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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  April 20, 2016 7:00pm-7:30pm EDT

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right now at 7:00, calls for a local sheriff to step down. for the first time, we're hearing the 911 call that landed him in custody. >> next up, maryland. the presidential candidates blaze a trail six days before voters head to the polls. >> and respecting and honoring a fallen firefighter killed in the line of duty. new information about the fairfax county firefighter that is missing. hello. i'm bruce johnson. >> and i'm jan jeffcoat. nicole mittendorf's car was found in the appalachian mountains. >> reporter: steven mittendorf, a state trooper, has lived in the neighborhood for more than 10 years. when
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they lived together but the neighbors say that they were separated and she wasn't here for months. >> she was very committed to her job. >> reporter: the fire chief said that 31-year-old mittendorf called in sick before she went missing, her mini cooper was found at the shenandoah national park over the weekend. >> we are praying that she is okay and that you guys find her and everything is fine. she is a great person. >> reporter: friends and neighbors tell 9 news that nicole was separated in her husband, steve, a virginia state trooper but they say that the two may have been trying to reconcile. meanwhile, the family's facebook page said that law enforcement officials will review cell
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downloaded by mittendorf before she disappeared. she is an avid runner and athlete and her family said she might have downloaded trail running apps and hope this information will help to find her. peggy fox, wusa 9. >> a vigil will be set at 7:32 at fire station 32 in fairfax count -- county where she worked. mittendorf's car was found near the white oak canyon trailhead. state police have joined in the search and colleagues from the fire and rescue. many of the rescuers specialize in grid searches and are scouring an area roughly 6 miles long and 6 miles wide. in fairfax county, the police chief is preparing to discuss a death investigation. a man was reported critically missing at roundtree park. trying
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caretakers, police say that a struggle broke out between him and officers. the man suffered a medical emergency and later died at a hospital. we have a crew at the press conference and will report any major developments in the newscast. a 17-year-old accused of killing a teen at a d.c. metro stop is now charged with an unrelated murder of an off-duty officer. police say that maurice bellamy was trying to rob baldwin when he shot him in the back. bellamy is already behind bars on seconds degree murder origin chais in death of 15-year-old davonte washington. the sheriff of ann arundel county said he will not step down
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saying he should after reports of his wife saying had he hit her. he said he never assaulted his wife and she recanted even though he originally told police that he hit her on the left side of her face and mouth. this is part of the 911 call. >> what's going on there? >> he is drunk and punched me in the eye. don't come near me. >> the county executive and other top lawmakers are saying it's, quote, in the best interest of our it -- citizens that sheriff bateman resign. he said he won't quit and plans to run for re-election. remembering fallen firefighter john ulmschneider today. there were foul honors for the 37-year-old who was remembered
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killed on friday after entering the home of a man rescuers thought was unconscious and in need of help. sneed, the -- instead, he was armed and thought what he thought was an intruder. >> i ran into the guy, and he was shaken up. we do the same thing. it's just hard. >> a 19-year-old volunteer firefighter, kevin swain, was wounded in the incident and is recovering. the man who shot the fire departments -- firefighters has not been charged pending an investigation. and firefighters from across the region have chipped in to help prince george's county including scenes like this one. crews from d.c., al
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alexandria and others responded to a fire. the resident said that she left and came back about 15 minutes later and something sparked. it forced 30 adults and 9 children out of their homes. two people killed in a plane crash near the bay bridge were from ellicott city, maryland. richard hess was the pilot and his friend, janet metz was on board. they died inthe crash-landing as investigators try and figure out what went wrong. 250 firefighters are on the ground and in the air working to contain a wildfire in shenandoah at rocky mount it. has charred more than 5600 acres. it's believed that someone start today this fire but not not clear if it's arson or an accident. if you are planning a trip, you should know that several trails are closed to the public. top trend on
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money makeover. >> harriet tubman will be put on the $20 bill, making her the first woman on paper currency in 100 years replacing andrew jackson, the nation's 7th prosecute -- president who once owned slaves. >> the woman who grew up as a slave and was iliterate and helped to change the course of this country. >> the designs of the new $20 bill will be revealed in 2020. it won't go into circulation until a few years later and changes coming to the $10 bill and depict women's suv sufferrage. >> many of you are writing in with one woman saying i don't like this picture of her, and another, it
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we can't change history. we invite to you share your comments. topper? a gorgeous night and you know what? we'll advance futurecast to 6:00 p.m. on friday. notice the showers and storms to the west and winchester and culpeper. we issued a yellow alert on friday. we'll tell you what it means for the natacy game. and a scene straight out of shark week, and we'll tell you how the suffers captured this incr
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7:00. . new video shows a man suspected of killing a woman in a texas church. it shows the man or woman dressed like a police officer roaming the halls of the church on monday morning. a short
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bevers walked in to set up for a fitness class she was going to teach. students discovered the 45-year- old mother's body. police believe that bevers may have interrupted a burglary in process and police are hoping that the video will lead them to a suspect. prosecutors have handed down the first criminal charges linked to the flint water crisis. the attorney general guarantees there will be more. two state employees and a supervisor at the water treatments plant are involved. prosecutors say they refused to order the chemical that would have prevented this whole led -- lead crisis from happening. this happened two years ago when they switched from the detroit river to the flint river but the water wasn't properly treated allowing lead to leech from the pipes. and shedding light on the underground tunnel linking the u.s. and mexico. the entrance is in the industrial area
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and extends 800 yards to tijuana with rail system, ventilation, lights and an elevator. finding the tunnel helped them catch 1 ton of cocaine, 7 tons of marijuana, and 6 suspects. a couple of incredible caught on camera moments tonight. the first, courtesy of nasa. 4k ults ray high definition technology will be put to good use capturing spectacular images of the aurora borealis. it shows the green lights in stunning details. take a look. the videos coincide with the channels dedicate -- dedicated to showcasing ultra 4k video. look at the surfers. one of them justed pressed record on
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shark went airborne. they estimate today only about 60 feet away from them and quickly decided to go somewhere else. >> another gorgeous day in the washington area if you can't last too long. topper is tracking how soon we will get the flowers. >> and stealing money with a swipe of a card. find out which atms skimming thieves target the great price on this boneless chicken!
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fresh off a win in new york, republican presidential candidate donald trump is rallying supporters in maryland. we're taking a live look at the event in berlin, maryland located on the eastern shore. the event was supposed to start at 7:00. mr.trump seems to be running a bit late. we'll bring you the latest at 11:00. late tonight, we got word that republican ted cruz will not be too far behind on the maryland campaign trail. he is planning a visit tomorrow. your money at risk of a scam growing in popularity, atm skimming. new data shows that the crime is up by more than 500%. josh elliot tells us which are most at risk. >> i did researches on the transactions at my bank
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subway. but canada? >> reporter: he used a bank card at an atm at a harrah's resort, and just hours later, he found more than a dozen fraudulent charges. >> i missed the call you about they told me they froze the account. >> reporter: instances of skimming rose 546% between 2014 and 2015. >> we monitor all the atm networks here in the united states. >> reporter: tj horan, the vice president of fraud solutions at fico said that 60% were recorded with at ms not affiliated with a bank. >> gas station, organized financial crime rings have found out there is weakness here. >> someone had gotten my number and imprinted it into
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physical, plastic card and were just using it like a point of sale to swipe at different places. >> reporter: cars with mikey mike -- microchips are the new standard because they can't be duplicated. cardless atms is where people use smart phones instead of cards. always contact your bank if you think your card or pin number have been compromised. josh elliot, cbs news, new york. >> and they suggest to wiggle the atm card to see if something just doesn't fit, and luckily for victims, the electronic fund transfer act means that consumers are not liable for funds stolen during skimming. it seemed like a risky gamble in the beginning but is paying off for netflix it. has out paced hbo. the vealing only site created 450 hours of us
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including shows like "house of cards" while hbo debuted 401 hours. and now, the monthly subscription fee jumps next month for 22 million viewers. >> why raise the fee when they are getting more viewers and more money anyway? [laughter] do i sound like a netflix user? okay. >> it's $2. >> bruce. >> i remember it was almost gone, almost went away and boom. >> i remember. it was not that long ago that we got the disks in the mail. remember that? you send it back and get another one? it's all there. let's talk about the 3- degree guarantee. the cold front and today is when the cooler air comes in. we went for a high of 70, a couple of degrees above average. join us tonight at 11:00, and we'll let you know how we did. a live look outside at
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michael and son weather cam. the humidity, 25% and the winds have turned out of the south and will be south southwest overnight and keep us on the mild side tomorrow, and tonight, they'll be light with clear skies and low humidity and a chilly night and a rapid warm up, temperatures at the bus stop, 42 to 60, and very nice tomorrow and a few clouds and that's it. we had to do it, a yellow weather alert for friday and showers rolling in. we have to get up to the radar, and you can download the app to get ready for the storms. 49 in leesburg and 45 in manassas. 9:00 in the morning a few high and mid-level clouds roll through in frederick and leesburg. 57 in silver spring and 1:00,
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and culpeper and 69 for fredericksburg. by the evening, temperatures in the low to mid-70s, 70, 75 tomorrow and the showers out in the mountains, and we stay dry tomorrow night and stay dry on friday morning and check this out. this is 5:00 on friday afternoon, and here is why we issued the yellow weather alert, not for the morning commute but the ride home and the game and in case vu plans friday evening. we have showers and storms southwest of culpeper and winchester, rolling through in the daytime and nighttime hours. the day manner, rapid warm up, 65 at 11:00 and almost 70 and a few clouds at 1:00 p.m. friday, yellow alert, showers and maybe a storm and beautiful on saturday, 70. the next seven days, beautiful on sunday, nats in town and upper 70s to near 80 on monday and more showers on
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mid-70s. cool or wednesday behind the front. nats in town through thursday. thank you, top. the wizards might be closer to targeting a new coach. and what would you do if this happened? a dust
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the washington wizards appear to be closing in on a new head coach. they are willing to shell out the mop tow get a guy with success in the nba and 1 with connections to the gm and some guy named kevin durant. ernie grunfield in the with scott brooks in california and offered him the head coaching job in a deal worth around $7 million a year. brooks was fired from the thunder since 2015 and led the thunder to the finals in 2012 and is the former coach of d.c. native kevin durant who the wizards would love to get next year and brooks is repte
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houston and sacramento openings as well and another connection. he was signed as a player for the knicks by grunfield in 1996. a group of softball players in virginia had a unique experience. we have topper to slain -- explain what the heck this is. check out this whirlwinds that suddenly emerged between the pitcher and 2nd base and top, they're calling it a dust devil. >> it's a dust devil. the sun heats up the ground and as the hot air rises, it cools and foreigns a mini -- it forms a mini tornado. it's not really dangerous but -- >> i don't know if i would be that calm. i would be running for the dugout. >> it's much more common in the desert southwest. >> they don't
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panicking like they are used to it. >> here, a different thing. >> it can form over the grass? >> the cool air takes over. lesli and adam here tonight
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kelly ripa blowing off "live" one day after michael strahan's announcement. >> i'm leaving the show. >> exclusive details about d backstage. nobody should ever be blind-sided. >> plus the surprising co-star fights you never knew about until now. the behind the scenes battles that forced co-stars into couples therapy. >> there has to be some kind of dr >> then the new voice performance. what you didn't see on tv between her and blake. >> and inside divorce pap who is getting what and who is getting custody of their kids? plus a look at two star what is chrissy teigen's little glu


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