see this time of year. take a look at the beautiful side of the moon. the full moon is friday at 5:24 in thmorning. there is a good looking start to the day. not too many clouds
4:30 am
we will see more and more blue skies today. high temperatures near 70 give or take a few degrees. areas farther south in the low 70s. tonight cool but comfortable. we will time out the rain showers on friday coming up. >> good morning allyson rae. no issues around the beltway. quiet on the inner and outer loop this morning. traveling northbound on route 4, looking at about 54 miles per hour as you travel from brooks drive working into town. an indication of how well things are going. a live look at how it's shaping up on i-66. quiet on out eastbound and westbound side. northbound on 95 from areas like quantico to the springfield interchange, no issues. over to you. >> thank you, larry. this afternoon family and friends will say good-bye to a prince george county firefighter who was shot and killed last weekend. the visitation for john ulmschneide. his nickname is skillet. he was ll


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